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Mundane astrology is the study of how the changing positions of the Sun, Moon and planets impact on world events. This is best done using the horoscopes of nations. Many mundane astrologers still persist with using ingress or lunation charts set for capital cities, or focus on the horoscopes of world leaders. These methods have failed miserably in the past, more can be gained by using national horoscopes.

As Nick Campion points out in his Book of World Horoscopes, p.1, the leaders in mundane astrology of the time failed to predict the outbreak of WWII using the old methods. In fact they even stated Hitler was a man of peace, just weeks before the invasion of Poland.

The fixed stars are also of importance when studying mundane astrology, especially when involved in a planetary aspect pattern. Even a single conjunction of a planet to a fixed star can have dramatic affects on world events. For example, Mars retrograde on the fixed star Algorab on 22 April 2014, coincided with an escalation in violence and terrorism around the globe.

Apart from the national horoscopes and other event charts listed above, I also add mundane astrological interpretations to the moon phases, retrograde planets, and major planetary aspects, for example Uranus square Pluto from 2012 to 2015. All of these posts, the national horoscopes, fixed stars and planetary aspects, have comments where you can add any current events which appear to be significant in mundane astrology.

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  1. Astrology isn’t going to give all the answers. We’re not allowed to know all the answers. It’s above, beyond and greater than astrology. We and this solar system – galaxy are far too insignificant than the the vastness and complexities of the universe. I think that the astronomical impact on us earthlings/aliens is far greater than the mere solar system and constellations. We are aliens at the end of the day; well that’s what we are to life on other planets in the universe. Ego will be obsolete beyond the mere realm in which inhibits astrology and the mortal inhabitants of this mundane earth.

        • I go off with my imagination at times! It must be Neptune trine my sun (transit) and Neptune trine my Asc (transit). I have got Moon trine Uranus though, so I think that has some involvement with my imagination. I even think that the majestic discovery of the two black holes found tightly spinning together back in Feb (more than a billion light years from Earth) had an effect on us too. I think that the gravitational waves that were detected from them signify the start of a major change in the ‘collective consciousness.’ I think that a transformation is going to happen in the next couple or few decades to come. One of the worst things we need to get rid of on this earth is greed and ego! The world would be such a better place! Anyway, I won’t start boring you by putting the world to rights! I think that these binary stars represent something profound that is starting to begin. It’ll just take a bit of time.

            • Maybe every star has a twin. Like twin souls. Brian Cox says that we’re made up of the same matter as stars. This might sound crazy – but I believe that in the higher spirit realm (the place the soul ascends to from this physical existence) they have communications with live on other planets.

              I think that it’s the Neptunian transits that have been making me delve deeper into the esoteric, these last couple of years (Scorp decan 1) it’s definitely had a very strong effect on me and my friend who is also Scorp decan 1. I believe that a lot is possible. I’m open minded to a lot of different theories. I find it all fascinating! It’s also refreshing to talk to other people who don’t have linear minds. You don’t have to see it to believe it.

            • Yes he is rights, everything in existence comes from the one source at the big bang.

  2. his Vedic astrology writer’s article – ” Is much talked about WW3 round the corner in 2017 ?” – submitted on 16 May 2017 , is scheduled for publication by 21 June in Summer 2017 issue of quarterly print Newsletter, The Astrologer’s Notebook , from North Port , Florida. One of features of predictions for June to August-September 2017 , more so during 19 August to 4 September , in vulnerable countries across the globe , reads as :-
    “Unions and associations of nations may develop some serious issues having potential to cause fissures, which could give rise to good cause for some member or members to leave or become not supportive to the aspirations of such union or association”.

    The news that in the first week of June 2017 , voices suggesting fissures and cracks within unions or associations or allies have been heard. Some Arab nations have cut ties with Qatar. Panama has reportedly cut diplomatic ties with Taiwan in favor of China. So alert of this writer looks to be meaningful.

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