Yod Aspect Pattern

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Yod AstrologyThe Yod aspect pattern is a configuration between at least three planets or points in the horoscope to create a long triangle which looks like a witches hat. A Yod is also called the Finger of Fate, Finger of God or the Projection Triangle, and has been the source of much debate and controversy within the astrological community.

Traditional astrologers have dismissed Yod astrology as “bogus” or merely a midpoint structure, and even among those who use Yod’s there is debate about orbs and whether to include only planets or other points in the chart like the Ascendant. I strongly believe that Yod astrology is very significant and does live up to the hype as a very fated aspect pattern denoting a special mission or destiny in life.

Yod Astrology Definition

Yod is the tenth Hebrew letter with significant kabbalistic and mystical significance regarding the name of God, his omnipresence and our humility.  In Marinas chart below you can see the Yod apex planet is Jupiter. The green lines are quincunxes (150°). The blue line between Mercury and Neptune is a sextile (60°). The Yod is a challenging aspect pattern but holds great potential for spiritual evolution and increased awareness.

This pattern creates a particular and strong energy, stronger than you would get by these aspects on their own. I like to use the analogy of a crystal here, a very definite and unique structure which holds a special type of energy which took a long time to create. A person with a Yod will have a difficult time with this frazzling and neurotic energy, especially earlier in life.

The energy of the two planets in sextile is focused like a laser beam on the action point, in this case Jupiter. A sextile is a positive aspect that creates energy. The quincunxes take this heightened energy and raise the vibration even further. Initially, the most negative potential of the sextile aspect manifests through the apex planet. The action point planet then comes under incredible stress and tension and must release it somehow. Individuals with this Yod pattern will experience this as continual build up then release of tension.

Life with a Yod is far from ordinary, as I explored in Nazi Horoscopes: “Of the 100 German Nazi’s listed at astro databank only 6 have Yod configurations. Each had crucial roles to play in the war. A Yod does represent a special task or mission in life that the person feels compelled to undertake. These these six guys were certainly on a mission.”

I have mentioned that I consider the Yod astrology very challenging, there will be many difficult circumstances and relationships in life which seem to show a repeating theme, as if we are learning a lesson over and over in order to perfect something. I believe that a person with a Yod has been working on a special task or mission over many lifetimes, making mistakes along the way while learning the skills needed.

The Yod in the chart for this life signifies that this is the life to bring it all together, the make up for the mistakes and pay back the karmic debt. This life the skills are to be perfected and used in a constructive, selfless way to benefit others. The skills are shown by the sextile planets, the challenges through the quincunxes, and the mission or task through the apex planet. The quincunx is an aspect of karmic readjustment.

Yod Astrology

Yod Astrology

In Marina’s Yod astrology, the mission relates to Jupiter, faith, values, philosophy. Positive values, cheer and hope given to many through the Mercury/Neptune spiritual writings and words. The negative manifestation which had to be overcome to get to this positive and constructive stage included lack of self belief, and the tendency to exaggerate the Mercury/Neptune imaginings, suspicions and tendency to get carried away with conspiracy theories. Marina may have a different interpretation – keep your eye on the comments.

Elida Marchisone talks about Yod astrology and labels this aspect pattern the “Spiritual Warrior”, pointing to the struggle to rise above the challenges and to evolve the soul. In relation to the early struggles and to finally start to realize the wonderful potential bound up in the crystalline structure, she writes that for a Yod  “to work positively a certain evolutionary standard must first be met“. The timing of this evolutionary leap, or series of leaps will be shown by aspects, especially conjunctions to the apex planet from eclipses and outer planet transits.

Elida goes on to state that with Yod astrology, we need “to develop a great sense of individuality and self-confidence. This person may have to play the role of the rescuer and the victim, over and over, until they develop an understanding of personal and collective service. In relating to others they will explore realms of experiences that are not understood at an ordinary level as it will include collective unconscious patterns of behavior. He or she will have to meet inner standards rather than conform to social standards of behavior. Because of this, the person will set in motion misunderstanding and aggressive responses, from the environment.”

