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Jamie PartridgeWelcome to Astrology King. My name is Jamie Partridge. I live on the east coast of Australia with my wife and our five amazing children.

I became interested in astrology at age 29, shortly before my Saturn return. Just browsing a bookstore on holidays is how it started. I was subconsciously looking for answers as to why my life seemed so fated and eventful.

It was to be a steep learning curve as my Saturn return resulted in ill health, loss of my business, and the first of three divorces. The roller coaster has kept going up till this moment, so I do have a lot of life experience to draw on to increase my knowledge of the workings of astrology.

After buying my first computer in 2008, some playing around on astrology forums revealed I had developed a unique and accurate form of chart analysis and prediction. With the encouragement of MySpace friends, I started an astrology forum called Funkastrology.

My first astrology website was funkastrology.co.uk, a joint project with Marina Macario. In 2009 it underwent a name change to darkstarastrology.com. I started my own website, astrologyking.com, in January 2013.

I do not use Houses nor Signs. I use aspects and fixed stars. I do use cardinal points like AC and MC. I don’t believe House cusps are real. They have no energy. They are constructs of the human imagination and have purely symbolic meaning, in much the same way as Tarot cards. This article explains my reasoning: Precession Astrology.

All the best, Jamie Partridge.

For questions, email: funkastrology@gmail.com

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  1. Hello Jamie! I have been reading your articles for over a year! I want to know if you are connected to Dolly Manghat on Youtube.com ? It is because I came across her video called “Saturn Goes Retrograde On 10th May 2020 – Tests On Commitments And Duties With Purity Of Intent” and she pretty much recites your article word for word… So I wonder if you are working together or does she have your permission? I am confused! Thought I would point that out to you right now!
    Anyhow, thank you so much for your amazing work!

  2. I was in the middle of writing to you and the comment disappeared… Merc. RETROGRADE..!!! (re. an earlier post I left LONG time ago)

    What I WANTED TO SAY … is that your content, all the aspects you explain, are amazing. I began studying astrology when I was 12 (I’m 62). I’m very slow at learning astrology and don’t have a math mind which is something that is hugely helpful with the aspects/math part and thus, am NOT a practicing astrologer. However, it’s a passion of mine (if you’re interested in people, then astrology is AMAZING and necessary! in my not so humble opinion). I know good astrology when I see/hear/read it … and I just wanted to write to you to acknowledge your gift. I read a slew of posts on different aspects by different people and, time and time again, yours are head and shoulders above the rest for insight … you make note of things I see nowhere else but which I experience as true … I am just very very grateful to you for all the wonderful interpretations you have posted over the years. You have an extraordinary gift which you have obviously lovingly nurtured and WE, the public, benefit. A profound THANK YOU.

    • Wow, thank you very much, Andrea. Yes, all my work. I think the difference is that I look at famous people with only the very tightest of each aspect, like under half a degree orb. I read their wiki pages and look at the quotes they have made. Usually, I find common themes.

  3. hey Jamie quick question do i read my sun sign or ascendant sign ? 01/08/95 thank biggest fan of Astrology king ,but help me out here..

    • Hi Steve. I write the horoscopes for your Sun Sign. If you were born January 8, then read Capricorn Decan 2. But if you want to read your horoscope for your rising sign, it will apply more to your personal relationships.

  4. This is Bologna! Physics horoscopes all of it is UNREAL!!! I haven’t read a horoscope yet that has not been negative! I come to the comment section and everyone is Jolly YEAH RIGHT GET SERIOUS!!!

  5. Daiquiri – If I May answer. The world events are crazy right now. It revolves around the cardinal crisis. Cardinal signs are Aries, cancer, libra and Capricorn. These aren’t the easiest of times. Would you rather they be sugarcoated so you can’t properly prepare? While Mars is in its extended stay in Aries it heightens the tendency for violence/aggression. That’s because mars in Aries squares the planets in Capricorn. A square is conflict.

  6. Where are you on stelliums in birth charts? If possible, can you point me at any materials on this subject?

  7. Hi Jamie, For the virgo weekly tarot for 8/29/20 you have the 9 of swords but you state it’s the 10 of swords? Did you notice this oversight? Do you need to do another draw? I was a bit confused by the post.

