T-Square Aspect Pattern

A T-Square astrologically, is an aspect pattern formed between three planets or points in a horoscope. There is one opposition and two squares, forming a right angled triangle. The planet with the two squares to it is the focal planet, or action point of the T-Square. This is where the energy of the opposition is condensed and expressed. This is a very tense and challenging aspect pattern which takes some work to master.

Eventually, a series of crises, test and challenges, will perfect the skills necessary to overcome the inherent obstacles, frustration and conflict of the squares and opposition. The honing of the necessary life skills, together with learning to relate to others at the emotional level, can lead to the determination, fortitude and the life-experience necessary for great achievements and success.

The pattern formed by the “T square” can be identified as the Holy Grail .The dynamic of the T square will manifest as, a very subjective need to follow, with great determination, what makes the individual feel emotionally secure. The conflict will be manifesting as a need to relate emotionally in a very spiritual way while maintaining all the security structures around the self. The need to share oneself completely, with another, without denying personal self-gratification, will be challenged, as it is very difficult to be generous and selfish, at the same time. [Elida Natalia Marchison]

One more thing to note about T-square astrology, is the empty leg, where if a planet were to be in a natal chart, would complete a grand cross aspect pattern. If you have a T-square in your natal chart, any moon phase or planet transiting the empty leg will highlight the areas of life where you feel emptiness, that something is missing, or where you over-compensate for the attention you give to the focal planet.

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  1. Oh dear, no wonder I am feeling crazy….I am an Aries/Taurus cusp and the whole thing is culminating on my birthday within my own natal t-square involving Saturn opposite Mercury/Venus square Uranus as the focal planet. I am feeling like I need to explode but Saturn is preventing it and I guess it would help to start painting again….dear me, dear me.

  2. Would you consider a T-square, if the leg of the T was on the MC? Many thanks.

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