Uranus Conjunct Pluto Natal and Transit

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Uranus Conjunct Pluto NatalUranus conjunct Pluto is a major planetary alignment shared by the generation born between 1964 and 1967. The next conjunction is in the year 2104.

Natal Uranus Conjunct Pluto

Uranus conjunction Pluto gives an intense need for freedom but also subjects you to powerful controlling forces. You are often caught up in events beyond your control that can be dramatic and life-changing experiences.

A feeling of being restrained or manipulated by people or society in general can cause agitation, defiance and rebellion. A lack of stability or inconstancy of purpose can lead to many ups and downs in life. At times you can be exceptional and at others be controversial. You can go from zero to hero, but also spiral out of control and hit rock bottom.

However, you can turn your life around very quickly. Through an evolutionary leap you can totally transform your life. Sometimes you may become obsessed about some new idea or person and radically change direction, losing all interest and connection with your previous fascination.

Extreme or provocative behavior such as ruthlessness, intimidation or bullying can cause controversy and chaos. Your relationships can be exciting and passionate but also tumultuous and painful.

Uranus conjunct Pluto natal can cause a unusual or unorthodox appearance and attitude. It can also give an interest in the occult, spiritualism, or with abnormal states of mind. You have a liberalizing, reforming and modernizing impact on society, culture, politics, and on the human condition.

Uranus Conjunct Pluto Transit

Uranus conjunct Pluto transit brings radical change that can be intense and upsetting. However, this can also be a very liberating time, especially if you have felt confined by recent circumstances.

Powerful forces are acting that you cannot control. They key to dealing with this transit is open-mindedness and flexibility. Impatience for change, or stubborn resistance to it, could lead unexpected behavior or chaotic events that destroy something you cherish.

Uranus Conjunct Pluto Celebrities

Mike Tyson 0°00′, Matt Biondi 0°01′, Mike Starr 0°01′, Rosa Campbell Praed 0°05′, Samantha Fox 0°07′, John Daly 0°15′, Tim Jarvis 0°18′, Augusten Burroughs 0°19′, Elena Ford 0°19′, Enrique Peña Nieto 0°21′, Guy de Maupassant 0°27′, Charlie Sheen 0°56′, Robert Louis Stevenson 1°01′, Marina Macario 1°04′, Heidi Fleiss 1°10′, Shirley Manson 1°14′, Robson Green 1°29′, Jim McGovern 1°51′, Dana Plato 1°51′, Daniel Chester French 1°55′, Milly D’Abbraccio 1°56′, Kamala Harris 2°11′, Samuel Johnson 2°19′, Martin Bryant 2°23′, David Cameron 2°23′, Nicole Kidman 2°24′, Pamela Anderson 2°31′.

Uranus Conjunct Pluto Dates
06 September 1710

25 June 1850
25 September 1850
23 March 1850

09 October 1965
04 April 1966
30 June 1966

24 April 2104

51 thoughts on “Uranus Conjunct Pluto Natal and Transit

  1. Hi Gingerbread. I have known many of my generation who have been cast aside, abandoned and others who sadly never made it. The intensity is great. Neptune in Scorpio was sextile the Pluto-Uranus conjunction and this gives the ability to transform raw emotion and feeling into spiritual power. I truly hope your acquaintance realises his true power. Unconditional love, support and self worth are the pivot towards transformation. My best wishes.

  2. Hello Angel. That is a tall order. My brother isn’t the one at point here, but he would definitely not be interested in spiritual power or such stuff. Guys need just ordinary language to identify. I personally don’t go on the “spiritual trail”, either. But what a person “realizes” is mostly unknown. The great Yehudi Menhuin said, “Learning is a mystery.”

  3. Re: Gingerbread. I disagree. Learning is not a mystery. It is done by trial and error and when we we “know” better, we can adapt. Knowledge is an evolutionary process. Spirituality on the other hand is not magical thinking, it is having trust or faith in something that is not tangible. For example, you experience spirituality when you believe in yourself against all odds, you love unconditionally i.e, care for something or someone with no personal benefit, or have lived through a near death experience. If we don’t believe in anything we become empty vessels. De-humanisation is the theme of today’s society and the reason why people with a soul are suffering. For the others with no soul, they are the zombies. Just look around.

    • Athiests believe there’s nothing to believe in. , and zero is a number.So the believers win by default ! Yay !!!

      • When I was young my grandmother told me that bees have stingers.I wasn’t so sure so I grabbed one in my hand one day.it stung me.( mystery solved. )

  4. Angel: Now that you have contradicted one of the greatest musicians in the 20th Century, l want to discontinue this discussion. This about astrology not your worldview from an armchair perspective.

  5. Correction: A disagreement is not a contradiction and secondly a mature discussion requires more than one point of view. If you cannot understand that, you may have to remain in your safe space and stay out of the sun.

