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Jamie PartridgeWelcome to Astrology King. My name is Jamie Partridge. I live on the east coast of Australia with my wife and our five amazing children.

I became interested in astrology at age 29, shortly before my Saturn return. Just browsing a bookstore on holidays is how it started. I was subconsciously looking for answers as to why my life seemed so fated and eventful.

It was to be a steep learning curve as my Saturn return resulted in ill health, loss of my business, and the first of three divorces. The roller coaster has kept going up till this moment, so I do have a lot of life experience to draw on to increase my knowledge of the workings of astrology.

After buying my first computer in 2008, some playing around on astrology forums revealed I had developed a unique and accurate form of chart analysis and prediction. With the encouragement of MySpace friends, I started an astrology forum called Funkastrology.

My first astrology website was funkastrology.co.uk, a joint project with Marina Macario. In 2009 it underwent a name change to darkstarastrology.com. I started my own website, astrologyking.com, in January 2013.

I do not use Houses nor Signs. I use aspects and fixed stars. I do use cardinal points like AC and MC. I don’t believe House cusps are real. They have no energy. They are constructs of the human imagination and have purely symbolic meaning, in much the same way as Tarot cards. This article explains my reasoning: Precession Astrology.

All the best, Jamie Partridge.

For questions, email: funkastrology@gmail.com

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  1. Hi Jamie
    I think it’s great that you and Marina share something of yourselves and your experiences with your subscribers. You’re one of the few sites that I regularly look over due to the amount of detail and insight your provide in your astrological overviews, it makes the whole subject more developed and interesting for us readers. I wish you luck and the same for Marina.

    • Thanks so much Joan, we are both very keen to grow our websites. Marina definitely has found her niche. I’m still working on mine.

      • Hello Jamie,

        Am a woman born 22 October 1971, I think around 5-6 pm but not sure. Born in cairo but lives in london. Which chart I should be reading. Also, do u do reading?

  2. I agree! They both are not vertical astrologers and by sharing they make us feel very comfortable!


  3. Hi Jamie,

    Ive been studying astrology since 2008…..went on courses…bought solar fire computer system…that helped enormously…bought lots of good astrology books, looked at tons of websites, some great, some awful……after joining facebook i found Darkstar & to say i was blown away is an understatement!…the posts and blogs from you & marina are so inspiring…something i hadnt found with many other astrology sites. Wishing both of you every success with your respective sites.

  4. Hi Jamie (and Marina)

    After having a nosey at both your’s and Marina’s charts I was quite intrigued to find that you are both stellium bods! Clearly every stellium is unique but I wondered whether you mignt have developed an overview of any particular dynamics, common traits and any rules of thumb you employ on first encountering a stellium in a nativity? I did read that the presence of any outer planets in this configuration will have a massive influence on the overall tone and will possibly have more palpable influence than the sign involved. You have both Uranus and Pluto involved in your stellium, do you find you can more readily identify with these energies than the sign of Virgo?

    • Ohmigosh, feel better soon Jamie!! Glad to hear you are on the mend and cant wait to read whenever you are ready!

  5. What a scary and uncomfortable experience!! I knew something had to be wrong since the forcast was not up yet. You definately need to take of you first and all of us faithful readers can wait, we are just lucky to have you around.:)

  6. More than happy to know that you are all right now!:D new moon will come up tomorrow morning. Alles gute!

  7. I have had both carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel surgery on both hands and both arms. I didn’t have any feeling in both ofmy hands. So, I no what you are going through. Hope you get better without surgery. Steroid shots sometimes help.

  8. Dear Mr. Jamie

    I was born on 3/11/73.
    I have lost every thing in this year.
    What else will happen to me on my birthday 3/11/2013 solar eclipse!?

    Thank you

  9. Why Do you use Time Zone +4 for New York City Dont you understand that were all in -4? Im not sure the world is aware of this… look it up here http://WWW.WORLDTIMEZONE.COM
    I could be wrong! Please show me where I am wrong if not then please consider this..



  10. Hi Jamie. Do you do readings? I was born 7/30/37 .
    If you don’t, might you refer me to someone you hold in esteem?
    If you do, let me know your fee.

    Thanks very much,


  11. Dear Mr. Jamie,

    “When passing through hell, keep walking — said Churchill”. I admire your grit and for that, I suggest you visit my website above and look for a painting titled `Adventure’.

    I wonder how can I get tailed advice without getting my personal reading. Any advice, please?

  12. Wow, Jamie! What a massive stellium you have going on there, and a Boomerang Yod! I haven’t ever analyzed your chart before until now! I find it interesting that all of this happened to you just before your Saturn return. Of course you and Marina know that I am addicted to both of your sites and it is what spawned my own creation! You two are definitely spiritual warriors! And admittedly, personal readings are draining. I myself was considering doing the same for my website, but currently, I am in the process of posting case studies and then I believe I will focus just on weekly and monthly horoscopes and leave the readings to Marina, haha!

    • Weekly and monthly horoscopes are a good way to build your website because they are the high search terms for astrology websites. Once you get those running then it’s a struggle to find time to write interesting posts that you are passionate about. But to make a living out of this, it is either personal readings or the horoscopes.

      My Yod is being poked around a lot at the moment. Last lunar eclipse on Saturn apex. Next lunar eclipse on Mercury Venus reaction point. Apex lunar eclipse brought marriage breakup, interesting to see what turn out with the next one. Definitely major change in life direction when the yod gets hit.

  13. Heloo!!! My name is Melania:I was born on 16/05/1963. Please tell mee something about future!! Thank you.

  14. Hi Jamie, my name is Bec, I’m 39, live in Adelaide, born on 1/4/1975, Aries with Scorpio rising. I’ve only just discovered your site! And I think it’s great that you’re still finding time to get horoscopes out to all the eager souls needing guidance….I guess being on the cusp as you are, but still a Virgo, makes it possible for you to live through all the trials you have had to since your Saturn return. Mine was hard to get through also…but necessary, to learn the lessons it taught me for the next stage of my life. I know how powerful astrology is as I have been studying it since I was 15. I recently had a bad back injury, losing my ability to work as a painter, also copping harassment from a tyrannical neighbour, and my partner getting hit by a car, all in the time Mars was retrograde! Being an Aries, and my son and partner also, has resulted in an intense time, which I can now gladly say is subsiding! My point being, I can always find a reason through analysing (a favourite Virgo word!) the cosmic climate, for the trigger to what is or has occurred in my life and in the lives of those around me. Thanks for reading, keep on keeping on Jamie. Your kids are the lucky ones to have such an opened minded father! Bring on the second half of the year as it looks much more appealing for Aries atleast!

  15. Hi Jamie =] I wonder what’s your take on Poland’s mundane chart. I haven’t found anything about it here… aaaaand I’m very curious about your view BECAUSE: 0) I’m Polish 😛 1) I see you have some charts, and 3) you and Marina were the 1st astro-bloggers I’ve found, so you know – I will gladly read what you have to say on the topics of interest to me =] I did find SOME data, deduced by the father… (one of them) of astrology in Poland, prof. Leszek Weres, and he claims that Poland was baptised on Dec 26, 966 in Gniezno at noon (12:01 or so) – the case is that prof. Weres points out that Poland’s Asc is about 0deg Taurus. I’m really eager to learn about your view =]

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    Cheerful Greetings Jamie:

    I respectfully request that you allow me to give you a FREE demonstration of the Personal Time-Map System.

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    This is also the only system that gives us the ability to see ourselves from anyone else’s point of view withouot needing to ask.

    Please contact me at your earliest convenience to set up a time for your personal demonstration and I will also be happy to answer all of your questions.


  17. Hi I am a 68 child with saturn in aries also, stellium of virgo (1st) with intense health issues. Please know carpel tunnel syndrome and parathesia / peripheral nerve pain can be related to medicinal side effects, but also deficiency. B12 / B6 – activated B6 (P5P) I think can be of help. Bioceuticals distribute a product of p5p and magnesium, which was recommended.

    I have altered diet, (as diagnosed positive to two gastrointestinal parasites, child partner and I doing what we can), as neptune is currently square my own natal virgo jupiter 12th, also ascendant of 3 degrees, not brilliant. But it is trine natal cancer moon in 10th.

    Thank you for the content to peruse, good luck with your health and may your children be happy too.

    • So interesting you mentioned nerve pain. I have had cubital tunnel syndrome for over a year and it has recently progressed to muscle weakness so my left hand is fairly useless. Have a referral to see a specialist but i think it is elective surgery so will cost me a fortune. At least it has been a good excuse to get the kids to do the dishes!

      • Jamie check out Bowen practioners in your area. Non invasive treatment, with a very good success rate, with carpel tunnel,nec k, back. First hand experience,my partner is a practioner, worth a try, before surgery.

      • Dear Jamie! Try acupuncture treatment. It has a very good success rate. No drugs. No surgery. It really works like miracle. I myself have tried it.

  18. Happy Birthday Jamie! Nice to see you posting again – I hope you are OK as I was quite worried when your regular posts stopped. I hope your health continues to improve.

  19. With this bd Jamie you progress to your natal rising again so for the next two years Saturn is ruler of your year. This is using Hellenistic astrology.

  20. Hi Jamie,

    Do you foresee a more serious outbreak of Ebola, outside Africa, after the transits in March and Blood Moon of early April, in 2015 ?

    Get well and stay in good spirit.


  21. All the Best! Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy and Prosperous New Year! Thanks for all of your work!

  22. Can we have a chart on one of the Koch brothers seeing they will become / are one of the bigges shadow manipultors in usa at this time

  23. Sorry but i just have to make the comparison between astrology and Bob Ager’s in depth analysis of The Shining Mazez Mirrors Deception@Denial. As though joining the dots on Kubrick’s creative process as a director ( and master chess player working alot with symbol and analogy) is so similar to star interpretation etc….in astrology……

  24. Please , I want to contact you , are their anyway , best regards .. Nahla

  25. Hi, I don’t understand astrology very well, but I’m trying to learn more! Anyway I read that you don’t use the solar house system. Does this affect which horoscopes we should read? I find that the ones for my sun sign are off and almost opposite, but the ones for my ascendant are right on. Should I skip reading my sun sign horoscopes? Thanks!

    • Not using the solar house system has no effect on which horoscope to read. You may simply have a stronger Ascendant than Sun in your chart.

  26. Hello Jamie, I am a capricorn 3rd Decan. My ascendant is aquarius. Could you tell me what is the decan of my ascendant (1st, 2nd or 3rd)?. I am born on the 20/01/1986 in Cape Town – South Africa, at 07h35 in the morning. Thanks a lot for letting me know.

  27. Hi Jamie, I just read on your post that you don’t offer readings anymore. Can you recommend any good astrologers that could have a look at a composite chart for me? Hope you are well. Thanks.

  28. Hi Jamie , I’m saggiatrius decan 1 .and you predictions are always correct and im having a hard time . Waiting for next posts . Thank you

  29. Hi Jamie, I know very little about astrology, I do not know my exact time of birth.. I was born on the 24/02/1988, I was wondering if you could tell me whether any fixed stars had any significance for me? I was hoping Fomalhaut Star might.
    Thanks David

  30. It seems that the specific time of birth is important in astrology, I am from Australia as well. Do you know if people have actually found their time of birth through hospital records in Australia? I am apprehensive about contacting them, don’t want to look like some lunatic wasting their precious time haha.
    David again

    • Hi David, yes but it depends on which state or territory. Most will have the time of birth in their records. Mine came from the bracelet the nurses put on you which mum kept.

      For the stars, do up your chart and find the degrees of the planets: Free Chart Maker.

      Then go down this list of stars: Fixed Stars Lisat.

      Without time of birth means the degree of your Ascendant (Rising) and Moon will not be accurate enough for the fixed stars. Everything else will be. Best of luck will all that.

  31. Jaime, I’m a libra decanter 3. Will My Buddy And I, Jake, Become Friends Again soon

  32. Hi Jamie,

    Out of curiosity – what star sign are you?

    Also, could you tell me if a Gemini man and Scorpio woman (myself) are compatible? I’m a rising Gemini, Aries moon.

    Thank you 🙂


    • Virgo Katie. I’m not really big on horoscope compatibility. We are all so unique and I try not even to think of astrology when I’m dating.

  33. I think that’s a good idea Jamie! I find myself very attracted to Gemini men. I think it’s their chattiness, excitable smile and energy etc… But I think it mirrors my rising Gemini – maybe that’s why? And where we’ve got so many aspects to our natal chart, it makes us very unique anyway – we may have more water in our sign or fire etc… The guy I like has quite a bit of cancer in his sign. I’ve got fed up with all the astrologers on the internet dooming a Gemini/Scorpio relationship. I also quite likes Aries men, for their masculinity and energy (I’m strongly attracted to that!) I totally agree with you though Jamie! Also, do you believe in cusp sun signs? I’m born on the 24th October – UK. Because I find that the Libra sun sign describes me quite accurately! I’ve got Libra in Mercury. I’m also numerology number 6 that vibrates to the planet venus. Also, are you into numerology?

