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The natal reading is an in-depth interpretation of your birth chart, showing your strong and weak points, personality, and potential. I usually advise getting this reading before predictive readings like transits and solar returns. I use the fixed stars, planetary aspects, relevant asteroids, and other points, including Chiron, Lilith, Part of Fortune, and the Vertex Point.

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Example Natal Reading

For Joe Biden

November 20, 1942, 8:30 am, Scranton, PA

ASCENDANT (AC) is the most personal point in a chart. As the physical expression of your soul, it represents your physical appearance, traits, and characteristics, how other people first see you, and your general outlook on the world. Along with the Descendant (DC), it makes up the relationship axis because the Descendant represents partners. The stars rising on the eastern horizon at your time of birth and aspects to them determine the nature of Ascendant.

Ascendant conjunct fixed star Acrab (0°48′): Riches and preferment attended by danger, violence, trouble, sickness, benefits seldom last.

Acrab on the head of the Scorpion causes extreme malevolence, mercilessness, fiendishness, repulsiveness, malice, theft, crime, pestilence, and contagious diseases.

According to tradition, Acrab gives the ability for research, especially into things of a particularly secret and hidden nature. In lower types, however, a tendency to falsehood and treason can be noted. Acrab is a poor augury for material wealth. There will be difficulties, impediments, or loss.

Acrab is of the nature of Mars and Saturn. It rules the left side of the buttocks, close to the spine.

Ascendant in Scorpius Constellation gives fixity of purpose, resolution, self-reliance, and independence. You’re shrewd, resourceful, perceptive, secretive, proud, and reserved. But you’re more likely to wait until you feel comfortable before pursuing your purpose. You’re also likely to depend on other people to take the initiative.

Constellation Scorpius’s rising suggests you’re fated to experience some battles in life, resulting in possible crises in your emotional state, your physical health, or your public status. The key to achieving your true purpose is to act with integrity at all times. You have a strong will, which is best applied to achieving positive results.

SUN is your life force, will to live, conscious ego, self-expression, personal power, pride and authority, self-respect, leadership qualities, health, and vitality.

VENUS is love, money, harmony, beauty, refinement, affections, equality, It represents the desire for pleasure, comfort, and ease. Also romance, marriage, and business partnerships, sex, children, cosmetics, decorating, the arts, fashion, and social life.

Fixed star Toliman conjunct Sun (1°11′) and Venus (0°11′): This star on the left front hoof of the Centaur gives beneficence, friends, enthusiasm, refinement, and a position of honor and power. However, relationships with females often seem spoiled, or an existing happy relationship is stricken by exceptional circumstances. Toliman is of the nature of Venus and Jupiter. It rules two inches below the navel.

With Sun: Envious, self-centered, slow but fairly successful progress, many enemies, loss of inheritance.

With Venus: Popular, artistic and musical abilities, benefits from friends, danger from love affairs.

Constellation Centaurus the Centaur (Chiron) gives intelligence and wisdom, with a talent for the sciences such as botany, medicine, and astronomy, plus skill in music and divination. Centaurus makes people full of energy and very passionate, but with a tendency toward revenge. The constellation has been associated with weapons and poison.

Sun conjunct Venus (0°59′) is the personification of love, peace, and beauty. You are an affectionate and refined person with a rich social life who loves entertaining and amusements. You are a lover, not a fighter, and dislike threatening or ugly people and environments. People are attracted to you because of your genuine lovely nature.

Shopping should be an enjoyable experience because of your good fashion sense and eye for a bargain. You also have good money handling skills and should enjoy a life of relative comfort if not wealth. Investment in art, jewelry, and cash should turn a profit. Artistic and creative talent can shine through music, dance, art, fashion, and poetry.

Beauty comes not only on the outside but also inside as compassion, sympathy, and a strong belief in unity and unconditional love. You do appreciate beauty so your personal appearance and that of your home and loved ones are important to you. You also appreciate the importance of good food, exercise, and a healthy diet.

Your charming and charismatic nature means you can easily make friends and can even win over enemies. Your ideal partner should know how to romance and indulge you but above all truly love you. Venus rules marriage and partnerships of all kinds play an integral part in your life.

Your desire for peace and harmony together with your soft nature means you can at times compromise too much in order to keep the peace. You could also have a tendency to sugarcoat unpleasant realities. More challenging aspects to this conjunction may cause problems with overindulgence or extravagance.

Sun conjunct Ascendant (5°37′) gives the qualities necessary to be the president or the king. Being born at sunrise gets you noticed. You personify the heat and light and burst of life-giving energy at every sunrise. The brightness of your personality gives you a commanding presence. You make a very strong impression on others without even trying.

