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Welcome to Astrology King, my name is Jamie Partridge, aged 47 and living on the coast of NSW Australia with three amazing kids. I’ve had an interesting life thus far, varied occupations ranging from nurse to farm hand.

I became interested in astrology at age 29, shortly before my Saturn return. Just browsing a book store on holidays is how it started. I guess I was subconsciously looking for answers as to why my life seemed so fated and eventful.

It was to be a steep learning curve as my Saturn return resulted in ill-health, loss of my business, and the first of three divorces. The roller coaster has kept going up till this moment so I do have a lot of life experience to draw on to increase my knowledge on the workings of astrology.

After buying my first computer in 2008, some playing around on astrology forums revealed I had developed a unique and accurate form of chart analysis and prediction. With the encouragement MySpace friends, I started an astrology forum called Funkastrology. Further encouragement led me to start-up funkastrology.co.uk with my then partner Marina Macario.Jamie Partridge AstrologyIn 2009, Funkastrology underwent a name-change to Darkstar Astrology. For more independence and due to an impending divorce, I started Astrology King in January 2013.

Due to a battle with Cancer in 2012 and ongoing health issues, I don’t write as many articles as I once did, or would like to. In 2014 I also decided not to offer personal readings anymore. Being a single parent, I found I needed to give more time to my children.

My aim is to focus on writing monthly and yearly horoscopes on time to generate advertising revenue to support the kids. I passionately love astrology, especially mundane prediction, and will try to keep up with current events and what not in the blog. All the best, Jamie Partridge.

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  1. Hiii Jamie,
    Nothing to ask as such…Since u have always answered n helped me n many people across the world,a connection,a link has developed…You r not answering questions of people since many days,I just wanted to ask n know that u r fine n r doing well with health???

  2. Hi Jamie , kindly if you could see my Natal and tell me when i will be out of Hard Time life specially for my Buisness . My DOB 9 October 1973 12.33 Am GMT
    Birmingham UK

    Many Thanks



  4. Happy New Year Jamie. Pluto will be on your ascendant exact on Feb 1st 2017 Australia. This suggests that you are undergoing an extreme change in all your relationships with everything and every one. Please take care of yourself. With every good wish to you and the kids.

    • Thank you Lynne. I am hopnh that Jupiter trine Ascendant will get me out of an dangerous situations. It usually does.

  5. Hi Jamie. Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful site! I really appreciate that you take a special event (such as this — for me, at least — quite INTENSE full moon beginning to happen, right now)… and narrow it down for each DECAN, of one’s chart. Brilliant. Thank you for the clarity and the help!

  6. Hola Jamie! I am Hernán. I am from Argentina. Congratulations for your work!
    Recently, I saw your natal chart.
    You are capricorn ASC 18°53`. I am capricorn ASC 16°00`.
    Pluto is coming, you know!
    Be patient.

      • Hi Jamie! Hi readings!

        Three years ago my way of seeing, of feeling and interpreting the world began to change. It did not take me long to realize that I was in crisis. I understood something about the crisis processes that people go through. There was no reason for me to be so bad. When it began to happen, I was in the happiest moments of my life, living my dreams.

        Then I started researching what was happening to me. I discovered Astrology, made the natal chart and studied it. Then, I learned about the transits and I saw Planet Pluto transiting my Ascendant Capricorn. I read all the possible interpretations regarding this transit and all were very correct, but nothing like living it in my own flesh.

        Pluto, with its retrograde movements, passed 5 times by my ascendant. If I can help you or guide you from my testimony, write me here!

        Greetings from Ushuaia, the End of the World!

  7. Hi Jamie – you say to look at your rising and your moon, but how do you know which decan to read as these are based on birth dates and I only know the degrees of my rising and moon signs. Many thanks Virgosun

  8. Greetings Jamie! I am impressed by your thorough Middle Eastern synopsis of Isis and your Uranus square Pluto excerpt. When I saw your natal chart I understood why you are so learned in this area! Although I am not able to give to you financially I firmly believe when someone teaches me something valuable I give in return. Divorce is painful, no matter how amicable it is, as I’ve been there. The problem comes into entering a new relationship and the same negative emotional patterns that follow you there. These negative subconscious issues stem from our childhood, our past lives, and until they are reconciled by a professional we keep going around the same merry-go-round. This ultimately leads to more frustration and further health consequences as mind and body are one. Not only do we attract another spouse with similar tendencies as the first/prior but with people surrounding us in general! Please visit http://www.hooverwellness.com to learn more about Neuro Emotional Technique (NET). David Hoover has more than 30 years experience in his practice (Virgos are born healers!) and I’ve been through it personally. I’ve tried a number of other holistic/metaphysical methodolgies but they did not give me the relief as NET. I have more issues that need reconciling but all I can say is that it works and will forever change the way you look at this world like it has mine!

  9. Hi Jamie, the February horoscope for Decan 2 Sagittarius seems to be that for Decan 2 Gemini. I’d appreciate it if you could fix it for those Decan 2 Sagittarians who appreciate all the work you do!

    • Similar because they are opposite Signs but not the same. One will have Sun trine while the other will have Sun sextile. One will have conjunctions while the other oppositions. It is only the square aspects will be exactly the same.

  10. Hello Jamie. Thank you for your interesting insights. I’m a Cap with Sajj rising and Moon and Venus in Aquarius. Meaning I’ll never get Pluto off my a@@. My health took a dump in late 07 and since then it’s just been transformation city. All I’m saying is, you’re not alone, even though you are. Best of luck and as we used to say in the 70s, Keep on truckin’!

  11. Hello, Jamie! I have a quick question. I have Jupiter in Aries at 22 degrees and 52 seconds and Sun in Pisces at 22 degrees and 6 seconds. Is this good or bad with the upcoming eclipse of February 10th/11th at the end of the week?

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