Jupiter Conjunct Uranus Natal and Transit

Jupiter Conjunct Uranus Transit

Jupiter conjunct Uranus maximum orb 6°00′.

Jupiter conjunct Uranus natal gives a great need to be free, and you hate to be restricted in any way. It makes you a quick, eager learner and enthusiastic about trying as many new experiences as possible.

Your strong need for new and original things to do can make it hard for you to stick to routines and structured programs. You may have strong anti-establishment beliefs abe interested in social reform or politics.

You are also open-minded and are happy to let others do what they want, so long as they do not try to control you. This aspect is associated with a liberal outlook, and you should also be tolerant of other belief systems and points of view. Sudden and unexpected fame and fortune are possible.

Jupiter Conjunct Uranus Transit

Jupiter conjunct Uranus transit brings surprises and sudden opportunities. You will likely feel a strong need for freedom and forget about your responsibilities. To avoid significant disruption, remember your core responsibilities and not let other people down. Rebellion is another possibility if you have been feeling repressed. You will probably protest if close friends or family are mistreated, especially by the government or large organizations.

It is impossible to predict what may happen because Uranus is so erratic. A sudden financial windfall, promotion, or romance are all possible outcomes. There will be more opportunities for expanded awareness, and you will see options where before you saw none.

Greater flexibility and open-mindedness can lead to breakthrough solutions to old problems. Overseas air travel is another possibility, or you could expand your horizons through higher education or social contact with people from different backgrounds than your own.

Jupiter Conjunct Uranus Celebrities

Emmanuelle Charpentier 0°00′, Mark David Chapman 0°01′, Alexandra Feodorovna 0°06′, Kimberly Guilfoyle 0°07′, Alina Kabaeva 0°12′, Paul Tillich 0°13′, Lisa Andersen 0°14′, Juliane Koepcke 0°19′, L. Q. Jones 0°22′, Albert Kamehameha 0°22′, Antoine Laurent de Jussieu 0°23′, Janet Leigh 0°23′, Prince Jackson 0°28′, Eric Burdon 0°30′, Janison Twins 0°30′, Chaz Bono 0°35′, John Frawley 0°35′, Debra Winger 0°42′, Edgar Bronfman Jr. 0°42′, Brendan Fraser 0°44′, Lorenzo Carcaterra 0°49′, Denzel Washington 0°49′, Danielle Egnew 0°50′, Donatella Versace 0°56′, Ritchie Valens 0°57′, Steve Earle 0°57′, Alexis Arquette 0°59′, Annie Lennox 0°59′, Bonnie Nettles 1°00′, Tessa Thompson 1°01′, Kevin Costner 1°05′, Amy Winehouse 1°10′, Chris Evert 1°19′, Mariah Carey 1°20′.

Jupiter Conjunct Uranus 2024

The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on April 20, 2024 is sextile Mars. This helps you channel your enthusiasm and any rebeliousness into your goals, as Mars represents your goal-directed energy.

Mars sextile Jupiter makes you feel strong and courageous. It brings optimism, strong instincts, initiative, and a willingness to take risks. This is the ideal time to tackle any difficult task because there is an excellent chance of success.

Mars sextile Uranus increases your desire for fun and excitement. Extra initiative, inspiration, and motivation are ideal for making a start on complex tasks or things you have put off. This is the perfect time to make changes because they will happen quickly and relatively smoothly.

Jupiter Conjunct Uranus 2024

Jupiter Conjunct Uranus 2024

Jupiter Conjunct Uranus Dates

15 February 1997

8 June 2010
18 September 2010
4 January 2011

20 April 2024

8 September 2037
19 February 2038
30 March 3038

110 thoughts on “Jupiter Conjunct Uranus Natal and Transit

  1. Great article. I remember making loads of extra money during the previous Jupiter-Uranus conjunctions. Obviously I worked my @ss off for it. But still :). Remember feeling accomplished, stronger, and my weight dropped a little, too!

  2. Great post Jamie and very hopeful for all of us!!! I do have Saturn in my 7th house at 29 Aquarius so I wonder what will happen as Jupiter and Uranus are now transiting my 8th house. They are neighbors at the moment so to speak.
    Thanks again.

  3. Good news at last! This will be much needed after the difficult December so many astrologers are talking about.
    Thank you Jamie!

  4. hhmmmm Jupiter trine my Midheaven and conj Panacea

    I swear by almighty Apollo, by Asclepios, by Hygeia and Panacea…

    “Asclepios was the Greek god of medicine and a mythological healer strongly connected to the Solar cult of Apollo. Hygeia is the feminine consort of Asclepios, while Panacea is the universal medicine (or vital force) generated by the Sun.” Dylan Warren- Davis

  5. Conj will happen in my 2nd house….with Venus in the 9th..what would this say about romance?

  6. I love this blog. You guys do a great job. My natal Jupiter is in Pisces at 17 degrees, so it sounds like January will be good!

