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Yod AstrologyThe Yod aspect pattern is a configuration between at least three planets or points in the horoscope to create a long triangle which looks like a witches hat. A Yod is also called the Finger of Fate, Finger of God, or the Projection Triangle, and has been the source of much debate and controversy within the astrological community.

Traditional astrologers have dismissed Yod astrology as “bogus” or merely a midpoint structure, and even among those who use Yod’s there is debate about orbs and whether to include only planets or other points in the chart like the Ascendant. I strongly believe that Yod astrology is very significant and does live up to the hype as a very fated aspect pattern denoting a special mission or destiny in life.

Yod Astrology Definition

Yod is the tenth Hebrew letter with significant kabbalistic and mystical significance regarding the name of God, his omnipresence, and our humility. In Marina’s chart below you can see the Yod apex planet is Jupiter. The green lines are quincunxes (150°). The blue line between Mercury and Neptune is a sextile (60°). The Yod is a challenging aspect pattern but holds great potential for spiritual evolution and increased awareness.

This pattern creates particular and strong energy, stronger than you would get by these aspects on their own. I like to use the analogy of a crystal here, a very definite and unique structure that holds a special type of energy that took a long time to create. A person with a Yod will have a difficult time with this frazzling and neurotic energy, especially earlier in life.

The energy of the two planets in sextile is focused like a laser beam on the action point, in this case, Jupiter. A sextile is a positive aspect that creates energy. The quincunxes take this heightened energy and raise the vibration even further. Initially, the most negative potential of the sextile aspect manifests through the apex planet. The action point planet then comes under incredible stress and tension and must release it somehow. Individuals with this Yod pattern will experience this as continual build up then release of tension.

Life with a Yod is far from ordinary, as I explored in Nazi Horoscopes: “Of the 100 German Nazis listed at Astro Databank only 6 have Yod configurations. Each had crucial roles to play in the war. A Yod does represent a special task or mission in life that the person feels compelled to undertake. These six guys were certainly on a mission.”

I have mentioned that I consider the Yod astrology very challenging, there will be many difficult circumstances and relationships in life which seem to show a repeating theme as if we are learning a lesson over and over in order to perfect something. I believe that a person with a Yod has been working on a special task or mission over many lifetimes, making mistakes along the way while learning the skills needed.

The Yod in the chart for this life signifies that this is the life to bring it all together, the makeup for the mistakes, and pay back the karmic debt. In this life, the skills are to be perfected and used in a constructive, selfless way to benefit others. The skills are shown by the sextile planets, the challenges through the quincunxes, and the mission or task through the apex planet. The quincunx is an aspect of karmic readjustment.

Yod Astrology

Yod Astrology

In Marina’s Yod astrology, the mission relates to Jupiter, faith, values, philosophy. Positive values, cheer and hope are given to many through the Mercury/Neptune spiritual writings and words. The negative manifestation which had to be overcome to get to this positive and constructive stage included lack of self-belief, and the tendency to exaggerate the Mercury/Neptune imaginings, suspicions, and tendency to get carried away with conspiracy theories. Marina may have a different interpretation – keep your eye on the comments.

Elida Marchisone talks about Yod astrology and labels this aspect pattern the “Spiritual Warrior”, pointing to the struggle to rise above the challenges and to evolve the soul. In relation to the early struggles and to finally start to realize the wonderful potential bound up in the crystalline structure, she writes that for a Yod “to work positively a certain evolutionary standard must first be met”. The timing of this evolutionary leap or series of leaps will be shown by aspects, especially conjunctions to the apex planet from eclipses and outer planet transits.

Elida goes on to state that with Yod astrology, we need “to develop a great sense of individuality and self-confidence. This person may have to play the role of the rescuer and the victim, over and over, until they develop an understanding of personal and collective service. In relating to others they will explore realms of experiences that are not understood at an ordinary level as it will include collective unconscious patterns of behavior. He or she will have to meet inner standards rather than conform to social standards of behavior. Because of this, the person will set in motion misunderstanding and aggressive responses, from the environment.”

