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Weekly Horoscope January 27 to February 2, 2020

Monday, January 27

  • 03:00 pm – Venus conjunct Neptune at 16 ♓ 56 from Sunday to Wednesday brings the potential for new romance or more compassion and spiritual bonding in an existing relationship. However, there is also the risk of disappointment if you have not been accepting the harsh realities of a negative relationship.

Tuesday, January 28

  • 05:34 am – Mars square Neptune from last Saturday to this Friday brings low energy, suspicion, deceit, lies, and scandal. This weekly horoscope brings tendency to be suspicious and paranoid, jealous or vindictive. Avoid the temptation to act against others due to such confused motivations.

Wednesday, January 29

  • 06:50 am – Moon enters Aries.

Thursday, January 30

  • 05:25 am – Mercury semisextile Pluto from Wednesday to Friday,

Friday, January 31

  • 04:25 am – Mercury semisextile Saturn from Thursday to Saturday.
  • 07:27 pm – Moon enters Taurus.
Weekly Horoscope January 27

1st Quarter Moon February 2020

Saturday, February 1

  • 08:41 pm – 1st Quarter Moon 12 ♉ 39 trine Jupiter lasts for one week up to the February 9 full moon. This is an ideal week for sharing your emotions with loved ones. Intimate relationship will benefit from your openness and honesty. Mutual respect and understanding can lead to very successful personal and business partnerships.

Sunday, February 2

  • 02:06 am – Venus sextile Pluto from Friday to next Monday deepens your love to an intense level. Companionship becomes more important as you feel a longing to share love with someone special. A new romance this weekly horoscope would be a whirlwind experience and greatly change your life. An existing relationship can evolve to a more profound or spiritual level.