Cancer Weekly Horoscope

April 3 to 9, 2023

Monday to Thursday brings persistence and perseverance to complete complex and long-term projects. Good concentration, common sense and a systematic approach help you make crucial decisions. You can take on more responsibility and will earn respect and praise because of your loyalty and dependability. This should be an excellent Cancer weekly horoscope to negotiate business deals and sign contracts, especially in real estate.

Friday to Sunday, a sharp mind, honesty, and straightforward communication lead to more confident self-expression. This allows you to be direct and even forceful without offending. Creative negotiation skills mean that other people will tend to make compromises. So this is a great time to ask for favors and to make presentations. Smooth and sexy words and extra charisma make this an excellent time for your social and love life.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope Tarot Card

The Knight of Cups is an optimistic, sound card to see. He often comes bearing messages. Usually, it is the kind of good news we all want to receive.  Cancer Weekly HoroscopeThings are going to be alright. You are likely to be feeling charged up, ready for action. Good news (particularly in your love life) will likely be headed your way soon.

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Your Cancer weekly horoscope is based on planetary transits to the Cancer horoscope sign, not to houses, zones, or sectors. The Tarot card randomly selected comes from the Classic Rider-Waite Tarot Deck, and the interpretations from Tarot Card Meanings by Psychic Revelation. All cards except numbers XIII and XV are included.