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Donald Trump HoroscopeDonald Trump was born in New York on June 14, 1946. The time of 10:54 am for the Donald Trump horoscope is rated AA as it comes from his birth certificate. [1]

Mars conjunct Ascendant represents the physical expression of Donald Trump’s soul. It makes him very strong, courageous and independent, and he feels that he needs to show off this strength. His ego can be easily ruffled, leading to arguments and hostility. Others can react aggressively to this hostility, often resulting in strong enemies.

People always know where Donald stands. Personal integrity and honor are his strong points and win him support. He has a strong sex drive and can ooze sexual magnetism in a raw, militant way. Competitive careers like big business and politics are excellent outlets for his assertive energy.

Donald has a tremendously strong work ethic and strong desire to succeed. However, he needs to develop greater understanding and respect for those not strong like himself. His personal relationships would enjoy more harmony if he showed more sympathy and tenderness to weaker individuals.

Fixed star Regulus at 29 ♌ 04 is conjunct his Mars and Ascendant. The Heart of the Lion, symbolically the Crushing Foot, is a Mars-Jupiter type star reinforcing Donald Trump’s assertive and aggressive nature. It makes him generous, ambitious, fond of power, desirous of command, high-spirited and independent. Regulus is the Great and Mighty King, giving royal properties, a noble mind, frankness and courage.

Ascendant conjunct Regulus gives great honor and wealth, favor of the great and victory over enemies. But it can also bring scandal, violence and trouble, with benefits seldom lasting.

Mars conjunct Regulus brings honor, fame, a strong character, public prominence and high military command. He takes command and gives orders.

Sun sextile Mars gives a playful and youthful appearance. It increases the strength and competitiveness of Mars and Regulus rising. It’s the reason he is very direct in his self-expression. A fighting can make him provocative, and this aspect supports the business, military and political potential shown by Mars and Regulus rising.

Lack of pretension and a willingness to stand up for just causes wins Donald respect and support. Sun sextile Mars suggests harmonious relationships on the whole because of his sincerity, warmth and charming personality. Of course, the Mars rising aggression will hamper this at times.

Donald Trump’s Sun at 22 ♊ 55 lies amid five fixed stars in Taurus and Orion, that together make for a combative nature with the tongue. The strongest of these is:

Fixed star Alnilam at 22 ♊ 42 is the middle star of the Belt of Orion. In general it gives public honor. Good aspects (sextile Mars-Ascendant) indicate being able to do really great things and to be well rewarded as a result. Challenging aspects (opposite Moon) give a tendency towards useless bravado. Sun conjunct Alnilam reinforces his rash, headstrong and bad-tempered nature.

Donald Trump Horoscope

Donald Trump Horoscope

Sun opposite Moon expresses all the turmoil and chaos from when Theia collided with Earth to create the Moon. This is the strongest feature in his chart by far, and like all we have already seen, it creates a very competitive and confrontational nature.

He comes to terms with the polarities and extremes in his life by bravely charging headlong in combat against his adversaries. In this way, he gains greater understanding of his inner self and that of the outer world. This sometimes blinkered nature provokes strong reactions, which in time, help him become a master of compromise and negotiation.

Sun conjunct Uranus exacerbate Donald’s ability to shock with his confronting behavior. However, it also makes him very self-aware of this nature and how other people see him. His progressive need to change the system is often seen as juvenile rebellion, but his higher awareness and vision can bring new ways of doing things which eventually become acceptable, having great benefits for humanity.

Jupiter trine Uranus gives a fundamental dislike of tradition and an ingenious, progressive spirit. He believes everyone deserves the chance to succeed without restraint from rules and regulations. He would see big government as inhibiting a persons freedom to grow and succeed in life. Along with the Sun-Uranus conjunction, this aspect makes Donald uninhibited and free to share his values, with no thought of societal or political standards.

Behind the strong-man image, there are actually well intended liberal, tolerant and progressive beliefs and values. He has an optimistic view of the future and will discard any belief or system that no longer works. He is comfortable being eccentric and misunderstood. This aspects also gives an open-minded approach to religion.

