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David Icke

David Icke is a professional conspiracy theorist who promotes the idea that we are ruled by shape-shifting aliens from constellation Draco, the Reptilians. David is very popular, has written many books, and travels the world giving lectures. David has no planets in his horoscope in constellation Draco, nor in the Pleiades, but his Moon is conjunct Sirius.

David Icke tells us his birth time on the first page of his book, Tales from the Time Loop, “I was born in Leicester, England, at around 6:15 PM on April 29, 1952.” This puts the Ascendant on the fixed star Seginus which gives “potential for writing or public speaking.” With Neptune conjunct the Ascendant the writing and public speaking are about spirituality and conspiracy theories.

Sun conjunct Vertex means that David attracts special people and experiences, destiny encounters which dramatically change the direction of his life. Alice Portman describes the Vertex as doorway to other realities. Sun sextile Uranus brings flashes of insight through his spiritual doorway, and makes him an exciting and eccentric personality.

The Moon conjunct the fixed star Sirius brings success in business and fame, and conjunct Uranus this success and fame come though odd things like the occult. This gets great support from the trine to Mars because Mars is conjunct the brightest star in the Southern Cross, fixed star Acrux. Robson says Acrux “gives religions beneficence, ceremonial, justice, magic and mystery, and is frequently prominent in the horoscopes of astrologers and occultists.” Ebertin found that Acrux gives “intuition and wisdom, successful investigation of the hidden side of things. A deeply religious nature connected with mystical and theosophical interests.”

Chiron is opposite Moon Uranus so now comes the healing teaching role into the writing and public speaking. David’s Chiron is conjunct Nunki which gives honesty and a religious mind and makes him an “authoritative orator” on religion/spirituality. Transiting Uranus was conjunct his Chiron on February 3 1991 when he had a life changing mystical experience in Peru. Transiting Lilith was conjunct his Part of Fortune.

This was a pivotal time in his life. The lunar eclipse just two weeks before his mystical experience was conjunct his Midheaven, and Chiron was conjunct his Midheaven. Three months later, both Chiron and the South Node were conjunct his Midheaven when on April 29 1991, he went on TV on the Terry Wogan show proclaiming he was the “Son of God.” That went down like a lead balloon, and so did his reputation and career. David’s Midheaven is conjunct Pollux, which Robson say on the Midheaven gives “Honor and preferment but danger of disgrace and ruin.”

David Icke HoroscopeBefore becoming an occultist, David was right into the Green movement. Jupiter conjunct Ceres gives him that interest in environmental issues. Jupiter conjunct Mirach gives inspiration and medium-ship according to Ebertin, but Robson says “danger of scandal, much travel, legal or ecclesiastical difficulties.” Everything is ringing true so far.

There is one aspect left to cover, Mercury opposite Saturn. This is serious thinking, misunderstanding things and being misunderstood by others. Being suspicious of things and being subject to suspicion. The opposition here makes David think very critically, lots of mistakes with words along the way but he works and works at it, searching for the truth. Mercury conjunct Alpheratz gives “pioneer work bringing prominence” through writings on religion and philosophy. Saturn conjunct Porrima gives prophetic instincts, but Robson also says “liable to imprisonment or execution for another’s crime especially if in 12th house, suffers through conspiracy of friends or relatives.” His Saturn is in the 12th house.

David Icke is a pioneer of the occult and conspiracy. His stars and aspects show he genuinely does have the ability to access other dimensions through a heightened intuition. The stars also point to great skill with the written and spoken word. Unfortunately the danger of disgrace, scandal, conspiracy and legal difficulties portended by his stars are all things which are supported Neptune rising, if in fact David WAS born at “around 6:15 PM.”

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  1. Empires break apart slowly.
    Unless Nature intervenes.
    The temporal illusory hologram is shifting.
    As always in the twilight of the Kali Yuga.

  2. And…
    On April 12, 2014 the wonderfully disruptive cleansing-of-deluding-illusions planet Uranus (my personal favorite) will enter into 13 degrees of Aries – thereby setting up a grand cross with the USA Sun in 13 Cancer, which squares its natal Saturn in 14 Libra. Two days later Pluto goes retrograde in 13 Capricorn.

  3. Since many of you are either in the UK, or there half of your time, you might find this astrological analysis of Pluto’s transits interesting. Using England’s birth chart (December 25, 1066, noon, Westminster, UK).


    *With Pluto sitting on top of the UK’s natal Sun and Midheaven, we can expect the UK to experience serious upheaval over the next several years. It’s interesting that the last time Pluto (deep, evolutionary change, destruction of the old) entered Capricorn (structure, authority), England was the ruler of the world. This was in 1762. By the time Pluto left Capricorn in 1778 the world had turned upside down. England had lost control of the colonies and the seeds were planted for a new world power that would emerge in the West.

    (With Pluto again in Capricorn from 2009-2023, we can expect the world to transform every bit as much as it did 240 years ago. We can surmise that by the end of this period the great power that arose in the last cycle, the USA, will have accepted a reduced role on the world stage, much as Great Britain did last time around.)

    … Pluto in Capricorn tells us that powder keg is eventually going to blow.

  4. Is there a Grand Cross in David Ickes chart? What is the impact of this for him? I have a mutable Grand Cross, so I know about certain apects first hand.

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