    Thanks a lot for the reply! 🙂

    • I don’t actually use zodiac signs for interpretation, only for dividing up my horoscopes. I only use aspects and fixed stars, they are much more specific. The closest star to your Sun I just wrote about: Izar, but there is very little written about its influence. Yes, numerology like Tarot and other such things all seem to be connected and say very similar things.

      • Thanks Jamie, that’s interesting. I’ll read your page about Izar. I do think your work is great and I love what you’ve written about Octobers full Moon – very positive and hopeful! I love numerology and tarot. Tarot have always seemed to be so uncannily accurate for me and my friends.

        I read your above bio about your life and the effect Saturn’s return had on you. I had a lot of bad luck and a near death experience when Saturn was in Scorpio. In March or April 2013 (I think it was – not long after Easter) I had contacted ecoli and parasites whilst in Guatemala and was at deaths door – I fought through it though, being a strong Scorpio woman. But the whole way through Saturn’s return, I experienced a lot of misfortune. You said that the misfortune in your life had continued up to this date. I do hope things get better for you life (with the law of attraction maybe my hopefulness could help?). Hope can go a long way. Hope is like a prayer, a wish (I believe).

        Autumnal wishes your way…
        Love Katie 🙂

  34. Good work!! I read both of your work dark star and astro king. Both are fab. By the way she has a better business sence.

  35. I found your sight back in July when I was going through ( and still am) a break up. I love your insights. I studied astrology very basically about 20 years ago and have found a renewed interest in it.

    It is unfortunate, but understandable, you no longer do personal readings as I would have loved your insight to my current on-going situation.

    I hope your health continues to improve and thank you again for your abundance of information

    Nadine (Virgo 1st Decan)

  36. Hi again, actually just realised I didn’t say hi on my first comment, how rude of me!

    I was also wondering what house/chart system you use or if you use a variety?? When I studied I used Meridan but lately I’ve leant towards Placidus. Also what are your thoughts on whole sign houses as this changes things a lot for me 🙂


    • Thanks Nadine, I may start offering readings again in a few years. Once all the kids are in high school and I have finished all the aspects and transits I’m thinking.

      I don’t use houses at all. I don’t believe they have any basis in reality, just like the Signs,

  37. Hello Jamie, I’ve been reading your bio and I was moved by your story. We have the same birthday September 21… However I was born in 1947! I see you have a stellium of Virgo in the ninth house…as I do. Your insights are amazing and I hope you continue to enjoy good health…so we can all gain benefit from your talents. Penelope, Toronto Canada

  38. Hello. I’m born on a cusp Capricorn/Aquarius – 20 January 1974 around 5-7 am. I would like to know how Mercury in retrigrade will affect me in January 2016. Thank you

  39. Hi,I just came across this website today.Great content!Thank you for your insight and sharing your knowledge.
    I am an Aries decan 2.I would really appreciate it if you could tell me when I will gain career stability?Thank you.

    • Thank you Purvi. Your 2016 horoscope has a link to a Saturn transit. Read that because it is perfect for career advancement and recognition of previous years of hard work.

  40. Hi Jamie,
    Thank you very much, Happy New Year !!! I will keep reading your astrology , and let you know my turn out.,

    Kindest Regards

  41. Thank you so much for your blog! I love it! Thank you so very much for sharing with all of us! I can’t wait to read more!

    Have you written any posts about transits or retrogrades as they relate to buying and selling cars, buying and selling houses, legal issues / courts / trials that you can provide a link to?

    I’m particularly interested in Mars Rx since I just learned that it exists so I’ll be searching your blog for info about Mars Rx!

    • Thank you so much Maya. I will update the Mars retrograde post before the next phase in April 2016, plus add what it means to have Mars retrograde in your natal chart. I can’t think of anywhere I specifically mention those things you ask about. But real estate is Saturn, Cars are Mercury, Buying and selling is Mercury but money is Venus. Anything legal is Jupiter.

      • 😀 Thank you, thank you, thank you Jamie! 😀

        No rush at all on the above question about Mars Rx! I know everything is crazy busy with Mercury Rx.

        #1 = kids and your health! Please take care of you and your kids before you work on Mars Rx info! You already have lots of incredible, helpful, Mars Rx info that we can read, and re read, to learn.

        I’m so thankful to you for your FANTASTIC and HELPFUL blog! Thanks you so very much for the explanation above!

        What a GIFT you’ve given to the world!

        With lots of gratitude and appreciation,


  42. Jamie, thank you so much for this gift. It would be a pleasure to work with you in the future when you have the time to consult. I am 25 years old and have been studying astrology on my own since I was 19. Deep gratitude for the work you do on this page. Excellent.
    Do you at all follow void of moon ? And what are you thoughts on this theory ?

    • Thanks Alejandro. I don’t think I will be doing readings for a while but I’m always free to chat about astrology in general.

      No, I don’t use that technique because it relies on Signs, to me they are artificial, man made division of the sky.

  43. Plese my name is naftal . I was born in ghana kumasi tafo .as alibra born in l977 october 2o plese l want to no my secret of succes in life

  44. Hi jamie
    My DOB is 22 Oct 1993
    It is kind of unable to find jobs.
    when will i be able to get a job?
    I have been tired of waiting
    Thank You

  45. Hi Jamie
    I would like to have a consult with you. My life is really difficult and I hope you can help

  46. how come you write in Arabic language? It is fascinating when I read your explanation is amazing. I live in London

  47. Hi Jamie.

    I just took up a fascination in astrology, I’ve checked all the links, and I have to say YOURS has been the most accurate. You have basically described my life, and I’ve even gone to check with others and it’s honestly quite amazing. I keep coming back to check if you’ve posted anything new. I’m sorry to hear about your cancer and I really wish you all the best. Thanks for such a detailed month to month horoscope. I will definitely keep reading. If you ever do personal readings again – I would love to have one done by you. Your intuition is such a gift. Take care and thank you!

    • Hi Calli and thank you so much. I had the cancer back in 2012 and after about 2 years recovering I feel better than ever.

  48. Hi Jamie,
    Best wishes to deal with your health issues. I hope you get well soon. I know how difficult cancer can be. I lost my husband to lymphoblastic leukemia six months ago. Please stay well. I was born on September 1, 1961. I lost my only child four years ago. Please help if you can.

    • Thanks Shaila. You do have good things in the future but for the rest of this year you will still feel lost with Neptune opposite your Sun until late December 2016. After that, you will slowly start to gain a new direction in life and feel hope and faith again.

  49. Ouch! Having a few days off writing while my elbow recovers from surgery last Friday. Left ulnar nerve entrapment (similar to carpal tunnel syndrome) from working on the computer. At least my hand works again.

  50. Wishing you a speedy recovery.. sending love and blessings your way!!

  51. Echoing others thoughts. Thank you for this site. I read your bio. I too became interested in astrology a few years ago after a divorce and series of events that seemed fated. I’m 12:13/73 and in the middle o a Saturn return now. Where do you suggest we can go to learn more about the subject? Are there online courses or just keep reading.

    • Thanks Red, with Sun opposite Saturn I would be learning by experience, do charts for friends and family. I have never done a course and used few books. I practiced on friends and family then honed my skills on forums.

  52. All that Earth with no h20, a foggy/froggy desert 🙂 …like me with no fire, a boMb waiting for the spark! ~ I got my first computer around the same time and learned using MySpace too! We are dinosaurs, a missing liNk to the briDge ~ With Plutonium at 22 degrees Earth you are here to “part the briDge” ~ my friend… j’ aMie ~ may the gods oF karMa recieVe aLL that we haVe sacrificed and hoLd sacred ~ take care aNd be weLL, Adonai, our foundation Lord oF aLL Earth ~ may the aNgLes be with you and strength abounD ~ ~ ~ ~~~ : Caryatid ~ carry oN LoVe iS coMinG to uS aLL ~

  53. Hello Jamie, thank you very much for creating this site. I was able to go back and read my 2013 horoscope, and let me tell you, lot of things make sense to me now. I am a capricorn, born 01/10/1978 and I have been going through a major transformation that started in 2013. I wish I could have gone back in time and discover your site back then…..I would have handled things differently and above all I would understand why things are happening to me. The good thing is that now, I check your site frequently and read your horoscope religiously. Thank you for sharing your passion with us. It is much appreciated! I was looking forward to contacting you about a private reading but I do understand that family time comes first. And since this is the only platform I can use to contact you, I would be very grateful for your opinion. I am in what feels like a fight of my lifetime…And I am not sure if I should stay in the fight or move on….Are you able to tell me if I things work out? Your horoscope is so accurate, I had to deal with a lot of backstabbing, scheming, nastiness and deceipt from my partner’s closest friends and family….Is there a happy ending for me or should I just move on? Thank you so very much for your answer.

  54. Hey, missing your feedback. Looking forward to your return on the discussions! 🙂 Hope your arm is making a good recovery. It’s nice to talk to someone who knows a fair bit about astrology.

    • Thanks Katie. Will have the April horoscopes finished tomorrow and plan to start catching up on comments then, slowly but surely.

  55. Good to hear. No pressure. I’m sure that all the followers on the website will delight in your return to the discussions! Only 4 days till the Spring Equinox! Can’t wait! 🙂

  56. Jamie I go to trial April 4th and wanted a personal reading. Is there anyone you would recommend?

  57. How can i make a comment on thread? There’s a Reply but when i clicked it i couldnt commend.

      • Today I got offer for a job with good pay.(Lunar eclipse) But they have asked to me to pass a competitive exam which I have to take before 15th may 2016.
        But from 29th april mercury turns retrograde and from 17 april Mars turns retrograde.

        I need at-least a month to prepare for exam.
        Then i have 3 options take to exam on
        1) give exam right away – before 15th May
        2) after mercury turns direct – after 22nd may
        3) after mars turns direct – after June 29th
        My birthdate is 21/03/1990, 12:00AM, India (21.0500° N, 75.0500° E) (Pisces sun, Sagitarius ASC)
        If you have time, kindly view my birthchart and suggest a solution. Otherwise simple advice on retrograde phase will be helpful too.
        Kindly reply me as soon as possible, i desperately need your advice.

  58. ..a Virgo with Saturn opposite Mercury and Venus. Oh, plus Uranus conjunct Sun in Virgo.

    • excuse my foggy remarks, you are welcome to delete these if possible. I found your website researching today’s Venus Opposite Jupiter Square Saturn Retrograde

  59. Hi, I tried to register on this website a few days ago, but never received a confirmation email to set up a password.

    • Try again Katie. There is a new form in the sidebar, or at the bottom of the page on mobile devises.

      • When I try again, it says; “this email address is already registered.”

          • I can’t, because I don’t have a password. I tried “create new password” and didn’t receive an email.

          • Katie, all I can think of now is to use a new email. Otherwise I post 3 times a week and put out the monthly horoscopes 14 days before the start of the month.

          • Hi again Katie, I found your email address in the subscriber list and deleted it. Should work again now.

  60. Hello Jaime, found your site and enjoyed reading. Thanks so much. I have been transforming on a spiritual level and would like to find a relationship with real intimacy. Perhaps you can help me find true love as this is something I am truly desiring in my life now and could use some direction if possible? My DOB is May 26, 1969 in New York @ 10:09 AM. Any advice or upcoming information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much, Joe

  61. Hi Jamie, it’s still not working. I figured, maybe I need to have an account on wordpress first, before I can register on this website? Maybe that’s why it’s not working. But don’t worry about a solution, if that’s not the reason. I don’t want to take up too much of your time with these comments, when you already have many to reply to.

  62. Hi Jamie,
    Its Preet Grewal thanks for ur last reply..
    Plz tell me how will be my nxt 2Week ..may i able to pay attention in my study???
    My xams were coming on 22 april to28april…
    how i perform in my xams…
    And wht aout my partners anger in these days…will he came back in my life again or not..plz answer fast…
    And also plz tell me solutions so that i pass my this hard tym smoothly..

  63. Hello i am connected with you on facebook but today only i have gone through this article on you its very surprising that how life teaches you astrology and how you are helping other .Pls help me also my D.O.B is 12 Nov 1960 time is 8,30 A,M i am in one litigation with my tanent tell me when i will come out of it

  64. Hi Jamie, do you know much about the Tredecile aspect? I found a website to see what aspect my natal sun sign has with a guy I really like and this was the aspect that came up. Apparently it’s really positive. The aspect was about 107 or 108 degrees. I’m a Scorpio and he’s an Aquarius, but I know that you don’t follow rulerships. He’s got sun conjunction mercury and I have sun sextile uranus, so I don’t, maybe they’re compatible energies? But mostly, I just wanted to ask you about this ancient Tredecile, if you know anything about it? Thanks 🙂 Katie

      • I don’t know, I quite amateur with all this. His birthday is 8 Februray 1988 (London, UK I think); mine 24 October 1988 (Southampton, UK).

        • Hi Astrology King (hehe 🙂 You don’t have to look up our charts if you don’t have time; it’s just that I have no idea of how to approach synastry, as it seems that there’s so many different angles to look at when weighing up compatibility… If you don’t have time to look at our planetary aspects, maybe you could give me some advice? Should I look up our stars – is that important too? This guy’s a musician and very talented and I’m an artist and designer. Thank you. Katie

          • Hi again Katie. Focus on the basic synastry before looking up stars. Start by comparing your inner planets and Ascendant as they are by far the most important in synastry. For example, a square to Mercury would indicate trouble communicating, while a trine to Moon would indicate a good emotional connection. I found the Davison composite chart the easiest for predicting how a relationships would work.

