2020 US Election Prediction

2020 US Election AstrologyThis 2020 US election astrology prediction looks at the astrology of election day to explain the extreme polarization and civil unrest this election is causing.

A comparison of election day transits to the horoscopes of Donald Trump and Joe Biden gives some insights on who will be the next president of the USA.

2020 US Election Astrology

The moon phases leading up to November 3 give an indication of the general environment. They set the backdrop for the planetary aspects at that time. The pre-election moon phases last until November 15.

The October 16 new moon was opposite Mars and square Saturn and Pluto. So it is causing anger, impulsiveness, hostility, delays, intensity, extremism, and a ruthless quest for power.

In the two days since the new moon, there has been a surge of civil unrest across the world. Here are some headlines just from October 17:

The October 31 full moon is extremely close to Uranus and also a violent fixed star. It is even more indicative of sudden change, civil unrest, violence, and rebellion than the preceding new moon.

Both pre-election moon phases working in combination create a highly volatile backdrop to the 2020 US presidential election. Anger and frustration are turning to rebellion, on both sides of the political fence. But the major theme is that of change.

2020 US Election Astrology Chart

2020 US Election Prediction

2020 US Election Astrology

Jupiter conjunct Pluto could make people more philosophical, ethical, moral, generous, and community-minded. And this could bring about a positive transformation affecting the masses.

However, this alignment can also amplify and intensify negative energy. And the conjunction is close to Saturn which is square Mercury. Fuelled by negative thinking, Jupiter conjunct Pluto can produce selfishness, greed, jealousy, self-righteousness, ruthlessness, fanaticism, extremism, and revenge.

Mercury stationary direct on November 3 brings the potential for communication and technology breakdowns, disinformation, false news, disagreements, and travel delays. Postal votes may be lost and recounts are very likely.

Mercury square Saturn stays within a one-degree orb from October 30 to November 8. This greatly increases the disruptive influence of Mercury stationary direct.

Mercury stationary direct square Saturn creates narrow-minded, pessimistic, and judgemental thinking. Words become nasty, mean, insulting, and derogatory.

So as well as endless arguments, lies, scandal and slander, and election fraud, a contested election result is likely. The vote counts and the calling of the election result may be delayed by court cases.

Trump Vs Biden Transits

PlanetDegreeDonald TrumpJoe Biden
June 21 Solar Eclipse00 ♋ 21sextile AC
July 5 Lunar Eclipse13 ♑ 37sextile Mars
Oct 16 New Moon23 ♎ 53trine Sun, square Saturn, square POF
Oct 31 Full Moon08 ♉ 38square Pluto, conjunct POF
Pluto22 ♑ 42sextile Mercury
Neptune18 ♓ 20square Uranustrine Vertex
Uranus08 ♉ 33square Pluto, conjunct POF
Saturn26 ♑ 21opposite Venus, trine MCopposite Jupiter
Jupiter21 ♑ 25trine MC
Mars15 ♈ 56
Venus08 ♎ 04sextile Pluto
Mercury25 ♎ 53square Venussquare Jupiter
Sun11 ♏ 43square Pluto

The table above comparing the transits to the horoscope of Donald Trump and Joe Biden shows both to have a mix of helpful and unhelpful transits.

Both have good aspects from the preceding eclipses. The solar eclipse sextile trumps Ascendant. The lunar eclipse sextile Bidens Mars. Both indicating strength and success.

Both have good transits to their Midheavens, indicating career success. Saturn is trine Trump’s Midheaven, Jupiter trine Bidens Midheaven.

Both have challenging transits from Mercury direct. But there are some major differences. Joe Biden has more positive transits than Trump, who has more challenging ones.

Neptune is square trumps Uranus, but trine Joe’s Vertex. The Sun is square trumps Pluto, while Venus is sextile Joe’s Pluto.

Finally, the biggest difference which favors Joe Biden is transiting Pluto sextile his Mercury. This is excellent for his election campaign as it gives intellectual power and a very persuasive communication style. He can put force behind his reasoning and convince many people.

2020 US Election Prediction

The moon phases leading up to the 2020 US Election point to anger, frustration, and change. This probably favors Joe Biden but the potential for civil unrest, violence, and rebellion is not good for anyone.

The 2020 US Election astrology aspects point to fanaticism and extremism. Lies, propaganda, lost votes, and a contested result are possible.

Transit to the charts of the candidates gives both of them a fighting chance. But Joe Biden has more favorable transits, compared to Trump’s more challenging transits.

So based on the mood for change from the October 31 blue moon, and the respective transits, I predict Joe Biden will become the next president of the USA.

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  1. You sound just like all the other Democratic Doubters. Of course there’s substance there, NO ELECTION WINNER HAS BEEN OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED YET BY THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES for a reason. Now even PBS, and shame on them for their OPEN BIAS, who clearly supported the Democrats all four years and all the attacks against Mr. Trump’s presidency, is saying to give Biden access to secrets as he’s President-Elect – NO HE’S NOT, MAYBE IT LOOKS LIKE IT, BUT JUST ON TELEVISION. So give him a remote control with all the channels.

    A Supreme Court judge’s wife has an online link to a revealing video, called, “The Biden Crime Family – How They’ve Made Millions.” I’m sure he’s a nice enough man, and Ms. Harris is so young and looked so happy. But, either/or, neither/nor, NOT to run this country!