  7. Thanks for this. In my chart, this UJ conjunction is in my natal 10th and the new moon eclipse is in my 7th. I have chiron at 26 Pisces (10th), sun 27 libra(4th), moon 26 taurus(11th), mars 28 SAG(6th), NN 27 Aries (10th), Uranus 26 Virgo(3rd). I am waxing POSITIVE here…I AM READY for my life to take a new and exciting path…perhaps this is the gateway???

  8. Hi Jamie,

    Can you comment on this conjunction with respect to the 1776 USA chart? Jan. 4/11 is also a Partial Solar Eclipse at 13 Cap, which is exactly opposite the USA Sun. On this date Pluto will be exactly opposite the USA Jupiter (Sibley ruler if using that chart), Chiron/Neptune will be exactly conjunct the USA Moon (“the people”), and the USA Venus will be very near the transiting North Node. Mars will also be squaring the USA Chiron.



    • Hi Duane. I always use precession correction for transits, and for the US chart this means adding 3°17′ at the moment. This puts transiting PLuto square the US Midheaven (exact for the last time December 5 2010). Wikileaks, exit from Iraq, failure in Afghanistan = the global image and status of the USA being hammered: American Horoscope 2010.

      So with precession correction, I don’t get Pluto opposite Jupiter till 2012. Though I do get Pluto opposite Venus starting now, three hits in 2011. One of ther manifestations of this transit is on the US dollar which I mentioned here: Currency War 2010-2011.

      This Jupiter Uranus conjunction with precession is opposite the US Neptune and more closely trine Mercury, which miay be positive for discussions about the revelations form the WikiLeaks. Neptune deceptions, espionage, secrets revealed.

  9. Thanks Jamie! That makes a lot of sense, a correction I didn’t consider! Looks like Pluto is just getting started then on making oppositional contacts to all those Cancer planets. As you mention, the US playing role of World Police in the name of “national security”, it might seem Pluto then has significant lessons to teach about where abuses and extremes in the name of “security” have gone way too far (TSA??), not just abroad but at home.

    I do agree Venus represents the wealth/monetary aspect and Jupiter everything to do with excess. China and Russia are apparently dealing outside the US dollar now. english.peopledaily.com.cn/90001/90778/90859/7208907.html

    So the Eclipse won’t necessarily have a direct impact on the US? It is fascinating that the eclipse occurs as Jupiter/Uranus make their final exact contact although in Pisces (trine the 1776 Mercury) as you mention perhaps more sudden revelations of hidden deceptions are in order. I’ve read that Wikileaks is going to expose a major US bank next, in spring. Again, perhaps another threat to the currency.

      • No problem. Further Wiki-leaks may give the government enough reason to again overstep power in order to perpetrate a shutdown/regulation of internet (free speech)….. i.e. if you have such and such a website, you could be deemed a terrorist….

        • We got the birthdate Julaian Assange. Would love to post it but for the moment we have it on our Facebook Page: facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=165898270112827&set=a.157981720904482.29926.154248607944460

  10. “For this January 2011 conjunction, the more positive side of this conjunction should manifest. There is no fixed star influence, and no hard aspects from Saturn of Pluto. In fact, there is a most beneficial aspect from a most beneficial planet. Venus is trine this Jupiter Uranus conjunction almost exactly”

    If it does I will kiss you on my laptop and Marina has nothing to worry about!!!! This cj has been trining my natal Jupiter?Neptune all year and January is the last pass…so far very plesant financially (rules 2) and travelled a lot (other transts happenign too).

    Be well Jaimie.

  11. Good article! I am so glad they aren’t conjunct scheat! It is three degrees away, though, which I know is wide for asteroids, but I sometimes wonder if we’re too conservative. I don’t want to see 5 degree orbs, but I sometimes allow 2 degrees, so what’s one more degree, I wonder… What do you think about this?

    I guess we’ll just have to see what happens.

    Last time these two came together I had a very emotional time with an old friend. Surprise — it happened in my 11th house, how apt!

    • It is up to your intuition for asteroid orbs, you know your chart better than anyone so if you get some meaning from it then sure, an extra degree won’t hurt.

  12. Hi Jamie

    Thank you for your warning!

    “This Jupiter Uranus conjunction is going to most effect people with planets or points in their natal chart between 25 – 29 Pisces-Virgo. Though because of the involvement of Venus and Neptune, anything around 27 degrees of any sign is going to be effected.”

    My sun is at 27 Aquarius (2nd), hope my mind will be clear enough!
    Moon 18 Pisces (2nd); Mercury 7 Pisces (2nd); Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 25 Cap (1st). I am worried!

    Wish the solar eclipse at 13 Cap will positively affect my ASC at 10 Cap!