    • How you manage writing posts of a higher calibre than almost anything out there these days (and there is a lot out there), and replying to almost everyone in the first place is something amazing to begin with.
      but wow that 9th house stellium in Virgo! being an astrologer is fate for you, and funny how life will take you where the astrological chart shows that you are meant to be…with the help of that first Saturn return as grim as it could be the time…Do wish you the best of luck!

  65. Only 7 days behind with comments now and the May horoscopes are finished. Going on a holiday with all the kids for a week, catch up then!

  66. Hi I am through a rough patch in my career since a long time. I am a surgeon. Good cases come and go but the opportunity is missing to do good work, which I feel I am capable of. Can u help. My dob is 8th Jan 1973 time 6.10 pm

  67. I think I’m in love with the idea of being in love. I’m at that age now (28 this year), where I want real, true, soul mate love! A couple of psychics have told me that I’m going to meet that person anywhere between July and October this year. One of the psychics who did the tarot reading for me recently, said that the relationship I’m going to be in isn’t going to be any ordinary relationship – it’s going to be a match made in heaven. I think that we’re deprived of love on this earth (when it comes to relationships). How many people are with their soul mates or ever will be? We need more love on this earth. One astrologer said that sometimes a compatible soul mate won’t get into a relationship out of fear. What a shame. I’m just getting a bit fed up of waiting now. One cannot help but wait and wonder, because it’s the heart that longs and calls for true love. Maybe with Neptune trine my dean it’s making me romanticise. I don’t know…

      • I hope so! The psychics are saying that it’s going to be a match made in heaven! I must admit – I am a soppy heart! It comes out every now and then, after a couple of glasses of wine! I just feel like I’m yearning for this “soul mate,” more than I ever have in my life, like I’m finding it hard to stop these feelings. Anyway, I’m not using you as an agony aunt… I just happened to start rambling after a couple of glasses of wine and reading up about astrology. I’ll just have to be patient in the meantime. “The best comes to those who wait.” As they say, and yes, I think it is true really…

  68. After getting behind with comments 2 months ago because of surgery, I am finally up to date. Just one hour before Mercury stations retrograde!

  69. Jamie, just stumbled on your website to read about “Mercury Retrograde,” and I am seriously impressed. Just to say, so sorry to hear about your ill health and recent surgery, but send good wishes for your recovery

    We are still reeling here in England over the sad news of the untimely death of beloved Astrologer, Jonathan Cainer.

    Found your explanation of the planets and their retrograde better than any other. Would have enjoyed having an interpretation to my birthchart from you, which was drawn up by Jonathan Cainer, but not interpreted other than to give me a yearly forecast.

    Good luck with everything. Will be reading your work regularly from now on. Many thanks to you!


    • Nice to hear from you Wendy and thanks for the compliment. I think many of us have been stunned by the news about Jonathan, way too early, especially with 3 young kids. That really brought it home to me.

  70. Mahalo 4 clear explanation of Mercury Retrograde/meaning. Hope u hv gd health now.

  71. Hi, my name is Mahbubur Rahaman, born on august 13th 1974. I am having very hearship with my life and business from 2012. And every year same problem repeat. what I should I do? Can you help me please.

  72. Hi jamie.. My name is Nova, Im Indonesian people. I love reading horoscope since 6 years ago. Some sites astrology im read, I have not feel predictions accurate. Finally a one year ago I met site astrology king and I read every month and I make a study of myself my friends and I like got the guidance for the way my life ahead with the help of astrology king is because this site for me true. I like and love much astrology king. Thank you to much Jamie..

  73. Jamie, I’m sorry to hear about all your recent health issues. I hope they are all moving in a more positive direction now. I really like your site and think you give really great explanations of things. I like that you break things up by decan as well. I got to your site b/c I’m currently going thru my first Saturn return and have been trying to navigate this / read up on this – and have realized that Saturn is currently in retrograde amidst my return right now and it all seems very taxing. BUT your article on the Saturn retrograde gives great insight. Additionally – I see Saturn is retrograde in your chart – and I’ve realized the people who I connect with or relate to or understand the most have Saturn retrograde in their chart…but it is not retrograde in mine…and I’m not sure why I have so many Saturn rx people in my life. Additionally, I have read things about people being less affected by a retrograde planet when that same planet is retrograde in their natal chart…do you agree with that? Or is that more for Mercury or Mars and/or not for Saturn? Just curious. Also curious to know if you communicate with your spirit guide at all? Thanks for all the time and effort you have put into this site – it is appreciated!

    • Good questions Angie. I do think people with a retrograde planet can develop more when that planet is retrograde in transit. Applying to any retrograde planet. I believe so, through dreams and also through pinging sounds I hear in my ears. left for yes, right for no. (to whatever question I was thinking at that exact time).

  74. hiiiiii jamie i am aadarsh born on 9 December 1995 at 4:05 o’clock.
    i am hopeless about my career please tell what career should be best and want to politics can be good career option for me.
    please i beg you please give me some advice about my career please…………..

  75. Hi Jamie my birthday is 15th June 1972 .. Want to make some career on software field .. Still Nothing come out good. Partnership life is also going in very ups and down … Do you have any idea when all these things will settle down

  76. hi Jamie, Hope you are doing well. Thanks for your excellent work.
    I born on April 20, 1989. Career has been disappointing with out progress. Considering the effort I have put in past 3 years, and the reputation I have in the organisation, Its kind of weird that even My managers can’t help as lot of changes going on in Organisation and obviously affecting me. I did have wonderful opportunity in November 2015, but held back as Management personally requested me to stay, and promised to give double promotion to meet the offer I had. With the recurring changes in organisation every 6 months, I decided to move on.

    Would you please suggest me if months ahead are good for me? (won’t stop trying though ..:) )

    Thanks in Advance – GV

  77. Thank you Jamie for the prediction. Hope to get back to you again in July
    Ree – cancer horoscope query

  78. Hi Jamie .. My name is Nova, from Indonesia. I was born 9/11/71. How about my fortune in this year ? I will meet with my soul mate this year ? And how to finance and my career this year ? Thanks to much Jamie????

    • This is my about page Tirza. Read your monthly horoscope and if you still need help ask a question after you follow one of the links.

      • OK Jamie.. im already read my monthly horoscope but to the question have been closed. I dont understand participated link .. could you please help me Jamie? Thank you to much

        • In your monthly and yearly horoscope there are blue colored links to your current transit. If you still have a question after reading them, ask it on one of those transit pages.

  79. Dear Jamie, just read about how you landed into astrology and the turns in your life. I pray god for the kids for all health, wealth and peace in their life. God bless and I wish you get an interesting traffic on your site..

  80. hello jamie i am aadarsh born at 09/12/1995 at 4 :30 o’clock in morning in new delhi.
    please give me some suggestions about my career .i beg you please give some suggestions for my life and career. this time i will take a major decision about my life , shall be it a well decision or not?
    this time i’ll decide to leave my house and do a job and what i earn on that note i’ll do my futher studies………

    • This is my about page. Read you monthly and yearly horoscope. Follow and read the links for your transits. If you still have a question ask it on one of those transit pages.

  81. Hello Jamie, I have become a dedicated reader to your site and I am learning more and more about astrology which I am grateful for and pay attention to. I read that you do not do personal readings anymore and I wanted to ask you if you can recommend someone who access and read my chart to me. I had it done many years ago and have since lost the paperwork.
    Thank you

  82. We’re leaving the EU! I’m so glad! MP Boris Johnson wants to adapt the Australian points system for letting people immigrate into the UK.

    • Norway has never been a part of the EU and they’re doing quite well. The media’s been calling the negativity around leaving the eu “project fear.” Maybe the fear, worries and negativity can been seen as Saturian. I think that Britain can and will cope without Europe. We don’t need Europe to be successful in the world. The ramain said are just the “fear mongers.”

    • You could see the effect on stock markets in the June 4 new moon:

      “new moon June 2016 will begin unraveling global stock markets as Venus rules money, Jupiter rules wealth, and Saturn rules those institutions trying to keep it together like banks, investment houses and treasuries.”

      • Yes, that’s definitely right. It’s a shame that money rules the world!

        Something random – I’m sat here with Kitty and put a few stones around her whilst she slept. She’s now woken from her slumber and got up and gently tapped, with her paw the green jade crystal (prosperity and wealth). So cute! She’s got a couple of green adventures, a jade and opal angel around her in a circle. She loves crystals! Always stretching her paw out to touch them!

          • If the energy of the crystals is good for us, it can only be good for them too. I often put stones by her when she sleeps. She sleeps a lot too!

  83. I have a money making idea for you. Write an astrology book. I know you’re not into rulerships, but Virgos are usually successful authors. They’re known to be good with language and writing. Do it. Also, write a unique astrology book – something that won’t be as similar to many other astrology books on the shelves! Stars are a very interesting and mesmerising topic! If you’ve got this many followers on your website, a book could be successful! You could even advertise it on your website! £££ Jupiters meeting your MC in a couple of months!

    • This website is my book! Kids today don’t read books and I can’t see me finding the time anyway until they have all left school. I’m enjoying where I’m at with the business side of things, good balance between work and home and we are all doing well.

      • I love books, but I know what you mean in this modern digital era. Glad that you’re getting the balance. It’s so important and a lot of people to get the balance and don’t even recognise that they live to work and work to live. I really like to get the balance too. It’s so important that we have peace and calm in life.

  84. Jamie, don’t spend too many hours at your computer desk. It’s bad for your back. Think about the long term.

  85. Hi Jamie,
    I’m a fan! I’ve been having lots of life changing events since 2010.
    When will my hubby and I catch a break? Lots of loss. Me: 12/23/70 7pm Tucson Az
    Hubby 6/5/70 12pm SFO

    • Good to hear from you Jackee. I don’t look at relationship astrology but in your chart, the March 2016 lunar eclipse was on your Pluto. This triggered a major aspects in your chart, a T-square aspect pattern focused on your Sun. You have:

      Sun square Mars
      Sun square Pluto
      Mars opposite Pluto

      You always have these in your chart but the lunar eclipse brought the challenges from these aspects into focus in your intimate relationships and at home and with your family.

      The August 11 lunar eclipse will bring things back to normal for you.

      • Thank you!! I am honored you replied. Yes, all those aspects yikes!! I am very happy to hear confirmation that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you and God Bless. Here’s to friendly skies! =)

  86. Hi Jamie,

    I was born on the 5 December 1986 10:40pm GMT 8+ (Manila Time.). I have been into so much trouble and arguments lately specially with my partner. I am feeling so frustrated that I couldn’t get a job its been 2 years now that I don’t have a stable job. I am feeling a bit sick also and I am afraid to go to the doctor. I was talking to my partner about moving to other city and look for a job there. I would like to ask if it would be a good mve now? or just wait when saturn moves out from my sign by December 2017.. Please help me. I am reaaly feeling hopeless 🙁 I badly need advice.. PLease

  87. It would be interesting to look at genius Albert Einstein’s chart. Maybe you might be interested in doing an article on his chart on here?

    • One day Katie. Once I have done all the aspects and transit then current affairs and celebrities will keep me busy.

      • Cool! ???????? One of the people I’d like to meet in the after life – Einstein! ????

  88. Hello again everyone. I am answering comments again after a 12 day break. Mars conjunct Neptune transit resulted in an infected, cracked tooth which caused 2 weeks of pain. The exact day of the transit is when I was prescribed antibiotics. The tooth came out a few days later on Sun sextile Sun transit (within one hour of exact transit). But it was also my Jupiter return which relates it back to the healing solar eclipse of March 2016. Enough healing yet? Lucky I was well ahead on writing horoscopes and other posts so I have spent most of the last two weeks laying down watching TV.

  89. Nice Jamie! I’ve been watching or should I say binging on Netflix and Nordic Noir, B.BC. Crime T.V. Nursing excema flare ups and a swelling in my upper foot for at least a month!! But I never stopped checking in with you. Your posts kept me goin! Understanding this great big chaos! Thanks Jamie.
    Last year was my year of the tooth!! Cost me a fortune too! ???? Same bloody birthday as you too ????
    Be well! ????

    • Thank you Penelope and your uplifting emoticons. I thought my tooth problems were over too but I am told they are definitely all fine now. Tell me about the cost! My 14 year old got here braces on last month.

  90. Hi Jamie, sorry I know this is your “about me page,” but I just wanted to ask – how long will the Jupiter Trine my Midheaven transit last? My Midheaven is 1 degree Aquarius. Thank youuuu! ☺️

    • Perhaps I need another page for general questions now that I have stopped comments on the horoscope pages. You can always use an online ephemeris but here you go:

      Exact on 16 September, lasts a few weeks.

