Saturn Sextile Uranus Natal and Transit

Saturn Sextile Uranus 2025

Saturn sextile Uranus maximum orb 2°30′.

Saturn sextile Uranus natal gives intelligence, intuition, and creativity. You are curious and broad-minded but also sensible and well-grounded, which makes you a reformer and a renovator. An appreciation and understanding of tradition and practicality blend with inventiveness and insight, so you find new ways of doing old things when you face the limitations of ignorance. You are willing to research different cultures and belief systems to satisfy your deep curiosity about the mysteries of life.

When faced with a problem, you show patience and persistence. You adapt to changing circumstances and show others the way. Others can count on you in times of crisis to stay calm while making the necessary changes because you bring order out of chaos. A strong work ethic and creative genius help you become a specialist in your field. You are especially good at solving complicated problems that are intricate, technical, scientific or unusual. You would even make a good astrologer.

An ability to make boring things interesting makes you a good teacher. You can also create complicated things that are easy to understand and find practical solutions to problems that baffle others. Your determination and willingness to make a difference can lead to incredible achievements and unexpected recognition.

In relationships, you are loyal and dependable but appreciate a certain amount of independence and freedom of association. And you are patient but will only put up with so much. Before settling down, you may prefer to travel, experience other cultures, and experiment with different lifestyles. Long-term commitment is likely, but your domestic situation may be unusual or controversial. Some people with this aspect separate from their marriage partner only to remarry later.

The American poet T. S. Eliot had Saturn sextile Uranus almost exact (0°01′). He was famous for using the ‘mythical method’ which he defined as manipulating “a continuous parallel between contemporaneity and antiquity.” In The Waste Land (1922), he used this method to create a complex web of oblique allusions and cross-cultural correspondences. The poem’s end notes point to a heritage of literature crossing over various periods, evoking a common thread of cultural continuity and standard order. Eliot also refers to the ‘mythical method’ as a way of “controlling, of ordering, of giving shape and significance to the immense panorama of futility and anarchy which is contemporary history.” [1]

Saturn Sextile Uranus Transit

Saturn sextile Uranus transit gives self-discipline and endurance but also open-mindedness and inventiveness. This enables you to make constructive changes, leading to significant achievement and recognition. Common sense blended with creative flair allows you to take calculated risks that increase the likelihood of success.

You can bring order out of chaos and make others feel safe and secure during times of upheaval. Old systems or traditions that have caused restriction can be updated and modified without disrespecting ancestors or causing rebellion. You can also find practical applications to discoveries, especially of a technical or scientific nature. This is a good time to master a particularly challenging or intricate technique or skill and a great time to improve your understanding of astrology.

Previous uncertainty or restlessness should settle down during this balanced phase of life. So you can commit to someone or something new that you were once unsure or hesitant about. This would be an excellent time to renovate a house or move because any changes you make now will run smoothly. Unexpected repercussions are less likely than at other times. You can work well as part of a team because of the ability to unite people for a common purpose. Your leadership skill, mentoring abilities, determination, and strong work ethic could earn you unexpected recognition and promotion.

Saturn Sextile Uranus Celebrities

Edward, Duke of Kent 0°00′, Luciano Pavarotti 0°01′, T. S. Eliot 0°01′, Adolf Eichmann 0°03′, Hans von Benda 0°05′, Julie Andrews 0°07′, Marc Edmund Jones 0°09′, Lorde 0°15′, Olivia Newton-John 0°17′, Danilo Kis 0°23′, Jeremy Irons 0°27′, Katherine Mansfield 0°27′, Jessica Simpson 0°31′, Karl Weierstrass 0°37′, Wolfram Sievers 0°42′, Maurice Chevalier 0°43′, Meryl Streep 0°50′, Billy Joel 1°06′, Shirley MacLaine 1°10′, Venus Williams 1°26′, Manuel Noriega 1°33′, Louis XVI 1°34′, Arthur Koestler 1°41′, Gloria Star 1°44′, Elvis Presley 1°45′, Woody Allen 1°49′, William Bligh 1°51′, Saint Bernadette 1°55′.

Saturn Sextile Uranus Dates

May 19, 1996
November 10, 1996
March 1, 1997

April 4, 2025
August 11, 2025
January 20, 2026

December 6, 2038
April 1, 2039
September 26, 2039

  1. The Mythical Method: Eliot’s ‘the waste land’ and a canterbury tale, 1944, Scott Freer.

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