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Yod Astrology

The Yod aspect pattern is a configuration between at least three planets or points in the horoscope to create a long triangle resembling a witch’s hat. A Yod is also called the Finger of Fate, Finger of God, or the Projection Triangle and has been the source of much debate and controversy within the astrological community.

Traditional astrologers have dismissed Yod astrology as “bogus” or merely a midpoint structure, and even among those who use Yod’s, there is debate about orbs and whether to include only planets or other points in the chart like the Ascendant. I firmly believe that Yod astrology is very significant and does live up to the hype as a very fated aspect pattern denoting a special mission or destiny in life.

Yod Astrology Definition

Yod is the tenth Hebrew letter with significant kabbalistic and mystical significance regarding the name of God, his omnipresence, and our humility. In Marina’s chart below, you can see the Yod apex planet is Jupiter. The green lines are quincunxes (150°). The blue line between Mercury and Neptune is a sextile (60°). The Yod is a challenging aspect pattern but holds great potential for spiritual evolution and increased awareness.

This pattern creates particular and strong energy, stronger than you would get by these aspects on their own. I like to use the analogy of a crystal here, a very definite and unique structure that holds a special energy that took a long time to create. A person with a Yod will struggle with this frazzling and neurotic energy, especially earlier in life.

The energy of the two planets in sextile is focused like a laser beam on the action point, in this case, Jupiter. A sextile is a positive aspect that creates energy. The quincunxes take this heightened energy and raise the vibration even further. Initially, the most negative potential of the sextile planets manifests through the apex planet. The action point planet then comes under incredible stress and tension and must release it somehow. Individuals with this Yod pattern will experience this as a continual build-up and then a release of tension.

Life with a Yod is far from ordinary, as I explored in Nazi Horoscopes: Of the 100 German Nazis listed at Astro Databank, only 6 have Yod configurations. Each had a crucial role to play in the war. A Yod does represent a special task or mission in life that the person feels compelled to undertake. These six guys were undoubtedly “on a mission.”

I have mentioned that I consider Yod astrology very challenging. There will be many difficult circumstances and relationships in life which seem to show a repeating theme as if we are learning a lesson over and over to perfect something. I believe that a person with a Yod has been working on a particular task or mission over many lifetimes, making mistakes along the way while learning the skills needed.

The Yod in the chart for this life signifies that this is the life to bring it all together, the makeup for the mistakes, and pay back the karmic debt. In this life, the skills are to be perfected and used in a constructive, selfless way to benefit others. The skills are shown by the sextile planets, the challenges through the quincunxes, and the mission or task through the apex planet. The quincunx is an aspect of karmic readjustment.

Yod Astrology

Yod Astrology

In Marina’s Yod astrology, the mission relates to Jupiter, faith, values, and philosophy. Positive values, cheer, and hope are given to many through the Mercury/Neptune spiritual writings and words. The negative manifestation which had to be overcome to get to this positive and constructive stage included a lack of self-belief and the tendency to exaggerate the Mercury/Neptune imaginings, suspicions, and the tendency to get carried away with conspiracy theories. Marina may have a different interpretation – keep your eye on the comments.

Elida Marchisone talks about Yod astrology and labels this aspect pattern the “Spiritual Warrior”, pointing to the struggle to rise above the challenges and to evolve the soul. Concerning the early struggles and finally realizing the wonderful potential bound up in the crystalline structure, she writes that for a Yod “to work positively, a certain evolutionary standard must first be met”. The timing of this evolutionary leap or series of leaps will be shown by aspects, especially conjunctions to the apex planet from eclipses and outer planet transits.

Elida states that with Yod astrology, we need “to develop a great sense of individuality and self-confidence. This person may have to play the role of the rescuer and the victim, over and over, until they develop an understanding of personal and collective service. In relating to others, they will explore realms of experiences that are not understood at an ordinary level, as it will include collective unconscious behavior patterns. He or she will have to meet inner standards rather than conform to social standards of behavior. Because of this, the person will set in motion misunderstanding and aggressive responses from the environment.”

Alan J. Ouimet quotes the astrologer Bill Tierney (Dynamics of Aspect Analysis), describing Yod astrology as “arriving at a fork in the road and having to proceed in one direction rather than another without knowing where it will lead to…activation of the Yod will cause the dropping, or psychologically letting go, of certain interests and habits to become involved in what is showing on the horizon”. Regarding the “fork in the road”, if you take a direction other than the one God has chosen for you, then the universe is likely to give you a kick in the pants. The further you stray from the destined path, the harder the kick.

Other variations of the Yod is the Boomerang Yod mentioned below and the Golden Yod, which is discussed in the horoscope of Adolf Hitler. This Golden Yod involves a quintile aspect (72°) in place of the sextile and two biquintile aspects (144°) in place of the quincunxes. There is still the same theme with a special mission in life and the struggle to overcome adversity, but there seems to be more emphasis on the use and abuse of power.

Boomerang Yod Astrology

Yod Astrology

Boomerang Yod Astrology

When there is a planet or point opposite the apex planet, then we get a Boomerang Yod, also called a Focused Yod. This Yod astrology is more complex. It is made of a standard Yod aspect pattern with an Eye aspect pattern sitting on top.

In my chart, you can see that Mercury and Venus make up the reaction point, opposite Saturn, the apex planet. Interpreting the standard Yod pattern, my special mission involves taking responsibility for something, learning, teaching, and parenting (all Saturn things). They take on a larger spiritual dimension because of Neptune sextile Pluto, the aspect of mass consciousness. Now the energy at the action point Saturn bounces up to the Mercury-Venus reaction point. So the final expression of all the tension is through words and love, the source of difficulties earlier in life, but the avenue for the positive manifestation of the Yod when things turn around. The reaction point is like a pressure valve, and in some ways, it makes it easier to release the pressure build-up found in standard Yod astrology. However, in some ways, it is worse when the un-evolved Yod lets off the energy in an uncontrolled or harmful fashion.

The young Yod was shy, fearful, insecure, and struggled expressing love, words and feelings. As the Yod evolved through a series of sometimes painful leaps from the negative to the positive manifestation, wisdom, and stability counteract the fear and inhibition. Now I express my thoughts to a wider audience on the Internet more confidently and have a more mature approach to loving and taking responsibility for my family.

We may never feel in total control of our lives when we have a Yod in our charts. Life is fated. We have to surrender to a higher power and sacrifice some personal desires and needs. Along the way, we can at least move from the back seat up to the passenger seat and start enjoying the ride.

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  1. This topic is fascinating, and your explanation of the Yod is very clear. I have a Yod in my chart: Pluto sextile Sun/Moon, with Pallas and IC at the apex, all within 1° exact. It really explains my nurturing of others, plus my creativity working from my home. Thanks!

  2. I was just thinking about yods and wondering what your thoughts would be on a yod in a Davison chart between parent and child. The apex is the Moon (7 deg, 38′ Gemini), and the planets in sextile are Pluto (9 deg, 58′ Scorpio) and Neptune (7 deg, 0′ Capricorn).

  3. Yes I DO have something to say Mr Saturn (Jamie). You are not the only one who has matured into your Yod… ahem 😉
    I think a lot of people get carried away with conspiracy theories when they first get into the internet. It blows your mind when you realize there are a whole load of other truths out there. This can be scary for partners, for example my ex put down astrology as bunkum, and I felt constantly undermined when I started seriously pursuing as a career. In order to grow I had to finish the relationship.

    Is having the Mercury taken out of my teeth, limiting the use of mobile phones and wifi, not using a microwave, believing the overuse of anti-depressants is causing a psychopathic society, not vaccinating my daughter conspiracy then? Who cares, it works for me!

    I have my DC very close to the reaction point of my Yod, my partner. It opposes my Jupiter-Beliefs, but also my freedom, humour, lust for life and erm, just my lust… I know in the past I have let partners sway me from my personal principles because I didnt have enough belief or confidence in myself. It’s there in my Yod, so I have to watch that. Hence my rant. My Lilith/Mars conjunction trines my Jupiter though. So hurrah.

    • If you read my comment below, you’ll see how sometimes even the most seemingly far-fetched Mercury/Neptune/Jupiter-based “suspicions” are eventually proven correct.

      • Thanks LB. Well my hunches have never failed me when it comes to reading for other people. It’s very hard to read for yourself tho. It’s easier to brush unpalatable stars under the carpet.

    • Dear Marina,

      Were you referring to moi as Mr. Saturn? Actually, besides being the astrological sign for Saturn, that symbol is the alchemical sign for lead, AND for the heavy-metal band Blue Oyster Cult. It was just my pun-full Sagittarius-rising self adding it for art’s sake.

      I am interested by your comments about conspiracy theories, etc., especially considering you have the same ascendant degree as my GF. She loves conspiracy theories too.

      Thanks Marina!

      • Noooooooo! JAMIE is Mr Saturn with his Saturn Yod. Everytime I listen to Red Ice or come up with a herb that is supposed to cure cancer he gives me the “bunch of hippees” or “conspiracy theory line.” I’m only trying to help :(.
        I’ll amend comment so he gets the message.

    • Go Marina go! And enjoy your Bacchanalia as well as your natural propensity to expand your knowledge of natural laws and pass on the teaching!

    • Throughout history there have always been these anoying, superstitous cranks who believed things like asbestos might be harmful, that menthol cigarettes maybe were not so good for curing sore throats as everyone was claiming , that living directly next to nuclear test sights might effect some people adversely and that artists might be better NOT licking their paint brushes into points when painting with lead paints. I don’t know WHY they wanted to rock the boat! Just out for the attention I suppose.

      I sometimes suspect that loud people are placed out there as decoys to cry wolf ad nauseum so when the real issues come up they are not taken seriously. How is THAT for a conspirasy theory! In the end all we can each do is to each follow our own good common sense.

      Then again, maybe it is all part of some amazing whole that we can’t see from our mini vantage points. Puzzle pieces. I am astounded how often I wake up from dreams in the morning full of newly discovered ideas that the night brought (not the usual kind of scientific research but it works for me as an enhancement and deepening to my day time astrology research). Then I check my email and bingo! There are is a notification of new dark star astrology posts that fit and help explain the very themes I woke up with! So is that conspiracy (my dreams being tapped and conveyed else where, hahaha) or fluke or destiny or puzzle pieces we are all working on for a greater whole?
      Maybe it doesn’t matter.

      My yod apex is the Leo Moon in the 12th. This mornings aha experience had to do with why, even though every one says one should NOT hide ones light under a bushel, there has been significant reasons why I have had to, as frustrating and painful as it often was/is, it is what I need to sit down and look at. Lilith and Chiron are the sextile points and I can say with out a doubt, that those two have been significant teachers over the last years, helping me with my leaps. My main theme in life has always been empathy and the path of the “heart”/human warmth center/grail, whatever you want to call it.

      Waking up and knowing I have to take a new look at that 12th house Leo Moon and finding this here made me laugh. Thanks. Most helpful.

      I have Pallas oposite the Yod apex moon and am still trying to figure her out. I also have Venus and MC on Algol square said Moon. I think the reason conspiracy theories are so much fun is because they are just another form of exciting mysteries out there waiting to be solved. Isn’t astrology the same? Each chart a breath takingly suspensful drama waiting to be told? Performed?

      I had another “revelation” (lol) yesterday: I wondered why people are constantly bitching and belly aching about things( I had caught my own self at it, hense the musing). I realised most people want to be the hero or heroine of a story. Their griping about circumstances is their way of saying: I am a hero up against difficult odds, aren’t I valiant! I think I have just realized that while it is OK to be the star of my own life, I am only a supporting acress, probably just a walk on, in the story of the world. Something about reflecting the awesome light of something much bigger than me for the greater good.

      Lots to chew on for my 9th house close to MC Taurean sun.

  4. I love learning about Yods, with all of their potentials and challenges. Thanks, Jamie. Now for the long comment alert. . .

    My Yod must share *some* of the same characteristics as Marina’s, with my 3rd house Jupiter (conjunct Mercury, Neptune, asteroid Lilith and asteroid Anubis, all in Scorpio) at the apex of the sextile between my MC/Aldebaran conjunction and my 8th house Eris/Osculating Lilith. I think my comments are longer than Marina’s though.:)

    And I hadn’t realized it until now, but my Jupiter sit at the midpoint of *both* sets of sextiles in my chart’s Mystic Rectangle (Jupiter is also the midpoint of my Ceres/IC, with my IC conjunct the Fixed Star Antares – don’t know if this particular astrological configuration involving a Yod contained within a Mystic Rectangle has a special name or not.

    There are too many manifestations of this energy to list, although if you look back at my comments over the years, I’ve probably tried! The biggest challenge for me has been in pushing past my fears and finally embracing my inner (and outer) knowing and/or psychic and healing gifts in ways that allow for their healthy and honorable expression. It often has to do with me either receiving information, or me being in the right place at the right time and then feeling called to convey the “truth” in a way that helps not harms. I grew up surrounded by bullies and have encountered various forms of bullying -personal and political- throughout my life. I also frequently feel compelled to counter superficial information (or misinformation) that’s being used to manipulate the truth; rulers of my 3rd house –as well as my apex placements– are Pluto in the 12th square retrograde Mars in the 9th.

    Sometimes the conveyance of this information serves a very practical purpose, such as giving locational directions to someone who’s lost, or providing assistance in emergency situations (I’ve had to call 911 more times than anyone I know – *all* legitimate calls, btw.) But other times it’s goal is more subtle and spiritually validating. In the past, passing along critical information has sometimes jeopardized my own well-being. And in using my intuitive gifts, a big part of the ongoing challenge for me has been allowing myself to surrender to whatever is coming through, without filtering it because it doesn’t make sense or because I don’t want to embarrass myself. Sometimes I’m called to “teach” and/or mentor.

    With the 3rd house and Scorpio involved, there’s often a transformation of energy involved, which plays into my work as a Reiki practitioner – this also fits with my receiving information through unusual (haha) channels. And short trips are often eventful and amazing.

    And lastly, just last week when my yod placements (as well as the rulers of my apex placements), were activated by transits, I *finally* discovered that my sense of having a secret, lost sibling out there somewhere (very 3rd house/Scorpio) was correct. So now I’m focused on finding the sister that was put up for adoption before I was born.

    Like I’ve said on other astrological sites, the astrology of this last situation amazes me; the purpose of my yod seems to constantly change and morph as it leads me in new directions. Jupiter definitely expands whatever it touches!

    • Good luck finding your sister, LB. I also had a secret lost sibling and intuitively sensed it when I was a young child – in fact, my imaginary friend and this secret brother shared the same name. I was fortunate to be reunited with him when I was 12. Still, it was kept a secret – we knew we were brother and sister, but our father would not talk about it. Our mothers ironically became friends, and I told my siblings about our brother. It was not until I was in my mid to late 20s that finally my brother was discussed openly as my sibling. My third house is also Scorpio though ruled by Venus since the cusp is at 29 Libra. I have Neptune conjunct my IC so I figure that also indicated the family secret.

      • Thanks, Dragonfly. 🙂 Maybe Scorpio in the 3rd makes us more sensitive to the energies of our siblings, including any secrets. So far as I know, my brother has never sensed anything, although he does have a Pisces 3rd house with ruler Neptune (in Scorpio!) opposite his IC.

        I’m glad you found your brother – how strange and wonderful about your imaginary friend and sibling having the same name. A few days before my suspicions were confirmed, I dreamed I was about to give birth (been dreaming I was pregnant for the past year) and as I patted my swollen belly, I lovingly referred to the baby as “Baby Girl” and then another name. I’m wondering if one is indicative of the original birth certificate lacking a first name, while the other was the name given to my sister by her adopted family. We’ll see.:)

      • I found her! When the transiting Sun was exactly opposite the apex of my 3rd house Yod (at the Reaction Point), I received a photograph of a potential match and pretty much knew it was her. Everything else just fell into place after that, which is absolutely amazing considering how *little* I had to go on. Not so coincidentally, my sister’s Vertex is conjunct the apex of my Yod (and *exactly* conjunct my natal Mercury which is conjunct the apex planet.)

        The weirdest part of the whole story is that my mother (Taurus Sun, Venus in *Gemini*) had given us both the same first name. The researcher who helped me find her told me this was one of the most unusual (and I suppose miraculous) cases she’s ever worked on.

        • Wow that’s just amazing LB. Thanks for sharing your wonderful story. It also shows just how important the Vertex is in situations like this. I find it very significant in synastry and timing fateful events.

          • It’s so exciting, I’m having a hard time containing myself – not at all hard to share. 🙂

            Want to hear something else weird? Right when all this was happening, my progressed Vertex formed an exact conjunction to my natal Mars in Gemini – which is also exactly conjunct my natal Part of Fortune. Mars is the *traditional* ruler of my Scorpio 3rd and apex planets.

            I was watching the approaching progression and wondered what it might mean, never expecting something like this. And my Vertex is conjunct (-2) her natal Ceres!

    • I like the last sentence , I think very true for Jupiter Yods but also for the quincunx energy in general. It’s restless energy always seeks a new challenge, the grit that makes the pearl in the shell. The dangers are to never be satisfied with what you have and in thinking you are god and not the finger!

      Yod people have to work 10 times harder than anyone else to crystallize themselves. There is a danger of feeling so special and chosen that you expect success to fall into your lap by itself. The Yod is great at procrastinating and yearning. Being on a constant journey and never arriving. Or… maybe we’re not supposed to.

      • That’s a great insight – there were a couple of yods in the doomed Titanic of a relationship with my ex paramour.. the one with no personality other than a functioning penis… (!!!) 6 years but not destined to be in the same country or under the same roof!!

        Anyway, lesson learned… you can pin the tail on the donkey but that doesn’t turn it into Pegasus.

        Now – I did a Davison for you and me – which I call Yod central! So much going on there – PLuto Mercury to MC, Neptune PLuto to MC, MArs Moon to Venus, Moon asc to Jupiter, Ac Moon to Venus, IN all these yods the Moon is conj Varuna and Eris is on the MC!
        I wouldn’t like to meet us in a dark alley…

        For those who don’t know, Marina and I had a real set to over Madeleine McCann but i realised we lived near (comparatively) each other for at least a few months of the year so I invited her to meet at a lecture on Alcyone! We became friends and witchy cohorts!

            • Here’s the Davison Chart. I have used true Lilith here and you can see we have her rising the 12th!Oh yes Yod central indeed. And Sun in Acrux in the southern cross. The crux of the matter eh? Like it. Glad you got me to do this. Love Eris on the MC. MC Algenib in Pegasus. Yay, love the flying horsey. My Sun is on the DC Altair.

            • I used PLacidus too – maybe a small difference – but I made a mistake! I was looking at the Moon and it was in op to Neptune Sun Mercy – so many lines!!

      • I think the humility you’re referring to is a big part of learning how to successfully navigate the energies of a Yod, most especially with Jupiter at the apex. Dunno though, maybe having Pluto at the apex would be more of a temptation, but in a different way. Pluto rules my Yod placements, although thankfully my natal Pluto is in the 12th so my Plutonian energies have a slightly different focus.

        But you’re right, I think with Jupiter it is a “constant journey.”

  5. WOW! How interesting!

    I have a KITE in my chart, aspecting Mars-Cancer (1st), Jupiter-Virgo (3rd), North Node-Scorpio (5th), and MC-Pisces.

  6. In other news… Do we know anything about the actual word yod as a Hebrew letter/sound etc because in the Rider Waite tarot there are 15 yods under the eclipsed moon on the card of the moon.
    There is very little in this deck which is not deeply symbolic. So any clues to the yods?

    • Ah – missed the little bit from Jamie re name of God etc – any more clues Jamie? The moon is a fascinating card. Has been called the Black Moon in very old decks – the Rider Waite shows the frowning moon over the Sun. This site scratches the surface well – http://www.soulsofdistortion.nl/Tarot%20and%202012.html
      Pamela COleman Smith was a very detailed illustrator and I don’t think she put 15 yods on the card for no reason.

  7. Jamie & Marina, thanks for this timely article. Yods are popping up in charts I’m reading all over the place now, and I’ve been frustrated for some time, knowing there’s no concensus on them in the astrological annals.

    I believe they are spiritual power points in a chart, but that might have to do with my Aries Moon Yod apex conjuncting the SNode from the quinks to Pluto sextile Neptune bases. Everything is potentially important and evolving and expressive with me … then the Moon just jets it out there! Regardless of my own experience, I find the Yod formation to be more powerful than squares. It seems to be a pattern of inevitable release.

    OohLaLa ! My closet’s full of singed dresses on the way to the formal. Libran NNode at the outlet point in 11th. There’s always been an appropriate dress for the ocassions.

    Thanks again for the work.

  8. There are no yods in my birthchart, but I have a very tightly aspected boomerang one in my (precessed as per your instructions!) solar return (Venus conj Chiron (12th), both sextile Jupiter (1st), the Moon at the head (just under the DC in 6th) opposing Uranus on the ascendant (12th house).

    I noticed this today because I see Saturday’s new moon is happening right on that SR Jupiter (1′ 01 Taurus, 1st house). Uranus is *right* on the SR ascendant now, too. Do you think this is likely to trigger that yod, and if so, how would that manifest? Should I worry or be glad? Should I start nailing bits of wood over my doors and windows like Yosemite Sam? 😉

  9. This has been extremely enlightening. I love the part about sitting in the passenger seat. My yod is senda/chaos sextile moon focusing down to my Saturn mars conjunction. I’m still tryin to figure this out in my life but I have noticed that themes of abuse from men has repeated itself throughout my life and lately I’ve been given some opportunities to help others from similar experiences. I’ve definitely got lots more work to do on myself, but am definitely enjoying seeing the good. It may not be such a rough ride after all. 🙂

    Sidebar: my SR chart for this year has north node on my Saturn/Mars conjunction. (Antares of course) We shall see. 🙂

    • Forgot, Chiron is opposite Saturn /Mars, so it’s a boomerang.
      Also, not sure how it’s affected my life at all, but my Ceres/Moon sextile funnels down to Egeria. Which means Egeria and Saturn/Mars sextile and funnel down to the moon? I’ll bring up the chart when I get home from work.

  10. Thanks for the charts and the insights on the yod. I was especially delighted to see the natal chart, as it is very close to mine and that of a friend who was born ten days later. I was born Jan 10, 1966 (Yeadon, PA, USA – 7:42amEST). (My sister was born on Oct 18, 1968, which isn’t far from Jamie’s chart, too.)

    So, I also have the retrograde Jupiter yod, with the apex in the fifth house, connecting to Neptune on the MC and the Ascendant in Capricorn, to which the 12th Sun is conjunct. (The Sun actually tri-septiles Jupiter retro and Jupiter biquintiles the MC.) I assume from this post that Darkstar sees Yod energy active in any configuration of planets and points in the sextile-double quincunx pattern, as opposed to only those that send the energy solely to or from the apex. Some, for instance, would say that Marina’s yod would only be a pair of waning quincunxes and not a yod.

    Perhaps this yod pattern explains my peculiar style of writing research papers and essays in college. (Hickey notes that the Capricorn Ascendant in the Virgoan decan can be especially good for research.) They inevitably began with a frustrating, cramped mess of details wrestled into an unwieldy page-long paragraph that I would work over for hours in order to distill the essence of what it was I was going to say (Neptune), and also to crystallize the structure for the entire rest of the piece (Capricorn Ascendant). Once I found the way into the subject and the anxiety and details were under control, I could be a lot more productive on the remaining five or ten pages.

    Now, things flow a lot more freely, perhaps because writing and explaining is more of a self-expression than a piece of work for someone else that I’m not interested in or don’t know the larger reason for doing. It is more of a joy and an exploration and an experiment than an assignment that I’m fretting over or angry about, and that freedom has really helped. I’m still driven to give in to the urge to write and write and write – even more now than before, and I still continually work over what I’ve written, but the desperate need to figure it out or get it right has relaxed some. I also try not to put myself into situations that encourage that kind of pressure.

    Sometimes I feel that I want to put something out there for no other reason than to release the pressure and be disillusioned about it so that I can move on to something simpler, more down to earth – or dispense with trying to perfect it altogether and just listen to the quiet. One example: recently I had the thought that the retrograde condition of Jupiter in the Gemini apex Yod quite literally led to a backward approach of starting with details rather than concepts or outline points. Kind of like cataloging each tree before considering the forest, even though considering the forest is what the first step would logically be. Useful insight or just amusing twist of a mind that doesn’t stop looking for something to understand and a way to express it?

    Finally, I relate to the ever-perfecting nature of the Yod (no doubt amplified in these charts by the square to Uranus and Pluto in Virgo and, in mine, by the disseminting Virgo Moon) – the crazy amounts of forever expanding do-overs, whether it’s writing a lecture or a blog, deciding on what plants to plant in the garden, or rehearsing what you’re going to say to the person you’re about to meet. But I’ve learned that if I let myself do it, I’ll get to the other side, the one where I’m more prudent and selective – and I’ll have a much better knowledge of what I’m working with than if I had tried to control or restrict the process from the start. Perhaps it is simply the pressure of the Yod that demands something be done with all this information, all these ideas, all this communication…learning how to release it helps one find the place where it wants to lead you.

