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Welcome to Astrology King, my name is Jamie Partridge, aged 47 and living on the coast of NSW Australia with three amazing kids. I’ve had an interesting life thus far, varied occupations ranging from nurse to farm hand.

I became interested in astrology at age 29, shortly before my Saturn return. Just browsing a book store on holidays is how it started. I guess I was subconsciously looking for answers as to why my life seemed so fated and eventful.

It was to be a steep learning curve as my Saturn return resulted in ill-health, loss of my business, and the first of three divorces. The roller coaster has kept going up till this moment so I do have a lot of life experience to draw on to increase my knowledge on the workings of astrology.

After buying my first computer in 2008, some playing around on astrology forums revealed I had developed a unique and accurate form of chart analysis and prediction. With the encouragement MySpace friends, I started an astrology forum called Funkastrology. Further encouragement led me to start-up funkastrology.co.uk with my then partner Marina Macario.Jamie Partridge AstrologyIn 2009, Funkastrology underwent a name-change to Darkstar Astrology. For more independence and due to an impending divorce, I started Astrology King in January 2013.

Due to a battle with Cancer in 2012 and ongoing health issues, I don’t write as many articles as I once did, or would like to. In 2014 I also decided not to offer personal readings anymore. Being a single parent, I found I needed to give more time to my children.

My aim is to focus on writing monthly and yearly horoscopes on time to generate advertising revenue to support the kids. I passionately love astrology, especially mundane prediction, and will try to keep up with current events and what not in the blog. All the best, Jamie Partridge.

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  1. Hey Jamie!
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    Thanks and looking forward to your reply!


  2. Hey Jamie… sorry to write on here… just wanted to check that I was really speaking to you on fb and not your hackers… Cheers Suzi 🙂

  3. Hello Jamie,
    I am a newbie here. And I cannot express enough my gratitude for your generosity. There’s no astrology websites out there that attends to every specific question of the reader! You make me wiser to know what appropriate actions I must do before something shitty happens. Helps me a lot! More power to you. And I hope someday, I can return the favor to you by donating once I get my financial stability back! Much love from the Manila! xx

      • Yes, today. Thanks you kindly. As for your earlier comment. Most other astrologer do personal readings which explains why they cannot answer comments like I do. It keeps me learning more too, and in touch with a wide circle of people with a common interest.

  4. Hi Jamie I m Rupal I want to ask u when will I get my dream job for which I HV been waiting since a year I m Sagittarius born on 21 November 1990

  5. Hello.
    we really like your articles, and astrological forecasts. more likes you yourself, Jamie. we are from Russia, and we want to talk about you and your astrological work. Please tell us your terms and conditions.

  6. Hello Jamie, i have read that 2016 will bring luck love and huge life changes for Taurus. Well im waiting and waiting, but nothing except trouble from people i thought were friends. August and September have been a bloody nightmare. Life for me has just been one kick in the teeth after another. Is this my life or will i get a lucky break sometime? Sandra. 13.05.1957. Thank you.

    • This is my about page Sandra. Follow the links in your monthly and yearly horoscopes to ask questions on aspects, transits or moon phases.

  7. Jamie your horoscopes 2017 are closed for comments???
    Want to have a clarification on the dates and month you have mentioned in the aries decan 2 horoscope…. When r u going to invite comments?

    • Tina, follow the links in your 2017 horoscope to ask questions on specific aspects, transits or moon phases. It is better for us all to keep comments grouped in the relevant pages like that.

  8. Greetings Jamie pleasure to meet your work this day

    We would love to have our chart read by you.
    Katlego ISIS Tshipamba 21/12/1985 Female Pretoria South Africa 0700am
    Marcus Okitangongo Tshipamba 12/08/1984 Kinshasa DRC Male not sure of time of birth

    Please let me know of any charges due before chart is read

    Opius Dei


  9. Hello from Finland, Jamie. I am an astro enthusiast and I like your blog. Great to see an astrologer who reveals his own natal chart as an introduction. Respect. I also see that you have a sun-chiron aspect with an orb of 3 degrees. I have the same.

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