      • Hi Jamie

        Are you going to tell me that besides Venus square Neptune, the Neptune/Chiron conjunction also provides a foggy situation to me during the transit Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in my 2nd house?
        I don’t want to sacrifice monetary. So scared – my Chiron is at Pisces (2nd)!!

        Hope this Neptune/Chiron conjunction to leave me ASAP. Since the second half of 2008, I have encountered many strange events related to death. Horrible enough! But soon, Neptune will transit my 2nd house, even bigger trouble!

        • Neptune and Chiron on your Sun is a long term transit that is finishing soon, it’s about dissolving your ego, letting go and trusting in your spirits guides. I don’t go much on houses, finance is Venus more than the 2nd house. You don’t have to sacrifice your finances, but Neptune on your Sun is saying you don’t need to be so attached to any material thing. Money and possessions don’t have to be sacrificed, just have to not cling on to them so tightly and place them above things of true value in your life. The tighter you cling to material possessions during this transit and the more you worship them, the more likely that Neptune will dissolve them to show you what is of higher value.

          • Hi Jamie

            Thanks for your advice! I understand, from life perspective. Unfortunately, job wise, I am doing ‘finance’. You should have calculated that my MC is Venus-ruled. Using Cap attitude could deal with Neptune effect but the current Neptune/Chiron transit seems unexpectedly influential that from time to time, it could swing my willpower.

  13. My south node is at 26 Pisces, my MC/Chiron at 26 Aquarius. With Pluto still sitting on my DC, I’m expecting… something. Not sure what! *g*

      • Well that would be nice (I’m currently looking for an agent for my novel)! With all that Chiron, Pluto and south node action, I was anticipating something less than pleasant. Thank you.

        • I have Pluto squaring my MC all 2011 and am expected to be pushed a bit harder but not feeling too gloomy about career. Pluto should transform and make things bigger and better!

          • I currently have Pluto trineing Pluto, Neptune and Chiron on my MC. I read that the release point for the Uranus/Jupiter conjunction was its opposite point in Virgo, which is my north node. I’m trying to work through what that means. The eclipse seemed to be a turning point for me, not materially, but attitudinally; I’ve never felt so good about myself and the future in my life before. Not sure why, but it feels very good. 🙂

            Thank you for this inspirational blog and have a a happy new year.

  14. Wow! i think all our lives are about to change for the better – big time! i’m pisces with jup at 15 and sun at 17 but back in june, i got unexpected work for the month and it was very welcome. Cap is my solar 11th house and i’ve gotten lots of wonderful new friends who say they have adopted me as family (pluto in natal 4th). had a wonderful holiday with all of them. didn’t hear from my biological family at all. looking forward to Jan 4th and the next conj with jup and uranus. love it.

  15. My birthday is January 2nd, 11º Capricorn–8th house. I have this conjunction natally at 26º Cancer–2nd house, and it will be occurring Jan. 4 in my 10th house. I also have Venus in 27º Scorpio in my 6th house. I can only guess this is why I am sleeping so poorly these past couple of weeks. I am quite anxious to see what changes will come about–my sense it will largely be work/career related.

    • Very interesting Chris…
      I have the conjunction natally at 26-27 Cancer, 10th house, Venus 26 Scorpio in 2nd house-The transit is trine both natal placements at the end of my 6th house (approaching 7th house cusp within orb). I have no idea if this will impact work, money or relationship. I am employed, I don’t think job loss is realistic…could always use a windfall of cash…and I’m single, but fairly content and not seeking a relationship, so I have no idea. I’ve noticed very minor influences from the first two conjunctions…hoping for something good with this one. Every single conjunction since birth has resulted in a significant incident in my life…I keep wondering what this one will bring and when I will see it…if at all. I’m feeling a bit constrained by transiting Saturn in the 1st house and Pluto applying conjunct my Dec. square sun and ascendant. Keep thinking that is holding back/restraining the influnce.
      I’d be interested in hearing feedback from what happens with yours.

      • Hi Sherry! Nice to meet you. Sounds like your birthdate could be very close to mine. I, too know of the constant, tumultuous work of these transits, and this past year has seemed to have been an angry one, because my weak natal grand trine is filled out by Mars at 21º Pisces. But I’ve seen a lot of growth in myself, as well.

        I do have the satisfying relationship 7+ years, so I am not really expecting a change there. Extra money? One can only hope, but I do not see from where. I’ve never really had that for very long, but that’s probably the influence of Uranus in my 2nd house. If nothing else, I hope for an incredible spur of creative energy, (being a late-career graphic artist) which could bring me more in the long run. Most of the rest of my chart is largely in late degrees–Pluto @ 26º Leo (Nadir), Neptune @ 28º Libra, Moon @ 26º Aries. If any planet is in a late degree of anything, something is being hit, big time! it’s a never ending roller coaster!

        We can stay in touch here. Let me know what happens! Let’s both hope for the best and blessings from these influences!