    • As I “disagree” with you Angel, I feel I must “contradict” what you said. Disagreement and contradiction are very nearly synonyms of each other, with only a few nuances added to each to make a difference.
      Please don’t speak of other people as being empty vessels. You may not speak for them, only for yourself. And EVERYONE has a soul. And what can you possibly know of someone else’s suffering, or lack of it?
      To put the subject back on track, it seems to me that this aspect / transit works very differently for everyone, depending on what they’re working through in this incarnation. Of course this applies to any and all aspects and transits.
      For example, gingerbread says she doesn’t go the “spiritual trail” and neither does her brother. The example I gave for myself doesn’t sound very spiritual either, but I did undergo some spiritual development as well (probably due to Neptune). This doesn’t mean that you and I are “right” and she is “wrong”, nor does it mean the opposite.
      I think we can all agree that this is an extremely INTENSE (Pluto) aspect and transit, in different ways and in different areas, for many of us. Shocking (Uranus) things happened to some. Most people may not have seen any changes in their own lives, but may have seen things happening around them to their friends, or maybe only on a mundane level.
      I’d really like to see some more (and different) personal examples being posted here…
      Angel, you really shouldn’t be using words like “mature” and “safe space” as a stick with which to beat people. It makes you sound high-and-mighty and judgmental and I’m sure you don’t want that.

      • 1965 and 66 were the years that Bob Dylan wrote his most iconic classic work. ( Bringing it all back home , Highway 61,Blonde on Blonde.) His writing was at its most original , and surreal.It had never been .before or since.pop music morphed from the traditional to psycadelic.Traditional sexual mores became liberated.
        (Uranus / Pluto. )and caution was turned to the wind , and it was found out later why such systems were in place to begin with.Virgo / Pluto /sex / health/ crisis.
        Protests of the Viet Nam war were at its height , (Uranus) influence..As with all things Pluto we didn’t find out until later about the ravages it would birth on the human psyche.( aids and other communicable diseases.) and the costly sobering influence it had on that generation.
        In summation : Astrology should be used as a tool to anticipate possibilities of potential crisis that could present themselves for future generations. , and perhaps we could nip them in the bud before they happen.This is why some liberal ideals should be relegated to the ‘ ether’ ( music , the arts … ) instead of unleashing it to manifest in the corporal world.

    • A disagreement can be a matter of opinion where either or neither may be right or wrong. More of a stalemate situation where at least one other individual is involved. ( unless u have multiple personalities .) A contradiction is an opposition to your personal previous view.it’s more hypocritical.We see this a lot in politics today. ( hehe ) Virgo clown. ♍😄

  6. Thank you, Char. You’ve come in twice to bat for me. In Oz I would have “shouted” you to a round. Do you have that expression in South Africa? These strong aspects certainly do have degrees of intensity, depending where they are in the birthchart if they are natal. I remember one case from my now deceased astrologer. He had an excellent Solar. There was only one fly in the ointment- a badly aspected Mars. That affected everything! It had free leash to do what it wanted.

  7. Gingerbread, that expression is not common here, but I’ve known enough Aussies for it to make sense to me – if I’ve got it right, please make mine a big glass of red plonk…
    I’m grateful that you pointed out my Uranus / Pluto sextile to me! Of course I know it’s in my chart, but I’ve always dismissed it as “only” a generational influence. It doesn’t even come up in my astro.com chart because the orb is too wide.
    And Lori’s comment drew to my attention that astro.com now has a tick-box for quintiles – at last my Saturn has an aspect apart from the semi-sextile!
    I can see that having a badly aspected Mars affect everything. I’m wondering if my weird Saturn affects everything about my character. Some astrologers say an unaspected Saturn (semi-sextiles & quintiles are too weak to count – or ARE they?) makes Saturn ineffective because it’s hard to access his energy. Others say he’s strong because he’s completely unaffected by any other planet natally.

    • Solar Fire is a program for amateurs and well as professionals. It’s not cheap but has many options. Some astrologers use just the basic aspects-square, opposition, etc. I have not done the course I wanted to do (where I now live it can be used as a qualification meaning tax deductions among other things). Certainly certain planets become very important if unaspected or on the angles. Jamie and another excellent astrologer with a blog in internet wrote it is possible to become a good astrologer without a course. I read Jamie said he participated in blogs just like this which is heartening. Just have to separate the wheat from chaff. From what you have already written, it sounds like your chart is very “Uranian”. Hard aspects like we have just had Pluto square Uranus reverberate most certainly in such charts- possibly not direct but indirectly. At any rate they are transiting through the horoscope and as such affect those areas. I have had Uranus in the 2nd house and this has been a PROBLEM. Coming Pluto/Saturn conjunction squares the 2 house planet and this is NOT good. These are the factors which determine the everyday big time, not just the natal chart alone. Very complex at times and the professionals can also make mistakes. Will stop now as day is just starting here. Until later, “Cheers”.

  8. RE: char555 and gingerbread. My final gift to both of you before I permanently leave this site: “Nothing in this world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity”. (Martin Luther King Jr.). It’s been fun and I wish you well.

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