Nancy Pelosi Horoscope and Synastry with Trump

Nancy Pelosi HoroscopeNancy Pelosi is an American Democratic politician from California. She is the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. We have no time of birth for the Nancy Pelosi horoscope so this interpretation does not include Moon, Ascendant or Midheaven.

However, there are a number of planetary aspects that do give clues to her personality. Following her aspects you will find some synastry aspects between Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump. The synastry aspects explain why these two people have so much trouble getting along.

The orbs given for the natal aspects and for the synastry aspects are the largest possible for 0:00 am to midnight on her birth date 26 March 1940.

Nancy Pelosi Horoscope Aspects

Nancy Pelosi Horoscope

Nancy Pelosi Horoscope

Mercury sextile Uranus (2°27′) gives a clever and ingenious intellect. Future oriented thinking, open-mindedness and flashes of insight give the potential for psychic abilities.

Nancy enjoys interacting with others and enlivens conversations with her kinky sense of humor, plus original or alternate points of view. Her exciting way of telling stories and sharing news make her fun to be around.

She can take the side of the underdog or be controversial without being condemned or causing major dramas. Her opinions are generally progressive and she prefers the company of other free thinkers.

Venus conjunct Uranus (1°21′) can bring exciting romances with enough personal freedom to enjoy a glamorous social life. Acute instincts give the ability to anticipate change well. This could manifest as Nancy being one step ahead in fashion or social trends. Otherwise she is likely to stand out from the crowd in some way, or change again once everyone has caught up with her.

This aspect is known for producing a degree or genius in terms of creative talent. Professionally she has developed her own unique style and needs a certain amount of creative freedom if working in larger groups. While some may be shocked by her creative expression, at the deeper level her aim is to expose or enlighten through your progressive and futuristic vision.

Venus trine Neptune (3°07′) gives a genuinely friendly and compassionate inner nature. Peace and serenity are her ideal as she wishes for everything in her world to be beautiful in line with her spiritual ideals. She is a soft and warm person who would dislike and aggressive, domineering or egocentric types.

This aspect gives an interest in standing up the rights of others, being of some kind of service, or involvement in charities or humane societies. It also gives a tendency to lean more to the progressive or socialistic side of politics. The author of the Bill of Rights in America had this aspect at 0°04′ orb.

Mars trine Neptune (2°27′) makes Nancy Pelosi suave, sexy, creative, and passionate about fighting for worthy causes. It gives the ability to effectively motivate people without being forceful or bossy. This ability to attract a following stems from her non-threatening approach, magnetic attractiveness and spiritual courage.

There is a strong tendency with this aspect to fight for the underdog, so political or social activism would appeal to her. This spiritual and moral urge to serve in a selfless way makes Nancy a very charitable and caring person. There would be a natural inclination to become involved in large groups with shared spiritual or altruistic goals.

Although she has a strong fighting spirit, physical aggression would be distasteful to Nancy. But she will not back down if she, a loved one, or even her cause were to be threatened. There is a certain mystique or ethereal nature to her sexuality that makes her very popular.

Saturn square Pluto (0°07′) can show as stubbornness but also great resilience and a ruthless determination to succeed. The greatest obstacle to success is stubbornness, not to be confused with persistence. Stubbornness is a dogged determination not to change an attitude or stance on something. Persistence is continuing in an opinion or course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.

This aspect can have a limiting influence on Nancy’s ethics and morals. It can make it difficult for her to spiritually evolve because of conservative views and unwillingness to change that verges on ignorance. Her fear of change can become debilitating and self-destructive.

Resisting psychological change can have a negative impact on her close relationships. But her loved ones see beyond her steel armor and cold, calculating attitude. Keeping her ruthless determination to conquer and rule to her professional life means she can triumph over incredible adversity. Nancy can reach the top of her field and earn recognition and respect for her achievements.

Synastry Aspects with Donald Trump

Nancy Pelosi Horoscope

Pelosi V Trump

Nancy’s Sun Square Donald’s Mercury (3°27′) causes misunderstandings that can easily lead to communication breakdowns because they have difficulty understanding each other’s point of view. They cannot communicate their thoughts and feelings easily and tension exists when they are together. Nancy’s pride and force of personality can override Donald’s views. Nancy takes a superior attitude to Donald, which proves detrimental in the long run. Donald feels misunderstood, knowing that his ideas are so different to Nancy’s. There is a danger that Donald starts keeping his thoughts to himself thereby blocking any chance of communications improving.