      • Thanks Jamie. And these few weeks; is it a week and a half (approx) with side of the exact date? Do you think this will bring me success? Will it also increase money? Thank you! I’m a Saturn child too (Venus Square Saturn), so the financial abundance and success can take a while – I remember you writing about it in a post to someone with your Venus Opposite Saturn. Saturn does like to give restrictions!

        • Yes, what you said is, or should be true. Even Saturn in good aspect to MC and bring more money because of promotion.

  91. Jamie, my DOB 6 February 1978, Targu Mures, Romania at 06.18 AM. Which is my true decan for your site monthly or yearly prediction? Aquarius 2 or Capricorn 2 based on my DOB? Can I expect windfall in next period?

    • Read Sun in Aquarius decan 2. Your rising decan, Ascendant in Capricorn decan 2 refers more directly to your partnerships. You can ask more question in relevant aspects linked in your monthly horoscope.

  92. Jamie,
    Why have you stopped replying to the comments on your discussion forums? Are you running short of time or it is that you don’t find the need to help out others? Your site have visitors becoz u have took the effort to look at their charts and help them out with your inputs. You should continue the good work u r doing for others.

      • Hi Jamie just read this and see you’re about a week behind with commenting. Would really appreciate your input as this eclipse really does feed directly into the most challenging parts of my chart. I wrote my post about 2 days ago. Hope to hear from you soon and hope you’re tooth is better now????

  93. Hi Jamie, glad you’re feeling better! DOB 7/26/1995 , been a rough year for me Love wise wanted to know when things would look up for me and when I would have the chance to possibly meet someone special. Thank you.

    • This is my about page so better to ask your question on a current transit you have, linked form your monthly horoscope.

  94. Now i know why you are unusually quiet in responding to the questions(yes i posted three and waiting to hear from you, and i guess so are many others). Sorry to hear about your health. Take your time and hopefully you will catch up with the numerous questions posted last week.

    • They keep coming! Eclipse season is always busy and there are three this time. I still respond everyday but new comments appear on the sidebar widget so you cannot tell after a few hours.

  95. Thanks for September horoscope.
    But i wish there is more detail like early horoscopes. It looks like you just provide us Transits instead of giving us stories for each specified signs. I check Gemini/Sagi/Pisces/Virgo decan 2 horoscope and they seem very similar to each other. It was not like that.

    For example, if a sign gets Venus Trine Pluto with other nasty transits, you would say “Lovely Venus transit would ease off your Mars Square from past month.

    You did mention some sentences in first paragraph but I gotta say your writing style got totally different.

    • Have you noticed the number of questions that visitors ask? He answers more questions than any other site that I have seen. I would rate Astrology King as one of the best online sites.

      Jamie is really busy writing the monthly horoscopes, star information, transists, eclipses, new and full moons and all the other areas. I don’t know how he has time to care for himself and his children.

      If I said that the visitors to this site should be appreciative of the time, knowledge and effort he puts in, you would agree with me, right?

        • I didn’t agree to anything. I scan the site and read different things. Just saying…

          • I also think that Jamies site is the best I’ve come across. I’m a pretty new student to this and found out I have lots of challenging aspects. Im not going to panic over them and just going to take it day by day.
            So many people asking so many questions and his responses are really quick.
            He even goes the extra mile with horoscopes, making it more personal for your decan and which aspets could be affecting you.
            Dont forget to donate if he replys, you learn from him or just enjoy your horoscope reading x

            • I never said this site is not good – Instead I think it is awesome. You obviously did not read Jaime for long time like me. Just shhhh. oh. I just found out you said you are “new student”. Shhhh.

          • do you have Mercury Square Saturn or Neptune? your words are nasty!

      • Why thank you Lynn, nice to be appreciated. I value my work which is most important but always nice to get positive feedback.

    • Yes my horoscopes are a lot different than years ago. You can check them out on the wayback machine. They used to be 2 or three paragraphs of transits only. Now I include aspects that the transiting planets make so they are much longer and more detailed.

      • I just tried to help you (my virgo Sun) lol. But I wish you virgos can be honest like my Sagittarius rising and moon. Why did you not say Sep 1 eclipse is making “Square or Opposite” on Gemini and Pisces? It is just copy and paste. lol. I read you for 3~4 years and your horoscopes used to be customized stories rather than linking to transits you already explained.

          • Fine. I will respect you as I am your fan. I will come back to you with Mercury sextile in November.

            • Mars and Saturn Square just started on my decan 2 I am so feeling it in irl and internet. I never said ur horoscope is wrong or inaccurate. It is just very accurate like before but writing style is changed. I have natal mercury conjunct Mid heaven providing sharp mind with fair objectivity.

  96. Hi Jamie I want to ask u that when will I get job of my profession I am facing problems in getting job from one and half year. I am Sagittarius decan 1 born November 21 in 1990 plz kindly reply

    • This is my about page so better to ask your question on a current transit you have, linked form your monthly horoscope.

  97. Hi Jaime I’m facing a challenging situation right now and would like to now if I will be successful. I was born March 2, 1966.

    • Hi Sharon. This is my about page so better to ask your question on a current transit you have, linked from your monthly horoscope.

  98. Jamie, I just found your site. I have been over at astrology zone for many years but have tired of her sunshiny forecasts that leave me blindsided when the going gets tough. This was exactly what I was looking for, so thank you for doing this! I know it must be very time consuming, but I’m sure lots of people appreciate your work. I will keep checking back with you!

    • Welcome Dena. This does take some time but I have the best job in the world so can’t complain. I work from home and set my own hours. Much easier now I don’t do personal readings as that did stress me out.

  99. Hi, I’m a new reader and only wanted to congratulate you on a job well done. I appreciate your matter of fact, no nonsense way of practising astrology. Few sites go straight to the point like you do. I hope your issues with cancer are a thing of the past. Looking forward to read more of your articles!

    • Why thank you Laura. It’s been fours year in the clear now and I have put on way more weight than I lost. Fat and Happy!

  100. Question – When does the influence of the most recent Saturn Square Neptune end?

    Today’s date is September 10th, 2016

    • Hi Jan. Even though the aspect itself will be over two degree orb by the end of September, the September 1 solar eclipse directly aspecting this square may extend its influence into next year.

  101. Hey Jamie!
    This is Alf from HammerPark Studio. We’re a new startup full of astrology fans and we’ve just released our first app—Horoscoper—on the app store. I know that you’re an expert in the field of astrology and we’d like to ask for your help in spreading knowledge about astrology around the world.
    By cooperating with us, we can help you spread your ideas to a much wider, global audience. We hope that this will be the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial relationship for both of us! We aim to be the authoritative horoscope app in the app store and we hope that we can incorporate your thoughts on astrology in our app.
    Here’s the link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/horoscoper-only-horoscope/id1137878406?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

    Thanks and looking forward to your reply!


  102. Hey Jamie… sorry to write on here… just wanted to check that I was really speaking to you on fb and not your hackers… Cheers Suzi 🙂

  103. Hello Jamie,
    I am a newbie here. And I cannot express enough my gratitude for your generosity. There’s no astrology websites out there that attends to every specific question of the reader! You make me wiser to know what appropriate actions I must do before something shitty happens. Helps me a lot! More power to you. And I hope someday, I can return the favor to you by donating once I get my financial stability back! Much love from the Manila! xx

      • Yes, today. Thanks you kindly. As for your earlier comment. Most other astrologer do personal readings which explains why they cannot answer comments like I do. It keeps me learning more too, and in touch with a wide circle of people with a common interest.

  104. Hi Jamie I m Rupal I want to ask u when will I get my dream job for which I HV been waiting since a year I m Sagittarius born on 21 November 1990

  105. Hello.
    we really like your articles, and astrological forecasts. more likes you yourself, Jamie. we are from Russia, and we want to talk about you and your astrological work. Please tell us your terms and conditions.

  106. Hello Jamie, i have read that 2016 will bring luck love and huge life changes for Taurus. Well im waiting and waiting, but nothing except trouble from people i thought were friends. August and September have been a bloody nightmare. Life for me has just been one kick in the teeth after another. Is this my life or will i get a lucky break sometime? Sandra. 13.05.1957. Thank you.

    • This is my about page Sandra. Follow the links in your monthly and yearly horoscopes to ask questions on aspects, transits or moon phases.

  107. Jamie your horoscopes 2017 are closed for comments???
    Want to have a clarification on the dates and month you have mentioned in the aries decan 2 horoscope…. When r u going to invite comments?

    • Tina, follow the links in your 2017 horoscope to ask questions on specific aspects, transits or moon phases. It is better for us all to keep comments grouped in the relevant pages like that.

  108. Greetings Jamie pleasure to meet your work this day

    We would love to have our chart read by you.
    Katlego ISIS Tshipamba 21/12/1985 Female Pretoria South Africa 0700am
    Marcus Okitangongo Tshipamba 12/08/1984 Kinshasa DRC Male not sure of time of birth

    Please let me know of any charges due before chart is read

    Opius Dei


  109. Hello from Finland, Jamie. I am an astro enthusiast and I like your blog. Great to see an astrologer who reveals his own natal chart as an introduction. Respect. I also see that you have a sun-chiron aspect with an orb of 3 degrees. I have the same.

  110. Hello Jaime,
    I’m Vlamenco, an amateur stargazer who only learned a little but do fascinated by stars from China.
    Recently,I saw your web accidently, quite excited about what you write monthly horoscope with decans for a more accurate forecast, what’s more, you continuously updated recent astrology which is a great effort and huge challenge for anyone. For all these reasons, it’s encouraged me to spread your idea and knowledge to guide and help more people by translated it in Chinese.
    I do it voluntarily, and no advertising revenue all any other forms to support my work, also not use (it) for commercial/business purpose. So limited for the capacity and time, i can only translate few articles, probably Pisces (my Sun sigh ) and Leo (my Ascendant) at my first step of translation work.
    Out of respect for your labor, i sincerely ask for your permission and i am very grateful for that.(~^O^~)

  111. Hello Jamie
    Do u use nodes of the moon for your interpretations? Haven’t found anything on the nodes here. I wanted to ask about Venus sextile north node and Pluto sextile north node which is exact in the composite chart with my friend. Googled a bit but didn’t found on these composite aspects. Can u interpret?

  112. Hello Jamie
    I am Aquarius Decan 3
    I want to become doctor is it possible for me

  113. Hiii Jamie,
    Nothing to ask as such…Since u have always answered n helped me n many people across the world,a connection,a link has developed…You r not answering questions of people since many days,I just wanted to ask n know that u r fine n r doing well with health???

  114. Hi Jamie , kindly if you could see my Natal and tell me when i will be out of Hard Time life specially for my Buisness . My DOB 9 October 1973 12.33 Am GMT
    Birmingham UK

    Many Thanks



  116. Happy New Year Jamie. Pluto will be on your ascendant exact on Feb 1st 2017 Australia. This suggests that you are undergoing an extreme change in all your relationships with everything and every one. Please take care of yourself. With every good wish to you and the kids.

    • Thank you Lynne. I am hopnh that Jupiter trine Ascendant will get me out of an dangerous situations. It usually does.

  117. Hi Jamie. Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful site! I really appreciate that you take a special event (such as this — for me, at least — quite INTENSE full moon beginning to happen, right now)… and narrow it down for each DECAN, of one’s chart. Brilliant. Thank you for the clarity and the help!

  118. Hola Jamie! I am Hernán. I am from Argentina. Congratulations for your work!
    Recently, I saw your natal chart.
    You are capricorn ASC 18°53`. I am capricorn ASC 16°00`.
    Pluto is coming, you know!
    Be patient.

      • Hi Jamie! Hi readings!

        Three years ago my way of seeing, of feeling and interpreting the world began to change. It did not take me long to realize that I was in crisis. I understood something about the crisis processes that people go through. There was no reason for me to be so bad. When it began to happen, I was in the happiest moments of my life, living my dreams.

        Then I started researching what was happening to me. I discovered Astrology, made the natal chart and studied it. Then, I learned about the transits and I saw Planet Pluto transiting my Ascendant Capricorn. I read all the possible interpretations regarding this transit and all were very correct, but nothing like living it in my own flesh.

        Pluto, with its retrograde movements, passed 5 times by my ascendant. If I can help you or guide you from my testimony, write me here!

        Greetings from Ushuaia, the End of the World!

  119. Hi Jamie – you say to look at your rising and your moon, but how do you know which decan to read as these are based on birth dates and I only know the degrees of my rising and moon signs. Many thanks Virgosun

  120. Greetings Jamie! I am impressed by your thorough Middle Eastern synopsis of Isis and your Uranus square Pluto excerpt. When I saw your natal chart I understood why you are so learned in this area! Although I am not able to give to you financially I firmly believe when someone teaches me something valuable I give in return. Divorce is painful, no matter how amicable it is, as I’ve been there. The problem comes into entering a new relationship and the same negative emotional patterns that follow you there. These negative subconscious issues stem from our childhood, our past lives, and until they are reconciled by a professional we keep going around the same merry-go-round. This ultimately leads to more frustration and further health consequences as mind and body are one. Not only do we attract another spouse with similar tendencies as the first/prior but with people surrounding us in general! Please visit http://www.hooverwellness.com to learn more about Neuro Emotional Technique (NET). David Hoover has more than 30 years experience in his practice (Virgos are born healers!) and I’ve been through it personally. I’ve tried a number of other holistic/metaphysical methodolgies but they did not give me the relief as NET. I have more issues that need reconciling but all I can say is that it works and will forever change the way you look at this world like it has mine!

