Adolf Hitler Horoscope

Adolf Hitler Horoscope

Adolf Hitler

More than any other individual in history, Adolf Hitler stands out as the most influential, the most studied. We want to know why he became so powerful, and to understand his psychology. Adolf Hitler’s horoscope has been extensively studied over the years, but now I want to bring it up for discussion again because we are entering a phase in history with ominous similarities to the time when Hitler rose to power.

The current economic crisis has been likened to the Great Depression. The high unemployment which led to social unrest in the 1930’s is coming back, with US figures approaching 10%. The currency war beginning now is only the second in history, the other coming after the Great Depression, preceding World War II. The extreme right is gaining popularity and power in Europe. Where Jews were the scapegoat in the 1930’s, it is now Islamic immigration that is fueling the sentiment. Even in the traditionally open-minded and progressive country of Sweden, last month’s elections saw a populist right-wing party win seats in parliament.

We are entering a challenging period, astrologically the major influence for the next four years is Uranus square Pluto, radical upheaval on a global scale effecting politics, the economy and society in general. The last time Uranus was square Pluto was in the early 1930’s, the rise of nationalism and the rise to power of extreme personalities, a manifestation of the mass conscious fears of the time.

Adolf Hitler Horoscope Rectification

The birth time for Hitler from Astro Databank of 6:30 pm is rated AA, very accurate. I don’t believe it. Wilhelm Wulff, the German astrologer seconded by Heinrich Himmler, rectified Hitler’s birth time to 6:03:27 pm. In early 1923, Wulff used this chart to accurately predict the 8-9 November 1923 Beer Hall Putsch:

particularly unfavorable planetary combinations, and for the autumn of 1923 Hitler’s  ascendant revealed a malefic conjunction of Saturn and Mars. For about twenty-four hours on or about November 8-9, Mars and Saturn were particularly threatening. There were indications of violence with a disastrous outcome.” [Zodiac and Swastika]

Nineteen Nazi’s were killed in this failed attempt at revolution. Hitler escaped with his life, but spent eight months in Landsberg Prison. Further investigation of this chart reveals it accurately describes the nature of Hitler, and transits from major events in his life hit off very sensitive points in his chart, very dependant on the specific time of birth. Firstly we get major fixed stars on the Ascendant and Part of Fortune, this adds the strength and impact to the personality which isn’t the case with the 6:30 pm time. Secondly we get conjunctions to the angles in transits from major life events (precession corrected):

adolf-hitler-horoscopeJuly 20 Plot Explosion
Solar eclipse conjunct Midheaven (69′)
Sun conjunct Midheaven (58′)
Midheaven conjunct Midheaven (32′)
Part of Fortune conjunct Ascendant (13′)

Death of Adolf Hitler
Solar eclipse square Ascendant (64′)
Lunar eclipse opposite Moon (37′)
New Moon conjunct Descendant (23′)
Quarter Moon conjunct Midheaven (22′)
Chiron square Part of Fortune (41′)
Saturn opposite Moon (37′)
Mars square Part of Fortune (02′)
Ascendant trine Vertex (24′)
Part of Fortune conjunct Descendant (54′)

You won’t get anything like that with the 6:30 pm time. Very impressive work by Wilhelm Wulff, I have no doubt whatsoever this is the correct time of birth for Hitler within seconds.

The Ascendant is the most personal point in any horoscope, describing the soul and the physical body. With Uranus conjunct Ascendant we have a rebellious soul. Hitler was revolutionary, eccentric and odd. Uranus can be abrupt, uncaring and angry. The Ascendant is the projection of the soul through the physical body, he had peculiar features, and in the end a contorted and spasming body. His speeches showed the electric energy of Uranus, tense facial expressions and other contorted gestures with the hands.

Arcturus in the Adolf Hitler Horoscope

Importantly there was a major and fortunate fixed star rising at the moment of his birth. Hitler was a fortunate man, rising to dominate the world stage from humble and awkward beginnings. Fixed Star Arcturus, the brightest star in constellation Boötes was rising by 09′. This is the light bearer, the path finder. Ebertin said “Bear leader-guardian…a reputation of achieving justice through power. It therefore makes the native belligerent and quarrelsome…A really go-ahead and enterprising spirit“. Führer means leader or guide, in German.

Adolf Hitler Horoscope

Adolf Hitler

Ebertin went on to say “If critically aspected, the good influence will be hampered or made into a real handicap“, and this is what we saw in the transits of his death with the lunar eclipse square, and the new Moon and Part of Fortune opposite Arcturus. Natally we could say that having Uranus on the Ascendant is a critical aspect. Robson said of Arcturus rising “Good fortune, with many cares and anxieties through own folly.” Folly is the foolish actions he took against the advice of his generals, and this was exacerbated by the influence of rebellious Uranus.

From Edgar Cayce:

Arcturus comes in this entity’s chart, or as a central force from which the entity came again into the earth-material sojourns. For, this is the way, the door out of this system. Yet purposefully did the entity return in this experience.” [2454-3 F 43 7/15/42]

Not that the sun that is the center of this solar system is all there is. For the entity has attained to that realm even of Arcturus, or that center from which there may be the entrance into other realms of consciousness. And the entity has chosen in itself to return to the earth for a definite mission.” [2823-1 F 32 9/26/42]

Hitler had a waring spirit. His Part of Fortune was on the star Betelgeuse “war and carnage.” This star was activated by a conjunction from Saturn when England and France declared war on Germany in August 1914. Hitler was awarded a second class Iron Cross for his bravery on the Western Front later in 1914, and the first class Iron Cross in 1918. The Part of Fortune is happiness of the soul, and his experience in WWI gave him that spiritual happiness that was lacking in his life. It gave his life meaning.

Golden Yod in the Adolf Hitler Horoscope

There are many other aspects and fixed stars in the chart. I am only going to cover what I see as the major influence however, and that is the Quintile Kite aspect pattern, commonly known as the Golden Yod. This is similar to a standard Yod configuration, in that is represents a major focus in life, a mission which is fated. People and circumstances in the life continually push the person toward the completion of the task.

With a Golden Yod, two planets are in quintile aspect (72 degrees apart), and they focus their combined energy like a laser down onto the action point via the two biquintile aspects (144 degrees). Quintiles are aspects that are “associated with the use and abuse of power” [Hitler and the Golden Yod]. When we get these aspects combining to form a configuration, the energy is amplified, like the concentration of energy within a crystal. It makes the major configurations so much more potent than a single aspect on its own.

Hitler’s Golden Yod is a defining feature of his chart. The potency is greatly increased because the aspects involved are close, tight orbs. With Saturn quintile Neptune we get the spiritual idealism of Neptune combined with the practical application of Saturn. Spiritual discipline and a saviour/victim complex, but also trouble with discerning reality from illusion, and fear and paranoia.

This spiritual discipline, part of the mission he felt compelled to undertake, is focused on his subconscious, his Moon. A very emotional man, feelings influenced by Saturn and Neptune can be cruel. Saturn can be very negative, fuelled by Neptune fantasies and illusions. He contemplated suicide after his failure in the Beer Hall Putsch. Saturn Neptune nastiness feeding his emotions, suspicion and fear welling up inside. Jupiter conjunct Moon expanded, exaggerated all that energy. It also increased his great personal appeal and magnetism with the public.

Facies in the Adolf Hitler Horoscope

adolf-hitler-1The darkness from Saturn and Neptune filling his emotions are strengthened by the influence of the fixed star Facies conjunct his Moon. Facies is a nebula in constellation Sagittarius, and it is on his Moon by 24 minutes, so it’s a strong influence. It gives a violent death, and Morse said Facies “will mark those who must see their outlook and beliefs carried into practical effect somewhere, so that they go out on missions, set up their own churches.” This practical application of a spiritual belief mirrors the effects of Saturn and Neptune focused on his Moon.

Brady says that Facies “represents the penetrating stare of a lethal weapon. It is one of the most difficult, and possibly the most violent, objects in the heavens. It gives a penetration of action that has no regard for others…Facies in a chart will indicate that the planet it touches will be very focused and driven…the push to achieve goals and aims may well become ruthless.” [Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars, Bernadette Brady, 1998, p.299.]

So Hitler’s Moon, his inner feelings, his relationship with the public, is focused, driven and powerful as defined by the Golden Yod, focused, driven and ruthless and defined by Facies, and spiritually disciplined, dark and sinister as defined by Saturn and Neptune. Opposite his Moon is Chiron, this is where the energy finally got expressed, the reaction point of the Golden Yod. The final expression was negative, due to the influence of Saturn and Neptune and Facies. Negative Chiron is painful wounding.

The critical importance of the Golden Yod in his chart is evidenced by the transits at his death. The lunar eclipse of December 1944 conjunct his Chiron, the reaction point activated for that final few months of his life. Then along came Saturn, Lord of Karma, the Reaper, conjunct his Chiron in May 1945. Some of the most important people in Hitler’s life also had Yod aspect patterns, including Rudolf Hess, Hermann Goering and the architect of his spiritual mission, Heinrich Himmler – Nazi Yods.

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  1. Fabulous post! His psychology is fascinating. Of course I have to Lilith the guy. I’d already looked at his Dark Moon in Dark Moon- Dark Muse “is placed in the Cancerean flavored 4th house. This brings out the vengeful, baby killer.. So a seriously warped edge to his mothering of the German people. It is sesqui the wounded Chiron, bringing out the revenge and retaliation from his shadow….”