You are fully aware of your importance and of your personal power and influence. This power can easily go to your head while you are young. Until you are mature and have some control over your powers, you can turn others off with your excessive pride and arrogance. Showing off and boasting are stages you go through as you learn through experience about the limits of your power and influence.

Developing relationship skills will help you know yourself better. Learning to get along with others in one-to-one relationships will give you a more balanced personality. You can take pride in being an upfront and honest person. You may feel you have an important role to play in this life. It is very like that you will be a leader or authority in your chosen field. You are a winner and people want to be associated with you.

You will encounter less resistance in life if you can learn to submit to a higher power. Left uncontrolled, the brightness of the Sun can engulf you. Learn some humility to reach your full potential to improve the lives of your loved ones and many more. The power comes through you, not from you.

Venus conjunct Ascendant (4°38′) gives a beautiful body and soul. You are sexually and aesthetically attractive but also warm, friendly, and affectionate on the inside. These most desirable qualities attract many people which teach you excellent social skills.

Socializing plays an important part in your life and you should be popular. You promote peace and equality while rejecting aggression and chaos. You are a lover, not a fighter. Your charm and charisma put people at ease which makes you a great host at parties but also a diplomat and negotiator.

Love is an essential part of your life. You need to love and be loved. You should have plenty of offers for marriage and can afford to be picky. You may seek another beautiful, refined, and affectionate partner like yourself.

You may, however, prefer to compliment your tenderness with a more sexual and passionate partner but love and romance are always at the top of the list. Your strong desire for pleasure needs to be satisfied for you to be truly happy and content. Partnerships bring out your best, whether in marriage or business.

You also have a strong desire for harmony, comfort, ease, and maybe luxury and riches. You should have good money skills and are prepared to use your natural talents to achieve the lifestyle you seek. You have an eye for a bargain and for fashion. You would make a good home decorator and appreciate art, poetry, music, jewelry, and design.

Sun quincunx Moon (0°59′) shows outwardly as a changeable personality and inconstant moods. On the inside, you can feel unable to truly relax and find harmony in relationships. Constant stress and tension can make you feel anxious, neurotic and insecure.

Your assertive, masculine side can interchange with your emotional feminine side. If one side dominates then tension escalates until a rapid change occurs and tension is relieved. If one side of your personality always dominates, you can seek out your hidden side in others. Such relationships seem harmonious but if your mood changes your partner may not cope, feeling as if they do not know you.

In order to avoid the sometimes dramatic tipping point when your stress levels climax, you may learn to adjust, compromise, or adapt your behavior. In this way, a sort of equilibrium can be reached. You can be very successful in your personal and professional life by living in this highly energized state of give and take. You will learn to accept this heightened state of tension or anxiety. It requires only subtle inner changes and flexibility and masks your insecurities and anxieties.

You may feel the urge or a longing to achieve an imagined future goal. Restricting yourself to a single goal will make it easier to make the right choices.

The nervous or neurotic energy produced by this aspect can cause health imbalances. This is often too much or not enough of a particular hormone or chemical. Feeling always on the go and a lack of harmony in relationships is the karmic price you pay this life for mistakes when your soul was younger. Emotional manipulation or abuse of power may have been the reason.

You can use the heightened energy levels of the quincunx aspect to gain more self-control over negative habits. Greater feeling and empathy can resolve any power and control issues you may have. Conscious and subconscious awareness of internal and external energy flows will lead to a well-balanced, focused, and ambitious nature. Karmic guilt can be removed and your contagious energy and enthusiasm can lead to health, wealth and happiness.

Moon quincunx Venus (2°25′) creates an imbalance between your need for emotional support and your need for love. Both of these needs are very high and it is almost impossible for one person to satisfy both needs at the same time. A similar thing happens with how you love and care for your partner. There could be love but emotional coldness, or plenty of emotional support with little love.

It is very difficult for you to have stable relationships because the imbalance between love and emotion creates a lot of relationship tension. This tension will continue to build to a crisis point. To restore balance you may seek love or emotion elsewhere, usually in secret and often with someone associated with your partner. This could be a friend, work colleague or close relative.

Sometimes this cycle of imbalance keeps repeating as you hunger for complete satisfaction. You may also seek emotional nourishment and satisfaction through sweet foods or drugs. But you can never get enough so health problems such as diabetes and addiction are possible.

It is possible to resolve this karmic imbalance and it starts with your relationship with your mother, or main caregiver when you were growing up. Any imbalance that developed in that relationship is the main source of your relationship problems as an adult. Your mother may have been emotionally cold or did not give you enough love and affection. Remember, you need hugs and kisses more than most people. If your relationship with her was good then this aspect is probably not such a problem for you.