  8. Hi Jamie, I understand that you would be busy with the current times, I was hoping if you could have a quick look at my chart please? Born 4th September 1973 at 10:57am in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. From my limited knowledge it would seem that I currently have 8planets retrograde atm. Would be greatly appreciated if there maybe any light at the end of the current tunnel with regards to finances, career, luck or love. Any future insight would be greatly appreciated.
    Kindest regards

  9. Hi Jamie, The Gemini 2020Decan 3 horoscope seeps to be missing the last few months. Is this because its Trumps decan and you’re not telling us something? 🙂

    • haha. It just means there are no long term transit affecting that decan in those months. Trump has plenty going on. I hope to post about the election soon.

  10. Hi Jamie, I just wanted to let you know that NONE of the links for your Astrology King Oct. Retrograde article work. I sure would love to read that!

    • Yes, Nancy. I have not finished that one yet. I posted it by accident. It will be about Mercury retrograde on October 13.

  11. Hi Jamie, I came across a site called tecdeeps https://tekdeeps.com/?s=Astrology and noticed their astrology articles are strinkingly similar to yours (specifically Lunar Eclipse in Genini and Venus square Sarurn). I did not see any credit given to astrology king on these articles. I just just thought you may want to be aware of this. I love your articles and I would hate to see your hard work stolen by a plagiarizer.

  12. Hi Jamie
    I am teaching myself a different kind of astrology using energy from the planets and how it affects us. Your site is my favorite to use for important astrology dates. I would like to look at October 2020 horoscope. I noticed you archived November but is there a way to see further back. Thank you

    • Always good to take a fresh look at old systems! Unfortunately, I don’t keep old monthly horoscopes. I know it is good to look back so you can learn. But the vast majority of people only want to know what is ahead.

  13. Why does the current Taurus Weekly horoscope cover a period from December 14th and not November 30th? Where is the current week horoscope for Taurus?

  14. Hi Jamie 🙂 Just a note to Thank You for a Great Year of Astrology. I’m sure this was the Craziest Years so far!!! Let’s pray for a some what normal life again in 2021 +. I have been a subscriber for years and I sincerely hope all is well for you and your wife etc.. Take care and stay safe!!!

  15. jamie do u relocate charts when predicting something for example someone is born in australia but is living in london will u move the chart to london or take birth place as default to predict something

  16. Namaste Jamie!
    Your site is amazing. Am a practitioner of Indian Vedic astrology and occult sciences. I find your concepts interesting. Your prediction style is unique and clear.
    It’s my pleasure to know about you. Please check out my blog on Indian Vedic astrology in your free time.

    • Thank you Tulasii. I have a lot of respect for Vedic astrology. Using precession correction makes my transits as accurate as yours, but I decided to keep the tropical zodiac because most of my f=readers are in the USA and other western countries. Nice blog, I like the mix of practical and spiritual advice.

  17. Hi Jamie,

    I tried to help me before but it looks like there was a bad communication.
    I try it again and maybe last time, because you wrote before you were happy to learn and improve your website.
    I realised there were different predictions for December than you wrote on your website based on transits, now I write you examples, maybe it helps you to understand my point:
    I think the best way to learn to write down predictions and later match them facts happened.

    I understand you are in Australia but you focused presidential election in the USA only.

    I would like to mention some other key events happened in November and December:

    – India and China sent spaceships to the Moon.
    – USA and EU banned G5 because of Chinese spying – China installed a new satellite started to develop their G6 system and declared law not to give any hi-techs to other countries.
    – China broke protests in Hong-Kong and managed delay their election avoid any chance for opposite parties – who had to resign – and forced the banana-government to apply new laws to help China to destroy the opposite parties and their supporters and acquire Taiwan in the nearly future.
    – China wanted to provoke a war with India but failed so they built military posts along the border to be ready a war later.
    – Ethiopia started a war against one territory to get rid of their opponents and UN declared there would be a very long war there.
    – The EU and the UK made an agreement about “Brexit”, but it was clear the agreement was ready in November but the British government wanted to get some more results in a few, not important areas just to help a few local millionaire to improve their business.
    – There were plenty of protests about virus situation and there were permanent arguments online about vaccines claiming there were fatal cases after first jabs and just yesterday WHO announced there were not only six vaccines but nearly twenty. Moreover, experts started to give warnings we will not get rid of the virus but we have to be ready to live with it forever.
    – A new president was elected in the USA but the old one wanted to start a war against the whole world not just blamed everyone else because he lost and blocked everything he could, but wanted to start a nuclear war with Iran.
    – There was a permanent protest against the regime in Thailand for last few months saying they want justice and freedom but other side told they wanted just corruption and legalise black markets.

