Taurus Last Week

January 30 to February 5, 2023

Monday to Wednesday, thought-provoking ideas and a kinky sense of humor make this a good time for socializing. You could make new friends who are younger, exciting or from different backgrounds than your own. All your senses will be heightened, allowing you to perceive things in greater detail. Future-oriented thinking and open-mindedness will lead to original and ingenious discoveries. Studies and exams should go well.

Thursday to Sunday brings balanced, rational thinking about your objectives. You can impress superiors with your ideas to improve productivity and teamwork in your career. Now is the right time to ask for a promotion or pay raise, sit exams, and apply for a new position. You can also win over people under your supervision or care. So this is a good time to convince, encourage, teach, and train others.

Taurus Tarot Card

The King of Pentacles speaks of authority, tradition, and success in money matters. It’s a sign that now is not the time to be a maverick, now is a time to follow the established way of doing things. When he stands in for a literal man in your life, it generally refers to a very masculine fellow with hair and eyes on the darker end of the spectrum.  TaurusThe King of Pentacles urges us to be good stewards: of our lives, energies, and the substantial resources available to us. If he’s referring to a man in your life, know that you can believe in and trust him.

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