Mars Conjunct Ascendant Natal and Transit

Mars Conjunct Ascendant Transit

Mars conjunct Ascendant maximum orb 7°30′.

Mars conjunct Ascendant natal gives an vibrant, intense, courageous, and independent nature. You come on strong even when meeting someone for the first time, often appearing aggressive at one extreme or sexy at the other.

Anger management can be problematic because your strong ego can easily be ruffled. This can make working with others difficult and lead to arguments and hostility. You project yourself very forcefully as if to show your strength and courage. People can easily sense this through your body language or even your aura at the subconscious level. Others may react aggressively toward you, and you will often make enemies.

Not being able to hide your intentions can get you into trouble, but people always know where you stand. Personal integrity and honor are strong points and will win your support. Just as you cannot hide your angry side, you cannot disguise your strong sex drive. You can ooze sexual magnetism, which makes you very attractive in a raw, militant, or sporty way.

You should be good at sports, and Mars conjunct Ascendant is a good aspect for success in war. Competition is one of the best outlets for your assertive energy, not only in sports but also in business, the military, police, surgery, and politics. Any area in which strength is respected would suit you. You can be counted on because of your work ethic and a strong desire to succeed in your personal or professional goals.

You may need to develop a greater understanding and respect for those not strong like yourself. Your relationships will enjoy harmony by being more sympathetic and tender to sensitive or weaker individuals.

Mars Conjunct Ascendant Transit

Mars conjunct Ascendant transit can bring hostility as you assert your increased strength and courage. It can also result in aggressive responses from others, especially your open enemies or partners. This energy comes on very quickly and is best dealt with on the spot in a direct, open, and honest way.

There is a tendency to dominate people, but this will usually end up in confrontation, leading to tremendous anger and resentment. The most effective use of this hot energy is competing to win. Direct this energy toward achieving your goals. Your strong drive and courage make success more likely now than at other times.

Physical exercise, sports, fighting, and other competitive areas like business and politics are favored. It would be wise to take care when driving or using knives and dangerous machinery when angry.

Your sex drive will be very potent, and romance is possible. The tendency toward primal domination can be attractive to some, but you may do better by being a little more sensitive.

Mars Conjunct Ascendant Celebrities

Nevin Markwart 0°00′, Alois Hitler 0°14′, Guy de Maupassant 0°24′, Megan Fox 0°29′, Sissy Spacek 0°34′, Josephine Ford 0°34′, Frank Collin 0°34′, Barry Gibb 0°38′, Al Parker 0°48′, Bill Clinton 0°50′, Ernst Damzog 1°00′, Arthur Conan Doyle 1°18′, Agatha Christie 1°19′, Tony Blair 1°22′, Giorgio Baglivi 1°29′, Christian Dior 1°31′, Holly Parker 1°39′, Fromental Halevy 1°40′, Derek Jacobi 1°47′, Francis Ford Coppola 1°48′, Anthony Eden 1°48′, Stéphane Mallarmé 1°52′.

13 thoughts on “Mars Conjunct Ascendant Natal and Transit

  1. Hi Jamie, I have this aspect in my natal chart and can relate to everything you’ve written here. I have found Mars Conjunct my Asc by 4 degrees in my first house to be a blessing and a curse. I have dated 2 Aries in my life, it has never gone well. But I do relate to this energy, two of my closest friends are also Aries

    • Thanks for the feedback Helen, I always appreciate it, and so will everyone else who stumbles across this page.

  2. Donald Trump has this aspect. I must say he totally fits the description.I also have Mars conjunct Ascendant in Leo. Sometimes people think I am mad when I am not. Toning down the intensity is not easy, especially when you do not even realize how you come across. But my conjunction is trine Moon and Neptune in Sag, so that softens the deal a bit

  3. Hi, Jamie,

    If Mars is retrograde, does it change the meaning of transiting Mars conjunct ascendant?


    • Mainly that you will have this transit 3 times instead of once. This could affect your one to one relationships.

  4. I have this natal and it’s been hard on me but I never knew just how much until I read this carefully. People can read my moods so I have tried to learn how to hide them. If I have a strong opinion it works against me. Lesath and raselhague conjunct thrown in doesn’t help. I am learning to turn down my intensity and try to be more nonchalant when I meet people that interest me. Mars is aspected favorably with Pluto-Jupiter, the sun, Mercury, Neptune and Uranus so I tend to land on my feet, even though the ground shakes around me quite a bit. My intensity and curiosity can easily be misinterpreted as animosity or rebellion. Thanks to your reading Jamie, I’m finally getting a handle on what has been my stumbling stones in life.

  5. If one is trying to interpret this aspect in a solar return chart, would one of these descriptions be a better fit than the other?
    Natal Mars is in my 7th house and my next year’s solar return puts it in my first, I’m wondering how to interpret it.

  6. The NewAge chart, January 12, 1996 and the Regulus ingress Virgo chart, November 29, 2011, both have Mars conjunct Ascendant. The Mars orb is 3 degrees applying in the NewAge chart, and less than one degree separating in the RegulusVirgo chart.

    There is no mystery here why the destination and colonization of Mars has become a paramount enterprise.

    • Correction, Mars is less than one degree Applying. Both charts show Mars conjunct Ascendant in an applying aspect, ie below the horizon.

      • that’s sorta cool, Age of Aquarius and Regulus Ingress Virgo with Mars conjunct Ascendant.

        Pandemic in the rearview mirror.

        Mars transit natal ascendant, Great Attractor Full Moon

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