Even through your teenage years and well into adulthood, your mother may keep having a negative influence on your self-esteem, your behavior, and other relationships like your marriage. This could involve emotional manipulation and blackmail of you or your partner. Perhaps she is too possessive or interfering. Maybe she tries to gain your love or attention through money or possessions, often associated with the house you live in.

Admission or acknowledgment of relationship imbalances with your mother is half the battle won. Addressing these relationship problems will help you find some inner balance and fulfillment in your love life. Use whatever resources it takes, such as counseling or medical treatment. Resolving your challenging family issues will greatly reduce the risk of further problems in your love life. Otherwise, your karmic issues may carry on and have a negative impact on your children and other loved ones.

Sun trine Jupiter (2°25′) makes you lucky, generous, exuberant, enthusiastic, happy, and larger than life. You are a genuinely good person and should enjoy harmonious relationships with everyone. Even though you are always happy with what you have you will probably be very comfortable and have more than you need. You could be very wealthy if you want.

You may think you are on a spiritual mission and you would make an inspiring teacher or guru. On the other hand, you may have a tendency toward excess and love to indulge. You can also be too generous for your own good sometimes but you generally get away with taking risks, showing off, and embarrassing yourself. People simply like you and will often offer you help and always be forgiving.

Venus trine Jupiter (3°25′) brings ease and comfort earned through previous incarnations of loving service. It can lessen any hardships and bring love and joy to your life. Your ease in showing love and affection is a sign of your own self-love and self-respect. Honesty, loyalty, and fine morals are yet more personal characteristics that earn you popularity and a good name. Yet you are not simply a soft and cuddly person.

There is a genuine depth to your charismatic appeal. Your adventurous and creative nature makes you stimulating as well as fun to be around. You are sincere about helping others and would find a lot of satisfaction working in charitable organizations. You would fit in well with any group of people and can be very effective in driving the overall success of common goals. This may not be so obvious as in taking a leadership role, but all the little things you do add up to success.

Creativity is a strong point and you should have a good sense of rhythm and tone. People with this aspect often have wide-ranging musical or other creative talents. For example, as a singer, you would most likely have a wide vocal range.

You enjoy celebrations and partying in general. Showing off and being glamorous is natural for you and should not harm your reputation. Overindulgence in food, drink, and drugs can sometimes be a problem.

Sun opposite Uranus (5°12′) can cause nervousness and tension which often arises from an unsettling upbringing full of change and uncertainty. The result can be a reactionary or rebellious nature, with a difficult polarity to overcome.

The need for independence and being able to make their own decisions in their own time can be at odds with their desire for a more stable environment and harmonious relationships. Being impulsive, outspoken, eccentric, or abrupt means that they have to deal with the consequences, strong reactions from the people they upset. These negative reactions from others can also be due to egotism, or simply unorthodox self-expression.

Venus opposite Uranus (4°13′) makes for an unusual love life. You need a lot of stimulation and excitement in relationships, but you also need to feel free enough to be yourself. This can obviously create problems with commitment. Even when growing up you may have found that long-term friendships required a lot of effort to keep up. It would be easier to form a lasting friendship with someone who also needs a fair amount of personal freedom.

If you do want lasting and stable love relationships, then it is still possible. The two options are for you to find someone totally off-beat to keep you stimulated, or to find another free spirit willing to commit. Whatever you wish for in terms of love, you can expect a lot of instability or excitement. The more you promote change and excitement within a relationship, the lower the odds of some upsetting external event leading to chaos.

Your need for stimulation and excitement in love can find other safe outlets. You could experiment with your sexuality, especially if you find heterosexual relationships limiting. Then there are endless options for excitement and stimulation in the bedroom to keep you interested and extend the life of the relationship.

You may need to show a more conservative approach when it comes to your finances. It is possible that your bank balance undergoes rapid swings. Saving or keeping some routine budget will be important to cut the risk of unexpected events leaving you in debt.

Sun sextile Neptune (3°57′) creates a vivid imagination and inspired creativity. Creative talents in fields like art, music or dance, can be pursued in your career.

You are highly sensitive to your environment and have the potential to be psychic, or at least very intuitive. Most times this is a welcome gift, but being so sensitive can make you vulnerable to negative energies from people and situations. Therefore you will work best in a less competitive, more supportive, and caring environment.

Above all, you connect in a spiritual way to individuals and groups of people. You should be well-liked for your charitable and caring nature, because you are genuine and open in the way you express yourself, maintaining high ethical standards and idealism.

