2020 US Election Astrology

This 2020 US election astrology prediction looks at the astrology of election day to explain the extreme polarization and civil unrest this election i...

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2020 US Election Prediction

Fixed Star Felis

Felis at 08°20′ Virgo has an orb of 1°00′ The Sun joins Felis on August 31 Fixed star Felis, HD 85951, is a faint 4.95 magnitude star in the con...

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Fixed Star Felis the Cat

A Grand Cross aspect pattern consists of two oppositions and four squares. The Hubers call this tense configuration an Achievement Square or an Effici...

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Grand Cross Aspect Pattern

Donald Trump Hospitalization

I have already written about Donald Trump’s astrology. This article will highlight the features of his horoscope relating to his health. Current...

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Donald Trump in Hospital