  121. Hi Jamie, the February horoscope for Decan 2 Sagittarius seems to be that for Decan 2 Gemini. I’d appreciate it if you could fix it for those Decan 2 Sagittarians who appreciate all the work you do!

    • Similar because they are opposite Signs but not the same. One will have Sun trine while the other will have Sun sextile. One will have conjunctions while the other oppositions. It is only the square aspects will be exactly the same.

  122. Hello Jamie. Thank you for your interesting insights. I’m a Cap with Sajj rising and Moon and Venus in Aquarius. Meaning I’ll never get Pluto off my a@@. My health took a dump in late 07 and since then it’s just been transformation city. All I’m saying is, you’re not alone, even though you are. Best of luck and as we used to say in the 70s, Keep on truckin’!

  123. Hello, Jamie! I have a quick question. I have Jupiter in Aries at 22 degrees and 52 seconds and Sun in Pisces at 22 degrees and 6 seconds. Is this good or bad with the upcoming eclipse of February 10th/11th at the end of the week?

  124. Hello, I was wondering what the hell has been going on in the sky in the past couple of weeks! Seems to be a time of personal friction, I think I have annoyed or argued with every person I know

  125. Hi Jamie,
    Hope you are doing good
    My DOB is Feb 10, 1982 my project got over in DEC 2015 after that I am trying my best but i am not getting job. Last week Monday 27th Feb i gave one interview but there is no feedback from client side.
    please help me when i will get job.


  126. Jamie! I need help figuring out the last venus/sun conjunction before my birth on Jan 14, 1950. Can you help? Thanks!

  127. jamie: I need your expertise on Aldebaran. It is exact conjunction on my ascendant with antares exact on descendant: both squares saturn virgo on my 4th house.

    My relocation chart seems pronounced. It shows my Saturn in 12th house squares antares on 3rd and aldebaran on 9th. My enemies are powerful and has a lot of underhanded people working for them to make my life and family miserable.

    I need your help to interpret it please.

    Thank you,


  128. My birthday is September 23, 1944 I am very concerned about the upcoming Saturn fourth house square my sun and my marriage house. I had such a beautiful past 6 months.

  129. hi ,
    I wrote to you last year , I was born on January 10 , 1985 , 6 o’clock in the morning Middle East time. I explained my situation to you and how life is hassle and harsh to me and that nothing is working good for me . it was around this time of last year . i remember I was so disappointed , seeing life in black no bright colors nor future , you said something about the sade sate and told me that starting of 2017 life may smiles back to me . I did a lot of research about the sade sate that’s was hope to continue in this life, even though may be was a false hope . I started to prepare myself for this change that may come in 2017 , I become more close to God and myself . I stars to have belief that tomorrow could be better .
    today I have stable job ,and money and I finally bought myself a car , but i still not feeling happy in my life , because i have no controlling over my life.
    my dream is to become a journalist or a writer i don’t know if this could happen one day , and am not sure if i still have the spirit to keep trying .
    i’m not sure why i’m writing this to you , maybe to give some hope that i may become what i want on day , i may become a journalist or a writer or taste love and finding my love and future husband after 32 years of waiting . i’m not really sure what i want , maybe we don’t get all of what we want in this life, and maybe there is a reason behind that.
    or maybe i have question , there is a annual contest for writer every year in May , the work should be submit in December of 2017 and the result will come out in 2018 , should i keep my hope high and give that’s try . i know am not lucky but can luck stand with me in this period of time ,!

    • Hi again Katie. Thank you for writing back to tell us how your life is going. Many people do not find success or happiness until middle age or later in life. Success and happiness means different things to different people.

      Some people are never satisfied no matter how much they have. It’s all relative. My advise is to always aim high because even of you don’t get there at least you get somewhere and be thankful for that.

      • thank you Jamie , you always has an answer that I really need and looking for to keep going on this life .

      • Dear Jamie,
        It’s great to read your accurate horoscope. As I’m a pensioner I always press as many ads as I can. How are you Jamie ? How is your wonderful children ?
        Regards from Anne and husband……

        • That is so king Anne and very much appreciated. We are all doing fine. House hunting in a new area about 3 hour north but still on the beach.

          • Dear Jamie, Have you found a nice home ? Re your three children settled in ? I live right on the beach too in Perth. We wouldn’t want it any other way. I have a little dog called Arlo named after Arlo Guthrie … Arlo an me….we go to the beach.

            Jamie, are you thinking about doing personal horoscopes ?
            Jamie do you have a group of friends who all talk astrology with you ? I hope so. It’s always fun to have friends with the same interests.
            Kind Regards, Anne

            • Yes I just prefer not to advertise very often. I’m not so good with deadlines so if you don’t mind waiting 3 or 4 weeks: Personal Readings. Finding a rental house is not easy because we are 3 hours away and have a cat. The best option for meeting other people interested in astrology are the forums like astro.com unless you live in a very big city.

  130. What a waste. Life is so beautiful. If you are persistent you’ll get it. If you are consistent you’ll keep it.

  131. Greetings Jamie, I have been an avid reader and fan of your horoscopes for years now. I was hoping for some insight into Jupiter in Libra, which seemed to generate such hype and encouragement for those born under the sign of Libra. I am a Libra Decan 3 born 14 OCT 1959 at 2:57 pm in CT, USA. I have been personally struggling for close to 15 years with every aspect of my life, financially bankrupt, unemployed or underemployed for 8 years, married 35 years to a Pisces male, yet we hardly communicate, he is also struggling with employment and earnings, we have lost nearly everything, I am educated and well spoken and when I am lucky enough to be working I give it my all, yet employment stints are brief… six months or less. I receive great performance reviews but always seem to be let go for reasons unrelated to my performance…company merging, position eliminated, relative needs a job and replaces me. I am trying to stay positive, yet am surrounded by negativity…what gives??? Am I just destined for failure??? Did I take a vow of struggling in a past life??? Please help me in any way you can to give me some insight as to what is going on….Is there a light at the end of my tunnel….Help

    • Jupiter in Libra means nothing. Astrology is aspects and fixed stars.

      There are millions of people in the world right now who never get running water or electricity.

      Unfortunately Babbs, that’s life.

  132. Hi jamie… there s no july capricorn decan 3 horoscop…… thanks for your work!!!!

  133. Ohh wow, I didnt know all of this story and I have known all those sites on the internet for a long time too!
    Learn somehting new everyday ,eh.
    And yes, you are my opposite of course!, look how well put together this all is.

    I love sharing these pages,they help so many of my friends and family! Keep up the good work,virgopants
    Pisces needs you
    lol my venus is even 23 aries and nn 24 aries -Oppositeville!

    march10,77,312 am salmon arm,b.c. canada

  134. Hello Jamie,
    I have waited the horoscope of August for Aquarius so much, and very disappointed to notice the problem in your web. If open Aquarius august horoscope, i see horoscope of 2013 year. And this problem is only for Aquarius.
    Hope it will be fixed.
    Best regards, Birute from Lithuania.

  135. Hey Jaime: So sorry for your tribulations but often with so many trials one turns to answers and astrology is a wonder if keeping one’s mind busy looking for answers. I have a child whose chart is similar to yours and she has had a tumultuous life in some respects with health and relationship problems but is busy making headway as I remind her that life was not meant to be easy. I spend time with research in astrology and philosophy, a Pisces. And my daughter like you has her Sun conjunct Pluto in the eighth house in Virgo. Health issues. Eighth house is not easy but a spur to finding answers to the deepest questions that plague the human spirit. How would you interpret eight house in Virgo with Sun conjunct Pluto? Pluto is a devil to interpret. Maybe you have found some answers to this planet? keep up the spirit

  136. hi
    i DOB 19.12.1991
    nothing is good in my life can u expain me
    i got break up in relationship expain me

  137. You are one day from the 1968 total eclipse of the sun…Your comment on a fixed star caught my eye…we are born 3 days apart…and our charts are very similar except I was born in Seattle Washington…I am sorry to hear about your health problems..I am also struggling but I have learned alot about alternative medicine. I see your Chiron return is in your third house.. I don’t know if that is better than the 5th house but I am having a heck of a time with my kids…
    I am very interesting in learning alchemical ( symbolic alchemical ) remedies to …difficult slow transits, or natal challenges…I really believe that symbolic sympathetic remedies…were more common in ancient days. For example FESTivals..on fixed star days…were for mani-FESTing…
    I feel that my chart is very challenging and so is yours but we have intellect and the “never give up” spirit…and also..I think we both have…a feeling of “re-writing” the rules…and astrology remedies…may be something that is an inherent path of having such built in challenges..especially health challenges with this chart…

    I am a psychic, intuitive researcher…I created or rediscovered a field of research …studying and back engineering the numerical language that lies under the letter combinations and syllables of languages. I have discovered the true meanings of many of our common words..and they are nearly the opposite of what we think they are or in some cases our definition is so narrow and elementary compared to the true meaning of the word which is based in a quantum awareness..

    I had a teaching channel on Youtube, but it was shut down (unfairly) by youtube, and my children were attacked at school, so I stopped publishing..videos.
    Eclipses..I think are a large part of our charts, and this upcoming one has been dancing on my mars..just like your mars..since before the lunar eclipse…

    I have Uranus opposite my ASC..which is really…difficult…looks like you don’t have that…My Saturn is retrograde…how is yours not retrograde?
    ..Well..wishing you well ..I am “Dandilion Song” on Facebook..I think I might get an email if you answer this..

    • My Saturn is retrograde also. I am glad I don’t have Uranus setting our charts have enough challenges as it it. I will find you on Facebook.

    • No Tina it is so time consuming I would have to charge a ridiculous price.I am very experienced at it anyway. The astrology software I use has good interpretations for a synastry report though.

      • Jamie,
        I have used a few astrology websites for synastry interpretations. Is the software you use better than these website interpretations?
        Is the software affordable for people like us to who want to use it for personal use only?

        • The solar fire software is too expensive for general use. Mine is an old version but it still cost in the hundreds of dollars from memory. How about i do one for you and see how it works out. Maybe I could offer them on my readings page cheaply. What is the date, time and place of birth for both of you.

          • Thanks jamie, but as I have to pay you in Indian rules, it will still cost a fortune. Thanks anyways.

            • I will do this one for free so you can compare it to other relationship astrology reports.

            • Thanks a ton Jamie for this favour but I will definitely not make you do it for free. I will be donating for the purpose.
              My birth details:
              April 02, 1982 at 12:50 (pm) IST, place : Junagadh, gujarat, india.
              My partner’s details:
              March 03, 1974 at 05:25(am) IST, place : Porbandar, gujarat, india


            • Oops I totally forgot your report. I have moved town in the last few weeks. I will get to it tomorrow.

  138. While I appreciate the candidacy, Pisces horoscope decan 2 looks awful and describes quite a bit of what Ive been going through with relationships, particularly work relationships. Is there any other Pisces out there having work relationship problems, hostilities from coworkers? Particularly any Pisces with Moon in Capricorn 12 deg and Ascendant in Cancer 20 deg?

  139. oh Miranda – i have had the WORST 7 years of work in my life (extremely hostile co-workers who go out of their way to ignore me) and boss that doesn’t even respond to my emails. My ascendant is Gemini. I have an interview scheduled for Sept 18th in another ministry and i hope to god i get the job. I’m 57 and really sick of the clique with whom i work.

  140. Hi Jamie – i have a question – my DOB is March 8, 1960, Kingston, Ontario, Canada. I have been in a job that has been a trial for 7 years. I have an interview with a new area on September 18th, at 10:00 a.m.. in Ottawa, Ontario , Canada. This job would be with a completely different ministry and although in a different location work-wise it would be in the same city. Also, there would be a lot of travel with this new job. Can you have a look at my chart please and let me know what you think ?? I really feel that i am a perfect fit for this job.

      • Dear Jaime, I just discovered your site, and am really blown away by the reach, and depth of the information one can find here. I have spent several nights checking the transits meanings with my chart, until the wee small hours. I am still a novice at best, but I wonder if I can ask one question of you? I know you are very busy but forgive me it does weigh heavy on my heart. I once had an astrologer tell me I would never have a lasting relationship and my chances of love are nill. (I also couldnt site being all through your site fin a direct email button to you, so I chose here hoping it would reach your eyes nonetheless . Again, your astrology site is tops IMHO. Thank you, for any insight you might offer just on this question regarding my life. It is very painful obviously, plus I have gone through a lot the last 3-5 years, death of my father, other losses, and it is almost unbelievable if this other reader is right, because why would this be my fate? Im very filled with love to give, I cant imagine a worse fate….Gratefully, Marc Daniels

        Basic BC w Transits =. https://www.astro.com/cgi/chart.cgi?gm=a1;nhor=1;nho2=2;btyp=2;mth=gw;sday=17;smon=10;syr=2017;hsy=0;rs=0&lang=e&stx2=s=outs=24

        BC w Stars =.


