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Donald Trump HoroscopeDonald Trump was born in New York on June 14, 1946. The time of 10:54 am for the Donald Trump horoscope is rated AA as it comes from his birth certificate. [1]

Mars conjunct Ascendant represents the physical expression of Donald Trump’s soul. It makes him very strong, courageous and independent, and he feels that he needs to show off this strength. His ego can be easily ruffled, leading to arguments and hostility. Others can react aggressively to this hostility, often resulting in strong enemies.

People always know where Donald stands. Personal integrity and honor are his strong points and win him support. He has a strong sex drive and can ooze sexual magnetism in a raw, militant way. Competitive careers like big business and politics are excellent outlets for his assertive energy.

Donald has a tremendously strong work ethic and strong desire to succeed. However, he needs to develop greater understanding and respect for those not strong like himself. His personal relationships would enjoy more harmony if he showed more sympathy and tenderness to weaker individuals.

Fixed star Regulus at 29 ♌ 04 is conjunct his Mars and Ascendant. The Heart of the Lion, symbolically the Crushing Foot, is a Mars-Jupiter type star reinforcing Donald Trump’s assertive and aggressive nature. It makes him generous, ambitious, fond of power, desirous of command, high-spirited and independent. Regulus is the Great and Mighty King, giving royal properties, a noble mind, frankness and courage.

Ascendant conjunct Regulus gives great honor and wealth, favor of the great and victory over enemies. But it can also bring scandal, violence and trouble, with benefits seldom lasting.

Mars conjunct Regulus brings honor, fame, a strong character, public prominence and high military command. He takes command and gives orders.

Sun sextile Mars gives a playful and youthful appearance. It increases the strength and competitiveness of Mars and Regulus rising. It’s the reason he is very direct in his self-expression. A fighting can make him provocative, and this aspect supports the business, military and political potential shown by Mars and Regulus rising.

Lack of pretension and a willingness to stand up for just causes wins Donald respect and support. Sun sextile Mars suggests harmonious relationships on the whole because of his sincerity, warmth and charming personality. Of course, the Mars rising aggression will hamper this at times.

Donald Trump’s Sun at 22 ♊ 55 lies amid five fixed stars in Taurus and Orion, that together make for a combative nature with the tongue. The strongest of these is:

Fixed star Alnilam at 22 ♊ 42 is the middle star of the Belt of Orion. In general it gives public honor. Good aspects (sextile Mars-Ascendant) indicate being able to do really great things and to be well rewarded as a result. Challenging aspects (opposite Moon) give a tendency towards useless bravado. Sun conjunct Alnilam reinforces his rash, headstrong and bad-tempered nature.

Donald Trump Horoscope

Donald Trump Horoscope

Sun opposite Moon expresses all the turmoil and chaos from when Theia collided with Earth to create the Moon. This is the strongest feature in his chart by far, and like all we have already seen, it creates a very competitive and confrontational nature.

He comes to terms with the polarities and extremes in his life by bravely charging headlong in combat against his adversaries. In this way, he gains greater understanding of his inner self and that of the outer world. This sometimes blinkered nature provokes strong reactions, which in time, help him become a master of compromise and negotiation.

Sun conjunct Uranus exacerbate Donald’s ability to shock with his confronting behavior. However, it also makes him very self-aware of this nature and how other people see him. His progressive need to change the system is often seen as juvenile rebellion, but his higher awareness and vision can bring new ways of doing things which eventually become acceptable, having great benefits for humanity.

Jupiter trine Uranus gives a fundamental dislike of tradition and an ingenious, progressive spirit. He believes everyone deserves the chance to succeed without restraint from rules and regulations. He would see big government as inhibiting a persons freedom to grow and succeed in life. Along with the Sun-Uranus conjunction, this aspect makes Donald uninhibited and free to share his values, with no thought of societal or political standards.

Behind the strong-man image, there are actually well intended liberal, tolerant and progressive beliefs and values. He has an optimistic view of the future and will discard any belief or system that no longer works. He is comfortable being eccentric and misunderstood. This aspects also gives an open-minded approach to religion.

