Virgo Last Week

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Virgo Last Week

November 27 to December 3, 2023

Monday to Thursday will hopefully be a time of optimism, generosity, and good fortune. Things you start now should be based on good intentions, so you will likely be successful. Spending quality time with loved ones would be particularly rewarding now. Your caring and supportive attitude can bring new friendships and favors from others. A significant woman in your life will positively affect your personal or spiritual development.

Friday to Sunday brings persistence and perseverance to complete complex and long-term projects. Good concentration, common sense and a systematic approach help you make important decisions. You can take on more responsibility and will earn respect and praise because of your loyalty and dependability. This should be a good time to negotiate business deals and sign contracts, especially in real estate.

Virgo Tarot

The Queen of Swords can point to a woman in your life. This is a woman who is not to be trifled with. Often, she will have dark hair and eyes. If not a person, she can point to the need for you to be forceful and honest in some situations to get your needs met. You may need to put your foot down.  VIn general, the Queen of Swords can show that your instincts are serving you well. You already know what it is you want and need. Now you have to go after it. However, be mindful of other people’s boundaries as you are doing so. This Queen has forceful energy, which some people find abrasive.

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