Sun Conjunct Venus Natal and Transit

Sun Conjunct Venus TransitSun conjunct Venus in the natal chart should make people express the qualities of Venus through their identity (Sun). So the keywords for Venus should be major themes in their lives, such as love, affection, beauty, socializing, art, fashion and poetry.

This is certainly the case when looking at the lives of famous people with Sun in conjunction to Venus. There could be a tendency to sugar coat unpleasant realities and behave with indolence. They could also get sucked into indulgence, overspending on luxury goods. But generally these people are charismatic, charming, and lovers not fighters.

Sun Conjunct Venus Celebrities

Oprah Winfrey (09′) was actually a beauty queen at University before becoming one of the most popular and wealthy entertainers in history. Interestingly, her looks, her figure and weight have been big issues in her life. Percy Bysshe Shelley (28′) was one of the very best romantic poets who wrote with delicate beauty.  He believed that love had the power to transform society and earthly beauty was only the shadow of spiritual beauty. Although Emperor Hirohito (24′) ruled through WWII he was personally more of a pacifist. His reign is known as the “time of enlightened peace.”

Leonardo DiCaprio (73′) is just Venus all over, famous for his role in the biggest romantic movie ever, Titanic. Tweens seem to adore his unthreatening, sugar-coated masculinity. Marie Antoinette (85′) epitomized the Sun conjunct Venus indulgence and excess with her 18th century “bling” castle Versailles. And how dark Venus is her infamous statement “let them eat cake”!? Other Sun conjunct Venus people include Ted Turner (67′), Jayne Mansfield (33′) and Louis Pasteur (46′).

Sun conjunct VenusSun Conjunct Venus Transit

Transiting Sun conjunct Venus shines the light on your love relationships and your creativity. You are personifying the Venus qualities of love and affection, so you can expect this from others who are attracted to your friendly warmth. You will feel more sociable than usual so new love and friendships are more likely, and any new relationship that starts now should work out nicely.

As Venus also rules money, you could also attract material goodies just as you attract nice people. Venus does have a reputation for being a but lazy and indulgent, and with the power of the Sun lighting up your Venus, any natural tendencies in this area are highlighted. So partying and spending are favored now, but not to gluttonous excess or the Sun will burn.

This interpretation for Sun conjunct Venus transit can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon conjunct Venus.

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12 thoughts on “Sun Conjunct Venus Natal and Transit

  1. Hi — My Sun and Venus are conjunct (within 5 degrees) in Libra, and are part of a large 2nd house stellium interconnected through various planets, asteroids (and Muses), North Node, etc. Thankfully, my Venus forms an exact sextile to my 4th house Saturn, so I tend more towards responsible extravagance – I never buy what I can’t afford, and I value people over things. My Sun is also the midpoint between my Pluto and Saturn; so again, I think that changes the complexion of things just a bit. Having said that though, I do have some nice things, and a very small, but beautiful place to live. I don’t own anything I don’t use and love; there are no dusty collections sitting on closet shelves. I donate when something has outgrown its usefulness, and I’m generous to a fault; I tend to show my love and express my talents in very practical ways (Sun quintile Uranus).

    I have lots of friendly acquaintances, but very few close friends as I find not many people share my values. – The ones I have, I treat like precious jewels. When I was young, I was big into “partying”, but not anymore. With Sun/Venus in my 2nd, my values take on great importance, and I what I value most is my spiritual connection to the Divine (the Sun rules my 12th, Venus the 9th). I’m very friendly, but can also be “the iron hand in the velvet glove” (I’m a natural born “manager”.) I’m also very assertive when it comes to matters of fairness, although I do try to be diplomatic. I hate to hurt people’s feelings.

    I appreciate art in all its forms, and although I’d never claim to be a great talent, I do dabble in a few areas (fashion, decorating, calligraphy, painting, singing, and dance). I also love music. And when I was younger, I got more than my fair share of attention based on how I looked – I even signed with a well-known modeling agency. Back then I was far too shy to follow through, plus it just didn’t feel like it was what I was called to do.

    Hope this helps with your database – I’m looking forward to reading other people’s experiences.

  2. My sun/venus are conjunct in early vrgo in the 7th but also conjunct mars and pluto. So I thank god venus is there! In Argentina we name our houses. Mine is named La Harmonia. I love peace and quiet and of course harmony. BUt with Mars and PLuto lurking so close I have had to shelter Venus some. With a trine from Pluto now she is stepping out and making sure I dance, draw and write more.

  3. My sun conjuncts my venus within a degree in Aries! The pair straddle my 5th house cusp and sextile a 7th house Mars in Gemini. trine a first house Saturn in Sag, and make an inconjunct to my Virgo MC (which is widely conjunct -7 degrees) my Jupiter. I love falling in love, flirting, dancing, sex, talking, spending money, flirting, partying, bath products and perfumes, flirting, sex, crafting, and flirting. As I’ve gotten older that saturn placement has brought me up short more than a few times and helped to anchor me, but the Sun?Venus is always in full effect.

  4. My first comment sounds so serious! I also loved to flirt (when younger) and could charm the stodgiest of companions. And I do have a more hedonistic side to my nature – I’ve been known to stay in my pajamas, eat chocolate, and watch movies all day! I just try not to make a habit of it. ; )

  5. I can identify with LB because when younger I did not discriminate and I was very unclear about boundaries. Now in my mid 40’s I’ve had to set boundaries and even though I have a big heart, I can’t share that with everyone. My friends are few and they are precious to me and that is where my wealth lies.

  6. Hi. First of all, cool descriptions. I’d love to see the descriptions for the rest of the planetary aspects, though.

    I have Sun in Pisces conjunct Venus at a 5 degee orb, and trine Pluto at a 7 degree orb, also Sun and Venus opposite my Ascendant, and, in my case, my looks have rather been a source of low self-esteem.

  7. Tina:

    Hi. I’d love to see the descriptions for the rest of the planetary aspects, though.

    So would I 🙂 We’re finished the Sun aspects now, Moon next. It is a slow process because it takes a bit of research in our chart files. We don’t want to rehash what is already out there.

  8. I have a Sun conj. Venus… in 10th house. So! It´s about flirting in the job! (goodness!). Not so fun. Y have had lovers -important people- at my job, specially when I was young… but would like to have a serious and compromised relation. It is funny, but also, I flirt a lot with people that has something to learn about me. Then, I get confused and “think” I love them, when I just want to be adored and admired. And I can be a heart breaker. This trines with sun and pluto, I also have, you know!
    I so much remember what Redfield said about souls reconning learings (and mixing with love). I feel confused. My mars in 12 gives me hardtimes, though I would much like to be so fair… but I sure am not always able to. My Chiron is in 8th house and so is my Lillith.

    Sometimes, I get the hanged man on Tarot readings… no wonder. Hope it is helpful (and that I go through, in spite of all these contradictions: being Aries, ascendant Cancer…).


    Hints, anyone?!



    • great my frd is also like s you sun conjucts venus in Taurus but he got affairs after 45 yrs Hard family Relation his dob is 4th may 1964 time of Birth 11.55 am India

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