Venus conjunct Saturn makes it difficult to show love and affection, but it does signal a caring and loyal person. Breakups and divorce are common and this aspect is noted for bringing sadness, disappointment in love, and even poverty. Patience and many lessons can lead to loving relationships and financial security.

Fixed star Procyon at 25 ♋ 02 is a very fortunate influence on the Venus-Saturn conjunction. Being associated with wealth and renown, it has definitely improved Donald’s financial position. However, like so much in his chart, is makes people hasty, jealous and pig-headed.

Venus conjunct Procyon brings many benefits from influential friends, association with the Church, and is favorable for gain.

Saturn conjunct Procyon gives him good judgment and a high position of trust often in connection with land.

Venus-Saturn sextile Midheaven is another reason why the bad reputation of Venus conjunct Saturn has been negated. The Venus influence gives a love of career and talent in the fashion or beauty industries. This is a good indicator of wealth and softens his aggressive nature. The Saturn influence suggests a position of authority, respect and honor. This is ideal for a career in real estate or the government.

Fixed star Algol at 25 ♉ 24 conjunct Midheaven would seem a terrible omen for his career. Medusa’s Head is associated with extreme misfortune and violence. With the Midheaven in particular it can indicate murder, a sudden death and beheading. Donald Trump is at risk of being assassinated by a shot to the head or neck.

The unlucky Venus-Saturn conjunction has turned good through the positive fixed star and trine to Midheaven. It also seems that unlucky Algol has come good through the trine to Venus-Saturn. Plus, Algol does have a very positive side. Medusa’s ugly head was removed by the sword and then used for good. Seeing past the ugliness reveals hidden beauty. It would appear that through his career, or calling, Donald Trump can unlock the beauty and riches of Venus that was bound by Saturn.

How Algol signifies on horoscopes depends entirely on how the person concerned does or does not live life with an honest sense of purpose to it, a desire at least to try to live up to some kind of philosophy, religion or ideal. [2]


1. Exclusive to Newsmax: Trump’s Hospital Birth Docs.
2. The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, 1988, p.130.

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  1. Donald J. Trump said he made today a decission for himself in Iran atomic deal question.

    20-Sep-2017 024°,27’47 Sagittarius C–3 0 AR08

    AR08 = Asc + Jup – Sun arabic part.

    20-Sep-2017 025°,44’49 Libra Jup 90 Ven transit

  2. October: This is a good time to watch the unraveling of Trumps presidency as the total solar eclipse isn’t done working and causing catastrophe’s world wide but especially in the U.S. including Puerto Rico and Mexico. Trump is acting out the malevolence found in Algol and Regulas in his chart. While Puerto Ricons beg for help, Trump ignores them and is tweeting about the NFL protests. Trump is a spoiled brat and has caused havoc in the US policies and is being watched throughout the world. If nothing else, its a good time for astrologers to inspect his chart as it proves a good learning experience in the world of stars.

    • i agree the cruelty that is often kept in the dark ,is open and pouring into the light this is painful and destructive but i am grateful for “revelation” theres a word fraught with mystery , so america can become whole and heal ,there is a lot of energy and commitment growing towards facing shadow and integrating

  3. Donald J. Trump.


    31-Oct-2017 002°,27’07 Virgo C-11 45 Jup

    31-Oct-2017 -12°,05’53 Jup // Pars transit

    Kim Jong Un.

    31-Okt-2017 -22°,19’57 Sat // Sun transit

  4. Apparently many in the Congress and Senate are feeling confused and baffled by the behavior of Trump as he is very angry and quarrels with his staff. Check out his Sun and Uranus conjunct Capella in Gemini. This star brings wealth and a position of trust, but his Uranus is also conjunct Capella which indicates an eccentric, mentally unbalanced or insane person. Psychiatrists strive to define Trumps behavior with new definitions, but insanity alone doesn’t fit nicely in any definition. What is also apparent is his ignorance: like why don’t we use our nuclear weapons he asks? Too bad astrology can’t measure IQ.

    • One way to measure intelligence in astrology is the distance between the Sun and Mercury. Supposedly the further apart, the more intelligent the person is. I think the most they can be apart is 28 degrees.

