Personal Astrology Readings and Reports

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Fixed Stars Report $35

A list of all the major fixed stars in your chart with links to full interpretations at Astrology King. Your beginners astrology chart is included: SEE EXAMPLE.

Once you have ordered using the PayPal button you should have your report within 24 hours or I will contact you. For questions, email:

Your Name
Date, Time, Place of Birth

Solar Return Reading $70

A solar return reading is a forecast for the year ahead based on the chart for your birthday. My interpretation uses planetary aspects but not fixed stars because they only apply to your birth chart: SEE EXAMPLE.

Once you have ordered using the PayPal button I will contact you with a due date. The current waiting time is 1 to 2 weeks. For questions, email:

  • The solar return year (this year or last year) and the location you celebrated your birthday, or plan to.
Date, Time, Place of Birth
Year and Location of Birthday*

One Year Transit Reading $90

The main method of forecasting in astrology is the use of eclipses and planet transits from Jupiter out to Pluto. Eclipses last for 6 months up to the next series of eclipses. I break the transit reading up into these eclipse phases the add in the planetary transits: SEE EXAMPLE.

Once you have ordered using the PayPal button I will contact you with a due date and ask if there is something specific you want to know. Follow-up questions are included in the price. The current waiting time is up to one week. For questions, email:

Your Name
Date, Time, Place of Birth

Natal Chart Reading $130

The natal reading is an in-depth interpretation of your birth chart showing your strong and weak points, your personality, and your potential. I usually advise getting this reading first before the predictive readings like transits and solar returns. I use the fixed stars and planetary aspects as well as any relevant asteroids and other points including Chiron, Lilith, Part of Fortune, and the Vertex Point: SEE EXAMPLE.

Once you have ordered using the PayPal button I will contact you with a due date and ask if there is something specific you want to know. Follow-up questions are included in the price. The current waiting time is up to one week. For questions, email:

Your Name
Date, Time, Place of Birth

One Year Transits and Solar Return Reading $150

Comprehensive one-year forecast including eclipses, long-term transits, and your solar return chart: SEE EXAMPLE.

Once you have ordered using the PayPal button I will contact you with a due date and ask if there is something specific you want to know. Follow-up questions are included in the price. The current waiting time is up to one week. For questions, email:

Date, Time, Place of Birth
Year and Location of Birthday

71 thoughts on “Personal Astrology Readings and Reports

  1. Hi Jamie, I wanted to say thanks again for the great readings you did for me. I have continued to refer back to them and educate myself more on astrology. And I keep up regularly with the website as well, which is so much more powerful and helpful to me now that I have had the readings. I really appreciate the work you do!
    To anyone considering ordering readings, I cannot recommend stongly enough the tremendous potential contained in this ancient technology. If this website has spoken to you already, personalized readings bring the understanding to vast new breadths and depths. Jamie approaches his work and clients with great skill, empathy, passion, and a sense of duty. Godspeed, as you reach for your stars!

  2. Thank you very much for the detailed reading. I can be confident now and not worry too much about the future!

  3. Hello Jamie. Been reading your site for a while. Thanks for putting it out there…
    I’m questioning which report is the best to order. I’ve had my Natal chart read many times by published and practicing astrologers. And I’ve had relationship charts read as well. So, now nearing my 62nd birthday on July 5, I want to know if you have a recommendation for the readings I ought to order.
    And, with the upcoming full moon, at what point do we feel the impact so to speak. I’ve had my 2 sweet dogs die recently, June 16 and June 20. One sudden and one immediate. So, does the moon at full with Saturn in the mix have an effect at 10 or less days away from the exact degree….

    • I guess you would prefer a transit reading and I can look back over the last month as well. I have always believed that a moon phase only takes effect from that moment, not before. So you can even still look at the previous lunar and solar eclipse having influence on your natal chart right now.

  4. hello jamie i need a natal reading of fixed stars but i have a problem i have confusion about my time of birth as when i was born no one noted the time of birth and many people say i was born in evening could you help me with that i am pretty sure about ascendant but not confirm

  5. I just want to write to you and tell me that I have great respect for your analysis.

    At the beginning of the year, I turned to you for future forecast.
    I asked about love, which I think most do. Health and work.

