Horoscope Decans

Horoscope decans originated in Egypt over 4000 years ago. Each of the 36 horoscope decans span ten degrees, so the zodiac signs are divided into three decans each. I like to use the decans because I can write more accurately timed and personal yearly and monthly horoscopes. Another thing to consider is the traditional interpretations of the signs in astrology. By breaking each sign up into three decans, the personality traits will be more specific and personal. While this is still only a substitute for getting you chart interpreted by a professional astrologer, it is a big step in the right direction.

Monthly Horoscope Decans

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  1. i do write the horoscope for sun signs, but yes, you can also read them for rising and moon signs. Rising sign will apply more to relationships, Moon sign applies more to home and family, emotional life.

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