    But that’s nothing compared to his BLACK Moon Lilith and Ceres on the MC. What I said about his mothering the German people and his “Savior Complex” can equally apply to his Ceres MC. Kevin Costner has Ceres in his IC. And there is definitely that “Messianic, Save-the-world” vibe about them both.

    Now his Black Moon Liliths are certainly mesmerising. His True Lilith is squared Dark Moon and on Capulus!! That’s the male Lilith next to Algol. Linked to sexual aggression. Oh he actually has the lot in a T square. ASteroid Lilith opposed Black Moon Lilith both squaring that Dark Moon in the 4th.
    Then he has Mean Lilith quincunx Uranus. Electric and bewitching. Eccentric in the extreme. But the whole lot is just dark, dark, dark and very cold and detached with Uranus. He just looked mental in his speeches, contorted and jerky is right. Hardly appealing. Yet he managed to spellbind. That’s Uranus/Lilith for you.

  2. Jamie,

    I hope people pay close attention to the cycle you mention because we are treading over worn ground and, as yet, have not shown too much deviation from the behavior of prior history. When the world recesses or depresses we face the challenge or staying civil or reverting back to protectionism and tribalism. The fact that this recession/depression is occurring during the still infancy of the global economy is no accident. The tendrils of interrelationship have made significant inroads, perhaps significant enough to make a war of the type as WWII improbable or certainly masochistic.

    Mein Kampf is probably among the top ten most important books nobody in the modern era has read. It is a blueprint for Fox News and all of their pundits. It is also the “unidentified” bible of modern advertising. Hitler was a master psychologist of a certain sort, as you and Marina point out in your interpretations; he knew how to align the dark thoughts of people into a certain kind of action. Conversely, thankfully, the same era that produced Hitler/Mussolini/Stalin also produced FDR/Churchill. I expect conservative parties around the world to gain ground during times of austerity and wonder if they will peak in the same way as they did in Italy, Germany, and Russia.

    Much of the dynamics of the countries and trade have changed dramatically, but even recently Germany reasserted its need for nationalism by denouncing multiculturalism (see this excellent article by Stratfor: Will this be the time when we finally push through and see them as us or just a new, modified version of us versus them?

    • @blackunykorn I truly agree with you. I feel that humanity is being offered another
      chance to restructure the way we choose to govern ourselves nationally
      and worldwide. From my observations is seems as though humanity is questioning
      individuality and how it relates to the whole. While I am anxious for human
      consciousness to let go of its obsession with extreme elitist ideas (religion, governments,
      etc.) as a means of self preservation, I don’t see any contrasts yet. Once we realize,
      accept and find a way to manifest the fact that we are all one, there is much pain
      and suffering to be had. You’d think we’d had enough!!!!

      • Yes, we all see to be on the same page here. Mein Kampf is free online too. There are similaries between now and the early 30’s, but still there are many differences, like the internet. I would,’t think we’d see a return to trench warfare either.

  3. Awesome – its alot of work to do this kind of thing. Thank you for your efforts – they are appreciated !!

  4. Moon in the degree of “A Veiled Prophet Speaks, Seized by the Power of a God”. That birth time is, I’d estimate, almost spot on. I’d maybe put the Ascendant degree just 10′ later, so that it fits the symbol of 23 Libra “A Chanticleer’s Voice Heralds the Rising Sun with Enthusiastic Tones”.
    Really great analysis – love the “Golden Yod”, I hadn’t come across that one, nor did I know about quintiles being about “the use and abuse of power”.

    • Jan , that Moon symbol just reinforces how strong that point is in his chart. He must have been rules by his subconsious thoughts and instincts more than his conscious side, especially when you look at his descisions against all reason.

  5. Jamie, what an incredible and disturbing post. Hitler came into this life harboring a deep-seated rage from many lifetimes spent in great poverty, and lack of recognition: Yod from Sat in Leo trine Pluto in Gem to the South Node as apex.. for this lifetime, his soul was committed to “uplifting” humanity through creating a pure and clean earth (Sun etc. in Taurus, 7) – and his earthly ambition (10) was to release the people from the great hunger and need in the 1930s (Ceres in Can, 10). There WAS great hunger and starvation in Europe at the time Hitler’s party won ground. Apparently, his party had a “socialist agenda”, but as we now know, it was a fundamentalist one.

    And I agree, the evil is in the detached Uranus that stands by nil compassion with the millions of people he and his peers cleared out to purify the planet, but of course speaking of the immense fear with which this soul incarnation this time around. Like Post-traumatic stress rigth at birth!

    Great post, thank you so much for sharing.

    • Good point about the hunger and Ceres. Jamie did well with dealing with this gruesome man. It actually left him feeling nauseaus for a good few days after.
      It’s better to stick to frilly monarchs when you have a heavy work load I find…

    • Thanks Hanne, someone on a forum said bacuse he had Libra rising mean’t he didn’t get his hands dirty. I replied that not many leaders do physically get their hands dirty, but much more important is the soul.

      • Thank you for your response, Jamie. Absolutely agree on this one – the Libra stuff – as well. I guess Hitler’s generation, with Pluto in Gemini, were convinced that the military-industrial complex is brilliant…Hitler’s soul was committed to driving that paradigm to extremes (Uranus) in that lifetime, and if anything we (should) know the sad consequences of such extreme devotion to technology (with the human being viewed as the most perfect technological product) in favor of humanity. Quite a complex relationship with God, so to speak..

  6. got a bit of a shock seeing A.H’s face appear here but, what a chart! and, not having seen it before, in the end felt I had offer some comment about this

    having lived in North Germany for a couple of years, in an area (Lower Saxony and south of the Elbe) where extremist right wing nationalism is still rife and uncomfortably close, I always had the feeling that the collective shadow and pain was so strongly still present, in the land – saw many ghosts trapped there, much tangled psychic wreckage built over (George Steiner asks how the German psyche can ever come to terms with this) – the soil is bloodstained, ancient sites still being used for fascist occult practices – and seeing the results of the firestorms wraught by British bombing of Hamburg was almost unbearable, literally mounds of bloated barbequed bodies in the city, photographed in the very streets where I was living for part of that time……but, its the truth and Pluto ravaged all our father’s and grandfather’s psyches, pawns in Hell….and, what kind of man would be driven to let Pluto’s hounds run riot for his own ends….

    so much in his chart seems to manifest the lethal low side of unconscious archetypes let loose – can’t help thinking 10th ho Saturn in Leo with 8th ho Gemini Neptune matches up his destiny as leader in the fatherland with ‘visions of the master race’, but, his Saturn is intercepted which makes it latent, beneath the surface, needing to be realised, further compounding the subconscious drive, totally lethal with Facies on the Moon as you say – and, his destiny is all a manic question within, projected onto others, confused with his past – Uranus squaring the nodes compounds this – an obsessive, compulsive nature – only it is all lent this archetypal energy which he saw rooted in the people – no wonder he was obsessed with the occult/astrology and chose the the reverse swastika as the Nazi symbol, a black hole of Sun energy (Sun in 7th is conj Mira, which, when with Mercury, gives projected suicidal tendencies) – with that Plutonic technology and vision its perfect expression I’m reminded of the Eugenics – & Vertex on 8th house cusp conj. Venus Mars, deadly fated passion, is also quincunx Uranus and sextile NNode – A.H was a real fatal undoer of humanity, at all costs

    time Chiron found his high side to heal this wound, but, is the German government (and France) showing us this with its current attitude towards immigration and the Roma (1 million or more Roma were exterminated at the hands of the fascists)…..we need to be reminded and, as much as I get a really nasty feeling from reading this man’s chart, I thought this is a great and pertinent article to help us – so, thanks Jamie

    • “a manic question within, projected onto others”

      For some reason this triggered some thoughts the other night which have developed into an idea about Uranus square Pluto. Hitler I believe was the first leader to take advantage of modern technological advances at the time. He flew around in aeroplanes to spread his meassage. He also used film like never before.

      The Uranus Pluto conjunction was the next hard apsect of these two, in the late 60’s. TV was the big medium then, Monks getting their message accross burning themselves, that image of the execution of a North Vietnamese soldier in the side of the head. These stirred up the proptest movement.

      Now for the Uranus square Pluto in the next few years, the modern technology (Uranus) is the internet. Pluto is the masses, and also the powerful leaders. I’m sure the internet will be a major influence in the new struggle, as we saw with the Iranian election protests.

      • yeh I believe you are right Jamie, about Adolph and the internet – those are such powerful images too – and Nov 12th sees the 20th anniversary of Tim Berners-Lee’s first formal proposal of the WWW wow, such a phenomenal acceleration…..and, while Pluto is busy complete overhauling……Uranic technology has already pushing the boundaries of human evolution beyond physical capabilities – guess what comes next is our consciousness!…(and the little green folk from planet Zarg))

  7. Thanks for another thought provoker Jamie,

    For me the key point is that it was his formative experiences in WWI which led to the solidification of his values, just as it was the harsh surrender terms imposed on Germany by the treaty of Versailles which drove Germany to allow him to rise.