Alan J. Ouimet quotes the astrologer Bill Tierney (Dynamics of Aspect Analysis), describing Yod astrology as “arriving at a fork in the road and having to proceed in one direction rather than another without knowing where it will lead to…activation of the Yod will cause the dropping, or psychologically letting go, of certain interests and habits in order to become involved in what is showing on the horizon”. Regarding the “fork in the road”, if you take a direction other than the one God has chosen for you, then the universe is likely to give you a kick in the pants. The further you stray from the destined path, the harder the kick.

Other variations of the Yod is the Boomerang Yod mentioned below, and the Golden Yod which is discussed in the horoscope of Adolf Hitler. This Golden Yod involves a quintile aspect (72°) in place of the sextile, and two biquintile aspects (144°) in place of the quincunxes. There is still the same theme with a special mission in life and the struggle to overcome adversity, but there seems to be more of an emphasis on the use and abuse of power.

Boomerang Yod Astrology

Yod Astrology

Boomerang Yod Astrology

When there is a planet or point opposite the apex planet then we get a Boomerang Yod, also called a Focused Yod. This Yod astrology is more complex. In my chart you can see that Mercury and Venus make up the reaction point, opposite Saturn the apex planet. Interpreting the standard Yod pattern, my special mission involves taking responsibility for something, learning, teaching, parenting (all Saturn things). They take on a larger, spiritual dimension because of Neptune sextile Pluto, the aspect of mass consciousness. Now the energy at the action point Saturn bounces up to the Mercury-Venus reaction point. So the final expression of all the tension is through words and love, the source of difficulties earlier in life, but the avenue for the positive manifestation of the Yod when things turn around. The reaction point is like a pressure valve, and in some ways, it makes it easier to release the pressure build-up found in a standard Yod astrology. However in some ways it is worse when the un-evolved Yod lets off the energy in an uncontrolled or harmful fashion.

The young Yod was shy, fearful, insecure, and had difficulty with expressing love, words and feelings. As the Yod evolved through a series of sometimes painful leaps from the negative to the positive manifestation, wisdom, and stability counteract the fear and inhibition. Now I express my thoughts to a wider audience on the Internet with more confidence and have a more mature approach to loving and taking responsibility for my family.

We may never feel in total control of our lives when we have a Yod in our charts. Life is fated, we have to surrender to a higher power and sacrifice some personal desires and needs. Along the way, we can at least move from the back seat up to the passenger seat and start enjoying the ride.

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  1. 3 yod 1o Venus in 5° Aries
    MC in 4° Virgo
    Neptune in 6° Scorpio 2o Mars in 8° Gemini
    Neptune in 6° Scorpio
    Saturn in 5° Capricorn 3o
    Neptune in 6° Scorpio
    Mars in 8° Gemini
    Venus in 5° Aries
    Sun in 9° Pisces
    MC in 4° Virgo
    Neptune in 6° Scorpio
    Saturn in 5° Capricorn
    Mars in 8° Gemini
    MC in 4° Virgo
    Jupiter in 1° Sagittarius
    Pluto in 2° Virgo

    MC in 4° Virgo
    Mars in 8° Gemini
    Sun in 9° Pisces
    Pluto in 2° Virgo

  2. I just found out I have 3 yods. I have never felt as called to task as I am now. I have been telling people in past couple months that this is the time I was born for. I don’t like it, but I have always known I was born for a purpose.
    I was born 11/06/1967 at 5:22 p.m. in Baltimore, MD.
    I’m bursting with an electric and uncomfortable energy. It is pushing and prodding most people away…but I literally cannot help it.
    Can you explain why this is?

  3. Great article, I also have a boomerang, my god Venus 15 gem, mars aries 18, Neptune scorp 3rd opposite mercury taurus 9 th . Dyslexic artist who is more fluid with symbols and images, but has written and taught a little.

  4. Just wanted to say big THANK YOU, Jamie. I always enjoy your articles and find them very to the point. A boomerang Yod here (won’t bother you with details); a helpful insight in what you had written.