      • Glad you replied. Well I will check out this info against the charts of persons like Einstein, etc. Have you found any stars that show extreme intelligence. I found one that reveals a slow wit and others that show abilities above the norm. this astrology on IQ requires more research. I have also found some stars that reveal possible mental instability and the Sun square or opposition Neptune is often indicative of some mental derangement.

    • Baby, it looks that you don’t have the brains to understand a Gemini. Judith, Judith….and it is you who’s asking about IQ…go figga.

  5. Trumps chart shows Pluto in his 12th house which is sextile Uranus conjunct his Sun. Pluto is very destructive, especially in Leo and the 12th house indicates actions that are taken often secretly or behind closed doors, Pluto just has to destroy anything for no good reason. Trump has repealed a wildlife law that banned lead bullets. Someone should show this fool just how sad it is to see Eagles and hawks and other wildlife being poisoned from lead bullets. But Trump has no empathy but is bent on destruction while expressing Leo’s need to be admired, loved and praised. Pluto in Leo will destroy anyone or anything that steals one’s limelight. He will end up being not loved, but hated.

  6. Hmmmm….Judith, I have Pluto in Leo in my first house! I most definitely take offense to the second half of your reply post! You obviously hold hatred for the president of the United States, which is your prerogative, but why link astrology to your feelings and beliefs of Donald Trump?
    I don’t do anything to steal the limelight from anyone….and I’m not hated by others either! You say that Pluto is very destructive, especially in Leo???? My Pluto has given me lots and lots of strength and tenacity through the tough times in my life. I’m loving and empathetic; I’m the person that family and friends come to when they need a shoulder to cry on or if they need help to focus on their troubling situations…I also can see through “smoke and mirrors”
    Maybe it’s possible that Trump’s 12th house Pluto secrets and actions behind closed doors is referring to all of the political corruption deeply seated in Washington DC…..Maybe THAT’S what Pluto’s destroying!

    • Pluto rising is a sure sign of strength and keen insight. But you might want to look at the degree and star that is afflicting your rising sign if any. yes, I do feel Trump is the worst President I have ever seen but I use his chart to denote his behavior and personality by using planetary afflictions and planetary signs. His behavior undoubtedly reveals his personality and behavior which is noted daily on most news programs. An afflicted Mars and Pluto in Leo usually reveals a very destructive person but Pluto rising alone doesn’t necessarily reveal a cold hearted person. Just a person who thinks they have all the answers.

      • How do I find out what star, if any, is afflicting my rising Pluto? I know that my Mars, Sun &Mercury are trine with Pluto and with my Sag moon in a Grand Fire Trine.
        It would be terrific to learn more about the stars.

  7. Donald J. Trump plans a visit to South Korea on 7 and 8 November 2017.

    8-Nov-2017 012°,16’36 Leo Merc 180 AR05
    8-Nov-2017 006°,12’12 Scorpio Jup 45 Moon transit
    8-Nov-2017 015°,50’00 Scorpio Sun 45 AR01 transit
    8-Nov-2017 025°,44’49 Aries Ura 90 Ven transit

  8. SC Nonni, thank you for the help in understanding how this Pluto set up has worked out for you. Judith look at what house Pluto and Mars rules. Those are the area’s he will be the hardest and the area’s where felt were the most important in his life. If you notice, Pluto rules 4th house, he is a fierce fighter for his family, look at his children as the examples of what his Pluto/mars has done. He will keep his secrets away from them until he can better understand what is behind the scenes, the card game has started and he is holding his hand close to his chest, not revealing much. Now through the Mars, rules 9th house you notice international business professional and can deal with all kinds of cultures and people. His Mars has worked out well for him indeed. Moon Trines Mars. Mars intercepted in 11th house. You find Saturn, Mercury, Venus in Cancer snuggled up in the 11th house interception. His Saturn is holding back his thoughts and the way he receives and gives love. This once again has shown through his family and friends because he would never put them in danger at the expense of his ego. His glib manner comes from that Gemini Sun 10th and how he wants to shine in his own right for his own thoughts. This man has been hounded Solar Arc Moon Oppose Ascendant since he announced. His business acumen is above all others and his fierce loyalty to others is beyond the very basic of humanity.

