Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Your Pisces weekly horoscope is based on planetary transits to the Pisces Sign, not to houses, zones or sectors.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope October 22 to 28, 2018

Monday to Thursday is a good time to formalize a partnership. New love is possible but would be based practicalities or may involve some distance or a marked age difference. All relationships benefit from your sensible approach and steady affections. Shopping for party need, fashion, cosmetics, jewelry and art will benefit from your eye for a bargain. Investments should be profitable so long as they are low risk like term deposits, bonds or real estate.

Friday to Sunday you are likely to feel more serious and reserved than usual. It is time to take responsibility and get the job done. You won’t make a big fuss about it nor seek the limelight. However, you will stand out to your superiors and elders and gain their support and respect. You should be willing to sacrifice immediate gratification to meet your long-term goals. Your achievements will earn your recognition and reaffirm your self belief.

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Weekly Pisces Tarot Card

The Lovers almost always points to partnerships with just one other person; generally, and not surprisingly, this indicates a romantic partnership, but of course this is not always the case. Less often, it points to the duality that all of us have inwardly, between male/female, yin/yang, approach/avoidance, and the like.Pisces Weekly HoroscopeIt’s possible when this card appears that you are feeling ambivalent about a relationship or situation in your life. It could be that your heart is telling you one thing, and your head, another. In general, the thing to do is (within the bounds of your morality) to follow your heart. Some people say there are only two modes that any of us are operating under at any time; and that’s “fear” or “love.” When you can: choose love. The Lovers is associated with the Constellation Sagittarius (The Archer) and the Hebrew letter Vau.

The Tarot card randomly selected for your Pisces weekly horoscope comes from the The Original Rider Waite Tarot Pack by Arthur Edward Waite, illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith. [1] The deck has all the major arcana except card number XIII. All of the minor arcana cards are included.

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Pisces Weekly Horoscope October 15 to 21, 2018

Monday and Tuesday is the right time to tell someone special you love them, to ask them out on a date or even to propose. This is also a good time to talk with a loved one about any recent problems. You can bring up sensitive issues without causing embarrassment or defensiveness. An eye for a bargain and appreciation of beauty make this a good time to shop for gifts, fashion and beauty products, artwork and jewelry.

Wednesday to Sunday your relationships will benefit from your more romantic, compassionate and spiritual nature. Destiny encounters are possible so this is a good week for dating. Your imagination and dreams should be especially vivid. You may even pick up psychic impression when awake. This is a good time for making plans, socializing, learning astrology, going to the theatre or movies, listening to music and generally relaxing.

Weekly Pisces Tarot Card

The Knight of Pentacles points to messages, often about money and finance. You are likely to finally receive news that you’ve waited on, and this news is likely to be good. This Knight is a very practical card. The news in question is unlikely to be that you’ve won the lottery.Pisces Weekly HoroscopeThe Knight tells us to pay attention to the mundane and normal parts of our lives. A wise man once said, “Take care of the little things, and the big things will all fall into place.” The Knight of Pentacles asks you to look at how you are handling your affairs, and is a grounding influence.

There’s something about this time period that can cause people to feel like their life should be, in some way, “more” or “bigger” than it is. Try to take comfort and joy in the ordinary things. That’s where the beauty is.


1. Classic Rider-Waite Tarot Deck