        Marc Daniels
        born on Su., 30 June 1974
        in Greenwich, CT (US), 73w38, 41n02
        Planet positions
        Time Univ.Time Sid. Time
        3:30 a.m.
        7:30 21:07:25

        Marc Daniels, 30 June 1974
        Heliacal stars and parans according to Bernadette Brady

        Star list: B.Brady (64 stars); Orb for parans: 0°30′ in RA; for position at axis: 1°00′ in RA Method: Real parans between two sunrises

        Your heliacal rising star: Bellatrix (0 days earlier) Your heliacal setting star: Arcturus (24 days earlier)
        Stars at Natal Horizon or Meridian Mars (LCul, 0°57′)
        Stars Rising (“Stars of Your Youth”)
        Page 2 of 2 Type D2BR Order 0.0-1
        C Mercury D Venus E Mars
        F Jupiter G Saturn
        Hamal (LCul-Rise, 0°08′)
        Alpheratz (LCul-Rise, 0°14′)
        Venus (LCul-Rise, 0°25′), Markab (Set-Rise, 0°00′) Denebola (Set-Rise, 0°17′)
        Hamal (LCul-Rise, 0°24′)
        Stars in Culmination (“Stars of Your Prime”)
        A Sun Facies (LCul-Cul, 0°02′), Markab (Rise-Cul, 0°05′), Vega (LCul-Cul, 0°16′,cp), Scheat (Rise-Cul, 0°20′), Thuban (Set-Cul, 0°28′) C Mercury Vega (LCul-Cul, 0°29′,cp)
        F Jupiter Aculeus (Rise-Cul, 0°15′)
        G Saturn Vega (LCul-Cul, 0°03′,cp), Alhena (Cul-Cul, 0°09′,alh), Facies (LCul-Cul, 0°16′)
        Stars Setting (“Stars of Your Latter Years”)
        A Sun B Moon F Jupiter G Saturn
        Saturn (Set-Set, 0°16′,alh), Facies (Rise-Set, 0°02′)
        Alphard (Cul-Set, 0°06′)
        Alcyone (LCul-Set, 0°06′), Murzims (LCul-Set, 0°12′,alh), Alphecca (Cul-Set, 0°17′,cp) Sun (Set-Set, 0°16′)
        Stars in Lower Culmination (“The Hearthstone of Your Life”)
        A Sun
        C Mercury D Venus F Jupiter G Saturn
        Saturn (LCul-LCul, 0°14′,alh), Al Rescha (Set-LCul, 0°17′), Alhena (LCul-LCul, 0°18′,alh), Facies (Cul-LCul, 0°29′) Alhena (LCul-LCul, 0°27′,alh)
        Mars (Rise-LCul, 0°24′)
        Phact (Rise-LCul, 0°16′,alh)
        Sun (LCul-LCul, 0°14′), Al Rescha (Set-LCul, 0°01′), Alhena (LCul-LCul, 0°05′,alh), Vega (Cul-LCul, 0°07′,cp), Facies (Cul-LCul, 0°11′)

      • Jaime, does anything strike you About my my chart in regards to my relationship life (ie I go into more depth below, since you never answered I chalked it up to being busy)

  141. Blessings Jamie ! Here in Canada it is the Thanksgiving weekend – i have so many blessing and i have so much to be thankful for. I hope things are good for you !!!!!

  142. Hi, Miranda, Welcome to the club. I have a Pisces Sun, Pisces Ascendant and Moon in Capricorn. The roller coaster ride of my life is just getting into the most critical phase: Neptune fogs up my Ascendant, Moon progressing into the 12th house, and Pluto is messing with everything else. Yes, people are judgemental, mean, envious, jealous all over the place with me. It seems no one understands me or care to hear me. My Moon is prompting me to just hide from society. Not a fun ride, that is for sure!

  143. Jamie I am Decan 3 Virgo and your yearly forecast was spot on. How can you know me and predict me better than me, its simply mind boggling. Especially the saturn square and I am trying to get financial independence from my partners. Please update yearly forecast for 2018, Waiting anxiously

    • Thank you Azamat. It must help that we are the same decan. I should have the 2018 horoscopes out in 2 weeks.

  144. Dear Jamie
    May I ask you to check the next week cancer horoscope?
    Cancer Weekly Horoscope Tarot Card is The Two of Wands
    But the picture given is The Four of Wands
    Best regards

    • Thank you for finding this Val. I checked back and the picture is wrong. The card drawn was the 2 of Wands.

  145. Hi Jamie.My name is Durga Kollati my DOB is 17-10-1990 and my boyfriend name is Anil Davuluri and his DOB is 15-08-1989.Plz can u tell me our future?
    We are both in love for 7years.His parents are rejected our love.Whether it will sort out and will get marry or he will leave me? Plz reply

  146. Hi Jamie,
    What are your views about Jupiter return? I am going through my Jupiter return which is at 8°17′ Scorpio. What are the themes Jupiter touches when it returns?

  147. Hi Jamie,
    My name is Tess Listick and I have a business inquiry. What email can I contact you on about this? Thanks!
    -Tess 🙂

  148. Thank You Jamie for the yearly update. 2017 year was indeed a hard year and now virgo decan 3 going to enjoy Pluto trine for the next 6 year. WOW

    • If you want to read your horoscope for your rising sign, then it will apply more to your personal relationships. If you read your Moon sign, it will refer more to your emotions, home and family life.

  149. Jaime which Decan then? For the rising or moon. I think that is what people need to see on the main page. So I’m 8’ degrees Gemini for my rising or ascendant and my moon was 20’ degrees Scorpio. So reading for my rising I’d read Gemini Decan 1. Reading for. Moon id look at Scorpio Decan 3 I believe. You need to look at which degree to choose the Decan if I am right.

  150. Hi Jamie,

    hope you are doing good.

    I am Aquarius Decan 3. I have seen in last 2 years i am not getting success in my career look like all the doors has been shut down. I don’t have much knowledge about full moon or anything. just wanted to know when i will get success taste.

  151. Hi Jamie,
    Thank you very much for sharing your wisdom through your website. Only recently have I stumbled upon it. I LOVE your aspects page, it’s a doozie of information that sets my brain a spinning. Could you expand this page to include the north and south nodes, please (nodal return or inverse node transits). Since they are involved in the eclipses, fate and destiny, this would be super helpful.
    Much appreciation for all your posts.

    • Hi Christine. You are right about the importance of the lunar Nodes but I don’t use them very often because I don’t understand them well enough. Researching their aspects will be a good way to learn I guess. Probably not for another year or two until I finish what I have already started. I imagine studying the charts of famous people will not help much with the Nodes because I think their influence can only really be comprehended by that person.

  152. i’m following your weekly horoscope which is precisely accurate;i hope everything is well on your side ,since it doesn’t exist for this week;wish you health..

    • OMG I completely forgot to post them. I must have been so excited about my partner visiting from overseas for this week. I picked her up from the airport Sunday morning when I usually post. I will do it now.

  153. I was just going to ask the same thing.. fancy you expecting to have a private life 🙂 lol.

  154. Dear Jamie
    May I ask you to check this week Gemini and Cancer horoscopes?
    They are the same, Gemini.
    Best regards

  155. I just ordered a chart, I should have ticked forecast. Please let me know you updated my order???
    Thank you.

  156. Dear Jamie, good time of the day!
    Could you be so kind to explain, is this mistake at Leo 2nd decan Horoscope for December 2017?
    “December 8 to 17 – Venus trine your decan softens the aggressive Mars energy. It turns anger to passion and helps relieve sexual frustration. So the last week of November 2017 is a great time for intimacy with your partner or for starting a new love relationship. You should feel beautiful and affectionate and will be more sexually attractive than usual. Your finances should be in good enough shape for a little holiday or entertainment.”

    Thanks in advance
    Best Regards

  157. Dear Jamie, Before time runs away from me, I would like to offer you and your family a very happy Christmas and a fabulous 2018. Thank you for your work, I learn a lot from it.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  158. Hello Jamie, Happy New Year. Today, on the Sun, Venus,Pluto triple Conjunction I just thought I would look at YOUR chart. Please will you let us, your readers know what your life has been like with a 18 degree Capricorn Asc. So, today, this triple conjunction is just flipping over your ascendant, and obviously, astrology in action is how people learn. My husband has Capricorn Jupiter at 18 degrees and have to say that Pluto(government) tried to take a man with dementia benefits away, after a long fight by me, got it returned, Took a whole year. So, back to you Jamie, this is obviously looking straight at your house of partners even though you only do decans but how is your life going with Pluto sitting on your ascendant, flicking back and forwards and Saturn in your 12th house. I know you have the Jupiter trine, but, please can you bear to share the effects on your life chart please.? Lots of love to you and yours Jamie, and good health to you.xx I have done all these aspects to ascendant and it was a lot of clearing out!!!

    • Thank you for asking linnywalker. Life has never been better. I am hoping by the time this Pluto conjunct Ascendant transit is over my partner and I will be married and living together. Maybe close to the eclipse opposite Pluto. Astrology King is now giving me a decent income, more than I ever earned before. I hope Pluto transiting my Ascendant trine Jupiter is giving me the resources and power to transform my life for the better and improve the lives of my loved ones. It would be great if the Saturn Pluto conjunction cements the transformation and makes it a permanent thing. I really need this process to be solid so the results survive transiting Pluto square mt Mercury-Venus opposite Saturn in the years ahead. But transiting Uranus conjunct my Saturn was good, it brought a big relocation to a nicer area and a nicer house.

      • oh cool Jamie….. please write when your free if this is all working out ? Kind regards, Anne

  159. Hi Jamie! I am one of your biggest fans and wish to communicate that your weekly forecast for Gemini did not download???????????? Thank you! HAPPY SUNDAY ????

  160. Hi Jamie – avid reader thanks for what you do and share. I am in a career crisis detest my job it’s making me ill colleagues are hypercritical egotistic and awfully racist. I want to walk out everyday but can’t – June 20 1957 08:58 Edinburgh any hope? Can I get another job

  161. Hi Jamie! Long time reader, just checking in to say that if you get a chance, please update the Virgo horoscope/tarot for the coming week! It seems like you have for all the other signs, so I’ll blame it on the rx 🙂 thank you so much for what you do!

    • Sorry about that Ivs. I was so tired posting them yesterday but I am happy to blame it on Mercury retrograde 🙂

  162. Hi Jamie,

    I noticed other astrologers have mentioned Uranus moving into Taurus in May 2018. Just curious as to why you do not mention it in the May monthly forecasts for each sign?

    • Yes, Uranus moves into Taurus for about 5 months but then goes back into Aries because of retrograde motion. It moves into Taurus again March 2019.

  163. My Saturn (11 house, Gemini) oppose Venus (5, Sagittarius)… same opposition like yours, ..it’s hard sometime, how did you overcome this issues?

    • I am still dealing with it. Divorced 3 times now I am engaged to someone who lives in another country. Trying to save money for visas. But It does get easier with age. Even though i have more responsibilities for loved ones I am making more money now.

      • Hello jamie i am a big fan of yours i always follow your predictions and i have used your website for learning astrology

        i have a aspect in my birth chart which is making my life hard
        sun trine saturn (orb 0°45′) sun is in cancer and saturn in pisces 9th house and is retrograde can you help me define it

        • I can only imagine that would cause problems if there were difficult fixed stars involved. What degrees are you Sun and Saturn?

          • my sun is in cancer 13 degree
            and my saturn is in pisces 12 degree and is in retrograde motion

            and my life is been to hard from childhood father issues and too much problems i would love to hear from you any suggestions will help me alot as i admire you alot in my website as well at other forums thank you jamie

          • hello jamie i hope you are fine and happy i am really really big fan of you if you can define this aspect in my chart which is draining me i will be thankful to you

            • Sun conjunct fixed star Sirius is very positive. Sun trine Saturn is very positive. The only thing that could possible cause any trouble is Saturn retrograde. Have you read my article on that? Otherwise I would be looking to more challenging aspects and fixed stars in your chart to explain hardship and father issues. Perhaps a hard aspect to your Midheaven.

  164. Hi. Jamie. Sorry that you have not been well. Thinking of you. Pluto trining your Jupiter eh! Ascendant equals head. Xxx Pluto looking in your head.

    • Thank you Lynne. Feeling much better thanks. About to start walking every morning again but not up hills like I was doing. That exercise before the surgery made a big difference to recovery time. Hard work in preparation for Saturn square Midheaven transit 🙂

  165. thank you so much jamie for reply i have read the article sun trine saturn but it i have no idea when saturn is retrograde and i dont find any suitable article about sun trine saturn when saturn is retrograde i am a hard worker and everything you define in the article was exactly matching

  166. Hi Jamie,
    Thanks for your site, going through a divorce with a verbally abuseing Capricorn husband. I have been told when Jupiter goes direct it will station and stop first exactly on my Sun in Scorpio and I should go to Vegas on July 10th? I would really like to know what you think. Much Love, Be well Debora

  167. I’m a second Decan Virgo female born 9/11/65.
    Wondering is Venus opposing Neptune on the 24th of July is a bad or auspicious day for getting injections of filler around my mouth area for wrinkles at my dermatologist office . It would not be my first time … and all has gone well each time before .
    Thanks Jamie … as a mystically inspired Virgo , I adore your Astology King site

  168. Hi Jamie

    Can you recommend any good reference textbooks on planet aspects?