    • Are you saying that mine is not a proper Yod because the apex planet is slower than the Mercury in the sextile to Neptune? I have heard that theory, but I don’t really understand the reasoning behind it. All I know is transits to my Yod are felt strongly, even if they are waning they are still pretty tight aspects and when pinged all at once they really pack a punch.

      • Yes, exactly. That follows the line of purist thought that Bil Tierney explains in Aspects in Analysis. He himself is not so sure it is important to distinguish between the two types. To a purist, though, a pair of inconjuncts ought not to have as much continual pressure as a true yod because the full force of both base planets is not being confronted with the principles of the apex planet, which is so very different from them both. I’m trying to decide for myself based on people’s experiences.

        • I guess the double inconjunct scenario would be like having an nice, somewhat exciting superhighway to drive on from Mercury to Neptune (the sextile) but choosing a really difficult and indirect series of country roads instead (the inconjuncts) because you wanted to pick up a few dollops of wisdom from Jupiter before hanging out at Neptune’s pad to get some inspiration for that movie idea you were thinking about last week. The two waning inconjuncts would make it difficult to connect Jupiter’s energy to the project, but it would not be as pressing a need to connect with Jupiter as it would be if there were a yod involving a waxing and a waning inconjunct. In that case, Mercury and Neptune would HAVE to make the necessary adjustments to swing by Jupiter’s palatial spread anytime they wanted to get something done between them – or vice versa with Jupiter having to get to Mercury and Neptune to expand his faith.

          • Without the waxing inconjunct, might there also be fewer manifestations of health issues from the Yod? For example, I am constantly dealing with the physical tension generated from the waxing Jupiter inconjunct to my Capricorn Ascendant, as the mind and the handiwork it inspires work ahead of the physical body it projects itself through.

            Also, Jupiter is in detriment in Gemini. One of things I’ve read about this that seems to fit with my personal experience is that a planet in detriment worries about how it expresses itself and is thus harder to develop, much as it would be if it were involved in a Yod, though the Yod ought to add a lot of pressure to the process.

            In any case, the discussion of the Yod characteristics is first rate – the difficulty crystallizing and constant need to work at it, the feeling that it were one’s life mission – it all resonates with how I experience my life in a way that is almost like a puzzle piece finding the space it belongs to.

  11. Great comments, I want to answer them a bit later when I’m more “in the zone”.

    I have added a little something to the 8th paragraph: “Regarding the “fork in the road”, if you take a direction other than the one God has chosen for you, then the universe is likely to give you a kick in the pants. The further you stray from the destined path, the harder the kick.”

    • This makes perfect sense to me, Jamie. What I didn’t mention in my original comment was how it took a serious shoulder injury (3rd house Apex) to bring certain aspects of my old life (specifically relating to a prior manifestation of those same 3rd house Scorpio energies) to an abrupt end. Didn’t know it at the time, but it was a blessing in disguise.

  12. Hi MArina – re Moon – nom my mistake! Som many yods in there I was looking at the moon in one you and its not on the MC.

  13. What do you think about 2 overlapping Yods (and one a boomerang) in a SYNASTRIC (not composite) chart? They form that trapezoid pattern of 2 sextiles, a square, and a quincunx. I’m double SCO, and she’s TAU/GEM rising. The corner planets are Sun sextile Saturn (me) and Pluto sextile Mars (her). I think we make a good King and Queen of the World!

  14. I have 2…..

    1st: moon in leo in 12th sextile pluto in libra in 2nd, both quincunx my descendant in Pisces. Which opposes my ascendant and venus in 12th in virgo. Fun stuff there. emotions, partners, power, transformations, spiritual, psychic, dreams, me, love, romance, art.

    2nd: pluto in libra in 2nd sextile neptune in sagitarrius in 4th, both quincunx mars in Taurus in 9th. Power, transformation, violence, delusion, drugs, physical.

    No wonder I am so tired.

    • I also have a Thor’s hammer square yod….
      Jupiter in aries in 8th square saturn in cancer in 11th, both sesiquadrate neptune in sagitarius in 4th.

      It is interesting to me how these yods of mine overlap. The neptune in two of them and pluto in two of them. hmmm.. I am very pisces/scorpio like.

      None of my 3 children have a single one.

  15. Great timing to post about Yods! I’ve been searchin and trying to unverstand them for a week now. 🙂

    Does it count as a Yod if the apex is Chiron?
    I’ve always wondered about my Chiron, Neptune – Pluto (60º)… Would be a Boomerang, by Uranus conjunct Venus (house 12) both oppose chiron on the 6th.

    And what about Lilith and Asteroids involved in a Yod, does it count as another yod? I’d have Vertex (apex, 5th house), Ceres – Lilith (60º). Also boomeranged by a Mercury opposition (house 12).

    Do these count or are they just coincidental quincunxes, sextiles and oppositions?

    • I think all minor planets and Lilith count as Yods, but obviously little asteroids are not so important. I have a Yod to Phollus that I sometimes look at if its being activated by transit, but otherwsie the real deal is the main planets and I would say Ceres, Eris, Black Moon Lilith and Chiron too. After that not so important.

      I don’t like using points in Yods very much, but Jamie does, So no MC, AC, Vertex and POF for me. I would consider angles if they are on the apex of the Yod and on a major fixed star however, because then the star works like the planet and gives the point some sort of ego/archetype motivation.

  16. Jamie,

    We are two star brothers and sisters! You are my first very similar chart ever!
    Boomerang yod, stellium in the 8th in Virgo. Cap rising, on and on. I am excited to have my chart done by Dark Star. Saving my money and looking forward to my reading. Melissa Golladay 9/18/1968 3:45pm Benton Harbor, MI, USA Whoot!

    • Holy crap! Exactly the same rising star too, trine Jupiter. The rising star is Dheneb “It gives ability to command, liberality, success in war and beneficence.”

    • Exactly the same: Yod, stellium in the 8th house, Capricorn rising…..all this garnished with unaspected Sun 🙂

  17. I have been following a theory for some years now and would love to know what you people think. The focus tends to be drawn hypnotically to the apex of the yod. I have this feeling that has been growing with observing charts and people and also my own yod that it also can be seen as reversed. I imagine the sextile planets as having the potential for being a good team of horses and apex as being the consciousness that acts as the charioteer. I look at the qualities of the sextile planets in their houses and try to imagine what situations they could shine in as a pair. Then I look at what the apex planet is doing to hold the tension in the riens and to spur them on. Has any one else come across anything like this? What do you think?

    • want to add something: The question I often ask is what is the apex energy and how are the “horses” at the sextile end able to gallop it into manifestation.

    • Oh wow! Deirdre there must be something in that idea. When we Jamie and I first started and we had a little myspace group, I came up with a chariot theory for the Yod. I haven’t got my notes here in Oz but I do believe I archived a copy in London. My theory goes like the opposite:

      The Apex is the horse and the sextile planets are the drivers, you have to get them to co-operate. It helps to think of them as people. So Neptune might be a wizard or a drunk driver trying to share the reins with Pluto. Now he might be a nice policeman if on a kindly star or a psychotic gangster if on a nasty star. If they don’t co-operate and spend too much time arguing then the horse has free rein and can get into all sorts of trouble, but that depends on the personality of the horse planet too. Saturn on a good star like Spica, might do ok without steering, whereas Mars on Antares may need some restraining! Planets on the reaction point (like in a boomerang Yod) act as the whip(inspiration/motivation).

      • I like that! Tweo charioteers. Yes i can see that. It isn’t always possible but usually amazing to take so called difficult aspects and see them as possible awesome team. A good manager and negociator should be able to come up with a strategy for getting even difficult people to work well together. They say there is no bad weather just bad clothing or, as I like to put it, rotten apples are aweful in the kitchen but brilliant for a compost pile. It is a question of finding the circumstances that things need in order to do well. If the sextile aspect finds a good working relationship then the apex quality seems to be able to fly.
        So, if the horses are unyoked, it is up to us to find a healthy way of harnessing them. This is a world of magic. We can use ANYTHING! For me I have Lilith and Chiron and I have found amazing ways to get them working together. In my personal situation, I really feel that the guidance and wisdom to put their energies to good use does come FROM the apex, moon in Leo in the 12th. Pallas in Aquarius,in the 6th on the reaction point is in charge of the GPS and journey schedual, sending us over untrodden ground in strange, wild patterns that only make sense afterwards.

        Greg, I like the coloured light idea too. Or paint guns! Depends on who that is on the apex!

      • I like that too – I have thought of my Saturn opposition to the Moon in early Virgo and the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in later Virgo (without the conjunction between them) in the same terms – a charioteer being pulled in different directions by or, more positively, learning how to steer, two independent sets of horses yoked to the same chariot. Nice! Creates a very immediate yet interesting challenge to work on.

  18. An interesting analogy, Deirdre. However, I think it would be like a driver in a chariot with two unyoked horses pulling in two different directions on different sets of reins. The apex point or planet (driver) is trying to keep them going straight by the qualities it possesses.

    Another analogy is like two different colors of light focused on one point which somehow must blend them into a new third color.

  19. Memory served me well this time. Afraid I don’t know much about Egeria. Healing waters, secret knowledge? o.0? lol. With the moon/POF being a part of all three I would say I have a strong sense of mothering, which is very true. I always feel I need to help those in need. Like somehow I can make all their woes go away. Sadly, that has gotten me into A LOT of sticky situations, but other times it works out well and I get to see them smile. Which is all I really want. 🙂

  20. I have a Bommerang Yod has Saturn retrograde-Sun and Saturn retrograde-Neptune quincunxes with a sextile between Sun and Neptune. Mars is opposite the apex planet.
    Pluto trines my Sun in the eighth house
    This means taking responsibility for my anger?

  21. well, i received a reading from marina, and it said my two yods were considered a bathtub, b/c they intertwine.

    what i could find on that bathtub is minimal, but that it’s called such b/c they share a side….
    the apexes are lilith and moon, but lilith and moon are part of the other two yods in other manners. very confusing for me.

    marina also said that in mine, it was like the ‘horse was the driver’; now i am really confused-i’m no astrology (:/):

    well, i consider to consider it all-and sometimes research the yod.
    So, this topic is always timely for me….

    I found a comment by someone on a forum, re: a yod/finger of God-
    This kind of sums it up, most days, it seems-hah.

    “It’s like having god’s finger up your flippin’ ass…..

    I’d be happy if he removed it.”
    Author Unknown….-

    • When I told my husband he has a finger of God in his chart the first thing out of his mouth was: which finger? LOL. I assured him it was the pointer because it looks like an arrow pointing, but…. yeah. I suppose it is a place where we feel sort of challanged-so-there-and-what-are-we-going-to-do-about-it!

      There is a kind of chariot race with a chariot pulled by people running and pulling it. They have to rotate positions while running.

      Actually there is such thing as bathtub racing! If you you get to know the planets and other things involved you may be able to train them right and you MAY have a winning team!

      • sorry, that should be “pulled by people running and also steering it”.

    • Oh I love that quote at the bottom (No pun intended!)
      You will not find any info on “The Bathtub” anywhere because it’s an invention of the Hubers, rather like my “Rack”. So I thought I’d just quote from the book, Ive taken out some of their technical jargon:

      ” People for whom green predominates(the quincunx and semi-sextile) are always very sensitive but find it hard to cope with life (This goes for the boomerang Yod too), They easily become chaotic, which those around them have to constantly adapt to. The bathtub shows the constructive attempt not to “let the tide go out”. In psychological terms, people with a bathtub in their horoscope aspire to keep what they have at any price. They cleverly avoid losses, want to keep everything together and make every effort not to dissipate their energies…….As there is a certain “sleepy credulity” inherent in this figure,this person can often get into trouble if they think too simplistically. If he has to put his world in order to some extent he is at peace….Because of their own naivety , they tend to see things too positively, too rosily; they are too trusting….if the green side is pointing to the DC, it can indicate a strong dependency on the immediate environment. ie what is happening around the person.The learning in this figure is characterized by long and hard experience, as well as a certain reluctance to learn.” ~ Aspect Pattern Astrology – Bruno & Louise Huber, Micheal Alexander Huber.Pg 217-218.

      If you go back one page you can see an example of a Bathtub in Ubers and my davison chart.

  22. well, tying fast, I meant I am no astrology…though have always felt/followed a strong sense of mission/life purpose-and every time it seems within reach, it’s a bit of the universe saying ‘psyche-that’s not quite it!’ mwa ha ha ha…..
    So yea, while it may have individual karmic and personality/ego processes involved, no doubt, for those who have been connected with this sense since childhood, it’s downright painful, maddening and gets lumped in often with self-importance and delusion of the new age movement and western ego centered process….though you know if you have one, that it’s full well not, but something you cannot put your finger on [no pun intended].
    I’m sure there is indeed a timing to it, which also perhaps explains the feeling that a decade is like 50 years at times….but there’s alot of hurry up and wait. Which makes sense if it’s related to service to others; there is a divine timing and many factors need to line up besides one’s personal consciousness and growth. The community or group being served, needs to be aligned, timing wise, as well. Working in linear 3D takes alot of patience!!!! (:

    • I totally get what you’re saying, Irm. One of the biggest challenges has been in *trying* to stay tuned-in to the higher purpose of my gifts, or calling – or whatever this “thing” is, without getting distracted by what the world values – or, making it about *moi*. Otherwise, some of my gifts could easily be misused (or wasted) as just another form of “spiritual entertainment”. Its essence remains constant and grows stronger, but its manifestations seem to constantly change – and yes, it does require a whole lot of patience! It helps for me to maintain an appreciation for the *small* ways in which I can serve, which can be just as meaningful even if they do go relatively unnoticed.

  23. I have two yods over lapping neptune sextile saturn pointing to Sun conjunct mercury. Sun(Father) Mercury (Communication) Saturn again (Father) and Neptune (the divine). I wounder what ancentry garbage I have brought with me.

  24. I have been trying to figure out the meaning of a yod in my chart since I have been struggling with picking a career path. My yod has the apex at the mc. I have Moon (Scorpio) quincunx MC (Gemini) and Uranus (Capricorn) quincunx MC (Gemini). Not really sure what it means. Any help would be appreciated. 🙂

    • Perhaps it means that you are always struggling to pick a career path. No, really. Gemini is mutable, so you are likely to have more than one career interest, even opposing interests, at the same time, like a bee flitting from one flower to another, and the yod makes you keep addressing the issue.

      Which, basically, could be like, Gemini is light rationality – bubble gum and soda pop, high school classrooms, everyday science, driving around on errands. How the heck can a controlled, passionate Scorpio Moon and a rebellious workhorse like Uranus in Capricorn do anything important with that kind of energy?! Everything the two accomplish dissipates in trivialities or just isn’t taken seriously. It’s too rational and temporary to feel safe with and too frivolous to build on. It makes you want to put things in words or do something with your hands, and why would a Scorpio Moon want to talk about it anyway?

      So, more seriously, you might feel like you have to continually translate that enticing combination (sextile) of controlled inner security (Scorpio Moon) and structured rebellion (Uranus in Capricorn) into everyday words, spoken or written, and/or some kind of handiwork (Gemini) that becomes what you are known for doing in society – for society – your work in this world (MC). I mean, that’s what my Capricorn Sun/Ascendant sextile Scorpio Neptune imagines as it hooks up with my Gemini Jupiter. But maybe you experience it differently in your life.

      I would think some possible connection points might be the Scorpio Moon’s strong, but quiet passion, which, with patience, could translate to an ability to listen deeply, which Gemini often needs to learn how to do. The moon in Scorpio might listen too deeply at first, with too much feeling, so it would have to learn to communicate more openly, and a bit more casually, too. Uranus might be good at keeping things fresh, but in a careful, hardworking way. That could translate into freedom to flit around in a stable, bounded set of interesting, progressive careers that change regularly in some way, while the underlying process retains its structural stability.
      Good luck on your path!

      • Thanks so much for replying to my post :). I do feel like I’m flitting from one thing to the next, when I really want to pick something and stick with it, see it all the way through.
        An astrologer told me that having yods in your chart means that your life is a journey vs being clean cut and obvious. From what I’ve seen so far in my life it couldn’t be more true.

        • If you can adjust to the desire for varied interests, you may begin to feel more satisfied on your journey. One of the ways I can think of doing that is to gradually build on something that all of the interests have in common while doing all the seemingly different things on the surface. Or you can adjust to doing several things rather than one – a cycle of activities and interests that together create a satisfying career rather than one having to be more important than the others – for instance, I garden and am slowly developing a gardening business, I also study astrology and teach astrology and geography, which is what I have my degrees in, and I work a part-time at a local foods grocery because I like the structure it provides along with the opportunities to show initiative and develop a balanced personal discipline. All of this funnels into some kind of reflective writing at some point, which is what makes it feel satisfying and complete. Without all of these components, I would feel lacking or stuck.

      • That’s a great description of the energies, Paul. And actually, it kind of applies to how I’ve experienced my Yod, which involves similar Gemini/Scorpio/10th house themes – no Capricorn though. The apex of my Yod is Jupiter in Scorpio, just inside the 3rd (conjunct Mercury and Neptune) and I totally relate to the struggle in learning to listen and communicate in a way that’s deep, but not too threatening (my 8th house Aries placements can be TOO direct); casual, but not too superficial; profound, but not too pompous – all while wanting to communicate and accomplish something meaningful and lasting.

        What’s funny with me, is how although I’ve never had trouble committing to a job long-term, I have experienced radical changes in my career, and not only that, something *always* comes up (usually suddenly) that demands me to focus my attention on research and communication in *addition* to whatever else I’m doing. So I’m frequently in the position of having to juggle several different and very significant sets of responsibilities at the same time, all demanding that I become deeply involved. I’m constantly having to dig deep in order to figure out what’s going on beneath the surface; sometimes I just know and have to respond quickly, and other times I have to research, research, research!

        I like what you said about creating something with hands, since my new line of work is as a hands-on alternative healer. I used to manage a busy school office where I was the person responsible for communicating and coordinating in emergencies. And there were lots of emergencies.

        Anyway, good insight Paul! I always enjoy reading about how other people experience energies – which is one of the reasons I share. It’s comforting to know we’re not alone and that other people have faced similar challenges.:)

        • Thanks, LB! I feel like I am reading words of a kindred spirit, and I haven’t come across many yet. The job changes sounds like Uranus and Pluto might be involved, or some permutation of them, maybe also a Mars T-square? Definitely some third house-eighth house/Gemini-Scorpio themes in there. Not an easy energy to match up. I can relate to blunt and blurting communication – Aries rules my third!

          • Yep, all of the above – Uranus, Pluto, even some T-squares to progressed Mars (good call!) and a *very* loose natal one with Jupiter bearing the brunt of my Leo Uranus opposite Aquarius Chiron and Moon. My Jupiter is perpetually challenged.

            If Aries rules your 3rd, you are a kindred spirit (haha!) One thing you’ve got to appreciate about Aries’ style of communication though, is their lack of guile. 🙂

            • I have the Jupiter T-square to Uranus and Chiron, too, but in the mutable signs. The Jupiter-Uranus square is like standing on the shoulder of the road trying to have a conversation with someone driving by on the highway. My body is always trying to catch up to my mind before it starts off on something else. I would think that Aquarius-Leo opposition would be great for an intuitive healer, though.
              And yes, Aries is good and direct, but add a lot of Neptunian influences and it isn’t quite so straight forward anymore. 🙂

  25. This post is just what I needed today. I’ve got a Saturn apex, Venus/Mercury sextile Yod and just realized that it will become ACTIVATED in the coming weeks as Uranus conjuncts my 8 Aries Saturn…..yikes!……..Hopefully I can finally put 45 years of hard lessons to something really powerful………Glad your surgery went so well Jaime……….Take Care.

  26. I have a sun apex (10th house) quincunx pluto in 3rd/neptune in 5th. I have no idea what this means but I am interested in an interpretation as I am working on something I consider quite important at the moment with lots of fateful implications – like all my career experience and contacts converging into a metaphysical funnel for the this project. I recently commented that I seem to have been given a fair dose of life’s lessons with all the retrogrades I have in my natal chart, so well acquainted with repeating themes and being misunderstood.

  27. Thanks for the article, it has been most helpful…
    I am still learning about astrology and have been very curious about my yod, which I now know is called a boomerang yod. my apex is uranus in the first house, i have my sun and mars sexle, 8th and 6th house respectively and my focus point is chiron in the 7th house. I have intitutively felt that this aspect is karamic so thanks for the confirmation, i am still working through what this all means. Jupiter has been transiting through this area of my chart so the feelings feel more intensified. Any feedback would be appreciated

  28. Fascinating post for a fascinating aspect! And a timely reminder for me to go back and peruse my own chart. I have a perfect to the minute yod between Uranus, Neptune and Mercury with Mercury being the apex in the 9th house. Hence, writing, writing, writing…At the moment Saturn is opposing my Mercury and I’ve not really factored in the yod pattern as I’ve been so busy beating my head against a brick wall, lol! Saturn is creating a transiting boomerang and boy do I feel like I keep coming back to the same thing!
    I have always had a sense of my life being ‘fated’ and that for me isn’t a negative thing, nor one which means I feel like I have no control. But I do feel like I have a mission and gosh yes do I get a kick in the pants when I choose the wrong road! Great stuff – thanks Jamie.

  29. Uau! Thank you so much! I have this Major Yod: Neptune in the V, Sagitarius, sextile to Jupiter in Aquarius in the VII. The apex is the Saturn in Cancer in the XII, conjunct to South Node! Talk about Karma and my life being this strange thing with me feeling this huge mission, that I don’t know what it is. I just feel it. Great article! Very good material!

    God Bless you!

  30. Hi Jamie, I have 2 yods, the one with jupiter at the apex is conj IC so does the opposition point being the MC work the same as the example you gave in the Boomerang yod scenario?

    • For Sure, MC is the reaction point so your career is most important for you to be able to fully express yourself.

      • Thank you Jamie, the other yod like you has saturn at the apex late degrees cap, one of the quincux is with sun, so it has been a big and challenging aspect to work through these last 50 years, to overcome father negativity and that of the societal world, its good to know that as the 2 yods, not far apart, one before the IC the other conjunct, do make sense in that I need to use the dynamics of both in order to genuinely express. thanks ,really grateful.

  31. Susana,

    Long time student of astrology – I too have Saturn conjunct South Node in my chart. I’ve learned to work with the karma by cultivating the energy available from the North Node placement. For you, it is Capricorn in the sixth house. Interestingly, Capricorn is ruled by Saturn.


  32. Hey Jamie, great post! Clearest information I’ve found online about this. 🙂
    I have a double boomerang yod, i.e. two revesed yods. 150/150/60. They also make a rectangle 60/150/60/150 or star shape if all points of the two yods are included. What is the best way to interpret the energy in this and which is the strongest of the two focus points? (If other aspects are taken into consideration, one of the focus points is also the focus of a T-square and another triangle that is 135/90/135). Would love your insights on this. Thanks,

    • My God, I’m not sure. Marina has a book by the Hubers on aspect patterns so I will check it out when I get to London in a few weeks. Can’t say I’ve seen one of these before.

      • Hey Jamie – thanks for that.

        I Would love your insights! The orbs are tight – 3 degrees for all. My whole chart is complex, which is why I’ve tightened the orbs up.

        Planets/points involved are:
        Yod 1: Merc in Aries (H1)/Saturn in Gemini (H3) /Lilith conj Ixion in Scorpio (H8)
        Yod 2: Neptune in Sag (H9) / Pluto in Virgo (H7) / Sun in Taurus conj Sedna!! (H2)
        Rectangle: Merc/Saturn/Neptune/Pluto
        Sun/Sedna Opposite Dark Moon Lilith/Ixion in opposition
        T-square: Sun/North node/South node (if orbs are 5 degrees plus makes a grand cross with Lillith)
        (I found your site researching Lillith & Sedna after reading how evil some people interpret Sedna as being)

        I also found:
        Boomerang Yod 3: North node Aquarius (H11) / Moon in Leo (H6) / Pallas in Gemini (H4) / South Node in Leo (H5)

        Do you guys do entire chart readings for careers/skills?

        Cheers, Sonia

      • That would be awesome – let me know what you find out. I would love some help with it. The planets are on tight orbs, 3 degrees, as my chart is way to complex otherwise. Points are Yod 1: mercury/saturn/dk moon lillith conj ixion. Yod 2: neptune/pluto/sun conj sedna. With sun/sedna opposing lillith/ixion. Thank you!

