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Week September 27 to October 3, 2021

The planetary aspects listed below are set for New York time.

Monday, September 27

01:10 am – Mercury retrograde at 25♎28 is generally associated with communication and technology breakdowns, nervous anxiety, travel delays, and lost items. But this retrograde phase is more positive than usual because it aligns with the two most fortunate of all fixed stars, bringing success, renown, riches, honors and fame.

Mercury retrograde September 2021 brings optimism, generosity, good luck, and good news. Good instincts, future-oriented and positive thinking make this an excellent weekly horoscope for socializing, research, study, and making plans. Business dealings should go well and this is the ideal time for entering into negotiations and for signing contracts. However, caution is needed with legal matters.

Tuesday, September 28

09:34 am – Moon enters Cancer.

09:56 pm – 3rd Quarter Moon Sept 2021 at 06♋09 conjunct fixed star Tejat Posterior at 05♋36 gives force, energy, power and protection. It also gives the ability to express ideas in reasonable and acceptable ways which win because of their manifest intelligence.

But the quarter moon is also square Mars, which gives an insatiable need to meet your passionate desires. Dynamism and a fighting spirit to succeed can make you short-tempered. Simmering anger can surface as irritation, annoyance, and emotional outbursts. This moon phase lasts one week up to the October 6 new moon.

Weekly Horoscope

3rd Quarter Moon September 2021

Wednesday, September 29

12:13 pm – Venus trine Neptune from Monday to Friday is perfect for romance, relaxation, and daydreaming. It brings peace, serenity, friendship and compassion.Your love life will benefit from your increased tenderness and ability to connect at the spiritual level.

A strong sense of compassion and wish to be of service makes this a good time to join a charity or help less fortunate people. This is a good weekly horoscope for shopping for clothes, cosmetics, and jewelry for yourself, plus anything to decorate your home or add luxury to your life. You can rely on a good fashion sense and eye for beauty.

06:19 pm – Sun trine Saturn from Monday to Friday brings the determination and strong work ethic to reach your long-term goals. You will focus on achieving your long-term goals and stay well-balanced. This means that other areas of your life do not need to suffer from your strong work ethic and willpower.

Relationships with men and superiors will be serious, practical and beneficial. Valuable guidance comes from elders and leaders. You could gain new employment, get a promotion, or may take on more responsibility without any added stress. This is a time of achievement or more recognition that leads to satisfaction, contentment, and higher self-esteem.

Thursday, September 30

07:31 pm – Venus square Jupiter from Wednesday to Saturday is ideal for having fun but not so good for working hard. You should be feeling happy, optimistic, generous, and very sociable. Problems will arise if you need to attend to more serious matters in which a responsible or conservative attitude is needed.

This is generally a good time for socializing and making new friends. Care must be taken, however, not to lower your standards if dating as this could lead to wrong choices or embarrassing situations. Moderation is required but that is difficult to come by when you are in such a jovial mood.

08:53 pm – Moon enters Leo.

Friday October 1

10:26 am – Mercury square Pluto from September 18 to October 4 lasts so long because Mercury stationed retrograde on Monday. It can lead to deep thinking and intense interactions with other people. Take care not to take too seriously extremism or conspiracy theories. The more extreme your idea, or the more force you use to convince others, the more criticism and conflict you will meet.

You may become defensive but it is important not to let your fighting spirit back you into a corner and complicate matters. There will also be an urge to dig deeper and investigate the truth of the matter. So there is great potential this weekly horoscope, to uncover secrets and mysteries which will deepen your understanding or a matter of your own psychology.

09:56 pm – Mercury semisextile Venus from Thursday to Saturday is a more fun-loving and friendly influence that makes it a little easier to relax and unwind. A greater ability to express your love and affection helps your intimate relationships benefit from closer bonding.

Increased charm and a smooth communication style encourage love, friendship and diplomacy. It also makes it easier to bring people together and encourage cooperation. You could find peaceful settlements to disputes and break down any barriers to progress.

Saturday October 2

03:47 am – Venus sextile Pluto from Friday to next Monday deepens your love to an intense level. Companionship becomes more important as you feel a longing to share love with someone special. If single, you may become obsessed with someone and not be able to get them out of your mind.

An existing relationship can evolve to a more profound or spiritual level. You would be more “into” sex than normal and may experiment with taboo areas of sexuality. You may have reason to keep a relationship secret or want to uncover some secrets.

Sunday October 3

04:37 am – Moon enters Virgo.

08:04 pm – Mercury trine Jupiter from Friday to next Wednesday bring optimism, generosity and good fortune. Research, study, and socializing are favored, and this is a good weekly horoscope for making plans because of your acute instincts, future-oriented, and positive thinking.

Your open-mindedness and progressive outlook enable you to increase your general knowledge and expand your horizons. Particular areas of study which may interest you include religion, law, language, and philosophy. Business dealings should go well but Mercury is still retrograde so final decisions may have to wait until more detail becomes available.

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Your weekly horoscope is based on planetary transits to the Signs, not to houses, zones or sectors. The Tarot card randomly selected comes from the Classic Rider-Waite Tarot Deck, and the interpretations from Tarot Card Meanings by Psychic Revelation. All cards except numbers XIII and XV are included.

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