Venus sextile Neptune (2°57′) makes you a passionate, romantic, and sensual person. You are most likely very good-looking, charming, and engaging, a pleasure to be around. Your amorous allure makes you socially popular and you would enjoy having many friends or being involved with groups of like-minded people.

Relationships are a part of your well-being, especially those of an intimate nature. Your partner would ideally be as affectionate, loving, tender, and easy on the eyes as you are. A spiritual or soul union is just as important to you as an erotic imagination in the bedroom.

This aspect gives artistic and other creative talents. You may develop your own particular or uncommon style when it comes to dance, music or art. Your home and other surroundings must be beautiful and harmonious, and you most likely have a talent for decorating. Beautifying yourself is also important and you should have a good fashion sense and love jewelry, cosmetics or tattoos.

Having a glamorous or at least very attractive appearance is healthy for your self-esteem. Likewise, you place great value on having a nice home with some of life’s little luxuries. Generally, you dislike anything threatening or unpleasant and prefer peaceful surroundings and nice people.

Your selfless and compassionate nature makes you a valued asset in any group or organization with the goal of helping those in need. You are especially sensitive to those things which harm other people or any living thing. Wars, disasters, famine, and cruelty would be very upsetting to witness, even on the TV.

You can be a visionary and very intuitive if not psychic. This is related to your sensitivity and idealism. Sharing any insights you gain through visions or dreams is a practical and important way to improve the world around you.

Perhaps one downside to this aspect would be fanciful or unrealistic expectations of other people. But in general, your kindness will not be seen as a weakness and you should enjoy the love and acceptance of others. Your empathy and unselfish nature will be rewarded by having a harmonious and pleasant lifestyle.

Sun square Chiron (1°19′) suggests you have difficulty shining in your life because of a childhood wound, perhaps connected with your father. You lack confidence and feel lonely at times. You have much empathy for other people’s suffering and may become a healer or counselor.

Chiron makes you consciously aware of a karmic wound that can be so damaging and painful, it affects your will to live. The following quotes come from a book called Wounding and the Will to Live by Liz Greene:

We may cry out that we want life; but somewhere inside, we want to go home, and this longing for oblivion may be more powerful than any conscious declaration of intent to “get better”… loss of the will to live may not always result in self-destruction. It may be expressed as the urge to destroy others…

…the polarity of hope versus despair, the will to live versus hopelessness, may be illuminated – at least in part – through the symbolism of the polarity of the Sun and Chiron. Those with the Sun in direct aspect to Chiron may know on a profound level how the unfairness of life can damage the spirit.

Venus square Chiron (0°19′) suggests you experience emotional pain in your relationships. You have difficulty experiencing the joy and beauty of intimate relationships. You need to face early childhood feelings of rejection and develop empathy for others close to you.

Sun square North Node (2°09′) suggests your mission requires making a sacrifice. It may be that the sacrifice is to bring attention to some matter that would be a considerable contribution to the world. You appear to give a lot of yourself to something greater and are not so ego-driven.

You may have difficulty achieving your ambitions and although you may be a driven and goal-oriented person, it is best to slow down and the ego must be submerged to some degree. Though leadership talents are brought over, these can’t be used to expand your own ego. One way or another, circumstances will force this if you do not do it consciously.

You can still receive recognition for your ambitions, it just may take longer than normal and however gifted you are at capturing attention and being true to yourself, your self-expression may be met with karmic obstacles and oppositions. Don’t let this hold you back. Learn from it.

Venus square North Node (1°09′) suggests your ample artistic talents are inherited or were developed in previous incarnations, and they probably showed up at an early age. You have been working on developing an artistic flair of a particular sort.

Your talents can be used to help others and contribute in some way. However, your love life suffers, and you may have difficulty understanding your emotions when it comes to love. You have most likely suffered heartbreak either in this lifetime or past ones.

You may have been self-indulgent in the past and now efforts are required to balance out this area of relationships. Finding happiness in marriage is not easy. Even with considerable success in other areas, this is often the weak spot. Relationships with the opposite sex may be very difficult.

MOON represents your emotions, unconscious habits, memories, moods, reactions, mother, nurturing, home, need for security, and the past.

Moon conjunct fixed star Mira (0°15′): This star in the neck of the Whale with unhelpful connections (yes) will bring failures, fiascoes, and enmity, especially with Saturn transits; when linked with the Moon, melancholy will then appear. In critical situations, suicide is indicated. Mira is of the nature of Saturn.

Constellation Cetus the whale is said to cause laziness and idleness, but to confer an emotional and charitable nature, with the ability to command, especially in war. Makes one amiable, prudent, happy by sea and land, and helps to recover lost goods.