        • Thanks for the reply Chris…Well, survived the conjunction. Nothing much in the personal realm, but extremely chaotic at work. Could not sleep the night of the exact conjunction, but also could have been influenced by the new moon eclipse at 4am my time…I did play that lotto, LOL…but alas, nothing 🙁
          Still haven’t figured out what all of this means for me personally….and I’ve put a lot of thought into internal change as well as external change. All I can say is hmmmm

          • i woke up at exactly the time of the eclipse thinking i heard my doorbell very faintly. i had my house listed for sale since july and it expired Dec 31. am trying to sell by owner now. not much has happened here.

          • Hi Sherry,

            I survived as well, but not much happened with me, either, at least not positively. Meanwhile this week, the plumbing at home is on the blink, rodents have been found on the premises, and my fiance just found out he has glaucoma. Of course, a 2nd look at my chart also shows Pluto conjuncting my north node in 8th house. (It’s natally on my descendant.)

            I actually haven’t played with astrology in a very long time, and I’m sure there is more going on than just this too.–like I say, I live on a continual roller coaster ride, and it is status quo for me. I was hoping for a grand event, but it’s the usual business of dealing with crisis. Oh well….

            Take care–stay in touch!

  16. For some reason I woke up about 1:00 am and couldn’t get back to sleep thinking about my will and other legal documents and the need to redo them. Wonder if the moon went into Scorpio or pluto is being aspected.

    • I’ve been dealing with legal issues all day and am getting documents drawn up in the morning, interesting.

  17. I have mercury an Venus at 26 and 27 in Pisces 6th house. A radical time in terms of thinking about the rest of my career. A bit scary if truth be told and I don’t want to thrw the baby out and all that. I could certainly do with some financial stability. This combined with datum opposing my natal sun and Saturn is reflecting rather a gloomy outlook. Am trying to be positive!

    • So this conjunction is right on your Mercury Venus, no wonder you are thinking about financial security. Changes here seem inevitable with Uranus, but remember Jupiter is positive!

      • Thanks Jamie – yes, I’m clutching at jove and hoping that there’s a second chance here. Twenty plus years in the arts and I fell that I’ve not quite got where I was hoping to be. I’ve actually signed up to do an Open Uni degree with the intention (maybe) of teaching (7-11) in a few years. I presume that this is reflected by Jupiter on my Mercury. It’s a long road and I’m wary that my academic record at school was very poor . Not only am I going to do a degree but I’m going to have to sit GCSE maths to qualify as a teacher. It feels like the most radical time in my life since 29/30. Is that Uranus opp Uranus as well? So much stuff going on. All rather alarming.

        • Uranus opposite Uranus, mid life crisis! Mines hitting hard because I have Sun conjunct Uranus. It does add to the stress and uncertainty about the future.

          Open Uni is so Jupiter Uranus, especially on your Mercury. Jupiter is the higher education, Uranus is the “open”, internet and freedom. Sounds good having Venus in there because it means this is something you love, you must love kids (Mercury) to want to do this. I also have Mercury conjunct Venus, and have worked with kids a fair bit, now looking after my own.

          • This is really useful. Thanks Jamie. It’s such a radical time. Unable to sleep such is my new found enthusiasm for learning. I think I’m also very close to giving up alcohol, something that’s been playing on my mind for a while, especially having recently witnessed a close family member nearly destroying himself through booze addiction. Might that be Uranus (sudden) on Venus (good things) in 6th house. it’s so uncanny it’s beyond. . .
            I have a Saturn sun conjunction in 7th house Aries (Saturn opposing right now, arghh) – must admit I’m rather looking forward to Jupiter crossing that point later this year. . . I know, Don’t expect too much.

  18. My birth details are october 2, 1981, 11.17 am, delhi, india..could you please help me know about materialization of a love relationship during this time..I am going through a very stressful time since the past week with a lot of obstacles in this regard..really appreciate it!

  19. Dear sir, I wish for a breief reading in
    relation to my book being published or in
    filmm by the BBC.
    I was born 26th July 1921 @ 1.00 Pm BST
    in Birkenhead UK>
    Any forecast will be appreciated.
    Yours sincerely
    Don Sutherland

  20. “I would think the overall influence to be positive for the stock markets with high optimism, investors hoping to make some quick money on exciting new ventures.”


    • Hope more ACCURATE predictions about the financial, social and political world in your coming forecasts. Stock markets are linked with the economic and political events. I, personally, am very interested in knowing from astrology about the transformation of energy ie. using a realistic approach to capture the destructive dreamy stuff, those unexpected and unwelcomed so-called spirituality occurred in the head, for some people, in the heart. If my conception is correct, astrology should be able to advise people to avoid falling into the traps as well as capitalizing the opportunities.

