2020 US Election Prediction

2020 US Election AstrologyThis 2020 US election astrology prediction looks at the astrology of election day to explain the extreme polarization and civil unrest this election is causing.

A comparison of election day transits to the horoscopes of Donald Trump and Joe Biden gives some insights on who will be the next president of the USA.

2020 US Election Astrology

The moon phases leading up to November 3 give an indication of the general environment. They set the backdrop for the planetary aspects at that time. The pre-election moon phases last until November 15.

The October 16 new moon was opposite Mars and square Saturn and Pluto. So it is causing anger, impulsiveness, hostility, delays, intensity, extremism, and a ruthless quest for power.

In the two days since the new moon, there has been a surge of civil unrest across the world. Here are some headlines just from October 17:

The October 31 full moon is extremely close to Uranus and also a violent fixed star. It is even more indicative of sudden change, civil unrest, violence, and rebellion than the preceding new moon.

Both pre-election moon phases working in combination create a highly volatile backdrop to the 2020 US presidential election. Anger and frustration are turning to rebellion, on both sides of the political fence. But the major theme is that of change.

2020 US Election Astrology Chart

2020 US Election Prediction

2020 US Election Astrology

Jupiter conjunct Pluto could make people more philosophical, ethical, moral, generous, and community-minded. And this could bring about a positive transformation affecting the masses.

However, this alignment can also amplify and intensify negative energy. And the conjunction is close to Saturn which is square Mercury. Fuelled by negative thinking, Jupiter conjunct Pluto can produce selfishness, greed, jealousy, self-righteousness, ruthlessness, fanaticism, extremism, and revenge.

Mercury stationary direct on November 3 brings the potential for communication and technology breakdowns, disinformation, false news, disagreements, and travel delays. Postal votes may be lost and recounts are very likely.

Mercury square Saturn stays within a one-degree orb from October 30 to November 8. This greatly increases the disruptive influence of Mercury stationary direct.

Mercury stationary direct square Saturn creates narrow-minded, pessimistic, and judgemental thinking. Words become nasty, mean, insulting, and derogatory.

So as well as endless arguments, lies, scandal and slander, and election fraud, a contested election result is likely. The vote counts and the calling of the election result may be delayed by court cases.

Trump Vs Biden Transits

PlanetDegreeDonald TrumpJoe Biden
June 21 Solar Eclipse00 ♋ 21sextile AC
July 5 Lunar Eclipse13 ♑ 37sextile Mars
Oct 16 New Moon23 ♎ 53trine Sun, square Saturn, square POF
Oct 31 Full Moon08 ♉ 38square Pluto, conjunct POF
Pluto22 ♑ 42sextile Mercury
Neptune18 ♓ 20square Uranustrine Vertex
Uranus08 ♉ 33square Pluto, conjunct POF
Saturn26 ♑ 21opposite Venus, trine MCopposite Jupiter
Jupiter21 ♑ 25trine MC
Mars15 ♈ 56
Venus08 ♎ 04sextile Pluto
Mercury25 ♎ 53square Venussquare Jupiter
Sun11 ♏ 43square Pluto

The table above comparing the transits to the horoscope of Donald Trump and Joe Biden shows both to have a mix of helpful and unhelpful transits.

Both have good aspects from the preceding eclipses. The solar eclipse sextile trumps Ascendant. The lunar eclipse sextile Bidens Mars. Both indicating strength and success.

Both have good transits to their Midheavens, indicating career success. Saturn is trine Trump’s Midheaven, Jupiter trine Bidens Midheaven.

Both have challenging transits from Mercury direct. But there are some major differences. Joe Biden has more positive transits than Trump, who has more challenging ones.

Neptune is square trumps Uranus, but trine Joe’s Vertex. The Sun is square trumps Pluto, while Venus is sextile Joe’s Pluto.

Finally, the biggest difference which favors Joe Biden is transiting Pluto sextile his Mercury. This is excellent for his election campaign as it gives intellectual power and a very persuasive communication style. He can put force behind his reasoning and convince many people.

2020 US Election Prediction

The moon phases leading up to the 2020 US Election point to anger, frustration, and change. This probably favors Joe Biden but the potential for civil unrest, violence, and rebellion is not good for anyone.

The 2020 US Election astrology aspects point to fanaticism and extremism. Lies, propaganda, lost votes, and a contested result are possible.

Transit to the charts of the candidates gives both of them a fighting chance. But Joe Biden has more favorable transits, compared to Trump’s more challenging transits.

So based on the mood for change from the October 31 blue moon, and the respective transits, I predict Joe Biden will become the next president of the USA.

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  1. Hmm. Other astrologers claim the USA will not have another scorpio president. Both Hillary and joe are scorpios. My psychic intuition says trump will win. But I have been wrong once.

    • And I have been wrong before too. Trump still has a chance. I guess it woud be a 40% chance based on their transits.

  2. Thank you for having a look. But we are voting now by mail. It is taking place now. I’d not think people will be voting live on Election Day especially in the States which may vote against Biden. They will be on lockdown due to the virus.. The votes are already being counted in many states. But Joe Biden has dementia. He never sounds intelligent. He’s an awful public speaker. He usually says things that get him into trouble. Also his chart likely is not accurate. It was posted by an astrologer in Germany from memory. What does that mean? Reminder Hillary Clinton’s chart was very wrong too. I’ve always thought the birth year was off because she met Bill Clinton in college in class so they are obviously the same age. This means that Hillary is a year older than her chart shows. Years ago it was very common for women to lie about their age.

    I thought perhaps the election would be delayed since if everyone is voting by mail on paper ballots there’s no way we will know a winner for weeks after the election???

  3. I think Trump will win and I’m not voting nor do I base this on astrology. Just my sense,

  4. Umm, yess.
    Am curious as to which of the two candidates’ stars is the better one overall come Inauguration Day?

    Then again, astrology is about interpreting prevailing cosmic energies around us, not a declaration or preordainment set in stone..

  5. Sorry to spoil your party here, but Trump will be re-elected. Yes, there will be civil unrest, violence and extremism, unfortunately, but Trump still wins. The more one has challenges in transit, the more pressure and energy is expressed and put to achieve the success.

  6. Mail in ballots are how the state I live in has managed voting for the past 15 years. There is no in person voting. Plus, the county I live in has provided very convenient ballot drop boxes so voters don’t even need to use USPS to mail their ballots in via the postal system. Voters are provided with tracking numbers to check that their ballot has been received and counted. I’ve successfully voted in many elections this way. It’s easy, well organized and convenient. I can’t speak for other states but mine has it under control.

  7. The transits of the inauguration are very telling. On January 20th, Mercury in Aquarius will be in Joe Biden’s Third house of communication. Also, Saturn and Jupiter will move into Aquarius, transiting Joe’s 2nd house of values. This is the herald of the next sea change when Pluto moves into Aquarius, so somehow he is the beginning.

  8. I would love to see your analyses on Jacinda Ardern, the new Prime Minister of New Zealand, who just won a second term in a landslide, and who managed the Covid Crisis exceptionally well.

  9. Cosmogenesis artwork; the Trinity and proofs, is the winner of this election Jamie

    Jupiter (election, your chart) 21Cap25
    Sun (AofA 1996) 21Cap25

    Of course I’m bi-@ssed.

  10. Jamie. How can you change your mind. It is either in their charts or not. So maybe there is no way of predicting a winner???

  11. Can you take a look at the chart for inauguration day, 20 Jan 2021, the White House DC? I think it says Trump all over the place, with Mars and Uranus conjunct with an approaching moon, that’s like his signature energy.
    I am seriously sidereal so I see things a little differently from your analysis.

  12. wow even with tthe Biden crime family scandal?? If Biden wins it will be the end of the US.

  13. Prediction? Its easy, and obvious. First, the Artwork is worth trillions. Second, the check is in the mail, because the artwork is “free” or given, ie, designed to eliminate your debts. All this astrology election mail thing is just a test run to verify who and where you are, which is troublesome, because many are homeless.

    it is what it is

    Jupiter lines up with Sun, two times, peas in a Capripod

  14. Jamie, again you would wreck any sliver of reputation you might have an Astrologer to go out on a limb to support the Lunatic Left and Biden who would vanquish the West for the benefit of Communist China. You really have no objectivity as an Astrologer. How anybody could project a Biden win under these current circumstances is what people will then use to discredit all of Astrology and you can blame yourself. But will you? NO.

  15. I actually unsubscribed from emails because of this horrible prediction! Trump2020 🇺🇸

  16. In your discussion of recent events, you seem to have missed the most important one, which is the revelations from Hunter Biden’s computer that Hunter and his father Joe took massive bribes from China, the Ukraine and, as we already knew, a 3.3 million dollar wire transfer from the wife of the Mayor of Moscow…This revelation is so damning that all the major media and tech companies, all of whom support Biden, have been censoring news of it in an attempt to prevent the public from learning about Biden’s criminal acts…

  17. The Age of Aquarius chart(Jan12/96), heliocentric, is having its first Chiron Opposition at the election

    Natal 7Lib29
    Transit 7Ari27

    “if Chiron opposes, then the work involves bringing something out of balance into balance through a healing process” askastrology

    The deepest wounds and strongest healing work are especially profound during major aspects in transit, ie. the conjunction, square and opposition

  18. The Age of Aquarius chart(Jan12/96), heliocentric, Jupiter opposite Mercury transit

    Natal Jupiter 28Sag29
    Transit Mercury 27Gem37

    Ref https://astrologyking.com/mercury-opposite-jupiter/

    Transiting Mercury opposite Jupiter brings big ideas and grand plans and you should feel optimistic and sociable. You may have many ideas and cover a lot of ground, but to make the most of this transit you will need to narrow your view or take on fewer projects.

    Find a balance between being too provocative and being too boring.


    Jupiter and Mercury in their Domiciles, at the Gates, between Heaven and Earth


  19. You wrote:

    “Finally, the biggest difference which favors Joe Biden is transiting Pluto sextile his Mercury. This is excellent for his election campaign as it gives intellectual power and a very persuasive communication style. He can put force behind his reasoning and convince many people.”

    Hysterically amusing!

    You do realize that Senile Joe cannot string thoughts together into a coherent sentence, right?

  20. Right wing or left wing….still the same rotting bird. The left wing is decomposing faster into putrefaction. May your god save us all if the left wins. The right is better but not by much….but we will not become instant slaves at the teats of Gubermint

    Censorship, shouldn’t exist in a republic…….if you are of any party, you should not tolerate any media censorship. Someday, it may be yours. Never allow dissent to be quashed.

  21. Biden may very well do all that and more. But nothing in the stars says that he will do so as our next President. Remember Al Gore and how he lost the election but went on to achieve respect, fame and wealth?

  22. ON 3rd November, Sun is trine to Jupiter…so who is ruled by Sun wins.. I think Trump has a Leo ascendant and therefore better chance. Venus is in pisces sextile Saturn. Lady gets sad ..So who is the lady here ?

  23. Dream on. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have strong transits and planet placements and they will win the electoral and popular votes by a landslide.

    Plus all the legitimate tarot readers show the wheel is turning and change is coming so Trump will not serve a 2nd term no matter if he/the republicans contest the results, demand a recount or go all the way to the Supreme Court to overcome the election results.

  24. You sound like the lunatic. Hope you wake up before it is too late. You are under trumpspell.

  25. That’s the problem with Trump and many of his supporters. They think insults and demeaning people will make them right. How many people have died from Covid-19 in the US because of Trump and Pence’s denial/inaction. Or what what have they done for the poor/homeless and huge unemployment rate in the US right now?