Venus conjunct Saturn makes it difficult to show love and affection, but it does signal a caring and loyal person. Breakups and divorce are common and this aspect is noted for bringing sadness, disappointment in love, and even poverty. Patience and many lessons can lead to loving relationships and financial security.

Fixed star Procyon at 25 ♋ 02 is a very fortunate influence on the Venus-Saturn conjunction. Being associated with wealth and renown, it has definitely improved Donald’s financial position. However, like so much in his chart, is makes people hasty, jealous and pig-headed.

Venus conjunct Procyon brings many benefits from influential friends, association with the Church, and is favorable for gain.

Saturn conjunct Procyon gives him good judgment and a high position of trust often in connection with land.

Venus-Saturn sextile Midheaven is another reason why the bad reputation of Venus conjunct Saturn has been negated. The Venus influence gives a love of career and talent in the fashion or beauty industries. This is a good indicator of wealth and softens his aggressive nature. The Saturn influence suggests a position of authority, respect and honor. This is ideal for a career in real estate or the government.

Fixed star Algol at 25 ♉ 24 conjunct Midheaven would seem a terrible omen for his career. Medusa’s Head is associated with extreme misfortune and violence. With the Midheaven in particular it can indicate murder, a sudden death and beheading. Donald Trump is at risk of being assassinated by a shot to the head or neck.

The unlucky Venus-Saturn conjunction has turned good through the positive fixed star and trine to Midheaven. It also seems that unlucky Algol has come good through the trine to Venus-Saturn. Plus, Algol does have a very positive side. Medusa’s ugly head was removed by the sword and then used for good. Seeing past the ugliness reveals hidden beauty. It would appear that through his career, or calling, Donald Trump can unlock the beauty and riches of Venus that was bound by Saturn.

How Algol signifies on horoscopes depends entirely on how the person concerned does or does not live life with an honest sense of purpose to it, a desire at least to try to live up to some kind of philosophy, religion or ideal. [2]


1. Exclusive to Newsmax: Trump’s Hospital Birth Docs.
2. The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, 1988, p.130.

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  1. Yes, Gerald, I know it is an astrology site. I have been an astrologer for 35 years or so.

    As far as your suggested chart as the birth of the Constitution, well, it is just that, a suggestion. It is an old argument. What to use as the birth time? Is it the drafting of it, the ratification or the implementation of it?

    I have not drafted a chart for the Articles of Confederation and don’t intend to do so. In addition, I don’t buy into conspiracy theories about a Deep State.

    If you want to see how I made the prediction on the depression, look it up on this site. Also, if you want to see my prediction on the many coming and goings in the Trump administration and how his presidency may end, it too is available on this site.

    I simply don’t have the time to go into great detail at this time.

    Have a lovely day. All the best to you.

    • Progressive aspect Donald J. Trump.

      28-Aug-2018 001°,01’41 Virgo Sun 120 Black Moon

      • Trump’s progressive MC enters Leo on 9 September 2018.

        The USA’s progressive Twelve House cusp is conjunct fixed star Tejat on 9 September 2018.

        • Saturn goes direct on September 6, 2018. Legal matters will move forward. Will not be at the shadow degree until Dec. 12, 2018. Trump’s third Saturn opposition to Mercury on December10, 2018.

          • Saturn rules over the tenth house issues! Hard work, corporations, things that demand timing. Following the law as dictated by hierarchies. So I am asking you according to my previous learning is Saturn making aspect to Jupiter at this time because Jupiter is the judges, courts, higher thinking, traveling, the judgement being passed down. So unless Saturn is making aspect to Jupiter in the Presidents chart and a hard aspect I wouldn’t expect anything to come of the Mueller investigation. It has been a witch hunt from the start.
            Now reverse all you said and I heard that Mueller has charges stemming from mishandling of documents that he is going to court for on September 4, 2018. Has Mueller sat in pre-judgement of President Trump and now therefore as the bible states, take the rafter out of your eye before you take the straw out of your brothers. Time shall tell!

