Saturn Sextile Pluto Natal

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Saturn Sextile Pluto NatalSaturn sextile Pluto in the natal chart gives a steely determination and endurance which you put to practical use to create something of value, something lasting. You have an amazing ability to focus on a particular project and see it to completion. You keep probing and keep working so hard like a machine. Systems and order are a high priority in your life so you often have a systematic approach to life, with strict regimes and structures in place to keep up order and a sense of security.

However, any strict self-discipline does not restrict your creative process. In fact, you can find revolutionary new ways of doing things. But your continual self-development is generally smooth and not disruptive. You change, or evolve in a sustained and orderly way.

Saturn sextile Pluto also gives incredible endurance and recuperative powers. You can face any challenge or crisis head on and be a source of strength for others. You are a survivor and can function efficiently on very little. Respect and high recognition can come from your achievements. You may also have managerial potential and would climb the ladder in a large corporation or government department to a leadership role.

Saturn Sextile Pluto Celebrities

Astrologers with this aspect include Barbara Hand Clow 0°01′, John Partridge 0°16′, Karen Hamaker-Zondag 0°38′ and John Addey 0°49′. Others famous people with Saturn sextile Pluto in their natal charts include Michael Nesmith 0°10′, Leona Helmsley 0°11′, Muammar al-Gaddafi 0°12′, Joe Pesci 0°12′, Riley Keough 0°15′, Neil Bogart 0°20′, Janis Joplin 0°24′, George Harrison 0°26′, Orlando Bloom 0°49′, Mohamed ElBaradei 0°50′ and Paul McCartney 0°56′,Nikola Tesla 1°24′.

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  1. I have this aspect and I would say that its quite challenging but the benefit is finding enormous strength and resilience that you never knew you had. Its quite positive in the end to become a phoenix rising from the ashes. Utter devastation resulting in some type of victory. I have an Aries ascendant and have never been that big on relying on ‘group’ efforts which probably goes back to early childhood experiences.

  2. My daughter has this Star of David in her natal chart, although she was born on 18 September. On 18 September the Venus/Saturn/NN stellium was all in 8 Scorpio (NN 8.26′, Venus 8.28′ and Saturn 8.44′) and Pluto was still retrograde at 8.59′ Cap. Her birth data is as follows: 18 Sept. 2013, Beijing, China (116e24, 39n55), 10:43pm local time.

    If you add the POF, major asteroids like Pallas, Vesta and Juno and others like Alice, Angel, Cruithne, DNA, Hermes you will see a lot of synchronicity with certain degrees and other interesting aspects and/or placements.

    Interestingly, my wife and I (she’s Chinese and I’m Caucasian-American) are both 1982 kids with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Libra. My Aries Venus opposes my Saturn-Pluto conjunction. We had our second child, a baby boy, last November the morning after that big Taurus Supermoon. That moon managed to juuuust sneak into Gemini by his birth time, which is funny because the Sun snuck into Gemini while my mother was in labor. As for my son he also has his 12th House Saturn conj. ASC, his Venus conj. ASC in his intercepted 1st House Capricorn (his mother has 12H Aquarius/6H Leo intercepted) and Pluto is also in Cap in that 1st House, conjunct Vega by .01′.

    I’m far from an astrology expert but after comparing our charts there seems to be a great deal of “cosmic inheritance” that is passed down from parents to children, at least in our case. Just as with the Venus/Saturn/Pluto aspects, there are many other aspects my children have which are variations or repeating aspects of the natal aspects of my wife and I. I have found a few studies on the web that look into this phenomenon more, but they only focus on one particular family and fail to include more than two generations of relatives. I believe a more exhaustive study collecting data from more families and grandparents-children-grandchildren would yield an enlightening amount of insight and understanding into the spiritual mechanics of astrology and how cosmic energies need to be accounted for when looking at the nature vs. nurture debate. After all, are we not the stuff which stars are made of?

    Thanks for all your hard work and dedication in making and updating this site. God Bless.

  3. I also have this in my natal at a 0°01 just like Barabara Hand Clow. I have never heard of her before but you can bet that I’ll be researching her now. 🙂 thanks

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