T-Square Aspect Pattern

T-Square Astrology April 2014


A T-Square astrologically, is an aspect pattern formed between three planets or points in a horoscope. There is one opposition and two squares, forming a right angled triangle. The planet with the two squares to it is the focal planet, or action point of the T-Square. This is where the energy of the opposition is condensed and expressed. This is a very tense and challenging aspect pattern which takes some work to master.

Eventually, a series of crises, test and challenges, will perfect the skills necessary to overcome the inherent obstacles, frustration and conflict of the squares and opposition. The honing of the necessary life skills, together with learning to relate to others at the emotional level, can lead to the determination, fortitude and the life-experience necessary for great achievements and success.

T-Square Astrology April 2014

As an example of how to interpret T-Square astrology, I will use the very the challenging T-square of April 2014, between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. As mentioned above, the planet with the two squares to it is the focal point, or focal planet. This is where all the action, where the energy of the opposition is activated. So step one in interpreting a T-Square is to identify the focal planet and think about what it means.

In this case, the focal planet is Uranus, so the energy is unorthodox, electric, revolutionary, unexpected, provocative and eccentric. The will be radical change, rebellion, restlessness, tension, resistance, and an urge to break free from restriction. Now with the nature of Uranus in mind, we have to take a step back and look at the opposition. Scan your astrology books or search the internet for interpretations of the opposition in your chart.

T-Square Astrology April 2014

T-Square Astrology April 2014

In the case of the April 2014 T-Square, we have Jupiter opposite Pluto. This creates a powerful dynamic, greatly increasing the urge to succeed. Opposition from others can be expected, more-so if you’re ego gets out of control because of the increase in personal powerful and influence this aspect brings with it. Enemies will become more aggressive and more numerous if you act in a stubborn and ruthless manner. It is important for the success of your goals, that you pay attention to other points of view and try to be inclusive, and learn to compromise.

Next we have to work out how the conflicting energy of the opposition impacts on the focal planet. Keeping in mind the end game, the nature of the focal planet, we look at the two square individually before tying the picture together. This can be a challenging task in itself. Again, search for any information you can find about the two squares in your T-Square aspect pattern.

I prefer to first look at the square with the less personal influence, that is, the one with the more outer planets. In the case of the April 2014 T-square, this is Uranus square Pluto, more of a generational influence. So now the powerful urge to achieve success at any costs, from Jupiter opposite Pluto, impacts on the Uranus focal point as dramatic and unpredictable change, insecurity and upheaval.

Jupiter square Uranus creates more restless and anxiety, impatience and frustration. There is a strong urge to break free from restrictions and tradition.This rebellious trait and tendency to take big risks, can pay off with lucky breaks. However, the Jupiter square Uranus liability to cause more uncertainty and less freedom, is highlighted because of unexpected and damaging consequences. The impact on the Uranus focal point from Jupiter square Uranus, is exaggeration of the rebellious actions and tendency to overact without thinking of the consequences.

Now we combine the influences of the two square, to see how Jupiter opposite Pluto impacts altogether on the changeable, restless and unorthodox nature of Uranus. We come back to where we started, with the action point or focal point, now armed with a greater understanding off the complex energies created by the three aspects.

Any restlessness and anxiety cause by Uranus is going to be exacerbated and exaggerated by Jupiter. It is going to be dramatically intensified out of all proportion by Pluto, leading to some sort of crisis. The resulting rebellious actions in defiance of societal standards and traditions, will be most provocative, explosive and potentially threatening to a large number of people. The ability to compromise is hampered by an inability to relate to both enemies and allies at an emotionally mature nature.

One more thing to note about T-square astrology, is the empty leg, where if a planet were to be in a natal chart, would complete a grand cross aspect pattern. If you have a T-square in your natal chart, any moon phase or planet transiting the empty leg will highlight the areas of life where you feel emptiness, that something is missing, or where you over-compensate for the attention you give to the focal planet.

In the example of the April 2014 T-Square astrology, the empty leg is 13 degrees Aries. When this T-Square is at it’s most powerful, or in the tightest orb of aspect, Mars retrograde will complete the scary looking Grand Cross April 2014. This will occur during the exact aspects involved in the T-Square, being Jupiter square Uranus on the 20th of April, Uranus square Pluto on the 21st of April, and Jupiter opposite Pluto on the 23rd of April 2014.

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  1. Oh dear, no wonder I am feeling crazy….I am an Aries/Taurus cusp and the whole thing is culminating on my birthday within my own natal t-square involving Saturn opposite Mercury/Venus square Uranus as the focal planet. I am feeling like I need to explode but Saturn is preventing it and I guess it would help to start painting again….dear me, dear me.

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