  33. Thanks for the article. I have been trying to find writing about Yod. I have one in my natal chart, with Scorpio mercury 11h, Capricon Venus 2h and Gemini moon 7h being the apex. Just a question, my moon conjuncts my DC and is opposite to the uranus in my 12H that conjuncts my ASC. Does it make up the Boomerang YOD?

    I never work out how to bring this aspect to work but i have been feeling the pressure especially in these few years with the transit pluto passing right through the natal venus on exact angel. The may 20 eclipse has also conjuncted exact to this natal moon too. And now i am struggling with relationship issues which i never ever worried about in my life. I am 30 now and have completely no idea what to do with myself and my life anymore.

    • That is definitely a Boomerang Yod, or focused Yod. The combination of Pluto plus eclipse triggering your Yod sure does point to a major turning point in life, one which it will seem you have little control over. But it is happening to put you on the correct path for whatever it is that you are here to do.

    • I’ve heard that people with yods often feel challenged to find their own way in life, and this fits my experience, too. They will tell people it is something they just have to work out for themselves or do their way regardless of what seems to be logical or safe or practical to everyone else. I’ve also come across the statement more than once that yods often fully activate around age 40.

      With your boomerang yod, I would imagine that quiet, serious Mercury and stable, hardworking Venus would like the Gemini Moon to make up its mind and just stop yakking already, but the Moon will find a way to connect with them, because there will be continual pressure to do so. And with Uranus opposite, as Jamie said, you probably won’t be able to anticipate the resolution, but it should be interesting, even a bit astounding.

      I believe Marina, Jamie’s partner, has a yod in these signs. And so do I, but mine involves Jupiter at the apex and Neptune and the Asc (conj. Sun) at the base. My Capricorn has to work like a sheep dog to keep the Gemini herd together, running here and there to pull the various interests and loose ends together while applying gentle discipline so that Gemini is relatively free to roam and Jupiter can gain faith in itself. I didn’t perceive the inherent structure until I let the Gemini loose, instead of trying to control it, which mostly happened when Jupiter progressed direct. Not sure I’ve worked out the Scorpio yet – or maybe it just isn’t saying. Perhaps it’s the one (with Neptune there on the MC) that observes the subtle patterns and directs the sheepdog.

      In your chart, with Mercury inconjunct the Gemini Moon you might not be able to think your way out of this one, but expressing the thoughts and feelings (Gemini Moon) would be very important. With Venus, whose Libran side is very close to relationship issues, the trick might be to make adjustments to the energy of the Moon, so that you can use it’s expression to achieve your material or relationship goals.

  34. Okay I have a big question about my certain yod in my chart.
    I have a yod that points to my Pluto Retrograde 19 degrees in the 12th house.
    My Moon in scorpio 22 degrees conjuncts my pluto.

    The yod is connected to Venus in Gemini 19 Degree’s.
    My Mercury is in Aries 18 Degrees.

    I have been told since my moon conjuncts my pluto
    the energy of the yod is also sent to my moon.

    I am wondering what kind of energy does my yod make.

    Also there is going to be a Total Solar Eclipse in Scoprio
    on a New Moon. This will take place on November 13th 2012.
    The Sun and Moon is going to hit my Moon, Pluto and Ascendant all within three degree. I’m wondering how this is going to affect me.

    How is all this Scorpio energy going to affect me.
    For the past year I have been going through a lot weird things connected to scorpio. My Progressed Saturn is about to go in the 12th house.
    I also have gone through a Sun/Pluto transit.
    With Pluto going retrograde I believe I am going to go through the transit again.

    I have changed so much in the last year.

    For a little bit I was having a lucky streak.
    I had three Jupiter returns all within 6 months.

  35. When a planet is aspected, the energy flows from the faster to slower planets (so, Moon out via two inconjuncts to Mercury and Venus and Venus and Mercury pushing energy to Pluto via the two inconjuncts).

    The nature of the interaction – how you will experience it – is defined by the kind of aspect that it is, and then also by the planet involved and the sign that it is in. The house will tell you what area of life’s experiences will be involved.

    The twelfth house is the house of self-undoing. At first, we experience this as a terrible thing. Why doesn’t my life work the way others’ lives do? When we realize the purpose of the twelfth house and accept our role, we become our own ally, letting the ego be stripped away so that our purpose may be more clearly understood and manifested, to use the big mumbo jumbo language.

    You are already on the journey of understanding what your purpose is and what the yod means in your chart – after all, nobody knows yourself better than yourself, even if its not all conscious yet. You just need to keep exploring it, and also, keep learning the language of astrology so that you can use it to chart your journey, master your understanding, and be able to describe it in shorthand to other practitioners and learners who can clarify things for you along the way.

    Many astrologers have said that yods don’t fully activate until sometime around the age of forty, and they give a person a unique experience of life that they are driven to follow through with. This is the right thing for them to do – follow their own course.

    In your yod, which is very tightly aspected yod of the purest variety (two personal planets at the base and an outer planet at the apex) Mercury and Venus are the personal planets, while Pluto is very far beyond the personal. So there would be an element of having the personal values and modes of thinking and communicating being strongly pushed to adapt to a much deeper, more objective, and somewhat relentless, impersonal purposes of Pluto.

    The Moon, however, adds the personal dimension back into the apex position. It feels Pluto’s dark intensity and is affected by the planetoid’s tendency to keep things hidden or suppressed until one reaches down with effort to bring them up to the surface (or something does it for him). The Moon, always being the fastest of the planets, has an awkward or quirky reach to Mercury and Venus, forever adjusting to or trying to understand their energies (which are so different from Scorpio, so simpler and straightforward, even casual), so that it can have a satisfying outlet in the houses Mercury and Venus are found in.

    With Saturn progressing into the twelfth house, you might expect a more serious, work-oriented approach to spiritual matters, some experiences with institutions of some sort or authority figures, that challenge you to take personal responsibility for finding your way to your purpose in serving life with power and mastery.

  36. I’m not sure I could offer you an accurate interpretation of what to expect with that eclipse, except to say that it is definitely going to be major-league important. Just pay attention to what is going on so that you can handle the energy intelligently and incorporate the experiences it provides you without trying to figure it out all at once. I’m sure others could find more specifics things…

  37. Je suis étonné de l’explication qui est plutôt bien fournie,c’est enrichissant.Moi,par-ex.en progréssions converses à l’age de 63 à 67 ans j’ai un yod,la planète apex vénus en poisson, M.XI qui envoie deux quinconces sur Pluton en lion M.IV et Neptune Balance,M.VI et il y a une planète qui fait opposition saturne 13° en vierge à vénus planète apex 16° du poisson.C’est un Yod Boomérang,donc ,je vais devoir changer en apportant quelque aux autres si je vous ai bien compris? Bonne soirée

  38. When interpreting natal charts do aspects like the ASC and the MC count as points that can make a Yod? Because if they do then I have a huge one.

    Tropical Astrology:

    ASC in Gemini
    Sun and Liith in Sagittarius on the opposite side
    Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune in Capricorn on one side
    Pluto in Scorpio on the other

    • I have a similar setup: my IC is at the point of the Yod in Pisces; on the other end: Pluto/Lilith in the 9th in Leo, Sun/Moon in the 11th in Libra.

      Not sure what it all means, but I’m very fond of learning (9th), including occult topics, and I’m very outgoing (11th). I was a teacher during part of my life.

  39. How about composite/synastric yods? And Eros as the apex of a Davison composite (tres apropos, n’est-ce pas?)? The base of the composite yod is Pluto conj Mercury in VIR (I’m SCO rising, she’s GEM rising) in VII sextile Neptune in SCO in 9th. Eros is 0deg ARI, the Aries point, in 2nd house.

    Our synastric yods are an overlapping sextile-sextile-square-quincunx trapezium (trapezoid) involving my Saturn and Sun and her Mars and Pluto. Her Mars conj’s my 8th house Vertex.

    • Guess what…? We also have our composite ASC-DSC as a boomerang axis of a perfect 19d Yod formed by Saturn in the 11th and Chiron in the Ist: Our DSC is the apex, and AQU-LEO are intercepted.

    • The person who did my natal chart told me I have three Yods in my chart, adding that this was very rare. Does this happen?

      • yes, it can. The corners can have conjunctions, and/or one of the quincunxes can overlap between 2 yod. To the point of having a little spiderweb in theory.. probably most a person will see is a lopsided pentagram. Possibly also with tight little conjunctions at the corners leading to an amount of yod that gets hard to count.

  40. After reading about Yods I examined my chart and found out that I have a Yod– Uranus sextile Venus and both beam on Saturn?Taurus,1st house?.That explains many things concerning relationships.

    • Hi Sylvia. Great timing to discover your yod. If you have natal Saturn in Taurus, at the foot of your yod, then the activation point will be opposite in Scorpio. Guess where Saturn is now ? And Venus. You may be blessed with a great release and resolution. You certainly won’t forget it !

  41. Hi Marina and Jamie,
    I have a natal Yod from Jupiter sextile Uranus, to 00 degrees Venus (birth info 4/17/81 9:08am San Francisco) Venus crossed over into Taurus a couple of hours before I was born but is conjunct my natal sun at 27 degrees Aries. (the Sun/uranus also quincunx, although the interpretations I’ve found of this aspect alone have been less than resonant…) Any tips towards interpreting this Yod would be very much appreciated. I have been really influenced by the Yods of 2012 as they have been described by DarkStar astrology. I find them to have a massive impact on the growth that happens when I meditate.

    • My yod has an oppositions, to Pluto/Juno. The tip of the yod (venus/sun/mars conjunction) is also in a grand fire trine with Neptune(sagg) and Vesta (leo). I was really drawn into the Saturn-Sun diamond of 10/29 and that configuration made me realize that I have a similar diamond configuration in my own chart. I know that this is really special… if only there were 100 hours a day to study astrology and deconstruct symbols and meditate on energies right? But anyways- my yod seems really heavy and hopefully you will find it interesting…

  42. I do believe I have at least two Yods. Unfortunately computers don’t do yods. Please correct me on this. I really want to know. Here goes, assuming the margin for things like Conjunctions and Trines and Sextiles etc. is about 10 degrees and assuming angular points (ASC, DSC, IC, and MC) and asteroids also count.

    My first Yod is a Boomerang Yod. (North Node, Saturn, Moon, Neptune) in Capricorn sextile Pluto in Scorpio, and both quincux the ASC point in Gemini in the apex. In addition Sun conjunt Lilith in Sagittarius opposes the ASC in Gemini.

    My second Yod. Chiron in Cancer sextile Mars in Taurus, and they quincux (Sun, Lilith) in Sagittarius and (Mercury, Venus, Uranus) in Capricorn.

    I don’t know whether all these extra planets in the sextiles (first Yod) or as apexes (second Yod) keep it all as one Yod or for each different sextile or apex planet (or asteroid what have you) there is a new Yod.

    Please give answers as detailed as possible. If necessary just contact my email directly.

    Bogdan (natal chart is attached file below)

  43. I mean, the computers do count my MC as part of the the Mars, Pluto, MC triangle.

    • Note, Lilith in my chart above is not true Lilith. It’s the only Lilith this particular program allows. *shrugs*

  44. I have a natal yod, sun scorpio 21 degrees 3rd house, sextile pluto in virgo 22 degrees 1st house, to the moon 23 degrees aries 8 th house. I have had a bad childhood ,lots of head injuries including a brain bleed and two operations for that,i have had three near death experiences at 7,14,27, and i have had two partners die and other bad things happen. I mean come on ,am i wrong to hope life might be good? help is there any hope for me? sam

    • two things about this:
      1. With a yod, life can be a bit like a train wreck until you reach this certain evolutionary level where it settles down.
      2. Your Moon is around the fixed star Kurda, in Cepheus. My Saturn yod apex is on this star. I have been researching this star for a long time and believe it represent the center of the head, around the pituitary gland. In the constellation of the King, it is around his chin though. I have a family history of head injuries, and need to take herbs or other medications to increase blood flow to the brain, otherwise I get very lethargic. My research on famous people has shown a number of assassinations. http://www.constellationsofwords.com/stars/Kurdah.html

      There is hope with any yod, through it can seem like a real uphill struggle for many years.

          • Jamie, when I was almost 4, I fell down a flight of stairs and had a head injury. I’ve had severe fatigue for all of my life since I can remember and it has been exacerbated by other accidents and stresses. I’ve been thinking about seeing a herbalist but now after reading your comment, I most certainly will. I’ve been reading about ginseng and considering taking it but there’s so many types which is confusing. I was wondering if you might be willing to share what herb(s) you take for your condition?

            The apex of my natal yod is Mars 22 Virgo conjunct Pluto 24 Virgo in 9H (opposite Hyglea/Chiron 28&29 Pisces – 3H and POF 22 Pisces) sextile Saturn 21 Aries – 3H and Phollus 23 Aquarius – 2H. Saturn is on the fixed star Baten Kaitos and Mars on the fixed star Denebola. The Nov solar eclipse had a yod with almost the same degrees with Vertex at the apex and sextile Eris & Nessus/Hyglea, so I’m hoping that means that my natal yod has been activated. I have been going thru a steady and dramatic improvement with my health since then.

            • A small consideration – if you are female be cautious or take professional advice on ginseng as it is a male adaptogen. Dong Quai is the female equivalent.
              YOu might look up siberian ginseng – which is not actually ginseng but eleutherococcus (spelling??) and one of the best tonic herbs for both sexes.

            • Thanks uberqueen for the info. I am female and I will certainly be getting professional advice from a herbalist. My situation is complicated because I have several different health conditions that western medicine doesn’t either recognize or understand. I’ve been seeking alternative theories/remedies for awhile and it can be very confusing and there’s so much conflicting info out there. My life so far has been like an endless obstacle course and I’ve been consumed with overcoming one hurdle after another but I think that at some point my experiences may help others in some way. In regards to my health, it’s been lots of trial and error to see what works and I’m convinced that ultimately a higher power is in charge of when and if I get better. I agree with what Jamie states above, “We may never feel in total control of our lives when we have a Yod in our charts. Life is fated, we have to surrender to a higher power and sacrifice some personal desires and needs.” Hopefully sometime soon I can move from the back seat up to the passenger seat and start enjoying the ride.

  45. a few questions on the Yod:

    what is the widest orb to be used? would sextile points at 1 pisces and 3 cap degrees and the quincunx at 0 leo count as a yod?

    can a yod be out of sign? say the 1 pisces were instead 29 aquarius – would that still count?

    and, may any of the points be a house angle?

    please advice and thank you!

    • It’s common to use a 3 degree orb for the quincunx. Out of sign makes no difference and I do use AC, MC, Vertex and Part of Fortune. Also asteroids and house angles if you like. There really does not have to be any rules about this. For example, I added a centaur called Ixion to my chart and it made a yod to my Chiron and Vertex. It also tied into make a couple more Yods and seeing that was like a revelation for me. So if it means something to you then it is significant.

  46. Hi Jamie,

    I found this page while googling “boomerang yod” but I have read many other articles here before – I love this site! I actually have two yods in my chart: Mercury 16 degrees Taurus sextile Venus 18 degrees Pisces, focused on my ascendant at 16 degrees Libra. I am relatively new to the more complex aspects of astrology but am studying all the time now trying to learn more. The other yod, the boomerang, is Mars 2 degrees in Libra sextile Uranus 3 degrees in Sagittarius, focused on my Sun at 3 degrees Taurus – which is only one degree away from my Moon at 4 degrees Taurus! Now for the boomerang: not sure if you use Earth as a planet (I know some astrologers do, some don’t) but it would be directly opposite my Sun of course in Scorpio, however Jupiter is only 2 degrees away at 5 degrees Scorpio, which also seems to form an opposition to my Sun (again, I am still learning so feel free to correct any mistakes!). I am 30 years old and feeling very pressured energetically right now (aren’t we all?) and trying to study my chart to see what might be brewing. I’m also not totally clear on what my yods are pressuring me to do here – any clarification you could provide in that regard would be tremendously appreciated! Thanks for all of your writing and guidance!

    • Forgot to add that Saturn is one degree away from my ascendant at 17 degrees Libra, and Saturn is currently opposing my Sun. Not fun at all! I just went through my Saturn return and thought I would have a break but no! Am curious about when and how yods get “activated” by current aspects?

    • Your Mercury directly conjuncts my VIIth house Moon on my DSC, and opposes my Ist house Mercury (main chart dispositor).

  47. Hi Jamie,
    Great article. I have a boomerang type yod between Neptune in 3rd & Jupiter in 5th going up to Saturn and my South node in my 10th. Of course, the reaction point would be my North node at the bottom. It’s a complicated chart with lots of “checks and balances.” Pluto was just transition over my North node (2 Cap) and opposing Saturn (3 Cancer) setting off the whole thing. Tension!!!
    Do you know what happens when your North Node is at the bottom of all this. I would think it’s very hard to achieve your aims? You’re being pushed in the opposite direction or…? Does it operate more like a closed circuit. I’m trying to understand how to work with this energy. Career-wise I do well but it kinda wreaks havoc on the personal life. 🙁

  48. I am trying to find the yod on my natal chart – I am very out of practice on this…

  49. I’m trying to find the yod that occured in last 2 years {2010 – now} that connects the yod in 2005/06…..Mars in Taurus, inconjunct jupiter in libra sextile neptune in sagittarius….any ideas?

  50. Interesting figure! In my horoscope are three yods making together one star. The same star arises in a composite horoscope with a special friend. I think a yod (s) works a long time inconscious and quit disturbing. Sometimes magic!

    • @Jamie Can you tell me more about the candle star from 3 yods? An astrologer told me it does not matter if you have 1 or 3 yods or more. But al the yodpoints in a star have the same degree > so, my opinion and feeling is that when 1 yod is touched a lot of points are hit in the same time … a sort of explosion!

      • Candle star? the term doesn’t locate on a search engine except back here. Solar Fire has a feature displaying the names of some more complicated aspect configurations I havn’t read of in books: Double Yod Key, and Stretched Pentagram which is what I’m imagining you are describing. Magi astrology is also quite versed in the names of aspect configurations. If you have a Stretched Pentagram, you have Double Yods Keys, and Rosettas.

        • Ah I found the rosetta/trapeze! And double yod is clear now. Not easy with all this paradoxs. It asks a third way to go.

        • Here is 2 stretched pentagrams! Might hurt a bit finding all the subset aspect configurations. Just abstract – don’t know anyone with this. I’ve removed the aspects from the planets that are not contributing to the patterns to make it a bit easier on the brain.

        • Is the star example below yours? And what is your experience?
          Long time I did not know I had a star yod. In mine star yod I had/have to deal with much deadlocks. After full living through the issues it is possible to overfly them. To combine black&white!

      • The main, non-moon Stretched Pentagram holds together from Oct 5 – Oct 20 if you give a 3 degree orb to the quincunx, with Venus joining in to double the fun on Oct 13(me) A historical review could easily make a paper? Anyone smart with free time on their hands?

  51. Since I’m still trying to learn about astrology I haven’t seen this pattern in my birth chart till yesterday. I dont’ have a yod pattern formed with any of my planets, but as I’ve read the article I tried to explore more about it in my birth chart including other objects. it turns out I have 2 yod patterns The first one is true node sextile chiron (2nd and 5th house) and both quincunx pallas/MC conjunction which would mean IC as a part of a boomerang yod (no planets here though). and the other one : juno/AC conjunction sextile pallas/MC conjunction, both quincunx chiron (in 5th). this is interesting to me because of a chiron directly opposing saturn (my chart ruler in 11th) which woould make it also a part of a boomerang yod.

    I’m trying to figure out this pattern and how it could affect me so I would just like to ask if I’m reading it correctly or to be more precise is this MC/IC axis type of yod possible and could it be considered as a boomerang or it needs to have a planet/asteroid opposing the apex planet?

    • I always include the cardinal points like MC and IC with yods. Definitely asteroid Pallas. I had a personal revelation when I included the centaur Ixion in my chart because it tied together two other Yods. The meaning you get from things like is so personal, whatever you feel it means is probably as accurate. But of course read up the on the bodies involved.

  52. I also have a Yod boomerang in my birth chart: NEPTUNE sextile PLUTO, and both quincunxe SUN, and Sun opposite URANUS.

  53. I am doing mine and my family’s natal charts. And I found a Yod and a Golden Yod in both mine and my husband’s, charts.
    My Yod are apex Sun, QuincunxesNeptune and Uranus.
    The Golden yod involves Chiron apex biQuintiles Moon/Juno and JupiterVertex is in opposition to Chiron too, so I think it is a boomerang Golden Yod??

    My husbands Yod is Moon apex, Quincunxs Sun/Venus and Saturn.
    His Golden Yod involves Mercury apex, biQuintiles Chiron and Moon.

    I’m only an amateur so what do you think they mean?

    I’ve enjoyed doing them so much, I am thinking of taking a course in Astrology, to help others.

    • Your standard Yod would be about confidently expressing your unique vision for the world. Hubbies would be expressing his strong sense of duty and loyalty by nurturing his family and being their rock, selfless unconditional love.

  54. I have a boomerang yod too – not quite sure how to interpret this, if you can help much appreciated.

    Neptune sextile Pluto (again!) quincunx Jupiter in Aires opposite Sun in Libra at the reaction point. Neptune in Scorpio (in 12th house) is conjunct Vesta (exact to 10 mins) and conjunct Mars with orb of 3 deg.

    • Lots of us have Neptune sextile Pluto as the base of a Yod. I think it stayed in fairly close orb from 1946 to 1992. An aspect of mass consciousness. Global movements, trends, causes, people powered. So you integrate this shared brainwave of your family, community, region, nation or global community into your belief system or set of values/morals, philosophy. Then this becomes an integral part of your identity which you need to express somehow through your personality, perhaps career or pastime. Mars Vesta Neptune would make a passionate fighter for a worthy cause. Personal freedoms most important.

      • Thanks. it all seems like such big stuff, for years I was never quite sure how to get it all to work together – slowly but surely I’m getting there. You’re right about the passionate fighter bit – children’s needs and rights in my case – the apex Jupiter is in my 5th house.

  55. I do not have a Yod but I know someone who has a Yod with Chiron apex in his natal chart. Our composite has 5 Yods (2 with his Chiron as apex) It didn’t go well, obviously, but I learned a great deal from the experience. I hope he does the work necessary as your article mentioned, and maybe then he will find the right person he can spend the rest of his life -peacefully- with. I use 3 degree orb, so it might be too wide for composite?

  56. Hi, nice article! I have one in my chart with moon conjunct jupiter in virgo sextile pluto conjunct venus in scorpio both quincux my aries ascendant. I’m new to astrology and this is all so fascinating to me!

  57. Hello!
    How about this Yod? Does he has to break up with his family in order to live happily with his foreign wife? What is the real challenge about mom (or his future wife) here? Can you please explain?
    Thanks in advance!


  58. This notion of the boomerang yod is helping me develop greater understanding of the yod in my chart: mercury sextile mars, both quincunx neptune, the apex; moon is opposite neptune. As I’ve grown over the years I’ve become a skilled communicator and public speaker [about psychological-spiritual things in my vocation]. My feeling nature is deep and complex [moon also trines pluto & jupiter, forming a kite with the moon opp. neptune ]. I had a tough time with that feeling nature until the last few years. Now I value it,and have learned how to use it to help others. A pressure valve – yes. An apt analogy.

    Jamie, your comment from Marchisone about outer planet transits to the apex offers some patience and hope. Transit Saturn has been conjuncting my natal 3rd house Neptune (yod apex) and will continue to zig-zag over this point for a good bit longer. I’m hoping this transit will help with maturing and manifesting the potential of my yod. I ‘ve been praying to the universe to help me stay open….and go where I’m meant to go, do what I’m supposed to do serve.

    Thanks for a wonderful post.

  59. I have my ascendant opposed Uranus, which is 30 degrees between Pluto and Neptune.

  60. If Pallas Athene can be the apex of a Yod, I have an exact one in my natal chart. I have Pluto in Leo in the 9th, sextile the Moon exactly in 11th house Libra (plus a tight stellium there including the Sun, Neptune and Saturn). Pallas is conjunct my IC, quincunx to them all. Obviously this focuses on fourth house issues, but I’m not sure of what the Finger of God is pointing to here for me.

  61. Hi,

    I am from the Netherlands and i seem to have a difficult boomerang Yod figure. I believe it is a very difficult one with a lot of pressure. It consists of my Sun at cusp 29 degree in Taurus in sextile with my Mars at cusp 29 degree in Pisces (so it runs almost in hometown Aries) and the Apex is Uranus at 29 degree Libra. The opposite planet is Chiron at 26 degree Aries.