Nancy’s Sun Opposition Donald’s Neptune (0°32′) means Nancy can be deceived by Donald’s behavior and his tendency to be secretive or dishonest within the relationship. Donald can become confused by Nancy leading to a need to hide his true feelings.

Nancy’s Mercury Square Donald’s Uranus (0°52′) creates a lively and unpredictable relationship. The initial tension soon becomes irritating. A clashing of two minds means there is no peace to be experienced in this relationship. The constant tension of two people having different ideas is a challenge. Another obstacle to a close bond is a lack of commitment. In particular Nancy experiences discomfort because of Donald’s unreliability.

Nancy’s Venus Quincunx Donald’s Moon (1°28′) means Donald and Nancy have difficulty expressing their feelings and often feel misunderstood by each other. Donald and Nancy have trouble relaxing and feeling at ease with each other. There is a lack of harmony that troubles them. They feel they are fighting against the other person’s involvement with a particular issue. It’s also likely that they have difficulty deciding how to save and spend their shared resources.

Nancy’s Mars Conjunct Donald’s Midheaven (1°57′) creates an intense and highly competitive relationship. Nancy can succeed professionally by attacking Donald. But despite the threat posed by Nancy, it is likely that Donald has some respect for Nancy’s direct and aggressive stance toward him. Donna Cunningham [1] says that from Nancy’s point of view:

You’re likely to run into competition and jockeying for position with this person, unless you can convert it into a win/win situation for both of you. They have a goal or mission in mind, and unfortunately, it’s pretty much the same as yours. The up side? This person is in the Worthy Opponent category and will force you to bring your A Game to the table.

Fixed star Algol at 25°38′ in the Nancy Pelosi horoscope is conjunct her Mars and Donald Trump’s Midheaven. This star is associated with misfortune and gives a dogged and violent nature.

Nancy’s Mars Square Donald’s Mars (1°08′) results in arguments and tension because their desires are in conflict. They feel as though they are competing against each other. They view each other as egotistical and arrogant. The trouble is that both Nancy and Donald are acting as if they are on opposing sides rather than working in harmony.

Nancy Pelosi HoroscopeNancy’s Jupiter Opposition Donald’s Jupiter (0°36′) can bring success although they may hold opposite beliefs, but only if they are tolerant of each other’s differences. Plus, the other challenging synastry aspects create so much tension as to adversely affect this beneficial influence. So they are more likely to have differences of opinion over values, beliefs and philosophies.

Nancy’s Jupiter Sextile Donald’s Uranus (0°10′) brings the potential for the meeting of two minds, if they are excited by each other’s innovative ideas, perhaps sharing a common creative project. Nancy experiences a broadening of her intellectual concepts through her association with Donald. Donald appreciates the freedom of expression and exchange of ideas. This is an intellectual connection.

Nancy’s Saturn Trine Donald’s Ascendant (0°50′) makes this a significant relationship. They may feel as though they were destined to meet and form a union.

Nancy’s Uranus Quincunx Donald’s Moon (1°46′) brings an element of excitement and adventure but also an element of insecurity. Donald and Nancy can easily become discontent. There is a lack of stability that feeds both Donald’s and Nancy’s insecurities. Donald becomes needy and Nancy becomes distant and emotionally withdrawn. The problem is that Donald feels that he cannot rely on Nancy. Her impulsive nature becomes a source of discomfort for Donald. On the other hand Nancy thinks that her creativity is being stifled by Donald’s emotions. This belief may cause Nancy to rebel, finding it difficult to commit to Donald.

Nancy’s Uranus Quincunx Donald’s Jupiter (2°01′) means any initial attraction quickly wears off. Differences between Donald and Nancy are difficult to overcome. What follows is a discordant union. Their individual natures clash. Both Donald and Nancy find it awkward to allow each other the independence needed to pursue their individual interests.