      • When I was researching the 2011 forecast I got the feeling of over optimism this year. An ignorance about the major fundamental problems in the global economy. There are a few Jupiter Pluto aspects ahead this year which could be important with greed getting ahead of morals. The overall major influence for the years ahead is Uranus square Pluto which does mean trouble financially on a big scale I believe. If things do go pear shaped as many are predicting, then astrologers will have an important role to play the transformation you mention.

        • Meanwhile, with an expectation of having a clear mind at work, my realistic approach of fighting against the demons in my head is to sleep every two nights!! I don’t know it is about the Pluto transit or transiting Neptune/Chiron conjunction. Every night, those deceased came out in my dream. When I woke up, I was either in anger and a war state or in a fighting mood!! During daytime, I have never thought about them and am willing to more than 100% let go of those persons. The family I lived in was a warfield. My parents were very oppressive and violent. Getting crazy now!

          • For psychic warfare dreams you might want to take some Ginkgo biloba herb, it increases bloodflow to the center of the brain, strengthening the pituitary and pineal glands. It’s important to feel like you can consciously have some influence over the direction of the dreaming.

  21. Lets say goodbye to uranus and jupiter in pisces and may uranus never come! With a virgo pluto, jupiter in pisces is always about sheading my skin and starting anew only to jump back on the same cycle and not amke the appropriate changes. Little nervous-again about the uranus/jup in aries. For years every mid march-april 4, usually april 1, haha, joke is on me I take a big loss and almost loose a child in one way or another. This year I will not leave my house for 2 weeks. Seriously, we get hit by cement trucks, head on collisions-their fault, we dont get compensated.
    (thank you mars)
    Anyhow I am ranting, this will be a second house natal transit and a progressed 12th/1st for me. Head injurys!

  22. I have my Natal Mars at 26 degrees Pisces (8th House) – which is right where the conjunction happened.

    How long does this ‘effect’ last?

    What can I expect from this transit? 🙂

    • The effect of that conjunction on your Mars would be felt strongly, the nature of Mars and Uranus is very quick, spontaneous, and Jupiter makes it bigger. It should ease off very quickly but the energy boost would be invigorating and last a while. Still, this would have been hard on the nerves, restless energy.

  23. this conjunct happened in my 2nd house (under equal house system, 1st house in placidus, don’t know which one is the right one though) and so far, nothing has happened yet. the conjunction also occured right on my 27 deg pisces north node and right on my progressed moon as well. every indication (at least from what I’ve read from various articles on the net) shows that something “extraordinary” will happen. so far, nothing.

    need to add though that this conjunct is opposing my natal jupiter in the 8th house….my natal jupiter is part of a stellium of Pluto, jupiter, and uranus with uranus at 0 deg Libra.

    don’t know what to expect, but I’m hoping for some good change this time since 2010 brought me unemployment when saturn opposition uranus occurred in april.

    waiting for that good change to happen and hoping that it’s something that can make my family celebrate a little.

    • Hi Ed, you would think this conjunction on your North Node would be a good thing, but I haven’t done much research into transits to the nodes. My feeling is that it wouldn’t necessarily translate as any major event, more of a undercurrent feeling and desire for change in where you are heading in your life.

      • Jamie,

        thanks for taking the time to reply to my post Jamie!

        a desire for change is certainly something that I’m feeling right now. I am in agreement with you that it might not be any major occurrence. I’ve looked back when jupiter conjuncts my north node and there were no major occurrence in the past, as for uranus conjunct my north node, it was close during the saturn uranus opposition and the surprising even that happened is when I got laid off (the opposition was 2 degrees away from my north node in April 2010 and I was laid off exactly 2 days after the opposition).

        i’ve stated on another post that April is usually a lucky month for me, looking at past charts, april is when the sun conjuncts my natal venus in the 2nd house which is why I think April has been lucky for me except for last April when I got laid off. I guess the malevolent effect of the Saturn Uranus Opposition was too much for a sun conjunct natal venus to overcome. it wasn’t a total loss last April though since I did get a severance package that helped a lot and if it wasn’t for that severance package, it would be hard to make ends meet.

        April is approaching again, hopefully it will be a lucky april this time, but Saturn is still opposite my 2nd house and will retrogade back on my natal chiron during that time….BUT, both the sun and Jupiter will conjunct my natal venus and I am still hoping for something good!

        in june, Jupiter would proceed to conjunct my natal saturn and that is also beneficial for me in the past. hoping that it will again be beneficial this time around.

        I have a lot to be hopeful for in this coming few months since the transits I’m having in terms of the sun, jupiter, mars are usually beneficial during the months of April to July. the transits I’m a little concerned about are Saturn (transiting my 8th house) which would oppose my chiron in a few weeks and oppose my venus in a few months, as well as Pluto transiting my 11th house in Capricorn which will square my natal chiron (I’ve read on Astro.com that this transit brings about rage! I hope it doesn’t)

        While I know that I am not totally “out of the woods” yet, I am hoping that things will start to get better.

