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February 19 to 25

Your weekly horoscope is based on planetary transits to your Sun Sign, not on houses, zones, or sectors.

Weekly Horoscope Aspects

The times below are for New York.

Monday, February 19

09:38 pm – Sun semisextile Pluto from February 17 to 21 brings extra drive and determination to reach your goals and make something of yourself. It helps transform psychologically extreme tendencies, like obsession and compulsions, towards a more constructive determination.

Wednesday, February 21

02:10 am – Mercury semisextile Neptune on February 20 and 21 heightens your senses so you become more sensitive and intuitive. More compassionate communication can improve relationships. This is a good time for artistic and creative work, from singing to writing.

08:40 am – Moon enters Leo.

Thursday, February 22

02:14 am – Venus conjunct Mars at 06♒57 from February 16 to 27 is the strongest influence in this weekly horoscope. It makes intimate relationships more intense and exciting. You should feel more sociable and better able to express your passionate desires. Increased sexual attraction, courage and initiative make this an excellent time for dating. This is also a good time for starting a new competitive, physical or creative project.

Friday, February 23

07:06 am – Mercury enters Pisces.

04:30 pm – Mercury semisextile Pluto from February 22 to 24 brings deep, focused thinking that helps you understand complex ideas, uncover secrets and solve mysteries. It is good for deep and meaningful conversations, research, exams, psychology, astrology, and other spiritual subjects.
08:37 pm – Moon enters Virgo.

09:26 pm – Venus semisextile Saturn from February 22 to 24 increases your need for companionship, but it must be serious and true love. You may seek reassurance or more commitment. A practical and common-sense approach helps solve any recent relationship difficulties.

Weekly Horoscope

Full Moon February 2024

Saturday, February 24

07:30 am – Full Moon February 2024 at 05♍23 opposite Mercury makes it harder to understand your feelings and to share them. It can cause irritation and disagreements because of confusion or polarized thinking. So, extra care is needed with sensitive discussion topics and negotiations.

11:00 pm – Venus square Jupiter from February 23 to 26 is ideal for having fun but not for working hard. You should be in a happy and sociable mood, but extra effort is needed for more serious matters in which a responsible or conservative attitude is needed.

Sunday, February 25

04:19 am – Mars semisextile Saturn from February 22 to 26 brings the drive and endurance to achieve your long-term goals. The perfect blend of patience and ambition makes you determined to do the very best you can, no matter how long it takes.

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