Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Your Gemini weekly horoscope is based on planetary transits to the Gemini Horoscope Sign, not to houses, zones or sectors.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope June 25 to July 1, 2018

Monday to Wednesday your direct attitude, or self-assertiveness, will win you favors and impress superiors and strong men. Even though this directness is non threatening to others, you can go on the attack if needed. Your instincts are acute and you should actually feel stronger than usual. Personal relationships, especially those of an intimate nature, will benefit from you extra warmth, charm and charisma. Your sex drive will be strong and others will find you more sexually attractive than normal.

Friday to Sunday brings exciting news and stimulating conversations. Your daily routines may take a detour in new and unexpected directions. Along the way you will learn new things and meet new people. This is a good time for making friends from different backgrounds than your own. Seeing things from a different point of view may help in solving lingering problems or finding lost objects. Studies and exams should go well, especially in technical areas like the sciences, computers and mathematics

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Weekly Gemini Horoscope Tarot Card

The Wheel of Fortune tells you that it looks as though things are changing. In most cases, this indicates positive, needed changes but for some people, change itself is very difficult and can almost be traumatic. This is a very spiritual and “Karmically” oriented time. Change is part of the cyclical nature of life.Gemini Weekly HoroscopeThe Wheel of Fortune always reminds us that “this too shall pass.” Whether that’s good times or bad times, it passes. If suddenly you find yourself “sitting on top of the world,” keep your perspective, as that too, like everything else, changes. Live in the now, count your blessings, and just realize that much of life is outside of your control, but that even that is okay. Roll with any changes, and think positively. The Wheel of Fortune is associated with the Constellation Capricorn (The Goat) and the Hebrew letter Yod.

The Tarot card randomly selected for your Gemini weekly horoscope comes from the The Original Rider Waite Tarot Pack by Arthur Edward Waite, illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith. [1] The deck has all the major arcana except card number XIII. All of the minor arcana cards are included.

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Gemini Weekly Horoscope June 18 to 24, 2018

Tuesday to Friday morning increased charisma and popularity make socializing more enjoyable and exciting. This is an ideal time for both romance and making new friends. You will also find satisfaction in creative activities. This is a good time to start works of art, especially those combining the physical and emotional such as dance or sculpture. Even routine work should be more enjoyable now as you have the drive and creative urge to make thing look or work better. This is an excellent time to host a party or celebration.

Friday afternoon to Sunday you may discover something very revealing about yourself, from deep within your soul. This may include karmic links with ancestors and could lead to a spiritual transformation or sensation of transcending the physical limitations of your body. More serious or mysterious topics will take up your attention so this is a good time for study and research. The probing and penetrating nature of your mind can uncover secrets and plots. This is a good time to learn more about astrology or psychology.

Weekly Gemini Horoscope Tarot Card

The Queen of Cups is among the most loving archetypes in the tarot deck. She indicates compassion, love, and concern for ourselves and our fellow-man. Often when the “court cards” come up in a reading, they indicate an actual person, in this case a woman, in our lives. The majority of the time when the queen of Cups appears, and is “standing in” for a person, she is representing a female with hair on the lighter end of the spectrum.Gemini HoroscopeThe Queen of Cups indicates female energy that is solidly “in your corner,” that women in your life are very much supportive of you and/or that a woman will come to your aid. The queen of Cups also reminds us to treat ourselves with love and compassion. No matter who and where you are, there are things in you that are worthy of love and respect.


1. Classic Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.