  5. I was told that I have 3 yods and some other interesting things in my chart. I was born Feb 5 1966 at 10:18am in Palm Beach Fla. Any help would be appreciated.

  6. Could you please help me understand mine. I have a boomerang Yod involving: venus conj pluto conj mercury at 17,18, 21libra respectively, then Uranus at 18Scorp, and Neptune at 18Sag. At the apex I have Vesta at 17Taurus (and possibly my ascendant) conj Chiron at 13 deg. I also have juno at 14Can, Pallas at 14Aqua and moon at 11 Aqua opp mars at 4Leo. Would really appreciate your reply. Thank you

  7. November 12, 3rd conjunction, November 12

    It took a while but the chicken showed up, hopped in the BMW utility cube van, and laid the golden egg.

    … Or, if you prefer…

    Jupiter finally arrives at the January 12, 2020 stellium, wearing dark suit, and Ray-Ban sunglasses.

    note the Moon apex Yod in each of the Three Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions

    1st Conj April 4
    Moon 03Vir20

    2nd Conj June 30
    Moon 04Sco10

    3rd Conj November 12
    Moon 18Lib15
    Venus 19Lib19’55”
    Boomerang Yod, Mars fulcrum

    A similar trajectory to the Pandemic Yod in the Age of Aqr progressed chart. Phase shifted to Signs where Venus is in extremis. (I screamist for Venus?). Interesting use of Jupiter to refine the new Venus.

  8. Yyyeah. I’ve got some thoughts on yods here. Please check this out, I haven’t seen any other astrologer write the stuff at the end.

  9. I only discovered I had a yod when astro.com brought out the South Node aspects. SPROING! – suddenly there was action in the bottom part of my chart, for the first time (Eris is in the bottom part too, but I still haven’t made firm friends with her yet).
    Apex = South Node Capricorn house 2.
    Mars and Pluto quincunxes. Gemini/7 and Leo/9. Boomerang point at North Node (of course) and Vertex, Cancer 8.
    Thus all 4 elements are represented.

    My son has a Golden Yod, the lucky fish (I think…).
    Apex at Chiron (retro) in Taurus/12.
    Jupiter/Saturn in Libra/5 and Neptune/Eros in Sagittarius/7.
    Boomerang point at Venus in Scorpio/6.

    I suppose a lot of people would say our lives have been a bit weird. To us – they’re just our (DIFFICULT!!) lives.
    I can relate to the comments about bipolar, schizoid etc: both of us have Aspergers, which often brings a sense of alienation with it.

    So now, I’d really like to know how we can contribute something meaningful to the world? Especially to this Brand New World in the Age of Aquarius?

    Alternatively, all our details look rather amazing and unusual to me.
    If we’re so amazing, why ain’t we rich??

  10. much love to you and your son. A yod with the south node at the apex and Pluto and Mars sounds intense. Pluto the god of the underworld and Mars his little brother in the above ground realm must contribute some interesting dynamics to your life. Power? Have you delved into psychology (nonastrology kind), particularly Jungian and depth psychology? Have you read any Donald Kalsched? Marion Woodman? If not, I highly suggest it. And there are many more things you might read related.

  11. Thanks for the kind words, Meredith.
    I suppose we’re quite intense. Pluto is with my Sun in Leo/9, and my son’s Pluto (in Libra/5) is with Spica and squares his Moon/Mars in Capricorn/8.
    Quite significantly, he has Algol RIGHT on his Ascendant and my Algol is RIGHT on my Descendant (of course this means we each have Scorpio on a major angle, seeing that Algol is at the end of Taurus etc.
    Power? Not so’s you’d really notice… Maybe we’re missing something… this is another thing that can happen with Aspergers.
    I know some of the basics of psychology, a bit of Jung, but the other two names are unfamiliar to me – thanks for the suggestions. My studies have been more in the direction of esoterics… metaphsyics… the cycles of reincarnation (Michael Newton and, on a different level altogether, Sylvia Browne).

