Pluto Conjunct Midheaven Transit

Pluto Conjunct Midheaven Transit Barack Obama, current president of the U.S.A. Pluto was conjunct his Midveaven in 1995, the year he started making moves to become a politician. He received public support from the sitting senator Alice Palmer, and then announced his candidacy. The following year he won the seat. His Midheaven is on Fixed Star Toliman “beneficence, friends, refinement and a position of honor.”

Juan Peron, former president of Argentina. On 19 September 1955, Juan barely escaped Argentina with his life, following a three day bloody revolution led by his generals. Transiting Pluto was conjunct his Midheaven by 09′. The star on his MC was Al Jabbah “loss and many dangers, a violent and intemperate nature, and to a military officer danger of mutiny and murder by his soldiers.”

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  1. Hey Jamie: Great topic! I was born with Pluto conj my Sun, and I had Pluto conjunct every traditional planet in my chart plus my rising sign by the time I was 30. That left me with a morbid fascination with Pluto, and I feel very angry to witness its downgrade to a ‘Kuiper Belt Object’

    My Pluto rising sign transit coincided with my first house Saturn return. At the time I was living in West Africa and that combo almost killed me… a case of typhoid, a blackmail attempt, and expulsion from the country.

    Very interested in seeing you quote from Robert Hand. For years I have read those same pages over and over. What fascinates me right now is the idea of a Pluto trine Pluto transit. Hand says that this trine is unstudied because in the 20th century it was only experienced by people in their 80’s and 90’s. But I guess because of Pluto’s quick orbit through Scorpio, in this century a younger generation will experience its effects (as I am currently). I’m hoping for a pay-off for all the intensity of those conjunctions. Peace, RevJ

  2. Hi RevJ, like you i have a stacked virgo, but pluto is at the end so i missed all the conjunctions. we both have the trines to look forward to after all those squares. looks like our best years are ahead of us!

  3. In Oct 2003 my only child Stella was born when Rx Pluto was on my DC (32′)
    In May 2004 not long after her christening. My Dad told me he had terminal cancer, Pluto was bang on my Yod reaction point. (20′)
    This is the most sensitive point in my chart and aspects tons of planets at 22 degs ( Jupiter, Neptune, Mercury, Osc Lilith) If there is one spot in my chart that’s going to to have to take a wallop from Pluto and cause a volcano to erupt. This is it.

    By Oct 2004 he was dead and Pluto had retrograded back to the DC.

    In Oct 2006 When Pluto was sextile Mars I separated from husband.
    2007 Pluto was opposite Part Of Fortune. My best ever year for my Illustration career. It gave me the boost I needed to go it alone.

    In May 2009, I met Jamie on the internet Rx Pluto was applying semi-sextile my Sun.(1 degs ) and I switched careers from Illustration to Astrology.
    In Oct 2009 we met in the flesh, I just noticed Pluto was opposite Vesta (22′)

    So of course Pluto more than “sucked” when my Dad died. But it just shows you nothing is permanent on this planet. Physical bodies decay. But our soul is eternal. This whole Pluto/Saturn thing is all about stripping things down, not getting attached to money, people, habits…
    If you don’t make the changes from the inside then Pluto will take it from the outside. And it is ruthless. If a relationship or job is toxic then Pluto will remove it. Simple as that. It’s a cleanser, it rejuvenates, it flushes out the shit!

    Pluto is just colonic irrigation of the soul.
    With a Pluto square the AC (09′) I relish in regeneration. But a strong water chart might not find it easy when Pluto comes along and freezes them to ice.

  4. Hello Jaime or Marina,

    I recently came upon your site and am thrilled to see the work you’re doing.

    I noticed that in your assessment of B.O. MC on his fixed star of Toliman you mentioned “beneficence, friends, refinement and a position of honor.” which are obviously more positive or higher vibrational archetypal energies associated with that specific fixed star. Most of my understanding of Toliman as a fixed star and it’s archetypal energies seem to be low vibrational. So in the spirit of understand Toliman as well as my own Uranus 12th House Toliman I am curious to know how you see Toliman and what archetypal energies you assign to it.

    Thank you.

    • Oops! I thought the photo would be the avatar similar to the one that was generated of that little heart creature on the right hand side. Haha.. jokes on me I guess.

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