    Or separating immigrant children from their parents, many of whom have disappeared or been deported back to Mexico and dumped there with no one to care for them.

    Where is your compassion/empathy? Obviously none of this matters from all the posts on here who are Trumpites.

  26. Months back you predicted Trump would win by a landslide…Fake news is so ramped..Its the biggest part of the problem and the people putting it out there are the ones feeding the turmoil… Figure it out people and dont believe everything you read.

  27. Youre the one thats delusional. I guess you have no capacity to look behind the curtain and to see who their masters are. Biden is a common criminal who has accomplished ZERO in hisc47 years in Congress. Uh…he has become wealthy through thus public service position. Only a fool would vote Socialist/ communist progressive party. Guess you fit into that catagory

  28. I am not trying to offend you personally but, seriously. Are you merely focusing on one event that is about the candidate’s child’s actions rather than what the candidate himself has done or not done? One thing you learn in life: you can’t control who your family is or what they do. And you shouldn’t be painted with the same brush and held responsible for family. Do YOU have family members that do things you wouldn’t want to be judged by? Of course you do–we ALL do. Even worse, when family can use you to advance themselves, some of them WILL do so; whether or not them doing so will somehow hurt you and your reputation. For me, I have a couple of family members who commit crimes. When they’ve gotten caught in the past, they’ve name-dropped my name to save them and/or to get them out of being arrested or prosecuted. And there’s nothing I can do about that.
    Secondly, have you honestly forgotten ALL of the (proven) criminal, unethical, immoral acts Trump has committed?? Not to mention all of the ways that he has embarrassed all US citizens and endangered us on a global scale?
    I personally just want some Peace and quiet. I don’t care who wins. I’m tired of America and Americans being a nationwide reality tv show.

  29. Jamie. Please tell people not to turn this into a debate. Not the right forum. Just stick to the facts as Jamie laid them out based on astrology info. I hate to see all this hate on your site. I get so much out of your astrology site.

    • Hi Sallie. Usually, with these posts on politics, I do delete the non-astrological comment. But I thought I would let it go this time to show how the actual astrology of the moment is playing out. Extreme polarization, nastiness, etc.

  30. My psychic intuition says Trump will not leave office on the expected date, as has been the norm, but I don’t think he’s re-elected. I think he just doesn’t leave the White House when he’s supposed to. I also can feel something weird, sneaky, and hidden will happen but I can’t tell what it is. I do know whatever the hidden thing is will skews the results.

  31. Definitely not you Anne. The responses don’t seem to be posted with the associated comments. I am with you.

  32. Wow you’re spouting ALL Fox talking points. They think if they say it enough it becomes true. CULT

  33. Keeping it to astrology, Trump also has an almost exact quincunx from transiting Pluto to natal Sun on election day. Pluto also conjoins his vertex. Among other things this has been described as a tipping point.
    A general observation though is that extremism, either right or left is foolish and untenable and will create imbalance that catalysis correction. We are overdue.

  34. Jamie, I hope the prediction of decency returning will transpire. This current potus continues to be such an embarrassment & following his crass & boorish example,his lemming-like base never responds with intelligence, compassion or understanding.Example: the created ANTIFA they scream about. Do they even stop to THINK that it is a moniker for ANTI-FASCISM? The despised & deposed dictator Mussolini was the king of fascists, So yes..I, too, am anti-fascism in any form. Democrats have always been viewed as pro-environment ‘tree-huggers’. This is a positive. Please people, think, see how you yourselves respond. Do you seethe with hate? or do you even TRY to comprehend and seek a solution for ALL.(?)

  35. Sallie — My apologies!!! I’m guilty but it was not my original intent when I began the comment, believe it or not. Thank you for the reminder to be more mindful 🙂
    Happy week to you!

  36. Not directed at you. It is all the hate and bashing of both Democrats and Republicans. I just don’t think this is the right forum to spew hatred. We get enough of that in every day life. We need more positive vibes

  37. Hi Jamie. Thanks for sharing your prediction. Just a heads up, your last sentense “based on the mood for change from the October 21 blue moon”, you probably meant to say October 31 🙂

  38. Question:
    Since certain astrological alignments predict specific future events, is there any way you can study Trump and Biden’s charts to see if either are relocating/moving into a new home and the approximate time frame that they will do so? Their wives’ charts would show the relocation/move, as well, yeah?

  39. Relocation? Good question. One way is to relocate geocentric to heliocentric. Get yourself out to the Sun for the best view of this thing.

  40. Remember Trump’s moderator said Q people think Dems are sacrificing and killing children etc. Well 500k kids go missing every year- where is media?This statement has so much merit it would make you sick. Ask why did the media love Trump on Apprentice but hate him as President? He passed three pedo bills. It is good vs evil for real. Here is proof. It is hard to believe you live in the globalist satanic worldwide elite Truman world, you will deny this info but the more you research you’ll find it isn’t any party both sides are compromised and are deep satanic followers for power and money. This has been going on for hundreds of years the sacrificing of humans but kept quiet. https://educate-yourself.org/cn/ciadrugsabusemurder.shtml and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ng–1uY5Atc&feature=emb_logo and https://jamesfetzer.org/2019/11/field-mcconnells-stunning-arrest-the-most-radioactive-scandal-in-the-usa-today/ . I first thought wow these people are crazy until it became numbing the real truth. I have been researching this now for ten years it is the truth.

  41. There is HUGE difference between Socialism and Communism. Can’t even compare the two. Also many are democracies which the USA used to be.

    Look up the definitions of the differences in the Thesaurus/Dictionary/Online and countries that are socialist (most of Europe) and Communist (Cuba, Russia, China, Ukraine,etc) are startling different and absolutely can’t be compared.

  42. Compare systems in the past, such as Athens vs Sparta for a more useful analogy to today. HBiden had water damage to his laptop. This is like saying his iron was quenched in vinegar.

  43. Courageous to put this prediction up, Jamie, thanks. I suspect it will be Trump. His entire 4 years has been turmoil and conflict in the US. Full moon is a summation, and Mercury direct another ending. It may be a resolution or end to the conflict. The massive change with a Biden win, Biden/Harris look inadequate to the task, and Democrats are voting for them because it is anti-Trump rather than enthusiasm. Republicans are wildly enthused over Trump, and in new voter registrations R’s are outstripping Dems.

  44. Activate your calculator and sharpen pencil. Compare Sparta/Athens (6 letters each) with Democratic/Republican (10 letters each).

    Find within an astrology quadrilateral, for us to numeralize into a synastry.

  45. You know why I think it will be Trump who wins this one (probably by pulling all the strings he can?) Because I think there is a deeper astrological system at play here than just that of an electional cycle. I believe the Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn conjunction, which happened in January this year, symbolized a cycle of authoritarianism in which a certain karma is mean to play out. On a planetary scale, this karma has taken the form of the coronavirus (where mother nature is the ‘authority’ that restricts us for our own growth), but countries like the US have an additional karma due to the US’ having its Pluto return. And this next 2020 election is the final one before the Pluto return happens proper in 2022. The natal Pluto of the US is in the 2nd house in Capricorn, which deals with material wealth and economic prosperity, but also strong authoritarian structures that can be abused if there are cracks in the system. And I believe that as Pluto is returning, many or most of those cracks will be exposed. When the US was born, Pluto in the 2nd promised wealth – and it certainly delivered, as America – in just a short 250 years – became one of the wealthiest and most politically dominants nation in the world; and yet, that was a cycle of growth – now with Pluto returning, it is bringing back all the karma of Capricorn/the 2nd house – i.e. greed, money-at-any-cost, too much materialism and a me-first mindset – in a bold way so the American public can see how they have been abusing their growth for many years. And from a universe standpoint, what better way to reveal this ‘mirror’ than to have a President who is boorish, self-centered and stands for all those aforementioned values?

    So I believe Trump is part of the American Pluto-karma, and he is meant to outplay an intense level of selfishness so the American public can ‘wake up’ to the misuse of Pluto energy that they have been engaging in for a while, and so can call to reform. As he is a part of this karma and since Pluto will fully return in 2022, before entering Aquarius in 2024, I believe he will win relection somehow (maybe by putting up a fight or going to the courts, somehow). There will likely be ensuing chaos and there’s a good chance (especially since Jupiter/Saturn will conjunct in Aquarius on Dec 21 – thus offering a counterbalance to the Capricorn karma he represents) – that his second term may be more chaotic than his first. As Pluto draws closer to its natal US position, it may be that the coronavirus may see Americans going further into poverty (Capricorn) or even death (Pluto), and Trump may be going more authoritarian to try to bolster his image. This may be happening with authoritarian leaders the world over, as a matter of fact. I believe that the 2020 conjunctions (Saturn/Pluto, Jupiter/Pluto, Saturn/Jupiter) may set the tone for the whole decade and we may see global themes of authoritarianism vs freedom-movements by the populace. And when Pluto enters Aquarius in 2024, those social victories will be ‘permanent’ (since Pluto represents permanence), much like the French or American Revolutions of the 1780s (when Pluto last entered Aquarius).

    So all the above, plus the fact that on election day the transiting north node will be conjunct Trump’s own north node (destiny), hints to me that he may in fact hold on to what he believes is his victory.

  46. 🙂 Anger and venom seem to be in the air.

    Still haven’t made up my mind about the state of the liquid in the glass. Was just glancing at the charts for a few minutes this evening. I am inclined to think the election will be called sooner than expected.

    Can’t seem to move past the idea of Trump’s natal Moon being in the house of endings. The Sabian Symbol for the Moon degree is – A Chinese laundry.

    Time for some sleep. It is 1:26 AM here.

  47. I am surprised you did not take Mercury retrograde into consideration. This is a re-election for Trump but it is Biden’s first election process for President. Also Mars is retro. Seems to me success will come to the one that is “re-running”. I think Biden will be declared winner by the media (the confusion factor/fake news) but after recounts, Trump will remain in position. If you look at the transits for Biden and Harris towards the end of November, Saturn is playing havoc with both of them. That is when the hammer will fall against them both. I looked at Harris and Pence’s charts also. It is all relative.

  48. I’m not here to rescue JB (12) or T,D (2,4), but if they bring a case of beer over I’ll listen to ’em.

    Thing to remember about these two, is one is born during a hotly contested period of WW2, where deception made the difference. The other one arrives during a period of winners optimism.

    In more immediate real terms (astrology), the recent New Moon, At Gurus and Spice, has triggered the Grand Cross.

  49. Rush, you are so perceptive of the forces at play. Karma is exactly what Covid is about– the imbalance that has predominated and continues. I was reading/intuiting that we had reached a tipping point but now not sure and hope that this insanity doesn’t have to go to further extremes.

    I have to take exception to your description of Pluto representing “permanence” being intimately familiar with Pluto.Close conjunction to my natal Sun and as I write exactly aspecting my Moon. Plutonian energy seems anything but permanent. But in regards to present karmic events we will see.
    The Great Transformer does not tolerate deceptions denials and underhanded dealings of an unscrupulous nature. This kind of manipulation is not supported by Pluto and in fact turns the energy against the perpetrator. Pluto will be pretty much exactly quincunx to trump’s sun on election day and also conjoins his vertex exactly. Fated events. And let’s not overlook that the Sun in Scorpio will square off with the man’s 12th house Pluto on November 2nd. Pluto in the 12th can have much occult power but can bring about self undoing for one who has abused power. For months now I have “heard” that he is on this path. Let’s hope he gets there sooner than later.