Alan J. Ouimet quotes the astrologer Bill Tierney (Dynamics of Aspect Analysis), describing Yod astrology as “arriving at a fork in the road and having to proceed in one direction rather than another without knowing where it will lead to…activation of the Yod will cause the dropping, or psychologically letting go, of certain interests and habits in order to become involved in what is showing on the horizon”. Regarding the “fork in the road”, if you take a direction other than the one God has chosen for you, then the universe is likely to give you a kick in the pants. The further you stray from the destined path, the harder the kick.

Other variations of the Yod is the Boomerang Yod mentioned below, and the Golden Yod which is discussed in the horoscope of Adolf Hitler. This Golden Yod involves a quintile aspect (72°) in place of the sextile, and two biquintile aspects (144°) in place of the quincunxes. There is still the same theme with a special mission in life and the struggle to overcome adversity, but there seems to be more of an emphasis on the use and abuse of power.

Boomerang Yod Astrology

Yod Astrology

Boomerang Yod Astrology

When there is a planet or point opposite the apex planet then we get a Boomerang Yod, also called a Focused Yod. This Yod astrology is more complex. In my chart you can see that Mercury and Venus make up the reaction point, opposite Saturn the apex planet. Interpreting the standard Yod pattern, my special mission involves taking responsibility for something, learning, teaching, parenting (all Saturn things). They take on a larger, spiritual dimension because of Neptune sextile Pluto, the aspect of mass-consciousness. Now the energy at the action point Saturn bounces up to the Mercury Venus reaction point. So the final expression of the all the tension is through words and love, the source of difficulties earlier in life, but the avenue for the positive manifestation of the Yod when things turn around. The reaction point is like a pressure valve, and in some ways it makes it easier to release the pressure build-up found in a standard Yod astrology. However in some ways it is worse when the un-evolved Yod lets off the energy in an uncontrolled or harmful fashion.

The young Yod was shy, fearful, insecure, and had difficulty with expressing love, words and feelings. As the Yod evolved through a series of sometimes painful leaps from the negative to the positive manifestation, wisdom and stability counteract the fear and inhibition. Now I express the thoughts to a wide audience on the Internet with confidence, and have a mature approach to loving and taking responsibility for my family. We may never feel in total control of our lives when we have a Yod in our charts. Life is fated, we have to surrender to a higher power and sacrifice some personal desires and needs. Along the way we can at least move from the back seat up to the passenger seat and start enjoying the ride.

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  1. First time I come across the Golden Yod, Jamie. I have one of them, Uranus, Neptune with Moon at the Apex. Very helpful and explains a few of my personal behaviours. As for the Yod, there is one formed right now between Jupiter and Pluto with TL66 at the Apex.

  2. What about a boomerang yod in the progressed chart? How does a yod transit manifest or resolve itself?

  3. Looking at (and experiencing!) the activation point/fulcrum axis in two yods in the Progressed chart. The first is a Septile Yod,, the midpoint (boot) being 3Pisces or 22 February. The second a Sextile yod, the midpoint being 7Pisces or 27 February. The Sun cruised these points the last few weeks giving added gravity to those areas the yods are impacting… Saturn, Venus, Chiron, and a host of other objects. I suspect the full activation or perhaps resolution, will occur this Summer around the time of the Mars/Venus/Sun conjunction.

  4. Inspiring insights, Jamie! Thank you. Until I read this piece, I was unable to account for why I keep enduring life. I really should have packed it in. There is no-one to live for. Now I think I know why I am staying: My yod fulcrum is my Capricorn Moon. It is quincunx Saturn and Jupiter. Transit Saturn is about to traverse my Moon in retrograde, then again on its way back. I am taking it all quite indifferently. It will all be over by December. But something will have happened, I think; I shall have done something.

    I am convinced that I have been waiting it out: there is something I have to do. It think it will somehow be political — to do with Truth and Justice. Nothing less could possibly engage me. I have now pretty much stopped feeling guilty about hanging around pointlessly — it probably is not pointless.

    I put the above to a distant acquaintance. ‘You are learning not to commit suicide’, she said. That is not as glamorous as I had hoped. Then I remembered: a professional clairvoyant said that to me about 25 years ago. But is a Yod not supposed to be keyed up and stressful? I get angry from time to time. But that’s all. DOB: 19.03.44

    • Sophie, thank you for sharing your life and chart. How do you feel about your needs and your moon? What resonates with you about a Capricorn moon, often described as a detached moon? Also, how do you experience Saturn and Jupiter impacting your instinctual self? Where is your NN in all this?