    To sum it up, it looks like all the key events happened not only based on predictions of transits but because of fake news, forgery, mist and hate, fight and violence.

    Finally, my point is, your predictions focus on transits and there are signs about new era because of changing Jupiter and Saturn, but it looks like for me the key points in the background determined by Neptune and Pluto and I am worried about those situation would worse in the future.

    Therefore, unfortunately, I expect lots of local war and crime and forgery in the nearly future.

    That is it, if you read this, you can delete it.


    • Hi Jamie,

      I have a business idea for you.
      (So you can see my email address is not just a random thing.;) )

      I have noticed you have not deleted my post but ignored it.

      I do not know anything about your IT background but I am pretty sure you use a system based on a mysql background so you are allowed to create a sophisticated database system.

      I would suggest you to launch a new premium solution, people, who pay for that, would be allowed to upload important events with exact place and date and time, or time period, i.e. few days or weeks long event. You will check the starting date and time and attach its horoscope picture it and write a comment with your suggestions about main impacts.
      If you think it belonged to a specific transit – i.e. Saturn Square Saturn – you could attach them to that and when people read the detailed description about Saturn Square Saturn they could see what kind of events happened in the past.

      But the point is, people with premium subscription will be allowed to analyse the horoscope to practice and share knowledge each others – and maybe you could get some help from them or new ideas to improve your business as well.



  18. Hi Jamie, I’m an astrologer — studying for around 30 years — and find that the fixed stars are more significant than most Western astrologers credit. Your website is so useful for looking them up, and I want to thank you for providing it as a free resource.

    I’m interested in your method of not using signs or houses. In a couple of remarks on this discussion forum, you refer to decans. How do you measure decans if you don’t use signs?

    BTW I’ve studied both Western psychological astrology and traditional (Hellenistic/Medieval) astrology. So I’m familiar with the various discussions about the different methods, house systems, etc. Including some understanding of Vedic (although it’s too complex for me to delve into at this point). I’ve played with using sidereal charts, and with putting the Moon on the ASC to get another perspective on the life (natal charts). I’m curious to know if you’ve written anything on these various topics.

    Best regards.

  19. Hello Jamie hope all is well
    I was noticing that in the monthly horoscopes you divide them by deacons but in the weekly you don’t. So my question is does the weekly apply to all deacons?

  20. Hi Jamie. I notice you have Uranus combust sun opposite Chiron.
    I too have this aspect but from Leo to Aqua. My sun is also conjunct jupiter and mars.
    I have read that the combust situation is very difficult. What is your take on that?
    Thanks Jamie.

    • Hi Judith, I have not noticed any difference with combust. The effects of any aspect simply get stronger the tighter the aspect.

  21. Jamie you say you don’t use signs and houses but there are signs and houses in your birth chart.
    I see you are Virgo with a stellium in Virgo.
    And you do horoscopes, how do you do that without the signs?
    Use of signs (constellations) and houses is ancient in and astrology, use of signs ancient in astronomy.
    Houses have been observed for centuries, by ancient, traditional and modern astrologers.
    Its not a new concept.
    Some traditional astronomers were astrologers and more.
    If houses are a figment of human imagination, so is the whole of astrology.
    On fixed stars, Vivian Robson has written a lot of nonsense about fixed stars, its best for people to observe these powerful bodies.
    I refused to take his word even a good one because in astrology one has to take the good with the bad, so I chose to reject Robson in whole, choosing to observe my stars, mine by placement or major transits, i.e. transiting full moon aspecting my placement, had a few in 2020.
    I have Mars conjunct Antares and am not violent.
    I have PoF conjunct Regulus I’m still waiting for my fortune, at 29 Aquarius Jupiter stood opposite that key placement.
    Last time I checked which was two weeks ago asteroid Lucifer was transiting my PoF.
    My Jupiter-SN conjunction is in a 0 degree trine to Algol, NN in a 0degree sextile, Neptune applies a 0degree opposition.
    I love Algol.

  22. I had no idea you and Marina have been integral parts of online astrology for so long! Never would’ve made the connection otherwise! Thanks for sharing your chart and your story!

    • Hi Anna. Thinking ahead are we? You would have to cast a Mars-centric chart. Just like our horoscope is earth-centered, or geo-centric. A Mars-centric chart would be viewing all the planets, including earth as if we were standing on Mars.