  50. Rush — that was a fascinating read!!! Thank you very much for taking the time to comment!

    Donna — Biden ran for POTUS years before he was VPOTUS. So technically & literally, he is “re-running.” I’m not attempting to argue w/you here or, “keep hope alive” that Biden will be elected, I’m just saying we can cross that alignment off the list of alignments (and interpretations of alignments) in play as we all try to figure out the possible winner in the upcoming election.
    #2: the Transits for Biden & Harris at the end of November and Saturn playing havoc w/them at that time. IF Biden won the vote (citizen & electoral) BUT Trump refused to vacate the WH or step down and he began taking legal steps to stay in the WH–essentially blocking Biden from transitioning into the WH & his role as POTUS? Could all of the former account for the havoc you see at the end of november for Biden/Harris? As in–“he’s not moving out. WTF do we do NOW?” lol.

  51. Really – where are you getting this info from? I assume Fox news because Biden is very far ahead in electoral votes as of 10/21 in many of the states Trump won in 2016.

  52. FOX, the alphabet network assigned to DT.
    The 32 letters in the quadrilateral, Athens/Sparta/Democratic/Republican.. a weak combination for DT, without the triple 6 n FOX. Whereas the opposite to DT, that party needs the luck n the letters CNN.

  53. I predict NO CLEAR WINNER and the masses erupt into VIOLENCE on the streets.

    After that it doesn’t matter who wins, like everywhere else, BOTH PARTIES are controlled by the SAME RULING ELITE.

  54. Athens/Sparta (2×6) 12
    Democratic/Republican (2×10) 20
    FOX/CNN (2×3) 6

    Digitize the thirty eight, but before we begin, look how Athens and Sparta share the same first and last letters. Then Part the divide, and conquer the riddle.

  55. A Bolshevik Witch taught me this one: For her, as a die hard lefty, any merging with the right was Problematic.

    Take the letters in Problematic, compare with Democratic/Republican

    Where are the letters unique and similar? Cancel the similarities, and find the unique letters to be: 3 for the Democratic (OMT, 642), and 3 for the Republican (PBL, 723)

    Cancel the 2, letters T and B, add the remainder, 6+4+7+3 = 20, or 2

    You’re left with two, in this analysis. 2 in numbers, is The Moon. The chronology of the first three numbers is All Personal.

    1. TheSelf, Sun
    2. Personal Resources, Moon
    3. Personal Drive, Mars

    Does it come down to Feelings. Streisand fans? Where’s the Moon on election day? —Geocentric Gemini,
    Heliocentric Taurus, conjunct Uranus.

    Among other things, does the weight of this election fall under the weight of October 31? Blue Moon and 1st anniversary of Cosmogenesis?

  56. 🤨 Say what? Interesting Gerald. I’ll think about it, if and when time allows. Seriously, it is very intriguing.

  57. Moon is strong at this election Lynn based on selected 38 letters. Its like I’m playing Tarot, turning up cards. These letters are pulled from the internet aether. What you are seeing is a dry approach to an old game.

  58. When I look at progressions I don’t find much for Biden at first glance. Solar arc MC opposite Saturn will be full autumn 2021. But we have solar arc Pluto making midpoints to mercury-neptune and especially to AC-MC (which could mean rise to power).
    For Trump his secundary MC is almost conjunct secundary saturn (which could be increased responsibility or fall). Also solar arc Pluto sextile moon, which looks good. Still could go both ways, but it looks good for Biden.
    But I agree the election will be a mess with mercury stationary square saturn. Things could get delayed. Maybe Biden will become president around Christmas, when saturn and jupiter join together in aquarius (the democrat). And then, maybe not 🙂

  59. You are quite right about the Pluto return. Some bad years ahead for the US. Also next august 2021 solar arc pluto on the MC of the US. Just about the time of solar arc uranus on the AC of Trump. Plus in the year after Saturn-Jupiter conjunction… I’m not gonna spell it out, but all of this only makes sense with Trump still in office.

  60. You were right in 2016 (about Hilary winning the popular vote and Trump the Presidency), so it will be interesting to see if you are on the mark again this time. There seem to be few astrologers who can be truly objective and remove their own tinted spectacles.

  61. Mercury backwards.
    Polls are wrong.
    Election day Mercury goes direct.
    Trump, ruled by Mercury, returns to his throne.

    ‘The change’ is the destruction of the old order.
    Biden is the corrupt old order. Biden is the establishment, the old authority. Biden Obama Hillary. All will fall.

  62. Heliocentric Jupiter-Saturn conjunction November 2, 2020

    activate Trinity

    Peace, Order, Justice
    15 Eunomia, 14 Irene, 99 Dike or Dice.

    Nessus 11Pis58 – Abuse/Privilege
    Orcus 11Vir53 – Hades Ferryman

    Mercury 22Gem06 quincunx Pluto 24Cap17
    Mercury 22Gem06 square Neptune 19Pis51
    Mercury 22Gem06 sextile Venus 16Leo38

    We’ve already looked at this chart and reviewed the Mercury sextile Venus as a Diplomacy
    aspect: A sales couple or partnership working the room. It doesn’t have to be perfectly choreographed, the orb is 6 degrees.


  63. Allan — While it is clear in your astrological interpretation is based on you favoring Trump? What would your interpretation be if we were looking at ANY other Mercury-ruled Gemini person?

    I ask because I am Virgo Sun and have a close friend who is Gemini. I am also a massive pattern freak geek who pays attention to the retrograde experiences of other Geminis & Virgos.

    Over the course of decades of taking note of the Merc Rx events involving Geminis & Virgos? Patterns have emerged showing the day before and the day of Merc Rx going direct is where Geminis & Virgos experience the most backward effects (of the Rx). Those two days are where the “Murphy’s Law of Whatever Can Go Wrong WILL Go Wrong So Just Breathe Through It” will occur.

    So if we take your interpretation without attaching specific people:
    Mercury backwards,
    + 11/03 Merc goes direct,
    + Geminis have some type of return where change occurs,
    + There is a destruction of the old order.
    + Your interpretation.
    = Geminis are about to experience an event that turns out the opposite of what THEY expected and they will be returned to a point in their lives where they start anew at something old.

    * NOW add in Trump (the Gemini) and only look at what your interpretation means for HIM. What if “Trump returning to his throne” actually ends up meaning that Trump returns to his castle–Trump Towers–and returns to presiding over his personal kingdom of all that is Trump Business?

    Part of the pattern I’ve noticed in regards to Merc Rx endings is: Geminis become MUCH more emotional and volatile. For lack of a better way of putting it, they become Drama Queens, have outward bursts of emotions (temper tantrums), and end up saying things they don’t mean and haven’t thought through.
    ** This is not an insult to Geminis, just an incomplete observation.
    But I said the former to say: I think Trump is going to end up REALLY stepping in it because he won’t be able to control his emotions or mouth. And I wonder what effect that will have on voting numbers at THE most crucial point of the entire election year. If I were on Trump’s campaign team? The day before and then the day OF the election, I’d be hiding him from the public as much as humanly possible…

    And none of what I’ve said, or your interpretation, has factored in the OTHER major Astro-Events in play right now.

    It’s definitely going to be interesting, I’ll say that.

  64. Grand Trine, Synastry, USA Sibly / Jupiter-Saturn heliocentric Artist Proof


    Not every Synastry ends in a Grand Cross. A bit of relief, with the minor trinity activated, up pops a Major Trinity, and …

    …. Triple trinity:

    -Eunomia, Irene, Dike
    -Grand Trine synastry

  65. In the Grand Trine chart posted above, note the Pluto, Nessus, and Chiron returns. Nessus return is behind us, the worst of the privileged abuse over. Pluto and Chiron still to come.

    Stake that Grand Trine amongst the Grand Crosses, it’ll look good on the front yard Halloween.

  66. Orbits

    50.42 Chiron

    122.30 Nessus

    245.19 Orcus
    247.94 Pluto

    You can see how these 4 are involved with each other. And how it is with the Age of Aquarius chart (Jan 12/96) Chiron Opposition. Lots of howling pain at these sex planets calibrating.

  67. My thoughts too.
    I’ve also used tMars 16Aries sq asteroid Nemises sq midpoint Pluto/Sun Both 16Cancer.
    Also, asteroid Nemises squares Venus/Pluto and
    Squares Mercury.

  68. Alan,
    What about tMercury sq Venus and Trump’s MC ruled by Taurus? Who knows what other asteroids might fly by for either?
    Whatever, here in Down Under, this election is being watched in wonderment.🌝🌜🌟

  69. Starbright — LOL! I have two clients who are Australian. They both never miss an opportunity to make fun of me and ask me “WTH is up with your people?!” (said in a poking fun at me way). I’m beginning to believe ALL you Vegemites have a snarky sense of humor, lol (my kind of people!).
    Full disclosure though? ALL of my international clients–who are strewn throughout the globe–take pot shots at me and “my people” and have done, for the last 3+ years. Normally I have a good comeback for everything but, on this subject? I got nothing–I just have to laugh.

  70. Astrology for money. This is a good topic. We work diligently at our art, sometimes we’re heard, sometimes not. Place a flower in the coffee pot, or add 20 to the jingle jar. My payout was a friend named Steve, we didn’t know it but he’s an archetype Chinese.1.62 billion world wide scope. Look at him through the telescope.

  71. China Archetype Heliocentric, USA election transit.


    How can anyone looking at China, or the Chinese themselves, not love this chart?

    The story is my friend and only client, his Natal chart and China’s Progressed chart intersected a few years ago, right at the time I was visiting him for a Pay reading.

    This is the China Proof in the Trinity. Everyone on the internet knows that you aren’t going to be truly successful with a low number of clients, unless you hit the jackpot with archetypes.

  72. Hi thelearnedone,
    I’m not a trained astrologer – just a layman with very rudimentary knowledge of astrology. But I know there’s something amiss with what’s being portrayed at the moment. The polls, media and bookmakers all indicate Biden will sweep to victory, which appears also to be inline with what this article’s astrology is indicating as well.

    However looking at more concrete evidence, such as turnout at rallies and candiate effort, it appears Joe Biden is not getting any voter enthusiasm at all. Market indicators such as merch being sold, placards being bought, reviews on campaign products etc – Trump is beating him hands down. See https://youtu.be/mLXc5i3HFf4 for more info.

    The astrology doesn’t appear to be reflected on the ground. Mercury in reverse? Trump is not really campigning against Biden, he’s campaigning against the media and news corporations. Biden is a none-entity on the campaign trail.

    I understand your point about applying the transit to no specific person, a generic gemini, but i’m assuming, as ‘Leader of the free world’ (1 in 8 billion people) trump may take on an archetypal link to mercury – he’s a trickster, Loki, no? So perhaps Mercury takes on greater emphasis in his specific case – relative to any other Gemini.

    There is indeed alot of, as you say, ‘OTHER major Astro-Events’ (apparently this year has been full of them) and these events are shedding light on the current establishment. From what I’ve read about the other major activity, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto all in Capricorn – that undoubtably will shakeup all earthly-earth sea goat type things – guessing financial, institutional and governmental structures, perhaps redefining new social cotracts. And I’m guessing Pluto isn’t going to make any of this pretty. I think this perhaps was playing out in Brexit (more countries may follow), and it’s also being piggybacked and twinned on to the Pandemic (Great Reset and 4th Industrial Revolution via the World Economic Forum) and thrust upon the world populace in draconian and authoritarian ways. Sever limitions on personal freedom (saturn) being subverted (Pluto) in nefarious ways as power tries to grab even more power?

