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You can choose between a natal reading (birth chart) and forecast reading (one year transits) for the same price of $149 (US dollars). You can pay with a credit card or with PayPal. All readings are typed and sent by email.

The main interpretation for the natal readings comes from aspects and fixed stars. Included with the natal reading is a brief summary of major transits for the year ahead.

The one-year forecast reading includes transits from the planets Saturn to Pluto, plus all eclipses for the year ahead and a solar return chart interpretation.

Once you have ordered using the PayPal button, I will contact you with a due date and ask if there is something specific you want to know. Follow up questions are included in the price. For questions, contact

Waiting time is currently 3 weeks.

31 thoughts on “Personal Readings $149

  1. Jamie, there seems to be a problem with the Paypal Payment button. Can you please check.

  2. I’ll need to budget this in Jamie, haven’t seen this part of your website but this is you offering astrology readings right Jamie ?

    • Yes Annie, I have not made a fuss of it so I do not t\get too much work all at once. I stopped doing readings 2 years ago because it became too stressful. Now I am only doing two readings a week.

  3. Just ordered a chart from you. You did one for my son a few years back and it was excellent work. Looking forward to my transit report. Debbie

  4. hello jamie,
    i need to know the future trends in my career finance and relationship.So which reading should i opt for?natal or transit?

  5. love your website & articles, such a pleasure to find people whose approach, interest,curiosity, explorations & mutual musings echo my own. Love the interconnectedness of all things. I’ve had a few Natal charts & many years ago did my own. Impressed with your work. Trust you more than online computer generated reads but I’m torn- need to check my own understandings (& decades of living) of my chart, but I know I really want advice re how to negotiate with knowledge any upcoming chances more successfully. I’ve opted for natal on your advice, but…

  6. Had a transit and solar return reading done by Jamie.Enjoyed the fresh different approach to the reading.It was pretty exhaustive covering the eclipses transits and solar return.Was quite a positive optimistic and realistic reading.Will be looking forward to the year ahead.Thanks and all the best Jamie!

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