Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Your Aquarius weekly horoscope is based on planetary transits to the Aquarius Horoscope Sign, not to houses, zones or sectors.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope June 25 to July 1, 2018

Monday to Wednesday is a good time to relax and enjoy life to the fullest. You should be feeling more affectionate and playful than usual, making this a good time for your love life, socializing, and for all kinds of pleasurable activity. However, if dating you may have a tendency to lower your standards just to get some. Extra precautions are advised. Overindulging and going to excess also needs to be watched with food, drink and drugs. Moderation is required but that is difficult to come by when you are in such a jovial mood.

Friday to Sunday brings excitement and change to your daily routine and interactions which could make you feel tense or anxious. You may receive unexpected news that forces you to change plans. But you will be able to view things through a different perspective, which can lead to original ideas and breakthroughs. Chance encounters with others are possible and this is a good time for making friends from different backgrounds than your own. The Internet offers a great way to learn, share ideas and meet new people.

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Weekly Aquarius Horoscope Tarot Card

The Six of Cups is often a card about nostalgia; looking back on how things “used” to be. It can be (but is not always) connected with children or childhood.Aquarius Weekly HoroscopeIt’s important not to spend too much time and effort thinking about the “good old days.” We all have happy memories to reflect on from time to time, but if we start thinking that the “best of all years have gone by”, then that can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The Tarot card randomly selected for your Aquarius weekly horoscope comes from the The Original Rider Waite Tarot Pack by Arthur Edward Waite, illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith. [1] The deck has all the major arcana except card number XIII. All of the minor arcana cards are included.

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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope June 18 to 24, 2018

Tuesday to Friday morning you may feel tension and frustration which is best channeled into physical or creative outlets such as vigorous exercise, dance or sculpture. Driven by an intense need for sexual satisfaction, you can become very direct in your search for a mating partner. Your raw passion and sex appeal make you highly attractive to your partner or potential partners. Increased charisma and popularity make socializing more enjoyable and exciting. You will also find satisfaction in creative activities.

Friday afternoon to Sunday brings focus and determination. A more persuasive communication style gives you more power and influence over others. Any obsessive tendencies you have can be applied to discovery and research, where blocking out background noise is an asset. This would be a good time to consult as psychologist or psychiatrist, to get a psychic reading, a past life regression or to try your hand at dream recall, telepathy or remote viewing. You can easily elicit someone’s deepest and darkest secrets without making them feel uncomfortable.

Weekly Aquarius Horoscope Tarot Card

The Nine of Cups is one of the most uplifting and pleasant cards to receive in a reading. Known often as the “wish card” it can mean that what you are hoping for or dreaming about most is very likely to be yours – in a brief period, generally, too.AquariusThe appearance of this card is usually a portent of happiness, and good things about to come. It also usually means that what you want is likely to come into being in your life. If asking a yes/no type of question, this card is the most powerful indicator of “yes”, but like everything else in the tarot, that is not carved in stone.


1. Classic Rider-Waite Tarot Deck