    • hello Ed – does that mean you have Jupiter conj uranus in your natal and they are near/on the south node? If so, then the transit and natal planets are balancing the nodes – time to re-assess your natural skills and abilities in relation to what you aspire to be; expand your inner horizons and the outer ones will follow – I agree with Jamie – an emphasis on values, very personal, looking for inspiration – the energy is all there, up to you to find a direction for it, and thats the challenge, especially as it will take you in unexpected and unfamiliar directions – but, once you find that direction following it will feel right and it will open up, magically….Pluto is also squaring natal? time for an overhaul of those values, get out of the rut – and Chiron Neptune quincunxing s. node – sounds like a radical case of ‘nothing happening’, painfully boring – inspiration is key I’d say – time to clear out the attic of ancestral rubbish and make room for the new…..look to mercury and the inner planets for the triggers – merc is squaring your natal Jupiter right now! Could be a break through in a few days when it squares Uranus and Mars trines natal Jupiter – hope this helps, happens well for you!

      • Rob,

        yes, natal jupiter conjunct natal uranus, and also natal pluto. uranus at 0 deg libra, jupiter at 26 Deg Virgo, and Pluto at 22 deg Virgo. Pluto square had passed for me though.

        what you and Jamie are saying is actually making a lot of sense, and that painfully boring effect of chiron neptune quincunxing s. node is very much right on! thanks.

        the question is what to do now…..? there isn’t a lot of choices that I see for me. it’s either I get a job or the whole family becomes homeless and we all wallow in misery.

        • forgot to add that natal jupiter is indeed conjunct my natal s. node (1 deg) in virgo.

  24. Scheat caused such threats to my safety in June that I moved to another town to family at the time of the eclipse in cancer. My son 45 yrs old, has it all on his Saturn exactly so he’s the star searching for a new $ direction. His dad 69 now, in a care home at 45, with aneurysm is a Pisces too. What I left behind was, I now realized, strongly connected to the
    chiron/Neptune Savior/addiction pattern. I feel I made the best move. Time will tell. Nemeste all.

  25. what is the reason for the substantial death of the fish, birds and crabs in US, Europe and Asia? Any relation with Jupiter/Uranus conjunction? I don’t think the conjunction itself is a good thing. If the conjunction in Pisces concerns something around the sea, then will there be any conjunction of Jupiter/Uranus in Aries in the coming months? Hope not. Thinking about war, volcano….

    • we all get our info about such occurences from outside sources (the media, etc.), but i’ve heard/been told that this kind of thing is not uncommon… thousands of birds falling from the sky, schools of fish found floating dead in the water! i know, my thoughts were, “end of times!” whether or not there is some kind of significant astro for these happenings, i wouldn’t be surprised if they’re being hyped up in anticipation for the 2012 hullaballoo. everything is part of some kind of greater conspiracy i spose. and if these mass deaths aren’t some kind of heralding of the apocalypse, then what’s causing them? my husband was going on about military sound weaponry testing, which would account for the alleged fact that the birds that fell dead on arkansas were dead before hitting ground with no external wounds and the cause of death was internal bleeding from BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA… thousands of birds, wtf?

      • I’ve been following this story with some other astrologer bloggers. Some definitely linking it to the Jupiter Uranus conjunction. Some talking about the weapons testing you mentioned Michelle, specifically HAARP, and relating this to the proliferation of weapons testing leading up to WWII. Here we get a ling between the upcoming Uranus Pluto square and that of the early 1930’s.

        There is a Uranuian feel to the story, sudden death, lots of them with Jupiter. If it is testing related, then that is Uranus too, high tech, pulses.

  26. The conjunction happened *exactly* conjunct my south node. I’ve been going through minor hell for the past 5+ years (but especially intense for the past 3) with regret and guilt over past events and it has just gone away, suddenly cleared. I’ve been reading inspirational stuff that keeps popping out at me from the blue and feeling so much better about myself and the future. It all seemed to start just after the lunar eclipse (on my ascendant) and intensified the day of the solar eclipse. I feel a changed person.

    • An eclipse on the AC sure will intensify feelings. I see the AC as the physical expression of the soul, and transits there are felt deeply. So with the Jupiter Uranus conjunction on your South Node, new awareness about how that guilt from the past is effecting your life, hopefully that awareness from Uranus will lead to the other Uranus trait, freedom, freeing up your soul from those negative memories and old habit patterns.

      • thirteen years later, i am experiencing jupiter-uranus 1 degree from exact conjunct my south node in taurus in my 9th house, trine my ascendant to the exact degree. i had the march lunar eclipse in my 1st house but not on my ascendant. i have four planets changing houses at the same time as the eclipse in houses 1, 7 and 8, between my natal jupiter and chiron. its like the energy that the solar eclipse revived in house 1 is being given an opportunity to heal the trauma i’ve been plumbing through for the past couple years consistently. thank you for this post to help me understand how the south node is impacting this mega release of energy.