    When I received it, I read it, but so much didn´t feel lika something that should happened to me. So I read it and forgot it. Now I read again and became surprised about how much you wrote that then turned out to be true. For example you have written that after the eclipses in the summer, my chances would increase to meet a soulmate. The meeting could possibly happen in a group that was spiritual. And it was time for me to grown spiritually.
    In the beginning of this year there was no piece in my world that I would be part of such a group. And I didn`t really understand what it meant to grow spiritually

    I really did not want to take part in any “flower power” events. I thought it was to strange. But then I was asked to to a “mind and soul” retreat . And suddenly I decide to be a part of that. And it was just during the period you wrote that I would meet a spiritual group. And this retreat really was spiritual and “flower power” 🙂
    with gave me not only profound insight. And I have grown spiritually. I also met a person who I am sure is my soul mate. Our contact is over. But I’m so impressed of your forecast. Now I look curiously about december that, according to you, open new possible doors in new adventure

    Maria from Sweden

  6. Hello Jamie. Just a note to thank you for your excellent website, and in particular your take on the fixed stars. I don’t think I have read a more comprehensive and sensible interpretation of their influences. Just to let you know that, only recently, after 30 years of studying astrology, I am making good money using astrology in relation to sports, especially soccer and rugby — two-team events. I erect a special chart showing altitudes at the time of the kick-off. The information reflected from the fixed stars to the IC (home team) and the MC (away team), and THEN the planets, one by one on my screen, create a brilliant picture of who is likely to win. I put $500 on the All Blacks v British Lions rugby game last year. The All Blacks were red hot favourites, as usual, but the chart told me that they would be ‘wounded’ early during the first half, which is exactly what happened. (You’ll know what I am referring to here.) The rest of the game brought tremendously beneficial fixed stars, like Sirius, Alpheratz, Spica, etc, to the MC by altitude — and the results spoke for themselves. I won $2,400. A nice little earner, as they say in England, although I am not in England. Altitudes — the way to go. And thank you, Jamie, for a most scholarly and professional website. – Peter in New Zealand.

  7. İngilizcem kötü ve Türkçe yazıyorum.Horoskop yorumu yapabilen biri varsa kariyer ve aile problemleriyle ilgili yardım edebilir mi?

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  9. Truly one of the most comprehensive and studied astrologers of our time. Has a completely knowledge of the entire sky, the fixed stars and vertex points and eclipse patterns. Even if you had readings in the past or some your natal chart or are even an avid astrologer, Getting a natal reading or Transit reading from Jamie will teach you something and you will learn more than expected. So much knowledge shared through his readings and his website and you end up with a greater awareness of yourself and others. I am so grateful to have stumbled upon this site and plan to gift these readings to friends and family
    Interested in knowing their stars.. Thank you so
    Much for sharing your research and knowledge and offering personal readings!! So grateful!!✨✨✨✨✨

  10. dear astrology king, i read the weekly forecast, it has a time …i just wanted to know your if it is gmt pst time.
    thank you. great site you have.

  11. Merry Christmas- Thank you for the Arabic Lunar Mansions! Are they set to sideral or tropical degrees. Many Blessings to you.

  12. Hi Jamie,

    I do appreciate your work here but I also notice that your tarot definitions you use have been taken from ones that are on a website I’ve been using since 2004-05. Maybe you should consider a credit and link to

  13. Hi, it is confusing that on the left side of the website you are using one set of symbols for each sign and then on the right side, were you list all the astrological events of the month you are using entirely different minuscul symbols for the signs. For the sake of clarity, you should use only one set of symbols for gemini, leo, aries, etc, across the board. Other than that, it is a very good website.

  14. Hi Jamie. Do you offer the option of finding the best place to travel to on your birthday to highlight certain areas ie money, love etc? And if so how much does that cost and what is the turn around time for that? Thank you.

  15. Hi Jamie,
    What type of reading would be focused on career and family matters?

  16. Thank you for the Fixed Star chart! This explains the negativity in my life that modern astrology otherwise could not explain. Much appreciated.

  17. Thank’s Jamie,
    Would encourage a reading for anyone who requires more insight into their lives,
    The reading came at an integral time in my life . It reminded me of how multi faceted we actually are & a good reader like Jamie can offer the opportunity to help open up an awareness of these facets. I found it very encouraging to be pointed out the ‘blue print’ of my personal life map, it gave an understanding & direction to the where, why’s & how’s of integration of certain energies & inner potentials.

  18. Hallo, the natal chart reading that you offer – does it include reading of the houses too? In the example report I could only see the aspects. Do you mention anything about T-squares, Yods etcetera?

    • When you order you are asked for your date, time and place of birth. Then I will contact you and ask if there is anything you would like me to focus on, or if you have any specific questions.

  19. Dear I am, finally FOR ME, willing and ready to approach you for what I think it is I need (in terms of reports) it took me a while to work it out, you see…and I know I really need YOUR help with this! No-one else will do. I just can’t find a way to email you though …I remember reading several times to email you with any requests…may I please email you with my weirdo thingo request for analysis ..?

  20. Hi Jamie, just wanted to say a great big thank you for my readings, going on the third year now, I have this super guideline to go by, it has helped in so many ways, and always so accurate. Its glued to my diary, on my laptop and tablet, I don’t leave home without it.

    I would so highly recommend Jamies readings to all, I have developed more confidence, a great sense of peace and more. Its super to know when the time to act is and when you should be laying low.

  21. I Jamie I just wanted to say thank you for my readings and predictions that are actually always on point. Thank you for the Good Work And Keep Doing More >> Big Thanks 🙂

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