Saturn Conjunct Neptune Natal and Transit

Saturn Conjunct Neptune Transit

Saturn conjunct Neptune maximum orb 5°30′.

Saturn conjunct Neptune is a significant planetary aspect occurring every 36.4 years. Older folks born between September 1952 and October 1953 have this problematic aspect. And so do younger folks born between December 1988 and January 1990. The next conjunction is in 2026.

Natal Saturn Conjunct Neptune

Saturn conjunct Neptune natal can make life very difficult if you lacked a stable and supportive home life when you were growing up. Learning self-confidence and self-belief is critical to avoiding the fear and disappointment of this aspect. Hard work is needed to gain the education and skills to succeed. Furthermore, honesty and respect will make sure you reach your full potential. If you do these things, you can make your dreams come true.

You must work hard if your parents are weak, unreliable, or negatively influenced. Because even with a “normal” childhood, you will likely struggle with fear, insecurity, negativity, loss, and disappointment. Just as positive thinking can make your dreams come true with this aspect, negative thinking can make your nightmares come true. Therefore, you must do all you can to improve your self-esteem. If you cannot help yourself, seek medical help, especially if you suffer from anxiety or depression.

Others will not treat you well if you do not think highly of yourself. You may feel sorry for others and try to save them. But this is not healthy and leaves you susceptible to abuse. In contrast, you may be a victim to force someone to look after you. Neither option is healthy and can spiral into a series of codependent relationships, insecurity, and guilt. Escapism through drugs, fantasy, gambling, sexual affairs, conspiracy theories, or cults could stunt your development.

You may be susceptible to deception, fraud, and other unethical treatment. The best way to avoid such things is to be strictly moral and ethical. Otherwise, legal action, scandal, and loss could damage your relationships, reputation, and career.

The artist Georges Braque (0°06′) said: “Truth exists; only falsehood has to be invented.” You will only gain confidence and self-respect when you face reality and stop deceiving yourself and others. Only then will you truly believe in yourself and be able to trust other people. Then you will stop worrying about the future and trust that everything will be okay because you will make it alright. Imagine a positive future, and it will manifest.

You can be self-sacrificing healthily, and you could potentially live with minimal material comfort. Possessions are not necessary to you, and you are willing to sacrifice personal needs for your beliefs and help others. But first, you must learn, practice, and perfect the skills you need to succeed. You cannot help others until you help yourself. “Dream Big, Work Hard” (J. J. Watt 0°52′).

Saturn Conjunct Neptune Transit

Saturn conjunct Neptune transit is generally associated with insecurity, confusion, self-doubt, and guilt. This can be depressing, but it does not have to be. This can be a satisfying time if you are secure in your limitations and have been responsible, honest, and fair in your dealings. Your dreams and hopes may begin to materialize, and you can find true spiritual contentment without relying on material needs.

However, feeling guilty about not doing the right thing by others or not working hard and meeting your responsibilities can be a time of fear and uncertainty. The karmic repercussions of being mean, lazy, disrespectful or cruel will now catch up with you in the form of self-loathing, nightmares, loss and disappointment.

What you thought were safe and secure relationships, possessions, employment or general structures and patterns in your life may dissolve away, leaving you feeling anxious and depressed. In its higher manifestation, this transit allows you to make sacrifices and do without something to do good. You can help others or reach a particular goal. In the lower manifestation, a gift would be forced upon you to teach you a lesson about responsibility.

Whatever the case, this is a severe phase of life, and you will tend to see the worst and not the best in everything. Pessimism can get out of control; you should do your best to avoid this. Negativity must be avoided because Saturn can materialize Neptune’s illusions or delusions. It is essential to look after your health; now is a good time for a general check-up with your doctor.

Saturn Conjunct Neptune Celebrities

Georges Braque 0°06′, David Gest 0°12′, Tyga 0°24′, David Berkowitz 0°24′, Lucy Hale 0°25′, Tony Blair 0°26′, Buddy Rose 0°28′, Peaches Geldof 0°31′, John Edwards 0°32′, Xi Jinping 0°34′, Cyndi Lauper 0°34′, Alden Ehrenreich 0°37′, Elizabeth Olsen 0°50′, Hulk Hogan 0°54′, J. J. Watt 0°52′, Riley Keough 1°00′, Kathy Lee Gifford 1°12′, Roseanne 1°23′, Chris Brown 1°32′, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 1°35′, Charles II of England 1°35′, Stephen Paddock 1°42′.

Saturn Conjunct Neptune Dates

21 November 1952
17 May 1953
21 July 1953

3 March 1989
23 June 1989
13 November 1989

20 February 2026

6 June 2061

26 thoughts on “Saturn Conjunct Neptune Natal and Transit

  1. Hi Jamie,
    Quick question if you have time? I met someone born 11 days before me same year. All of our planets are in the same house and sign except the moon and Ascendant. We both have Sun Saturn conjunction in our birth charts so the conjunction is also a conjunction. Would this be a good or bad matchup.

    • This actually happened to me. The guy was 10 days older than me and born on the Saturn/Neptune conjunction in Libra 1953. We had a whirl of a time; then I realized he couldn’t put me first because of obligations to his son. He thought i was arrogant, probably because my mars in leo was conjunction his sun. he needed a woman to follow him and i need a man to respect my mind and grow with me–did the “following” bit twice, once lasting 2+ decades because of lack of confidence, self-esteem. So, tread carefully.

    • This conjunction is in my natal chart. In September2022, at what point will this next transit begin?