    There is such horror in war I know because my grandfather told me although only very late in his life, but what of the generations after me who no longer have even that related first hand experience?

    There is no doubt that his philosophy was ‘socialist’ in that it was preoccupied with subordinating the individual’s will to the will of the state and in an extreme manner not found since Ancient Sparta.

    Perhaps because of that shared horror of war, of seeing the worst side of humanity, the whole world took a giant leap towards socialism, in the form of the welfare/communist state and the state has since sought to intervene increasingly in the lives of people ever since, which has had several unfortunate consequences for later generations who are lacking the horror of war from their social conscienciousness.

    Soviet Socialism was the first to collapse, which was due to internal pressures of excessive bureaucracy, something which the rest of Europe is now beginning to feel as we desperately try to cut back on our own excessive bureaucracies and the modern social sickness of benefit dependancy.

    Final thought that to the ‘Christian’ tradition, jew is synonymous with money lender because usuary (the lending of money for interest) is a ‘mortal sin’ and so only jews in European cities until relatively recently could be money lenders (although perversely it is also forbidden for a jew to charge interest to another jew), just as it is forbidden in the islamic tradition. The first country in the world to expel the jews was England, just as it invented the concentration camp, so I hope no one is holier than thou. Usuary at a rate over 4% was a capital crime in Ancient Rome.

    Seeing how much trouble the ‘moneylenders’, in their modern bank form, have caused us recently there is good cause to believe that humanity is forever destined to forget the wisdom of the past and every so often make it’s own mistakes, just as my teenage daughters are likely to ignore the benefit of my experience and probably make many of the mistakes I did, I just hope they make fewer and learn from them faster.

    To suggest that it won’t happen again is I feel wrong. It may be too soon to happen in my lifetime, but it just feels like the new beginning is nigh!

    • Good point about England…Also the whole history of Christian banning of Moneylending is very interesting:
      “During the reign of King Edward VI-1547-1553 (Henry the 8ths son who died young) the door was closed and locked against the “Bank” of Rome setting up a branch office in England. Parliament outlawed USURY and make it a criminal offense:
      ” And since Usury was by the word of God forbidden, and set out in divers places of Scripture as a most odious and detestable vice, which yet many continue to practise, for the filthy gain they make by it; therefore, from the 1st of May, all usury or gain from money lent was to cease; and whosoever continued to practise to the contrary, was to forfeit both principal and interest, to suffer imprisonment, and to be fined at the king’s pleasure.” (Cobbett’s Parliamentary History of England, vol. I, p.596).”

      I remember hearing a podcast about the whole bank history, there was something about the Jesuits were formed to get round the whole Catholic banking problem. Look how rich the Vatican is now! Funny how they can pick and choose their commandments. Gay sex and abortion still a sin. Money lending probably waived now huh?

  8. Ok so here is my question. This is amazing analysis and look at the personality of Hitler–quite intriguing. What about the analysis of someone whose life is not so well detailed not famous and even still alive?
    I love your website and your writings but I guess my question is Where does free will come into play here? Cant free will change anybodies chart? Even with Hitlers intense chart–which is very interesting HE CHOSE HIS PATH he committed these horrible acts. So I guess what Im asking is was this fate inevitable because of what was in Hitlers chart? How much did his chart fate things to happen and how much was his personal choice? Are you saying that because of what is in this chart–certain events are just laid out exactly i.e the revolt by 19 German officers and the moment of his death/suicide? If everything was fated This lets a horrific man off the hook as he never “chose” any of it.

    I’m interested to see a response from Jamie or Marina or both.

    also @ darius–the word socialist was co-opted by the nazi party. It was a ways and means to market the party to the public of Germany. The Nazis were diametrically opposite of true socialists or communists. They stole the meaning of socialist away from the other rising worker or communist parties “ruled by the jews” in order to fool people! Hitler was obsessed with German expansion and antisemitism. They had no thought of equality for all, NEVER did they intend on feeding all the world. They were superior to all–they had a pure race and had no intention of sharing it.The only socialism they wanted was to be shared amidst their aryan race. Please don’t post ridiculous statements because you have an anti socialist bent!
    The Nazis may have used the word socialist, they were the furthest thing from it.

    • Very good question Ben. Fate versus free will. In this case I believe fate more than free will. This is because of the Yod aspect pattern, which denotes a fated life, things seem to just happen which you have very little control over. Even those things you seem to intentionally do, well perhaps that is a response to stimulation from a higher power, or in response to the mass consciousness.

      Generally most astrologers believe in free will more than fate, but I’m more a believer in fate.

      • Thank you Jamie. A very interesting perspective. Its definitely peeling my own mind back a bit. I look forward to seeing furthur evidence of fate in the stars with you.

    • Really good question Ben!
      The way I see it, is that all aspects and stars have a lower and higher vibration to them. The thing is squares tend to manifest no matter what, whereas trines need conscious effort to activate them.
      So for example if you have a Pluto square AC/DC (Relationships axis), at worst. if you have had an neglectful childhood, you could become a real stalker and bunny boiler if you don’t channel the energies into something that makes the best of that energy. I have this so for me it is Astrology and this aspect is perfect for investigating and research into the synastry of couples. Obsessed with relationships in a good way! For others it could be forensics or they could become a psychologist.

      Fate/Freewill, Nature/Nurture, it’s similar, like planting a rose bush from a seed. The environment is going to shape you. That seed (The chart) is ALWAYS going to be a rose. But it might grow so its hardly any flowers and mainly thorns, it could go wild and be full of briars. That would be a Hitler. OR it could grown huge lovely flowers, with lush leaves that completely overshadow the fact it has thorns (Ghandi). Every chart is going to have some hard aspects or dodgy stars. If Hitler came to me I would have to assume he is using his chart to its highest vibration, and just warn him of what could happen if he didn’t. Of course reading his chart now that we know what he did with his life, we will be looking at he aspects in the most negative sense.
      Whenever I see a strong Neptune in hard aspect to Mars and other pointers to drug use to I always warn the client they would react very badly to substance abuse, but these very same people usually incredibly artistic, poetic and visionary.

      My Jupiter rising always sees the best possible outcome! So I would say if you don’t know the astrology, life will hit you as fate, but if you DO know the astrology you can bend it more to freewill.

      • Ohhhhhh Marina…your above blog…again seeds / roses etc…my son has just downloaded a segment, that i have told him that I want to look at…guess what the heading is? :
        Hitler…Stalin …Twins”!!!
        I asked my son what the “Twins” stand for and he said “Twin Tyrants: Hitler & Stalin”
        You know I told you that Hitler went after Gypsy Twins?…well he also “bred” twins (the blue eyed/blonde haired type)

        Think I have just maxed out my “freaky metre”!!!!!

      • Thank you marina your insight is very well put. I definitely like the take on squares and trines. Thankyou as well for all your work in bringing Lilith to the consciousness of more people!
        The dark goddess is so vital to me. Thanyou for responding so quickly.

  9. I apologize from the outset for the vagueness of this message. I haven’t time to add more precise details right now. The question I ponder with regard to Hitler is how did this one, rather pathetic, man wield so much power? There is an essay by Jung, written in the 1930s, in which he warns the world of a looming “takeover” by the Germanic God Wutan (Odin). Jung describes Wutan/Odin as an archetypal consciousness that has “possessed” Hitler. In other words, by virtue of certain particularities of intrinsic vulnerability and circumstance, Hitler became the “vessel” for the manifestation of Odin. There is much more to say–the stories of Odin; details of Hitler’s metamorphosis over time in the second and third decades of the early 1900s; the descriptions of his later abilities to transfix his audience by his oratory powers etc. I placed the Odin asteroid on Hitler’s natal chart, using the birth time Jamie has been using. Odin is about 25 minutes conjunct Hitler’s natal chiron at 6 something Cancer.

    • Interesting Judith. My esoteric astrologer had a similar idea to what you mentioned. That Hitler was a manifestation of the mass consciousness, that the German people dreamed him up, he was like a savior during the early years.

  10. The position of Uranus in the 12th house just behind the asc would have been like a radio antenna, picking up on the collective. But not just the collective of Germany. It was a world war.
    Alice Bailey describes WW2 as a “highly occult affair” meaning that it involved unseen forces way more powerful and influential than just politics or the dysfunction of one man.

    Hitler’s parents were cousins and his father illegitimate. He also had one sibling who was permanently institutionalised and another who was “feeble minded” and kept inside. His father beat him badly too – “The Dark Moon in the Cancerean flavored 4th house. This brings out the vengeful, baby killer.. So a seriously warped edge to his mothering of the German people. It is sesqui the wounded Chiron, bringing out the revenge and retaliation from his shadow….” A child continually beaten by a parent has fantasies of domination and murder of that parent. I think the book the Drama of the Gifted Child touched on this – Melanie Klein??

    Because of the miseries inbreeding created in his family, he may have founded his ideas on eugenics and racial purity form this stigma and wanted to create a pure family model for all Germans. In a largely agrarian populace at the time perhaps inbreeding was not uncommon. The marriage of cousins was not that unusual at the time either but the stigma of deformity and handicap was always great.

    The Yod in his chart makes me think of his obsession with owning the Spear of Destiny – i.e the spear belived to have pierced the side of Christ on Calvary, the legend being that whoever owned the lance would control the world.