    Having this Yod on the cusps is intense!!!! All that energy from all the 4 elements channeled towards 2 elements in the Apex and mirrored back to a 3th element at the reaction point is immense. It is like a roller coaster when it ain´t focused. My earth/air Sun combined with the water/fire Mars channeling to a air/water Uranus mirroring back into a Fiery Chiron you can imagine the furious energy i can produce. When i say enough is enough then it comes out like a thunderstorm. I even had a car which was a Citroen ZX Furio!! I have known outbursts that scared the hell out of my ex partner. Never though i have hurt someone physically which is against my belief. But boy i have shouted!!! and put some holes in the doors. I guess the energy had to go somewhere. I also had a bicycle which was a Focus Black Falls. When i lost connection with life and with it my Focus i lost my Bicycle which was overridden by a Fan… That was the Universe kicking my bud!! Black indeed Falls!!! and the crash has been hard.

    You can see a very tight grid lines on the Venus mount on my hand which indicates very neurotic energy. Well indeed my mind can be everywhere and I am still not sure what my purpose is in life. I have got some psychiatric stamps like Bipolar, Adhd and schizotypal personality disorder. Which in a way is no wonder considering the configuration and also having so much Gemini energy and 8 times number 5 in my numeroscope. I can be in the middle and at both ends of the spectrum at the same time no wonder i got stamped Bipolar DUH!!!!

    Because of all my experiences early in my life i have build up a very negative view on life and believed humanity could not be helped and we where on a rampage tour into oblivion!! My reaction to it was seeking escape in alcohol, drugs and going to parties. Eventually i lost my Job and got depressed.

    I think i have the luck that my Moon is in Virgo so i don´t really feel my emotions to much otherwise it might be to overwhelming but then again the energy also adds up. It seems that the Yod and my life path number 29/11 go hand in hand regarding nervous energy and insecurity.The positive of all of it is that i have an immense feeling of creativity and an enormous imagination. I seem to able to understand everything and know peoples feelings. My judgement can be laser sharp hence the Yod. However despite all this i haven´t made it in life just yet. I have been in depression and i have isolated myself for a long time feeling alienated in this world of despair.

    Ok that was a lot of information. I sincerely believe that the Yod energy is genuine and can have an immense impact on someones life!!! I experiencing it first hand!!!

    Do you have any tips on what direction might be good for me. At the moment i am a bit lost with no sense of where i should be heading next.



  62. despite all the negative i also experienced a lot of positive!!! It hasn´t been all negative for me. Rather it was deep downs and high highs. I can be a very enthusiastic person and very playful. Children love me and so do dogs and cats. I can level with anyone can be very flexible and know what to do in various situations. I can so see both or multiple side of the story and be able to give good advise. So despite the downside there is the upside. Currently i am in a phase to find balance in the energies. I am much more aware of it and I have build up a lot of self insight and can handle the energy more efficiently without falling into anger.

    The only thing is that currently i am not sure which path to follow.


  63. I have another question which keeps running through my head. What about the ascension we are in. If we are indeed ascending into the 5th dimension then what about astrology will it become obsolete!!! Since it is stated that within the 5th dimension we choose our own path and life experiences i kinda think that we are not anymore bound to karmic lessons. What is your opinion on that?

  64. Thanks so much for this wonderful post! I really like your style of astrological interpretation. My natal chart and even my life path make much more sense to me now.
    I have two yods in my chart and boy, they’re active now..! I used to ignore them, because most articles about the yod only take planets – no points/angles – into account when interpreting a chart. That makes no sense to me: some things cannot be properly explained without taking angles and points into regard in interpreting aspect configurations.
    One of my two yods consists of Pluto (Scorpio, conjunct to my 29 deg Libra ASC) sextile Neptune (Capricorn) and the Vertex (Gemini) at the apex. The other one consists of the Moon (out of bounds in Capricorn – I wonder if the the OOB-detail adds more significance to the pattern..), MC (Leo) sextile Chiron conjunct Mars (both in Gemini).
    Just realized this while typing this post: these yods seems to be a bit connected through Neptune and the Moon, as these planets are (widely) in conjunct. Sensitivity is key here.
    I am going to pay more attention to the other aspect patterns in my chart as well. My MC is also part of a Grand Kite. Wide orbs though. Might be important to take all of the abovementioned aspect patterns involving the MC into a bit more consideration, though, especially because my 10th house is unoccupied, so any connection to the MC is valuable to me.
    Once again: thanks for offering these insights! Looking forward to new articles 🙂

  65. I found this as most helpful as i found the death of Paul Walker and doing his chart and seeing a YOD with Saturn at apex . Yet , if applying lunar nodes he has a boomerang . In fact with the time of birth info from a old Peoples magazine article , he is 11 Scorpio rising , so Saturn in the 8th . This is much similar to my boomerang . The lunar nodes might have to do with something fated , certainly south node conjunct Saturn and the good dying young comes to mind. On my fb page i have a link and will update once i get confirmation . This is a epic chart if 11 Scorpio rising due to recent eclipse on his ascendant . A few groups are also going into it . Jamie, do you have a list with famous people with Boomerang Yods ? Tom

  66. Can the apex of the Yod include the Ascendant as well with any other orb or does it specifically have to have be a planet?

  67. I apparently have a yod pointing at Mercury and one pointing at the Sun but they are so close together (4 min.), is that just one yod? Also I am new to astrology so what does this even represent?

  68. I have a yod from 2 Cap 30 BMLilith conj 5 Cap Asc sextile 3 Pisces Sun, aimed at 3 Leo Saturn in 7th … I’d really like to figure out what work this yod requires of me …

  69. Dear Mr. Partridge,

    First of all thank you for your informative article about the Yod. I am puzzled about the Yod I have in my chart and would greatly appreciate it if you would enlighten me on what my Yod configuration may signify. I was born in Istanbul, Turkey on 22 January 1986 at 3:35 pm. I understand that you are a busy man, so I hope that this won’t take much of your time. I would appreciate to hear your comments at any convenient time.

    Many thanks,

  70. Would it be possible to explain the significance of a YOD in a synastry chart? Thanks

  71. I would like to know if having a Yod in your natal chart predisposes you for difficult psychological issues such as Bipolar Disorder? I was recently diagnosed with Bipolar 2 Disorder and I have often felt that the difficult tug-of-war the yod in my chart (3rd House -Venus Retrograde in Virgo / 5th House – Mars in Scorpio / and 10th House – Saturn in Aries) lends itself to distinctive patterns of hypomania and depression rapid-cycling. I would be VERY interested in having you or someone who works specifically with Yod-Astrology look at my natal chart and help me better understand how I can use the energy in my chart in a more constructive way. And also help me better understand what this yod dynamic is “directing” me to do!

    • I have always thought that Deanne. I actually call it a neurotic aspect pattern. I swing into deep bouts of depression, which is why my horoscopes don’t come out so regularly, and why I haven’t done personal readings for a while now. On the upswing though, so I may be putting the readings page back on the menu in a month or two.

      • Bless you, Jamie. Everyone is doing the best they can in their lives. Thanks for all you do!


      • Yes i think you are right on the money with that! I am also diagnosed Bipolar disorder and have a difficult Yod.
        The 150 degree aspect is a neurotic aspect so having 2 connecting each other into 1 point it makes sense that the Yod can be classified as a neurotic pattern.

        When using hand reading you can see the neurotic pattern on the ball of the hand which has a tight grid of lines on it. That indicates a neurotic character..

        Deanne do you also have that tight grid of lines on the ball of your hand??

        Concerning what the Yod is directing you to do is something that comes to you on your path. Very often when change is necessary within a organization the Yod figure is involved.. There will be someone that directs the change that has a Yod in there chart.. So the Yod is an aspect of change.. It ain’t the easiest aspect that is for sure.

        It is also considered a family energy aspect as explained in the Yod book from Karan Hamaker




      • Jamie, you are so talented. I understand about depression and challenged productivity and energy drain. Maybe start slowly with a certain type of reading that is less burdensome? or maybe don’t let them pay for a reading until you glance at the chart and if it intuitively feels like a reading that will flow, then let them order? In my job I can screen clients and it helps me avoid energy drain. Also there is an affirmation that might be good to meditate on … “it’s okay for things to be easy.” I know that is laughable to one with a yod. I said that to a friend with the same yod as yours …. involving different houses but same planets …. and he laughed a long time. Whatever you decide, we love you, astrology king!

    • Haven’t seen this post in a while. So interesting! I have the same houses affected, sextile between 3rd & 5th, pointing up to apex of Saturn in 10th on my South Node and have often felt pretty manic with highs & lows though never officially diagnosed. I wonder particularly with planets like Saturn and Jupiter (or associated houses) it causes an extra bouts of expansiveness and then contraction due to the planetary energies. I often feel when I go out too much, “play” too much or incorporate too much of “others”, I get really expansive & what I would term manic and quickly feel that I am totally losing my center & getting pulled “off path”. Actually a scary feeling to me but it has gotten much better with age. (I’m 40 now.) I am friendly but require a lot of space to manage. Too much alcohol, or any indulgence also has the same effect. I call it “learning to drive my race car.” I seem to carry very intense responsibility burden which others have difficulty understanding at times.
      P.S. I’ve had my palms read also and yep, those grid lines are all over both hands. She called them “worry lines.” ;}

      I wonder if it is possible to “progress” out of a yod? Since mine are all outer planets, the yod stays in my progressed chart for a long time but disappears in about 10 years in my early 50s. Does anyone feel that you can “progress” out of a natal yod or…do we just get more comfortable with the energy?

      • I have not thought about this before Kgirl, those thanks for bringing it up. I do consider that natal retrograde planets change when they progress direct, so why not Yod planets moving out of orb? If your theory is correct, you still have the natal influence which will also be the stronger. So “we just get more comfortable with the energy” seems right.

    • I think this person describes it very well.

      “The element of air wants to think, the water wants to feel and the fire wants to intuit. Imagine having three people representing those qualities trying to solve a problem together, and none of them wants to sense what the others sense. We also must consider the houses that the yod planets fall in and the rulers of those houses. So you see, it gets complicated, not just for the person with the yod, but also the astrologer. It’s next to impossible to give any kind of advice because yods don’t bring clear thinking, but more or less a cognitive traffic jam. Imagine if you saw a fork in the road ahead of you and each of the forks had a dead end sign posted on it. That’s how I describe a yod.”


      “Growing up with a yod brings confusion and restlessness to a person. They don’t quite know who they are or what their purpose is in the world. They have seething anger in some cases, frustration I would guess in most cases, and more psychological issues you could shake a finger at.”

      Yeah indeed ADHD, or rather more ADD, Bipolar, HSP, Schizotypal personality disorder, OCD. i got all of them labels.. It ain’t funny anymore.



  72. Uncontrolled? LOL ~~~ I have Uranus as the action point in a Boomerang Yod with a Chiron apex….uncontrolled is a total understatement 😉

    • Ok Action point Uranus – Planet of the Rebellion – the planet that coaxes erratic and bizarre behavior and byzantine schemes. mmm i can imaging how such an outlet could be able to cause uncontrollable moments of bizarre behavior hahaha welcome in the Age of Aquarius!!! where Uranus rules!!

      Which house and which sign is Chiron in??

      • I just read your website and it’s great you actually do something with your Yod energy!! Since you are also a Leo I can imagine you have tons of energy. But how do you manage the Leo fire with rising Pisces water??

  73. i have two yods in my natal chart 1. venus sextile mars apex planet pluto
    2. neptune-sextile-pluto apex planet mars …chart from astro(dot)com
    what do they mean?

  74. I have a Yod that involves Saturn and Jupiter that points up to Mars. Saturn Rx in Aquarius 2nd H., Jupiter Rx in Aries 4th H with Mars in Libra 10th/11th H. Saturn trines both Jupiter and Mars, while Jupiter and Mars oppose.

    ‘ve been trying to figure out for a while it’s meaning to see if then I can find away to resolve the block, obstruction, but can’t. Like others have expressed here I have experienced that confusion, restlessness and uncertainty regarding where I belong or what I should be doing. I also have trouble realizing my ideas concretely.

    A few years ago, I developed a better idea of what I should be pursuing and wish to accomplish, but one obstacle or roadblock from outer circumstances keeps blocking me up.

    If you or anyone on here has some insights or suggestions on this pattern, I would genuinely appreciate it.


  75. @Tom, The day Paul Walker took that fateful ride, Mars and Mercury were having a rou that day. I don’t know why astrologers don’t associate Mercury with automobile accidents? Mercury is the fastest planet and has a nervous, restless ,twitchy energy. Trips especially. short ones are often ascribed to him as well. I personally, have no problem associating him to deadly or lesser kind of accidents.

  76. Wow! Really interesting! I didn’t know you guys had yods/boomerangs on your charts. Now I like you even more!
    I have a boomerang: Jupiter sextiles my “saturnian” Mars. The apex is my Venus and it is opposite Uranus. My Sun is also 3 degrees away from my Venus. I do feel like I am on a mission… especially cause my Nodes are also involved: SN is 5 degrees from my Uranus, NN is 5 degrees away from my Venus.

  77. I have a double YOD and am finally starting to investigate. Feel like I’m running out of time.

    • This sense of urgency is something we get because of the quickening effect of two quincunxes. With a double Yod, everything happens at a certain time and place though, all destined. So try and relax, enjoy the ride!

  78. Thank you, Jamie, that was fascinating and informative!

    I now realize I have a focused Yod in my chart. Jupiter on the cusp of the 7th sextiles Pluto in the 8th. The apex is Chiron in Capricorn in the 1st , the reaction point is Uranus in the 7th. Would you consider Chiron as a planet in this configuration? My life is quite a story, things seemed to become more stable 25 years ago when I decided to devote my life to a path of healing for myself and others. Still, there are times when I feel compelled to define my ‘mission’, a strong sense that I came here to accomplish something and that it was so important for my soul’s growth.

    What is the orb of aspect for planets in a Yod formation?

    With gratitude…

  79. Am wondering about my YOD, or what I think is a YOD. My Saturn (3rd house Scorpio 3 39) sextile Mars (5th house Capricorn 8 6). Mars is quincunxes by Sun (10 house Gemini 9 43), and Saturn is quincunxes my Moon (10 house Gemini 3 48). Am not sure if this qualifies for a YOD, and am hoping that you can provide insight. Thanks

    • Otto didn’t come up when I researched that post, but he could have. The others were Hermann Goering, Alfred Rosenburg, Erhard Milch, Wilhelm Canaris, Rudolf Hess and Heinrich Himmler.

  80. Moon ( chart ruler) at 17 Pisces conjunct Ceres- H9 is the apex-

    Pluto 18 Leo H2 & Neptune 16 Libra H4

    Same Neptune is also part of my cardinal T square- opposite Jupiter 13 Aries H 10 & both square Mars 12 Cancer- H12

    It is NOT boring


  81. I do have a boomerang, a seperate Yod and a Stellium in my chart. To have a weired life is normal to me. A normal life is weired to me. It seems like I do live a life on two levels. The only thing I do not know is whether there is a general transisting yod as well. Does anyone see that?

    • As my N sun is 28 cancer & natal saturn 28 virgo- when planets transit 27- 28 aquarius- it makes a Yod by transit ( houses 1,3 & 8)

      I notice when the moon hits that area- it is mostly always a discordant day or two

  82. I read that the apex planet should be the speeder one to do a perfect Yod (Bill Tierney). I have a boomerang oneb(Mars apex, Saturne sxt neptune andJupiter as mid point) and it is a pain in the ass,this finger of God. Really! Can’t afford a 150$ consult now. I can confirm, all change in second and you just feel you are nothing. Could not speak for years became writer then. And failures just get through as pearls in a laughing’s God neckless. Still alive then. Ahahaha. And ready for my fated 55th birthday…

    • I do feel with you. At the moment I do loose everything that I have achieved until now. Those failures you are talking about: I do have them as well. I am a fighter, but these days I am more like a fly in a cup of milk moving the feets, hoping that the milk turns into butter and I do have a ground to stand on.
      It is a pitty that I am not religious anymore. Otherwise I would have a chat with God to take his fingers out of my ass as well.
      See it as it is. You were young and pritty. Youth is gone, but the rest stays!!!!!

    • So- if My natal moon is the apex planet to mercury & neptune- is that a ‘boomerang’ Yod?

      I have found that many with a Yod can find themselves in very hard situations- with no where or no one to turn to_ & have to battle through alone
      Is this the ‘lesson; of the Yod?

      In my case- moon is apex & it involved my late mothers terrible illness


      • e.g. the date 12.12.2012 (Maya :-)) makes a beautiful boomerang. Fassbender (actor) has one too. You simply need a oppostion in your yod. One time I wanted to bring my litter to the disposal site. As I arrived there, a men had an heart attack, broke down and was dead. The only thing I did was to send love and light to the living. Why that happend to me? My answer was, that the wife needed light, just not to break down. Everthing is a lesson. I am always on the right place on the right time. Keep the last sentence always in your mind 🙂

  83. Hi Jamie,

    I have a conjunction between the Sun and Mercury, (Aries Sun/Taurus Mercury) and a sextile between Pluto and Neptune. I also have inconjuncts between Pluto and the Sun and Neptune and Mercury. Oh, and also a Bi-quintile between Neptune and the Sun. Is this configuration still considered to be a Yod and if possible, could you indicate how I can develop it’s attributes??

    Thanks v. much,

    Jill Betteridge

  84. Hi, Jamie,
    My daughter Maria was born in december, 20th 2012, and has this special focused Yod, and another Yod, with Saturn (apex-house 4)-jupiter (house XI)-moon (house IX). How do you interpretate this?
    And, is it possible to have a Yod with an ascendant?
    Thank you very much!

  85. Hi Jamie,
    Thanks much for the post – I came across it amidst a real “yoddean” (sudden?) urge to find the true purpose and mission of my life as a deep feeling that I’ve been wasting it is becoming unbearable. I am slightly younger than you (October 13, 1968) so my Boomerang Yod is slightly different. The sextile part: Venus (conj Juno, Sappho, Adonis) conj Neptune (conj Karma) in 10th house in Scorpio, sextile Jupiter and Pluto on the same degree in Virgo in the 8th house. All quincunx Saturn (all orbs around or under 3 deg) in Aries (wider conj DNA) in the 3rd house. The reaction point (apex opposition) are Sun conj Mercury in 9th house, in Libra. I should mention that my NN is also in the 3rd house Aries however not in conj with Saturn. (The only planets out of this configuration are Mars and Uranus, and the Moon). I’m aesthetically refined and incline toward applied arts (but have never acted upon those talents) and intuitively like to say “spreading beauty and love is my mission in life”, half-jokingly. Third house is communication, yes, and I’ve never had the self-confidence to publicly express my thoughts and ideas – due to the Saturnian restrictions, most probably. I’ve always felt that it was Saturn (the apex point) that somehow holds the reins on these five planets and the Sun, thereby being the sole master of my life. Yet, the artistic Neptune-Venus and on the other end of the sextile transformationally profound Jupiter-Pluto seem now to be pushing hard and putting pressure upon Saturn, which in turn bounces whatever frustrations (or its “wrath”) back onto poor Sun and Mercury in Libra. Not easy at all, but have to admit – I’ve managed to stay surprisingly balanced, even-headed, rational and overly responsible all my life. However, the “missing part” – that unique mission and purpose for higher spiritual evolution and ultimate self-fulfillment remains elusive. I’d appreciate it if you could share any quick thoughts you might have on such a Boomerang Yod constellation, especially since our birthdays are only weeks apart. Oh, and BTW for whatever it’s worth – my ascendant is in Capricorn.
    With a sincere thank you and warmest wishes,

  86. we share Yods.. feeling extra stressed currently with transit mars acting as the “boomerang” in the mix opposing natal saturn. I enjoy your articles. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  87. Thank you for your informative post on yods
    What is the affect on it if the apex planet is in an interception?

  88. Hi Jamie,
    Please look at my Boomerang Yod. it is so complex. I was born February 2nd 1964 8.03 am in Melbourne Australia. I have a Yod of Sun/Mars in Aquarius in the 12th house, sextile Jupiter in Aries in the 2nd house, quincunx Uranus/Pluto in Virgo on the Descendent. The reaction point opposite the apex is Chiron/Ascendent in Pisces. There is so much I struggle with in my life. please help me understand my Yod a bit more.

  89. Radmila… I have a yod. I don’t really believe in astrology past the point that my mind is open to it, but when you get a natal chart done and it says finger of god on there it makes you raise your eyebrows. I asked a bunch of astrologers about it and they all said I was supposed to do something and I was like so that’s good, right? And they were all like, nooo…. Not so much. Not for you. Whatever.

    My point is, I’m an artist and a professional designer. And unless I’m making the world a more beautiful place, my life has no meaning. If I hadn’t had they people around me I did when I was in school who told me: “Don’t compare your stuff to the work of pros, or things you see in museums or magazines. Just do you and keep knocking at it and doors will open”, I don’t think I ever would have figured it out. I learned more about making the world beautiful from my youth spraypainting building than I did in design school.

    Forgive me, I digress… And my point is this:
    The last time I gave this speech it was to a friend who couldn’t find his style. He was thinking about quitting the design/art thing and said “noop, you know what this is called? It’s called a creative block”, you don’t need a new path, you need a muse! Now quit being a pussy and go find some inspiration”.
    He did and does fine. You’re gonna stop before you start because of the LOCATION OF A PLANET A BUNCHA years ago??!?? Weak. ok ok… That was harsh. Do This:

    Switch up your astrologies. Do a vedic natal chart, Or maybe a chinese one. I’m sure one of those systems will steer you toward a strength you can work from and just start making art!!!

    Check out this site http://uajourn.pbworks.com/f/How+To+Steal+Like+An+Artist+(And+9+Other+Things+Nobody+Told+Me)+-+Austin+Kleon.pdf
    and find a book called “Steal like an artist”. It helped me more than I ever imagined. I promise it will help you. If you can’t afford to buy the book or can’t figure out how to “obtain” it digitally find me at deviant art and I’ll do it for you.

    What or who is your muse? What’s so beautiful or painful that it cuts YOU to the quick??
    steal THAT. Make it yours. Even if you’re taking other peoples photos and applying photoshop filters to them, you’ll be learning what the photoshop filters do, also you’ll be making beauty and moving forward, which is better than wringing your hands over why you can’t do this or can’t do that. I personally made stuff that was derivitive as hell of crop circles for a year solid before beginning to branch out and make it my own (see: http://www.circlemakers.org), later I noticed that 4 months into that people were stealing MY work and tweaking it. A lot (most) of what we call art is, put blunty, thousands of years of recycled ideas. Faking it till you make it is part of the process. Everyone does it. And gas giants aren’t in the habit of calling you out for it. Creativity is _subtraction_ Pain isn’t an obstacle it’s inspiration. Now take that dirty little secret, and go make the world more beautiful. First things first… after you save this text go to http://www.deviantart.com and make an account there. Find me there under the name metatransmission. Send me a message. Do it now. DO IT! I’m not in the habit of writing messages
    to strangers and I don’t read astrology stuff and yet here I am, so it’s probably important. Why are you still reading this? GO!


  90. Hi
    Thank you for great article. I am also pushed by Yod pattern to lead a life as a mission, as I have Yod: Neptune 12 degrees Saggitarius 10th house sextile Pluto 9 degrees Libra 8th house, quincunx Moon 12 Taurus conjunct Jupiter 14 degreees (apex) 3rd house, opposition North Node (12 degrees Scorpio 9th house).

  91. Good article Jamie, thanks! A double Yod, what is that exactly? I have always felt my life to be fated in some way, and troubled by it, as if I were delusional. I have a 13º Gemini Sun, 13º Aries Jupiter and a 13º Scorpio Neptune. Conjunct Neptune I have the Moon at 10º – within 3º orb (?) by about 20 mins – with IC at 14º Scorpio. Some have commented that the Moon is ‘out of orb’ and not to be considered a Yod, and that the IC is not relevant as it’s not a planet. What do you think?

  92. Thank you so much for this info! I have at least two Yods (maybe 3 or 4 depending on the orb and if you can include the ascendant, but all overlapping with pluto as one end of the sextile–is that what is meant by a double yod?) The two most exact Yods are also boomerangs. One of them is pluto sextile neptune, with mercury as the apex and saturn in opposition, so almost the opposite of yours. I thought that was neat!

    Well, this has been the most concise and relatable description of the Yod and Boomerang I have yet encountered.

    I especially relate with the idea that the yod is in place for those who’ve repeatedly dealt with a specific lesson from lifetime to lifetime and it’s time to deal with it and integrate it once and for all. I love the crystal analogy.

    I have always felt a strong sense of fate or spiritual guidance in all of my endeavors. I honestly would be a hot mess if it weren’t for my strong intuition guiding me through my troubles/neuroses! And yet I never feel as if I am getting anything done, like whatever lessons I need to learn are taking over my life so I don’t have the freedom to choose my own path. At the same time I feel an overwhelming sense of duty to carry out what feels like my “fate”.