  5. Thank you for your questions, Meredith. I am, however, really unsure whether I am equipped to answer them. Self-assessment is an allusive business. I should certainly endorse the oft-made point that a Capricorn Moon confers conservative values. I do not relate to ‘detached’, though. My approach to people and circumstances is primarily emotional. But I do sometimes withdraw into my shell, unwilling/unable to engage. I have sometimes found myself very lonely and isolated, perhaps for that reason.

    I am rather grateful for the impacts of Saturn and Jupiter on my Moon/instinctual self: my Jupiterian tendency to extravagance and taste for freedom/doing-as-I-like is tempered by restrictive Saturn.

    My NN is tightly (1 degree 14 minutes) conjunct Pluto in Leo.

    As I wrote this, I was very aware that I am applying my scant knowledge of Astrology. First-hand self-knowledge is certainly not a strength of mine.

    • Sophie, Thank you again for sharing your insights and personal reflections. Perhaps it is your NN conjunct Pluto that allows you the comfort of going to those depths in general. I am curious about the house positions. It is interesting you state you withdraw into your shell when getting too emotional with others, which I would characterize as a way to detach. Capricorn is very good about climbing that mountain all by herself knowing that it is something she must do even if others don’t accompany her. She knows when to detach. Can you say more about your taste for freedom? Uranus is the typical symbol for freedom and you would have that in Gemini. The house can say a lot about where in your life that type of freedom from the tribe manifests. NN in Leo indicates a life path of putting yourself in the limelight so self-awareness may have been challenging but it seems to be something you were born to do.

      • Thank you, Meredith! I am really flattered by, and grateful for, your attention.

        ‘Can you say more about your taste for freedom?’

        For me, freedom is largely intellectual freedom. I must be free to investigate and to reveal. I write relentlessly about my conclusion. Jupiter is in my Leo 3rd House, quincunx my Capricorn Moon (yod apex) in the 7th house. Uranus is in my Gemini 12th House, sextile Puto and NN in my Leo 2nd House.

        ‘a life path of putting yourself in the limelight’. Actually, I am uncomfortable in the limelight. When it hits I run for cover asap.

        ‘Capricorn is very good about climbing that mountain all by herself …’ Ah, yes! I certainly am not a keen team player.

        Thank you again, Meredith. Talking about me is profoundly luxurious. But I imagine that is a common trait.

        Lots of love,

        • HI Sophie,
          You are welcome. “Talking about me is profoundly luxurious.” Indeed. I feel the same way but I am getting used to doing it with myself. I am quite interested in how I have traversed and continue to traverse this space and time. And your NN in Leo trait of putting yourself in the limelight could easily be simply that you are giving yourself more attention than anyone else. It’s more of an internal limelight rather than the external one of others giving us all the attention. Do you spend time Googling some of your other astrological placements and aspects? I find the whole topic hugely beneficial to my spirit.

          • Hello, Meredith!

            ‘I am quite interested in how I have traversed and continue to traverse this space and time.’

            Your ‘have traversed’ interest is very brave. But I imagine you are young, and the retrospective glance is not too painful. I do a lot of placement and aspects googling. But only for myself. For my dearest, I always looked to predictive stuff, wanting so much to find comforting things. When I miss him more acutely than normal, I look through his stuff, or photo albums, etc. I never dare to to look up his present planetary positons. ‘What might have been’ is too painful to contemplate. Looking back would be awful too. I prefer my memories — his baby blue eyes, first steps. I don’t want to find aspects of him that I did not know.

            ‘I find the whole topic hugely beneficial to my spirit.’
            Oh, golly yes! I used to go for astrology in my lowest moments. But those moments are pretty much gone now.

            ‘you are giving yourself more attention than anyone else.’
            I sure am now. But then, I have no-one to look after. And I certainly do not want substitutes.

            Are you an artist, Meredith? Aquarius perhaps, with good dashes of Saggitarius?
            Must stop, while I can. 🙂 Bless you.

            • HI Sophie, I am not Aquarius, Capricorn. Lots of Jupiter energy as I am Pisces rising, with Sag MC and Mercury in Sag. I am thinking we should take this conversation out of Jamie’s cue.