            • As above, so below! I grew up as a bench burning Baptist, but attended an Advent church in recent years. I no longer participate in church services. However, will confirm that there is a one source. The US is not a Theocracy and never was. Our forefathers provided for religious freedom. You posted of scripture in the Bible, but there is also the Torah and the Quaran. As a matter of fact, there are over 2000 deities. Church and State are separate.

              As far as Mueller going to court for mishandling documents, I know nothing of the case you speak of.

              Furthermore, the location, time, Mueller’s birth time etc. would have to be considered. There are two parties to the case. Is Trump the plaintiff?

              Saturn rules over approximately 639 areas. Jupiter approximately rules over approximately 432, including jurors and the Republican Party.

              Nothing I posted is reversed.

      • August 21, 2018. Paul Manafort convicted of 8 of 18 counts that he was charged with. Michael Cohen pleads guilty with a plea deal and Trump is implicated as an unindicted co-conspirator of violating campaign finance law.

        August 21st Sun Return to the Great American Eclipse chart at 28 Leo 52 conjunct Trump’s Asc. Critical/Crisis 29th degree. in the same chart Saturn conjoins Trump’s Moon at 21 Sag. 11 and went into opposition to his Gemini Sun shortly after. Saturn rules judges, justice system, responsibility, bosses, restrictions etc. Oddly enough Saturn rules coal and coal mines. Hence the WV rally on the same day.

        The Great American Eclipse that divided America.

    • Hi Lynn,
      Nice to see you have been an astrologer for 35yrs, Congrats! I am nothing, I used to deliver papers to store accounts for a living so excuse me for some serious questions concerning remarks you have made throughout this posting on Donald J. Trump!
      The Declaration of Independence is what most astrologers seem to use in the drafting of any questions concerning the United States. Now that is what I gathered as snippets on this wonderful world we call the net. The Declaration was originally signed by a man called John Hancock because he knew he could be hung for treason if the British got a hold of the document and he wanted to be out there in front of all his compatriots. That is why it is usually used July 4,1776. It was late afternoon and I leave the “astrologers” to figure it out.
      With that stated, NOT ONE ASTROLOGER SAID THAT TRUMP WOULD WIN! I looked at his chart and within seconds I knew he would win but I am no astrologer, just to be clear.

      Now I take my bias out of the chart and my own interpretations and go with the flow when I am dealing with crap!

      You don’t have to buy into any theory unless it suits you! The great God of heaven said we all have free will and choice. In doing so as stated from the above, I do believe in the Deep State and it started right after the Flood of Noah. The roots go further back than anyone could imagine.

      Now as for Jamie’s site, I come here to find out which way the wind is blowing this month and what I get is far more. I have never read his comments in any of the text books I have read and believe me there are astrology books out there not worth buying but everyone thinks they are the bees knees because they do not know any different.

      Jamie brings a singing of the planets when he writes! I have never seen snippets on his site or I would have left years ago.

      Donald Trump is trying to clean out the deep state so we no longer have an issue coming in the future for our children and grandchildren. If you still don’t believe, then take a look outside the USA. LOOK AT china. Did you know that they have concentration camps now for Christians and those that don’t believe as they do? Did you know that the pope is trying to get The HOLY SEE accepted in to China because there are only 10 mil Catholics and 60 mil protestants. The holy see means, The HOLY SEAT! That was yesterdays news.

      We have concentration camps all over the US now and they are in working order. I wonder who they could be for? All of this done through the Clinton all the way up to Obama years. Now if you can’t see any of it, its all ok, most don’t want to see it. The President is doing his damndest to stop it all! He has brought the economy back and had new highs never before seen in our lifetime. He has tried to make friends with everyone but yet, serving the people of the United States with loyalty in spite of what the deep state is saying. If they are against the amazing job he has done, then they are part of the deep state.

      We have been at war as Pluto passes through the same degrees as he did back in the 1770’s. What has gone before is usually a good precursor for what is coming up but on a different scale.

      One more thing, you usually don’t fit a chart to a person, you fit the person to the chart. If this chart doesn’t work, doesn’t mean it is wrong. Their train could have gone off the track at birth or somewhere along the way.

  2. Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776 in Philadelphia, PA – time controversial. Also, the date is controversial. Honestly, don’t need a history lesson.

