Pisces Last Week

July 26 to August 1, 2021

Monday to Wednesday brings curiosity, concentration and single-mindedness. You can gain a thorough understanding of serious, mysterious, or troubling issues. This is a good time to resolve complex relationship problems because you can perceive at the non-verbal level. A more profound and influential style of communication makes this a good time to ask for favors, promote your ideas, and seek support for your plans.

Thursday to Sunday you can draw on patience and emotional strength to handle sensitive or difficult relationship issues. Others may come to you for advice on a personal issue or just for a shoulder to cry on. You can rely on strong instincts and common sense to make important decisions about your home, family, and relationships. Seek advice from an elder or wise woman.

Pisces Weekly Tarot Card

The Ten of Cups is one of the most uplifting cards that you can receive. This card points to happiness in general, perhaps in a more mature, grown-up, global kind of way as opposed to the more personal, less global, wish-fulfillment promised by the Nine of Cups. Either way, it’s a good card.PiscesThe Ten of Cups speaks of happy family life, (even if you are single) and to general well-being that goes beyond yourself to include those that you are most concerned about – parents, siblings, children, etc. Being spiritually fulfilled is also part of the picture here. This is a good card to see, regardless of the question.

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