Sun Conjunct Venus

Sun Conjunct VenusSun conjunct Venus should make people express the qualities of Venus through their identity (Sun). So the keywords for Venus should be major themes in their lives, such as love, affection, beauty, socializing, art, fashion and poetry.

This is certainly the case when looking at the lives of famous people with Sun in conjunction to Venus. There could be a tendency to sugar coat unpleasant realities and behave with indolence. They could also get sucked into indulgence, overspending on luxury goods. But generally these people are charismatic, charming, and lovers not fighters.

Sun Conjunct Venus Celebrities

Oprah Winfrey (09′) was actually a beauty queen at University before becoming one of the most popular and wealthy entertainers in history. Interestingly, her looks, her figure and weight have been big issues in her life. Percy Bysshe Shelley (28′) was one of the very best romantic poets who wrote with delicate beauty.  He believed that love had the power to transform society and earthly beauty was only the shadow of spiritual beauty. Although Emperor Hirohito (24′) ruled through WWII he was personally more of a pacifist. His reign is known as the “time of enlightened peace.”

Leonardo DiCaprio (73′) is just Venus all over, famous for his role in the biggest romantic movie ever, Titanic. Tweens seem to adore his nonthreatening, sugar-coated masculinity. Marie Antoinette (85′) epitomized the Sun conjunct Venus indulgence and excess with her 18th century “bling” castle Versailles. And how dark Venus is her infamous statement “let them eat cake”!? Other Sun conjunct Venus people include Ted Turner (67′), Jayne Mansfield (33′) and Louis Pasteur (46′).

Sun Conjunct Venus Transit

Sun conjunct Venus transit shines the light on your love relationships and your creativity. You are personifying the Venus qualities of love and affection, so you can expect this from others who are attracted to your friendly warmth. You will feel more sociable than usual so new love and friendships are more likely, and any new relationship that starts now should work out nicely.

As Venus also rules money, you could also attract material goodies just as you attract nice people. Venus does have a reputation for being a but lazy and indulgent, and with the power of the Sun lighting up your Venus, any natural tendencies in this area are highlighted. So partying and spending are favored now, but not to gluttonous excess or the Sun will burn.

This interpretation for Sun conjunct Venus transit can also be read for a New Moon and Solar Eclipse conjunct Venus.

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  1. Tina:

    Hi. I’d love to see the descriptions for the rest of the planetary aspects, though.

    So would I :) We’re finished the Sun aspects now, Moon next. It is a slow process because it takes a bit of research in our chart files. We don’t want to rehash what is already out there.

  2. I have a Sun conj. Venus… in 10th house. So! It´s about flirting in the job! (goodness!). Not so fun. Y have had lovers -important people- at my job, specially when I was young… but would like to have a serious and compromised relation. It is funny, but also, I flirt a lot with people that has something to learn about me. Then, I get confused and “think” I love them, when I just want to be adored and admired. And I can be a heart breaker. This trines with sun and pluto, I also have, you know!
    I so much remember what Redfield said about souls reconning learings (and mixing with love). I feel confused. My mars in 12 gives me hardtimes, though I would much like to be so fair… but I sure am not always able to. My Chiron is in 8th house and so is my Lillith.

    Sometimes, I get the hanged man on Tarot readings… no wonder. Hope it is helpful (and that I go through, in spite of all these contradictions: being Aries, ascendant Cancer…).


    Hints, anyone?!



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