  93. Hi Jamie… I have a Boomerang Yod in my Venus Return Chart in December 2014. Venus and Moon are sextile; and together inconjunct Jupiter. Mars acts as the boomerang. Pluto, the ruler of the ascendant is also conjunct Venus. I guess I can look forward to a very happening Venus Return year!

    I can see you have a boomerang in your chart too… No wonder you call your website ‘Astrology King’, LOL!

  94. Hi Jamie. THis is great information. Where can I get a reading on my yod? My apex is a stellium in Pisces with Mercury, Sun, North Node and Jupiter ( currently, Chiron transit conjunct this stellium). The legs move out to Neptune in my 8th and Pluto in my 7th. I, too, feel I am somehow missing my life purpose. The pressure is tremendous right now. I feel stuck and like I am failing. THanks.

  95. My natal boomerang yod mars (XI) apex gemini /quintile neptune (IV) saturn(VI) sextile and jupiter (V)sagittarius in boomerang opposition. In my progressed chart venus move to mars place at 5 gemini. What to expect? thank you! I am lost with this yod. To much suffering no way to go

  96. I’m so lost with my you too… I’m turning 36 in Dec and I have had about 40 jobs and I’m about to start on my 5th degree (Music, Architecture, Photography, Archaeology, and about to start on a Masters in Historic Preservation). No where close to marriage or having kids… I have no freaking clue what I am suppose to be doing and I feel like I’m on a hamster wheel… I really thought things would settle down when I got into my 30’s but NOPE!

    Mine is a TIGHT Boomerang Yods…

    Pluto in Libra/5th… Uranus in Scp/5th… Sun and Neptune in Sag/6th with my Moon as the apex… Taurus/11th house (I guess it’s the 11th)… my Moon and Uranus are about 4 degrees away from the next house.

  97. Jamie, I was born the day before you and have the same boomerang yod. My moon is conjunct Mars in early Virgo. Saturn is in the fifth in my chart though with Sag rising.
    Thanks for this article. I feels to me as though our yod is so focused with no other planets in strong flowing aspect. The Venus Mercury opposite Saturn has felt pretty challenging to me to begin with, let alone I imagine, having it involved in the yod. I have felt such deep pain of Saturns contact with those points which has greatly affected my life. There are fruits of the long work on these qualities. Even so, at times the raw feeling of the insecurity and doubt can feel just awful. With Saturn in the 5th house for me it has been played out in lover relationships which have been very difficult to work with but now again, fruits are being revealed in the incredibly deep love emerging in my long standing partnership which grows ever more miraculous and rich.
    The past four years have felt like especially strong triggers of the yod for me, from my Uranus opposition and then the Saturn transit to the yod. I have felt this most recent Mars transit of the yod very keenly too. I’m relieved that Mars is moving on now!
    Anyway. From someone with a very similar chart, much good will to you and hopes that you too are starting to gather the fruits of many years of hard work and challenge. May Saturn shower you with blessings and real world, rooted results and the power of deep integrity.

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  99. Well, actually agortlosy is psychotic, literally.Clinical definition:Psychosis is a loss of contact with reality, usually including false ideas about what is taking place or who one is (delusions) and seeing or hearing things that aren’t there (hallucinations).Saying we have to study agortlosy to understand it is like saying we have study kicking kittens to really understand it. I understand agortlosy because I understand science. The planets and stars do not affect humans, full stop. And saying something is “beyond science” is just a way of saying you can’t prove your beliefs because they are not based in reality.Astrology is not real, you believe in it even when it’s demonstrably false. You refuse to accept that your unsupported beliefs are not true so you are delusional. You also believe you have some magical power to “read the stars”.Given all that data my clinical diagnosis of you is you are psychotic and suffer from delusions of grandeur. If you do not get treated for your mental illness you could progress into full blown schizophrenia. Seek help now!

    • Lol, he is not delusional, it’s not a “gift”, there’s plenty to study about astrology. I suppose you don’t believe in emotions either.

  100. I am born 25.03.1980 in Skopje, 21h. I think l have yod between neptune, pluto and venus… And it’s true that my love live is not easy and sometimes quite chalengeble and not aleays satisfying… I also think I have T-square between venus, uranus and mars… It’s true that my relations with people in general including love ones are often tensed and chalenging and it’s true sometimes I feel like it doesn’t depend on me but it’s like some god force is pushing me in some relationships which are not … Your opinion please and if I am right:-)

  101. Hi there

    Thanks very much for giving us some valuable info about Yods, it looks that there is a big debate over whether is a significant astrological configuration or not. Anyway we can’t deny that geometrically, is an interesting symbol.

    I have always been interested in astrology in a kind of on and off way ….seems that in times of deep spiritual search, astrology appears to give me a hand in understanding. Like synchronicity.

    I noticed that my chart forms several yods when drawn with aspects to Chiron and the moon Nodes; both nodes being the apex and the activation point. (together with the Moon, Neptune and Uranus) Indeed is a complex chart that explains in a way why I have this deep spiritual yearning but also a huge amount of frustration in relationships. Looks like patterns keep repeating although I already learnt and explored the lessons consciously!

    Are they meant to be forever challenging? I feel so tired of searching and learning, the last 4 years of my life have been deeply rewarding and purposeful, with a lot of learning but also intense and frustrating because when I feel I turned a corner, then something else come along …..like a well that is bottomless!. And I am only 34 years of age, but feel like 60. 🙁

    I hope you can see the link to my chart and see what I mean.


    Thank you so much for such interesting posts

    Kind vibes

  102. As stated in your article by Elida Marchisone, ” The timing of this evolutionary leap, or series of leaps will be shown by aspects, especially conjunctions to the apex planet from eclipses and outer planet transits”.
    I have a moon yod (sun opposite) with Pluto/Uranus sextile Neptune.

    Currently, I have transiting Uranus conjunct my apex planet (Moon 4th) and opposite my Sun 10th (boomerang). Transiting Pluto is also square to my sun and moon.

    I am also in the middle of a set of lunar eclipses (Aries/Libra) that conjunct both luminaries (by 1 degree). Also transiting North node conjunct sun and MC.

    I believe this is the turning point in my life. I am 49 years old and have suffered through endless situations that confused and nearly defeated me. Don’t ever give up. I have read that any quintiles (special gifts will become activated after all of this) I have venus quintile Uranus/Pluto..

    So for all of you with a YOD, hang in there. As the TV add used to say, “It may not happen over night but it will happen”. I will write to this blog after “it” is over and let you know what the moment of transpersonal transformation feels like……..

    • Nice words Angel. you do have it tough at the moment.Quintiles show up our creative/desctructive qualities. Much like your Uranus Pluto conjunction. So perhaps this is your endless suffering and confusion. You have seen your Venus creativity continually destroyed by Uranus Pluto. Venus love and peace. Venus is so soft that it really hurts when our self love is battered down,

      In transit, the activation of your quintile will see your creativity fourish. An intense period of creative stimulation through Venus. This is the special gift you have been anticipating will make you happy.

  103. I am 49 also have a Yod involving the moon in the 8th house (Aries) opposite Pluto/Uranus/Ascendant (Virgo) sextile Neptune( Scorpio). Feels sometimes so tumultous, not always sure how to channel the energy. Makes me passionate though…!

  104. Hi Cat,
    Nice to hear from another GenX. Your planetary alignments seems similar to mine, but a yod contains quincunxes, not just oppositions. I would imagine your emotions are intense (like mine) but your moon in the 8th would have a major theme of other peoples’ values, that which is shared, the way we unite with others and transformation. With your powerful moon here, I would be careful to use your intuitive insights for uncovering secrets and taboos for good deeds (eg helping others, nurturing or healing etc) otherwise you may experience extreme forms of hatred, passion, jealousy or depression. (I know) it’s very heavy karma, but it’s up to you.

    • Yes, I meant quincunxes, moon to neptune and ascendant/pluto/uranus. I have a weird ability to completely understand how people tick, and spend a lot of time solving others problems, when I should be investing in my own. But I have a lot of wisdom and am strong.
      I also have pisces saturn in the 6th conjunct descendant opposite ascendent/pluto/uranus which is hell–its the part of my chart that sometimes makes me want to give up. Only the neptune scorpio trine saves me 🙂

  105. Cat, never give up. I believe that when the time is right all things fall into place and will make perfect sense in hindsight. Until then, all of us burdened with YODS do suffer terribly. Sometimes I feel as though I have been cursed (not blessed) and yet I don’t know why. I am a good person and like yourself, I help others when I can. I used to put myself out all the time but after getting burnt a few times I have learnt to give only as much as I can afford. All around me I see others loose their job and get another opportunity open up for them relatively quickly, whereas after many years of studying and struggling I can hardly get a break anywhere. Recently I thought of starting my own business reading Astrology charts for clients, but after a bit of practice I realised that I take on other peoples energy as my own (moon YOD with all transpersonal planets) and it totally freaks me out. Now I realise I don’t have enough planets in earth signs to keep me grounded. Hey presto, back to square 1 again. I can’t tell you how many times I have said that to myself. We just gotta keep going until we get there. That’s what makes us stronger than most.

    • I can so relate to what you’re saying jobs and no opportunity and considering astrology business hahaha. Thanks so much for sharing

    • Yes I feel burnt thro helping others too. I got where I needed to go and they their ambitions fulfilled but to hear them tell it I had no role to play. OMG

  106. Hi Jamie, I like what your doing with this website. It’s great. Thanks for interpreting my quintile. I appreciate your thoughts and agree with what you say. Yes I am creative (art and science) but I am also a revolutionary. I know I can manifest change through love. It’s just that I believe the world is not quite ready for people like me. The existing power structures of greed, hatred and destruction that rule our world has got to play itself out first. However, I believe my suffering is mainly because of my moon YOD. From what I have read the moon represents my samskaras (Sanskrit); or in western astrology to my past and the 4th house is where the collective unconscious is accessed. Therefore I believe the quincunxes of all three transpersonal planets to my moon in the 4th house, is the collective baggage (suffering) I have been born with, which doesn’t actually belong to me personally. It’s too much. I believe that when I die I’m going straight to heaven, because I’ve already been to hell.

  107. I got a Yod which involve Pluto Virgo, Neptune Scorpio and Jupiter Aries. Now I’m sure that many People born in the 60ies got it. Could this influence a intire generation? Mercury Capricorn is squaring Jupiter.

    • My Yod is Pluto Jupiter conjunctionin in Virgo to Venus Neptune conjunction in Scorpio that points to saturn in Aries in 7th house. o’boy oboy
      My marriage is something else Im born ’68

    • Hi Christian,
      I have the same yod and was born in the sixties too and so I suspect it is generational. You would have to look at the houses and their rulers to find out more about what your yod is all about. I think it is about growth in consciousness which is happening on a collective scale and spiritual transformation. Does that sound true for you?

      • Yes, it is. Pluto in the 3 House a Gemini Soul told me a beautiful girl Taurus from Seattle and with Neptune in the 5th House should be a creative position for Spirituality but Saturn in Aquarius square and reduce or block the energies Jupiter Aries in the 10th gives me luck and entusiasm to any project I decide to start.

  108. I’ve just come to this site and am always looking for more information about yods. I have three yods in my chart and two are interconnected. Does anyone have three yods or has seen charts with three? I would very much appreciate any comments. Talk about destiny pulling me….

    • Wow Susan, 3 YODS? You brave, amazing person. I would try to understand the interconnected YODS first as they share a common element(s) that is causing you to misinterpret 2 different types of repeating situations. The activation points is where the energy is being pulled into focus, but you can’t understand or use it effectively until you become conscious of what your dealing with. I think you need to sit down with an astrologer to work this out, unless you like to read a lot and have time for self reflection.

      • Thanks, Angel. I’ve been studying astrology for a good number of years and in the process have had my chart read by many astrologers in the Boston area. The only person, Frances McEvoy (with whom I also studied), really paid attention to the yods, and that was at least 20 years ago. I’ve had two other readings where I live now – both avoided the yods. So…I look for transits to the apex planets, but with three yods, there’s always more transiting yods and my mind boggles. Then there are the aspects to the yod planets, which complicate it even more.

        Here is an example of one: Apex planet the sun in Capricorn in the 12th, inconjunct an exact Mars/Uranus conjunction in Gemini in the 4th and inconjunct a Pluto/North node conjunction in Leo in the 7th. Square to the 12th house sun is Neptune in Libra in the 8th. That same Neptune, of course, is then trine the Mars/Uranus conjunction. My mind just shuts down when I try to put it all together. Then , there are the other two yods that add to the fun!

        Also, for those who note similar family aspects, here’s one I’m trying to write about. I have six women with a Mars/Uranus conjunction: My grandmother, my mother, my sister, me, my daughter and my granddaughter. I only wish I had more time to spend on all of this…

        • Hi Susan. This is just my guess.

          You have inherited and passed on a passion for freedom and embody a revolutionary spirit (mars conjunct Uranus). This is also evident in your 4th house of inner self. Also, Neptune in the 8th house infers the need to set your self free from unconscious compulsions and achieve autonomy from your own shadow, ie, death, sex, taxing (not just money) themes. However, Neptune and Uranus/ mars work well together here.

          Pluto conjunct NNode in Leo ( 7th house of “other”) means your way forward is to make changes to the way interact with others, more equilibrium and harmony is required, rather than ego centredness. Then your sun in Capricorn (12th house) needs to be guided by the “changed influences” of Neptune in the 8th, in order to follow the right path.

          Finally putting the YOD together, utilising your spirit for freedom and correct interpersonal boundaries (including making peace with oneself) to release the energy blocked in the 12th house (unconscious). Once this is achieved your sun (outer self) will become conscious and be able to shine in it’s full brightness.

    • Hi Susan,
      I have 3 yods too and can empathise. You are not alone.I’d love to see your chart! I also have a Grand Kite connected to a boomerang yod, a Mystic rectangle and a T square from Jupiter to the Nodes. Life hasn’t been a bed of roses. It is as though I have been pushed along a pathway towards a goal that I didn’t consciously choose but the boomerang yod at least provides an outlet for the energies in the yods. Do any of your yods have an opposition? as this could provide you with a clue about what to do.I would also recommend checking out the sabian symbols for the degrees in your yods. I discovered that my symbols provided further insight.

  109. Thank you for this article I’m probably going to read it several times. Just what the doctor ordered. 🙂

  110. I just noticed now my yod is earth, hades and saturn. I think earth in 6th is focal. It was after a serious health problem I started mountain climbing. I have since repeatedly gratefully said these angels came down from the mountain and after I was healed they disappeared. Well not exactly, things happened to them but it disbanded for me no matter what I tried to do. They were a small group of the most healthy fit seniors I’ll ever have the pleasure to meet. Most edging 70 with the oldest man 80. Climbing twice a week hi’est mountains on BC Coast and bike riding to boot.

  111. Thanks, Twinkle. I don’t have any natal boomerang yods, but certainly have them with transiting planets. I would enjoy trading birth information and comparing experiences, but I’m not comfortable putting all my birth information online (or my email). Any suggestions?

  112. Hi Susan, so pleased to hear from you. We yod bearers need to stick together and share stories. I’m a very private person myself and so understand what you are saying. I don’t want to post my personal details either but as I have heard from you I will try to find a solution. I’m new to all of this myself and don’t usually post messages. There must be a way we can connect privately!

  113. I can’t find any links on this site to connect privately but what I would suggest is that you google astrologers community which is a fantastic way of sharing information with experts in Astrology who can answer questions for newcomers. Set up a pseudonym and password that protects your privacy and then you can share information privately with other members. You donot have to post any information on the public forum.I am a member so you can tell me your profile name on this site and I will be able to find you and send you a private message??

  114. Great idea! Thanks, I’ll try it. I’m looking forward to sharing information. Today was the first time I checked my solar return, as I like to wait and see if what I’m experiencing and thinking/feeling is shown in the chart. If I needed any confirmation that solar returns are accurate (I use Koch), it couldn’t be stronger. More details later.

  115. By the way, I’m under a different name on the forum, not twinkle, something more authentic.so the only way you can find me is to post your user name here. Let me know how you get on.Good luck.

  116. As far as I know you would be looking at the houses that the Sun, Venus and \Mercury are in to determine what sort of activity will be prominent in the following year. Mine are all in the 3rd house at the moment. lHeadache? yes and no, I’m completing a book that began when my yods were set off by transits. There are no mistakes in life. Alll knowledge is written in the stars. It’s incredible.Check out the forum. You will feel less alone there and let me know how you get on. Hopefully we can find a way to share yod experiences. I may be playing my own trumpet here but I have written book about my experiences that’s almost completed.

    • Okay, I’m all set with the name of star44 (lowercase). Yes, I look at Sun, Venus and Mercury, in addition to many other factors. My current return shows a lineup of Sun conjunct Pluto in the eighth, Pluto conjunct Mercury in the 8th, and Venus conjunct Mercury (just barely into the 9th) and all in Capricorn. Venus sextiles the Moon in the 11th, both inconjunct to Jupiter in the 4th. I already knew what this year would be like! Also, I’m a writer as well for many years now. It will be interesting to compare notes. Take care.

  117. Hi Christian, sounds like powerful communication with Pluto in the 3rd and spiritual creativity perhaps through what you have learned in romantic relationships? Just a guess. Have you been lead astray through idealism or communication issues in these areas that fuel Jupiter goals? Have you started any projects? Counselling springs to mind, not sure why. That Saturn square has a tendency to reduce confidence and create delays. I have a Saturn square too.
    I see you are from Norway. Beautiful country. My grandfather was born in Narvik. It’s my favourite place in the world, fresh and pure.

  118. I moved to Norway two years ago beautiful country but I was here in Bergen as the same time as Venus Passage in 2012 with the Sun Gemini and probably felt in Love with Norway. Romantic ppowerful talk of Love with the Sun Capricorn 7th House maybe a little Emotional Ascendent Cancer quincuns Moon Aquarius 8th House conjunct to Venus Pisces. Project that I love is to find sponsor for an Astrology rubric in a magasine and I still want to do it but it is difficult and non economic profit maybe the last Square Uranus Pluto is finally the right time I start for a New jobb today which av a salesman for a magasine called rettvest travel on local basis. The total sola eclipse on the 20 of march is right on the MC Aries hope for new project.

  119. Hi. I have 4 yods in my chart. They are as follows. Any insight on this would be much appreciated. Thanks

    Yod 1 – Moon is the tip of the finger. Inconjunct Mercury and Neptune
    Yod 2 – Moon tip again, inconjunct with Pluto and Neptune (same location as yod 1, but pluto instead of mercury as they are 100% on top of each other)
    Yod 3 – Saturn is the tip, inconjunct with Jupiter and Neptune
    Yod 4 – Neptune is the tip, inconjunct with The Moon and Saturn

    • i was born at 11:10pm (BST) on 15/09/1973 in Maldon, Essex

      I forgot to say, I also have a birthmark in the shape of a yod on my left arm lol, so maybe i have 5!

  120. I watched a documentary called “The greatest story NEVER told”… it paints Hitler in a whole new light and a victim of propaganda. Very thought provoking to say the least. I had looked at his chart and it never screamed “tyrant” to me. A very Venusian man.

    I had a yod in a composite chart of a very intense obsessive relationship. Years later and I can’t forget or let it go. I’ve done so much chord cutting etc. Saturn in Gemini is the apex with Venus/Sun/Mercury/Moon/Neptune stellium in Scorpio sextile Jupiter in Capricorn. The north node conjuncts my Sun exactly which also seems fated.

    We have two yods in synastry as well. His Venus sextile Mars making a yod with my Jupiter. And my Jupiter sextile Mars make a Yod with his Venus. Needless to say the chemistry was crazy. We were like magnets. Too bad it was so destructive. I still wonder if I played my cards right… Or is this what the Saturn in Gemini was fated to be… Lack of communication?

  121. Hi – I was reading about a Yod coming up this weekend and the ‘finger of fate’. I have gone through alot this past year and did some more reserach and came across your forum. I had a chart done in 2012 and referred back to this and after much time trying to translate the symbols I think I have a yod pointing to Uranus – it’s base points with the moon in Mars and the the other in venus. I think from what I have read that what I have to learn from is the opposite houses from where the yod points which is the cusp of the 1st and 2nd house. I might be talking jiberous here and don’t really have much confidence in what I am doing – sort of guessing from what I see. Can anyone help – I may be wrong!!

    The link to my chart is here:

  122. Hello There! I have two Yods in my chart. Pluto in the third house (Scorpio) sextile both Neptune and Saturn Retrograde conjunction(capricorn) in house 5, all inconjunct Jupiter in the 10th house(gemini). I was trying to figure out what that means cause I’ve just started reading about charts and astrology, your article helped a lot. Thanks!

  123. My Yod represents epilepsy and migraines. Seems they are connected in my little brain. The sudden, unexpected onslaught of Uranus mixes with the very expansive Jupiter to create strange verbalizations through Mercury. That my 12th house has within it Saturn conjunct Neptune meant that diagnosis was severely delayed, and I still have difficulty convincing others that both exist within me. Almost 50 before epilepsy was discovered, 30 when migraine was properly diagnosed. Unfortunately the medication that kept me sane…smile, and functioning is no longer made. What to do? Nothing…suffer…endlessly, needlessly.

    • Excellent analysis. Quincunxes are so health related. What about positive manifestations of the sextile that can come through the apex planet? That’s what you are evolving towards.

  124. Mari – In 1994 I was diagnosed with a mental malfunctioning given a name which I seemed to partially relate to but not to novels where stories were described so I kept an open mind. Then as Uranus moved through Aries it awakened me to a asteroid Admetos that sits on my synapses and that rang true. In the jouney of my life I had become aware of repeated shocks, admetos. Now I can imagine how my nerves started to malfunction through these synapse so Now it has a reality base to it. I was born with it in place like you. Just where the planets stopped when I was born. I dont take medications – I m still unfolding but admetos has progressed away from the synapses so hey that might be good news. It was all part of the growth this life had in mind for me. After 40 years I ve reinstated the one causing the shocks to my good books and suddenly things I had no idea about him. Good things are unveiling and maybe there will be another life where we will love more.

  125. what about 6 yods one on top of the other.. mars conj pluto 2nd deg. of scorpio and 5 th house sextile mercury 2nd deg of capricorn, conj neptune30th deg and jupiter 29th deg. of sagittarius, 7 th house,

    quincunx moon 1st deg of gemini 12th house?
    is there an easy way for me to analyse it?

    • Wow Besa, I can only suggest starting with the inner planets only, the adding the outers once you have got a good handle on Mars and Jupiter affecting your Moon. Good luck!

  126. I just discovered I have Yod too. My Neptune sextile with Pluto, and Mercury is opposing them. I am trying to figure out what does this mean, in a positive way. Thanks in advance for any advice

    • Many of our age group have the Neptune Pluto sextile. It is an aspect of mass consciousness and your brain taps into that communal vibe, or trending ideas. You sense things at a high level, whether positive or negative, so will be affected, especially by things which impact on many people.

  127. Hi Jamie this is so right, what you wrote, i can feel it having moon conjunct Jupiter and conjunct South Node at the apex of this generational yod. As the moon conjunct Jupiter isunderstandable for me but how can understand their conjunction tonę South Node?

    • Hi Alice, with the South Node, I think the benefits of Moon Jupiter would be due to your generosity toward family in previous lives.

      • HiJamie,
        Thank you so much. Karmic explanation fits well as this SN/ Moon / Jupiter conjunction is a part of large “planetary group” in Taurus in 3rd House ( cusp of 3rd H 11, SN 11 degrees, Moon 12 degrees, Jupiter 14 degrees, Pallas 22 degrees, Mercury 26, Vesta 29, Venus 29 degrees ) followed by Gemini Sun 5 Gemini conjunction IC.

  128. Have you seen 15 yod apexes in a couple’s synastry? Including 10 planets, 4 angles and 4 major asteroids using orbs under 2 degrees? Is this normal?

    • Depends I suppose, adding asteroid will increase the odds of finding a yod, but that sure does sound like a lot.

      • Thank Jamie. If asteroids are excluded and only angles and main planets are used, it is still about 9 synastric yods. Scary!
        Incidentally the upcoming yod on Nov 11 scorpio new moon/Mercury (with uranus apex) sits EXACTLY on the man’s natal boomerang yod which is also a synastric yod between the two.

        Uranus point in Aries -His Venus his NN ruler(17) his Mars his SN ruler(18) his SN(22) her Chiron(23)
        Jupiter point in Virgo – His MC (19) Her Venus her chart ruler (17)
        New moon/Mercury point in Scorpio – His Juno (20) her Vesta (16) her DC (23)
        Boomerang point in Libra – His NN (22) Her Mercury her SN ruler (22)

        The man is a married, ruthless cop who is obsessively and compulsively attracted to the woman who is a victim of a fraud/crime case (me) locked in unavoidable official interactions with each other. We are supposed to meet for discussions related to the investigation on the 11th! Not sure if i should go or hide somewhere.

