Saturn Sextile Pluto Natal

Saturn Sextile Pluto NatalSaturn sextile Pluto in the natal chart gives steely determination and endurance which is put to practical use to create something of value, something lasting. These people have an amazing ability to focus on a particular project and see it to completion, they keep probing, keep working so hard like a machine. Systems and order are a high priority so there often a systematic approach to life with strict regimes and structures in place to maintain order and a sense of security.

However any strict self-discipline does not restrict the creative process, in fact these people can find revolutionary new ways of doing things we might associate with Uranus. This may be the transforming nature of Pluto, combining with the expansive and creative nature of the sextile, then manifesting through Saturn results. Respect and high recognition can come from their achievements.

Saturn Sextile Pluto Celebrities

Nikola Tesla has Saturn sextile Pluto at just one minute orb. He was a world-famous mechanical and electrical engineer, physicist and inventor. Celibate and never married, he was so regimented and meticulous we would call him OCD these days. He started work every day at 9 am, ate dinner alone at exactly 8pm, at the same restaurant every day, served by the same waiter. His grooming, clothing and daily routine was highly regimented, “not because of personal vanity. Neatness and fastidiousness in clothes were entirely in harmony with every other phase of his personality.” Tesla had a photographic memory, spoke eight languages, and had an extremely strong work ethic, once working for 84 hours straight. He even showed this endurance while playing, often spending more than two days at a gambling table.

Astrologers with this aspect include Barbara Hand Clow (01′), John Partridge (16′), Karen Hamaker-Zondag (38′) and John Addey (49′). Others famous people with Saturn sextile Pluto in their natal charts include Michael Nesmith (10′), Leona Helmsley (11′), Muammar al-Gaddafi (12′), Joe Pesci (12′), Riley Keough (15′), Neil Bogart (20′), Alene Bertha Durek (22′), Janis Joplin (24′), George Harrison (26′), John Edwards (27′), Roberto Calvi (30′), Neville Brand (30′), Auguste Escoffier (38′), Orlando Bloom (49′), Mohamed ElBaradei (50′), Jeffrey Wigand (51′) and Paul McCartney (56′).

Saturn Sextile Pluto 2012-2013

The Saturn Pluto cycle lasts 33 years and describe the evolution of large-scale, national or global structures within in society, politics and finance. In early 2013 we are now experiencing the waning sextile between these two heavyweights. So we are entering the final stretch of the current cycle which began with the Saturn Pluto conjunction of 1982, and will close with the next conjunction in 2020. For more information about Saturn Pluto cycles, and this one in particular, see Nick Anthony Fiorenza’s excellent and detailed analysis including the fixed stars in Synodic Astrology, The Saturn-Pluto Synodic Cycles, A Historical Exploration, 1851 – 2020.

There are three exact sextiles of Saturn and Pluto, the first was on 26 December 2012. Saturn turns retrograde on February 18 so this aspect stays within orb of one and a half degrees for a number of months from early December 2012 to late March 2013. The second exact aspect is on the 8th of March 2013, and the final one is on 21 September 2013. So we have this positive transformation of our structures going on but we cannot separate Saturn sextile Pluto from the stronger and longer lasting influence of Uranus square Pluto, which is painting a backdrop of radical and difficult to deal with change and upheaval. The influence of Saturn sextile Pluto from November 2012 to November 2013 is positive and gives us the patience, determination and perseverance to find solutions to the crisis unfolding with Uranus square Pluto.

Saturn Sextile Pluto December 2012

The first exact sextile on the 26th of December 2012 involved the Yod to Jupiter. Thus growth, our values and morals were the focus. One manifestation of the focus on Jupiter growth was the fiscal cliff debate in US politics, aimed at achieving sustainable growth in tandem with debt reduction and tax increases. With Lilith conjunct Jupiter, the issues involved the treatment of women and we a starting to see structural reform in India). With Lilith sometimes being termed the baby killer, our Jupiter morals are in the spotlight following the Sandy Hook school massacre. Reform of gun laws in now on the agenda. These are all confronting issues which the Jupiter Yod threw up. Saturn sextile Pluto is facilitating the major reforms needed to address the issues, and the first small steps have been taken. We should see good progress as the story unfolds.