      • Betty – the conjunction is exact 2-20-26. It actually does happen when Saturn and Neptune are in early Aries. But Saturn enters Pisces on 3-7-23, that’s in about 3 weeks, Neptune already there since 2011.

    • Saturn ingress Pisces, long awaited reprieve from people stressed by its dignity. What will it look like? Chart @ New York

      Saturn in its Joy in the 12th house.

      Age of Aquarius chart Saturn 20Pis15 sextile Sun, under a wider lens, one of the more cohesive aspects between my daughter and I.

      The cusp of Aquarius/Pisces is given to sensitivities especially boundaries. No wonder the General Saturn loves this place, and perhaps why we see border sensitivity lately. The General tests systems, benchmarking the known and unknown, writing histories, exercising hazmat protocols, and so on. 29 years ago, last time Saturn ingress Pisces for good, lots of things happened in 1994. One message in particular I remember, a radio broadcaster saying the Recession was over. Hows that? we all looked at each other, a gang of mens lunchtime pickup hockey going back to work. Did the broadcaster have Inside information to make such a bold claim? We wondered. My idea was she was simplying looking at the demographics, and that we were involved in an Export business, clients all over the world. The Artwork should be so lucky.

      • Rick Scott, Republican Senator, Florida, has this aspect, dob 1 Dec 1952


        catching peoples attention with his 11 Point plan for America, locking horns with Mitch McConnell, Republican Senator, Kentucky, senate minority leader, dob 20 Feb 1942.

        Neptune currently transiting Pisces since February 2012, it’s been 11 years… and now Saturn shows up in Pisces. “Saturn catching up to Neptune”. (strangely enough i commemorated the Neptune ingress of Pisces by registering an email ID, see Sun sextile Neptune).

        McConnell with his birthday on the 01Pis22 New Moon.

        Is this the modern method of presenting a new beginning to the people? It does appear the planners are taking advantage of the Aquarius astrologer degree, 27°Aqr. There’s a rhythm to it too, since the Comet perigee, the celestial-terrestial map or grid art, performing art, political art.

  2. And next time around, it’s going to be EXACTLY on my sun, 29° Pisces 😨!

  3. nov 9 1952 saturn conjunct neptune square mars and uranus in opposition. am i doomed? or powerful?

    • November 4, 1952 – same aspects. Real tough ones. Violence, abuse, insecurity, failures, criticism, anxiety, physical danger – came out of it and still here many years later. How about you?

  4. You’re going to do your own thing with Mars sq Neptune, but if you know a little Greek (Saturn) you can make it to 100.

  5. This aspect is in Jeffrey Epstein’s 11th house in the sign of Libra. He also has mars conjunct venues in his fourth house with the Sun 0 degrees of Aquarius. Wow..his Saturn Neptune energy did not manifest as a lack of confidence apparently. He did not suffer lack of material wealth. Maybe it was the Sun 0 degrees in Aquarius that made him so detached and self serving. wonder what his childhood was like?

  6. Jimmy Carter surprise storytelling, a 20 Feb 2023 article, talking about his Canadian connections; the well known Iran rescue late 1979 thru 80, but not so well known 1952/53 NRX accident and cleanup, which has crept into the news cycle.

    The accident occurs 12 December 1952, 3:00 pm Chalk River.

    This is an important chart, with 20 Feb 2026 transits. Jimmy is warning what could happen again? Saturn conjunct Neptune, Aries Point. You’ve heard Pisces meets Aries is like mixing water and vinegar, or maybe oil and vinegar? Because that’s temporary chemistry.

  7. Art Wynwood, Miami having its Saturn transit natal Neptune next 60 days or so.

    The transit appears difficult, yet we hear that a Blue Dog Balloon sculpture was knocked over and disintegrated into many pieces. Those pieces will be offered up for sale.

    chart February 19, 2012 at Sun conjunct Neptune, transits Fenruary 19, 2023.
    11 Year Anniversary.

  8. I’m a 11/4/52 woman still here also! Asc: 7 Cap. & Saturn Neptune 9th, 10 away from Scorpio MC

  9. Interesting. He was obviously groomed and abused into becoming a groomer and abuser. Probably by a well know UK celebrity Intelligence operative who also organized Kincora abuse of boys by UK VIPs in Northern Ireland during the British dirty civil war Operation Banner (1969-2007) and so much more. Epstein was low hanging fruit though hence his easy assassination.

    I am hoping that the recent successful shutting down by the UK government of all investigations into criminal state atrocities committed against innocent British and Irish citizens in Ireland during this time and full (retrospective& future) criminal amnesty for all perpetrators via their Northern Ireland Troubles (Legacy and Reconciliation) Act 2023, is reversed, and the truth of the decades long Special US /UK Relationship of rogue Intelligence gathering power abuses entirely exposed with the next Neptune conjunct Saturn in Aries in 2025/6.

  10. Yeah what is lying under the surface… Behind the fog…and you know: germany has also saturn-neptune cuy neptune conjunct ascendant from 1990 horoscope ..

  11. Saturn – neptune –> here comes the flood. So what do we have in germany now ? A refugee- invasion…we shall be jusus christ or the arc of noah — this is not a “normal” nation anymore… We cannot save whole world and we are NOT jesus christ…

  12. All things have a limit…and jamie if you write about sacrifice you need uranus to come out of the saturn-neptune victimisation or endless depts and guiltyness….cuz some day you HAVE to make a cut and press the reset button…

  13. And i forgot to mention: vladimir putin: sun-saturn-uranus-neptune…what about that ?

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