    “In 1933, when Hitler rose to power, his 25-year obsession to possess the spear could be realized. In April, 1938, he marched his army into Vienna and took possession of the spear and took it to Nuremberg. One year later, he invaded Poland. On April 30, 1945, the same day Hitler supposedly killed himself, the American army invaded Nuremberg and took possession of the spear. (at least what was believed to be the Spear of Longinus)

    In the months that followed, America unleashed the most destructive force ever known to man: the atomic bomb. While in possession of the Spear of Destiny, America became the undisputed ruler of the world. The spear now once again resides in the Hapsburg Treasure House Museum in Vienna.”

    It occurs to me that PLuto on the Asc in Libra is totally ruthless and impersonal and capable of making a split from the self in the pursuit of the acquisition of power although ironically without realising it power becomes the domain of others ultimately because it has to be challenged. I think Libra has a schizophrenic quality to it and PLuto in Libra is capable of real charm, the mark of the psychopath, while being completely cold in execution of ambition. It is a supreme strategist which forgets or underestimates the “other’. After all, Hitler made a lot of enemies around the world and was ultimately defeated by them!

    This essay
    gives the esoteric astrological view of Taurus and the 4th ray. Harmony through conflict. For so many souls this is the only way to learn. The lesson is never fully learned as each incarnating generation seems to need it.

    Was Hitler chosen in some way as an instrument? There is an awful irony in the karma between a race who believed they were god’s chosen people and tried to maintain the purity of their race by not marrying “out”, and an organisation which sought to purify its subjects and domain.

    I see some of the other posts here mention lessons not learned etc regards usuary, banking, money and so on. The history of the banking family, Rothschild and their funding of wars is worthy of scrutiny by way of balance. They did not take sides, just lent money to all sides and reaped huge profits. They are still highly effective in global finance of course at a time when the world is enslaved to credit and debt.

    The author Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in his work, “Gulag Archipelago, Vol 2,” affirms that Zionist Jews created and administered the organized Soviet concentration camp system in which these tens of millions of Christians and Non-Jews died.
    So the polarisation of innocents and aggressors in this period is muddied perhaps the German people were not acting out of some sort of mesmerism by Hitler. Maybe they felt some justification? The subsequent study of WW2 seems to disconnect it from a wider and longer history. I noticed when I have been in America over the last 20 years that WW2 is largely known now as the Holocaust as if only one side were victims of the war when in fact every soul involved was suffering. – this essay on Chaos by Esoteric Astrologer Philip Lindsay gives a good perspective. This essay is very long but you can scroll half way to get the salient parts on how the forces of evil work from the esoteric astrological view.

    Finally, its worth remembering Hitler didn’t work in isolation. Here is the chart of Himmler and an essay on him and his occult pursuits.
    And note, HImmler was a Libran! He makes Hitler almost junior league in his atrociousness.

    Finally, I am now wondering about the people with the Uranus Pluto conjunction in Libra which must be in their late thirties now. Much astrology focuses on marriage and partnership as the main themes of Libra but as we can see form Hitler and Himmler’s charts, the cold strategies of Libra delivered some real horrors. WHat energies will be released or have to be addressed as Uranus and PLuto square these outer planets over the years to come? What will the Cardinal cross bring to bear through this generation?

  11. p.s Walter Langer in his book, “The Mind Of Hitler,” in which states,
    “Adolf’s father, Alois Hitler, was the illegitimate son of Maria Anna Schicklgruber…….Maria Anna Schicklgruber was living in Vienna at the time she conceived. At that time she was employed as a servant in the home of Baron Rothschild. As soon as the family discovered her pregnancy she was sent back home…….where Alois was born.”
    On the surface, it would appear Hitler was unlikely to be a Rothschild, but then again, when you discover the benefits that the Rothschilds got out of this war, both financially and politically, a Rothschild connection does not appear as outlandish as it may initially seem.
    The plot thickens…!

  12. uberqueenofwands: Finally, I am now wondering about the people with the Uranus Pluto conjunction in Libra which must be in their late thirties now. Much astrology focuses on marriage and partnership as the main themes of Libra but as we can see form Hitler and Himmler’s charts, the cold strategies of Libra delivered some real horrors. WHat energies will be released or have to be addressed as Uranus and PLuto square these outer planets over the years to come? What will the Cardinal cross bring to bear through this generation?

    Integration of the old and new, proven and untried, partnership and the self; this is the main thrusts of the Libran energy. Women rising to an equal ranks and footing with men in terms of career(self) and raising the family(partnership). If I dare to say, the next generations of female presidents, CEOs, heads of states and power movers will come in huge numbers from this group.

    At the same time, I’d be quick to add that the women in this generation are very aware of their Lilith natures, including their homosexual tendencies, having this deep understanding of the empowerment that integration of their anima and animus can bring. I have pointed out that observation in the past somewhere in this site.

    I would expect to see women occupying traditional men roles and vice versa. Likewise, women who would aggressively look for ways and solutions to mend relationships and partnerships readily than their partners, would be highly acceptable and in most cases natural. What I strongly noticed however would be the idea of marriage to include the ‘3rd party’ as another individual or the career as being acceptable. Whether this is good or bad for the evolution of a functional partnership…only time can tell.

    Having both Pluto and Uranus in Libra, I am very team-oriented and partnership-centered, very aware of the yin/yang interplay in team dynamics. In my team, I’m always looking for the ‘geek one'(Uranus) and the ‘intuitive one'(Pluto), which really works for me being Saturnine(exalted in Libra) in a lot of ways in the workplace.

    This group however is in the process of undergoing their Saturn and Pluto squares respectively, so most of their Libra influences will be tested to the core. What comes out of this test will even redefine how they treat partnerships and how to thrive in them.

    • The key to this understanding is not what is, but what isn’t! I.e Libra,s polarity in Aries makes it manipulative rather than direct. The currnet cardinal crisis should bring the test of emotion to this generation. Emotions can be ugly and Librans don’t like ugly! Although Libran manipulation can get others to act out emotionally for them and thereby take the high moral ground!
      I think Margaret Thatcher was a Libran or she had libra asc? She was a great example of a Libran woman leader. She worked her woman status to her advantage but did zilch to aid the life of the average woman. She created a world where her values were reflected but it was a very shallow one indeed.

    • PLuto transits can never be underestimated or understood from the onset o the transit. Its only when its over that one can look over a bruised, battered and often broken shoulder (or worse) to see what Pluto has actually done. Uranus and Pluto to me, would be the charnel ground where values (Libra is god as ascribing values based on appearance) at the very least will be shattered.
      I see a generation of people with PLuto Uranus in Libra who over identify with career, who don’t like to get their hands dirty while mothers, who are about style over content, who “parade” their roles/”gender assignations” etc like badges to be worn etc etc – where is the emotion?
      I have recently done a chart for a woman with U/P in Libra who had done martial arts since she was 10. She is a minor politician and adheres rigorously to her doctrines/plans. She has short hair and a very outwardly masculine appearance due to the level of physical training she does. She has competed at Olympic level in Karate.
      However – she has blackouts. For no reason. She has Sun in Cancer square the Libran planets. Her huge issue now as she approaches 40 is that she cannot attract a boyfriend/man. She is not gay and does not want to experiment with it either. However, she has definitely compromised her femininity. I pointed out that she is man enough for herself and perhaps men fear her??? Other factors in her chart point to unbridled rage and of course she never cries… so when the rage builds up, she blacks out because she cannot channel the emotion. Emotion is a messy and “inferior” function until it brews up beyond boiling in the pressure cooker. This is the link to Derrick Bird’s chart. Derrick was a mild mannered Libra stellium with moon in Aries – in direct opposition. He shot 37 people killing 12. The shape of this chart amazes me because its like a bow drawn back and waiting for the arrow to be fired. There is the tension of Saturn and Uranus square, pulled back in Libra then ultimately fired through Aries.

      If you look at Himmler’s chart and commentary above, you’ll see reference to this particular Libran organising musical concerts of his camp inmates where he used to go and attend in the full knowledge he would have the musicians all executed as part of his plan.

    • I have noticed that PLuto in Libra desperately craves a partnership but Uranus wants total freedom in it so the resulting style of relationship has a power struggle at its source.

      • More like it. Independence within a committed relationship, regardless of what you call it, is very much how we or most of my own peers like it; where ‘wearing the pants’ is more of a costume-party issue than dominance. I think this generation coined the phrase ‘hanging on by letting go’.

  13. p.s I should add that Pluto forces us to know and assimilate the shadow. So what is the shadow of Libra, the great balancer, team player, adherent to relationship equality etc? Is it a craving for power? The iron fist in the velvet glove?

    • Mars is going to manifest the Libran shadow most strongly – through its lowest vibration, which does have unconscious drives behind it but can manifest through hidden Libran strategies, to ‘use’ the team to meet its own power agendas – personal connection to the individuals of the team is shelved and this is where the Libran shadow becomes ruthless – perhaps there are shades of Thatcher in there

    Margaret Thatcher, another Libran stellium.