Moon conjunct fixed star Mirach (1°12′): Trouble with opposite sex owing to indiscretions, bad for domestic affairs, honor through martial matters.

Mirach in the left hip of the Chained Woman gives personal beauty, a brilliant mind, a love of home, great devotion, beneficence, forgiveness, love, overcoming by kindness, renown, and good fortune in marriage.

Mirach also gives cheerfulness, happiness, love of company, many interests, altruism, and the tendency to inspiration and medium-ship as a base for artistic creation. These people have a stimulating effect on others, make friends easily, and are helped on in life by others. However, there may be an over-timid attitude, perhaps markedly effeminate in a male. Mirach is of the nature of Venus. It rules the midpoint between the forehead and the top of the head.

Constellation Andromeda the Chained Woman is said to bestow purity of thought, virtue, honor, and dignity upon its natives, but to cause battle with chimerical fears and a tendency to become easily discouraged. It gives love between husband and wife and reconciles adulterers.

Moon quincunx Ascendant (2°12′) means you tend to put your own emotional needs behind those of others. It is good that you have emotional discipline but you must realize that your needs are just as important as others. This is especially so because your feelings are so powerful.

This aspect also creates an imbalance between the image you project and your true inner feelings. This makes it hard for people to understand you sometimes. They may become surprised when you get upset and show your true feelings which are different from your outer personality than they are used to.

Until you show your feelings more openly, you may attract emotionally challenging friends and partners. The inner tension this aspect creates will be alleviated once you learn to accept yourself and your strong feelings.

Moon quincunx Neptune (0°31′) makes you extremely sensitive. You are like an antenna in how you pick up the feelings of people around you. Problems with this arise due to an inability to filter out psychic information. You cannot cope with too many feelings at once or conflicting feelings.

Oversensitivity to others and your environment can lead to confusion and a lack of trust in your own instincts. When things get too much to deal with you may try to isolate yourself physically or dull your senses through drugs or alcohol. You may try to escape your confusing emotions through movies, music, fiction books, or your vivid imagination and dream life.

Your sensitivity can be felt as emotional stress or tension which others may perceive as being highly strung, edgy or neurotic. As an aspect of health imbalance, the quincunx, in this case, can cause over sensitivity to toxins in the environment and infections. There are also mental health issues already mentioned.

The key to this aspect is finding the right balance between sharing your emotions and protecting them. Between serving others and sacrificing your own emotional requirements. Between relaxing socially with a drink or two and becoming an alcoholic, or between celebrity and scandal.

This perfect balance becomes easier to reach through age and experience. More importantly, however, is trust and belief in yourself. You can be skeptical without being paranoid. You can give of yourself emotionally without being used or abused.

You are susceptible to becoming a martyr or victim if you feel weak or unworthy. Paranoia and fear of betrayal, scandal, illness or disappointment can actually poison a relationship. Loss of faith in your partner will be noticed, if only subconsciously. Trust and faith in yourself are essential to avoid your fears becoming self-fulfilling prophecies.

Moon trine Chiron (2°06′) suggests you could become a gifted healer. You are able to face the painful side of life and share your experiences in a loving manner. You feel compassion for others’ plights.

MERCURY represents communication, thinking patterns, rationality, and reasoning. Also primary and secondary education, your neighborhood, siblings, cousins, short-distance transport, news, and information. Mercury is fast, lively, adaptable, variable, unemotional, and curious.

Mercury conjunct fixed star Unukalhai (0°16′): Dishonorable, accused of forgery or theft of papers, ill-health, narrow escapes, the danger of bites from poisonous animals.

Unukalhai in the Heart of the Serpent gives immorality, accidents, violence, and danger of poison. It can cause chronic diseases, which are not easily detected, resulting in a weakened state of health, and operations may be necessary.

But this is also the star of knowledge, of where we came from, what we are, where we are going, what holds us back, what to do about healing it. Those who will give service, in healing or teaching of what they receive, have only good fortune to expect where Unukalhai shines on them. Unukalhai is of the nature of Saturn and Mars. It rules the top one-fourth of the colon.

Constellation Serpens the Serpent is said to give wisdom, craft, deceit, malice, a feeble will, and danger of poison.

Mercury conjunct fixed star Agena (1°27′): Great mental ability, sarcasm, material gain, speaking, writing, and championing the masses.

Agena on the left front knee of Centaur gives position, friendship, refinement, morality, health, and honor. It is of the nature of Venus and Jupiter. Agena rules the bottom center of the adrenal glands.