        The spookiest bit is that my very innocent partner and the ruthless cop have synastric ‘Vertex conjunct Node exactly’ double whammy. The cop is clearly very jealous and seems hell bent on ‘eliminating my partner out of my life’ in some way.

        • I forgot to mention that with synastry you double the points so can expect on average twice as many Yods. My previous partner and I had the North Node Vertex conjunction and it was a whirlwind romance across continents that lasted about 4 or 5 years. Resulted in two excellent astrology sites too.

          • Wow Jamie. I hear you. My ex an i had the same. My north node on his vertex. It indeed was a whirlwind romance across two countries that lasted 2 years. Resulted in a baby!
            My brother and his fiancee have the same. They are getting married under ‘rather unusual circumstances’ to cut a long story short.

            So I dont want to even think of what the double whammy of Node-on-Vertex between my partner (male) and the crazy cop (male) could mean..:(

  129. Another question if i may? I have MC conjunct BML as a yod apex with Venus and Saturn as sextiling base planets. Does that count?

    • Yes, I always include MC, even BML though not a planet may have influence but I get confused about her, I have Moon square BML as the tightest aspect in my chart.

  130. my grandson has pluto conjunt his mc at 29deg. scorpio. then his sun in gemini and moon and aries sextile exact. making a yod with pluto. this really does seem to me to be a finger of fate. he has just started his 1st job since leaving uni.. hope he succeeds.

  131. I was told that I have 3 yods in my chart, but I’m unsure how to calculate them, or see where they are. Do you know of a book or article that explains how to find them?

  132. Hello, i don’t know what to make of my 5th harmonic yod, it’s made of saturn (libra 6H) Q neptune (sag 8H) both bQ chiron (tau 12H). Chiron is the apex planet and has a venus opposition in scorpio. i don’t understand my body, sometimes i’m so tired for no apparent reason, my mind works in odd ways, but that can be due to moon-uranus-mercury conjunction. Anyhow, some insight would great. thanks

    • Wow Ana, Moon-Mercury-Uranus would sure make you sensitive, I would be looking at your fixed stars for extra information on health issues. All Saturn-Neptune aspects to indicate health issues. The focused on Chiron will means a spiritual element to any health imbalances. Srry IO have not spent much time looking at golden yods.

  133. I’m new to astrology and to this site. Some of what you said here about yods resonates with me, especially about things getting better later in life. I have a yod with Jupiter at the apex, and Pluto (planet of death and ruler of my ascendent, Scorpio) and Neptune (planet of delusion, disillusion and deceit, and in my 12th House a few degrees from my AC, no less) at the other ends. No wonder I’ve had such rotten luck! Jupiter never stood a chance of bringing any good luck my way.

    You said that a yod shows what your mission in life is supposed to be. How do we figure that out? I don’t believe in reincarnation – whatever it is that’s out there that’s in charge of these things (whether you call it god or goddess or the universe or even the Force) is generally considered benevolent, and I can’t believe a loving being would require us to go through this life more than once – once is bad enough! However, if reincarnation really is true, I want to get it right this time because I don’t ever want to have to come back and do it again!

    You also mentioned that this can have a signifncant impact on health. Can you elaborate on that? I’m the healthiest person I know, but that doesn’t make sense if DNA is the deciding factor because everyone in my family had numerous health problems. It only makes sense if there’s something in my chart that overrides my genetics.

    Thank you for your assistance!

    • Jupiter at the apex and the outers in the sextile means that your faith and self belief are undergoing a major transformation. Also the general goodness of your soul. You will gain more information by looking to any fixed star conjunctions. Also check out my Jupiter Retrograde article. Even of Jupiter is not retrograde in your chart, the karmic implication will be similar with this yod. Pluto sextile Neptune is all about the spiritual evolution of your soul in relation to Jupiter faith, generosity, broad mindedness, philosophy, religion, higher thought.

      • Hi, Jamie,
        Thank you for your insight, and also for the info on retrograde Jupiter. Yes, it is retro in my natal chart, as are Saturn and Chiron. Every astrology site I’ve seen has plenty of information about retrograde transits, but I’ve had a difficult time finding one that says much of anything about retrograde natal planets.

        I’m really enjoying your site!

        Red Hawk

        • Timely then, I have only just started adding natal interpretations to the retrograde articles. Not sure I will get around to Chiron though, but I would like to.

  134. Hi Red Hawk,

    I have the same yod as you and would welcome any further suggestions or comments on interpretation. I know how difficult it can be to synthesise yods objectively in your own chart and then attempt to relate what you have learned to your personal experience.

    Does your yod fall in your 5th house as mine does or is it in the 6th? Do you have Pluto next your Midheaven? What sign is Jupiter in? For further information you need to look at the planet that rules Jupiter and see what aspects it makes in your chart and also for any positive aspects to Jupiter which could support and release the tensions in the yod. Also look at the houses in your chart that are ruled by the planets in your yod.
    I am still mulling over my own yod and these are my thoughts so far which I hope will help you to unravel yours. First of all, we have to remember that all aspects in a natal chart have higher and lower manifestations. Jupiter In Aries in the 5th at the apex of a yod is in a good place for creativity, self expression and learning through relationships. However, Jupiter notoriously takes things too far, and in the fifth house, this can mean excessively indulging in fifth-house vices like alcohol, uncommitted relationships or too much partying. Jupiter wants to be free from constraints and let the good times roll. The inconjunct from Neptune to Jupiter can bring confusion, rose coloured glasses, laziness, over idealism. even possible deception in relationships as Neptune is part of a trine to Venus and the Moon in my chart . Ideally Pluto in Virgo wants facts, personal empowerment and in depth transformation and Jupiter wants personal growth, self expression, expansion and creativity etc. The inconjunct from Pluto to Jupiter from the 10th to the 5th is about conflict between work and play. Mars, the ruler of Jupiter is squaring Neptune. This aspect is about the choice between escapist activities or the challenge of bringing something Neptunian to life through Mars which sits in the 3rd house of communication. Mars is in Aquarius which rules Uranus in the 9th house, Ideally, It wants action towards humanitarian goals, through experiences that broaden the mind, truth etc which can be achieved via learning experiences in relationships.

    My Jupiter apex planet happens to be on my Sun Moon Midpoint and squares my Nodes so this is a whopper of a yod for me as it is also a skipped step and so I can empathise with you about wanting to understand your yod and to get it right this time round.

    • Hi, Twinkle,
      Yes, Jupiter is in my fifth house as well, in Aries. Pluto is in tenth house/Virgo, and Neptune is in twelfth house/Scorpio conjunct my AC. Pluto is close to my MC, but not conjunct. It is conjunct Uranus, which is slightly closer to the MC.

      I don’t have the Jupiter vices you mentioned. I grew up in an abusive alcoholic home, and I swore I would never destroy the people who love me the way he destroyed the people who loved him. He’s been dead 30 years and I still read the recovery books and go to Al-Anon when I can fit it into my schedule.The rose-colored glasses, idealism and deception in relationships describes me to a T, though. I’ve always wanted to believe the best of everyone, but I’m finally starting to wise up in my old age! lol (I’m actually not that old.) The spiritual change and growth that Jamie talked about is also right up my alley – including what he said in the original article about the universe giving you a kick in the rear if you were going down the wrong spiritual path. I had DECADES of good swift kicks in the seat of the pants before I finally found the right path!

      Good luck with your chart, and I’ll keep working on mine. Nice to meet you, I hope we can keep in touch. 🙂

      Red Hawk

  135. Hello,

    Thank you for your thoughts and perspective about a yod. I totally get having to learn how to deal with this energy over time,I have a yod with Jupiter in Aries in the 12 house sextile Saturn in Aquarius in the 11th house, and both quincunx my sun in Virgo in the sixth house, which is also conjunct Pluto in Virgo on one side of my sun and Venus in Virgo on the other side. I would appreciate any insights about my yod.

  136. Forgot to say the apex points to a stellium of Uranus in Virgo in 5th house, conjunct Pluto in Virgo in 5th house, conjunct sun in Virgo in 6th house, conjunct Venus in Virgo in 6th house. It’s a wild ride.

    • Jupiter sextile Saturn gives a solid base for growth. Patient, ambitious, practical and optimistic. Hopefully this gives some stability, common sense and direction for your crazy stellium. With the quincunx having a small orb, up to 3 degrees. I would focus on the stellium planet which makes the tightest Yod first, or perhaps star with the Sun. Then slowly add in the influence of Venus then the outer planets.

      • I think I agree with the beliefs of quincunx’s being erratic energy that gets supercharged by transits. You said hopefully the sextile brings stability and common sense to my crazy stellium. I had to laugh because the common sense and stability come and go. I’ve had to learn to work with and around the flow of energies. Sometimes they’re there and sometimes they’re not. It’s a perpetual state of motion. I suppose adapting to the erratic energies offers its own sense of stability – LOL. And I’ve kind of found the fate of my yod is more in the acceptance of the erratic energies. I harness them when they can be harnessed and then let them go when they’re not around. Sort of a time for peace and a time for action, so to speak, for me anyway. Food for more thought on my journey. Thanks for your response. This is nice of you to donate your time and knowledge like this. I appreciate it.

    • Saturn-Neptune fears and paranoia affecting Mercury thinking and communication. Goal is positive thinking. Thoughts are things, they have energy. Most important to avoid negative thinking especially with Mercury conjunct the fixed star Algol. Negative Mercury thoughts can manifest due to Saturn-Neptune. The power of positive thinking really applies to you.

  137. Hi Jamie,

    I have just discovered the Yods in my chart and would like a bit of help interpreting them, as you are one of few sites I’ve found that has good information! I have three:

    Mercury in 13° Taurus (5th house)
    MC in 12° Libra
    Uranus in 8° Sagittarius(12th house)
    Jupiter in 10° Sagittarius(12th house)

    Venus in 2° Gemini (5th house)
    Pluto in 28° Libra (10th house)
    Neptune in 29° Sagittarius (1st house)
    Saturn in 1° Scorpio (10th house)

    Chiron in 25° Taurus (5th house)
    Ascendant in 25° Sagittarius
    Pluto in 28° Libra (10th house)
    Neptune in 29° Sagittarius (1st house)

    Clearly, the mission falls in my fifth house (also, my North Node is in the early degrees of my 7th, if that helps any). I also have a rectangle pattern and overall see-saw pattern to my chart. Every time I start to feel as though I am getting proficient about my chart, I discover something new, which is part of what makes this so much fun! Any insights you or anyone else may have is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    • Hi Alison, all look to be almost equally important. I would concentrate on the Mercury yod first as it seems to involve the closest planets to the Sun. Plus it rules your thought process and how you read your own chart. Have you looked at your fixed stars for more detail? I would not be concerned about house placement. Mercury on fixed star Menkar is a good place to start.

      • Thank you for the help, Jamie! I had not thought of looking at fixed stars, but after reading about Menkar, I’m a bit freaked out by the meaning of that Yod…very ominous!

        • Keep reading, and the stars that are near and involved in the sextile. Your whole chart needs to be taken into account, not just these planets.

  138. Hi, I’ve been studying my yod for a while now, but as of late, t-Saturn is opposite the apex (my moon), so it’s been trying.

    Any ideas on how you would interpret this yod?

    7th house Gemini moon is the apex
    11/12th Venus conjunct Pluto in scorpio
    2nd house Saturn/Neptune in Capricorn.

    It’s a pretty tight one. The moon, Venus and Neptune are all at 9 degrees.

    I’d appreciate any insight, as this may help with the Saturn transit.

      • I have read some on aldebaran. I guess I’m wondering what the key to my neurotic behavior is, haha. Relationships are a big theme in my life (7th house moon, Venus in scorpio, Mars in libra) but they’re typically dark and have a lot of power themes. Jealousy and possessiveness are big ones I battle with, as do the partners I seem to unknowingly choose. Right now, it feels like I am reliving some bad themes from my first love/marriage.

        • Neurotic behavior is exactly what all yods bring. And reliving things too, as yods show lifetimes of repeating the same thing over and over again. This life it comes to a head in order to finally get past the stumbling block to move on.

          • The idea of repeating the same lessons/themes over lifetimes is very interesting. May I ask how you came to this information? Past life regressions? thanks

            • I have had one past life regression but I’m sure I have read other astrologers associating this with the Yod as well. It does make sense given the karmic adjustment of the quincunx. And yes, Neptune for guilt, also Saturn.

  139. Hi Jamie,

    I have a YOD in my chart with The Sun conjunct Chiron at the apex/fulcrum, quincunxing Saturn conjunct Pluto on one side and neptune on the other.

    I find there is a LOT of searching for who i am in life. It never seems to cease, and I feel this pull for wanting achievement, power, and some kind of spiritual perfection with all those, which seems out of reach for me. Leads to lots of self exploration adn trying dfifferent activities/identities/careers, etc. but that leads to lots and lots of dsitrust that anything will last or gho anywhere long term.

    Wondering what your take on this YOD aspect pattern I have is?


    • Wounded ego would be the reason for the quest for power and authority, and self identity. You already have a good take on what it means so it sounds to me like you are already quite evolved and on the right path.

      • Thanks Jamie. Makes sense to me, I guess it’s juts lately I’ve been feeling resentful of others who don’t seem to be questioning their motives and get to just live out these fantasies of being an athlete or striving for something. But maybe in time I can learn that there is a gift in the shedding of these unhealthy motives and find more peace. Just feels at times like I am fighting myself and can’t trust my own impulses/dreams/desires.

        • Sounds like that wounded ego struggling against the fears and guilt from the sextile. Self confidence and self acceptance is so important a goal for you.

          • Guilt I assume is Neptunian? Def. think self confidence and self acceptance is important for me. Especially self confidence based on some inherent feeling of worth, not necessarily being good at something.

            Thanks for being a sounding board

  140. This is a really interesting topic for me. I have been told I have a pentagram aspect pattern called a Pandoras box. I have more than 1 yod.

    It is so complex trying to read my chart as im a novice. I don’t know where to start, what to give importance to. I think yods are important, and the mystic rectangle. I’ve heard about yods being activated but I’m not sure how to recognise this.

    Can you shed any light on this pls Jamie?

    • Yes Richy, keep your orbs tight and start with the basics, AC, Sun and Moon. Ignore Signs and Houses, use only aspects and fixed stars. Mastering planetary energies is key and then it becomes much easier when not confusing matters with Signs and Houses. See Precession of the Equinoxes. Your complex aspect pattern can only be tackled once you get a solid understanding of the most important aspects in your chart.

  141. And what can you tell about yod with Pluto in scorpio at the apex in the 3H and a sextile of Mercury in the 8 H ( conj Sun in the 9H) in aries and Moon in the 10H in gemini ?

    • Hi Austin, first off I don’t use houses or signs in interpretation. The sextile is a very open communicator and need lots of interaction, everything in life is closely related to relationships. Check out the exact degrees to find your Fixed Stars for more detail instead of Signs and Houses. Pluto apex could represent how you use the power you have gained through such intimate knowledge of relationship dynamics, your interpersonal skills. How you might tend to control or manipulate people and situations?

  142. Uranus is about to conjunct my 8th house, Aries moon yod point, the sextile part of the yod is sun 3rd to pluto 1st
    Will Uranus cause another train wreck? any help would be much appreciated.

    • Not if you remain flexible and open minded. Do not resist any change at all in your home or family or with women. Go with the flow and don’t try to hold on to emotional attachments.

  143. I have two Yods, right next to each other. The sextile signs in both instances are Sagittarius and Aquarius, and the quincunxes lead to my moon which is in Cancer, which is square to both saturn(Aries) and mars(Libra), who oppose each other. My moon is also part of a grand trine involving the sun(Aquarius),and Chiron (Scorpio). Methinks the moon doth posess great importance in this play, no?

    • Oh wow Charise. Find out all you can about the degree of your Moon, fixed stars, asteroids, Arabic Parts etc.

  144. Interesting. I am looking at the chart of someone with a sun-saturn-uranus Golden YOD. Pluto in the first house opposes the apex planet. I wonder about the significance.

    • Which is the apex planet? Also, curious which part you are wondering about the significance of? The whole YOD?

    • Only guessing Zane but obviously power and control are major issues. At least there is the potential for a positive result because of Saturn-Uranus.

  145. I have always had doubts about what my Yod is trying to tell me, as I am not much deep down into astrology yet. My yod is made of Mars (Sagittarius – 5th or 6th house(depending on used house system)) sextile Venus Rx (Aquarius – 7th or 8th house) with apex planet of Jupiter (Cancer – 12th house) and Activation Point = Uranus (Capricorn – 6th house).
    What are the things I need to pay attention to? How it will play out?

    • Don’t worry about Houses and Sign but find any fixed stars on your planets. Going over board or too excess in matters of love. Over optimism and smothering with love, then lack of faith and trust, selfishness, then to Uranus odd behavior, detachment, wanting to break free?

  146. Forgot to mention that my apex planet Jupiter is also retrograde in natal chart. These two planets being retrograde makes it even more hard for myself right?

  147. I find your Yod explanation to be straightforward and understandable. Very helpful. I still struggle with getting a true grasp of my boomerang Yod. Same Neptune-Pluto base with Sun apex and Jupiter reaction point. 1st house Pluto and 8th house Aries Sun. I know it has to do with truly becoming myself, but how to combine these planets/energies seems to trip me up.

    • Michele, I have the same YOD as you but with different signs (same planets, apex, and houses. Jupiter is opposing my sun but bit out of orb to be the reaction point).

      For me a big part of the pluto in 1st and pluto/sun is learning I don’t have to be perfect. Learning to except myself as I am. Now who i am may change a lot with pluto in 1st/sun and be hard to grasp with neptune/sun, so maybe it’s about loving myself regardless of how my identity shifts or how powerful I am (pluto) or spiritual/refined I am (neptune).

      I would guess you’re got a psyche with a lot of depth to it given the pluto and 8th house stuff. I found counseling to be very helpful and also exploring things like astrology that helped me lead to more self awareness.

      • Thanks for the feedback. I agree with you regarding the main yod. I’m wondering how the reaction point fits into everything.

        • Perhaps Jupiter reaction point is how you ultimately deal with, or express what Brian said. When not functioning well, this would be greed, selfishness, bad morals, extravagance, over indulgence. When it all comes together then a good natured soul friendly and cheerful, generous to everyone regardless of differences. Growth and prosperity through philosophy, travel, higher education, the law, spirituality.

          • Hi Jamie,
            I’d really appreciate your opinion on a boomerang yod from Venus/Chiron in the 4th opposite Pluto which is at the apex on the Mc. The sextiles are from Mars in Aquarius in 3rd house and Jupiter in Aries in the 5th.?

            • To start with twinkle, ignore the Signs and Houses, they will just confuse things from the beginning. I would also ignore Chiron and look at it later on. Focus on the nature of the planets and research the aspects. Start with Mars sextile Jupiter, then the quincunxes, the opposition and finally Venus conjunct MC.

  148. The TPP contract is being signed in NZ tomorrow, on the 4th FEB – Huge protest against it will be happening at Midday. I had a look at the astrology tmw and spotted a YOD (Midday auckland).

    It’s APEX is Uranus 17′ Aries (on ASC) with Jupiter 22′ Virgo and Mars 16 deg Scorpio! Yikes, is that going to be a huge explosive energy of change? Would an International contract be binding in this type of energy? (I gulp O.O)

    Any thoughts much appreciated!

    • I had heard that there will be no traditional welcome so that is a shock already. The orb of 5 degrees for the Jupiter Uranus quincunx is probably too wide to make it a yod pattern through. It call all come to nothing if the USA fails to back it anyway.

      • Thanks for the reply! I never knew that about the traditional welcome, there has been very little consultation with local Maori- so I wonder if that is why. Very interesting..

  149. Hi Jamie,
    My girlfriend has a yod, with a 3rd house Pluto- 5th house Neptune sextile (8º Virgo and 9º Scorpio respectively) and a Moon at the tip (10th house, 8º Aries).
    She has problems with surges of feelings and explodes every so often, releasing them. She avoided a career for a long time, but is now a secondary school teacher (moon-mother figure). Lots of problems with female teaching colleagues!
    Can you give me any more hints on the yod? Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Michael, this is the problem of a normal yod compared to a focused yod. She has no release point, or pressure valve at the reaction point. So that tremendous sextile energy all comes through her emotions and feelings, affecting relationships with women, and her home and family life. All the Neptune suspicions and Pluto power plays of female coworkers are focused on her Moon making her extremely vulnerable to psychic attack. She will even intuitively feel when they are gossiping about her. I would be looking to the rest of her chart for pointers on how to manage this and learn to become stronger and more detached. She will have a wonderful imagination so perhaps she could imagine being wrapped in armour which protects her from the negative energy. Perhaps even, at the more spiritually evolved level, be more emotionally open and forgiving so the women become more accepting of her. If you look at it from this perspective, perhaps her Moon is affecting others through her suspicions and manipulations, and the women are reflecting this back to her.

  150. I’m curious about relocation charts. I’ve been a closet writer most of my life. Paralyzed by a fear of failure. In my natal chart, I have Chiron interceped in the 10th house. Saturn conjunct mars in Virgo 2nd house, biquintile the midheaven trine Chiron. On the day transiting Pluto (6th house Capricorn) trined Chiron, I was flown down to Miami to work on a cruise ship pending that I pass the medical exam which they are paying for. (This was suppose to be at my expense) Now I’m waiting and it’s taking longer than usual and am worried. Because with the chart reference changed to Miami. I got a yod, Saturn conjunct Mars now in the 3rd house (forming half the yod) is costing me a lot a money running around town and I literally have $35 dollars to my name. This makes a sextile to Uranus (natally retrograde as of last year it went direct) still in the 4th house. I definitely have conflicts with my father. And right down the middle is Pluto in Libra opposite midheaven (barely in my natal chart, nearly spot on with the relocation chart both in 3rd) to form a butterfly Yod (if 2.5 degrees is close enough for 2 outer planets). I also have a kite configuration in this chart midheaven being the apex opposite pluto. Neptune retrograde 5th sagittarius, trine mc, trine nn 1st leo. Will this be more powerful?

    • Hi David, I have not done too much research on relocated charts but have moved around a little and taken notice. I do relocate when doing return charts but I would not take into consideration house changes, only aspects to MC and AC, POF and Vertex. There is an idea that as time goes on, things will eventually revert back to natal conditions even if you stay in the new location. best of luck, not an easy area of astrology to work with or understand.

  151. The SE March 8 will fall on my chart ruler- N moon 17 Pisces= H9

    This is also the apex of my boomerang Yod

    How can I make the most of this eclipse ??


    • Well at its highest level the Moon is all about service, being a mom to everyone. I would expect that if you are selfless with your emotions then you will be repaid in other areas.

  152. What is a “Golden” YOD, may I ask? Is that a YOd with quintiles and biquintiles instead on the usual quincunx/inconjuncts?

    • Yes, that is correct. As Jamie mentions above, “This Golden Yod involves a quintile aspect (72°) in place of the sextile, and two biquintile aspects (144°) in place of the quincunxes. There is still the same theme with a special mission in life and the struggle to overcome adversity, but there seems to be more of an emphasis on the use and abuse of power.”

  153. Hi Jamiei
    Went through this article on Yod astrology and just recalled your answer to my query relating to mars rx. I had an accident in recent past and I related it to mars rx cycle but u corrected me and the following was your answer
    “health is probably Moon related, square Pluto and makes a Yod to Venus sextile Neptune in your chart”
    You mentioned the Yod here but I was not sure what it meant. Now after my going through this article I just understand that having yod is for learning a higher lesson this life. can u explain me what does this yod in my chart imply?

    • Well forgot to mention I am April 2, 1982 born At 12.50PM IST.

    • Perhaps the Moon is how you react at the subconscious, emotional level to Venus/Neptune imaginings about love. Universal, spiritual, unconditional love in the evolved form, but delusional and susceptible in the learning phase, a soft touch and having your emotions played with.

  154. Thank you for this excellent article. I love the synchronicity of how we come across an article at the time a majour transit is occurring.

    I have a Yod pointing to Mars and Point of Fortune at Apex (Pisces) …
    quixunct to Neptune in 12th (libra) sextile Jupiter Pluto in Virgo Leo on MC.

    Mars is squared NN (SAg) in 1st… and in Evolutionary astrology (Jeffrey Green) that shows a missed step that impedes stepping into true soul destiny.

    With Chiron transiting Mars right now I am really ‘in it’!! Just have to figure out what exactly that Mars is telling me.

    Much obliged for this!

    P.s. I know Mars is about action, aggression, use of will, desire, sexuality. In Pisces all about self sacrifice. Martyrdom (of which I am very familiar). Ive had illness and health issues for a LOT of years.