  15. uberqueenofwands: I see a generation of people with PLuto Uranus in Libra who over identify with career, who don’t like to get their hands dirty while mothers, who are about style over content, who “parade” their roles/”gender assignations” etc like badges to be worn etc etc – where is the emotion?</blockquote

    I don't quite agree with this. Based on my experience having crossed cultures and made my own observation of the women and men of this generation; the women actually have reached (mostly around their first Saturn returns) a balance between their career choices and social responsibility as a woman (being a wife, mother, caregiver). Thus it's not surprising to find them quite young-looking despite their age, with talented kids and here's the catch – regardless of marital status.

    I don't think it's really an issue of beauty vs. ugly with Libra, it's more of the innate understanding of the feminine/masculine and how it can be used to navigate through gender inequalities and stereotypes. This I believe is the lifelong struggle of the Pluto/Uranus in Libra. Thus we see the rise of corporate women who are dragonslayers but sexually incapable in the bedroom. Whereas men are facing sexual issues due to getting emasculated by these women. Very few marriages survive within this age bracket. Thus the women successfully pair up where their Mars(Aries' ruler) gets acknowledged in the coupling (with Mercury, Venus and Pluto), mostly to men who are much older. Stronger men for strong women, that's the deal. And there's your balance.

    Men in this group tend to have successful marriages to older women as well. I'm sure there are other factors. But what I'm trying to drive at here to the point of oversimplification is that this generation finds traditional gender-specific roles very limiting, thus it drives them to seek that sweet spot called perfect balance to carry on with their relationships as harmoniously as possible on the inside regardless of how it looks like from the outside.

    Where Pluto/Uranus are in Libra, getting into a leadership position has been effortless because the ego consciousness sits in between where the feminine and the masculine meets. Case in point, a crisis manager with Pluto in Capricorn always thinks for the worse and double checks everything, while the Pluto in Libra manager would trust key people in the team to be accountable for critical stuff. Between these two, who looks older beyond their years?

  16. Like I said, the lessons of PLuto are never apparent until well after the transit is over.
    PLuto/Uranus in Libra and leadership? Too many managers not enough serfs! Too many chiefs not enough Indians!
    “while the Pluto in Libra manager would trust key people in the team to be accountable for critical stuff. Between these two, who looks older beyond their years?”
    Who LOOKS older? In the eyes of the Libran evaluater… why should anyone LOOK older!

    Older men for younger women are father figures. Older women for younger men are mother figures – been there done that!!! No matter what they say on the outside, the minute menopause takes its physical toll and she runs for the scalpel, HRT, botox etc etc the Libran male may deftly dodge his reason to be with her and remember he has a life below the waist where the lower chakras draw his attention to a 20 year old and he will find a way to justify it in true Libran charming way!!!
    Libra is the great vacillator – it is the only sign not represented by a living thing – what does this mean?? Where is the cold balance when unbridled emotion rises?
    I have done the chartsover the years of a few people with Libran stelliums and find they often really compromise what they genuinely want – i.e restrict their spontaneity because they have a plan. The plan often as a result, goes haywire but they will stick to it doggedly to prove their point until the other people in the plan bail out or they cannot cope any longer but then it is always the fault of the OTHER…

    “while the Pluto in Libra manager would trust key people in the team to be accountable for critical stuff. ” I find this chilling. Is this another way of saying – the PLuto in Libra manager doesn’t want to take absolute responsibility so he/she gets no egg on face when a mistake is made and some other person takes the rap while Pluto Libra remains squeaky clean???

    Under the current Cardinal crisis wee see three points of the cross inhabited – Saturn in Libra, Uranus in Aries, PLuto in Capricorn. What is missing from this picture – well the outcome of a T square thus would be in Cancer – and this is where the lesson/sacrifice is made for fixed crosses are crosses of initiation and I think there is/will be an outpouring of emotion – look at the middle east where a build up of hysteria has taken people to the streets resulting in basically, war.

    So while the PLuto in Libra crisis manager sits back and tries to maintain his equable exterior, some other TRUSTED KEY person (a water sign??) takes the rap, lies awake at night, gets a stomach ulcer, etc etc and is answerable as a disposable team player? Accountable for the critical stuff??

    BTW I’m also seing quite a lot of Arians struggling with emotion now – even though they are forging ahead in their careers, running strategically planned lives, relationships etc

    “the women actually have reached (mostly around their first Saturn returns) a balance between their career choices and social responsibility as a woman (being a wife, mother, caregiver). Thus it's not surprising to find them quite young-looking despite their age, with talented kids and here's the catch – regardless of marital status.” – womanhood and mothering issues continue and can only really be looked at when the mother hormones dry up! Then we get it into perspective.
    So many women with careers DO NOT BALANCE work/home at all. They are DEPENDENT on OTHER WOMEN to raise their kids. This is not a balance, it is a price. The cost of a have it all dream/strategy.

    This book explained the cost to a child whose mother – an Aries with Neptune in Libra (ideals in relationship) and Uranus in Cancer( – detached emotion/independent emotionally but also combustive) tried a life/work/balance of an extreme kind. The book is his experience of growing up with a “plan” and absent parents.

    Lets pick over the ashes of Uranus and PLuto (a nuclear symbol if ever there was one!) in ten to thirteen years time! Thats about how long this generation of outer planetary Librans will be on this cardinal corss of initiation.

    I do remember well my own major PLuto transit and how it knocked all the stuffing out of me – again and again and again. Just when I thought I had it sorted, it came and it the fire again…
    I do have one abiding memory of a rather irritating astrologer friend who patted me on the arm and smirked.. “Oh yes, PLuto… its a learning curve.” With a benign smirk. A few years later I observed her PLutonic learning curve as the big C came to call and eventually ravaged her beyond redemption. What a learning curve.

  17. p.s going back to the Fuhrer and Himmler, there’s nothing quite like a Libran plan!!! With Pluto in Cancer at the time the dark mother, or dark side of the moon exacted huge sacrifice from all the players in that war – in fact both world wars. What is untnenanted Cancer on this Cardinal cross going to exact now?

  18. Speaking of Libra…check out the Dalai Lama’s connection with the Nazis.
    It has been gone into quite thoroughly by the Trimondis in The Shadow of the Dalai Lama….and the previous Dalai’s role in the sudden death of the Dowager Empress of China, the Young Emperor and the fall of ther Qing dynasty…making way for communism.And the fall of Tsar Nicholas and family who had recently put in place a Kalachakra Temple. Trimond’s work can be read online and is important.
    The present Dalai Lama has 26 Aries rising…mars in the 6th house Libra….t square the Lunar nodes and Capricorn and Cancer.
    Whatever astrodienst says is not well informed but because they were told so by the Dalai’s officials they will not see reason.
    I was a member of a small astrologically inclined group in Dharamsala…a long time ago now..and someone asked The Dalai’s sister about his time of birth. Middle of the night ! she said….so it has evolved…and will stand up to any test anyone wants to apply ..that his AC is 26 Aries and Moon 7 something Virgo.
    What he does is Kalachakra…he aims for eventual world domimion…
    and’in his own words…if the Dalai Lama were to become a murderer he would become the deadliest of all mass muderers. We think he has already become so. Hitler appears to have been acting as a pawn for the Tibetans. The Kalachakra calls for the destruction of Jews, Muslims, Christians….and that is what he is openly teaching.
    So much for gentle and diplomatic Libra !

    • WoW! That’s amazing! I had seen his chart and some commentary somewhere on other Dalai Lamas and remembered it said he just carried the letter of the law. He was not a true spiritual leader. This provoked a nickname from myself and another The Dullard Lama!!!
      There was cetainly an esoteric link between Hitler and Tibet as the Nazis believed the Aryan race originated there and there was an expedition to try and find the links. I’m sure you’ve sen the records on this! I’m alaways amazed at how people with no spiritual inclination – who don’t want to plumb the depths as it were – will readily adopt him as a totem. He is certainly a political one! He’s certainly one to watch under the Cardinal crisis! Astrotheme gives him Cancer asc. He has Sun and PLuto conjunct in Cancer with the Mars square! No wonder he appeals to American celebrities! America has such strong Cancerian traits/needs…
      Again I see the essence of sacrifice through PLuto in CAncer and he certainly appeals to those who would rather have an equable experience of emotion – so far!!!
      MAybe there are some reincarnation issues between ex nazis and Tibetans??? !

    • Mary – is there a new birth time for the ‘shadow’ chart then? – Ive looked in depth at the Dalai’s chart using the ‘conventional’ birthtime; the Mars square the nodes aspect remains with Pluto on/near the South Node, houses and Asc/MC change but the major planetary aspects remain – very interested to explore this – thanks for the heads-up

  19. I’ve seen the Libran strategy in action! It often involves brokne bones!!! And lets face it – courst of justice (Libra, the law, he scales etc) are often just places where if you pay lots and the right words are said (very Libran) you get away with murder!!!
    Just for fun, some interesting Librans!

    David Cameron
    Peter Mandeslon
    Silvio Burlosconi
    Vladimir Putin
    Wyclif Jean

    a big part of the Libran shadow is passive agressiveness… Ghandi you are accused!!