  27. Been trying to sell my house but aspects keep coming and going and nothing happens. My listing ran out with one realtor so I’ve tried to sell “By Owner” but still nothing so I’ve contacted another realtor today since there were a bunch of mercury aspects. Sure enough, she’s out of state till the end of the week. The conjunction is in my 6th house past My Sun and Jupiter at 14 and 17 Pisces. Uranus going into Aries still in the 6th where my merc is at 4 deg Aries. Pluto is exactly in my 4th house cusp; no natal planets there. I’m on the housing assistance list and if I don’t come up at the top of the list when I sell the house, I’ll have to spend my profits renting a more expensive apartment. I just would think with so many planets in my 4th house, it would have sold. Now i have to wait for the new realtor to check it all out, suggest an asking price, and get papers ready to sign, pictures on the web. I have mars in Sagitarius so when i get an idea, I want to go for it! I thought all this stuff going on in the universe would agree with me. 🙂

  28. I also want to comment on the attempt on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ life this past weekend in Tucson. I googled her bday and it said June 8, 1970. Along with five others, a 9 yr old was killed and her bday is 9/11/2001. I live near Tucson and was shocked by this as I’m sure everyone else is. They talk about her being kept in a medically induced coma while she heals. I know exactly what that’s like. I was in the exact same hospital ICU in Sep 2009 during the huge opposition between pisces and virgo. That year was very similar to 1965 when the planets were in the same signs only opposite. I was to have surgery for a hiatal hernia and was told the surgery would be on Sep 4th and didn’t realize until i got home that it was the full moon exactly on my sun! I considered changing it but figured whatever happened was probably what was supposed to happen and it was for a reason. The day after surgery my digestive system shut down and I was in ICU for 2 wks. They told my daughter it was touch and go and could go either way. They kept me medicated and would bring me up now and then and ask questions. I didn’t know where I was or why someone was doing this to me. I had the breathing tube in my mouth and my hands were strapped down. I had terrible hallucinations and at one point, couldn’t figure out where i lived. So I know what she’s going through. It brought back all the memories. It sounds like she’s doing well and my prayers go out to her and all the 20 people who were shot. Six died.

  29. Hi there!And what about UJ conjuction effect on natal moon in 28 degrees of pisces and natal sun in 27 degrees of virgo?

  30. with 75 per cent of Queensland including Brisbane flooded, and large areas across much of Australia as well, sudden drownings of people, and witnessing weird behaviours in certain sectors, I feel that Scheat was living up to it’s reputation. On a positive note it was heartening to see people coming together and supporting the suffering.

    • And Brazil flooding again too, they copped it during the last Jupiter Uranus conjunction on Scheat in 2010. I just saw on the weather forecast a category 2 cyclone around Norfolk Island. A bit south for a cyclone? At least we are having a cooler day here near Coffs Harbour, cloud coming in from the east and some winds picking up.

  31. Anne Whitaker has compiled a great resource in her wrap up on the Jupiter Uranus conjunctions here: jupitermeetsuranus.wordpress.com/2011/02/07/jupiter-meets-uranus-%E2%80%93-last-call-tales-from-the-wild-ride-part-11/ – Jupiter meets Uranus – last call: “Tales from the Wild Ride” Part 11.

  32. Hello, What confuses me is when Uranus re-enters Aries. I’ve seen the eleventh thru the thirteenth of March mentioned on the net. Does anyone know for sure?

    • Thank God for the “animate chart” function on SolarFire! Uranus enters Aries on Saturday March 12 at 0:49:29 am, London (Universal Time)

    • Hi Colombus, we specialize more in the fixed star influences here than on Sun signs.

  33. My son was born September 2010. He has this conjunction, also sun Saturn conjunction libra, venus Mars conjunction Scorpio, Neptune Chiron conjunction Aquarius and Pluto North node conjunction in Capricorn.

    Mercury in Virgo and moon in Aires completes the set.

    • Impressive. I’m so proud om my kids charts even the challenging stuff. I tend not to look at their charts that often but just enjoy seeing them grow.

  34. 18 Sept 2010, Uranus conj Jupiter 28Pis44, Jamie, square the GC 27Sag00, when the Fed went full throttle on Asset inflation, aka Quantitative easing

    • Gerald.Uranus Jupiter in Taurus 2024. Just look where Neptune is! Money has to bought down to earth me thinks.

  35. won £10,000 on this aspect (Jupiter conjunct Natal Uranus) one year, I slept-walked into it, coming into work and texting on autopilot a competition on a coffee jar, something I don’t normally do. My Uranus is in the 2nd house. At the same time the sun was conjunct my natal Jupiter. Unfortunately, this hasn’t happened every time I have had this aspect. I think it requires more things to align than just this.

