2025 Moon Phases

MOON PHASES: 2024 | 2025 | 2026

Times and Dates for the 2025 Moon Phases Astrology Calendar are set for New York.

Jan 0606:561st Quarter Moon Jan 202516♈56
Jan 1317:26Full Moon January 202523♋59
Jan 2115:303rd Quarter Moon Jan 202502♏03
Jan 2907:35New Moon January 202509♒51
Feb 0503:021st Quarter Moon Feb 202516♉46
Feb 1208:53Full Moon February 202524♌06
Feb 2012:323rd Quaer Moon Feb 202502♐20
Feb 2719:44New Moon February 202509♓41
Mar 0611:311st Qauter Moon Mar 202516♊21
Mar 1402:54Lunar Eclipse March 202523♍57
Mar 2207:293rd Quarter Moon Mar 202502♑05
Mar 2906:57Solar Eclipse March 202509♈00
Apr 04 22:141st Quarter Moon Apr 202515♋33
Apr 1220:22Full Moon March 202523♎20
Apr 2021:353rd Quarter Moon Apr 202501♒12
Apr 2715:31New Moon April 202507♉47
May 0409:511st Quarter Moon May 202514♌21
May 1212:55Full Moon May 202522♏13
May 20 07:583rd Quarter Moon May 202529♒43
May 2623:02New Moon May 202506♊06
June 0223:401st Quarter Moon June 202512♍50
June 1103:43Full Moon June 202520♐39
June 1815:193rd Qaurter Moon June 202527♓48
June 2506:31New Moon June 202504♋08
July 0215:301st Quarter Moon July 202511♎10
July 1016:36Full Moon July 202518♑50
July 1720:373rd Quater Moon July 202525♈40
July 2405:11New Moon July 202502♌08
Aug 0108:411st Quarter Moon Aug 2025 #109♏32
Aug 0903:55Full Moon August 202517♒00
Aug 1601:123rd Qaurter Moon Aug 202523♉36
Aug 2302:06New Moon August 202500♍23
Aug 3102:251st Quarter Moon Aug 2025 #208♐47
Sept 0714:08Lunar Eclipse September 202515♓23
Sept 1406:323rd Quarter Moon Sept 202521♊52
Sept 2115:54Solar Eclipse September 202529♍05
Sept 2919:531st Quarter Moon Sept 202507♑06
Oct 0623:47Full Moon October 202514♈08
Oct 1314:123rd Quarter Moon Oct 202520♋40
Oct 2108:25New Moon October 202528♎22
Oct 2912:201st Quarter Moon Oct 202506♒30
Nov 0508:19Full Moon November 202513♉23
Nov 1200:283rd Qaurter Moon Nov 202520♌05
Nov 2001:47New Moon November 202528♏12
Nov 2801:581st Quarter Moon Nov 202506♓18
Dec 0418:14Full Moon December 202513♊04
Dec 1115:513rd Qaurter Moon Dec 202520♍04
Dec 1920:43New Moon December 202528♐25
Dec 2714:091st Quarter Moon Dec 202506♈17

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