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Welcome to Astrology King, my name is Jamie Partridge and I live on the coast of NSW Australia with three amazing kids. I’ve had an interesting life so far, with varied occupations ranging from nursing assistant to farm hand.

I became interested in astrology at age 29, shortly before my Saturn return. Just browsing a bookstore on holidays is how it started. I guess I was subconsciously looking for answers as to why my life seemed so fated and eventful.

It was to be a steep learning curve as my Saturn return resulted in ill-health, loss of my business, and the first of three divorces. The roller coaster has kept going up till this moment so I do have a lot of life experience to draw on to increase my knowledge on the workings of astrology.

After buying my first computer in 2008, some playing around on astrology forums revealed I had developed a unique and accurate form of chart analysis and prediction. With the encouragement MySpace friends, I started an astrology forum called Funkastrology. Further encouragement led me to start-up funkastrology.co.uk with my then partner Marina Macario.Jamie Partridge AstrologyIn 2009, Funkastrology underwent a name-change to Darkstar Astrology. For more independence and due to an impending divorce, I started Astrology King in January 2013.

Due to a battle with Cancer in 2012 and ongoing health issues, I don’t write as many articles as I once did, or would like to. In 2014 I also decided not to offer personal readings anymore. Being a single parent, I found I needed to give more time to my children.

My aim is to focus on writing monthly and yearly horoscopes on time to generate advertising revenue to support the kids. I passionately love astrology, especially mundane prediction, and will try to keep up with current events and what not in the blog. All the best, Jamie Partridge.

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  1. My Saturn (11 house, Gemini) oppose Venus (5, Sagittarius)… same opposition like yours, ..it’s hard sometime, how did you overcome this issues?

    • I am still dealing with it. Divorced 3 times now I am engaged to someone who lives in another country. Trying to save money for visas. But It does get easier with age. Even though i have more responsibilities for loved ones I am making more money now.

      • Hello jamie i am a big fan of yours i always follow your predictions and i have used your website for learning astrology

        i have a aspect in my birth chart which is making my life hard
        sun trine saturn (orb 0°45′) sun is in cancer and saturn in pisces 9th house and is retrograde can you help me define it

        • I can only imagine that would cause problems if there were difficult fixed stars involved. What degrees are you Sun and Saturn?

          • my sun is in cancer 13 degree
            and my saturn is in pisces 12 degree and is in retrograde motion

            and my life is been to hard from childhood father issues and too much problems i would love to hear from you any suggestions will help me alot as i admire you alot in my website as well at other forums thank you jamie

          • hello jamie i hope you are fine and happy i am really really big fan of you if you can define this aspect in my chart which is draining me i will be thankful to you

            • Sun conjunct fixed star Sirius is very positive. Sun trine Saturn is very positive. The only thing that could possible cause any trouble is Saturn retrograde. Have you read my article on that? Otherwise I would be looking to more challenging aspects and fixed stars in your chart to explain hardship and father issues. Perhaps a hard aspect to your Midheaven.

  2. Hi. Jamie. Sorry that you have not been well. Thinking of you. Pluto trining your Jupiter eh! Ascendant equals head. Xxx Pluto looking in your head.

    • Thank you Lynne. Feeling much better thanks. About to start walking every morning again but not up hills like I was doing. That exercise before the surgery made a big difference to recovery time. Hard work in preparation for Saturn square Midheaven transit 🙂

  3. thank you so much jamie for reply i have read the article sun trine saturn but it i have no idea when saturn is retrograde and i dont find any suitable article about sun trine saturn when saturn is retrograde i am a hard worker and everything you define in the article was exactly matching

  4. Hi Jamie,
    Thanks for your site, going through a divorce with a verbally abuseing Capricorn husband. I have been told when Jupiter goes direct it will station and stop first exactly on my Sun in Scorpio and I should go to Vegas on July 10th? I would really like to know what you think. Much Love, Be well Debora

  5. I’m a second Decan Virgo female born 9/11/65.
    Wondering is Venus opposing Neptune on the 24th of July is a bad or auspicious day for getting injections of filler around my mouth area for wrinkles at my dermatologist office . It would not be my first time … and all has gone well each time before .
    Thanks Jamie … as a mystically inspired Virgo , I adore your Astology King site

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