Venus Conjunct Uranus May 18, 2024

Venus Conjunct Uranus Transit

Venus Conjunct Uranus maximum orb 6°30′.

Venus conjunct Uranus natal stimulates your social and love life but is variable. Much will depend on associated planetary aspects or fixed star conjunction. Favorably influenced, the Venus-Uranus conjunction can bring exciting romances with enough personal freedom to enjoy a glamorous social life. However, a load of squares or oppositions to this alignment may lead to instability in your love life and sudden financial losses.

Whatever the case is, keeping an open mind and remaining flexible is critical to bringing out the best in this aspect. Change is a big part of your life, especially with love and money. Importantly, this is closely related to how you regard yourself or your level of self-love.

You should have acute instincts in these areas of life to anticipate change reasonably, especially with experience as you get older. This could manifest as being one step ahead in fashion or social trends. Otherwise, you will likely stand out from the crowd or change again once everyone has caught up with you.

It is okay for you to fall in love at first sight and to go with your gut feeling in matters of love and finances. However, always be ready to adapt to changing circumstances, which is most important when you feel your individuality and freedom are threatened.

If you want long-term commitment in love, you will probably do better to find a partner who also values their freedom. And like you, they may have something unusual about them, such as coming from a different cultural or ethnic background.

Internet dating may suit you, and some distance may be involved that requires air travel. Or perhaps your social and love life can be stimulated by air travel. Other ways to keep up the excitement in a relationship may be surprises and a high degree of kinkiness during naked bedroom gymnastics.

This aspect is known for producing a degree of genius in terms of creative talent. Whatever you put your hand to as a hobby or professionally, you will develop your unique style and need a certain amount of creative freedom if you work in larger groups. While some may be shocked by your creative expression, at a deeper level, you aim to expose or enlighten through your progressive and futuristic vision.

Venus Conjunct Uranus Transit

Venus conjunct Uranus transit brings change and excitement with love, money, or both. Your increased need for stimulation can lead to sudden changes, or you may be subject to unexpected changes around you.

If things have become stagnant and routine with a partner, you are more likely to rebel or do something to put the relationship at risk. If this does not produce the desired result, that is, more attention and fun, you may call it quits. Just remember that this urge for a thrill is a passing thing. Healthy stimulation can be found in amusement parks or with sex toys.

If single, you have an increased chance of scoring, and internet dating suits this aspect. Although you may enjoy the increased attention and excitement, a new romance started under this influence will probably run out of steam quickly. The exception to this would be contradicting longer-term transits or moon phases.

Thrills can also be found through investing; you can go with your instincts when investing or shopping. A good time for impulse buying on fashion, cosmetics and jewelry. Remember to spend within your budget because financial losses are as likely as financial windfalls. Your creative talent is easy to tap into now, and you can develop your unique style. Surprises may also come in the form of invitations, gifts, compliments, or curious and kinky offers.

Venus Conjunct Uranus Celebrities

Anita Bryant 0°02′, Elizabeth Taylor 0°06′, Rose McGowan 0°13′, Louis Ducruet 0°14′, Eric Burdon 0°17′, Jay Rockefeller 0°17′, Johnny Cash 0°30′, Anthony Burgess 0°34′, Elizabeth Montgomery 0°37′, Alan Shearer 0°41′, Ray Larsen 0°47′, Tim Burton 0°47′, Nancy Pelosi 0°58′, Paul Claudel 1°06′, Romana Acosta Bañuelos 1°14′, Tom Chambers 1°16′, Athanasius Kircher 1°25′, Holly Madison 1°27′, Elizabeth Prentis 1°28′, Glenda Jackson 1°33′, Francisco Franco 1°40′, Louis Pasteur 1°45′.

Venus Conjunct Uranus Dates

March 30, 2023
May 18, 2024
July 4, 2025
April 23, 2026
June 13, 2027
April 12, 2028
June 3, 2028
July 17, 2028
May 19, 2029
July 9, 2030

19 thoughts on “Venus Conjunct Uranus May 18, 2024

  1. Hi Jamie,

    What this aspect can bring if it falls at 1 degree from midheaven? Thanks!

    • It should give you an exciting and attractive public profile. Possibility of pay rise or romantic interest at work. Change in career or pay rise.

      • that sounds great! For how long I can feel this transit? Would the Uranus transit conjunction mid heaven activate again this transit if Venus is still on my 10th house?