      • and everyone has their shadow, so, the use/abuse of power is the question as well as the resources/context within which this becomes operative

        objectively, we could look to the ‘ruling’ planet of each sign’s opposite/polarity for the shadow energy that is being expressed

        and, it should be remembered that Libra is a ‘construct’ sign, the scales being borrowed from the Scorpion’s claws – ‘the archetypal grip of the underlying Plutonic aspect of the Law’ would be a negative interpretation that indicates subversive use of power within the application of Justice – whether an individual is operating for the good or not, the Law can be applied both ways, but, when people are operating in the field of universal laws the shadow will always be dangerously present and, in the larger context, will be, at least to some degree, be threatening to overtake the individual ego – ‘power’ becomes an issue as the influence of archetypes is beyond human control; we can only work with them, and their influence, through clear intent and entrainment, and this too can be used for good or ‘evil’ – neither do high levels of awareness and consciousness guarantee use for the ‘good’ – this can only be achieved through conscious integration of the personal shadow, an ongoing process, and one every politician should be paying attention to, and, even then the dangers never subside – plus, we are prone to project those parts of our own shadow that are unintegrated, remain unconscious, so some caution and objectivity is advisable when looking at other people’s, especially in their charts – we may well be seeing our own (as well)

        • I love to hear your perpectives rob quite deep and checked out your website

    • the problem doesn’t go away either with shifts in ideologies; plenty of fundamentalist New Agers in the world too, whom Jamie Sams has called ‘White Light Nazis’! But, the power list above throws the issue of ‘use of power’ into sharp relief and we so love to demonise – very interesting thread….

  20. Libra/uranius/AC, opp/mercury/sun, venus/mars, says; “I am wierd”, different, unexceptable, Hitler issued from incest, father’s relationship w/ neice, daughter of housekeeper Aunt, His 1st cousin Mom had several children die in infancy (genetic trouble) children of incest often have rage. (ted Bundy)

    The 10th/hs/leo/saturn/square/taurus/venus/mars, is certian of unexceptablity, and says, “I am not loved.”

    So here is Hitler rejected and unloved w/ a heady powerful 9th/hs/NN/ SN/3rd/hs/capricorn/moon/jupiter/conq/trine/taurus/sun that says I WILL dominate and make my 3rd/hs visions BIG.

    Hitler’s exquisite timing,NN/SN/trine/sun (hitler weather),his PSY ability early/sun/taurus and taurus/venus/mars and with everything in the 7th/hs becomes he becomes his audience. (how can one force, one leader be rejected?) He broke all resistence and formed a new german people

    He also turned lose the pathology fo finding other people’s race religion reason enough to reject them,his greatest fear, insecurity, at the insistance of the 7th/hs stellium, causing a organized, (earth sign) murder machine. (8th/hs/gemini/pluto/neptune/conq is new science, new theory, to base 8th/hs murder on)

    • Interesting Lucy. I’ll re-read your analysis to gain better understanding. Thanks.

  21. Sorry Rob…you have explained. I am doing this either too late at night or too early in the morning. Thank you for the explanetion.

    • s’alright, but, wow! thats quite some invective….wonder if this is a dark side of Lilith conjunct Uranus in Mercury retro time with Mars approaching opp to Saturn kinda thing

  22. Hello folks,
    I am the person who offered a comment re: the conjunction of Hitler’s Chiron and Odin asteroid, back in February. I have been following this ensuing discussion with interest, and a couple of nights ago, I read a sizable portion of the book regarding the Dalai Lama and connections to Nazism (the Tremondis’ book–sp?) that Mary referred to. I had never heard of them before and I am most grateful for the reference.

    The issues are, arguably, extremely complex and, for me, very close to home as I live in a place in Canada that was chosen by Rinpoche (the dead one who infected his followers with HIV) for the migration of his primarily American flock from Colorado, in the 80s. Without offering up sordid details, I can say that much of what the Tremondis write about concerning less than healthy practices within particular Buddhist communities, is not unfamiliar to me. I have always thought that the taking on of an alien (no insult–or pun– intended) religious practice later in life, ie as an adult, made no sense and in fact, leaves one open and vulnerable to collective forces within a consciousness that one’s particular combination of DNA memory is not set up to integrate. Hence, the possibility of being “possessed” and “controlled” by a consciousness of archetypal stature and power that is not one’s own, is dangerously high..

    And–perhaps, at least for me, as a neuroscientist,the most important point..this is not idle conjecture. We now have the conceptual models to explain the neuroscience of possession. The stellar work of Walter Freeman of University of Florida provides a very plausible model for the independent and completely dissociated “islets of consciousness” that can take root in ANYONE’s BRAIN, under the right circumstances. Our brains are “acculturated” –therein lies both our imprisonment and the path to our individual, authentic liberation. Humans are social animals–“possessed” people will seek out and establish ties with other “possessed ” people whose possession state is more or less equivalent, socially, intellectually, economically, politically with no ties to fundamental core values and shadow elements of one’s own culture(ie. the basic “warts and all” components that remind us we are imperfectly perfect humans and that that is as good as it gets.) An analogy would be the group of super-elites who hob nob around the world these days, a community unto themselves, spanning all nationalities and cultural backgrounds. Not necessarily malevolent–in fact, some of the most effective development work in the world is under their jurisdiction–but rootless, in a way that I fear will impact adversely in the long run.

    The good news? Evolution of consciousness is inexorable. We are all of us heading toward a global consciousness that harmonizes the singular, uniqueness of each individual. Nevertheless, the “bad guys” are not to be trifled with; and one has a duty to be vigilant about safeguarding human rights, especially the rights of the most vulnerable. Thankfully, “possession” does and will continue to consume itself, over time.

    I was born into a Christian culture. I remember vividly the moment, at the ripe old age of five, when I realized that if I had been born in India, I would more likely be Hindu, or Sikh, or Muslim. I have never forgotten that moment.

    As much as I have had to hold my nose; and despite the many times I have walked away in disgust; I know that my acculturated brain, my DNA; needs the container of my birth culture. Within that container, I take full responsibility for the degree to which I succeed–and fail–at achieving full personal authenticity. I take the group of collective archetypes my acculturated brain:mind offers me and I make them work for me; not the other way around. I am supposed to be having an earthly experience at the moment; not a spiritual one, so the living breathing acculturated brain that is me gets the last word. The responsibilities that come with that privilege? I speak truth, even when it gets me in trouble; I hold mutually respectful conversations with my inner guides; I stay alert for the synchronicities that weave their way in and out of my life; I maintain a practice of joy, gratitude, and reverence; I stay “off the grid” as much as I can with respect to a materialistic culture; I hang out primarily with children, dogs, and birds; I stick my hands in the dirt A LOT; I make jokes about myself and laugh at them; I swim in the sea of contradictions and paradox; I embrace Mystery in all its forms; I do the dance of the “knowing” and “unknowing” with as much grace and style as I can muster while endeavouring to be a compassionate human being. Most important of all, I try to stay as conscious as possible about the absolute immorality of exploiting others for my own gain, however beneficent or at least innocuous, my motivation may appear to me, for that is the greatest illusion of all–that somehow “other” exists. I love Dante–he put the manipulators, not the adulterers, not the murderers, in the deepest level of Hell.

    I have written something entitled “Flow’s Manifesto” that started out as a scientific paper but quickly morphed into a very long, spoken word piece.

    The final stanza:

    And so I pay homage to Flow’s Manifesto
    By swearing allegience to be still; and know
    In the eye of Flow, it is Mystery who reigns, supreme;
    By the power of Love, She proclaims:
    All creation is SACRED; All creation is ONE;
    Mystery’s the mistress when all’s said and done;
    But the servants of Mystery are revered just the same;
    And the last word on earth belongs to Mind’s Brain;
    By logical extension then; All creation is SANE.

    Thanks for listening. I needed to get this off my chest. My inner child was pretty spooked by reading all that disgusting distortion of the beauty and power of self-transformation in the Tremondis’ gripping publication. She needed Mama to come out and kick some cosmic butt.

    Thanks again. I appreciate your serious handling of this topic.

    • Hi Judith – great comment and there seems to be a lot of resonance here – what surprised me when you posted your comment on Chiron conjunct Odin was how much this shaped the Chironic archetype into a ‘saviour’ mode with a deeply Germanic undertone. By itself it would not necessarily have dark implications. However, Chiron has been associated with Christ consciousness by numerous astrologers, which has been given a particular tone as a leitmotif (recurring theme) within early New Age concepts around the emergent unified consciousness. Being at the reaction point of Hitlers golden yod and pulling in Saturn and Neptune, the archetype becomes fatherly, controlling and unconsciously pervasive, and, in contradiction to the Christing of consciousness exerts an obsessively assertive and ‘possessing’ quality, more in keeping with the lower vibrations of Saturn and Neptune. The clincher for me was seeing the septile between Mars conjunct Venus to Chiron, which opens the mind to archetypal influences, possession amongst them, and the quintile from Mercury on the DC to Chiron+Odin, which while balancing out the septile does further open Hitlers mind to psychic influence which he HAD to find a way of expressing – Mercury on the DC communicates the power of the past very clearly and Mars and Venus bring passion and force to its expression through Chiron+Odin. This leaves little room for doubt and supports your ideas about possession.

      With Venus and Mars sextiling the North Node, squaring Saturn and with the South Node in Capricorn the complex developes a fated dynamic – this is confirmed further by asteroid Urda (Norn of the past) at 27.18 Virgo quintile AH’s North Node! Extra-ordinary synchronicity to Urda’s role in the current “Unchained Mind’ Full Moon post – how apt is that title, uncanny!!