Nancy’s Neptune Square Donald’s Moon (2°36′) brings confusion, misunderstandings and disillusionment. Donald and Nancy are likely to stumble across obstacles in this relationship because of unrealistic and overly idealistic expectations of each other. Donald feels that his emotional needs are being ignored, that Nancy does not understand him. It is likely that Donald feels that Nancy is being deceptive in some manner. There is a danger that Nancy does feel the need to hide behind a facade, failing to be her true self. They need to face the problems honestly in order to avoid the breakdown of trust and ultimately the relationship.

Nancy’s Neptune Square Donald’s Sun (0°54′) erodes trust in the relationship. In particular, Donald needs to be wary of losing his sense of self. It would be easy for Donald to be deceived by Nancy either through his own need to believe in a dream or through Nancy’s behavior. Nancy needs to be wary of becoming secretive and dishonest within this association. As the relationship develops Nancy may become confused about the true meaning of her relationship with Donald leading to a need to hide her true feelings.

Nancy’s Neptune Sextile Donald’s Saturn (0°01′) brings good potential for stability and commitment. They may feel as though they were destined to meet and form a union that involves a spiritual or philanthropic project. Donald may provide the structure and security, which enables Nancy to fulfill her dreams. In return Nancy can challenges Donald’s fears, teaching him to break down certain boundaries and follow his dreams.


  1. The Midheaven in Synastry—Meaningful Career Connections, Sky Writer by Donna Cunningham, 2011.

48 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi Horoscope and Synastry with Trump

  1. Without Donald Trump to fight, I don’t think she would have made it to minority leader of the house. In fact her popularity was waning until the shutdown happened.

    • Yes Mai. Her popularity increased during the shutdown while Trump’s popularity went down. She definitely gains out of the battle.

    • I looked at that a little the other day.I remember the synestry as being pretty good for the most part. In fact although Mueller is quiet about it , secretly I think he is ok with him.Trump is Regalus rising with mostly Virgo in his fist house.Mueller has planets in Virgo and something that conjuncts Donalds Regalus
      I can’t remember what planet off hand.I think it was Jupiter.Donald also has his mars rising there , looks like a good combo to me if i’m correct , but I’m too lazy to look it up right now.Good thing to gaslight though..😀🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  2. Thank you, Astrology King! This is quite astute. There is much to ponder and ruminate over. You did a lot of the heavy work for the rest of us.

  3. Hi Jamie,

    I’m a beginner in astrology and my English skills leave a lot to be desired. Nevertheless I hope to be understood and so here is my question: I don’t understand the angular degrees and seconds you mentioned in your text, which itself I loved to read.

    For example: Mercury sextile Uranus (2°27′).

    Mercury is 17°07′ Pisces and Uranus is 19°27′ Taurus. So I calculate: from 17°07′ to 18° it is 53′, and from 18° to 19°27′ it is 1°27′. 1°27′ + 53′ is 2°20′. And not 2°27′.

    Because: 27′ + 53′ is 80′ and
    since 60′ is 1°
    80′ result in 1°20′
    plus 1° (which stems from 1°27′) = 2°20′ and not 2°27′.

    Or: Venus conjunct Uranus (1°21′).

    Venus is 20°16′ Taurus and Uranus is 19°27′ Taurus. So I calculate: from 19°27′ to 20° is 33′ and 33′ plus 16′ results 49′ and not 1°21′.

    And so on.

    So I would like to know, where is my mistake or miscalculation.

    Thank you very much for any help!

    Bye,bye from Berlin, Kristina

    • Good question Kristina. I did not use the degrees in the noon chart I posted. What I did is used the maximum possible orb for her birth date, between 0:00 am and midnight.

  4. Wow this came off as being writing from someone who is a Pelosi fan and very bias toward her. Sad as her favorability numbers plummeted during the shut down, while the Presidents went up. She came off as being closed minded and not wanting to work with the opposition. As a person and the actions she showed, she lost a number of her followers. As for the astrology, it just proves to me that its a bunch of hog wash, because what your saying here is nothing of how she portrays herself.