Constellation Centaurus the Centaur (Chiron) gives intelligence and wisdom, with a talent for the sciences such as botany, medicine, and astronomy, plus skill in music and divination. Centaurus makes people full of energy and very passionate, but with a tendency toward revenge. The constellation has been associated with weapons and poison.

Mercury trine Jupiter (3°35′) gives a broad outlook with a wide and comprehensive knowledge. Your positive attitude and generosity make you fun to be around. You should enjoy mixing with groups of people and should have no trouble making friends. Well-liked and popular, you could even become famous. You are eloquent with refined social skills and form mutually beneficial friendships.

This aspect helps your life run smoothly because of your broad perspective, good insight, and ability to plan for the future. Jupiter amplifies all of your Mercury senses, thought processes, and communication skills. Your logical viewpoint, mental agility, and wide-ranging views are ideal for the study and teaching of languages, philosophy, religion, and law. You may also have a talent for writing science fiction given your future-oriented thinking. Your business acumen will help in any career you choose.

Your progressive and generous nature favors charitable works but you can also expect to benefit from other people’s generosity. Freedom of speech and other human rights are important to you and you would certainly condemn censorship. You can be flamboyant, forceful, and even intense in communicating your ideas. Politics or social activism would suit your style.

Long-distance travel would be excellent to broaden your outlook and increase your general knowledge. You will continue to grow in the intellectual sense all of your life. You may even manifest this expansion through physical exercise or bodybuilding. Perhaps the one drawback with this very positive natal aspect is a tendency to overthink leading to mental exhaustion.

MARS is associated with confidence and self-assertion, aggression, sexuality, energy (particularly goal-directed energy), strength, ambition, and impulsiveness. Mars governs sports, competitions, and physical activities in general.

Mars conjunct fixed star Alphecca (1°06′): Active mind, a better writer than speaker.

The following information about Mars with Alphecca is channeled material from a book called The Fixed Star Health and Behavior Imbalance:

This increases the energy at this point so that these individuals pick up many negative responses from others. They pick up positive energies also, but it is the negative energies that are more frequent. They attract the illnesses, in addition to inflammations, of the lower body area. These natives need to know from what direction the negative energies are coming from so they can close it off. If the individual is on a high level, they can control this through their extraordinary psychic ability.

Alphecca in the Northern Crown gives honor, dignity, and poetical and artistic ability. Alphecca is of the nature of Venus and Mercury. It rules the lowest vertebra of the spine (Seventh Lumbar).

Constellation Corona Borealis the Northern Crown is said to give artistic ability, love of flowers, lassitude, and disillusionment, but to bring its natives to a position of command.

Mars conjunct fixed star Acrux (1°31′): This star in the Southern Cross gives religious beneficence, ceremony, justice, magic, and mystery.

Acrux is frequently prominent in the horoscopes of astrologers and occultists and is credited with intuition, a grasp for the inner nature of one’s fellow man, a preference for occult studies, the gift of successful investigation of the hidden side of things, an inventive mind, and a deeply religious nature connected with mystical and theosophical interests. Acrux is of the nature of Jupiter. It rules the bottom of the spine.

Constellation Crux the Cross is said to give perseverance, but many burdens, trials, and responsibilities, together with much suffering and many hardships.

Mars quincunx Saturn (2°38′) represents a conflict between your sense of responsibility and your desire to fulfill your own needs and do what you want. This leads to an inner struggle that may keep you from acting decisively. You can feel stuck, wondering whether you have the right to do what you really want. It might feel like others are trying to block you but it is actually your own indecisiveness that is the problem.

Because of this internal struggle, you may at times become irritable and resentful about nothing in particular, taking it out on someone else. But it is also possible that there is someone in your life who keeps discouraging you from doing your own thing. Perhaps your father was such a negative influence and damaged your self-esteem.

With age and experience, you can control your aggression and make constructive use of it. But avoid burying your anger because that would lead to uncontrolled outbursts that work against you.

JUPITER is associated with growth, expansion, prosperity, and good fortune. It governs long-distance and foreign travel, big business and wealth, higher education, religion, and the law. Also the urge for freedom and exploration, gambling and merrymaking.

Jupiter conjunct fixed star Procyon (0°08′): Many journeys, trouble through relatives and the Church or law, help from friends.

Procyon in the Little Dog gives activity, violence, sudden and violent malevolence, sudden preferment by exertion, elevation ending in disaster, the danger of dog bites and hydrophobia, and makes its natives petulant, saucy, giddy, weak-natured, timid, unfortunate, proud, easily angered, careless and violent.