  12. You are welcome. Donald Kalsched has a book called the Inner World of Trauma and discusses dream figures that are benevolent but also malevolent and that are gatekeepers of information that is very deeply imbedded in our histories. This can be in terms of releasing memories from past lives as well as from these lives. That’s why I mentioned him. Jung is also known in the world of esoterics and I feel the psychology adds a grounding piece to my own journey through my psyche. Pluto is the planet of psyche and psyche works on the broader (reincarnation) and personal levels both so I find working with both of those helps me. Understanding my patterns in this life helps illuminate my past life information and vice versa. I have mars square moon and my son has Mars conjunct sun and anger is something we have really had to explore. I understand that Aspergers may shroud some of the emotional content. Thanks for your response and for allowing the conversation.

  13. Now that sounds very interesting! Wow, I just googled Kalsched – I’m going to be VERY busy following some of those links!
    I have Moon square Mars too – I’m quite good at sarcasm and have had to learn not to be cruel with that. My son’s temper outbursts are probably linked with Uranus on his Descendant, semi-square Moon/Mars – but there is a nice trine to Ceres too. We too explore anger!
    Both of us SEEM to have few problems with the exploration of emotions. But perhaps I’m in denial about that… We appear to be fairly atypical Aspergians in some ways. Additionally, females are said to be different anyway.

  14. I am glad you find some interest in Kalsched. Marion Woodman is also a good one to read regarding dream characters and understanding our own behaviors. In your other comment, I thought you said he had a moon mars conjunction in Capricorn. Yes, the sarcasm with moon mars square. I can relate. But I also learned it in my family of origin. There was a lot of anger in my family that got expressed pretty blatantly and violently, uncontained. That is a legacy to deal with for sure. And yes, my older brother’s anger is very different from mine but my son’s reminded me of that and he has not spent much time with his uncle. it is all very interesting but I found the trauma healing has helped me the most.

  15. I made a mistake – you are right in saying that my son has Moon conjunct Mars in Capricorn/8 – but I have Mercury (not Moon) square Mars. Mercury is in Virgo/9 square Mars in Gemini/8. Mercury is a final dispositor involving all the main planets except for Sun/Pluto. Mars is with Aldebaran.
    I’m very sorry to hear that violent anger has been such a factor in your life. It must be difficult to draw lines between the anger that was perpetrated on you, and the anger that you quite legitimately feel as a result of it. A lot of trauma to heal.
    Controlling my anger is an ongoing issue. Outbursts of anger have negatively impacted my life on many occasions. After I have an outburst, I feel so DEFEATED.

  16. I also have a yod with apex at south node! Very confused about what this means as it seems it would be counterproductive to growth. ???
    pluto forms the sextile along with chiron/mercury conjunction.

    This seems like it would be a common yod though, since north node, pluto and chiron all move very slowly.

    I also have a second one with lilith as apex, pluto and uranus/neptune conjunction as sextile. So pluto is part of two yods for me

  17. Hello, Concerning your yod with SN at the apex and thinking it counterproductive to growth, the south node offers much to us in the way of gifts and natural abilities. Also, all the learning we have done over our lifetimes is contained in that space so it would be a shame to lose it. To be able to tap into what comes organically to us and use it in healthy and positive ways can facilitate our move toward our north node lessons. It could be quite cold and rupturing if we could only grow by leaving everything behind, sort of like drifting without a tether.

    Pluto as part of both your yods indicates some depth work around power, family, and control. Lilith as the apex might relate to standing in one’s own power and authority and not living for others.

  18. I have a double boomerang yod with sun/mercury at the apex at 21/19 Taurus, Neptune at 22 Sag sextile Pluto at 19 Libra, and Uranus at 23 Scorpio as the release point in my first house. Uranus is the apex, however, of a quintile/golden yod with Venus at 29 Gemini quintile my Moon at 17 Aries. So I have all 3 put together! Lol? It’s definitely been an interesting life. I know that I have tremendous power and ability, but I’ve had to be resilient through enormous alienation, trauma, and persecution. By 35 years old I gave up the self-pity and self-destruction right when Uranus was at my moon. By 41 I’m finally realizing I have to let go completely and live a life of selfless, sober availability for others. I almost have another yod as my moon as the apex, and Saturn sextile Uranus as the other two planets. But Uranus is slightly out of orb.