    I don’t know enough about astrology to try explain in terms of transits and progressions, but what to me is being highlighted now is a great level of corruption by Joe Biden. It is alleged and emerging, with corrobrating and verified emails,text messages and several direct witnesses, that Biden has been taking bribary money and making private deals to the tune of millions whilst he was Vice President to Obama. Joe Biden has been in office for 47 years. He is the establishment! He represents everything wrong about the old paradigm. Worse still, this information has not just being ingnored by the mainstream press, but deliberatley obfuscated and censored – to the extent that the white house press secretary had her twitter account suspended for sharing a New York Post article regarding the matter. It’s here where we see the corrupt establishment trying to protect the establishment pawn (Biden). The major astro events will shake this up.

    Trump to a large extent is not the establishment. It is he who was elected in 2016 that to me began the personification of the shake up in institutional structure that may be indicated by the dance of Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto. And when Johnny Rotten, an anti-establishment icon from the Sex Pistols, who helped birth the Punk movement, comes out on record and states Trump is the ‘only sensible choice’, it’s clear that something strange is going on.

    The fog of a stationary Mercury is worrying, since it could be that whoever claims victory on election night, Trump or Biden, then suffers a reversal and is overturned weeks later due to recounts and the steady stream of late mail in ballots during mercury’s shadow. That would cause massive civil unrest (Mars in Aries, direct?)

    Or worse Biden gets disqualified (unlikely but hey its 2020, anything can happen) – it already seems like the crimes Biden has committed are serious enough for him to be disqualified from the campaign. If the democrats get the larger share of votes and Biden’s disqualified does that mean Kamala Harris becomes president? Is that indacted in the astrology?

    Like you say, at the very least – it’s going to be interesting!

    (Aside: Yes you were right in that i would favour trump to win. He’s a narcissitic bombastic trickster that has many unlikeable traits, but he’s done a lot of underappreciated good as well – I don’t think he’s as bad as some of his predecessors – people have short memories: Dubbya, Obama, Bush senior spring to mind. They were far worse than Trump. The fact that the leader of the free world hasn’t engaged in a war in his 4 year term is a delight – and his recent peace deals in the middle east are something that i suspect Biden would be quick to tear up. But I’ve tried not to let my favour cloud my judgement. I’m UK based so have no real stake in the outcome. My anarchistic tendencies tend to lead me to enjoy the elections in a George Carlin kinda way – if that makes sense. I’ve got Sun in Cancer, Capricorn rising with Neptune conjuct my ascendent – could be that I’m just relying too much on my intuition, which maybe foolish in foggy times like these? Perhaps we’ll see a rather different Trump in his second term ;0) )

  73. I agree. Plus Biden has invisible mars in 12th house above horizon in a day chart… He is definitely working for the secret societies. Biden has north node transiting 7th house of opponents. Trump is in a nodal return pulling him into his destiny, and he was born during a full moon full lunar eclipse, so this same eclipse again will benefit him, and he has Regulus rising, who always wins.

  74. My 8am chart for 3November for Trump’s chart has tMars in 8th house ruled by Mars sq Nemises and Sun/Pluto.
    From what I have learnt, activation to Sun/Pluto often brings the end of something. Just an observation, especially as
    the asteroid Nemises conjunct that midpoint…

  75. I agree. But, jupiter saturn Aquarius, demolition of the next president is some way. They are both old even without assassination!!! I think on inauguration day that Uranus is on Biden part of fortune.

  76. Auntie Nemises gonna cane Trump and make pancakes for Biden? Back in the day it was Barbecues that drew me to political rallies. Now we see no one show up for Biden and no buses at a Trump rally. Definitely think Orcus is distracted with an overloaded ferry one day, and empty one the next

  77. I noticed that Biden also has transiting Neptune in opposition to his natal Midheaven (1 1/2 degree orb) on election day. What does this mean for Biden?

    • Hi LW. On its own, that transit can bring disappointment, fraud, and scandal relating to the family that has a negative impact on career. But Joe has Mercury sextile Midheaven which improves the outlook, with transiting Neptune also trine natal Mercury. He may be able to talk his way out of some scandal with the help of favorable press.

  78. Joe Biden Progressed Heliocentric chart, November 3, 2020, with transits


    Notice anything peculiar? Is that Venus transit splitting the Earth/Moon space?

    The chart shares the same progressed day/month as the Age of Aqr. And in Joes natal geocentric, he has the same yod with what became known as the Pandemic Yod that showed up in the Progressed Geocentric Age Of Aqr.

    This is why this election feels so strange…the inexplicable. They couldn’t resist putting him in there. They have been felled by us …. the election IS about the artwork we did here at astrology kin(g)

  79. Trump was sworn Sun -zero Aquarius. Dec 21 Jupiter and Saturn conjoin zero Aquarius. What do you say to that?

  80. Thank you, Jamie. This helps me feel a little bit better about the outcome on Nov 3rd. You have just explained why Trump’s constant attacks on Hunter Biden have not inflicted the damage that Trump was hoping for. I feel certain that these attacks on his son hurt Biden, as a father, but they are not inflicting massive political damage.

  81. !!! Good Post !!!! https://nypost.com/2020/10/31/joe-bidens-silence-on-hunters-emails-speaks-volumes-goodwin/. ttyl

    Also: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/elections/2020/10/28/supreme-court-justices-wife-boosts-unsupported-claims-joe-biden/6055985002/

    And I’m (not!) afraid the claims she lists ARE supported – her husband is the Supreme Court Judge’s wife, who ought to know what’s really going on!

    Also: “The Biden Crime Family: How They Made Millions.”

  82. & I confidently predict you will all be wiser AFTER the event, and revise all of your micro analysis of the subtle influences of the day into a cohesive summary.
    FWIW, you are dealing with a macro size event, so it’s the macro that’s relevant – slow moving, outer planets, those that deal with generations, groups, countries, Pluto, Neptune, Saturn, Uranus & the stations of the bodies that amplify their influence by getting “stuck in time”, plus eclipses.

    The micro stuff, minor aspects, asteroids etc are interesting, but IMHO, like window dressing. For the people of the US, I’d take with a grain of salt any US based astrological predictor as it is too difficult in such a volatile environment to maintain a sense of objectivity.

  83. your prediction sound most that you want Biden wins than a real prediction

  84. Wonderful prediction!!! Let us ascend from the Hades that Trump has dragged us down into! Let your light shine!!! It’s a return to sanity and decency and… hope.

  85. I think Trump will win in a Landslide . Then Pelosi and the socialists will protest and try to manipulate the Electoral college vote.

  86. I am reading the comments, here, on Jamie Partridge’s website and I am thinking about how the 2020 U.S. Presidential election has negatively influenced the entire world like no other, including the internet, and also, the astrology community.

    In fact, this 2020 American election (with all of its drama) has received an unprecedented amount of media and internet attention that no other election has received, before, or since.

    Much of American culture and politics IS negative, though, so should we be surprised ? That said, I think that everyone has the right to express an opinion or a prediction, no matter how skilled or erudite in astrology, far fetched or simply wrong.

    And, I am glad that Jamie has refrained from deleting and or censoring those comments not related to astrology, because censorship is getting out of hand on some of these astrology websites, to be honest.

    Perhaps it is because Mr. Partridge has, himself, experienced his own personal censorship (natal Mercury opposite Saturn ?)

    Regarding Trump’s chances of winning the election, versus Joe Biden’s, I will go out on a limb and predict that Trump will go on to win for a second term. I have been following and commenting on U.S. presidential elections since the 1990’s, and going back to Lois Rodden’s astrodatabank dot com’s forum.

    So far, I am batting “seven for seven” with US Presidential elections (Bill Clinton x 2, George W. Bush X 2, Obama x 2, and Trump in 2016).

    Here are my thoughts: Trump versus Biden.

    Sadly, both men have much in common.

    Both are old men way past their prime, both have Sagittarius prominent, natally, both have a penchant for lying and being untruthful in a blundering way, and both have allegedly sexually abused women in their past, and so on.

    Both men have demonstrated mental and or physical lapses while in public, raising doubts about their fitness for public office.

    (But then, so did Hillary Clinton, when she last ran. However, we should not prohibit the elderly from running for public office, in my view, as the public should decide who is fit for office).

    Both men have URANUS prominent in their natal charts. Trump has natal Sun= Uranus in the 10th house, = the north node.

    Biden has Uranus nearly = the descendant and opposite natal Sun. Trump is an eccentric man and so is Biden.

    Both men have natal Sun trine Jupiter.

    Where they are different is in the natal chart geometry.

    Trump has NINE out of 10 natal planets on the Eastern hemisphere of the chart, indicating he is less dependant on what others say or do for him than most people. He is a survivor and able to take care of himself, even during the darkest moments ? And, looking back over the last four years, we can clearly say that about him, as he has endured scandal after scandal that people with much weaker natal charts would succumb to ?

    On the other hand, Biden has five of his 10 natal planets in the WESTERN hemisphere, plus four major planets in the “dungeon” of the 12th house. Therefore, he is MORE dependant on what others say or think for his own personal success and his career destiny than Trump.

    The main problem is that Biden has a major YOD aspect in his natal chart, featuring the apex (natal Moon) (the public) inconjunct Neptune in 10th (reputation) and Venus (women).

    What that aspect means is that Biden could well be let down or deceived by his female supporters and his fan base, in general, and his public popularity may go up and down like a yo yo ? In fact, the public could well dump him, politically as n. Moon also squares Jupiter and Pluto. So that aspect is a potential house of falling cards for him.

    Trump, on the other hand, has n. Venus = Saturn, (Venus rules his midheaven), while his natal Moon (public popularity) trines Mars and sextiles Jupiter. Those natal aspects may well suggest why Trump has largely kept his loyal base of 40 to 45 percent of voters over the last four years. In addition, the closest aspect in Trump’s chart is natal Saturn sextile midheaven, an aspect of longevity when it comes to career and politics. The Saturn/MC aspect helps mitigate the adverse transits of Saturn opposite natal Saturn and Venus.

    Donald Trump has other astrological advantages over Biden (9, in fact).

    1. Trump has a very strong 9th house, natally, including Mars (ruler) conjunct the ascendant), natal Moon trine Mars and natal Moon sextile Jupiter.

    2. Biden’s natal 9th house is considerably weaker, with Sun (ruler) conjunct Venus but squaring the nodes, including the north node in the 9th house and natal Sun is also in the 12th house (limitation or deception).

    Therefore, Trump could win the election in the courts, if it requires going that way ? However, his natal Mars is found in the 12th house of deception, so he could be deceived by the Supreme Court, if court battles go there, too often.

    3. Mars is retrograde during the night of the election, which is important, as Mars disposes of Biden’s Scorpio stellium and is Trump’s significator, as well, as Mars is rising. The retrograde phase likely suggests delays in tallying up the final votes, which will not wind up on election night, I predict, but will take several days or weeks after the election night. Transiting Mercury is not only stationery on election night (Nov. 3rd, 2020) but is squared by transiting Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter, indicating either delayed votes, lost votes, or and chaotic events related to the compilation of mail in ballots and advanced votes ?

    4. Trump is experiencing several auspicious, as well as negative aspects at this time. For example, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto are opposite his natal Venus and Saturn, but, they are also trining his midheaven. What does that mean ?

    5. What that means is that Trump’s career success and election victory (if it happens) will likely come at a very steep price. Media reports suggest that the Republican Party will likely lose the Senate majority and many key Senator supporters will be lost in 2020. Therefore, a Trump presidency will be stalled in the Senate and House of Reps at every turn.

    6. The transiting North node in Gemini, returning to its natal position, is an augery of political success and personal victory for Trump.