Procyon makes people hasty, jealous, pig-headed; but it also confers willpower and the ability to put thoughts and plans into action. There is also a tendency to have a hot temper and impudence. Rise and success are found with it, but a later fall from a high position is indicated. Enterprises created in haste, therefore, do not last. People who “want to go through the wall with their head” only cause injury to themselves.

Procyon gives drive and a good sharp mind. Linked with positive stellar bodies (yes), success is made greater, but in order to avoid a fiasco, care must be taken not to be imprudent. Procyon is of the nature of Mercury and Mars. It rules below the left eye.

Constellation Canis Minor is said to give wealth, fame, and good fortune, and to cause frivolity and either love of dogs or danger of dog-bites. It is associated with water and drowning seems to be universally associated with this constellation.

SATURN is duty, discipline, responsibility, career, loyalty, and dedication, but also restriction, limitation, delay, and boundaries. It rules authority, order, systems, structures, hierarchy, stability, lessons, and tests. It represents karma, patience, endurance, practicality, reality, tradition and time.

Saturn conjunct fixed star Aldebaran (0°57′): Great afflictions, strange mind, great wickedness, sarcasm, eloquence, good memory, studious and retiring nature, legal abilities, domestic and material success, losses through mercurial friends. If linked in an unfavorable manner with other stellar bodies (quincunx Mars) could bring danger and loss through water, e.g., by floods, storm, shipwreck, drowning.

Aldebaran in the Eye of the Bull is one of the most eminently fortunate stars in the sky, portending riches and honor (especially in war). It also gives intelligence, eloquence, steadfastness, integrity, popularity, courage, ferocity, a tendency to sedition, a responsible position, public honors, and gain of power and wealth through others, but its benefits seldom prove lasting and there is also the danger of violence and sickness. Its natives will always seem to be under stress and in a constant state of anxiety but they are successful in making money.

Aldebaran is much associated with war and military careers. But it does not necessarily promise success in war – unless it is especially well aspected. The star is said to presage individuals who are “restless and riotous, always stirring up popular dissent and revolution.” It is also said to inflame the minds of the people with furious quarrels, and to be an enemy of quiet and peace, ‘malady desiring civil and domestic wars.” Maternus writes that Aldebaran “…when aspected by a malefic portends sudden and unexpected involvement in riots and sedition resulting in justly being condemned by the people.”

Aldebaran is a very powerful influence because it is one of the four Royal stars, representing Archangel Michael. These stars give extremes of ups and downs but also extraordinary energy that means you always persevere and come through any hardship with a fighting spirit. Aldebaran is of the nature of Mars. It rules three inches above the breast.

Saturn sextile Pluto (2°43′) gives a steely determination and endurance which you put to practical use to create something of value, something lasting. You have an amazing ability to focus on a particular project and see it to completion.

You keep probing and keep working so hard like a machine. Systems and order are a high priority in your life so you often have a systematic approach to life, with strict regimes and structures in place to keep up order and a sense of security.

However, any strict self-discipline does not restrict your creative process. In fact, you can find revolutionary new ways of doing things. But your continual self-development is generally smooth and not disruptive. You change or evolve in a sustained and orderly way.

This aspect also gives incredible endurance and recuperative powers. You can face any challenge or crisis head-on and be a source of strength for others. You are a survivor and can function efficiently on very little. Respect and high recognition can come from your achievements. You may also have managerial potential and would climb the ladder in a large corporation or government department to a leadership role.

URANUS represents sudden and unexpected change, excitement, freedom, and genius. Also revolutionary, humanitarian, democratic and progressive ideas. It’s individual, original, unorthodox, and futuristic, but also crazy, unreliable, spasmodic and unsettling. It rules higher awareness, psychic ability, flashes of insight, discoveries, electricity, and astrology.

Uranus conjunct no major fixed stars.

Uranus opposite Ascendant (0°25′) mainly affects your relationships and usually makes them exciting, unusual or controversial in some way. You may be attracted to independent types of people because you prefer your own personal freedom. You may prefer to associate with eccentric, progressive or unorthodox people, or you may marry a scientist, computer geek, rebel or astrologer.

You may have more than one marriage but that is not a rare thing these days. However, with Uranus setting in your chart there is a tendency to get bored with normal, average people. If your partner is not stimulating enough then affairs or separation may be your only options.

Relationships can be a source of anxiety and stress with unexpected surprises, separations, erratic behavior and arguments. Even Hugh Hefner, with this aspect under one-degree orb was surprised to find his first wife had cheated on him just before their marriage.

So it is common to have several marriages with this aspect but you can also have a fulfilling long-lasting relationship if you find the right person and are that way inclined. Sexual experimentation or roleplaying and toys are other ways to keep your relationship fun and exciting.