Saturn Sextile Pluto March 2013

The second sextile is on the 8th of March 2013 and this one looks promising. Mercury, Venus and Chiron are all together so there should be a cooperative spirit in negotiations with an emphasis on healing the rifts. This directly applies to the ongoing issues because this stellium is sextile Pluto and trine Saturn, very harmonious aspects which should facilitate productive dialogue. With both Saturn and Mercury retrograde, we can see the process is still unfolding but I expect good progress to be made. Another thing working in our favour is Jupiter sextile Uranus which suggests enthusiasm and open-mindedness to find original solutions to the Uranus square Pluto crisis. It also brings some unexpected good fortune.

September 2013 Star of David

Saturn Sextile PlutoThe third and final sextile between Saturn and Pluto falls on the 21st of September 2013. Did someone ever predict that women would rule the world? Well this chart suggests that women are at least going to be very influential in resolving the dramas we face this year. Too many aspect patterns to mention but I have not seen a Star of David look so prominent before. There is a ring around this chart of sextiles, and the energy does focus on Saturn, North Node and Venus. The others involved in the sextiles are Pluto, Chiron, South Node, Lilith and Ceres. Hence there is a strong emphasis on the dark feminine.

An evolutionary turning point with Pluto stationing direct on the 20th of September? Venus women taking responsibility with Venus conjunct Saturn, respect for women. With the North Node we could see this as a karmic turning point where women claim their authority. This stellium of Venus, Saturn and North Node are on a star called Nusakan which is in the constellation Corona Borealis, the Northern Crown. This is Ariadne’s crown, given to her by Venus.

Ariadne was princess of Crete, in charge of the labyrinth where human sacrifices were made to the Minotaur. She helped Theseus slay the Minotaur and fell in love with him. But she was dumped by the hero and ended up marrying Dionysus. Venus gave her the crown on her marriage to Dionysus. The mythology and the chart show that there are sacrifices to be made, and with the first sextile we saw the sacrifice of women and children. The outcome should be good though and we can hope to achieve the significant and lasting structural reform needed to work our way through the maze of dramas presented to us by Uranus square Pluto.

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  1. Pluto in Scorpio was sextile Saturn/Neptune in Cap throughout most of 1989 – some serious restructuring that year
    Exact on May 2nd at about 14 degrees.(first crack in the Iron Curtain on Austria/Hungary border) Tienanmen Square two weeks later. Khomeini declared fatwa on Salman Rushdie for ‘Satanic Verses’, which was one of the first inklings we had in this country of Islamic fundamentalism; US invasion of Panama; Solar weather knocked out grid in Quebec; beginning of Serb/Croat conflict; Russia withdrew from Afghanistan…some seismic changes that we are still processing.
    Now these planets are sextile again in almost the same positions but reversed – does that happen often?
    On a personal level I’m worried for my son because he was born in March 89 and now he is feeling this transit on his natal sextile, particularly Pluto tr the Saturn/Neptune conjunction which was exact at 12 deg when he was born. He is very reliant on systems and structures,being Aspergers, but at 24 and having to earn a living and manage rent etc he is very stressed and also trying to do without vital medication, which is putting strain on his relationships. I fear if he doesn’t come out of this transit transformed it will be in a box.
    Anyone else born that year feeling this?

  2. Rachel!

    (I´m not using google chrome… :/)

    I would study about crystall children and would make some of this material available for him. Maybe you have already…! 🙂

    I would add -to his knowledge- that some Índigos are very tough and that he is to be the tolerant part of the salad, or so (I hope I make myself understandable).