    Now as far as Jamie, he is good at the type of astrology he does. There is no dispute here. Personally, I don’ t look at his weekly or monthly forecasts. I do enjoy his writing on lunations. He has a knack for it. However, we have different methods. I use a house system and he doesn’t. He uses planetary aspects and fixed stars only. We can call that a professional disagreement, but still have respect for each other.

    In natal astrology (that I use) there are 1700 different influences. I look at the chart as a whole. Some factors modify others. The natal chart is always the greatest influence, regardless of transists or progressions. Furthermore, I do my own research with select clients. The research is in the medical/psychological areas of astrology. Hence, so is my education and work experience. Political astrology is not my specialty. It is just a side interest. I stand by my interpretation of Trump’s chart. There is no doubt that he has some powerful aspects, but it how he uses it that matters. I hope this clarifies some of your questions and comments. Sorry, but I am not fitting anything and still don’t believe in the deep state.

    I don’t have a website, because I am for the advancement and acceptance of Astrology as a science. Hope to publish my findings at some point.

    As far as, no astrologer getting the election right, well, it isn’t an exact science. In addition, not having Clinton’s birth time was a problem. We are still learning. Just like medicine is not an exact science. Sometimes treatments work, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes diagnoses are accurate, sometimes they aren’t.

    The Pluto return is interesting as well as the Neptune return in the Republican chart. Like I said, it isn’t about politics; it is about the country.

    “Thy will (emphasize this) be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. “

    “Oh, stargazer, ye may know, but can change nothing.” This and the next one is paraphrased. Don’t have the scripture handy.

    “The Lord gave power to the Heavens.”

    Have a nice day. All the best to you.

    • Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776, Phily, the Sibley chart.. this is such a wonderfully excellent chart. Have a look at the Solar Arc, the week Elon Musk space suit mannequin went to Mars in his Space X roadster (giggle), but also a very important week Feb 5-12, as Jerome Powell was sworn in as Fed Bank Chairman, and the stock market had a very large convulsion… anyway, USA! USA! USA! Solar arc bang on 240°

  3. The Sibley chart is a generally accepted chart, but the time is still controversisl. I already have it on file. It is doubtful that I will be delving into it anytime soon.

    To be honest, I am working on a case of Autism at this time. In addition, have been having a health crisis of my own. Dealing with Neptune (nebulous, nefarious, illusionary, now you see it, now you don’t planet conjunct my Sun. Neptune is the ruler of my Sun. Was diagnosed with lung cancer in Jan. In April during preadmission testing for surgery, it was gone according to CT. In July, a small dense mass with a folding over of tissue appeared. Significance unknown at this time. Doctors and tests have become a scheduling feature for me. As well as multiple breathing treatments, tiredness, and other problems.

    I am all for unification and believe in the people, the common good and general welfare of the people, regardless of religion, political affilation, country of origin, gender or color of their skin.

    “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States.

  4. Hope your health improves Lynn.

    Take the Scorpionic chart Nov 15, 1777, 0.49pm York PA, Solar Arc for July 4, 2020: exact 240°

  5. Donald J. Trump.

    24-Sep-2018 020°,50’30 Scorpio Jup 45 Nep transit
    24-Sep-2018 001°,41’51 Taurus Ura 90 C-12 transit
    24-Sep-2018 -23°,26’40 Mars # C-11 transit
    25-Sep-2018 021°,08’51 Scorpio Jup 30 C—3 transit

  6. Donald J. Trump.

    27-Sep-2018 -23°,07’28 Mars # Drac transit
    27-Sep-2018 +11°,30’17 Ura // Asc transit


    27-Sep-2018 018°,03’02 Sagittarius Moon 45 mutual Sat
    27-Sep-2018 014°,33’00 Pisces Nep 135 AR04 transit
    27-Sep-2018 -23°,03’00 Mars // C—3 transit

  7. USA midterms elections 6 November 2018.

    Donald J. Trump.

