Boris Johnson – Born To Rule

Boris Johnson HoroscopeBoris Johnson officially became prime minister of the United Kingdom on July 24, 2019. But we already knew he was going to replace Theresa May. In fact, according to the bookies, he had a 95% chance. It was as if he was born to rule.

After reading this Boris Johnson horoscope interpretation you will see why. In astrology, the Midheaven rules career and public profile. Boris’s Midheaven is formidable. It is on the brightest star in the sky and well-aspected by three planets.

Boris Johnson Horoscope

The Boris John horoscope data is rated A for accurate and comes from Astro-Databank: June 19, 1964, 2:00 pm, New York, New York.

Boris Johnson Astrology

Boris Johnson Horoscope

Boris Johnson Astrology Reading

This interpetation follows the same format as my natal chart readings. It is unbiased and free from political opinion or commentary.


Ascendant conjunct fixed star Porrima (1°26′) gives a courteous, refined and lovable character with prophetic instincts.

Ascendant conjunct fixed star Vindemiatrix (1°38′) gives falsity, disgrace, stealing, wanton folly and often causes its natives to become widows. On the Ascendant this star is said to help mental concentration and to promote the type of native who engages for architects and businessmen.

Ascendant opposite Eris (0°12′) suggests tumultuous relationships as Eris is the goddess of strive and discord. But it also gives Boris socially progressive views in relations to women and the LGBT community. According to Nick Anthony Fiorenza:

Eris challenges patriarchal authority. Eris especially uncovers and challenges patriarchal dominant miss-deeds and acts of misuse of power, especially about male dominance over, or exploitation of, women. She provokes change by upsetting the status quo, by upsetting the apple cart. [1]

Sun and Venus

Sun conjunct Venus (0°18′) makes Boris an affectionate and refined person with a rich social life and love of entertaining and amusements. He is more of a lover than a fighter and dislikes threatening or ugly people and environments. People are attracted to Boris because of his genuine lovely nature.

With good fashion sense, an eye for a bargain and generally good money handling skills, he should enjoy a life a relative comfort if not wealth. Investment in art, jewelry, and cash should turn a profit. Artistic and creative talent can shine through music, dance, art, fashion, and poetry.

Beauty comes not only on the outside but also inside as compassion, sympathy and a strong belief in unity and unconditional love. Boris does appreciate beauty so his personal appearance and that of his home and loved ones are important to him. However, Venus is retrograde so laziness, extravagance, a disheveled appearance and an excess of good living are possible.

His charming and charismatic nature means he can easily make friends and can even win over enemies. His desire for peace and harmony together with a soft nature suggests he can at times compromise too much in order to keep the peace. Boris may also have a tendency to sugar coat unpleasant realities. However, the influence of the militant fixed star Betelgeuse mentioned below may add toughness to this otherwise softening influence.

Fixed star Betelgeuse conjunct Sun (0°12′) and Venus (0°30′) gives gives martial honor, great fortune, wealth, preferment and ‘kingly’ attributes.

With Sun: Interest in and the ability for occult and mystical subjects, acute diseases, fevers, honor, and preferment ending in final ruin.

With Venus: Somewhat retiring and reserved, great ability as a maker of fine ornaments, favorable for gain, some sorrow connected with the family or marriage.

Sun trine Moon (2°08′) should give a harmonious personality as his conscience and ubconscious sides are in balance. Even though more passive than aggressive, Boris still has an air of authority, with ambition to get what he wants. It makes him well liked and attractive with a high public profile but he values his privacy.

Quietly self-confident and gracious, Boris has a very accurate intuition and potential psychic ability. He is generally a happy and friendly soul who can look forward to wonderful life-experiences, success, and admiration.


Moon trine Venus (1°50′) gives kindness, honesty and beauty. It suggests Boris likes to care for people and has good maternal instincts. Most of all he likes to love and be loved. It is easy for other people to like him because of his charming and harmonious nature. He intuitively knows how others feel and they find this comforting and very reassuring. This applies to individuals, groups of people and the general public.

Friendship, companionships, family, and lovers are very important in his life and relationships bring out his best qualities. His loving emotions have a calming influence on others and this means there is less anger in his life compared to most people. His sensuality and physical beauty should attract many potential lovers as well as gifts and offers of help. This is an aspect of comfort, pleasure, and quality.