    With NN Square and Saturn squaring Jupiter Pluto on MC I have come to understand that abuse of power is a core theme. ‘Right use of power’ being a key lesson. But there must be a bit more than that… or am I missing the obvious?

    • Hi Doug. Mars is also your goal-directed energy. Instead of using Sun Signs for interpretation try using fixed stars for more detail. For example, the Cusp of Leo and Virgo would be the major fixed star Regulus.

  155. Hi Jamie,
    There will be a yod forming at around 2am on 10th June Sydney time between Pluto in ♑ in my 4th, Sun and Venus in ♊ in my 9th (close to my MC) and moon in ♌ in my 11th.
    My natal Venus ♀ in ♋ is directly opposing transiting Pluto when this formation in the sky takes place, forming a Boomerang yod in astrology.
    In your opinion, will there be deep psychological shifts and transformation (Pluto as apex planet) regarding relationships, attitude towards love and worldly luxuries and pleasures
    (Venus) for me?

    • Yes that’s a good interpretation Donny but remember this Yod will only be active for a couple of hours. Yod configurations involving fast moving points like Moon, AC or MC can be intense in a natal chart but not as easily noticeable in transit.

  156. Hi Jamie,

    What are your thoughts on a transiting planet forming a Yod with one’s natal chart? The sextile already exists in the natal chart; the transiting planet forms the Yod.

    • I call this a transiting Yod and it is significant. That empty apex spot in your chart is a very sensitive point so is worth checking out for fixed stars and asteroids for more detail.

  157. Hi Jamie-ty so very much for your site. DOB 7/9/69 2:35am PST Alameda, CA
    Challenging does not begin to define my past several months. Would you please give me a little insight into my Yod and its impact/influence for me in the near future?

  158. Thank you for your writings. I am a new student of astrology and always learn something when I check your site. I have a yod aspect, with Pluto sextile Neptune, pointing at my Sun (DOB 5/15/1982, 4:47AM Mount Clemens, Michigan). Uranus widely opposes my Sun, so I am not sure if I have boomerang yod or not.

    I have always felt I was born with so many wonderful gifts, and that is what I try to remember when life throws the same two or three problems at me over and over again. However, I have come to a point in my life where I want to change the patterns and actually learn how to use these gifts for something larger. With this goal in mind, do you have any advice on how I might start to unpick my natal yod?

    • Neptune sextile Pluto is an aspect of mass consciousness so your personal goals and self expression represented by the Sun are linked to the masses. Uranus is a bit wide an orb but you can still use it’s technology and internet for your goals. Neptune PLuto also gives you psychic information about what the masses feel, so you personify global trends, the majority view at the higher spiritual level.

      The fixed stars on your Sun suggest you pick up some heavy stuff, a lot of the fear and sadness in the world. So you might lean towards human rights or righting for the underprivileged.

      23 ♉ 36 Zaurak
      23 ♉ 56 Capulus
      24 ♉ 11 Sun
      25 ♉ 54 Algol

  159. Hi, Jamie— I just ran a Solar Return Chart for my birthday this week, and found that it contains a Yod. Sun in Gemini in the 8th House, Sextile Uranus in Aries in the 5th House, both Inconjunct Mars in Scorpio in the 1st House (which is Conjunct the Ascendant). This is not a configuration in my Natal Chart, and it looks rather intense, to me. What are your thoughts on Yods in Solar Return Charts, as compared to reading them in Natal Charts? Is this one possibly the culmination of a Karmic lesson that’s hidden deep within my Natal Chart? I will give you my birth info if you want to look at these Charts. Thank you for your time.— Juli

    • Your interpretation is excellent. They are significant in a return chart just as any other aspect or configuration. It represents a special mission for the year. Mars rising sextile Uranus is intense but also exciting. An active year ahead by the sounds of it.

      • Thank you, Jamie! A special mission for the year sounds interesting— Hopefully it will reveal itself in a way I can understand! I did have something odd happen last week with a stranger giving me a message about enemies, and it was related to my birthday and Astrology. If this is Mars Rising energy, okay, I just prefer a more peaceful life!— Juli

  160. Hi, Jamie,

    I have a Yod formed by North Node in Taurus (1°), 1st house, Jupiter in Pisces (1°), 11th house, and, in the apex, Moon in Libra (1°), 6th house.

    I’ve been trying to learn a lot of things through the last months, because of my Saturn return (Sagittarius, 9th house) and my progressed Moon in Scorpio, 8th house (not fair…), but I can’t figure out what I can learn from that natal Yod.

    Can you give me a hint?

    • Hi Ivan , the Nodes are always a bit tricky to interpret. I would say the sextile represents your high level of self self belief that you are heading for success and happiness. To enjoy a satisfying family life that would make your ancestors proud that you have made the most of the potential handed down to you.

      How you feel about this or your intuition of it is your Moon. The problem would be to turn all these high hopes and sentimentality to action and practical results. The sextile may also be spiritual growth, but whatever it is it is worked out through Moon home and family and the women in your life are essential to making it happen. They plus you mood would become extra sensitive and changeable when you are not making progress or head off in the wrong direction. Any emotional sadness would be a sign you are on the wrong track.

  161. Hi, Jamie.
    I read the information on your site about “Yods” I’m still confused about the path I should be taking. I believe I have a “Boomerang Yod”. I don’t know how to work this out or the meaning of it with the planets I have configured in the Yod. With Saturn in my 9th I can tell you that is the reason why I started to study astrology. It is an on again off again attraction. It was a mind expansion for me to lift me up from a difficult childhood and now my adult life. Astrology gave me the gift to know this too shall pass to look to the light, however I started studying astrology late in life. The Pisces Sun is always insecure, lol…..I can’t seem to figure out what I need to do….
    Any help would be appreciated. What’s the message?

    • The orbs are a too wide for some of those aspect which will make it more difficult to understand, or feel disjointed. The action point Sun is your self expression but Saturn reaction point is how you express your identity through your responsibilities. I would go back to basics and research each aspect alone starting with the most dominant based on orb.

  162. Hi Jamie,

    I have a natal yod.
    Saturn (9th ruler) in cancer on 3H cusp sextile venus (taurus AC ruler) in Virgo on 5H cusp. They yod apex BML on MC. Boomeranging IC.

    Do angles and BML count? What could this mean? Am i supposed to work out my mission in life by conciously bearing a ‘witchy radical woman’ image in public?

    Since i was a little girl, i attracted more of lustful obsession from men rather than love/respect for no apparent reason. Is this related?

    Thanks for any insights.

    • I always use the cardinal point and yes, Lilith and Chiron. It is normal to expect that darker side of Lilith to manifest before you can transform or evolve to the priestess. But it is an important part of the journey because the sexual experience works like magic or unlocks the Kundalini energy. Venus sextile Saturn in this case may be dedication or love of your MC calling. A very difficult on the fathom Bernerdine.

      • Thanks Jamie.
        Yes it is complex indeed. Additionally, the two sextiling planets of the above yod are BOTH part of two separate natal grand crosses. I feel that the tension of both grand crosses are therefore funnelled into this Yod’s apex; BML/MC.

        Scary stuff.

        • Altogether I think you have to totally surrender your ego and have faith in your spirit guides.

  163. Hi Jammie I see I have my true node 14 degrees Virgo in my 10 th house which relates to Pluto which is 16 degree Capricorn . I was born on 27/9/52 11.15 Fife Scotland . Can I ask what this means please

  164. Jamie. this is the best info I have found on the yod aspect and the only I have heard on the boomerang, I would like to know your insight on Mars in 3 Pisces 4th house sextile the Sun in 4 Capricorn 3rd house quincunx Pluto in 29 Cancer 9th house conjunct the MC opposition Jupiter in Aquarius conjunct the IC {12-26-1937 2:40 AM Dayton, OH).

    • Thanks John. I guess the initial problem with your Yod is all that energy from Sun sextile Mars being intensified at Pluto MC. The Yod intensifies it and so does Pluto. Very forceful public projection which would take experience to tame. But all that sustained, ceaseless striving in the career should have resulted in contentment and happiness in the home. Lucky you have Jupiter on IC to give a balance, best planet really so you have tremendous personal inner growth this life.

    • You would have your birth chart raised. Perhaps Jamie Partridge can perform this service for you.

    • Good question Joann. It can be difficult but the best place to start is making your chart at astro.com. Then look for the green aspect lines which are the long green lines. You need two of them coming together to form the long triangle. Remember that not all quincunx aspects may be marked on the chart, especially to points like Ascendant or asteroids.

  165. Hi Jamie,
    thank you for this interesting article. Like you I have a Boomerang Yod. Mine is straight on the AC/DC-axis with Sun and Venus on the apex oint on the DC, Mars on AC as the reaction point, Jupiter (11h) sextil Saturn (2h). Until my early thirties I was very shy. I had many life changes, seems like I can’t find my direction. I’m still not sure where I want to stand.
    Could you tell me something about my Yod?
    My mate puts planets on my sextil planets (his Mercury on my Jupiter and his Jupiter on my Saturn). Is this helpful to go on the ground of this Yod to be channeled the right way?
    I was born 19.01.1978, 4.34 pm, Berlin, Germany.
    Thank you!

    • That’s a very strong Yod because of the tight orbs Adriana. It came up with thick green lines on my software. I’m not sure about the effect of the synastry with your friend. but having a loving partner is critical to you yod, perhaps even a financial or business partner would do. It seems like you need to share you love and to feel their love so that you can project your own identity. Mars retrograde suggests work is needed on safely asserting yourself. To do this, you have the assistance of past life friends and lovers who perhaps owe you a favor or just want to be together again.

      Research on your fixed stars will give you a lot of extra information to help you understand the past. The past is so important because of the three retrograde planets. Most of these stars are of a military nature. I suggest many people were affected by your past life actions. Now many in your generation come around to support your soul growth. Inside you must feel some guilt or shame but friends and lovers are here to heal this inner pain and make you understand that you had to do what you did, no one else was strong or brave enough.

  166. What could a yod in a composite mean for a relationship that didn’t last long? Saturn is at the apex in the 7th so I can see how the relationship might have been difficult for my ex to handle, BUT we did have Jupiter and Venus as the two sextiles.

    • This is not really my area of expertise Sims. Synastry makes more sense to me. For problems in relationships I usually look to transits to my own chart.

  167. Saturn in the seventh says it all. Jupiter and Venus brought in an irresistible compulsion of love to assure the fulfillment of a destined karmic enlightenment. If this is taken as a beautiful insight, Saturn will reward you like beyond Jupiter, I predict a solid and enduring loving and respectful partnership, Certain things are scheduled in life, but how we react to them is not. LiberArtos

  168. Aha..! Why, this description strikes a bell in my guts, of all things. Spring of ’08 recovering from the height of destitution and frustration, I felt some kind of a “call”.

    —> don’t know what or how, but find your way into eminent prosperity & success through quiet confidence (have been building on this since inspiration struck 22nd Aug. ’14). Then, you can serve the purpose that you, higher self & conscience have long wanted. Am a Sagittarius decan 3, 19th Dec. ’72 0240 hours.

  169. Hi Astrology King. Just wondering if you do personal consultations? Paid of course. Would really love your definition of the yod in my chart.


  170. I have YOD in my chart, was born 12 may 1952 in Poland, 5.30 a.m. The sextile is Neptune and Moon, and quincunx to Sun in XII house. I know it’s very difficult to live with it, but all that you describe about people like me, it’s true.

    • Yes it must be hard always expressing such sensitivity. Most people keep Moon Neptune to themselves but the yod pushes it out through your identity, exposing that vulnerable intuitive and psychic self.

      Enjoy today’s solar eclipse trine your Venus!

  171. Hi Jamie. Can a transit planet when it hits a certain spot activate a yod with 2 natal planets? What if that transit yod completes a 5 point star pattern made of 3 yods?

    So the transit planet is the 5th point of the star. For me, this happened on 26th August. Linked to an aquarian woman (significant ex) who turned up unexpectedly after months, 1 day before the full moon in Aquarius.

    20th August damaged shoulder

    26th August this yod day

    29th August shoulder diagnosed as dislocated ac joint, operation set for 6th September.

    Astrology can be painful

  172. I do not study astrology. I do comune with my highest self and I am constantly called ” yod”. I was born 1/25/47. My soul twin was born 11/8/53. We are not together but I am told that when we get together in the physical the third who is in his 80’s and lives in Houston Texas will then come. It will be a ” great happening”. Any thoughts

  173. Hi Jamie, I have tried to understand the yod in my chart but some how i’m just not getting it. Like i’m blocking the info, or just plan brain dead. I was born 06/02/1963 at 5:50pm in pueblo,Co. I have Jupiter in 5th, sun in 7th, and Neptune in 12th. Any insight and understanding Would really be appreciated. Thank you

    • Your Sun sextile Jupiter generosity can be taken advantage of through Sun quincunx Neptune scammers, religions, scandals. They see your generosity as a weakness.

      You turn it around through self awareness of how this energy flows. Promote what you want out of Neptune. Ignore Houses as they only confuse astrology, the same goes for Signs. Concentrate only on aspects and fixed stars. Very powerful fixed stars in your chart:

      Moon conjunct Spica and Arcturus
      Sun conjunct Aldebaran
      Mars Uranus conjunct Regulus

      The two archangel star mean you will have some extreme ups and downs in life but always the energy and courage to win the day.

  174. Hi. Thank you so much for that article. I have a Yod with pluto sextile netune and mc at the top with the Ic at the bottom in the boomerang. Ive always felt I needed to put myself out there more. Like Im pushed or that theres not an inner contentment. Im just not sure in what area I need to apply the energy too as i have many likes. March 9, 1982 4:20am. Los Angeles, CA. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you.

    • The MC is definitely where you want to be because of the Boomerang effect but also fixed star Algol on your IC. I would use to signs of talent in your chart like Venus sextile Uranus, especially with Venus so close to your AC. Fixed star Agena on MC may indicate a career in which you can project your pronounced sensuality.

  175. Hi, I got to your page through Michelle Young’s link in one of her comments on the thread about yods on the KISS page on FB. I, like you, have a yod with Neptune-Pluto base and Pisces Moon apex at 17° (conjunct NN at 15°). Apart from Saturn at 25° Virgo which I think is a bit out of orb I have no other planets in Virgo. Should I take the Neptune-Pluto midpoint to be the release point? Thank you.

    • Glad you found me! See what aspects you get from that midpoint degree for more information. Check for any asteroids or minor planets, Arabic Parts even at that midpoint degree. I would prefer to actually see you chart but The opposite degree to your Moon may also be the reaction point.

  176. I’ve been trying to find info on this for decades. I have a double yod. In the major one, the ruler of my sun (pluto(13V46), along with a conjunct Uranus(9V18)) is one base in my rising sign (Virgo) and the ruler of my rising sign (Merc (12Sc23) as part of a stellium including my sun (12Sc12), nep(15Sc16) and Ceres(11Sc51)) is the opposite base in my sunsign (Scorpio). The Apex is Jupiter(11Ar3) in my 7th house, widely conj my desc (end of 6th/28Gem52) in Aries.

    This one is particlularly of note as I recently reconnected w/a childhood sweetheart who is my twin flame. His moon (6Ar17) is conj that 7th house Jupiter(11Ar3) apex and conjunct my desc(28Gm52), on either side. His desc (17Ar21)also falls in my 7th house conj my apex, and his N. Node(14Sc6) sits smack dab on top of my Scorpio stellium yod base, conjunct at least 4 major planets/asteroids. My Aries Jupiter apex(11Ar3)trine my Mars(7Sg40) run conj along one leg of his natal grand fire trine with his moon (6aries17), his Saturn(7Sag41) (conj my mars(7Sg40) exactly), and his Uranus (8Leo12). Although our moons square each other, we do have a cross moon/mars aspects with his moon trine my mars and my moon sextile his mars. As well as Eros/Psyche, part of karma, marriage, and other parts aspects.

    My second Yod is the other yod’s apex jupiter(11Ar3) in the 7th and Saturn(16Aq37) in the 5th, as the bases; with Pluto(13Vg46) in the 12th as the apex (as well as the 4 degree conjunct Uranus(9Vg18) if you’re using a 5 dg. orb, otherwise it’s just Pluto).

    It is overwhelming and I have no idea where to even begin an interpretation and I’ve been studying for years and have a bookcase full of books. Computer programs don’t even touch these aspects. See for yourself. (female, Nov. 5, 1963; 3:31am; Detroit, MI) and if you feel like checking out those twin flame/karmic indicators use (male, Aug. 14, 1957; 10:30am; Detroit, MI). Any suggestions? A computer generated, general natal or synastry report won’t even touch most of these aspects, and it’s frustrating to say the least. I KNOW there’s something important right in front of my face and it may as well be in a language from outer space for all I can read it. Even a recommendation to an astrologer who interprets charts personally, by advanced experience and not by computer would be appreciated.

    • Hi there. 5 degrees it too wide for a quincunx. This is how I see your yods:

      1. Jupiter apex to Sun Mercury sextile Uranus Pluto

      2. Moon apex to Mars sextile Part of Fortune

      Jupiter Rx is by far the most important. My best advice to is research each individual aspect, read about natal Jupiter retrograde, and check out your fixed stars, some very powerful ones there. Jupiter for you is believing in yourself and others, having faith in yourself and and others, trusting. not being selfish or greedy and sharing openly with others.

      I don’t do relationships astrology, too time consuming and complex.

      • Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time. I’ll be reading up on those aspects you’ve mentioned, thoroughly.

  177. I’ve been studying astrology for over a decade now, but only realized that I have yod/boomerang aspect patterns today – super interesting stuff.

    1. Sun in 29° Aries Uranus in 3° Sagittarius Mars in 3° Libra
    2. Mercury in 8° Taurus Uranus in 3° Sagittarius Mars in 3° Libra

    To create the boomerangs, I have:

    Sun Opposition Pluto orb: 4 °
    Sun Opposition Jupiter orb: 7 °
    Mercury Opposition Jupiter orb: 2 °

    Are these orbs tight enough to create a boomerang? I also have 6 Rx planets (Mars through Pluto).

    Thanks for any insight.

  178. Hi Jamie,

    I know about the Traditional Yod (150-150-60) and the Quintile or Golden Yod (144-144-72). Is there a name for the configuration of 135-135-90, which I have? Or can I claim this as a Silver Yod? 🙂

    Thanks for all interesting articles, KC

    • Awww sorry Kristian, you missed out on naming rights. Or perhaps you could add it to the list. Quadriform is the correct term I think but it is also called the Fist of God, Thor’s Hammer, or Arrowhead.

  179. Thank you for this article, Jamie! I have been trying to dissect and understand my Yod for a while now and your guidance was very helpful. I often feel like I am not in charge of my life’s path and I am placed in relationships and settings requiring a huge amount of growth, change and transformation. Sun 19 Taurus 43′ 3″, Moon 20 Pisces 55′ 53″, Pluto 19 Libra 35′ 56″r. My Pluto is also conjunct the MC in the 9th.

    • Nicole, “I am placed in relationships and settings requiring a huge amount of growth, change and transformation.” This is exactly how I feel with a yod and I’m sure nearly everyone who reads your comment will understand. Yods work through one to one relationships and i do feel for my partners. It must be hard on them.

      So Pluto MC is your Yod apex to Sun sextile Moon. You are gifted and have good karma with Sun sextile Moon. My guess is that you abused your good charm once upon a time in order to gain more power and control. Now you use your Sun sextile Moon emotional balance and mental stability to help others. this is your calling or career to help transform the lives of others who are victims of abuse or some other form of power tripping. Maybe it was you who were the victim. Check out your fixed stars for more detail.

      • Wow! I never thought about that balance of power, emotion, and mental clarity as karmic in nature. I’ve been told I have a “healers” chart with Neptune in the 12th, Moon in the 2nd, and a stacked 8th House. I do feel very charmed in that I’m gifted a great deal of popularity and notoriety. I escalate into leadership positions quickly, but with that comes a great amount of cost to my energy. It can feel really lonely, too. I feel very compelled to be responsible and use my power wisely for the good of all.

        Here is my info. I’d be honored if you took a look. May 9, 1980, 11:47 PM MDT, Rock Springs, Wyoming, USA.

        • It appears Spica sits almost dead center between my natal Pluto at the Yod apex and the MC. I didn’t see any other fixed stars conjunct my Sun or Moon.

  180. FINALLY! Someone I can ask about my Golden Yod! and NOW I understand it’s a ‘Boomerang’ Quintile Yod – how devine! I have a 0 degree orb with Sun (0.06 Scorpio/in last minutes of 7th) Q MC (12.02 Cap), both bQ Jupiter, Rx in 2nd (5.46 Gemini). Jupiter is opposite Mars in Sag at 7.43. PLEASE help me interpret (learning? teaching?) I have been trying to find for years and am so glad you’re teaching this aspect!

    • sorry, that was Sun in last minutes of 6th house, just below my Descendant – thanks!

  181. I have been curious about my Yod for a long time. Aries 5 degrees in the 12th house is the apex, Neptune 6 degrees in the 7th House and Pluto 4 degrees in the 5th House form the quincux. Neptune and Pluto are Trine which adds to the energy, I think? I’m approaching my 2nd Saturn Return and want to be sure I’m taking advantage of all my gifts! Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

  182. I’ve got one with Puto and Mars conjunct in third house Scorpio, Neptune and Jupiter conjunct in fifth house Capricorn, Chiron at the top in Taurus. Oh, and it’s a boomerang, because Chiron is opposing Uranus.

  183. I love this piece. Thanks so much for writing it. I’m looking for information on the reaction or release point of the yod, the midpoint of the planets in sextile. You’ve given a great lead by sharing your chart; I can see the benevolent action of Mercury and Venus in your writing and sharing. Thanks for everything. Blessings!

  184. Jamie, I have been searching for information to help me interpret my natal chart for 20 years. Finally you have shed some light! Thank you.
    Is it possible to have you look at my chart? i believe I have multiple yods.

  185. Hi Jamie! I made a comment on your Transiting Jupiter square Pluto article. I also see that there is another Nicole that responded, so I just put Nicole1 so as not to confuse you. Anyway, I also have a Yod, though I don’t really understand it? My Yod involves Saturn in Taurus (6 deg. 12th house) Apex, quincunx mercury in 3 deg and uranus 5 deg Libra and moon in 8 deg Sagittarius. My question pertains to the golden yod you mentioned. Would my Vertex which is at 5 deg Scorpio create a Golden Yod? if so, what are the affects/effects of this ? I wish you did personal readings, my chart seems so complicated to me. Thanks and I pray this message finds you in good health, I read your bio. Peace, love and light to you!!

  186. Hi Jamie,

    I’m really thankful to find your site tonight! I connected so much to your article on the Neptune Retrograde we’ve had these recent months. It has helped explain some very difficult experiences that I’ve gone through this year. I may comment on that page also. Then I found this yod article and it seems that there are no coincidences and I felt compelled to comment.

    Like you and others who’ve commented here, I also have a Boomerang Yod with Neptune sextile Pluto (conj. Moon), and the apex is the Sun conj. the MC opposite Uranus at the IC. Pluto is also opposite a triple conjunction of inner planets, so there is a lot happening very focused all in all very tight orb. I’ve definitely felt a fatedness in my life, yet my very purpose and mission I’ve clung to and pursued has been put into question in recent months, and I’m feeling very unsure how or what to move forward to or when things will shift in my favor… If you’d like to see, my info is: May 9, 1979 12:43 pm Bronx, NY USA.

    I’m fascinated how you’ve described the dynamics between the planets involved in your own chart and tracked your evolution that way… So it makes me curious in my chart how to start understanding it more– What effect do those three outer planets (all in natal retrograde) have on my Sun at the apex? How does it “bounce” back to the reaction point of Uranus? Through which planet is this dynamic actually expressed- or it is all of them? It’s just so overwhelmingly intense to bear at times. How do you see that positive/negative expression of these themes? Any insights and resources for further exploration are so appreciated.

    Thank you! Keep up the great work! <3

    • This may be two much info but I need help!!! My birthday is 5-20-80 it is said that I am born under the yod the “golden square” things started happening a few months ago kinda like a spiritual awakening and now I’m not sure how or where to go from here? Or if this is the real deal? How do I get more info?

  187. Hey Jamie,
    Friend of mine has a YOD with Pluto/Sun as the sextile and Mars as Apex. Any thoughts on what this could mean? Going deep in the self, self transformation and learning to be more assertive and active in the world??? thanks!

  188. Hi Jamie! I was born 5 days after you, so my Yod is very similar to yours, only my Moon is conjunct Neptune. Your interpretation was excellent and really helpful for me! For the first time it didn’t feel like a challenge to understand the Yod. Congrats on your work!

