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Jamie PartridgeWelcome to Astrology King, my name is Jamie Partridge and I live on the coast of NSW Australia with three amazing kids. I’ve had an interesting life so far, with varied occupations ranging from nursing assistant to farm hand.

I became interested in astrology at age 29, shortly before my Saturn return. Just browsing a bookstore on holidays is how it started. I guess I was subconsciously looking for answers as to why my life seemed so fated and eventful.

It was to be a steep learning curve as my Saturn return resulted in ill-health, loss of my business, and the first of three divorces. The roller coaster has kept going up till this moment so I do have a lot of life experience to draw on to increase my knowledge on the workings of astrology.

After buying my first computer in 2008, some playing around on astrology forums revealed I had developed a unique and accurate form of chart analysis and prediction. With the encouragement MySpace friends, I started an astrology forum called Funkastrology. Further encouragement led me to start-up funkastrology.co.uk with my then partner Marina Macario.Jamie Partridge AstrologyIn 2009, Funkastrology underwent a name-change to Darkstar Astrology. For more independence and due to an impending divorce, I started Astrology King in January 2013.

I do not use Houses, nor Signs. I use aspects and fixed stars. I do use the cardinal points like AC and MC. I don’t believe House cusps are actually real. they have no energy. They are constructs of the human imagination and have purely symbolic meaning, in much the same way as Tarot cards. This article explains my reasoning: Precession Astrology.

All the best, Jamie Partridge.

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  1. I read using my rising sign because that puts the transiting planets in the proper houses. I find that is much more accurate. Horoscopes do not use Time of birth and so they are much more general.

  2. I appreciate your insights and regularly view my horoscope on your site. Question tho. My bday is July 16 and for 2019 that date was included in the Pluto Opposite your Decan influence as feeling this transient the most in 2019. Come your 2020 prediction and that same transient now has the July 16th date feeling it most strongly in 2020. So which is it? or will this transient be plaguing me for 2 full years? I also noticed overlapping dates for the “all year” transients for Sag Decon II and Pices Decon I. why are these dates overlapping too?

  3. I love using this website as a reference point, as someone who is currently learning in the earlier stages of Astrology. I was curious if you had a few books you would recommend as study guides, and have used as reference points for your method of creating the aspects section.
    Many thanks!

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