Taurus Last Week

February 22 to 28, 2021

Monday to Friday gives a tremendous surge of energy to achieve your goals and your passionate desires. Once you have decided on a course of action, you will keep going with determination until you reach your goal. There will be no procrastinating and you can stay focused with ease. This is the perfect time for dating. Your sexual energy will be provocative with a hint of mystery or danger, yet non-threatening enough to land your prey.

Saturday and Sunday is a time of steady progress because of your patience, determination, and strong sense of duty. You will be balanced and focused, and not distracted from your goals and plans. This may not be an exciting time, but it is still crucial because you are working hard on building secure foundations for the future. Your diligence and hard work should be appreciated and rewarded.

Taurus Weekly Tarot Card

The Three of Wands is a sign that your finances will be going much better, in fact, this could be the week that your proverbial ship has come in. You are likely to be feeling very strong and with good reason. You may be finally experiencing some important success after you’ve been through some difficulty.Taurus The Three of Wands refers to work, in an extremely positive way. Even if you don’t work outside the home, it means that your efforts are seen, appreciated, and are well respected. Give yourself some credit.

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