    Would you say that Uranus in Scorpio is the release planet of all of these? I feel like learning to be a non-reactive and calm Taurus in the face of a hurricane of disruption has been my saving grace. On some level I know that I am not what I appear as a “normal” human, but that I am an ancient being meant to have some dramatic effect on the world. At least that’s what spirit tells me. But whenever I get ahead of myself, I get massive blowback. So I try to remain as committed to the eternal dharma of selfless, service-centered, next indicated right action. Since birth people have been telling me I’m special, but thinking that I’m better than others has always led to disaster. So I have to be humble and also hold my uniqueness. It’s a balancing act.

    Thank you for your post. 🙂

  19. I have two yods in my chart:

    Chiron in 16 degrees Sagittarius (apex)
    Ascendant in 18 degrees Cancer
    Jupiter in 18 degrees Taurus
    Saturn in 14 degrees Taurus


    Ascendant in 18 degrees Cancer
    Chiron in 16 degrees Sagittarius
    Uranus in 20 degrees Aquarius

    I am a life path no. 4, with a t square and many squares besides. Life has indeed been far from easy, and 2020 brought spirituality into it through an experience. Any help and insight into my placements would be much appreciated.

  20. My birthdate is 12/10/1967. Gemini asc. I have 2 yods formed by planets only. I have 2 other yods that each include a point; the ascendant for one, the north node for the other. Finger planet Jupiter has Mars Saturn at the base, finger planet Saturn has Venus Jupiter at the base, finger planet Venus has Ascendant Saturn at the base, finger point north node has base of Uranus & Neptune. Signs involved are Virgo (3of4), Aries (all 4), Scorpio (3of4), Aquarius (1of4), Gemini (1of4). Mercury through Saturn are all 1st decanate and heavily aspected to each other. Moon is at 12 Aries and joins thisbgrouping with aspects to all except Venus. Uranus Pluto are at 23 & 29 degrees Virgo square 18 degree Sagittarius sun. Neptune has the two sextiles to Uranus Pluto quintile to Mars. These yods gave certainly been felt in my life. I’ve had 2 marriages (5 & 16 years), 37 jobs (longest 10 years), lived in 4 states. I’ve often felt that fate was involved in my life pattern. After my second marriage dissolved, I experienced an unprecedented surge of creativity. I was living alone for the first time in almost 30 years. I drew, painted, cooked, played guitar, recorded music and created videos, took photos in nature in large numbers. It was an amazing experience but I was going broke the whole time living on credit I had no income to support. During this period, Uranus transited conjunct my north node then Lilith (6 degrees apart) also it opposed my Venus and trined Jupiter. Neptune transited square my Sun. Pluto transit trine it’s own place. Jupiter was transiting my Sun & Mercury sign Sagittarius. The creative streak became more pronounced when Jupiter hit Capricorn dec 2019 trining its natal spot and sextile Venus especially musically which entered unknown territory. Then, in late January, my mother became very ill. She had to be hospitalized for 3 weeks in February 2020 with covid. She had to move into my house and is still here 17 months later. Major adjustments have been required. I have continued with creative work though my output is less. The 2 purely planetary yods have Jupiter & Saturn for fijgers. The quincunx between these two is exactly 150 degrees. I see the Jupiter activation involved in the initial creative period, but the Saturn problem in going broke at the same time. My mom coming to live with me stabilized my finances some, though the creative work suffered. I’ve had to give a lot to her care. Also she started a fire in my house on the stove. We were lucky; it could have been worse. It caused enough damage to require major work in my house which took 2 months and turned out well. It’s definitely true that adjustments are required with these yods. Honestly, there are times when you can be completely blindsided by them. The same is true with the acquisition of new abilities which occurs through them. This can also be very amazing and quite sudden. Fate, karma, reincarnation—-having these obscure patterns requires a broadening of the field of inquiry in order to develop solutions to the unusual situations involved

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