    7. The transit of Jupiter in Capricorn, and Pluto in Capricorn, = the vertex at 21 Capricorn, is an augery of good fortune and success with things related to career, promotion, etc. Transiting Jupiter conjunct the natal vertex signifies legal victories through the courts for Trump. However, as Jupiter rules his natal 5th house, the best he can hope for is local legal victories and not across the nation victories.

    8. The transiting Moon will be in Gemini on the day and night of the election. According to the late astrologer Sydney Omarr, when the Moon transits through your Sun sign, (as is the case with Trump) that is a time for personal success in public matters, the personal popularity is at a high, and the media attention, the public spotlight, is focused on the Sun sign.

    9. Meanwhile, the transiting Moon, on election day. will be also conjoining Trump’s natal north node, in his 10th house, another aspect of victory. The north node figures prominently in election outcomes and in victory, according to several studies out there.

    10. The secondary progressed Moon often acts like a second hand on a shot clock. With Trump’s SP Moon in Virgo squaring his natal Uranus (ruler of the 6th house of health) we know that that is an accurate Moon because Trump obtained the Corona virus a few weeks ago (tested positive) under that transit. However, since the Moon also opposed transiting Neptune, we do not know for sure whether Trump still has the virus or his handlers even lied about his actual fitness ?

    11. In any event, as the Moon in Gemini transits to a square of Neptune in Pisces, that is big red flag, as well, on Tuesday, and signifies “all is not as it seems” on election night and the American public could well be deceived, confused, and or even lied to ? Unfortunately, that goes for Biden as well, so it may be hard to say who actually won, as they say. I will say that when Mars goes direct on November 13th, that is when the chickens of this election will come home to roost.

    R.J. Smith
    (November 3rd, 2020, 11:45 pm)

    • Good post RJ! Election subject under Mercury retrograde, the essential manifestation of which is repetition, do overs, duplication. Trump seems to be down now, 4:12 PM EST. There is a more to unfold.

  87. Good Tidings.

    Election days are exciting, bit nerve wracking. Perhaps we won’t know the outcome until November 4.

    Solar Arc and Transits
    St. Claire’s Defeat, November 4, 1791


    It was the huge rally in (Richard) Butler, PA, that set my mind to wandering.

  88. To all of you erudite and linear astrologers whose intellect is profoundly developed to the point of rational extreme, may I humbly offer another perspective?
    Open your eyes to that X-factor … it’s been around as long as the divination of Astrology, and much longer…..

    ” The fault, dear Brutus is not in our Stars, but in ourselves, for we are underlings ”

    Consider that for a moment ……

    And this :

    “One ship sails East and another West
    With the selfsame winds that blow,
    Tis the set of the sail, and not the gales
    Which tell us the way to go …..
    Tis the set of a SOUL that decides it’s goal,
    And not the calm or the strife”

    (Ella Wheeler Wilcox)

    Again, I would suggest that you open your eyes to truth in intrinsic interpretation of the karmic blueprint that is the natal chart, and all that is relative (Einstein was right)…..

    Peace to everyone, and look forward to a new day dawning sans the evil that we have been subjected to for these last four long gruesome years!

  89. And as little side note, I have Mars conjunct Regulus crowning my Ascendent … Heh.

  90. Hello RJ,
    Excellent post!
    Whom do you predict will win electoral college vote tonight? Biden or Trump?

    Thanks, Chrissy
    830am Nov 3rd.
    West Coast USA.

  91. thanks, Chrissy. The U.S. electoral college vote cannot happen tonight, actually. I think that vote is scheduled for December 12th, 2020 if I am not mistaken and no one can “monkey” with that vote, not even Trump and his lawyers ?

    So unless there is a landslide victory by either Biden or Trump, (doubtful) the whole outcome will be messy, I predict.

    This link clearly explains the entire US electoral vote process for 2020 and the timetable prescribed.


    I also want to say to this forum that I am predicting the whole election outcome will be likely delayed. even when Mars in Aries goes direct on November 13th. Everything will be delayed, I predict, however, a winner MUST be called, or else, the entire country will descend into choas, public disobedience and even rioting, so they have to be careful ?

    A number of judges in different states have also ruled that the mail in ballots MUST be counted, and that won’t be easy to count, as there are millions of ballots to be counted. One judge even ordered postal inspectors to look for fallen ballots on the floors of sorting plants !

    The fear is that, if Trump thinks he’s got a majority of votes, he will ask the courts to throw out the advanced and mail in votes, which will contain mostly democrat votes, perhaps millions of democrat votes ?


  92. Chrissy~ Read RJ’s complete post. He is most obviously blushing bright RED, and unfortunately, for all of his intellectual exactitude, is blind as a bat.

  93. Thank you R.J. Smith. An excellent astrological commentary with a realistic outlook on the final decision. I agree it will not be an outright victory and it will take time. There is already mention of vote rigging, manipulation and censorship of information by mainstream and social media platforms. The Sun in Scorpio will enlighten the public to some dark and hidden truths, before the situation can move forward. These unfolding events will change the world forever.

    • Yeah, thanks Angel. The truth will come out in the wash, as they say. ABC news is reporting Trump is trailing Biden at this point 205 to 171, but he’s also leading in nine, big assed states, including Texas, Florida, and Michigan. So, there’s a very good chance that Trump will get the 99 votes required to win the 2020 Presidency . But as baseball great Yogi Berra once said, “it ain’t over till its over !” A big surprise, though? The Republicans could well take the Senate, tonight ? That was a big surprise for many and if they get that, the Republicans will rule the Senate with an iron fist, I predict.

  94. “St. Clair’s (November 4, 1791) defeat was due to inadequate forces, gross mismanagement by the quartermaster and contractors, and the lack of discipline and experience in the troops.” Armyhistory

    We have, with this election, the ‘Battle of the Astrologers’. ie. The GOP Butler rally, and emphasis on PA, is as much art as the DNC selection committees’ Biden/Harris tune.

  95. I’m as dry as Ginger ale, but it wasn’t like that 229 years ago, or tonight in MagicFireWater, Biden, Ohio. Note Pholus conjunct Moon 00Can23, conjunct Part of Fortune 00Can43. Activate natal and Solar Arc direction, November 4, 2020, the three amigos align with Venus 18Gem54, and Jupiter 18Gem22.

    Here’s the chart again, “the Battle of Two Moon Cheeks”


  96. Unravelling at Dopey Stoner, while Anticrypting at Astrologyking

    “Wade Davis, an anthropologist at the University of British Columbia who recently wrote an essay headlined “The Unraveling of America” for Rolling Stone, said that, even compared with the tumultuous 1960s – with antiwar protests, assassinations and riots – “what is happening now has no precedent in American history.” Americans are choosing between being emotionally exhausted in their own country or potentially feeling alienated abroad, he said.” sfgate

  97. A true pro will overcome that possibility, however ones intuition can influence it. Which my intuition tells me is the case here.

  98. Jamie, I’m mystified as to why you didn’t see this coming.

    Just like the 2000 Bush versus Gore election, this one occurred during a Mercury retrograde. (Mercury stationed direct yesterday at noon ET). So millions of mail-in and absentee ballots were sent in during the retrograde. As a result, this will be tied up in the courts for quite some time. There was also massive voter fraud, which will be exposed.

    But neither Biden or Trump will still be in office 4 years from now.

    • Hi Oraneg. I did see it coming. I stated “Postal votes may be lost and recounts are very likely… as well as endless arguments, lies, scandal and slander, and election fraud, a contested election result is likely. The vote counts and the calling of the election result may be delayed by court cases.”

  99. my reply was to Gabriel Landaeta, above. But it appeared near the end as a comment so made no sense taken out of context. I think intuition can influence the astrologer, esp. the more intuitive they are. Great job as always! When 62% predicted Hilary would win, she DID win the popular vote. Trump is sowing his sour grapes. Perhaps the ones who predicted Trump win, were basing it on his “stronger” chart. But Jamie saw details they missed, AND had intuition.

  100. If this is true, it likely puts Trump’s Gemini sun in Biden’s 8th or death house, and near the US chart descendant.

  101. Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t votes determine an election, and not the stars?

  102. I appreciate your post. You mention Trump can win but it will cost him a great deal. It seems for Trump to win now he needs to bring in lawyers and try to throw out votes he perceives as being illegitimate. However, the public will perceive Trump as an illegitimate leader if he is successful. This is especially true because has lost the popular vote by a significant margin and the wins for Biden have already been announced (Michigan, Wisconsin). Trump may win through the courts but it will hurt his legacy. Similarly, Biden was let down by his support. He will probably be president but will not have the control he expected in the house and senate. He seems set up to be a lame duck from the start especially going up against Mitch McConnell. Mitch wants to do nothing except stop Biden from implementing his agenda. It seems like it will be a long four years for Biden if Republicans keep control of the senate through the mid terms.

  103. As i mentioned in my report, trump and biden are virtually the same astrologically. That is why the results are so identical as well? So then it boils down to who is the nastiest candidate. That would be Trump? I guess that is where the two men are different.

  104. The stars impel, but do not compel is an ancient saying. Supposedly we have free will, but what about destiny and fate?

    Jamie is right on the influence of the stars on voters and elections, as well as on individual lives.

  105. So tell me that Biden can win by staying in his basement and never taking questions from reporters unless it’s about what he was eating. When he does have a rally maybe a few dozen people come to it and he messes up when he talks. So, I guess I can run for president too.. Dems are wicked.. Do you think something sounds and smells fishy??? I do…

    • Think he can. Trump should have stayed in his basement too.
      Nemises might now have his say🌝🌛🌜🪐⚡️

  106. Brilliant RJ.! Try to enjoy yourself if you can … and thank you for being so terribly rational in your in-depth astrological analysis. The next four years should be a challenge for you, and hopefully, enlightening.
    Peace and love 💫

  107. Are you really that “peaceful and loving” or just a judgemental, nasty person in disguise. You shouldn;t wish ill on anyone, lest your next four years are cursed with evil events. I will throw it back in your face, so be careful who you are dealing with !

  108. Interesting. It is clear that these postal votes lead to complications and Trump will try to make advantage of that. Do they check for double voting, people who die after voting by mail etc.
    Did you also notice the sec Saturn is on sec MC? Does that mean extended responsibility obtained the hard way, or fall?

    • right. that’s why Mitch McConnell won re-election right, because the Democrats rig election? How about Trump wanting to stop voting when only 78% of ballots were counted in PA? Who is rigging what now? Use your brain, lady.

  109. Trump has a bunker. He can stay there. Oh Dems are wicked and Republicans are a bouquet of flowers. Read the signs, sister — the stars don’t lie. People do – like Trump does. He is now saying he wants to throw out votes without ANY evidence of fraud — how’s that for democracy, since democracy was born in America? You’re here because you believe in astrology, so read what he wrote: “Mercury stationary direct square Saturn creates narrow-minded, pessimistic, and judgemental thinking. Words become nasty, mean, insulting, and derogatory. So as well as endless arguments, lies, scandal and slander, and election fraud, a contested election result is likely. The vote counts and the calling of the election result may be delayed by court cases.” So far, Biden has been cordial and level headed, and yet Trump was ranting about how the election was stolen from him already when all the votes haven’t been counted yet. So who is having “lies” and being “mean, nasty, insulting and derogatory”? If you don’t believe in the stars, then why not leave and be your own astrologer? By the way, I am not Democrat, so don’t even try to argue that way.


    Who got the capital treatment on Wasnt Me, and Why?

    We know these two looked and sang great. No need for lip synching here. The effeminite voice of Shaggy sounds dinky besides the archetype Reggae metronome.