      • Thanks Jamie/Gerard. I’ve only very recently come across your website and am really impressed with the accuracy & content in your descriptions of the effects of the planetary interactions. I am, therefore, encouraged to research further.


  169. I have two books by Robert Hand. Planets in Transit and Planets in Youth. Both deal primarily with Aspects.

  170. Jamie — Dude, you are by far the best astrologer online I’ve encountered. You monthly, annual and weekly forecasts are great and detailed and put some of the many hack general sites to shame. Am a second decan Cancerian and for example, your weekly prediction for the week of july 23 was amazingly accurate. M-Tuesday kinda sucked but the remainder of the week so far were a 180-degree turn. Not the first time these were accurate.so kudos, mate. Peter

  171. Hi Jamie, I am pisces 22 Feb 1977. This year started very good, I went back to university and did well. Things are turning ugly all because of my colleagues (hidden enemies). I am now struggling at work and my relationship with supervisor doomed. I hope this tough period will be over soon.

  172. hello jamie hope you are fine and doing well i want to ask one thing if any of our planet if conjunct with fixed star what orb is to be considered effective if there is my planet conjunct but orb is 3.15 should it be considered or not waiting for you precious reply

  173. Hi Jamie.
    Am posting this query on about you page as there had been no reply for the query on the respective page.
    Can you please give an overview of Neptune square Neptune transit to composite chart of two people? I am searching for it since you posted about this transit but didn’t find its implications as a composite aspect between two people. Would appreciate if you reply.

  174. happy belated birthday to you.

    I do remember visiting Darkstar and liking it a lot…

    The world/the internet can be so small …

  175. Hi Jamie,

    As your email adres (j@astrologyking.com) isn’t working I’ll post it here: I just cam across a dutch website that has your weekly horoscopes translated to dutch on their site. Are you aware of this and if not is it ok for you that people do this without mentioning you?

    The website is https://rubriek.nl/mind/weekhoroscoop-leeuw/#comment-22618

    Just thought to let you know.

    Thanks for all your work!!!!

    With Love,


  176. Jamie I have read your astrology for several years now. Thank you! How do you think this week may affect me. Pisces born March 12 1974 puerto la cruz Venezuela now living in Houston Texas. Not 100% sure but I think I was born around 11:30 am. Any insight appreciated. Having a very very hard time in every aspect of life, health, love, relationships (of all kinds), finances, work, well everything is just unbearable! I feel like just giving up but then I think of my kids…

  177. Hi Jaime, I have read my December horoscope for Pisces Decan 2 Born March 2 , 1966. I;m involved with an Association and we will soon have AGM do you see me being voting on again as Chair?

  178. Hi Jamie, hope you are doing great. I wanted to ask a question about my career, please let me know if there is any email where i can send my question giving more details.

    Thank & Regards

  179. Happy Holidays and wishing you and your children many blessings in the new year.

    It is interesting that you picked up your first astrology book right before your first Saturn return. So, did I, while looking around in a Sams Club.

    Wonder how many have done this?

  180. Hi Jamie. A question that you may have answered before; Do I read Gemini 3rd decant, my Sun sign or Cancer 3rd Decant, my Ascendant (Cancer 21.45 degrees)? Or both?
    Thank you and I’d like to wish you a happy and healthy New Year

  181. Happy New Year Jamie. Are you well now or at least better??? Hope you have a good year in 2019.xx

  182. Hi Jamie ! Happy New Year 🙂 I do have a burning question that i hope you can help me with. I am eligible to apply to retire with a package (TEI). The application must be in by February 28th, 2019. It is risky, because i need to ensure that i’m not approved too early. My DOB is March 8, 1960 (GMT minus 5 hours). I’m hoping to accept the package and leave December 13, 2019. Can you tell me if you see anything? Or, what do the planets have to say. Thanks Jamie !!

    • birth time is 10:13 a.m. GMT minus 5 hours. Any help/direction you can provide would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  183. Hi Jamie , I finally inadvertanly discovered your chart.Venus / mercury , Jupiter / Pluto , moon wide, Sun / Uranus.That sounds like ‘ optimism to me.Just thought I’d leave u this message. ; I also had the 1st of 3 divorces at my 1st saturn return.Pluto was transiting my moon / saturn /Scorpio. I also gained custody of my son. Just to lend some sympathy here.It’s not always the ‘ dad’s fault.I know My son was a baby , and someone had to speak for him. If we were bad fathers the courts wouldn’t have awarded us custody.Mine came at a time when it was nearly unheard of , but I had to do it.for my son’s well being. I don’t like to go in detail about it , because I don’t want to bad rap my x.
    She’s improved over time and my son still visits her , but now he’s a big guy and he can take care of himself.He loves his mother and I wouldn’t try to deny him that natural bond.

  184. Hi Jamie Just wanted to mention that I love the research you’ve done on the asteroids.I’ve only started studying fixed stars and asteroids recently.
    I can see that they really fill in some blanks and adds to xtra validation of Astrology ! This is the most ‘serious’ research site I’ve found so far for my particular astrological interests.Have a good day !

  185. I discovered a glyph on an old chart that looked like a double Jupiter.I couldn’t find the glyph on the internet , so I e mailed the astrologer that did my chart.
    I was told that it is a trans neptunian ‘ hypothetical ‘ called Apollon.Have you ever heard of it Jamie ? I have it at 22 Virgo conjunct my natal mercury at 19 Virgo.if you haven’t you should look it up .its interesting.I just noticed my mars is on your P.O.F.in Capricorn and it falls in my 9th.you also have mercury and Venus conjunct Spica / Arcturus.I have Venus there also at 25 degrees plus Neptune , 24 , Ceres 27 , moon 2. Scorpio.Thought that was cool ! Have a good day and the best of luck with your health !♍

  186. Thank you so much for all the work you do. You’ve helped me learn so much and be able to give more thorough, accurate readings—as well as reflections on my own placements. I hope you’re doing well!

    • Thank you kindly Nagem. Yes, I am doing well but so busy I don’t have so much time to answer as many comments as I would like.

  187. Horoscope for Capricorn week 12 August is not updated. Rest of the astro signs have been updated.

  188. Horoscope for Capricorn week 12 August is not post correctly ( August 5 for twice)

  189. Hi Jamie!

    Love your site.
    Is this mcorrect however?:
    Sept 26, 07:51 pm – Mercury square Saturn

    From the sept horoscope.

  190. Hello,
    I just started using this website and went back to the past few yearly reviews and OMG! can’t believe how accurate they were. Amazing work!
    I am a Capricorn born on Jan 5th and was wondering if you will be posting a more detailed link for the July 5th 2020 lunar eclipse in Cap later on? it’s exactly 6 months from my birthday does that generally have any effect?
    Hope you are doing well 🙂

  191. I can see my attraction to AKing. In my chart, Mars conjunct Jamie’s Sun, Pluto on the Ascendent, many aspects to Uranus, and Moon in Aquarius, Sun in Gemini also ruled by Mercury, his Moon conjunct my Saturn, his Saturn conjunct my Mercury. Curiously, I found and like DarkStar also… 1968 Year of the Monkey, opposed to my Tiger. Similarity and conflict. Good luck, Jamie.

      • How do you feel about this: conjunctions solve oppositions. Thinking of the coming Saturn/Pluto event. Everyone is assuming a disaster. Perhaps it is a solution. 1770’s. Recently Saturn/Pluto conjunctions began economic growth periods.

  192. Asc 18Cap53, Pluto transit,

    one cant diminish the enlightening effect you and your site has upon the reader, Jamie. There is an Ambition here that takes you to the top. The danger with a Cap is they may become isolated as the mountain peaks, by nature, with no where to go but down, the realm of the SeaGoat. As such this is where I dwell. My solar progressions and arc in Pisces. Uranus and Chiron astromap aspects strong on the North American west coast where I reside.

  193. Hello Jamie Impossible to get to the leo monthly for November. It says that the link is not redirected properly. If you can look at it, thank you so much

  194. HI!
    I’m curious, are all Weekly Horoscope Tarot Cards read upright?

  195. Hi Jamie,

    you did my readying few years ago. I was wondering about love and relationship in general. I am January 10, 1985 . 6:00 am from Palestine and I live in US.


  196. Hi Jamie,

    Do you recommend reading your horoscope based on one’s sun sign or the rising sign (ascendant)


    • Hi Tina. I write them for Sun Signs but you can read them for rising signs if you want. In that case they will apply more to your close one-to-one relationships.

  197. Your photo is the yellow of the egg – as we say in Germany. Leaving the red stuff on the left side and let it dry out, You are a door opener on the right side.

  198. I read using my rising sign because that puts the transiting planets in the proper houses. I find that is much more accurate. Horoscopes do not use Time of birth and so they are much more general.

  199. I appreciate your insights and regularly view my horoscope on your site. Question tho. My bday is July 16 and for 2019 that date was included in the Pluto Opposite your Decan influence as feeling this transient the most in 2019. Come your 2020 prediction and that same transient now has the July 16th date feeling it most strongly in 2020. So which is it? or will this transient be plaguing me for 2 full years? I also noticed overlapping dates for the “all year” transients for Sag Decon II and Pices Decon I. why are these dates overlapping too?

  200. I love using this website as a reference point, as someone who is currently learning in the earlier stages of Astrology. I was curious if you had a few books you would recommend as study guides, and have used as reference points for your method of creating the aspects section.
    Many thanks!

  201. Hi Jaime,

    Your Decan horoscopes are truly the most accurate I’ve seen on the web. Question : how much money would you charge to teach me basic astrology? I just want to understand natal charts and the reasoning behind the study of astrology. I expect to develop my own take on it.

    • Thank you Anita! Maybe one day I will have time to design a study course but for now, probably the best way to learn is to order a natal reading or follow the links to the examples on the Readings Page.

  202. Wow! So many hideous fixed stars in my chart! What does it mean? Does a Jupiter conjunction to a malefic fixed star negate the planet’s usual beneficence?

    • We all have some Anita. That is why I have enabled comments on the fixed star pages, and I am continually adding famous people to the specific planet combinations. The interpretations I have included are often from the early 1900’s and do sound over the top. Take Algol for example. Donald Trump has this star on his Midheaven and look how his career has turned out. Nothing is black or white.

  203. Jamie,

    I have come to rely on your forecasts. I respect your work.

    It is obvious you spell check your work. What is also obvious is that you do not proofread your work.

    You deal in dense concepts and when you have rewritten a passage and still display remnants of the original sentence it is difficult to understand your final thought as expressed in the completed sentence.

    It makes no sense to put so much effort into your valuable work and not be able to relay those thoughts accurately to your loyal readers.

    Of which I am one.

    • Jamie’s South lunar node, natal 10Ari00

      At his age now, that’s where you want to be. Until the nodal axis intercepts this point, at age 57/58, then he can go back to being the perfectionist, 10Lib00.

      So the Lunar node at 10Ari is called the Way of the Child. Ask him about hanging out with his kids; as the sweetness of their vocalizations are challenged by scholastic composition.

  204. Good morning, Jamie: I have been visiting your site for years, actually, but only a few minutes ago did I learn of your natal chart ? Thanks for sharing your natal with us. You were born with a Jupiter Pluto conjunction and, next week, Jupiter conjoins Pluto. Sounds like a pivotal time for you ! Also, I wasn’t aware that you are Australian. Ive noticed that you don’t comment on my recent posts (or any posts). May I ask why ? It is because you disagree with the posts or you are too busy to respond. I would like to email you, if you don’t mind. can you please send me your email address. many thanks. R.J. Smith, President/Manager, Westbank Community Radio Society, West Kelowna, BC Canada. generalmanager@wdcr.ca

    • Hi R.J. There are so many comments I just cannot keep up. So busy writing weekly and monthly and yearly horoscopes as well as other posts, plus I get a lot of reading orders which have to take priority. Then there are 5 kids who are home every day now school is closed. Busy boy! funkastrology@gmail.com

      • yeah, I get that, Jamie. LOL Good for you and, no worries. After all ? T. Jupiter = Pluto in Capricorn sq. n. ME/VE in Libra, and sq. n. Saturn in Aries (chart ruler),

        The “cardinality” of that t-square, also built on the angles, must be intense !

        Also, your career success and your relationship success are intertwined, isn’t it true ? (Mercury=Venus in Libra, in 10th house of career, opposite Saturn). You need help at home ! Something has to change within the home ?

        and T. Neptune in Pisces opp. your SU/MO midpoint !

        How’s THAT for fun ! LOL

        By the way, I do like the idea of a foreign wife or partner for you, (Moon, ruler of 7, in 9th house, in Virgo = Jupiter in Virgo), Also, SU/MO = Jupiter, a foreign worker (Virgo)/nanny/slash partner/wife ? However, t. Neptune does oppose SU/MO midpoint but also opposes Jupiter (culmination). It’s complicated !

        Get everything in writing and, if it gets too busy, then slow it down ?

