Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Cancer Weekly Horoscope August 8 to 14, 2022

Monday to Friday, you should feel more romantic, sensual and spiritual. Extra energy and enthusiasm can be channeled into chasing your dreams and passionate desires. Love relationships will benefit from your magic touch, while dating will benefit from your sexual magnetism and charismatic appeal. You can confidently fight for moral and ethical causes or stand up for the underprivileged.

Saturday and Sunday bring a strong will and intense determination to succeed. You will be courageous and confident, with a powerful charisma and sexual appeal. You can succeed with the most challenging and complex tasks with a seemingly endless supply of energy and initiative. You will be wielding power and influence, so it is important to use your power wisely. Others will be magnetically drawn to you, and a life-changing romance is possible.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope Tarot Card

The Empress is an archetype of feminine power; she is watery, hard to fathom, mysterious, fertile, and sexual. She augurs a need for us to be in touch with our feminine side, listen to our intuition, and prioritize our emotions and passions. She can signify coming abundance. Cancer Weekly HoroscopePeople will be more attracted to you than usual (in every sense), and you will likely find people on your doorstep wanting your advice/shoulder to cry on. This will be beneficial to you because you are now going to be able to see yourself more in the way that others see you – as someone with wisdom and a lot to offer. So share your hard-won perspectives on life, and know that your wisdom and caring are valuable.

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Your Cancer weekly horoscope is based on planetary transits to the Cancer sign, not to houses, zones, or sectors. The Tarot card randomly selected comes from the Classic Rider-Waite Tarot Deck and the interpretations from Tarot Card Meanings by Psychic Revelation. All cards except numbers XIII and XV are included.