Mercury Opposite Uranus October 7, 2020

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Mercury Opposite Uranus TransitMercury opposite Uranus natal gives a lightning-fast and brilliant intellect, in fact, you could well be a genius. However, you also have the potential to be a trickster or rebel. Your mind does need a great deal of stimulation and this can sometimes lead to problems such as conflict or anxiety.

Keeping mentally busy on productive work will reduce the chance of getting into arguments or being embroiled in controversies. It must be challenging work though, but with enough freedom to allow for you questioning nature to be satisfied. Science, mathematics, computers and the media are just some fields in which you would excel.

Your original style of thinking can lead to new discoveries or new ways of doing things. Getting your message across may need some refinement. Public speaking could be one hurdle to overcome because of increased nervousness. Communicating via the Internet would help build your confidence. Uranus has a tendency to be impersonal and blunt, as well as unorthodox and rebellious.

You can argue, debate and promote your ideas well with practice, but must learn to listen more to others and not instinctively take the opposite opinion. You can gain support for your ideas but must accept that you are going to have your fair share of critics. You may be drawn to alternative views or conspiracy theories, and you are just the person to shine the light on such things.

Just as you may be seen as quirky or eccentric, you may prefer the company of other unusual types. Socializing with a varied bunch of people, from different backgrounds and cultures, would meet your need for increased excitement and stimulation. In your travels, you will often bump into people who offer interesting bits of information or change your direction.

You may have to deal with some unexpected changes in terms of making long-term plans or traveling. Interruptions or breakdowns in communication or with electronic gadgets may also increase your level of irritability. Regular car servicing and checking the fine print on documents will go a long way to relieving tension from such upsets.

Mercury Opposite Uranus Transit

Mercury opposite Uranus transit speeds up your day and your mind. The hectic pace may leave you feeling tense and scattered. There is also the possibility of a range of other unexpected happenings increasing your nervous anxiety. Any recent matters which you have overlooked or rushed may come back to bite you now.

This is not a good time for making plans, negotiating business deals or attending to any mental tasks which require patience and self-discipline. A low concentration span and a tendency to be easily distracted would only lead to complications in such areas. This is a better time to free your mind of responsibility and go with the flow. You could make new discoveries, experience flashes of insight, or meet exciting new people who challenge your way of thinking.

When socializing, it is important to take extra care to listen. Also, be aware of a tendency now to speak before thinking. There is a tendency with this transit to instinctively take the other side and end up arguing for the sake of it. Less serious topics can be fun now, and you could be subject to practical jokes or enjoy playing tricks on others.

It is important to keep an open mind because plans may need changing, or your travels interrupted. If starting a journey then double-check your booking or get your car serviced beforehand. You may also experience computer malfunction or other problems with electronics. Doing crosswords or playing games and puzzles are good ways to occupy your mind today.

Mercury Opposite Uranus Celebrities

Janet Street-Porter 0°13′, Howard Stern 0°16′, Antonio Salieri 0°17′, Rudolph Valentino 0°24′, Jimi Hendrix 0°28′, Henri Matisse 0°28′, Billie Jean King 0°33′, Friedrich Nietzsche 0°37′, Nathan Lane 0°39′, Arsenio Hall 0°57′, Stephen Foster 1°05′, Danny DeVito 1°06′, Dwayne Johnson 1°07′, Truman Capote 1°28′.

Mercury Opposite Uranus Dates

7 October 2019
7 October 2020
19 October 2020
17 November 2020
13 November 2021
8 November 2022
4 November 2023
30 October 2024

7 thoughts on “Mercury Opposite Uranus October 7, 2020

  1. I have read that this aspect is called “the deluded egoist” and that seems a bit harsh but this aspect does spark my creativity, giving me a non-stop stream of ideas.

    • Well I think that’s a bit harsh Bob. Perhaps Sun conjunct Uranus like me because the Sun rules the ego.

  2. hi jamie do you believe in cusps? i was born on 22/12 so some people say that i’m sagittarius and others say that i’m capricorn i have mostly sag’s chracter but idk what to read when i’m reading something like monthy horoscope

    • My cusp is Capricorn/Aquarius – January 19th and it seems to fit me straddling between two personalities. Capricorn steady and conservative, and Aquarius zany, erratic and fun loving.

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