  189. I feel like we receive information when it is time to understand and I believe that is why my friend pointed out a yod in my chart, which I had never heard of before. Then I see a bright light fall from the ceiling into my swinging plant which caused it to swing pretty dramatically. I think someone want’s my attention. I would like to know more about mine. I have Jupiter and Mars sextile with Neptune as the Apex. Mars 3rd house Gemini, Jupiter 5th house Leo, Neptune 10th house Capricorn. If anyone can help me that would be great 🙂 If not, I’m sure I’m stumble upon the answers eventually.

  190. Great post, really enjoyed it. I know some dont consider YOD a thing so I wonder how and where to find more information? Mine points to relationships Mars in 7th house YOD with Jupiter and Moon to help me out if that pattern …Easy? Nope. I think a strong sense of destiny is ehat you get with a yod.

  191. Thank you for your description, it helps explain a lot for me. I have Sun and Uranus conjunct and sextile to Mars Saturn in retrograde it the yod point and moon is the boomerang. Thank you.

  192. My boyfriend and I both just had a yod in our charts last week. Not sure what my mission is, our birthdays are two days apart

  193. Hi! I just started studying astrology and I have always thought that I only have one Fire Grand Trine with 5 fire stars in it (Moon and Mars in Aries, Venus in Leo, Saturn and Uranus in Sagitarrius) and my ascendant is Aries too.
    But today as i was reading up further on the grand trines, I realised that I have overlooked my natal chart until today! I just discovered that my Grand Trine lies in the Kite shape, and i have a YOD pointing towards Aries too!
    I was really surprised and so i came across ur site. What does Yod pointing towards Aries mean?
    P.s. I also have the big cross.. it seems like my chart is very complicated T.T

  194. How would you interpret a boomerang yod between the sun and mars conjunct in the 1st house of Aquarius, Chiron/Venus at the tip in the 2nd(Chiron)3rd (Venus)house to Jupiter in the 3rd of Aries with Pluto and the moon at the base?

  195. Very good info: I use to do comparison charts and found a Yod involved between two partners who stayed together until one died. As for any “spiritual union or divine journey” between the two I wouldn’t suppose the unions were spiritual necessarily but more like attracts like. Even some thieves stick together for years until one gets caught or dies. I am impressed with your site especially since I now have more time to study.

  196. Hi Jaime: Could you give me some enlightenment on one of my yods? I have Mercury in Pisces inconjunct node in Libra. Mercury is sextile Uranus which is inconjunct node in Libra. Thanks for directing me to the yods as I never gave these points enough thought or consideration.:

  197. I find that yods show one’s destiny which is not always to find a greater spiritual enlightenment or responsibility. Take the chart of Trump: he has a yod with his midheaven which is conjunct algol which is inconjunct Jupiter in Libra sextile Moon in Sagitarrius. He has spent his short time as President destroying much of America by taking out many programs like EPA, help for veterans, etc. I think his main goal in life was to destroy everything he touches, including wrecked marriages, disdain for higher education, and hatred of the poor. Perhaps Americans will find a greater need to show respect for democracy and will study and learn our history and beliefs and never let a pompous fool like Trump ever get close to our white house.

  198. Note : glad you included info on yods. although I predicted Trumps win through horary, I decided to check the horoscope for the election on Nov 8 2016 and discovered that Trump has a yod with his Sun inconjunct election Sun. His Sun is also inconjunct Pluto which is sextile election Sun and Mercury. I didn’t find a yod from Hillary’s Sun to election Sun. The election sun represents the President. I’ll have to look into other methods but I always use horary if I need to find out sooner than it takes to figure all the possibilities.

  199. Thank you. This was very helpful: when I read your description of the chart, I wondered if it were me, and, then enlarging it, had to laugh. We’re just a couple of days apart — only reversed (my ascendant is Cancer): lovely coincidence this, and I shall ponder your words with even greater diligence, now. Cheers!

  200. I have a yod with moon (.♉) apex with pluto ♎-Neptune♐. It is powerfull in my chart as I have no water, nor earth at all (Piscis As). The moon carries all the work in 2nd house.
    This year Uranus will get to the moon at 1′ Taurus and, over the apex point so…..scaring!!

    The worst crisis happened always with a transit to the polarity point 1♏. Jupiter still in the area..aswell.

    Thanks for the article!

  201. In a very serious way, my AC/DC is forming a boomerang Yod with the upcoming sun/pluto/Venus sextile Jup/mars. Ill park the ongoing star of david 26s for now . Is it a straightforward choice between the 2 or do i have to figure out a harmony?

  202. Wow. Enlightening. My yod has venus and mars in the sextile while has saturn, neptune, the sun and the moon in the boomerang, oppositing jupiter and chiron. The quincunxes are with jupiter being the apex (the conjunction with chiron has a 7 degrees orb). I’ve learned lessons of discipline through limits with others and taking the leap towards myself, not outside.

  203. This is the first description I’ve found on my exact yod. My birthday is September 1, 1968 and the only difference is that the release point is my ascendant at 22° Libra (Venus and Mercury were in late Virgo and early Libra)…very helpful insights. I would love to hear your thoughts on the ascendant release point. It seems like something but I can’t put my finger on it. 🙂

    • Do you think the release would be in the way you carry and present yourself in the world? Perhaps you have changed the way you interact with people or maybe you allow other parts of yourself to be seen by others, thereby enhancing relationships and intimacy in general.

  204. I have three solid yods that form a star pattern in my natal chart (a fourth if you count one made by vesta) and it was so enlightening to find out about yods and how impactful they are in one’s life. My “main” one is Libra Sun (which is conj Pluto) and Sag Moon (conj Neptune which is involved in all my yods so I consider Neptune as a pivot of sorts) with the apex being in Taurus Mars… it is a doozy, but now I’m understanding them, the things I’ve been through, the lessons I had to learn and learn and learn again make so much sense. My other yods are Neptune/Jupiter (Aquarius) to Saturn (Cancer) and Saturn/Mars to Neptune.

  205. I have three planets at each of the sextile points of my yod, plus Venus on my rising at the apex of the yod, with Saturn loosely conjunct to Venus (9 degrees), so possibly getting involved with the yod (?).
    I’m not sure how to count it, but it seems I have at minimum 9 yods, all on top of each other, possibly 18 or even 27, depending on how you count it.


    • I’d love to know your thoughts on the significance of all these superimposed yods, and on the significance of Venus and the ascendant as the apex.

  206. just discovered a yod in my chart- venus and uranus rx to saturn in 7h. i would really appreciate some help with what to do with this. whenever saturn is involved, i feel nervous. tnx

    • So Saturn is at the focal point? Saturn can be tough but if we approach with an understanding that it is simply about revising and evaluating structures in our lives, we can relax into it sometimes and spend conscious moments looking at our restrictions and structures. What limitations do you have regarding Venus, especially in relationships (due to Saturn 7th house) but also with regard to love in general, art, feeling good? Seems to me you would be reevaluating those through relationships, not only intimate ones with people but 7th house can relate to relationship in general (with people, animals, the earth, objects, practices, habits, etc.) Uranus and Saturn have a natural struggle and our healing through Chiron can bridge those two together so I’d also look to Chiron to see if it’s trining any of those planets to help out. Uranus is all about breaking free and wresting out of traditional structures and limitations (thoughts, physical manifestations). What limitations do you have regarding what relationship should look like (again, with people but also with anything else in your life)? Uranus is going to be asking you to upend those and with that quincunx between Uranus and Saturn, it may feel like you are constantly being asked to choose between old or new. If you decide to do a conscious look at your ideas, structures, limitations, restrictions, Saturn will actually help you move into a place of expanded love (Uranus sextile Venus) but it will take time and it’s probably never complete. Saturn in Capricorn right now is an awesome energy to work with any natal Saturn needs. Good luck! Hope that helps.

  207. I’ve come back to this post many times over the last couple of years in an effort to better understand this aspect as an astrologer, but mainly in my own chart/life. I have two ‘Boomerang Yods’ in my chart. One to Venus conjunct Saturn from Pluto sextile Neptune with the moon as the reaction point. The other to Pluto (out of sign conjunt S Node) from Venus conjunt Saturn sextile Mercury, with the sun as the reaction point. If you count the MC and Chiron – there is a third! Let’s just say, life’s been interesting! Today, for some reason, I understood this double Boomerang aspect in my chart, on a whole other level than ever before. It actually brought me to tears (in a good way). I know it’s a long time since you published this post, but I wanted to express my gratitude just the same. It’s been so very helpful. Thank you.

    • Hi, Lara! I wonder what meaning you feel is attached to a Yod with Sun as the apex. I have it too but with Pluto and Moon.

  208. I have a quintile yod … “golden” as it has been referred. Venus in Taurus at 2 degrees is apex. Venus is my chart ruler. Currently, transit Uranus is sitting atop of natal Venus exact. Mars in Sag 7th house is quintile Jupiter/ South node at exact degree of 26 in Virgo. Both biquintile Venus. Transit Venus will be hitting midpoint soon in the next week or so at 2 degree Scorpio. Venus turns retrograde and will pass back and forth this midpoint of the quintile thru December … making three exact transits to this “what I can gather” important point in my chart. What are your thoughts on quintile yods and my activation with these planets involved. Uranus natally retrograded back from Libra at my birth to Virgo where it stationed direct at 29 degrees. This caused an unusual triple conjunct with Pluto at 22 degree, Jupiter/South Node at 26 degree and Uranus at 29 degree in my 6th house (pluto on cusp of 5/6) … seems kharmic and relevant … plus, Saturn conjuncts Venus at 4 degree Tsurus, so could be included in this Yod with all other planets at a wide orb translation. Ascendant is 10 degree Taurus … any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!!

  209. First time I come across the Golden Yod, Jamie. I have one of them, Uranus, Neptune with Moon at the Apex. Very helpful and explains a few of my personal behaviours. As for the Yod, there is one formed right now between Jupiter and Pluto with TL66 at the Apex.

  210. What about a boomerang yod in the progressed chart? How does a yod transit manifest or resolve itself?

  211. Looking at (and experiencing!) the activation point/fulcrum axis in two yods in the Progressed chart. The first is a Septile Yod,, the midpoint (boot) being 3Pisces or 22 February. The second a Sextile yod, the midpoint being 7Pisces or 27 February. The Sun cruised these points the last few weeks giving added gravity to those areas the yods are impacting… Saturn, Venus, Chiron, and a host of other objects. I suspect the full activation or perhaps resolution, will occur this Summer around the time of the Mars/Venus/Sun conjunction.

  212. Inspiring insights, Jamie! Thank you. Until I read this piece, I was unable to account for why I keep enduring life. I really should have packed it in. There is no-one to live for. Now I think I know why I am staying: My yod fulcrum is my Capricorn Moon. It is quincunx Saturn and Jupiter. Transit Saturn is about to traverse my Moon in retrograde, then again on its way back. I am taking it all quite indifferently. It will all be over by December. But something will have happened, I think; I shall have done something.

    I am convinced that I have been waiting it out: there is something I have to do. It think it will somehow be political — to do with Truth and Justice. Nothing less could possibly engage me. I have now pretty much stopped feeling guilty about hanging around pointlessly — it probably is not pointless.

    I put the above to a distant acquaintance. ‘You are learning not to commit suicide’, she said. That is not as glamorous as I had hoped. Then I remembered: a professional clairvoyant said that to me about 25 years ago. But is a Yod not supposed to be keyed up and stressful? I get angry from time to time. But that’s all. DOB: 19.03.44

    • Sophie, thank you for sharing your life and chart. How do you feel about your needs and your moon? What resonates with you about a Capricorn moon, often described as a detached moon? Also, how do you experience Saturn and Jupiter impacting your instinctual self? Where is your NN in all this?

  213. Thank you for your questions, Meredith. I am, however, really unsure whether I am equipped to answer them. Self-assessment is an allusive business. I should certainly endorse the oft-made point that a Capricorn Moon confers conservative values. I do not relate to ‘detached’, though. My approach to people and circumstances is primarily emotional. But I do sometimes withdraw into my shell, unwilling/unable to engage. I have sometimes found myself very lonely and isolated, perhaps for that reason.

    I am rather grateful for the impacts of Saturn and Jupiter on my Moon/instinctual self: my Jupiterian tendency to extravagance and taste for freedom/doing-as-I-like is tempered by restrictive Saturn.

    My NN is tightly (1 degree 14 minutes) conjunct Pluto in Leo.

    As I wrote this, I was very aware that I am applying my scant knowledge of Astrology. First-hand self-knowledge is certainly not a strength of mine.

    • Sophie, Thank you again for sharing your insights and personal reflections. Perhaps it is your NN conjunct Pluto that allows you the comfort of going to those depths in general. I am curious about the house positions. It is interesting you state you withdraw into your shell when getting too emotional with others, which I would characterize as a way to detach. Capricorn is very good about climbing that mountain all by herself knowing that it is something she must do even if others don’t accompany her. She knows when to detach. Can you say more about your taste for freedom? Uranus is the typical symbol for freedom and you would have that in Gemini. The house can say a lot about where in your life that type of freedom from the tribe manifests. NN in Leo indicates a life path of putting yourself in the limelight so self-awareness may have been challenging but it seems to be something you were born to do.

      • Thank you, Meredith! I am really flattered by, and grateful for, your attention.

        ‘Can you say more about your taste for freedom?’

        For me, freedom is largely intellectual freedom. I must be free to investigate and to reveal. I write relentlessly about my conclusion. Jupiter is in my Leo 3rd House, quincunx my Capricorn Moon (yod apex) in the 7th house. Uranus is in my Gemini 12th House, sextile Puto and NN in my Leo 2nd House.

        ‘a life path of putting yourself in the limelight’. Actually, I am uncomfortable in the limelight. When it hits I run for cover asap.

        ‘Capricorn is very good about climbing that mountain all by herself …’ Ah, yes! I certainly am not a keen team player.

        Thank you again, Meredith. Talking about me is profoundly luxurious. But I imagine that is a common trait.

        Lots of love,

        • HI Sophie,
          You are welcome. “Talking about me is profoundly luxurious.” Indeed. I feel the same way but I am getting used to doing it with myself. I am quite interested in how I have traversed and continue to traverse this space and time. And your NN in Leo trait of putting yourself in the limelight could easily be simply that you are giving yourself more attention than anyone else. It’s more of an internal limelight rather than the external one of others giving us all the attention. Do you spend time Googling some of your other astrological placements and aspects? I find the whole topic hugely beneficial to my spirit.

          • Hello, Meredith!

            ‘I am quite interested in how I have traversed and continue to traverse this space and time.’

            Your ‘have traversed’ interest is very brave. But I imagine you are young, and the retrospective glance is not too painful. I do a lot of placement and aspects googling. But only for myself. For my dearest, I always looked to predictive stuff, wanting so much to find comforting things. When I miss him more acutely than normal, I look through his stuff, or photo albums, etc. I never dare to to look up his present planetary positons. ‘What might have been’ is too painful to contemplate. Looking back would be awful too. I prefer my memories — his baby blue eyes, first steps. I don’t want to find aspects of him that I did not know.

            ‘I find the whole topic hugely beneficial to my spirit.’
            Oh, golly yes! I used to go for astrology in my lowest moments. But those moments are pretty much gone now.

            ‘you are giving yourself more attention than anyone else.’
            I sure am now. But then, I have no-one to look after. And I certainly do not want substitutes.

            Are you an artist, Meredith? Aquarius perhaps, with good dashes of Saggitarius?
            Must stop, while I can. 🙂 Bless you.

            • HI Sophie, I am not Aquarius, Capricorn. Lots of Jupiter energy as I am Pisces rising, with Sag MC and Mercury in Sag. I am thinking we should take this conversation out of Jamie’s cue.

  214. Wow this is really interesting stuff. I’ve only just discovered I have a Yod. And am now reading up madly to learn about yods😂
    Saturn 15° Taurus ♉️
    Uranus 13° libra ♎️
    Venus 18° Saggitarius
    I’m also going through my Jupiter return and my Chiron return.
    I feel like I have changed so much that I don’t even recognize my old self.
    I would love some insight into understanding and working with my Yod and welcome any input

    • I’m Aquarius sun, Aries rising, Capricorn moon
      And have a stellium in Sagittarius in the 8th house Venus Mars Jupiter and Neptune

      • Venus and Uranus, the sextile in your Yod, these planets rotate around their axis opposite to the Sun’s rototion. Uranus’s axis of rotation is tilted almost 90°, with respect to the plane of the ecliptic.

        Your buoyant post suggests to me we should watch the Venus-Uranus sextile on July 8/9 carefully, or rather, watch the astronomy of Jupiter-Saturn carefully, as they are your high quality planets (according to colour horoscope).

        Iow, your Yod is a harbinger of interesting going’s on in our solar system.* The master Yod of our time: Saturn sextile Pluto, Inconjunct Jupiter, December 21, 2012. It has further evolved.Transiting Jupiter activated this Yod late last year, and just recently the June New Moon placed The Bulls Eye at the Apex.

        *There is speculation Jupiter is about to birth.

  215. Wowzas that is really interesting stuff. I will definitely be watching July 7/8
    I love that there’s speculation about Jupiter birthing. I feel like a new me is being born and I barely recognize the old me!!!
    Thanks for your insight.i appreciate you taking the time to respond and welcome your insights 🙏

  216. My chart confuses me greatly lol. I have spiritually evolved greatly over the last 8 years mainly. I am 45 years old now and continue to struggle with finding my place in this world. With a Virgo sun, Pisces moon, and Gemini rising not to mention an array of power numbers in numerology I know I am suppose to be doing something of importance. I just struggle with knowing what that is. There is not much information available and need some assistance understanding the following missions I am on. I have 4 Yods, T Square, Grand Trine, and a kite. Yods are as follows Apex sun in 19 degrees Virgo, MC 18 degrees Aquarius, Chiron 19 degrees Aries. Apex Mars 8 degrees Taurus, Pluto 3 degrees libra, Neptune 4 degrees Sagittarius. Saturn in 3 degrees Cancer, Neptune 4 degrees Sagittarius, Jupiter 2 degrees Aquarius. Final Neptune 4 degrees Sagittarius, Saturn 3 degrees Cancer, Mars 8 degrees Taurus. T Square of Saturn 3 degrees Cancer, Pluto 3 degrees libra, North node 3 degrees Capricorn. Kite is Jupiter 2 degrees Aquarius, Ascendent 6 degrees Gemini, Pluto 3 degrees libra, Neptune 4 degrees Sagittarius. Grand trine Jupiter 2 degrees Aquarius, ascendent 6 degrees Gemini, Pluto 3 degrees libra. I have the houses if needed. Thank you in advance

    • Melissa, I think you must be born around 12 September 1973. I’m the 15th,so pretty much a similar chart, just a Taurus moon for me. I’m Gemini rising too. Maybe we could help each other?

  217. My birthday is 09/11/1973. It’s so challenging to understand lol.

    • People with Pluto in Virgo 1957-1972 transform through analyzing and problem solving. People with Pluto in Libra 1971-1983 transform to create justice and harmony. Your Pluto is in Libra Melissa, the Cusp of beauty and perfection. The Neptune sextile Jupiter, inconjunct Saturn yod has, at its Fulcrum, the North Node. At the Apex the South Node is conjunct Saturn. During the next several months, watch the transiting Lunar Nodes to make aspect with your abundant planets in early degrees, especially the Natal Lunar Node axis. Get to know Saturn and what it represents. Become comfortable with him.

    • Pluto Rx 29Lib41
      ‘Integration with the alter ego.’

      Whoa, all your gas planets, and Mars and Pluto, Retrograde. That is an amazing chart.

      • Thanks….
        Can you help me to untangle my Yod? Actually the sextiles which I can’t access. I am a 35 years old virgin. Scorpio 5th house = sexuality and Capricorn DSC = relationships. But what does exactly the apex represent? Social butterfly, chatty Gemini in the isolated, silent 12th house. Quite contradictory. What should I adjust on the apex to make the sextiles operate properly?

        • Mercury is conjunct Part of Fortune in our synastry chart!

          In your chart The Planet of the Apex, Uranus, is the ruler of the New Age.

          At 35, the spirit is in transition. Hang in there. Taurus next year, Mercury activates, and new friends come into the life.

  218. Very interesting subject. I have a Boomerang Yod in my natal chart. Sun sextile Pluto. The apex is Chiron opposed by Uranus. Also, I’d think, position of the planets in the houses might have an additional meaning…

  219. It has been difficult to find information about boomerangs. I have a boomerang in my chart. Uranus in Leo at the apex in my 12th house. With Saturn conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn 5th house, sextile Venus in Pisces 7th house. With an opposition from Uranus to Mercury in Aquarius, 6th house. My life has been a wild ride, with a great deal of spiritual and tragic experiences. My birthday is January 27, 1961. Always a lone duck in the midst of family and friends. Becoming more like a lone wolf, the older I get. Happily married, third time was a charm. Feels like the damned thing is constantly being triggered.

  220. Do you ever break down personal horoscopes for people? I’m so confused about everything in my chart

  221. Thanks for the article. Apparently my daughter has 3 yods. I will have to keep researching to figure out what exactly they mean for her.
    Jupiter in 20° Scorpio
    Ascendant in 19° Gemini
    Uranus in 24° Aries
    Pluto in 19° Capricorn
    Ascendant in 19° Gemini
    North Node in 15° Leo
    Ascendant in 19° Gemini
    Pluto in 19° Capricorn
    Jupiter in 20° Scorpio

  222. Thank you for this enlightening article. A friend recently told me I have 5 yods in my chart. She is an astrologer and is now learning about them. In the meantime does anyone have any advice to someone staggering through the labyrinth of being human with these 5 yods? As do we all of course, but I seem to have staggered more than most. Though these days I am more at peace, being older and hopefully wiser than in my crazy years. Thanks. Anne

    Mercury in 12° Pisces
    Pluto in 14° Leo
    Neptune in 14° Libra

    Jupiter in 27° Capricorn
    Ascendant in 25° Leo
    Uranus in 26° Gemini

    Saturn in 0° Virgo
    Jupiter in 27° Capricorn
    Mars in 0° Aries
    Venus in 25° Pisces
    Sun in 1° Aries
    Ascendant in 25° Leo

    Neptune in 14° Libra
    MC in 12° Taurus
    Mercury in 12° Pisces

    Pluto in 14° Leo
    Mercury in 12° Pisces
    Moon in 14° Capricorn

    • Interesting yods, Anne. Sounds like your competitive instinct gets juiced this time of year by a Sun transit of the Ascendant, which is also the apex of your complex yod. This year more so, with Mars, Venus joining the Sun, and followed by Mercury in a few weeks, which might put added juice in your keyboard quill. As for your other 4 Yods, they are like other versions of yourself, you catch in the mirror between wardrobe changes.

  223. Thanks for the insight Gerald. Not knowing who I am has been one of the challenges. I have now accepted I,am more the flow between personas than any particular shape – if that makes sense. So I like your wardrobe changes analogy. And I am a writer so the “keyboard quill” is also appropriate. All this is new to me so anything appreciated. Thanks. For the first time I feel I do not have to judge myself for having been chaotic and crazy for so long.

  224. Anne, congratulations on reaching that point of nonjudgment to yourself. I am in the process of doing so myself and I am 20 years younger so your work has not been in vain in terms of the collective! Thank you!

    • That is truly a lovely thing to say – thank you Meredith. And yes each of us holds a healing remedy for the whole. I am pleased to hear you are working on that one too. One question (I am not an astrologer myself you understand) how do you know you are 20 years younger? Can you work that out from the yods in my chart? I would not wish my life on anyone but now I am here it is… mmm… let’s say profoundly real and full of presence. And life did it not me! Maybe that’s the yods speaking.

      • Anne, I can tell that from your Pluto position. It is only a guess at the exact number. But Pluto at 14 degrees Leo is a common placement for many people between 15 and 19 years older than me. I was born in 1966.

    • There’s a beautiful hexagonal shape to your chart Anne, if you activate Sedna, Arcturus and the Galactic Centre, and meditate on all that energy crossing the Ascendant.

      • Thanks again Gerald. I had to look those up as I am new to this. I will do as you say and meditate on all that energy flowing through it all.

  225. Mars in 20° Cancer
    North Node in 20° Sagittarius
    Saturn in 16° Aquarius

    This is my yod, and I’m having a hard time interpreting this past the general fulcrum being in mars means I’m being called to stand and fight for something.

    Does anyone have some insight they could part with?

    I appreciate any help with this!

  226. This is great! Thank you for posting. 🥰🥰. I’m still having trouble figuring my yod out. I’ve been obsessed with figuring out my life purpose so I can start on fulfilling it and I know my yod has something to do with it.

    Jupiter in 15° Gemini
    Pluto in 13° Scorpio
    Neptune in 11° Capricorn
    Saturn in 12° Capricorn

    I’ve never been able to figure out why I have four planets instead of three. 🤔🤔. If anyone is able to help I’d be forever grateful. I’ve also read that the houses also help determine this? But I’ve been so confused; having trouble wrapping my mind over it all.

    Much love!!