    • For the 100th time I am not biased politically and certainly not when interpreting charts. If you follow the links to the natal aspects which I wrote years ago you will see I added nothing to make her look better. I don’t know where you get your news from but the very reason Trump stopped the shutdown was because his popularity was going down while Pelosi’s was going up.

      “Polls show the majority of Americans blame President Trump and Republicans for this shutdown – not Speaker Pelosi or Senate Minority Leader Schumer.” Source: On shutdown, it’s Pelosi and Schumer 1, Trump 0 – Fox News.

      • As mentioned before, I think you are too optimistic concerning Uranus. It is a winter planet and suppressive.

          • Myself on Aquarius: Saturn was the old Aquarius ruler, for a reason. February is a winter month. Uranus has a rebellious streak, against it’s suppressive role, and is the planet of perversity. It is not socially beneficial as often reputed. It is about crushing the individual into a mindless whole, a uniform group, in other words Procrustes. Imagine looking over a field with trees edging it after a snowfall. Where there was variety, color, flowers, shapes, now there is February, a uniform flat white. Socialism, communism, National Socialists (Nazi’s), now the anti free speech social justice warriors, are all very Aquarius. We are in the Pisces/Aquarius cusp period. If one degree is 66 years and a cusp three degrees, approx. 1803 to 2199, French Revolution (1792) to ???. Somewhere along this we will go from Pisces destruction to Aquarius construction. This is why we have such a generation gap. We are going into a fixed sign, an intense change. Women are the winter sex, in Capricorn the father is missing in some way, physically, emotionally, fiscally, etc. so the rise of women is a long term phenomena. Male rebellion will appear. Normally the suppressive female balances the expressive male. In winter suppression is favored, an imbalance liked tilted Uranus itself. Venus conjunct Uranus would be beneficial I surmise

            • My chart has Uranus square Mars, trine Jupiter. Also Algol at Midheaven, Algol there indicates a disconnect of some type- don’t I know it. It is curious to see how successful Trump has been despite his Algol placement.

            • How about reading Alexandra OC? 10/13/89, a fascinating character. Sun and Mars in Libra, no wonder she wants to level everything. Saturn at the the beginning of Capricorn. Where does the popularity come from?

            • Cortez has the Libra charm , but it’s either in its fall or detriment in Libra ( I forget which one it is offhand.)
              Libra is at odds with mars because Libra is the diplomat , but mars wants action.
              There’s a kind of push me pull me kind of incompatibility going on there.I think she has a grand square cardinal also , so when the pendulum swings ‘it ‘ really swings.She does have Jupiter in Cancer however , where its exalted , but it widely conjuncts Chiron in cancer so this could affect real estate , the home life , emotional security … and all the things associated with cancer and the mother.
              Ill be willing to bet she had some clashes with her. ( Chiron. , wound and all that stuff.)

            • The Sun is in it’s fall in Libra, Mars is exile in Libra and Taurus, fall in Cancer. Jupiter in Cancer is a sure sign of good luck, especially accidental. She appears to be a naive opportunist, a social climber, somewhat reminding me of Trump in that sense. I suspect Trump’s Algol is what makes him disconnected, so unconventional. They seem right for the Age of the Kardashians. Grand Cardinal square, eh? She, like Trump, swims up river.

    • What alternate universe is supplying you information? Well over half of the population thought Donaldov was the culprit in this mess while Pelosi solidified her leadership and rose in the survey polls. Trumpski himself said he would take responsibility for the shut down and if he couldn’t get funding while the GOP controlled House and Senate what makes you think the Dems would hand it over to him. He has no idea how to negotiate and has no respect or knowledge of the Constitution.
      Plus, if you don’t believe in Astrology, why are you trolling this site? Shall I go on a site of whatever bogus religion you have chosen and besmirch it?

  5. Puhlease!!! Pelosi is nothing but a vapid viper. For this poor excuse of a mother who coos about having five children yet encourages other women to abort theirs speaks volumes who she sold her soul too! And I am a woman stating this who was raised on the democrat plantation until I escaped due to the oppression it causes in the brown and black communities. Unless you have lived this oppression, then you don’t know what it feels like! This witch has made over 100 million dollars at the expense of us “peasants”. Foolish to think she is “popular”, my AZZ!