        • Uranus transit can last for a year due to retrograde motion. but no, Venus would have be be more tightly conjunct Midheaven, not just in the 10th house.

  2. Hello Jamie, On this conjunction, without knowing it, I sold an 11 year old life policy and put the money into premium bonds (uk) on the April 2016 conjunction, its got to be the weirdest thing I have ever done in my careful and poor life., won £25 in the 1st draw and then £25 again 4 months later. I felt compelled to do it as well. Bizarre. Maybe its a good thing after all though because I have been kicking myself that I did it at all. I will let you know if I win anything decent.!!! The next 4th month draw is February on my husbands Pluto to natal Jupiter conjunction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy 2017 to you.

  3. so i have venus in aries at 26 degrees and uranus will be conjunct my natal and transiting venus at 26 degrees Aries. on March 28 2018. it actually conjuncted it a few months back. Im not more wealthy nor have i met anyone awesome or eccentric. BLEH but ill get a double whammy of this on march 28

  4. Hello Jamie, Just to say to the unbelievers like me!!! I have said that I sold a policy and bought Premium Bonds April 2016, Uranus was square my Sun. 2017 June, Uranus opposite my Neptune (disappointment) haha , reconnected with someone I have not spoken to for 18 years and it was just like 18 years had not existed, and today Uranus again opposite my Neptune, Pluto opposite ( 1st pass of 5 ) my Sun exact, lucky eh?, but, that Premium Bond that I bought in April 2016 was first drawn on June 1st 2016 and I won £25 on first draw, since then I have won on the same bonds at least 6 times, only £25 but for anyone who has this aspect looking at their chart and wants to invest a small amount of money, do it. However, I am very creative and seem to have lost my mojo completely. This aspect is also tapping into the total eclipse of August 2017 isn’t it Jamie???? How is it going for you now by the way.?

  5. How’s this for an unexpected Uranus conjunct Venus aspect. I’ve been in a stale relationship for years. no sex- and I mean once a year sex and little intimacy of any kind. Then my other half gets accepted to do a degree this October and his health which had been poor suddenly improves. He had been stick thin because of his health but now he is weight training and had a trendy new haircut and suddenly he’s interested in sex again. Not only that but he’s interested in foreplay (for the first time).
    I’ve spent the last couple of years thinking of how I can extract myself from a relationship in which I find myself financial trapped, but now it is suddenly better than it has ever been. In case you are wondering is he having an affair or going through a mid life crisis no he’s totally besotted with me. How do I know he’s not having an affair?he works from home and we go everywhere together. (I also work from home).
    I was thinking that I might get fatally attracted to some other guy, I didn’t anticipate this at all :). Still I suppose there could be other surprises to come- he might be the one to decide to leave and instead of being ecstatic I’ll be broken hearted. But for now things are great.

    • Update: Yup it happened he fell in love with someone else. she wasn’t interested and then he tried to get back with me, but I wasn’t interested then.

      • note: he told me he loved someone else on the day Mars trined my natal Uranus.

  6. Nataly ., fickleness and , superficiality in matters of the heart.These people tend to be ‘ starstruck ‘and may choose a partner on appearances only , because they remind them of someone famous that they idolize.This is a ‘ gambling ‘ combination and could mean easy come easy go when handling finances.Unless there are other aspects that gound this individual they will be ‘ helter skelter ‘ in these areas
    If your looking for a serious , deep , emotional love interest you would be best to look elsewhere.

  7. Very good observation about the .’ kinky ‘ thing Jamie ! Uranus is the planet of kinkiness.♍

  8. I have this natally with moon in the middle. Moon and uranus in cancer, venus early leo .I have fallen in and out of love quickly. My home is a showcase that I have personally painted, rehabbed woodwork, rewired chandeliers, made curtains, reupholstered, renovated, put in a garden , pond , playhouse you name it. And both of my kids have aquarius rising. Go figure lol.

  9. Hi!

    Fascinating!! The current Venus conjunct Uranus transit, is happening on top/ conjunct my natal Saturn 8th house… it’s like the song good times/ bad times no one seems to care…😳😳🤘😜😂

  10. I have natal Uranus at 29 degrees Libra conjunct Sun and Venus transit. I think the recommendation for physical activity is good. I’m just trying to tie up remaining loose ends in my divorce which was due to domestic violence. Capricorn asc 27 degrees, it has not been easy last few years

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