Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Your Cancer weekly horoscope is based on planetary transits to the Cancer Sign, not to houses, zones or sectors.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope August 20 to 26, 2018

Monday to Wednesday is a good time for romance, relaxation and creativity. Your sense of compassion and wish to be of service to others is heightened. Your love life will benefit from your increased tenderness. Companionship at the spiritual level becomes more important, though tantric sex would be most enjoyable at this time. Instead of strenuous physical activity you may prefer something that is relaxing, beautiful, entertaining or amusing.

Thursday to Sunday brings pleasant surprises and stimulating encounters. This is a good time to try something new and exciting, and you should have enough freedom to do so. Increased self-awareness can come through flashes of insight, dreams or vision. Creativity is stimulated and you should feel comfortable expressing the more flamboyant, or kinky side of your personality. This is also a good time for socializing and group activities.

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The Seven of Pentacles is very often a card about returns on investments. This can be literal such as a bank account returning money to you, or figuratively, such as the investments of time, effort, and energy that you have put into a relationship. You will be reaping what you have sown. This is generally positive.Cancer Weekly HoroscopeIn general, you should be feeling more secure than you have in a while. Things will be moving along well, and you’ll be feeling hopeful about the future – with good cause. You may have to decide whether to put your energy into the things, people, and situations that you already are involved with, or whether to spend your energy trying to bring more into your life. Choose wisely.

The Tarot card randomly selected for your Cancer weekly horoscope comes from the The Original Rider Waite Tarot Pack by Arthur Edward Waite, illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith. [1] The deck has all the major arcana except card number XIII. All of the minor arcana cards are included.

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Cancer Weekly Horoscope August 13 to 19, 2018

Monday to Wednesday is a good time for romance and socializing. The perfect blend of sexuality and affection make you look and feel sexy. You can be confident and assertive in chasing your desires without being at all threatening. This balance makes you ready to give and receive love and adoration. This is an ideal time for dating because of your suave and playful nature. This is also a good time for self promotion and initiating a pet project.

All week but strongest on Sunday is a time of enthusiasm, optimism and romance. This week of spiritual enlightenment is associated with, generosity and good fortune. Social justice and human rights issues become more important to you. But you do not have to sacrifice personal desires to reach the top. You can be idealistic and still be materially successful. However, you will have the greatest success by also helping others in some way.

Weekly Cancer Tarot Card

Strength indicates the importance of mind over matter, and reminds you to focus on what you do want and not what you don’t want in your life. Its main point is that you have the ability to harness your thoughts and to use them for your – and everyone else’s – highest good. Not only do you have the ability; you have the responsibility. So conquer your fears, control your impulses, and never lose patience with yourself or what you are doing.Cancer Weekly HoroscopeIt’s important now for you to make time to meditate and contemplate and spend some time alone even if you are in a committed relationship and have nineteen children! Do not allow yourself to spend time in preoccupation and fear.Outward things will be going all right but what is of the most paramount importance is keeping your head on straight.


1. Classic Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.