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Welcome to Astrology King, my name is Jamie Partridge and I live on the coast of NSW Australia with three amazing kids. I’ve had an interesting life so far, with varied occupations ranging from nursing assistant to farm hand.

I became interested in astrology at age 29, shortly before my Saturn return. Just browsing a bookstore on holidays is how it started. I guess I was subconsciously looking for answers as to why my life seemed so fated and eventful.

It was to be a steep learning curve as my Saturn return resulted in ill-health, loss of my business, and the first of three divorces. The roller coaster has kept going up till this moment so I do have a lot of life experience to draw on to increase my knowledge on the workings of astrology.

After buying my first computer in 2008, some playing around on astrology forums revealed I had developed a unique and accurate form of chart analysis and prediction. With the encouragement MySpace friends, I started an astrology forum called Funkastrology. Further encouragement led me to start-up funkastrology.co.uk with my then partner Marina Macario.Jamie Partridge AstrologyIn 2009, Funkastrology underwent a name-change to Darkstar Astrology. For more independence and due to an impending divorce, I started Astrology King in January 2013.

Due to a battle with Cancer in 2012 and ongoing health issues, I don’t write as many articles as I once did, or would like to. In 2014 I also decided not to offer personal readings anymore. Being a single parent, I found I needed to give more time to my children.

My aim is to focus on writing monthly and yearly horoscopes on time to generate advertising revenue to support the kids. I passionately love astrology, especially mundane prediction, and will try to keep up with current events and what not in the blog. All the best, Jamie Partridge.

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  1. I just ordered a chart, I should have ticked forecast. Please let me know you updated my order???
    Thank you.

  2. Dear Jamie, good time of the day!
    Could you be so kind to explain, is this mistake at Leo 2nd decan Horoscope for December 2017?
    “December 8 to 17 – Venus trine your decan softens the aggressive Mars energy. It turns anger to passion and helps relieve sexual frustration. So the last week of November 2017 is a great time for intimacy with your partner or for starting a new love relationship. You should feel beautiful and affectionate and will be more sexually attractive than usual. Your finances should be in good enough shape for a little holiday or entertainment.”

    Thanks in advance
    Best Regards

  3. Dear Jamie, Before time runs away from me, I would like to offer you and your family a very happy Christmas and a fabulous 2018. Thank you for your work, I learn a lot from it.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Hello Jamie, Happy New Year. Today, on the Sun, Venus,Pluto triple Conjunction I just thought I would look at YOUR chart. Please will you let us, your readers know what your life has been like with a 18 degree Capricorn Asc. So, today, this triple conjunction is just flipping over your ascendant, and obviously, astrology in action is how people learn. My husband has Capricorn Jupiter at 18 degrees and have to say that Pluto(government) tried to take a man with dementia benefits away, after a long fight by me, got it returned, Took a whole year. So, back to you Jamie, this is obviously looking straight at your house of partners even though you only do decans but how is your life going with Pluto sitting on your ascendant, flicking back and forwards and Saturn in your 12th house. I know you have the Jupiter trine, but, please can you bear to share the effects on your life chart please.? Lots of love to you and yours Jamie, and good health to you.xx I have done all these aspects to ascendant and it was a lot of clearing out!!!

    • Thank you for asking linnywalker. Life has never been better. I am hoping by the time this Pluto conjunct Ascendant transit is over my partner and I will be married and living together. Maybe close to the eclipse opposite Pluto. Astrology King is now giving me a decent income, more than I ever earned before. I hope Pluto transiting my Ascendant trine Jupiter is giving me the resources and power to transform my life for the better and improve the lives of my loved ones. It would be great if the Saturn Pluto conjunction cements the transformation and makes it a permanent thing. I really need this process to be solid so the results survive transiting Pluto square mt Mercury-Venus opposite Saturn in the years ahead. But transiting Uranus conjunct my Saturn was good, it brought a big relocation to a nicer area and a nicer house.

      • oh cool Jamie….. please write when your free if this is all working out ? Kind regards, Anne

  5. Hi Jamie! I am one of your biggest fans and wish to communicate that your weekly forecast for Gemini did not download👀😃🌲 Thank you! HAPPY SUNDAY 🌷

  6. Hi Jamie – avid reader thanks for what you do and share. I am in a career crisis detest my job it’s making me ill colleagues are hypercritical egotistic and awfully racist. I want to walk out everyday but can’t – June 20 1957 08:58 Edinburgh any hope? Can I get another job

  7. Hi Jamie! Long time reader, just checking in to say that if you get a chance, please update the Virgo horoscope/tarot for the coming week! It seems like you have for all the other signs, so I’ll blame it on the rx 🙂 thank you so much for what you do!

    • Sorry about that Ivs. I was so tired posting them yesterday but I am happy to blame it on Mercury retrograde 🙂

  8. Hi Jamie,

    I noticed other astrologers have mentioned Uranus moving into Taurus in May 2018. Just curious as to why you do not mention it in the May monthly forecasts for each sign?

    • Yes, Uranus moves into Taurus for about 5 months but then goes back into Aries because of retrograde motion. It moves into Taurus again March 2019.

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