Saturn Square Pluto Natal and Transit

Saturn Square Pluto Transit

Saturn square Pluto maximum orb 3°30′.

Saturn square Pluto natal can cause stubbornness but also remarkable resilience and a ruthless determination to succeed. The greatest obstacle to success is stubbornness, not to be confused with persistence. Stubbornness is a dogged determination not to change your attitude or stance on something. Persistence is contining in an opinion or course of action despite difficulty or opposition.

There is a fine line between stubbornness and persistence. It comes down to whether your opinion or attitude is right or wrong, which is a gray area too. If you tell someone you will change something but refuse to, that is stubbornness. If it is hard to keep a promise, but you keep trying and trying, that is persistence.

If you hold to a minority belief based on an extreme interpretation of a religion, that is stubbornness. If you fight against the odds for the rights of a minority group being persecuted, that is persistence. Natal Saturn square Pluto can have a limiting influence on your ethics and morals. It can make it difficult for you to spiritually evolve because of conservative views and unwillingness to change that verges on ignorance. Your fear of change can become debilitating and self-destructive.

Resisting psychological change can hurt your close relationships. If your partner, friends, and family keep saying the same thing and offering the same advice, the wise thing to do is change that behavior or belief. You are harming yourself if you refuse to change because of pride or plain stubbornness. Worse still, you may hurt loved ones and become lonely and feared.

It would be best if you become flexible and adaptable. It may take several painful experiences and crises before you learn this lesson. Your loved ones see beyond your steel armor and cold, calculating attitude. The more you let go of your fears of change and the unknown, the more sentiment and feeling you will enjoy through intimate human contact.

Keep your ruthless determination to conquer and rule your professional life. By doing this, you can triumph over incredible adversity. You can reach the top of your field and earn recognition and respect for your achievements. Try to become less rigid and more flexible. The more you free yourself up to the natural process of evolution, the more fulfillment you will find by experiencing love, emotion, and all the other beautiful things life offers.

Saturn Square Pluto Transit

Transiting Saturn square Pluto means working extra hard under challenging conditions to get by. Powerful forces outside your control will create roadblocks in specific directions, so you stay on the right path and don’t get ahead of yourself. You may have to ration your resources, cut bad habits, and make structural changes. It would be best to stop trying to control specific areas of your life and take more control over others.

When other people and fate test your goals and ambitions, you must make hard decisions with severe consequences. These are big issues that will affect your life’s direction. It could be a meaningful relationship, a career choice, a home, or health. You must decide whether to hold on and fight or to let it go. Whatever happens, it must involve change.

If your ambition involves changing to improve your life, you should fight for it. You can keep the dream alive with patience, determination, and persistence. It will also help if you are flexible and ready to alter your plans according to changing circumstances. After this period of reorganization, your goals will be more attainable with less effort.

If you need to change your life, other people and circumstances will make it reasonably obvious what needs changing or leaving behind. Stubbornly clinging to something from your past will cause increasing loss and pain. It could be an abusive relationship, a narrow-minded opinion that is hurtful to others, violent or destructive behavior, or a bad habit like smoking.

Saturn square Pluto transit will make your life very difficult if you don’t at least try to change for the better. It may cost you financially and socially, leaving you broke and lonely. You will want to avoid this forced reorganization that will restrict your freedom and choices.

The best way to handle this transit is to improve your life proactively. Be open-minded and flexible but also patient and persistent. If you face shortages, ration your money, food, or medicine. Be ready to let go and move away from negative people and hostile environments. These limiting factors in your life are blocking your path ahead and stunting your spiritual evolution.

If something you strive for is in your best interests, it will continue through this transformation. If something blocks your progress, you may need more time to learn specific skills or save enough money. Don’t lose faith because of slow progress and delays.

Get rid of non-essentials in your life. Free yourself of unnecessary burdens, guilt, responsibilities, costs, habits, and dogmas. Physically unclog your gutters and drains as a symbol of your inner purge. Simplifying your life during this transit will allow you to focus on your destined path ahead.

Saturn Square Pluto Celebrities

Anita Bryant 0°03′, Brutus de Villeroi 0°03′, Nancy Pelosi 0°04′, John Howard 0°09′, Wes Craven 0°10′, Larry Christiansen 0°19′, Theresa May 0°25′, Tom Hanks 0°29′, Meghan Trainor 0°36′, Dave Chappelle 0°47′, Mel Gibson 0°50′, Martina Navratilova 0°50′, Lee Miller 0°50′, Debbie Boone 0°53′, Simone de Beauvoir 0°55′, Carrie Fisher 1°07′, David Copperfield 1°11′, Agatha Christie 1°24′, H.P. Lovecraft 1°50′, Niall Horan 2°00′, Harry Styles 2°31′, Jeffrey Archer 2°35′.

Saturn Square Pluto Dates

27 December 1955
2 July 1956
7 October 1956

14 September 1973
7 October 1973
28 May 1974

19 March 1993
5 October 1993
1 January 1994

15 November 2009
31 January 2010
21 August 2010

23 June 2028
15 November 2028
29 March 2029

4 November 2044

6 July 2061

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    • Try the throat stones, and heart chakra. Blue lace agate, sodalite and amythyst may help

    • That depends on your birth date. It will be different for every person. The dates under the post are when the aspect occurs.

      • This transit coincides with Pluto conjunct descendant transit in my transit chart. Too much to handle in 2018 ain’t it??

        • Mine too! pluto is only a few degrees away from opposing my Ascendant and Saturn is coming up to conjunct my venus which will also trigger my t-square with the moon and Pluto. Getting really worried.

  1. so its in my natal chart but Ive gone through the transit already? so hard to figure this part out yet im sure its simple

  2. Hi Jamie,
    None of the transit dates coincide with the current date yet this applies to my current situation to a “T”! No one involved nor myself have the Saturn square Pluto in our natal charts either, can you explain this?
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