  6. Wow this is really interesting stuff. I’ve only just discovered I have a Yod. And am now reading up madly to learn about yods😂
    Saturn 15° Taurus ♉️
    Uranus 13° libra ♎️
    Venus 18° Saggitarius
    I’m also going through my Jupiter return and my Chiron return.
    I feel like I have changed so much that I don’t even recognize my old self.
    I would love some insight into understanding and working with my Yod and welcome any input

    • I’m Aquarius sun, Aries rising, Capricorn moon
      And have a stellium in Sagittarius in the 8th house Venus Mars Jupiter and Neptune

      • Venus and Uranus, the sextile in your Yod, these planets rotate around their axis opposite to the Sun’s rototion. Uranus’s axis of rotation is tilted almost 90°, with respect to the plane of the ecliptic.

        Your buoyant post suggests to me we should watch the Venus-Uranus sextile on July 8/9 carefully, or rather, watch the astronomy of Jupiter-Saturn carefully, as they are your high quality planets (according to colour horoscope).

        Iow, your Yod is a harbinger of interesting going’s on in our solar system.* The master Yod of our time: Saturn sextile Pluto, Inconjunct Jupiter, December 21, 2012. It has further evolved.Transiting Jupiter activated this Yod late last year, and just recently the June New Moon placed The Bulls Eye at the Apex.

        *There is speculation Jupiter is about to birth.

  7. Wowzas that is really interesting stuff. I will definitely be watching July 7/8
    I love that there’s speculation about Jupiter birthing. I feel like a new me is being born and I barely recognize the old me!!!
    Thanks for your insight.i appreciate you taking the time to respond and welcome your insights 🙏

  8. My chart confuses me greatly lol. I have spiritually evolved greatly over the last 8 years mainly. I am 45 years old now and continue to struggle with finding my place in this world. With a Virgo sun, Pisces moon, and Gemini rising not to mention an array of power numbers in numerology I know I am suppose to be doing something of importance. I just struggle with knowing what that is. There is not much information available and need some assistance understanding the following missions I am on. I have 4 Yods, T Square, Grand Trine, and a kite. Yods are as follows Apex sun in 19 degrees Virgo, MC 18 degrees Aquarius, Chiron 19 degrees Aries. Apex Mars 8 degrees Taurus, Pluto 3 degrees libra, Neptune 4 degrees Sagittarius. Saturn in 3 degrees Cancer, Neptune 4 degrees Sagittarius, Jupiter 2 degrees Aquarius. Final Neptune 4 degrees Sagittarius, Saturn 3 degrees Cancer, Mars 8 degrees Taurus. T Square of Saturn 3 degrees Cancer, Pluto 3 degrees libra, North node 3 degrees Capricorn. Kite is Jupiter 2 degrees Aquarius, Ascendent 6 degrees Gemini, Pluto 3 degrees libra, Neptune 4 degrees Sagittarius. Grand trine Jupiter 2 degrees Aquarius, ascendent 6 degrees Gemini, Pluto 3 degrees libra. I have the houses if needed. Thank you in advance

    • Melissa, I think you must be born around 12 September 1973. I’m the 15th,so pretty much a similar chart, just a Taurus moon for me. I’m Gemini rising too. Maybe we could help each other?

    • People with Pluto in Virgo 1957-1972 transform through analyzing and problem solving. People with Pluto in Libra 1971-1983 transform to create justice and harmony. Your Pluto is in Libra Melissa, the Cusp of beauty and perfection. The Neptune sextile Jupiter, inconjunct Saturn yod has, at its Fulcrum, the North Node. At the Apex the South Node is conjunct Saturn. During the next several months, watch the transiting Lunar Nodes to make aspect with your abundant planets in early degrees, especially the Natal Lunar Node axis. Get to know Saturn and what it represents. Become comfortable with him.

    • Pluto Rx 29Lib41
      ‘Integration with the alter ego.’

      Whoa, all your gas planets, and Mars and Pluto, Retrograde. That is an amazing chart.

  9. Very interesting subject. I have a Boomerang Yod in my natal chart. Sun sextile Pluto. The apex is Chiron opposed by Uranus. Also, I’d think, position of the planets in the houses might have an additional meaning…

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