    • I appreciate your intelligent points that come from your experiences. I’m not sure that abortion is “encouraged”. It’s women knowing they have the choice that is important.I think Nancy’s strength is that she doesn’t care if she’s popular or not.

  6. They think Uranus got whacked by another planet or something passing thru its orbit at one time
    The worm turns.
    Venus conjunct Uranus also means : Star struck , and also loves the avant garde ; which could translate into perversity if it’s too extreme.(ie challenging hard aspects with particular planets. ) this is where free will and common sense meet.There are rules and norms that all people must abide by to some extent.This combination works best in the arts ., writing , music and theory.In practice it could be a problem.

  7. The Pisces age was the age of self sacrifice and compassion. Christianity and all that. ( a good concept no doubt ! )
    We are now approaching the age of androgeny.The themes are unisex , drones ( sexless critters that live only to provide for the hive , robotics….) P.C. unisexual terminology ,non traditional sexuality…
    The problem here as I view it is; if it becomes indifference.
    Uranus has no conscience by itself and if you attach an unhealthy emotional human psyche to it , it could turn into dangerous ‘ herd ‘ mentality , balance between the 2 seems like it could be a concern between the mental ( air ) and the emotional ( water ) on the horizen.( incomparable elements. )
    We are going to need a lot of ‘ earth ‘ grounding , and keep the passion ‘ fire ‘ harnessed and let reason rule the day if we want a successful future for humanity.Ideally ; I’m an optimist .I think the future is negotiable.That’s just my opinion.Have a good day !♍🌟

    • Doug, the Pisces Age might have had ideals, but it was also the age where major wars were waged and many people were killed and tortures because of differences in beliefs. They are what I call the “We Believe in the Same God. But You Do It Wrong, So You Must Die” wars. Also, the Catholic Church insured serfdom by convincing the lessers through beliefs that their place in life was God’s desire and will. Once the printing press was invented, the populace was able to learn that those in the higher echelon of the church were in line with those in power and making it up as they went along.

      • Sort of like what the new tech internet is doing. ( Although I think A.I. has been with us for a long time,hehe.)
        I get it GarGal. Christianity didn’t become universally accepted until it became politically acceptable 1st.Islam came 500yrs after Christianity and is a branch of Christianity , and Judaism. ( Mohammed was taught by Christian and Jewish scholars.) I just meant that Christianity has some good fundamental ideas as well do Islam , Judaism … The roots of all major religion originated in the East.The Judeo / Christian more closely related to Hinduism , just watered down and pragmatised as it migrated west.( ie’ the law of karma’ , and ‘ you reap what you sow. ‘ concepts are basically the same idea.In physics its each action has an equal and opposite reaction ; they’re all metaphors for each other. ) the book of revelation originates from Hindu text.I tend to go along more with this concept .( Hinduism ) ,but I don’t have any particular name tag for my belief system.
        Nothing personal .I’m on the same page with what u say.Welcome to the planet earth where war has always been the nature of the beast ! Have a good day ! ♍😄

        ” no matter how I struggle or strive , ill never get out of this world alive .”
        The late great Hank Williams

  8. Robert Mueller has venus in Leo conjunct Donalds mars and Regalus also Jupiter at 2 degrees Virgo and ceres at 20 Leo ; update
    That in and of itself I would consider positive.Since these are generally benefic.

  9. Thanks Ben ! For brushing me up on the fall and detriment designations.Cortez and Trump also each have Jupiter conjunct Chiron natally .Both swimming upstream but in different political directions ( ! )
    Without mingling with political ideology bias ; ;
    Astrologically speaking Cortez has challenging geometry.Exaltations are a good thing to have I agree .I also have Jupiter in Cancer and other exaltations.Hard aspects , transits , and progressions are the only things that would cause some grief to these.Thank you for your input ! Have a good day ! ♍👍

  10. Nancy Pelosi is at it, again, trying to put (now) “private citizen” Donald Trump out of business ?And soon to introduce articles of impeachment to the U.S. senate. The U.S. senate will now hold a trial and they alone will decide the outcome on Trump. Many U.S. constitutional experts say you can’t impeach a private citizen and a former President no longer in office. The Republican senators are also wary of voting to impeach Trump, as their own terms come up for re-election in 2022. February 8th, 2021 is the day when the impeachment proceedings begin. However, with Mercury retrograde at the time, Pelosi and her Democrats will be travelling a slippery slope, indeed, and it seems the final decision will not go as Nancy Pelosi planned?