    6-Nov-2018 024°,20’00 Aquarius Mars 90 MC transit
    7-Nov-2018 007°,01’19 Leo Moon 60 mutual Nep
    8-Nov-2018 029°,56’42 Aries Ura 120 Asc transit
    8-Nov-2018 029°,54’45 Scorpio Jup 45 Chiron transit
    8-Nov-2018 029°,56’42 Scorpio Jup 90 Asc transit
    11-Nov-2018 005°,50’30 Capricorn Sat 90 Nep transit



    6-Nov-2018 029°,33’00 Scorpio Jup 120 AR04
    7-Nov-2018 029°,42’57 Scorpio Jup 0 AR07
    7-Nov-2018 005°,29’46 Steenbok Sat 60 AR12
    7-Nov-2018 029°,48’13 Scorpio Jup 45 Sat
    8-Nov-2018 025°,27’54 Aquarius Mars 0 Moon
    8-Nov-2018 025°,31’46 Aquarius Mars 45 C–3
    9-Nov-2018 -14°,38’56 Mars // Moon
    10-Nov-2018 -14°,20’03 Mars // Asc
    12-Nov-2018 005°,54’53 Capricorn Sat 180 Jup
    12-Nov-2018 028°,12’57 Aquarius Mars 135 Sun
    13-Nov-2018 001°,07’19 Sagittarius Jup 45 C-12

  8. Donald J. Trump.

    Bolton meets Putin:

    24-Oct-2018 023°,26’49 Taurus C–8 * CAPULUS (MARS – MERC )
    24-Oct-2018 006°,28’56 Leo Moon * PRAESAEPE (MARS – MOON )
    24-Oct-2018 026°,46’54 Scorpio Jup 90 Mars transit

    Vladimir Putin.
    24-Oct-2018 017°,09’07 Aquarius Mars 120 C-12 transit

    Trump told reporters on Saturday that he intended to withdraw the country from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), signed by the Soviet Union and United States in 1987 during the final years of the Cold War.
    The agreement has helped eliminate thousands of land-based missiles from the US and Russia, and Trump’s plans have raised concerns of a renewed arms race between the two nations.

  9. Horoscope Donald J. Trump.

    Progressive aspects:

    6-Nov-2018 023°,26’49 Taurus C–8 * CAPULUS (MARS – MERC )
    7-Nov-2018 007°,01’19 Leo Moon 60 mutual Nep


    6-Nov-2018 024°,17’51 Aquarius Mars 90 MC
    6-Nov-2018 024°,26’04 Aquarius Mars 60 AR08
    8-Nov-2018 029°,54’45 Scorpio Jup 45 Chiron
    8-Nov-2018 029°,54’59 Scorpio Jup 90 Asc
    8-Nov-2018 029°,54’59 Aries Ura 120 Asc

    Horoscope Hillary D. Clinton.


    6-Nov-2018 -15°,15’53 Mars # Sat

    • What is the likelihood that this man will become a two-term President or is he going to be removed in 2019, according to a comment I read?

  10. we who cling to our guns and Bibles support Trump believing God sent him to turn his life around and save America from the Obamas and Hillaries look back at King David he sent a soldier officer to his death on front lines to hide fact that man’s wife was pregnant with David’s child. People are often drawn to pleasures of the sex act etc that does not mean fate and God do not have a plan for them ah, yes and astrology.

    • ”we who cling to our guns”… obviously do not trust God to protect us from our paranoia.
      or we wouldn’t need guns.

      Trump is almost as crazy as his supporters.

    • Gesh! If one is going to tell a story from the Bible, then it should be correct. That is not the story of David and Bathsheba. David lusted after Uriah’s wife and sent for her. He slept with her and she became with child. Davis schemed to cover up his wrongful act and brought Uriah home from war, so he would sleep with Bathsheba. Uriah came back, but did not go home. David then gave the order for Uriah to be put in harms way. So, he was struck down by the sword.

      God punished David by taking the child’s life.

      Where in heaven’s name did you get the idea that God was protecting David?

  11. Trump visits France in connection with the 100 years armistice anniversary.

    11-Nov-2018 005°,50’30 Capricorn Sat 90 Nep transit

  12. Queen Elizabeth II.

    11-Nov-2018 005°,52’14 Capricorn Sat 45 Mars transit

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