This aspect also suggests Boris dislikes violence and will make big concessions to avoid conflict. However, because of this peace-loving nature, he may have a tendency to concede more than he should when faced with an argument or dispute. Uncaring, unloving people may see his loving, emotional qualities as a weakness. But as mentioned earlier, the Mars-like star Betelgeuse does add some militancy and aggression to these softer aspects to Sun-Venus. Still, if threatened, rejected, or subject to violence, Boris is deeply affected and needs a lot of time and emotional support to recover.

Moon trine Venus gives artistic, musical and creative talents. His flowing, harmonious style is a great asset for singing and playing instruments, especially stringed instruments. But he could just as easily be a novelist, illustrator, gardener or interior decorator. He should live in beautiful surroundings and always look elegant, handsome and very attractive. Boris most likely cares about his health and appearance but with his sweet tooth, if he becomes depressed or unwell he could easily gain weight.

Moon quincunx Mars (1°00′) may overpower some of the submissiveness caused by the softer aspects like Moon trine Venus. It causes emotional irritation that can escalate rapidly into an emotional outburst. Boris can become emotionally attached to things which can make it hard for him to be rational and objective. This can then make him overly defensive when someone challenges his ideas, beliefs or behavior.

Boris may have a tendency to take out his anger on his mother or other women in his life, depending on how nice or otherwise his mother was to him when he was growing up. On the positive side, he can courageously defend his family, tribe or nation, or anything he is emotionally attached to.

Moon trine Saturn (4°25′) is a relatively mild influence given the much tighter orbs of the other aspects in his chart, but it still give patience and adds maturity and steadiness to his emotions. It also means that his conservative feelings can coexist with more progressive or radical ideas and motivations.

His more serious emotions may come from taking on extra responsibility at home when growing up. This aspect indicates a loyalty to and from his family, respect for women and good self-discipline. This appreciation of his roots may lead to an interest in genealogy or historical subjects like archaeology.

This aspect is another factor in his chart indicating a strong intuition which guides him throughout his life. An innate understanding of history gives Boris a practical vision of the future. His psychic abilities would be inherited and developed during past incarnations.

Cool emotional reactions are an asset in a crisis and he can be counted on during times of stress. His dependable nature earns the respect of young people and the public in general. This aspect suits a steady position or leadership role in the government, public service, education or psychology.

Moon opposite Vertex (1°08′) brings destiny encounters with women and public figures and with the public generally. The Vertex point also acts as a spiritual doorway to other dimensions which enhances the prophetic instincts associated with Sun trine Moon, fixed star Porrima rising, and fixed star Zosma conjunct Pluto.


Mercury conjunct fixed star Bellatrix (1°07′) gives honor and preferment in military matters, and is favorable for friendship and social affairs. In general, Bellatrix gives great civil or military honor but the danger of sudden dishonor, renown, wealth, eminent friends and liability to accidents causing blindness and ruin.

Bellatrix also gives quick decision-making; thoughts and plans being realized with energy, courage and fighting spirit; strategic talents; ability to organize; discrimination; but also, often the reckless aggressiveness of a belligerent daredevil. Advancement and success are likely but those who succeed always have to allow for being surrounded with envy and hatred.

Mercury conjunct fixed star Capella (2°01′) gives disagreeable experiences, legal action over writings and success after much difficulty. In general, this star gives honor, wealth, eminence, renown, a public position of trust and eminent friends, and makes its natives careful, timorous, inquisitive, very fond of knowledge and particularly of novelties.

A love of learning, studiousness, and interest in research are accentuated with Capella conjunct Mercury. In plain people these properties make themselves known by persistent, annoying and inquisitive curiosity. This fixed star also makes Boris somewhat odd but he will become popular, receive honors and have success in material enterprises.


Mars square Saturn (3°24′) gives strong desires and goals but creates difficulty in self-expression. The main areas effected are his passionate desires and the ability for sustained effort.

He may have experienced criticism or strict discipline from his father or other authority figures. If so, it would have been a challenge for Boris to overcome inhibition, shyness, and feelings of inadequacy. Rejection and defeats would have led to a buildup of hot Mars energy that escaped in an uncontrolled way, through reckless behavior, temper tantrums, spite, criticism, or in extreme cases accidents.

Self-awareness and learning by experience result in greater self-confidence, wisdom and a strong work ethic. Patience, perseverance, and empathy can end up being his strong points and lead to healthy self-esteem, lasting relationships, marked achievements, success and deserved recognition.