  36. I can be rather lucky. I have this in cancer. Jupiter conjoin Uranus , I agree with the analysis of this planets together. Liberal and detest mundane. I does not help to have 2 aqua planets and sag moon in eleventh.
    I have to decorate to clean up.
    My sister hated the transit , Uranus conjoin Jupiter. I said live with it. It like you’re always hungry for new information.
    My brain is wired always to learn.

    My husband says, how do you read that fast.
    Not sure.
    that or aqu mercury quintile mars and bi quintile Uranus.
    It an odd conjunction to live with.

  37. I have Venus at 21’ Taurus (and MC 25’ Taurus) so I’m very curious to see what this conjunction in my 9H brings! The 2024 conjunction is at 21’ Taurus.

  38. I do as well – dob May 17th, 1955 – agree with your comments. Mercury in Gemini assists with voracious appetite for learning 🤣

  39. This upcoming conjunction is conjunct my Ascendant…. Fingers crossed for good outcomes.

  40. Aha … now we have a jupiter-uranus…. isn’t this the exact counterpart to saturn-pluto we had in 2020 ? Now surely high hopes arise but i don’t really care… the problematic end of all this comes when uranus passes algol – then we will know if the box of pandora will be opened once more…excuse me plz if i sound a little bit gothic…

  41. Further on in my eyes saturn and pluto are much more heavy weights for life on earth then jupiter and uranus…also in a karmic sense. Jupiter and uranus both want to get away from any consequences and no one likes to believe the 2020 saturn-pluto in capricorn could mean the end of humanity…so now jupiter/uranus makes us believe we can steal away but i don’t really think so. Everything has a beginning and end. Maybe humanity has had its time like everything else…they go crazy with stock market, with their new age believes, space age, the endless possibilities of human mind, artificial intelligence and so called trans-humanism. I don’t believe the hype anymore. Sry…just some “advocatus diaboli” thoughts…

  42. On the other side in germany more and more lawsuites are filed against pharmaceutical industry cuz of the corana-virus vaccinations….notice that this jupiter-uranus is trine the 2020 saturn-pluto. The good thing about it seems to help cover up powerful manipulations by the establishment being very bad for health and maybe get some compensation. But it is not so much you would get i.e. in usa…

  43. Interesting Jamie….am i right and this conjunction for NYC has neptune conj. ascendant on scheat ? I am thinking on NYC as biggest financial centre of usa… what could that mean on NYSE i.e. ? Would you see that as a good sign ? A speculation bubble ?

  44. if you guys notice, Jupiter will not conjunct with big boys for less or more 12 years, if Israel retaliate against Iran in coming days we might see a great war because of this Jupiter Uranus conjunction it expand explode suddenly. let see what this brings for us.

  45. I have several planets at 21 degrees. The upcoming jupiter-uranus conjunction will exactly square my natal venus-asteroid karma. And it will exactly trine my natal pluto-uranus and is exactly sextile my natal mercury? Any thoughts on that anyone?!

  46. Oh, and it also is in sextile to my 19 degree Pisces moon… which will shortly endure a saturn conjunction. (Am I right to feel worried by it all?!)

  47. Hi Jamie, out of curiosity how this conjunction could work out if it makes an almost exact opposition to your natal Uranus (less than 1 degree) and your natal Uranus makes a trine with your natal Venus (2 degree orb)?

      • Thank you for your response!
        So happy to read that this time something good is coming out of this opposition 🙂
        Should I experience this unexpected change on the same day of the conjunction or in a period of time?

  48. This conjunction conjoins my natal Venus, which is also trine my MH- how might that pan out? Feeling quite excited about it… 🙂

  49. Freemasonary working with astrology i know. Do you all think it is only by chance that US house of representatives on exacly jupiter conjunct uranus gives over 60 Billion $ to Ukraine ? AND exactly on Hitlers birthday ? No lessons from Hitler & Napoleon learned ? That is exactly the jupiter-uranus straw fire i meant and you will all see nothing is won in the end…People applauding now and jumping in the air “ah this is a great victory for freedom”… i am very impressed …lol…

  50. And only one day later sun square pluto today —- and THIS is the bridge leading to uranus on algol coming soon cuz algol is a very plutonic star — do you see how wonderful all this works together in heavens ? But i fear not to the advantage of mankind in the end…uranus -pluto connection is very dangerous in regards to opening up pandoras box you know… honi soit qui mal y pense…

  51. And the following saturn-neptune on aries cardinal point as a sign of global desaster, world economic breakdown and bankruptcy as the result of ww3 in the end 2026… a true horror scenario caused by hypocrits, arrogance and ignorance we will see…

  52. In this context further on Jamie: Heinrich Himmler, the german chief of the SS and holocaust/shoa had jupiter conjunct uranus on midheaven in sagittarius (with aquarius-ascendant !!!) — so — was he a good one ???

  53. Jamie, does the Jupiter – Uranus conjunction with Algol concern or bother you?

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