    Ok, I’m not a music critic. what gives?

    Shaggy’s Wasnt Me has the Elm Tree disease. It gave him and the listening audience that last bark up the Apple Tree. Rikrok contradicts, and that’s where we are now.

    SHAGGY 181777, no need to explain this, listen to the song
    RIKROK 992962, the 2020 election

  111. You seem to be biased in your comment, which makes me believe your bringing your bias into the report. No matter who wins, the nastiest is the one that is a communist pedophile. Won’t people be proud to call that your president.

  112. What everyone seems to overlook in Trumps horoscope is the square mercury-neptune. Which is cheat or be cheated. Normally ingoing square would mean “he will be cheated”. We will see what happens coming days and maybe weeks.

    I’m still waiting for an answer to my important question: what does sec MC conjunct sec Saturn mean? Number 1 position after hard work or is it Fall? Can anyone answer that? In 2016 he was lucky with sec Jupiter conjunct sec AC, this is different.

  113. Jamie, your site is great & you are a gifted astrologer, but some of these comments are totally whacko — they sound & read like something Trump would write after sniffing his Adderall. You would be well within your rights to delete the gibberish, and still allow for people to coherently express a difference of opinion.

    • Hi LW.

      I normally would delete the non-astrological comment. But as I commented much earlier. I decided not to censor this post to show just how the polarizing astrology is playing out.

  114. RE: LW

    What you are suggesting is for Jamie to censor free speech. After censoring free speech, then what? Free thought as well?
    Jamie’s platform is democratic in that although some may not agree with all comments, it is important that everyone can express their opinion. This is how human beings come to a better understanding of one another.

    LW, the only thing that’s totally whacko (as you put it), is the US election. The deep state (Pluto in Capricorn) is doing a good job dividing the people (Mars in Aries), in order to keep the status quo. That is corporate control of the media, the politicians and the people through debt servitude (Saturn in Capricorn). It is important to know who the real enemy is (Uranus opposite Scorpio) and when this happens, people will come together peacefully and work towards building a better world for everyone (Pluto in Aquarius).

    As far as astrology goes, it does a good job in predicting what may happen and Jamie is, as you say a gifted astrologer.

  115. Proof of the Trinity. During the next 2000 years, commonly understood as the Age of Aquarius, Mercury will show more Quality in Retrograde, than in Direct Motion, based on … Well, just look at this ongoing post election travesty, regardless of the ultimate political party president..Talk about a System that needs a Calibration.

    Mercury in Rx motion: ALL three charts of the Cosmogenesis (trinity) sequence.
    January 12, 1996
    November 29, 2011
    June 21, 2020

  116. I think you misunderstood what I was expressing to Jamie, and maybe even Jamie misunderstood. I was absolutely NOT suggesting he limit free expression, or the exchange of ideas, including opposing ideas. I was referring to some of the comments where I could not understand a word of what the person was trying to express. I did say in my comment to Jamie that he was “within his rights to cut the jibberish and STILL allow people to express a difference of opinion.” I repeat, in no way was I suggesting limiting freedom of expressing opposing viewpoints. I agree that is healthy and beneficial. And, thank you for writing such a clear and well stated comment that was easy to read and understand. I find that helpful. Also, I do understand that his website reaches people around the world, and for some, English is NOT their primary language — I was NOT referring to those kinds of comments either. But in the end, it is Jamie’s website and I respect his decision to allow whatever comments he so chooses. Peace.

  117. 11.45am EST+13]:
    It looks like as of 12 hours ago, there was no workable pathway for the incumbent President to be reelected. Let’s keep posted on this election results.

  118. Joe is supposedly our next president. How terribly sad. It is official, we are on the path to destroying the Constitution and everything this country was founded on, Another stolen election. One word – China.

    Trump’s 4th house says a lot. It is the house of endings and the moon’s Sabian symbol is a ‘A Chinese Laundry’. How appropriate. – The end.

    Not looking forward to future at all. Trump was bad and Biden is much worse. Can’t believe what I have been seeing the past year. Biden will be as illegitimate to me as Trump has been. I am sure millions will join me. If the Socialist get by with this, there will never be another chance to maintain our Democratic Republic. The thought of partial birth abortions, government funded abortions, open borders, health care for undocumented persons and supposed government controlled college makes me ill. Where will the money come from? Unfortunately, the people will have a heavy burden.

    When Jesus was asked how long he would be with us, he said, “When you see the man with the pail of water.”. (Not exact wording.) The pail of water the sign of the Water bearer – the Age of Aquarius.

  119. “They go low, We Go High!”. I am so happy! And I am honored that we get this team of allstars during covid. Working in healthcare has been tough this year and now I have hope again. Blessed be. And heartfelt cheers to you Jamie and all on this thread, whatever our preferences.

  120. Well done Jamie, just as in 2016, you called it correctly. On Skyscript the predictions and comments are just as polarized as they are here. It’s hard in these Neptunian times to see clearly and avoid personal bias.

  121. Alphabet networks called the bull out when I clicked on Pepe Escobar’s “Banana Follies: the mother of all color revolutions” article this morning.

    It was very kind of them to do this.

  122. The election is not over, don’t be fooled. The corporate mainstream media is no match for the brilliantly crafted American Constitution. Have faith in due process and rule of law. Top brass lawyers are investigating widespread allegations of voter fraud and have until early December to finalise election results. The cavalry has arrived. The swamp will be drained, just wait and see. Julian Assange is a hero. Popcorn anyone?

  123. Nemises has had its way. Along with Pluto Saturn n Uranus. Change is happening throughout the world.

  124. Don’t make the mistake of thinking Jupiter is going to be all that helpful. I would prefer a Saturn trine MC over Jupiter trine MC any day, especially because Trump puts in the work. Another famous astrologer predicted Hillary would win based on some good Jupiter transits for her and hard Saturn transits to Trump post election in 2016 and look how that turned out. Hard transits are obstacles to be overcome, which ended up being the weight of the presidency itself, not failure. As well, Pluto sextile Mercury in a career politician like Biden would suggest manipulation more than anything. The only thing Trump has that is truly negative is Neptune square Uranus, as this is skewing his view of reality.

  125. The only time in US history when enough votes were invalidated to change results of the election was 1876, but my unskilled eye didn’t see many parallels with 2020.

  126. I suspect Biden will take office, but the new moon November may be a turning point if Trump has cards yet to be played. Biden taking office is in keeping with Uranus in Taurus. Biden over Trump would correspond more closely to 1934-1941 Uranus in Taurus, the rise of tyranny, one party rule, and persecution. Nazi success and Soviet show trials were the prominent events during the period. Biden has listed a priority as a “task force on internet hate speech” a facade in the corporate world for censorship and suppression of the anti-narrative. The Democrats recently tried to pass a bill making criticism of Israel a crime. AOC, a Democrat congresswoman, as Biden appeared to win, quickly posted a request for names of anyone supporting or aiding Trump in the last four years so their lives could be ruined. She got 1200 responses before it was taken down. They want revenge, and rooting out of Trumpists, and Trumpism as they call it. Hitler was correct about his version of socialism being the future. A collusion of government and corporate interests for mutual benefit, neo-fascism, it seems to be converging during the course of history since WW2. Congress critters turn lobbyists, regulators return to the corporate world they regulated with fat paying jobs. If the Democrats succeed in replacing free speech with a speech code, and eliminate the Electoral College, essential to power sharing, the population dominant blue states of Illinois, California, and New York would create a blue monopoly, permanently owning the Presidential office, a one party government for the US.

  127. It should be added China is escalating it’s attempted seizure of the South China Sea and confronting India over some marginal land, and intimidating Australia economically. Uranus in Taurus does not look good. And of course the Covid scam, rights and liberties overrun by government. I believe they had a minimal number of deaths in Sweden last week. The end of November does mark a normal large expansion of all types of Corona virus in the Northern hemisphere, peaking in the winter, nadir in the summer.

  128. Jesus was a socialist. Reading the bible helps knowing he didn’t discriminate between rich or poor, immigrant or citizen.

  129. Many of us saw numbers change in front of our eyes. Here’s an interesting clip, a viewer recorded the news stream and at the start of video PA total votes are:
    Trump 1,690,589
    Biden 1,252,537

    At the end of the video the totals on the screen are for PA are:
    Trump 1,670,631. -19,958 votes
    Biden 1,272,495. +19,958

    What a coincidence!
    Trump has lost a lot of money but invested in Regeneron and Moderna I believe.

  130. I agree with you on most of your points. We are definitely headed to a one party ruler.

  131. Jesus said, “Never mind the poor. There will always be the poor.” Read it. One of the disciples inquired about stopping and feeding the poor.

    I don’t recall the exact book, chapter or verse, but I am sure you can find it.

    Jesus was a Libra – fairness, balance, relationships and love. The bright and shining morning star – Venus. Justice – Tarot.

  132. Transitting Saturn approaching China’s Aquarian Ascendant at 5 Aquarius.
    We live in interesting times…

  133. The key to understanding the Trump presidency and elections, is Pluto. The US was born from war. The Democrats represent the Plutonic impulse. Pluto rules destruction and death, revenge and crime. The Democrats succession from the Union leads to civil war. WW1, WW2, Korean War, Vietnam War, all proceed from Democrat administrations. Of course one of their mainstays, legal abortion, is death of the fetus. In Democrat run California, for those living outside the US, who will find this hard to believe, shoplifting up to $950 dollars is no longer a crime. To reiterate, Pluto rules revenge, crime, and betrayal. For example Venus in Scorpio typically has a early betrayal in love. Trump’s 2016 election was felt by the Dems, as a betrayal, and they sought revenge, through fraud. The Steele dossier, fake Russian collusion, the risible impeachment. Although phony and dishonest, their efforts may have overshadowed Trump’s many accomplishments in the public eye. Americans are largely sentimental and idealistic. It brings to mind Goebbels famous quote about telling a lie big enough, often enough, and the public believes it. To examine the 2020 election, look to the Pluto aspects. Jupiter square Pluto increases the revenge, betrayal, destructive energy in this case, aligning with the Democrats. Pluto is in it’s most active position while under Capricorn influence. Mercury, Trump’s sign ruler square Saturn in Capricorn close to Pluto must be a big factor. His natal Pluto in Leo, his ascendent, equals self-destruction. After seeing him in action for four years, is there any doubt of this? Looking at Gerald’s Sibly chart, now Pluto return for the US in Capricorn, check the Saturn in Libra to see how destruction will come, unraveling through imbalance. Both Trump and the country lack balance now. Trump’s natal Venus in Cancer, the sun sign of the US, signifies he comes as a healer, as another poster said. Four years of relative peace and prosperity after the turmoil of Bush/Obama rule. Isis gone, N.Korea calmed a bit, no countries invaded. If he fights the election results, this may be sign of cleaning up (healing) American politics. Democrats machines produce not elections, rather validations of their candidates.

    • do you live here? cause we are anything but clam and cool these last 4 years and its a direct result of his incompetence and criminality . Everything he could steal he has, and covered it up with joyful manipulation of “I love the poorly educated” glee

  134. “Jupiter Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn November 12, 2020”


    “Considering the election results, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn signify a lot of focus on the judiciary during this period. Jupiter is concerned with Law and in Capricorn can indicate the peak power of the highest authority – The Supreme Court. Of course being a climactic period in politics we are going to see a lot of battles in court over the election. Pluto also rules judgment. Because Jupiter is all about big and Pluto will point out the worst corruption in politics, of course we could see examples of major fraud.”

    The Georgia recount will expose major election fraud in Georgia and multiple other States that used Dominion voting software.