  11. Why don’t you take astrology lessons? You have not understood many principles of it. Instead you target others because of your lack of preparation.

  12. Gingerbread: I am giving you a lesson in mundane astrology and take note, you are about to be “schooled”,

    During the week of the proposed impeachment by Dems, (Feb 8th to 12th, 2021) Trump has the following favorable transits:

    1. Mercury retrograde, in Aquarius, making a grand trine with his natal Jupiter (courts, legal procedings) and natal Uranus (ruler of 7th house of courts and lawsuits), indicating success in legal matters, as well as protection from fellow colleagues (Uraus rules the 7th house of trump’s business partners).

    2.Transiting Sun in Aquarius trines Trump’s natal Sun and Uranus in Gemini, indicating success in all career matters with surprising quickness.

    3. Mercury retrograde is a big red flag, in itself, as anything initiated during such a transit means the initiators of the legal action will “change their minds”, the legal action “will need to be revised” and or the full facts of the allegations will never be known.

    4.. Transiting Uranus in Taurus sextiles ( 60 degree aspect) Trump’s natal Mercury at 8 degrees Cancer. That means an opportunity for Trump to settle his differences with close associates, including his marriage partner.

    It’s not all good news for trump, though:

    5. Secondary Progressed Moon at 21 and change Virgo will be squaring his natal Moon in 21 and change Sagittarius.

    This may suggest that Trump’s political brand might get permanently damaged, especially within the Republican party and his only option might be to form a new political party, namely the rumoured Patriot Party. However, the danger of two right winged parties running at the same time is that that might split the vote, allowing the Dems to repeat in 2024.

  13. Finally, transiting Pluto in Capricorn is opposite Venus in Cancer (ruler of X house). That’s a pretty, all intensive, transformative aspect, I’d say, for Trump and his career. He may well have to start over and rebuild his political relationships, so the start of a new political party and the hard work and big bucks that entails makes sense to me. The reality is when t. Pluto hits your natal Venus, you may have to wave goodbye to certain people and there is no turning back ? Meanwhile, the forced relocation to Florida from the Trump tower (for Trump) and the transformation and relocation of Trump’s entire family (Pluto rules his 4th house of home) is clearly shown. The Trump’s are pariahs in New York State, but also, the State of Florida has rules that protect convicted felons from getting their house and other assets seized.

  14. Since when has sedition been a crime punishable only while one stays in office? If you get pinched for running a red light and crashing into a bus, do you think tearing up your driver’s license gets you off?
    Pelosi knew damned well in advance that the Senate didn’t have the votes to convict him, but she knew that it was in her power to reveal the facts and indict him for his leading the sedition. If she could only ensure he was the only president to be impeached twice – legitimately – that was what she was going to do. As the leader of the House with the limited powers that gave her, she had him going in circles for four years. At the insurrection she also coordinated with his own generals (we know about Milley; we don’t know who else she talked with) to ensure they would stay loyal to the flag and Constitution.
    You are woefully ignorant of both politics and to astrology. Each. Give an hour’s study to each before you comment on either. (I’ve been involved in Congressional politics and astrology – each – since 1963.)

  15. How do you get off calling her evil? Or, calling yourself a Human?
    I have personally known Nancy Pelosi since 1987. She is a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother. When Obama was president, she engineered a health care bill in the House of Representatives that could pass the Senate, which extended important health protections to 30 million Americans. She got Republican Congressmen to vote to establish a beautiful and self-supporting national park that millions of Americans (and foreigners) enjoy annually. She led the defense of the US Capitol Building against the worst Insurrection since the Civil War by the MAGA-man.
    She counts among her personal friends: The Pope; The Dalai Lama; the late Bishop Desmond Tutu.
    For all this, a nut-case breaks into her home and attacks her husband when wanting to harm her, both elderly people.

    Now you, so-self-called, justify why you think you are a capital-H human, and why you call this woman evil.

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