    • Thanks Rocio, I haven’t looked at crystal children but I have looked at indigos and some of it fits. He’s very sceptical now,he needs to be to stay grounded – I wouldn’t even talk to him about astrology, but he sees some crazy stuff, some of it psychosis and some of it clairvoyance – he used to freak us all out by ‘just knowing stuff’.

      • Rachel,

        I´ve had hard times all my life to stay grounded. And using plain rocks, as well as sitting right on the roots of trees, has helped me very, very much ;)! Also, carrying some quarz, of several colors. Some fossils help too! He might want to do a collection, for example, and that would help him a lot!… maybe?


        • Oh he has a collection – his godmother used to give him a crystal every year for his birthday, she must have known something! And my great aunt left me all sorts of rocks and a mammoth’s tooth…

  3. I’ve 2 24 y/o nephews, joining national guard and navy, structured life, w/ pluto/saturn & scorpio/sat it’s the idea of coming up w/ individual resourses, grouping up is safer. Sat/cap can produce ‘pillars of society’, socially cool & judging.

    • That’s interesting, I couldn’t understand why he wanted to join the army and in the end he’s not well enough, but he loves to be part of a unit of people he trusts. Thinking about his friendship group some of them are very dedicated and serious kids, joined orchestras etc. Also a lot of them lost or nearly lost a parent in their teens, mostly fathers.

  4. Greetings from the island of Crete!!(Hania) very nice article…….how can a transit saturn from 1 st house opposing a natal saturn in 7th,turn this into a positive aspect?


  5. No wonder the new Iranian Minister for Foreign Affairs is a woman, who is now trying to bring diplomatic changes between US and her country.

  6. I have this aspect and I would say that its quite challenging but the benefit is finding enormous strength and resilience that you never knew you had. Its quite positive in the end to become a phoenix rising from the ashes. Utter devastation resulting in some type of victory. I have an Aries ascendant and have never been that big on relying on ‘group’ efforts which probably goes back to early childhood experiences.

  7. My daughter has this Star of David in her natal chart, although she was born on 18 September. On 18 September the Venus/Saturn/NN stellium was all in 8 Scorpio (NN 8.26′, Venus 8.28′ and Saturn 8.44′) and Pluto was still retrograde at 8.59′ Cap. Her birth data is as follows: 18 Sept. 2013, Beijing, China (116e24, 39n55), 10:43pm local time.

    If you add the POF, major asteroids like Pallas, Vesta and Juno and others like Alice, Angel, Cruithne, DNA, Hermes you will see a lot of synchronicity with certain degrees and other interesting aspects and/or placements.

    Interestingly, my wife and I (she’s Chinese and I’m Caucasian-American) are both 1982 kids with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Libra. My Aries Venus opposes my Saturn-Pluto conjunction. We had our second child, a baby boy, last November the morning after that big Taurus Supermoon. That moon managed to juuuust sneak into Gemini by his birth time, which is funny because the Sun snuck into Gemini while my mother was in labor. As for my son he also has his 12th House Saturn conj. ASC, his Venus conj. ASC in his intercepted 1st House Capricorn (his mother has 12H Aquarius/6H Leo intercepted) and Pluto is also in Cap in that 1st House, conjunct Vega by .01′.

    I’m far from an astrology expert but after comparing our charts there seems to be a great deal of “cosmic inheritance” that is passed down from parents to children, at least in our case. Just as with the Venus/Saturn/Pluto aspects, there are many other aspects my children have which are variations or repeating aspects of the natal aspects of my wife and I. I have found a few studies on the web that look into this phenomenon more, but they only focus on one particular family and fail to include more than two generations of relatives. I believe a more exhaustive study collecting data from more families and grandparents-children-grandchildren would yield an enlightening amount of insight and understanding into the spiritual mechanics of astrology and how cosmic energies need to be accounted for when looking at the nature vs. nurture debate. After all, are we not the stuff which stars are made of?

    Thanks for all your hard work and dedication in making and updating this site. God Bless.

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