    Dominion was the same software the DNC used to screw Bernie Sanders over in the 2016 primaries and the 2020 primaries.

    This is not about who becomes President. This is about the foundation of the Democratic-Republic.

  135. im glad to say i feel exactly the opposite and time will reveal the answer, i am grateful for science, kindness, empathy to return also a repudiation of racism, division, and cruelty toward poc and immigrants

  136. For Mr Gunn,
    Pluto also rules rebirth and transformation. It’s actions can be purging,purifying and spiritually uplifting.The atomic bomb, an extremely Plutonian event, ended World War 2 The side of Pluto you speak of is of the lowest expression of Plutonian energy. All planetary expression has a high and a low octave. Trump did in fact undo himself with his narcissistic obsession with his own greatness–hubris. We may not have had new wars and relative prosperity, but half of us had severe psychic distress-anything but peace. Reality itself was twisted before our eyes in a nightmare of daily lies. The occult power that this man still holds over his followers minds, while truly awesome, is not a force for good. Our divisions are now like a gaping wound. There has been no real peace in this country for four years.Truly frightening. Perhaps trump’s presidency has brought us to a crisis of healing. Sadly, many seem to want to ignore reality here. It will get worse before it gets better, Covid being an outward manifestation of the imbalance you speak of. I personally pray that those who so willingly drank the cool aid wake up before it is too late.

  137. This response is for CarolD
    Thank you! You expressed exactly what I wanted to express, only you said it better & saved me the time of posting.

  138. Also, starting in December of this year and running throughout 2021, is Trump has PLUTO TRINE MC. This is an extremely powerful transit for increasing power in the public realm. I think you all are getting the cart before the horse. There is much more to come.

    • Hi Joshua.

      That is a very powerful influence, on its own. But he also has transiting Pluto opposite natal Venus and Saturn.

  139. Trump supporters are simply patriots, who like our country be peaceful and prosperous. And, our country was peaceful and prosperous before Covid-19, and riots for the first time in decades. I’d like everyone to live in peace and prosperity, but you take care of your family/ your country first – because nobody else will.
    I don’t know where other commentators live, but where I live, it was and still is a lot better in last 3,5 years than previous 16.

    Having a president, who was on Chinese and Ukrainian payroll, will be something new for this country. But people have a government they deserve.

  140. As a long time mundane astrologer (45 years), it makes it extremely difficult (if not impossible) to predict the outcome of the 2020 USA election accurately (or any election?) when we DO NOT have a credible birth date and time for all of the candidates.

    We have an accurate birth time only for Donald Trump but not for the other fellow (Biden).

    I am very skeptical of birth times given “from memory”, therefore rated “A” (such as what astro dot com claims about Biden’s natal chart), and considering that Biden is historically a blundering man, who has a history of forgetting facts and or having a faulty memory for facts.

    The main issue is Joe Biden’s 8:30 am birthtime, which yields a Sagittarius ascendant (3 Degrees). Some mundane astrologers say Biden has an earlier birth time, such as 8:05 am, which would give him a Scorpio natal ascendant and put natal Sun and Venus conjunct or near the Ascendant. Birth times that are exactly on the top or bottom of the hour are dubious times, as few people are born at these times and we dont have a birth certificate for this gentleman.

    Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s Secondary Progressed natal chart is NOT so “s” hot, either now, or in January of 2021. SP Moon in Virgo currently makes an approaching square to both n. Sun and Moon, NOT a helpful aspect for winning court victories that he seeks, either now. or in the future.

    The SP Moon does eventually make a sextile with his natal Saturn in Cancer and natal Venus but that does not happen until much later in the year 2021 ?

    One consequence of transiting Saturn opposite natal Saturn and Venus would be criminal prosecution against Trump for financial wrongdoing, income tax evasion, and or breach of trust, that sort of thing.

    However, it is possible that Trump that the favorable progressed chart could have him avoid jail time by negotiating a plea deal (Moon sextile Saturn and Venus). But turning the election results around won’t be a slam dunk for Trumpie, I predict, unless Trump’s legal teams have something up their sleeve we do not know about ?

    I don’t have a lot of faith in Biden, actually. He might well be a lame duck president ? The stronger chart appears to be Kamala Harris. I will put more bets on her future, versus Biden, but you cannot discount Trump, as he has a lot of voters who like the guy.

    Trump will eventually have t. Neptune in Pisces squaring his natal Sun Moon axis, an extremely malevolent aspect, so the “fun” is just starting with him, legally.

  141. To RJ Smith. I have found Scorpio rising can be a liar. Not from malice. The Scorpio rising creates bluster hiding timidity with false sincerity. They tell people what they want to hear, or what he thinks they want to hear. This can be quite comical once the observer knows the game, they can’t locate a truth. It fits Biden. Gemini is a notorious BS’er too, different motivation. Trump’s speech or arguments are sometimes full of errors, or to be critical, lies. All politicians lie, if their lips are moving, usually coated as solemn truths and promises. Trump’s blatant bull is really quite transparent and refreshing. It is not what they say, what happens is what counts. How do you figure the Nov. 19 Venus square Saturn will be?

  142. This election is about who the majority of people voted for and since this is not clear yet, I invite you all to take a broader view of the situation by looking at the birth chart of the USA according to (Astro.com).

    The nation’s progressed moon has just entered Aquarius, which will be joined by transiting Saturn and Jupiter later in December (all making a favorable aspect to the progressed MC). This is a good omen for democracy and freedom for the people.

    However, revealing facts need to brought up from the underworld first (transiting Jupiter conjunct Pluto) and (transiting mercury in Scorpio), before finally breaking free (Mars direct). At this point, a large number of people will start to realise they have been wrongfully disillusioned.

    May all end well for the great nation of the USA, since democracy itself depends on it.

  143. Now, now, Ben Gunn, let’s not get too cynical ?.Planets and signs do not lie, PEOPLE lie ! Re: Lying, lying, conning deceiving, is a personal choice, especially if you think you can get away with your lies and b.s. ? Some politicians do lie incessently, though, like Donald Trump. While some Geminis and Scorpions can lie, to say that all Scorpion risings lie is quite the stretch.

    I’m sure there are some of you Scorpion risings types could be honest, no ?

    However, you won’t find any Scorpions around, because they are all too busy lying and slithering away in the dark ? LOL

    That said, the election results aren’t even over yet and yet, our impatient mass media and western society have already decided (for us?) who has won and are so impatient, they want their Mcdonald’s hamburger so quickly, isn’t it true, that they are willing to “f” over millions of people, including our military, who voted by mail in ballot?

    Regarding Venus in Libra by transit. Venus is dignified and strong in Libra, being in her own sign, and has the upper hand over Jupiter (weakened in Capricorn, its fall) and Pluto In Capricorn.

    Therefore, the square between Venus and Saturn symbolizes the battle between goodness (Venus) and evil (Saturn).

    When Venus and Saturn connect in the natal chart, there can be a subconscious desire to see others suffer ? Donald Trump has Venus = Saturn, for example.

    Who will prevail on November 19th, time will tell.

    Keep in mind that Venus square Saturn suggests the diminishment of government, the taking away or loss of government (Saturn).

    So, that day is not about who” won,” but who lost and did they gain from the loss.

  144. Suffer without the stuffer.

    An astrological T square analysis: Election day, Sun opposite Uranus, Asteroid PeakFraud 19367 square.

    Mother, do you think they’ll drop the bomb?
    Mother, do you think they’ll like the song?
    Mother, do you think they’ll try to break my balls?
    Mother, should I build the wall?
    Mother, should I run for president?
    Mother, should I trust the government?
    Mother, will they put me in the firing line?
    Is it just a waste of time?

    asteroid peak fraud (pink floyd) 19367

    natal 23Cap01
    Election transit 12Leo20,


  145. There must be some way out of here
    Said the joker to the thief
    There’s too much confusion, I can’t get no relief
    Businessmen, they drink my wine
    Plowmen dig my earth
    None of them along the line know what any of it is worth

    No reason to get excited,the thief, he kindly spoke
    There are many here among us who feel that life is but a joke
    But you and I, we’ve been through that, and this is not our fate
    So let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late

    All along the watchtower, princes kept the view
    While all the women came and went, barefoot servants, too
    Outside in the distance a wildcat did growl
    Two riders were approaching, the wind began to howl

    Bob Dylan, 1967.

  146. “Two men claimed they’re Jesus (Biden and Trump),
    One of them must be wrong !
    One of them must be singin’ a protest song ?.”

    Dire Straights
    from the song: Industrial Disease

  147. The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children.

    And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is The Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee.

    Ezekiel 25:17 (Tarantino, Pulp Fiction, 1994)

  148. To RJ Smith: The post only says, Scorpio rising can be a liar.Trump’s “lies” seem to be exaggerations and embellishments, trivial nonsense; and jokes, he jokes and they (press) take him seriously. The lies held against him are worse. Politics is a game of liars poker. See you one and raise you one is the Washington game. It is difficult to get a good read on him, so surrounded by antagonistic distortions. He seems a superficial, glib Gemini, knows what to say, really doesn’t do much. The typical political game, do the least amount possible but be the only alternative to vote for or support. Without the divisiveness, would there be any reason to vote for the current crop? They feed on it.

  149. Mr. Gunn: I sympathize with your cynical approach to American politics, but please understand that this is an astrology forum and not a political forum. Although Jamie is generously cutting you (and others) a lot of slack by allowing political commentary, on other astrology forums, you would be booted, deleted, or even banished at the first opportunity.

    Regarding Trump, his juvenile, childish approach to major important issues, including his failure to grasp the importance of the COVID 19 social distancing rules, is annoying and has placed the United States public at great and unnecessary risk. Is it any wonder that he faces the end of his Presidency. The court battles that he introduced Tuesday re: Pennsylvania, are frankly, a long shot, but these are also untested legal waters.

    In other words, no astrologer knows, for sure, the outcome of these unprecedented court actions, if they were honest ?.

    When you are the sitting President, you do have a tremendous amount of power and resources at your disposal. For example, Trump has ordered the Justice department to investigate voter fraud and irregularities, even though there is little or no probable cause. So let’s go on a fishing trip and see who we can round up ? This type of law enforcement kind of reeks of a “banana republic” dictatorship, to be honest.

    To Angel, thanks for quoting the Book of Ezekiel, i say good on you for promoting more christianity ! The astrology community has been pretty much taken over by weird people like witches, sourcerers, mystics, and tarot card readers disguised as astrologers (at least here in Canada) and casting spells appears to be the only raison etre of those people ?

    Casting spells, of course, for your own selfish, personal gain and punishing those around you as you see fit ? However, the Lord is not afraid of you spell casters and you’re gonna get a good old fashioned ass kicking by him, if you aren’t more respectful to your fellow man.

  150. RE: RJ Smith

    In actual fact, the passage of the bible was quoted by Samuel L. Jackson (Jules) in the film Pulp Fiction and was largely composed by Tarantino himself.This film is about American nihilism, which is the loss of value and meaning in people’s lives. The point is that the passage in the bible refers to a system of values and meaning by which one could lead one’s life and make moral decisions, but that system is missing from Jules’ life and so the passage becomes meaningless to him: “I’ve been saying that shit for years, and if you heard it – that meant your ass”.

    Although I am Catholic (also the dominant religion in Canada), I was not promoting Christianity, I used the passage as an epitaph to the corrupt political system (Pluto in Capricorn) and not just in the US.

    Stay cool brother!