Mars square Uranus (4°54′) gives abundant creative and inventive energy which can lead to brilliant achievements. However, such dynamic energy can also be dangerous. Some tests and trials were needed before his raw explosive energy could be safely harnessed.

Boris is not shy about getting what he wants out of life. With little regard for rules or tradition, he can easily come across as a rebel or trouble maker. A strong urge to live out his unique desires can upset his family and friends as well as society in general. Anything from his profession to his sexuality can cause controversy and upset things as they are.

There is an impersonal quality to the way he acts and reacts so quickly, as if without thinking of the human consequences. Rash behavior or acting out of anger does increase the chance of accidents and conflict. Boris has probably become accustomed to being ostracized and teased but he is a tough character.

He is entertaining to be around and should enjoy popularity alongside controversy. His need for change and excitement has led to more than one marriage. He is best suited to societies that are open-minded and progressive, where his original style has room to flourish. The more he is forced to conform, the more rebellious and non-productive he becomes.


Jupiter opposite Neptune (0°19′) gives creativity and an incredibly curious intellect. This makes Boris question the reality or truth of things which most others take for granted. The facts of a matter or societal standards do not constrain his thoughts or behaviors in the normal way.

This minority view of the world has repercussions in every area of life. It is not so much a lack of faith as his questioning of faith that is important, because he can in fact have extreme and strong beliefs. It is the tension created by swinging between fact and fiction which can cause problems.

Curiosity and a strange urge to find the truth often leads to a life of study, travel and changing philosophies. In the struggle between fact and fiction, faith, and hopelessness, he experiences many highs and lows. Disappointment is something he has to contend with as other people fail to meet his expectation, or intentionally try to take advantage of him.

Jupiter trine Pluto (3°57′) increases Boris’s power and influence over his own life and is a sign of success. It gives an interest in the big issues which affect many people such as politics and religion and has given him a powerful influence over the lives of other people. Morality and ethics are important to him, but this does not necessarily mean he is strictly moral or ethical. Though it does give a fairly good sense of what is right and wrong.

This aspect gives great opportunities to accomplish things on a grand scale and his enterprising spirit and drive have led to prominence and wealth. Another natural talent is the ability to transform on a large-scale. This involves continual personal development and a reforming influence in his area of interest for the benefit of friends and family, community, and even country.


Saturn conjunct fixed star Deneb Adige (0°10′) gives an ingenious nature and a clever intellect that is quick at learning. It is favorable for artistic and scientific pursuits which are carried out with the aim of gain.

This point can be considered a gift. However, it is not always worked with in a proper manner. His intuitive nature is refined and he can be led to accomplish many divine purposes if the spiritual path is followed and he pays attention to his spirit guides. By following the direction of his spirit guides, he is led to great abundance and much happiness.

Saturn conjunct fixed star Fomalhaut (1°39′): Accidents, ailments affecting the lungs, throat and feet, loss through enemies, friends, Mercurial affairs, bands and companies, wrongfully accused, affairs involved at end of life, sudden death and family cheated out of their rights.

In general, Fomalhaut is said to be very fortunate and powerful and yet to cause malevolence of sublime scope and character and change from a material to a spiritual form of expression. It gives an immortal name and is of a quite variable effect, either very good or very bad, depending on the overall cosmic structure.

Saturn opposite Uranus (1°30′) makes Boris Johnson self-confident, intelligent, witty eccentric and highly competitive. But he can also become egotistic, arrogant, confrontational and cruel. An inner battle between brash individualism and a fear of making decisions creates a high degree of tension. Until he masters patience and self-control, this inner tension can easily escalate and escape in self-destructive ways.

A battle between freedom and tradition, rebellion and self-discipline, can manifest as an aversion to authority, skepticism, a fiery temper, controversial and provocative comments, insults and conflict. Deliberately flouting traditional moral, religious and social norms makes Boris a conservative revolutionary.

His relationships may prove difficult because anyone close to him absorbs some of his inner tension. This can often alienate those who love him. The self-realization of a tendency to take control and quarrel will improve his intimate relationships.

Greater understanding and empathy towards others can turn insults into constructive criticism. He can find a balance and resolution by being more patient and sensitive with loved ones. Using his courage and focus of will to harness his enormous creative talent will bring marked achievements. Respect will replace notoriety.


