2017 Horoscope

Best horoscope sites based on Alexa Traffic Rank. Top astrology sites updated 21 November 2016. Add your website to the comments below. Find your Al...

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Best Horoscope Sites


Since my last personal update in March 2016 my health has continued to improve. This allowed me to get ahead with the 2017 and the monthly horoscopes ...

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Philippines Holiday

Syrma Star, Iota Virginis [www.snipview.com]

Syrma is at 03°48′ Scorpio with an orb of 1°10′ The Sun joins Syrma on October 27 Fixed star Syrma, Iota Virginis, is a 2.4 magnitude star in ...

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Syrma Star – Iota Virgo

Jupiter Trine Neptune Transit

Jupiter trine Neptune is a major planetary aspect occurring in late 2017 and 2018. There are three exact trine aspects between December 2017 and Aug...

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Jupiter Trine Neptune 2017