  151. Thanks for this, Angel. These are decent guidelines for astrologers, everywhere.

  152. “Let’s not have any lectures, no lectures,” the Kentucky senator Mr. McConnell said on the floor of the upper chamber, “about how the president should immediately, cheerfully accept preliminary election results from the same characters who just spent four years refusing to accept the validity of the last election and who insinuated that this one would be illegitimate too if they lost again – only if they lost.”

    He added: “The president has every right to look into allegations and to request recounts under the law and notably the constitution gives no role in this process to wealthy media corporations.”

    The General Services Administration (GSA), which manages federal agencies, has held off on allowing Biden aides to formally begin the transition, saying no “ascertainment” on an election winner had yet been made.

    I HAD TO GO OUT OF THE USA TO FIND AN UNBIASSED ARTICLE ON POLITICS HERE…AND NO NEWS MEDIA I KNOW OF HERE IN THE US HAS PRINTED WHAT YOU JUST READ, THEY’RE AFRAID TO!!!!! WE NEED A FEDERAL CLASS-ACTION SUIT FILED IN FEDERAL COURT against the crazy democratic party who have intimidated this country thru bullying and theft crimes against those who support the President – we’ve been denied our FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS.

    And the government of this great United States of America has not yet declared a winner in the Nov. 3rd election.

    The late great Groucho Marx said, “Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedies.”

  153. Lavonne, I share your sentiment, brother.

    Thing is, they are playing 3D chess, and we study, at best, 2D astrology… unless a Merkaba shows up.

    The election is unimportant. The game versus the idea: a fitting opposition, Leo/Aquarius.

    What is important. The Heliocentric Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 1Aqr49’45” at 1pm 49min and 45sec, eastern std time, November 2, 2020.

    Please, a moment of silence, as the clock stops to remember Cosmogenesis: the Art Aesthetic

  154. Hi Angel: It’s good to hear that you are a “Canadian” ! I am also Canadian. Again, there is nothing wrong with Christianity, per se, even though you don’t like to promote it.

    Regarding Catholicism in Canada, I don’t go to Catholic church anymore because the politics of the Church turned me off, years ago. Also, the abuse of first nations children by numerous Canadian priests over the years has left a permanent stain on the church, here, (and elsewhere) and the Vatican still turns the other cheek whenever wrongdoing occurs.

    About film maker Quinten Tarantino, (born March 27th, 1963, time unknown, Nashville, TN) he needs to get his facts straight about the late Bruce Lee. He made a movie about Lee called “Once upon a time in Hollywood” and Lee was portrayed as “arrogant, rude, etc” but many of us Bruce Lee fans disagree with that unfair characterization, including Bruce Lee’s daughter, Shannon Lee.

    Regarding Niihilism, (a belief in nothing?) there’s lots of nihilism on this site, make no mistake !

  155. RE:R.J. Smith

    Although I’m a person with spiritual beliefs, I prefer to interpret my reality using the Hegelian Dialectic of Thesis, Antithesis and Synthesis. I find it useful in considering what truth may be, since humans beings are full of imperfections.

    In response to nihilism, if I may quote Michelangelo, ” The promises of this world are, for the most part, vain phantoms; and to confide in one’s self, and become something of worth and value is the best and safest course”. And to this end, Love is all you need (Beetles, 1967) anyway.

  156. Fascinating read. Thank you. Looked at from this side of the pond (I’m in the UK) and having no specific horse in the race, I’m looking very carefully at the Pluto-Jupiter and Saturn interactions in Capricorn at the moment. It seems to me that the Trump team’s accusations of voter fraud have some substance. Whether or not it’ll win him a second term, I have no idea. But what strikes me very forcefully is that the mainstream media, both in the US and the UK, are almost completely ignoring these claims of fraud. Given that Pluto is very prominent in the political sphere at this time (being in Capricorn), these allegations – as I see it – are more than likely to have some degree of substance. Transiting Jupiter going over Pluto is, interestingly, airily allowing the Biden team, along with the media, to get away with this simply by ignoring it. For example, and forgive me if I’m wrong, Mr Biden isn’t yet (officially) President-Elect, and he’s already set up a ‘transition team’ and is talking to foreign leaders. This is amusingly Jupiter-Pluto 😀 However, soon transiting Jupiter will be hitting transiting Saturn, which will a very different kettle of fish. I await developments when these two conjunct with a high degree of interest.

  157. For Chris,
    In my view you have it exactly opposite. No one in the US has ignored the allegations of voter fraud.They are, and have been looked into with no proof or substance. This has been discussed, investigated and reported on every day since the election. All of Trump’s lawsuits are being thrown out of court due to the simple fact that there is no evidence. If there are any irregularities they are minor. Trump had promoted this false narrative well before the election so no surprise that it is still part of his MO. This charge has been dismissed countless times by investigators both before and after the election. What is being ignored by Trump and his people is that he lost the election and can’t accept it. This is well documented behavior for narcissists. This type of underhandedness is not tolerated by Pluto in the long run and has the effect of turning that energy against the perpetrator. Biden won the election. Trump is making himself into a sad embarrassment for the US and very poor loser underscoring his graceless lack of character.

  158. RE: CarolD
    Maybe you should not pay so much attention to Corporate mainstream media?

    Trey Trainor, the Chairman of the Federal Election Commission, stated during an appearance on Newsmax that he “does believe there’s voter fraud taking place,” He said the lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign are “very valid allegations” that need to be “fully vetted” by the court system. He predicts some of the legal challenges will likely end up in the Supreme Court

    I have noticed that there is an increasing amount of censorship by google and you tube these days, not to mention internet trolls. Why would that be? .

  159. Trump is delusional and lives in fantasy land as well as being vindictive.
    He will soon have to pay the piper as Nemises transits his chart as well as
    Jupiter Pluto inconjunct his Sun..

  160. Psyop Nemesis. Auntie doesn’t live here anymore.

    T’was a good funny, a Leacock twist of lime and lyric. but astrology? Nay.

  161. You sound just like all the other Democratic Doubters. Of course there’s substance there, NO ELECTION WINNER HAS BEEN OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED YET BY THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES for a reason. Now even PBS, and shame on them for their OPEN BIAS, who clearly supported the Democrats all four years and all the attacks against Mr. Trump’s presidency, is saying to give Biden access to secrets as he’s President-Elect – NO HE’S NOT, MAYBE IT LOOKS LIKE IT, BUT JUST ON TELEVISION. So give him a remote control with all the channels.

    A Supreme Court judge’s wife has an online link to a revealing video, called, “The Biden Crime Family – How They’ve Made Millions.” I’m sure he’s a nice enough man, and Ms. Harris is so young and looked so happy. But, either/or, neither/nor, NOT to run this country!

    We still need Mr. Trump! I thank him for his tireless work for all Americans, and he loves the USA.

  162. Reading over the past comments, Id like to thank Jamie for keeping his platform free from censorship and the wonderful (some funny) bloggers who have the courage to post what they think. May we continue to discuss astrology openly and respectfully. And to the trolls, you will soon find out where lies, coercion and bullying get you in life. A big raspberry to you.

  163. Trying 2 understand WHY some support the irrational killer of Democracy. Understanding is a part of normalcy. From the beginning I tried to keep up with the bald-faced inaccuracies the x-potus raged on about. From his earliest ‘pussy-grabbing’ remarks 2 his love of dictators/weapons/anti Paris Climate/WHO/lack of appropriate tax-paying/outsourcing products 4 sale (MAGA hats made in CHINA) & multitudes of other falsities. The bullying/mocking tone is an extreme embarrassment. His hatred of immigrants (his own family immigrated from Germany) even though Chinese/Latinos/Africans built America. I am just trying to understand what it is that some find favorable.

  164. Kooky New Moon/Potus synasty chart

    A comparison of the New Moon at my current location and The Donalds birth chart:

    The axis align, like magic…All four, The Big Four

    … Aye, play the roulette wheel, .. No?

    Well, this the Jackpot!! N Xplosion of Winning!!


  165. Some aspects coming up that may interest you.

    In Bidens horoscope: sec sun quincunx sec jupiter (full in december), sec mercury opposite jupiter (full in january), solar arc MC closing in to opposite saturn and solar arc saturn closing in to node. And of course in december transit saturn-jupiter square his moon. The jupiter aspects look like “disappointments after high expectations”.

    In Trumps horoscope of course sec saturn conjunct sec MC of which none of you know what that means (the trophy or fall). Of course the nodal return in two weeks. And the transit pluto trine MC quincunx sun opposite saturn venus (if he remains president his marriage may end). Enough opposition but the trine MC solves the opposition (basics of astrology).

    The game is not over yet.

  166. Raspberry Nemises, sounds like it could be new Ice Cream flavor? Maybe roll out product after the electoral college authenticates Year 2020 Give Them Pancakes®™ election?


    Kooky New Moon/VPotus Synasty chart.

    AC/DC, nope, no alignment
    MC/IC, nope, no alignment
    Lunar Node, nada,
    Vertex, nothing doin, magnets discharging.

    Enjoy your New Moon

  167. Thanks Bob, good observations. Election Day on Nov 3rd as Merc stationed Direct made me believe that this isn’t even close to being resolved. I have the election results still being contested past the Jan 20 swear-in date. In mid-to late January in the USA, no one will know who the president is. It probably goes to the Supreme Court and then all hell breaks loose once the decision is made.

  168. You may be right Joe. I came across an interesting article couple of days ago. After reading this you will know why Trump won’t give up. https://distributednews.com/474016.html. Explosive stuff. He saw this coming long ago. That is why he wanted an extra hand in the supreme court so badly.

  169. Pluto is about to be in exact opposition to Trump’s Saturn/Venus conjunction. It’s over for him. And every horrible thing he’s done is about to be revealed. I’d look to mid-March for big news around an indictment. He had a pretty good run for a complete charlatan but as usual, he couldn’t leave well enough alone. His comeuppance is upon him. Not hard to see it coming. That Gorgon’s head on his midheaven was a pretty clear indication of how it would all end for him. And if you follow numerology – his full name adds up to 16 – the burning tower! Self-ruin personified.

  170. tSaturn is almost on Trump’s asteroid Icarus in his chart. He has flown too close to the Sun, his Ruler, and his wings are melting.
    Asteroid Nemises in Scorpio is about to inconjunct his Uranus, Node n Sun.
    Very interesting transits.

  171. Are we looking at inconjuncts of asteroids now? There are thousands of asteroids and there will always be one to support what you want to see. Saturn and Jupiter are off his back now and will disturb Biden coming weeks. Big question remains whether in Trumps progressed chart sec MC conjunct sec Saturn means “success after a lot of effort” or “fall”. Right now “fall” looks more likely.

  172. Are we quoting “Distributed News” now…? What Trump saw coming for months was a big loss at the polls. That’s why he insisted Republican legislatures in swing states count mail-in ballots AFTER Nov, 3. – so he could dispute them. Trump was already planning the horrible disinformation campaign he put in motion, claiming fraud simply because mail-in ballots were counted later – as requested by him!. The gambit was to claim he was winning until “fraudulent” (aka ballots from Democrats who overwhelmingly voted by mail) votes were counted. It was a scheme.

    You snark about asteroids but ignore the elephant in the room which is Pluto grinding away at his natal Saturn at this very moment! It. Is. OVER. But the planets aren’t done with Trump by a long shot. Despite (or maybe because of) Trump’s habit of welching on his debts, this piper is going to be paid.

  173. Amending this post. Rather than “Self-ruin personified” it should read Self-IMMOLATION personified. Really, he’d have been better off if he had literally poured a can of gas over his head and lit the match than what he’s done. It’s everlasting infamy for DT now. “I’m melting! Ooooohhh, my beautiful wickedness…”

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