Neptune conjunct fixed star Zubenelgenubi (0°49′): Morose, melancholy, isolated, shrewd, cunning, evil use of occult powers and of poisons or drugs, cynical, dangerous, broods over some secret, peculiar death, often suicide.

In general, Zubenelgenubi causes malevolence, obstruction, an unforgiving character, violence, disease, lying, crime, disgrace, and danger of poison. It is particularly disadvantageous to have Neptune tied up with this star. It bestows an immortal name. However, this can come about more by tragic circumstances than by well-noted success.


Pluto conjunct fixed star Zosma (0°58′) gives an alert mind and the ability to prophesy. However, it also causes benefit by disgrace, selfishness, egotism, immorality, meanness, melancholy, unhappiness of mind and fear of poison, and gives an unreasonable, shameless and egotistical nature.


Midheaven conjunct fixed star Sirius (0°42′): High office under Government giving great profit and reputation. In general, Sirius gives fame, honor, renown, wealth, ardor, faithfulness, devotion, passion and resentment, and makes its natives custodians, curators and guardians.

Midheaven conjunct fixed star Canopus (1°34′): Great glory, fame and wealth, dignity and authority by the help of an old clergyman or influential person. In general, Canopus gives piety, conservatism, a wide and comprehensive knowledge, voyages and educational work, and changes evil to good. Boris undertakes many journeys in connection with his position.

Jupiter sextile Midheaven (2°52′) gives a supportive and happy early home environment which sets Boris Johnson up for a confident, well-balanced and successful life. His parents or ancestors may have been noble, wealthy or famous. But even if he were born into poverty or grew up with a single parent, he would have had opportunities to learn and get ahead. Parents, teachers, relatives, mentors, and superiors helped him realize his full potential because they saw something special in Boris.

Throughout his life, he also finds inspiration and help from friends, mentors, and idols in his spiritual quest for the truth of everyday existence. This aspect gives spiritual gifts and the ability to foresee the future, as well as a life of adventure and prosperity. Whether he had chosen a life of luxury or preferred to live modestly, he has enough resources to be able to help his friends and family. Boris is a generous, loyal and devoted person who makes his parents proud.

Personal freedom is important to Boris and this can affect his philosophical, religious and even political outlook. Although he is open-minded with progressive ideas, he rejects concepts and ideologies that curtail personal freedom and expression, such as communism and socialism.

Boris would do well in a career involving trade, foreign affairs, finance, health, education or law. But like the expansive nature of Jupiter, there really is no limit to his options. So he could just as easily be a comedian, astrologer, mountain climber, race car driver, billionaire or prime minister.

Neptune trine Midheaven (2°32′) makes Boris idealistic and somewhat nonmaterial. He wants to experience as much as he can of the world without being tied down by possessions. He tends to place greater value on feelings, ideals and spiritual concerns.

This aspect makes Boris Johnson unselfish and charitable with a lot of empathy and concern for others less fortunate, people who are unwell, even sick or lost animals and perhaps the environment. He likes being of service to others or a particular cause.

Boris is very sensitive, probably shy and easily hurt but a devoted friend. Mysteries and the supernatural should fascinate him. This aspect helps Boris find spiritual significance and application in his career.

Pluto sextile Midheaven (1°04′) gives Boris the will power and natural talents to have a successful career. It is likely that one of his parents was particularly stern, interfering or temperamental. He may have had a difficult and intense relationship with them which could have affected his self-confidence. However, his determined and persistent nature means he would not let anything like that hold him back. If anything, he would have used such an early experience to motivate him to excel and leave his mark on the world.

Boris is resourceful and efficient and always wanting to improve himself. A relentless, probing nature makes him a perfectionist but also good at understanding human psychology. He may also be fascinated with magic, mysteries or the occult, and be good at solving crimes and puzzles or finding lost objects.

Pluto sextile Midheaven brings help from influential people who recognize his potential for marked achievements. It also gives him a commanding presence, strong self-belief but perhaps a tendency to be autocratic. This gives Boris influence over other people, especially those who are weak or uncertain. A magnetic allure that may have sexual undertones, adds to his power to persuade.

So Boris has the ability to transform the lives of other people. Knowing his own potential to have such a profound effect on others, it is most important that he uses his power wisely. His obsessive and compulsive tendencies can be an asset in his professional life but a liability in his personal life.

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