Unorthodox relationships with unusual partners can cause friction within your family or gossip in your community. However, it is important that you express your individuality through relationships otherwise you would feel stifled and unsatisfied.

Uranus trine Neptune (1°15′) makes you a free-thinking and open-minded person. You are not bound by tradition or dogma which makes you highly creative and innovative. In fact, you are a creative genius and find new ways of doing things through flashes of insight, experimentation, and inspiration. You are probably psychic and have a vivid imagination and dream life.

This aspect gives an interest in spirituality more so than traditional religion. If you are religious it is likely you are a reformer or prefer modern interpretations. Science, art, and psychology may also hold a particular attraction.

Denial of human rights and individual freedoms would be particularly upsetting for you. This humanist outlook on life could lead to social activism or involvement with groups of like-minded people. With optimism about the future, your generation can inspire many more people to bring about political, cultural, and environmental change.

NEPTUNE represents spirituality and idealism, dreams, illusion, deception, weakness, confusion, and vagueness. Also mirrors, film, fog, mist, gases, empathy, anesthetics, drugs, altered states of consciousness, poison, hypnotism, socialism, welfare, and communism.

Neptune conjunct no major fixed stars.

Neptune sextile Ascendant (1°40′) makes you sensitive to others, to their needs and desires. This aspect can make you go out of your way to help your loved ones because you can empathize with them. You are very intuitive or psychic and see things others do not. Being open to the spiritual realm may have been a bit overwhelming when you were growing up.

You should have a strong interest in mysteries, science fiction, fantasies, spirituality and occult subjects like astrology and Tarot. This is a good aspect for an intuitive astrologer. You should also have a great imagination and dream life, and have creative or artistic gifts. You will meet sensitive and spiritually minded people throughout your life.

PLUTO represents transformation and transcendence. It destroys in order to renew and brings intense needs and drives to the surface. It is associated with power and personal mastery, big business and wealth, mining, surgery, and detective work.

Pluto conjunct fixed star Asellus Borealis (0°29′): This star system in the body of the Crab gives care and responsibility, with a charitable and fostering nature, but the danger of violent death, serious accidents and burns.

It also gives an aggressive nature, and you will not take insults easily. You may, by your own lack of caution or by being a dare-devil, put your life in danger, and not hesitate to use brutal and violent means. But if you are able to sublimate the aggressive energy, then an extraordinary output of achievement is possible.

Although lovable, you can be very self-willed and uncooperative at times of your own choosing. You can put up a wonderful display of stubbornness and impatience at one and the same time. Other people can become very frustrated trying to persuade or even just help you.

This star gives an ability to see what others cannot. Favorably aspected (yes), it gives a capacity for cooperation with others, the secret of much of your success. Asellus Borealis is of the nature of Mars and the Sun. It rules the top of the heart.

CHIRON represents wounding and healing. It is the deepest wound in your soul and also your ability to heal yourself and others through traditional medicine as well as more alternative healing methods. In Greek mythology, Chiron was the wisest of the Centaurs who taught astrology and herbal medicine. So Chiron is associated with wisdom and proficiency in botany, music, astronomy, divination, and medicine. In Christian Astrology, Chiron represents Christ.

Chiron conjunct North Node (0°49′) suggests your destiny is linked with easing other people’s suffering, probably after facing the painful side of your own life. You may suffer from physical illness, possibly altering the course of your life. You may become a skilled healer or wise teacher.

MIDHEAVEN (MC) is your career or calling, ambitions, and what you are motivated to achieve. Also your reputation, social status, and public profile. It represents the traditional breadwinner, father, sometimes mother or single parent, authority, and recognition.

Midheaven conjunct fixed star Denebola (0°54′): Improved health, fame by the help of superiors.

Denebola in the tail of the Lion gives swift judgment, despair, regrets, public disgrace, misfortune from the elements of nature, and happiness turned to anger and makes its natives noble, daring, self-controlled, generous, and busy with other people’s affairs. Denebola is of the nature of Saturn and Venus. It rules the front of the chest.

Mercury sextile Midheaven (1°37′) puts you in touch with your inner feeling and with the feelings of other people. Your rational mind is influenced by your feelings and intuition. You don’t always share your great intuitive understanding, especially when young. People can think you are secretive because of this.

Eventually speaking and writing will become your strong points and you can share your deep understanding of human nature. You should have a good idea of where you are heading and have the ability to plan your career path.

Ceres opposite Midheaven (0°10′) suggests that caring for your family, or anyone in your home, is vitally important to you. Your role as a parent will be a cornerstone of your life. You may have a strong and idealised attachment to your mother.

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