    Thank God for his placements as they are because without that extra power, he would be mush. His heart hurts but he will still get up each day and push forward, not because he has to, because he sees a need. This man did not have to do this for our country. Each day he works at trying to help others.

    A person chooses destruction, destruction does not choose the person:) We will ultimately decide what we want in our lives and what we will not tolerate.

  9. Vladimir Putin.

    19-Oct-2017 018°,11’53 Sagittarius Sun 45 Asc
    19-Oct-2017 026°,31’30 Aries Ura 120 Mars transit

    Russia’s Putin Reveals His Biggest Mistake: Trusting the West.
    Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed Thursday what he says is his country’s gravest error in the past 15 years — placing Moscow’s trust in the West.
    During a policy talk at the Valdai Discussion Club, October 19, 2017 the Russian leader spoke on a number of issues, especially criticizing U.S. foreign policy moves across the globe and lauding Russia’s increasingly relevant role as a world power. When asked by a Germany-based academic where Russia had most seriously gone wrong in the past decade and a half, Putin said he had too readily laid his trust in the West, which he then accused of having abused its relationship with Moscow to further its own interests.
    “Our biggest mistake was that we trusted you too much. You interpreted our trust as weakness, and you exploited that,” Putin said, according to Reuters.
    “Unfortunately, our Western partners, having divided the USSR’s geopolitical legacy, were certain of their own incontestable righteousness having declared themselves the victors of the ‘Cold War,'” he added, later comparing the West’s need to export democracy to the Soviet Union’s desire to spread communism.
    U.S.-Russia ties have fluctuated greatly over the years. Russia was initially an ally of the U.S. throughout the tumultuous political years that followed the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s and was an early ally of the U.S.’s war on terror after the 9/11 attacks in 2001. However, Putin, who has led the country as president or prime minister since 2000, has long been a critic of U.S. attempts to expand its influence around the world and now faces what his U.S. counterpart and former political ally, Donald Trump, described in August as “an all-time and very dangerous low” for relations between the two powers.
    “We have to turn this page and move forward and our relations should be based on mutual respect and we should treat each other as equal partners,” Putin said, according to the state-run Tass Russian News Agency.
    Lingering grievances that surfaced under the administration of President Barack Obama have left the two nations deeply suspicious of another’s intentions. Persistent U.S. accusations that the Kremlin interfered in the 2016 U.S. presidential race has led to multiple sanctions and tit-for-tat diplomatic attacks between the countries, while dueling military buildups between Western military alliance NATO and Russia have played out across Europe.
    Putin said Thursday that, despite Moscow planning to respond to NATO’s deployments near Russia’s borders, “everything was under control.” In the Middle East, though, he accused the U.S. and its allies of intentionally making an already unstable environment worse.
    “Instead of controlling the situation together and dealing a real blow on terrorism, and not imitating the struggle with it, some of our counterparts have been doing their utmost to make the chaos in the region permanent,” Putin said, according to Tass.
    The U.S. and Russia have cautiously begun cooperating in Syria, where they back separate forces battling the Islamic State militant group (ISIS), but Russia has joined Syria and Iran, in accusing the U.S. and its allies of starting the conflict by supporting Syrian rebels and even of secretly helping ISIS and other jihadis, something Western powers deny.
    Through its military success in Syria, business deals and arms sales, Russia has taken an increasingly important role in the Middle East and has also attempted to act as a mediator in a nuclear standoff between the U.S. and North Korea. Western powers have repeatedly condemned what they perceive to be aggressive Russian policies that destabilize the existing world order.
    Putin did, however, take an opportunity Thursday to defend his U.S. counterpart from his detractors, calling on U.S. citizens to stop disrespecting Trump and his supporters.

  10. @ SCNonni I, I , I, I, I, and I. Six times in one paragraph. Reread your post. Leo in the first house!

    • True….lol 😆
      Curious…..are you a Virgo or have strong Virgo placements? My Virgo husband and sister are both Virgos and also feel the responsibility of critiquing others. I love them to death for it 👍🏼 (There’s that “I “ again….lol)

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