    We still need Mr. Trump! I thank him for his tireless work for all Americans, and he loves the USA.

  2. Reading over the past comments, Id like to thank Jamie for keeping his platform free from censorship and the wonderful (some funny) bloggers who have the courage to post what they think. May we continue to discuss astrology openly and respectfully. And to the trolls, you will soon find out where lies, coercion and bullying get you in life. A big raspberry to you.

  3. Trying 2 understand WHY some support the irrational killer of Democracy. Understanding is a part of normalcy. From the beginning I tried to keep up with the bald-faced inaccuracies the x-potus raged on about. From his earliest ‘pussy-grabbing’ remarks 2 his love of dictators/weapons/anti Paris Climate/WHO/lack of appropriate tax-paying/outsourcing products 4 sale (MAGA hats made in CHINA) & multitudes of other falsities. The bullying/mocking tone is an extreme embarrassment. His hatred of immigrants (his own family immigrated from Germany) even though Chinese/Latinos/Africans built America. I am just trying to understand what it is that some find favorable.

  4. Kooky New Moon/Potus synasty chart

    A comparison of the New Moon at my current location and The Donalds birth chart:

    The axis align, like magic…All four, The Big Four

    … Aye, play the roulette wheel, .. No?

    Well, this the Jackpot!! N Xplosion of Winning!!


  5. Some aspects coming up that may interest you.

    In Bidens horoscope: sec sun quincunx sec jupiter (full in december), sec mercury opposite jupiter (full in january), solar arc MC closing in to opposite saturn and solar arc saturn closing in to node. And of course in december transit saturn-jupiter square his moon. The jupiter aspects look like “disappointments after high expectations”.

    In Trumps horoscope of course sec saturn conjunct sec MC of which none of you know what that means (the trophy or fall). Of course the nodal return in two weeks. And the transit pluto trine MC quincunx sun opposite saturn venus (if he remains president his marriage may end). Enough opposition but the trine MC solves the opposition (basics of astrology).

    The game is not over yet.

  6. Raspberry Nemises, sounds like it could be new Ice Cream flavor? Maybe roll out product after the electoral college authenticates Year 2020 Give Them Pancakes®™ election?


    Kooky New Moon/VPotus Synasty chart.

    AC/DC, nope, no alignment
    MC/IC, nope, no alignment
    Lunar Node, nada,
    Vertex, nothing doin, magnets discharging.

    Enjoy your New Moon

  7. Thanks Bob, good observations. Election Day on Nov 3rd as Merc stationed Direct made me believe that this isn’t even close to being resolved. I have the election results still being contested past the Jan 20 swear-in date. In mid-to late January in the USA, no one will know who the president is. It probably goes to the Supreme Court and then all hell breaks loose once the decision is made.

  8. You may be right Joe. I came across an interesting article couple of days ago. After reading this you will know why Trump won’t give up. https://distributednews.com/474016.html. Explosive stuff. He saw this coming long ago. That is why he wanted an extra hand in the supreme court so badly.

  9. Pluto is about to be in exact opposition to Trump’s Saturn/Venus conjunction. It’s over for him. And every horrible thing he’s done is about to be revealed. I’d look to mid-March for big news around an indictment. He had a pretty good run for a complete charlatan but as usual, he couldn’t leave well enough alone. His comeuppance is upon him. Not hard to see it coming. That Gorgon’s head on his midheaven was a pretty clear indication of how it would all end for him. And if you follow numerology – his full name adds up to 16 – the burning tower! Self-ruin personified.

  10. tSaturn is almost on Trump’s asteroid Icarus in his chart. He has flown too close to the Sun, his Ruler, and his wings are melting.
    Asteroid Nemises in Scorpio is about to inconjunct his Uranus, Node n Sun.
    Very interesting transits.

  11. Are we looking at inconjuncts of asteroids now? There are thousands of asteroids and there will always be one to support what you want to see. Saturn and Jupiter are off his back now and will disturb Biden coming weeks. Big question remains whether in Trumps progressed chart sec MC conjunct sec Saturn means “success after a lot of effort” or “fall”. Right now “fall” looks more likely.

  12. Are we quoting “Distributed News” now…? What Trump saw coming for months was a big loss at the polls. That’s why he insisted Republican legislatures in swing states count mail-in ballots AFTER Nov, 3. – so he could dispute them. Trump was already planning the horrible disinformation campaign he put in motion, claiming fraud simply because mail-in ballots were counted later – as requested by him!. The gambit was to claim he was winning until “fraudulent” (aka ballots from Democrats who overwhelmingly voted by mail) votes were counted. It was a scheme.

    You snark about asteroids but ignore the elephant in the room which is Pluto grinding away at his natal Saturn at this very moment! It. Is. OVER. But the planets aren’t done with Trump by a long shot. Despite (or maybe because of) Trump’s habit of welching on his debts, this piper is going to be paid.

  13. Amending this post. Rather than “Self-ruin personified” it should read Self-IMMOLATION personified. Really, he’d have been better off if he had literally poured a can of gas over his head and lit the match than what he’s done. It’s everlasting infamy for DT now. “I’m melting! Ooooohhh, my beautiful wickedness…”

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