      I do love the enspirited way you are expressing your scientific insights and ‘Flow’s Manifesto’ is beautifully expressive of the promise….

      I believe Jung had too many encounters with the archetypal realms first hand not to know the dangers – his ‘Red Book’ is as a personal and profound testimony to this, as I am sure you know, but, thankyou for the initial comment and for coming back with great depth and insight….with Neptune in Pisces now perhaps we will see more of this over the coming few months, goodness knows we need it – and hearteningly good resonance with many others here 🙂

      • Hello Rob,
        Thank you for your very thoughtful response. I have lots here to digest–my astrologese is not very fluent yet so it will take me a while to get through all the connections you have mentioned in your response.

        I have a strong personal connection to what is going on in Hitler’s natal chart that is not for this type of forum, but I appreciate now your initial take on the Odin/Chiron conjunction.
        The history of Odin’s mythology is well worth investigating as it provides many inroads to a deeper understanding of Hitler. I have focused a lot of attention on the Hitler of 1907–the year of his mother’s death. I have looked at her natal and death charts and have worked quite a bit with them.

        Jung said that the Christianity at the time was not “strong” enough to stand up to the re-emergence of Odin through Hitler. I think I have a viable working hypothesis concerning what that may have been about….

        At the time of his death, Jung expressed, with apparently great surprise/alarm that the archetypes are “real”. As you said, in so many ways his boundaries with higher ordered complexity consciousness were so blurred, it affected his ability to maintain some degree of objectivity. He must have used a form of denial as an ego defense to have made such a deathbed announcement– a man who had clairsentient and mediumship abilities, among others. Nevertheless, I can maintain compassion for him, given the times he lived in and what he was trying to accomplish. Contrary to what many say about him, I tend to believe the Jung remained within the sphere of Nazism for as long as he did, to try and wake up other colleagues to the vastness of the danger confronting Germany and the rest of the world through the person of Hitler. The first time I read his essay about Hitler and Odin, a total body shiver and shakedown enveloped me. It was an extraordinary reaction, unlike any I have ever experienced when reading something. Finally, as a psychiatrist, I might add that, in keeping with what many people think, we are indeed–or at least the good ones are –a bit wingy. My patients often said that my odd ways made them feel better. It can be quite calming to find oneself feeling much more “sane” than one’s psychiatrist!

        Again, thank you for the more information to digest and ponder.

      • Hello again,

        Funny….I just reread your response and you did NOT suggest that Jung’s boundaries were blurred. I must ponder how it is that I took that impression away with me….

        • Yes, we may be inclined to view Jung in his winged capacity too, but, I actually think the depth of commitment playing out within his work required him to cross the boundaries and experience their mutability within consciousness, without choice – without this experience his work would have carried, ironically, an ungrounded flavour and he would suffered badly – he had to be initiated – his journey into the proximity of “higher ordered complexity consciousness” made his appreciation of the inherent dangers the more poigniant, as expressed at his deathbed. But, his chart reveals the complexity at work in him.

          His own Jupiter like Hitlers is opposite Chiron, an affinity by aspect – the difference is in the expression with Jupiter on one arm of a yod, sextiling Mars and pointing towards Pluto, and there is no reaction point – Pluto however is on Algol which is his fated mission to go to the very depths at all costs, it is also close to the roots of his world-tree the IC, so he would have found his own power source there, amidst the undifferentiated matrix – I won’t go into his chart too much, except to say that he is gifted with immense potential to communicate his findings infused with soul essence, Mercury on Sirius septile Vertex and sextile Moon – this is outside the realms of reason or human choice and makes him both empowered by and awash within the archetypal realms, so, I would say he is both afflicted with and endowed with the gifts of blurred boundaries. The Pluto Algol action point of the yod take this to the extreme of extremes – a person with no other choice than to consciously empty the contents of his deep personal psyche through encountering the supra-personal, he was always going to be drawn into the compass of the archetypes and his affiliation with those who manifested them, regardless of their personal intents, would have held him mesmerised – a psychologist in extremis,

          So yes, his remaining within the sphere of Nazism would have given him little choice except to say that he could see through it, was not held by its vibrations at the gross level and did have an appreciation of the dangers – their are questions about whether his motivations for doing so were entirely personal or not, but, the limits of his ability to help a nation wake up to these dangers were balanced by his ability to forge hard won connections between our personal psyches and the greater powers of the archetypes within a healing context….I hope I am not succumbing to his winged nature, being overly idealistic or throwing too many spanners in the works by saying this! I believe it was due to the quality of his consciousness that Jung was ironically closer to the ‘ancient roots’ than the Nazi agenda could ever be, they being in it for the power, he for the knowledge – two sides of the same coin. I would say they harnessed the material technology of the time to that power, he the immaterial technology of mind and spirit to that knowledge – this power and knowledge is with is more consciously available to us all as a result of both.

          • jung’s is nicely receptive, the taurus/neptune/leo/sun/square & the NN/aries/leo/uranius/jupiter/libra/mars/sag, in loose grand shows a lot of conflicted feelings, taurus/moon & pluto, venus/cancer/mercury/conq about man’s desires for material. self absorbed man desires the existential as cure, materialist desires the spiritual…..just couldn’t resist.

  23. it was the flowering of the mechanical age, trains, subs, air, cinema and w/ neptune/pluto/conq Hitler was a modern man. Germans had precision munitions, cameras, (Allies had better radar), it was the german superiority, mechanical abilities that Hitler used. It was their great talents he exploited. Germany was itching to show themselves as wolves, hubermen and punish Europe for the humiliating defeat of WW1. The german mind was/is preoccupied anxious to make it better. Japan had the same innocence of their ‘rightness,’ and they were ‘cults’.

    A lot is said about Hitlers capricorn moon and the nodes, and there is a great desire tobe heard and a horror of the snub, taurus/venus/mars/sqaure/saturn/leo saturn/leo is naturally up-in-arms and Hitler was able to make good on old grudges. Hitler waited did nothing but go to opera and after his inheritence ran out lived in homeless shelters for men until WW1, it was only when he became secure that he went wild, fed on the general humuliation and physic suffering of the good hard=working brainy german people.

  24. Hi Jamie,
    I have been going back and forth between the two natal charts of Hitler (whose birthday is TODAY by the way). Being an Aquarian, I have to make up my own mind of course, by my own rather odd methods. Anyway, I have been contemplating his Midheaven in Cancer (your golden yod Hitler) vs. Midheaven in Leo (most other people’s Hitler) and I find it a compelling argument that Hitler more closely fits a MH in Cancer. One point in particular I wanted to highlight–That a MH in Cancer needs a creative outlet or pent up emotions may warp into some kind of “psychic discharge”. I so see Hitler as a rather inept, introverted young person, in his teens, with rather grandiose views of himself as an accomplished artist–his dreams lost (ie. did not get into the Vienna Art Academy) the same year his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and subsequently died. It was after that that he ended up on the street for several years. In one biography I read, the attending physician (a Jew whom Hitler helped to escape Germany out of gratitude for taking good care of his mother while she was dying) said at the time of Hitler’s mother’s death, he had never before witnessed such intense grief as Hitler displayed.

    My apologies if other posts contains this info. I may have missed it.

  25. Another point (again my apologies if someone else has already thought of this). IF your natal chart is the accurate one, then the Midheaven and Algol form the arms of a regular yod whose apex is the Galactic Centre. Hmm…..
    I do think Hitler had a chance to go one way or another with nothing in between. Whether he was a strong enough individual to stand up to the malevolent forces pulling him in one direction, I tend to think not.

  26. And one final (and I mean it,at least for today!) point. .. these thoughts weave in and out between “mother duties”….. The extraordinary abilities that Hitler displayed; his “uncanny” ability to get out of the way of fire as if he knew ahead of time when attacks would occur, during WW 1; his so-called bravery as a WW 1 soldier (he was a courier, fearless, always eager to do a run–no combat)even though back in Austria he was rejected by the army because he was not ‘army material’; his “luck” in escaping assassination attempts; his ability to mesmerize crowds, his resoluteness, unwavering focus–I do declare my ever growing conviction that these were not the innate abilities of the man Hitler. They simply don’t fit with the teen/young man who has been described by numerous people who knew him then. In fact, they are in stark contrast to the young Hitler who was passive, ineffectual and socially inept with a tendency toward histrionics; overall, a very weak personality……. just the kind of person that some prominent exorcists describe as the perfect “host” for habitation by an extraneous consciousness… Okay, I’m even scaring myself. Gotta go watch one of my son’s Shrek movies. That usually helps.

  27. Found it! Anubis is 25 Libra; conjunct his Ascendant quincunx Algol; sextile the Galactic Centre. ie a yod pointing to Algol–one route via the death asteroid and the other via the GC.

  28. The Nazi-loving esoterics say Hitler was a highly evolved being. This is a chilling example of how evolution raises the stakes, at least until the final integration of male-female and all other residual dualities. “The bigger the light; the bigger the shadow.”

  29. j; timing… taurus rivals cancer! favorable aspect nodes…you have a ‘sleeper’. Taurus is reserve energy, sleepy, coiled.