        Take care of your health

        I will pm you tonight.

        all the best.


  205. I was wondering why I’ve found no correlation between my life events and my natal chart with the current methods, I need to try your system, because I was starting to think I didn’t exist.

  206. hi Jamie
    I have Neptune in 10th house conjuct MC. what job should I apply for and or course should i study please? thank you alek$

  207. Hi Jamie, I’m a big fan here in Toronto Canada. As a Third Decan Cappy, it looks like you missed the reading for the end of May. The other 2 decans go into June. Is this something you were aware of; if yes, can you say when I can come back to read the rest of the month? Thank you!!

    • Hi Sarah. There are just no shorter-term transits for your decan in the second half of May. Some months you get too much and other not enough 🙂

  208. Hello Jamie! I have been reading your articles for over a year! I want to know if you are connected to Dolly Manghat on Youtube.com ? It is because I came across her video called “Saturn Goes Retrograde On 10th May 2020 – Tests On Commitments And Duties With Purity Of Intent” and she pretty much recites your article word for word… So I wonder if you are working together or does she have your permission? I am confused! Thought I would point that out to you right now!
    Anyhow, thank you so much for your amazing work!

  209. I was in the middle of writing to you and the comment disappeared… Merc. RETROGRADE..!!! (re. an earlier post I left LONG time ago)

    What I WANTED TO SAY … is that your content, all the aspects you explain, are amazing. I began studying astrology when I was 12 (I’m 62). I’m very slow at learning astrology and don’t have a math mind which is something that is hugely helpful with the aspects/math part and thus, am NOT a practicing astrologer. However, it’s a passion of mine (if you’re interested in people, then astrology is AMAZING and necessary! in my not so humble opinion). I know good astrology when I see/hear/read it … and I just wanted to write to you to acknowledge your gift. I read a slew of posts on different aspects by different people and, time and time again, yours are head and shoulders above the rest for insight … you make note of things I see nowhere else but which I experience as true … I am just very very grateful to you for all the wonderful interpretations you have posted over the years. You have an extraordinary gift which you have obviously lovingly nurtured and WE, the public, benefit. A profound THANK YOU.

    • Wow, thank you very much, Andrea. Yes, all my work. I think the difference is that I look at famous people with only the very tightest of each aspect, like under half a degree orb. I read their wiki pages and look at the quotes they have made. Usually, I find common themes.

  210. hey Jamie quick question do i read my sun sign or ascendant sign ? 01/08/95 thank biggest fan of Astrology king ,but help me out here..

    • Hi Steve. I write the horoscopes for your Sun Sign. If you were born January 8, then read Capricorn Decan 2. But if you want to read your horoscope for your rising sign, it will apply more to your personal relationships.

  211. This is Bologna! Physics horoscopes all of it is UNREAL!!! I haven’t read a horoscope yet that has not been negative! I come to the comment section and everyone is Jolly YEAH RIGHT GET SERIOUS!!!

  212. Daiquiri – If I May answer. The world events are crazy right now. It revolves around the cardinal crisis. Cardinal signs are Aries, cancer, libra and Capricorn. These aren’t the easiest of times. Would you rather they be sugarcoated so you can’t properly prepare? While Mars is in its extended stay in Aries it heightens the tendency for violence/aggression. That’s because mars in Aries squares the planets in Capricorn. A square is conflict.

  213. Where are you on stelliums in birth charts? If possible, can you point me at any materials on this subject?

  214. Hi Jamie, For the virgo weekly tarot for 8/29/20 you have the 9 of swords but you state it’s the 10 of swords? Did you notice this oversight? Do you need to do another draw? I was a bit confused by the post.

  215. Hi Jamie, I understand that you would be busy with the current times, I was hoping if you could have a quick look at my chart please? Born 4th September 1973 at 10:57am in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. From my limited knowledge it would seem that I currently have 8planets retrograde atm. Would be greatly appreciated if there maybe any light at the end of the current tunnel with regards to finances, career, luck or love. Any future insight would be greatly appreciated.
    Kindest regards

  216. Hi Jamie, The Gemini 2020Decan 3 horoscope seeps to be missing the last few months. Is this because its Trumps decan and you’re not telling us something? 🙂

    • haha. It just means there are no long term transit affecting that decan in those months. Trump has plenty going on. I hope to post about the election soon.

  217. Hi Jamie, I just wanted to let you know that NONE of the links for your Astrology King Oct. Retrograde article work. I sure would love to read that!

    • Yes, Nancy. I have not finished that one yet. I posted it by accident. It will be about Mercury retrograde on October 13.

  218. Hi Jamie, I came across a site called tecdeeps https://tekdeeps.com/?s=Astrology and noticed their astrology articles are strinkingly similar to yours (specifically Lunar Eclipse in Genini and Venus square Sarurn). I did not see any credit given to astrology king on these articles. I just just thought you may want to be aware of this. I love your articles and I would hate to see your hard work stolen by a plagiarizer.

  219. Hi Jamie
    I am teaching myself a different kind of astrology using energy from the planets and how it affects us. Your site is my favorite to use for important astrology dates. I would like to look at October 2020 horoscope. I noticed you archived November but is there a way to see further back. Thank you

    • Always good to take a fresh look at old systems! Unfortunately, I don’t keep old monthly horoscopes. I know it is good to look back so you can learn. But the vast majority of people only want to know what is ahead.

  220. Why does the current Taurus Weekly horoscope cover a period from December 14th and not November 30th? Where is the current week horoscope for Taurus?

  221. Hi Jamie 🙂 Just a note to Thank You for a Great Year of Astrology. I’m sure this was the Craziest Years so far!!! Let’s pray for a some what normal life again in 2021 +. I have been a subscriber for years and I sincerely hope all is well for you and your wife etc.. Take care and stay safe!!!

  222. jamie do u relocate charts when predicting something for example someone is born in australia but is living in london will u move the chart to london or take birth place as default to predict something

  223. Namaste Jamie!
    Your site is amazing. Am a practitioner of Indian Vedic astrology and occult sciences. I find your concepts interesting. Your prediction style is unique and clear.
    It’s my pleasure to know about you. Please check out my blog on Indian Vedic astrology in your free time.

    • Thank you Tulasii. I have a lot of respect for Vedic astrology. Using precession correction makes my transits as accurate as yours, but I decided to keep the tropical zodiac because most of my f=readers are in the USA and other western countries. Nice blog, I like the mix of practical and spiritual advice.

  224. Hi Jamie,

    I tried to help me before but it looks like there was a bad communication.
    I try it again and maybe last time, because you wrote before you were happy to learn and improve your website.
    I realised there were different predictions for December than you wrote on your website based on transits, now I write you examples, maybe it helps you to understand my point:
    I think the best way to learn to write down predictions and later match them facts happened.

    I understand you are in Australia but you focused presidential election in the USA only.

    I would like to mention some other key events happened in November and December:

    – India and China sent spaceships to the Moon.
    – USA and EU banned G5 because of Chinese spying – China installed a new satellite started to develop their G6 system and declared law not to give any hi-techs to other countries.
    – China broke protests in Hong-Kong and managed delay their election avoid any chance for opposite parties – who had to resign – and forced the banana-government to apply new laws to help China to destroy the opposite parties and their supporters and acquire Taiwan in the nearly future.
    – China wanted to provoke a war with India but failed so they built military posts along the border to be ready a war later.
    – Ethiopia started a war against one territory to get rid of their opponents and UN declared there would be a very long war there.
    – The EU and the UK made an agreement about “Brexit”, but it was clear the agreement was ready in November but the British government wanted to get some more results in a few, not important areas just to help a few local millionaire to improve their business.
    – There were plenty of protests about virus situation and there were permanent arguments online about vaccines claiming there were fatal cases after first jabs and just yesterday WHO announced there were not only six vaccines but nearly twenty. Moreover, experts started to give warnings we will not get rid of the virus but we have to be ready to live with it forever.
    – A new president was elected in the USA but the old one wanted to start a war against the whole world not just blamed everyone else because he lost and blocked everything he could, but wanted to start a nuclear war with Iran.
    – There was a permanent protest against the regime in Thailand for last few months saying they want justice and freedom but other side told they wanted just corruption and legalise black markets.

    To sum it up, it looks like all the key events happened not only based on predictions of transits but because of fake news, forgery, mist and hate, fight and violence.

    Finally, my point is, your predictions focus on transits and there are signs about new era because of changing Jupiter and Saturn, but it looks like for me the key points in the background determined by Neptune and Pluto and I am worried about those situation would worse in the future.

    Therefore, unfortunately, I expect lots of local war and crime and forgery in the nearly future.

    That is it, if you read this, you can delete it.


    • Hi Jamie,

      I have a business idea for you.
      (So you can see my email address is not just a random thing.;) )

      I have noticed you have not deleted my post but ignored it.

      I do not know anything about your IT background but I am pretty sure you use a system based on a mysql background so you are allowed to create a sophisticated database system.

      I would suggest you to launch a new premium solution, people, who pay for that, would be allowed to upload important events with exact place and date and time, or time period, i.e. few days or weeks long event. You will check the starting date and time and attach its horoscope picture it and write a comment with your suggestions about main impacts.
      If you think it belonged to a specific transit – i.e. Saturn Square Saturn – you could attach them to that and when people read the detailed description about Saturn Square Saturn they could see what kind of events happened in the past.

      But the point is, people with premium subscription will be allowed to analyse the horoscope to practice and share knowledge each others – and maybe you could get some help from them or new ideas to improve your business as well.



  225. Hi Jamie, I’m an astrologer — studying for around 30 years — and find that the fixed stars are more significant than most Western astrologers credit. Your website is so useful for looking them up, and I want to thank you for providing it as a free resource.

    I’m interested in your method of not using signs or houses. In a couple of remarks on this discussion forum, you refer to decans. How do you measure decans if you don’t use signs?

    BTW I’ve studied both Western psychological astrology and traditional (Hellenistic/Medieval) astrology. So I’m familiar with the various discussions about the different methods, house systems, etc. Including some understanding of Vedic (although it’s too complex for me to delve into at this point). I’ve played with using sidereal charts, and with putting the Moon on the ASC to get another perspective on the life (natal charts). I’m curious to know if you’ve written anything on these various topics.

    Best regards.

  226. Hello Jamie hope all is well
    I was noticing that in the monthly horoscopes you divide them by deacons but in the weekly you don’t. So my question is does the weekly apply to all deacons?

  227. Hi Jamie. I notice you have Uranus combust sun opposite Chiron.
    I too have this aspect but from Leo to Aqua. My sun is also conjunct jupiter and mars.
    I have read that the combust situation is very difficult. What is your take on that?
    Thanks Jamie.

    • Hi Judith, I have not noticed any difference with combust. The effects of any aspect simply get stronger the tighter the aspect.

  228. Jamie you say you don’t use signs and houses but there are signs and houses in your birth chart.
    I see you are Virgo with a stellium in Virgo.
    And you do horoscopes, how do you do that without the signs?
    Use of signs (constellations) and houses is ancient in and astrology, use of signs ancient in astronomy.
    Houses have been observed for centuries, by ancient, traditional and modern astrologers.
    Its not a new concept.
    Some traditional astronomers were astrologers and more.
    If houses are a figment of human imagination, so is the whole of astrology.
    On fixed stars, Vivian Robson has written a lot of nonsense about fixed stars, its best for people to observe these powerful bodies.
    I refused to take his word even a good one because in astrology one has to take the good with the bad, so I chose to reject Robson in whole, choosing to observe my stars, mine by placement or major transits, i.e. transiting full moon aspecting my placement, had a few in 2020.
    I have Mars conjunct Antares and am not violent.
    I have PoF conjunct Regulus I’m still waiting for my fortune, at 29 Aquarius Jupiter stood opposite that key placement.
    Last time I checked which was two weeks ago asteroid Lucifer was transiting my PoF.
    My Jupiter-SN conjunction is in a 0 degree trine to Algol, NN in a 0degree sextile, Neptune applies a 0degree opposition.
    I love Algol.

  229. I had no idea you and Marina have been integral parts of online astrology for so long! Never would’ve made the connection otherwise! Thanks for sharing your chart and your story!

    • Hi Anna. Thinking ahead are we? You would have to cast a Mars-centric chart. Just like our horoscope is earth-centered, or geo-centric. A Mars-centric chart would be viewing all the planets, including earth as if we were standing on Mars.

  230. tried to create my birth chart but it won”t accept my birth place as Albuquerque, New Mexico. What do you suggest and as always thanks for all you do.

  231. Hi Jamie, love your site and thank you for all your efforts. What a gift you have given.
    Wanting to know if you have a current degree for M104 (sombrero galaxy)? (I guess its around 12 degrees Libra?)
    Let me know if you have something on your site that i have not been able to find? Or ?

    Sincerely, with thanks.

  232. Hi Jamie,

    I’ve followed your interepretations here on ak for years and they ALWAYS guide me right and explain so much.

    I know you’ve not had an easy time recently and I want you to know I am wishing you well and remain so grateful for your gifts and ability to explain why life is unfolding as it is and warn me me so often and so well how sidestep pitfalls. THANK YOU!!