  23. tried to create my birth chart but it won”t accept my birth place as Albuquerque, New Mexico. What do you suggest and as always thanks for all you do.

  24. Hi Jamie, love your site and thank you for all your efforts. What a gift you have given.
    Wanting to know if you have a current degree for M104 (sombrero galaxy)? (I guess its around 12 degrees Libra?)
    Let me know if you have something on your site that i have not been able to find? Or ?

    Sincerely, with thanks.

  25. Hi Jamie,

    I’ve followed your interepretations here on ak for years and they ALWAYS guide me right and explain so much.

    I know you’ve not had an easy time recently and I want you to know I am wishing you well and remain so grateful for your gifts and ability to explain why life is unfolding as it is and warn me me so often and so well how sidestep pitfalls. THANK YOU!!

    • Thank you, Amanda. I am feeling healthy again. Transiting Pluto was square my Mercury-Venus opposite Saturn for a few years. But now it is trine my Sun. Yay!

  26. Hi Jamie. Writing to you after a long time. Good to know your health is better. But i have a major concern over the monthly decan horoscope. This month October nothing went according to your writing for Decan 1 Aries, myself born on 25th March. It actually matched everything with Aries Decan 2. Or even with Aries Decan 3. What should I check now onwards n why is this happening? Should i check my progressed sun which is Taurus Decan 2 ? Aries Decan 1 has been written as if bad times have fallen upon them perpetually. But is it really so ? You don’t answer anymore these days. So I’m not sure if you will. But this is still to just let you know.

    • Hi RD. I do answer, but admittedly not as much these days. This time of year is always tricky for Aries because the Sun is opposite in Libra, and Mercury and Venus are not far from the Sun. It is challenging to write for so many birthdates at once. But Jupiter will be conjunct your Sun again in the second half of January 2023. That is the major long-term influence for Aries decan 1 and it is very fortunate.

  27. Hello Jamie

    I’ve always wanted to ask why are you so misguided on decan 3 Gemini, every month starts with the same bleak reading often giving off such negative vibes. Me personally it’s offensive when the giver never wants to show any positives, it’s like you are giving a negative reading on purpose. What is the reason why you never show positive vibes on 3 decan Gemini ?

    • Hi Mike. I have always started each decan with the longest term transit. For you, that is Neptune square Sun transit. From now on, I will try only to add it when triggered by a faster-moving planet.

  28. Hi Jamie, looking ahead a few weeks – will you be considering the impending “near” alignment of the inner planets around the 30th November – 1st December, looks neat if nothing else. Cheers.

  29. Got my weekly email update and thought I drop a comment to say Thank You for the awesome work you do. You always provide alternative perspectives and sound advice.

    New advertising banner up top is great! 👌I can let it run (bonus revenue for you) and read my horoscope at the same time!

    Bummer to read above that others are coming here just to pilfer your hard work. I hope your abundances far out weigh theirs.

    I appreciate you!

  30. Saturn quincunx Neptune

    This aspect is strongest when either of these planets is also conjunct or opposite the Ascendant or Midheaven. Since your Saturn is angular IC, and opposite MC, Saturn is stronger than Neptune.

    You may have difficulty in relating fantasy and imagination on one side of the brain, to reality, duty, obligation and work, on the other side. Usually the reality, duty and work aspect of the combination is dominant, at least at first. Your site is 10 years old now, and the full responsibilty of a paper route is a walk through the park.

    Your imaginative side tends to be transformed into nervousness, fear and irrational anxieties. a Haunted House thread or too much Woo may bring out a reaction to keep a lid on yourself and to call upon a friend (11th house Neptune) to get you through the spooky stuff.

    Because this is a quincunx, health may suffer if you dont confront your inner fears. If you release your creativity, you can avoid negative physucal effects.

  31. Thank you Mr. Jamie Partridge, I as well have felt Stars are more poignant.
    Been all over the web, books, reading Vettius Valens, first following the Moon to interpret my Transits until I found I feel it all nearly simultaneously. Getting better at feeling the individual parts. I definitely understand and can confirm your gathered information and interpretations, you are doing great work, thank you!

      • I think I mean pertinent not poignant. Mercury square Mars can do that.
        Had looked yesterday for a post I meant to place in New Moon Solar Eclipse -Imagination, had been reading the Israel at War, several pages/tabs open, do not know if I can move it, delete, re-post, I don’t feel it belongs in Israel. I was having a moment “lost my head”.

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