An astrological aspect is an angle between two planets. An aspect can nurture, diminish, modify or increase the function of the planet concerned depending on the quality of the aspect and its angle.

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Aspect Orbs

The table below shows the suggested aspect orbs developed by Bruno Huber.

Planet⚺  ⚻ ⚹□    △  ☌ ☍
☉ ☽35689
☿ ♀ ♃24567
♂ ♄1.53456
♅ ♆ ♇12345

From the table above, the Sun opposite Moon has a maximum orb of 9°.

For Sun opposite Pluto, the maximum orb for the Sun is 9°. But the maximum orb for Pluto is 5°. I use the average of the two values, which is 7°.

So Sun square Mars would be the average of a Sun square (6°) and a Mars square (4°), which is 5°.