  30. Anders Behring Breivik born 13 Feb 1979 – the Oslo bomber of 22 July 2011 – has Facies conjunct his natal Venus (9 00′ Cap).
    Breivik’s Pluto is in the same zodiacal degree as Hitler’s Uranus; 19 Libra.
    Also Breivik like Hitler has Mars in the degree of the Nodes (mean). Breivik’s Mars is at 18 Aqu and North Node at 18 Virgo.

  31. Thanks for this info Olpeg. We really should write up a post just about Facies seeing that it is being activated by Pluto.

    • I enjoy all your articles about the fixed stars, and I think a particular good idea to write about the various stars as they are about to be conjuncted by the outer planets, like now Pluto transiting Facies.

  32. Hi Jamie – I’ve just been reading the latest on the DSK affair and it looks like he might have been “victim” to a sting set up by Sarkozy! What intrigue!! it reads like a novel! I looked up Sarkozy. Am I right in seeing the following –
    Two yods – One with the Asc at 26 Virgo with Benetnash conj in aspect to Lilith and Sedna.
    The other has Venus Mercury base aspecting Uranus, POF and Jupiter.
    He has Moon Eris and Mars conj which are under the Uranus Pluto square now, Uranus more so. Sedna squares Jupiter POF and Uranus.
    Not an easy ride for le merveilleuse petit lutin…
    (the marvellous little goblin!!)

  33. The Wulff’s rectification transit Saturn conjunct Ascendant gives date 25 September 1923.

    My rectification of the Wulff’s Hitler horoscope GMT 17h 06m 01,8s gives date 29 September 1923.

    Der Putsch

    NSDAP-Versammlung im Bürgerbräukeller, ca. 1923

    Hitler hatte den Putsch bereits für den 29. September 1923 geplant,[2] wartete dann aber die turbulenten Entwicklungen in Bayern ab. Er wollte die neue Situation ausnutzen und die bayerische Regierung zum Sturz der Reichsregierung veranlassen. Am 30. Oktober 1923 rief er – ergebnislos. Eine passende Gelegenheit bot sich, als Gustav von Kahr in Anwesenheit von Lossows, Seißers, Knillings, zweier weiterer Mitglieder des bayerischen Kabinetts und zahlreicher Prominenter aus verschiedenen nationalistischen Lagern zur Vorbereitung seiner Putschpläne im Bürgerbräukeller am 8. November 1923 über die Ziele seiner Politik sprechen wollte. Kahr begann in dem vollbesetzten Bürgerbräukeller um etwa 20 Uhr mit seiner Rede.

    My Hitler rectified horoscope progressive aspects and transits for the Putsch event:

    7-Nov-1923 025°,38’12 Libra Sat 180 Merc transit

    8-Nov-1923 026°,29’32 Scorpio Jup 120 MC transit

    9-Nov-1923 001°,42’13 Aries Moon 45 Ven

    9-Nov-1923 016°,03’27 Scorpio Sun 120 Drac transit

    10-Nov-1923 -18°,45’48 Jup # Nep transit

    11-Nov-1923 015°,44’21 Libra Mars 45 C-11 transit

    14-Nov-1923 026°,23’36 Libra Sat 120 Pars transit

    I published by Gecorrigeerde horoscopen Adolf Hitler en het Derde Duitse Rijk 1933.

  34. Is it me or does his chart look graphically like most unique ever? Look at that perfect shape of green triangle with centered red line!

    Btw if it doesnt bother you too much would you be willing to briefly describe my birth chart(which is 8.march 1979 4:05AM central europe)?

    Thanks for a great work and best regards
    (PS: your monthly horoscope for this august was exact to the days)

  35. The rectified birthtime of Adolf Hitler 18.03.27 hour is calculated with timezone MET.

    Original Wulff’s Hitler horoscope chart reads MC 25.53 Cancer and Asc. 20.24 Libra.

  36. This sure is a long-lived topic! Thanks for the writeup.
    I’m not sure I see the Arcturus in either the rectified chart or otherwise.
    Am I missing something? From what I can tell, Arcturus rose about 16:43 LT. So it was already “risen” at the time of birth, no matter which chart you use. At the time it was rising, it was in paran with Jupiter (at IC) which was in paran with Facies (IC) which in turn was in paran with Chiron (MC); a few minutes between each diurnal event, but each within orb of the next. I’m not sure this is what you meant, but it’s interesting how Jupiter mediates between Arcturus and Facies, and how Chiron would have a (perhaps) more of a role in the delineation as well.
    Thanks again!

  37. An old book of mine, Astrology for the Millions, by a well known astrologer of that time, has a very lengthy section on Hitler and other tyrants who all share a coincidental horoscopic anomaly concerning – if I recall correctly – a Saturn square of some kind. Anyway, the book was published just prior to 1939 but this guy accurately predicts the direction Hitler goes. Also, in my own Hitler research, I discovered he was not the real mastermind behind it all. It was a Karl somebody. Hitler was influenced by this man and his group and possibly was their puppet. He writes about a man, whether the same or another, of whom he greatly fears. It may be that he, like so many rock stars now profess, had “another personality living inside” him. Gaga, Beyonce and others talk about their alter egos who are the real performers that take control. And you can see their ‘charisma and aggressiveness’ onstage. There are many who speculate that Hitler’s occultism involvement opened him up to possession.

    • Excellent. Thank you for your historical background on Hitler Astrology.

  38. Joseph Rigor summed up clearly that Facies conjunct ones moon pushes one to rise to a high position, but is subjected to severe losses, destruction. Can be ingenious,and can promote unpopular ideas. Can you tell me if 3degrees of Capricorn is within orb of Facies and if conjunct the Midheaven does it apply?

  39. Adolf Hitler.

    Moon is ruler MC.

    Conjunctions with Fixed Stars:

    Moon * FACIES (SUN – MARS ) [06°,46’05,0 Capricorn Dec. -23°,58’00,1] -00°,27’21,0

    Merc * AL PHERG (SAT – JUP ) [25°,16’13,5 Aries Dec. +14°,56’01,7] +00°,21’58,3

    Merc * VERTEX (MARS – MOON ) [26°,18’03,4 Aries Dec. +40°,49’54,8] -00°,39’51,6

    Plu * PRIMA HYADUM (SAT – MERC ) [04°,15’24,4 Gemini Dec. +15°,26’07,4] +00°,24’54,1

    Drac * WASAT (SAT – ) [16°,58’33,3 Cancer Dec. +22°,07’51,2] -00°,55’06,2

    Pars * POLARIS (SAT – VENUS ) [27°,00’52,5 Gemini Dec. +88°,52’39,0] -00°,37’20,6

    Pars * BETELGEUZE (MARS – MERC ) [27°,12’30,7 Gemini Dec. +07°,23’35,9] -00°,48’58,8

    Asc * FORAMEN (SAT – JUP ) [20°,29’49,6 Libra Dec. -59°,15’40,7] +00°,22’23,1

    C–2 * NORTH SCALE (JUP – MERC ) [17°,49’37,7 Scorpio Dec. -09°,05’19,2] -00°,16’18,8

    C–3 * RASALHAGUE (SAT – VENUS ) [20°,53’52,3 Sagittarius Dec. +12°,37’01,9] -00°,59’49,4

    Chiron * ALHENA (MERC – VENUS ) [07°,33’29,1 Cancer Dec. +16°,28’07,3] -00°,43’17,2

  40. Progressive aspect Adolf Hitler 13 August 1943, 20 Libra Cusp 11 135 Pluto:

    Hitler said: Kharkov must be held at all costs.

    22 August 1943, progressive aspect: 17 Leo Saturn 90 Mars: German army evacuates Kharkov.

  41. On 14 December 1939, Raeder introduced Adolf Hitler to Vidkun Quisling, a pro-Nazi former defence minister of Norway. Quisling proposed a pan-German cooperation between Nazi-Germany and Norway. In a second meeting four days later on 18 December 1939, Quisling and Hitler discussed the threat of an Allied invasion of Norway.[8][15]
    After the first meeting with Quisling, Hitler ordered the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (OKW) to begin investigating possible invasion plans of Norway.[15] Meeting Quisling was central in igniting Hitler’s interest in conquering the country.[16] The first comprehensive German plan for the occupation of Norway, Studie Nord, ordered by Hitler on 14 December 1939, was completed by 10 January 1940. On 27 January, Hitler ordered that a new plan, named Weserübung, be developed. Work on Weserübung began on 5 February
    The German plans for the invasion and occupation of Norway relied heavily on air power. In order to secure the Skagerrak strait between Norway and Denmark, the air bases in Denmark had to be seized. The domination of this strait would prevent the Royal Navy from interfering with the main supply lines of the invasion forces. In this respect, the occupation of Denmark was considered to be vital. The capture of Aalborg Airport was considered particularly important in this respect.[34]
    The German Wehrmacht crossed the Danish border around 05:15 on 9 April. In a coordinated operation, German troops disembarked at the docks of Langelinie in the Danish capital, Copenhagen, and began occupying the city.

    Adolf Hitler: progressive aspects and transits.

    18-Dec-1939 016°,22’26 Virgo MC 120 Mars
    18-Dec-1939 029°,48’11 Pisces Jup 180 AR07 transit
    4-Feb-1940 -06°,28’20 Ura // mutual C-11
    5-Feb-1940 022°,17’48 Libra Moon * SPICA (VENUS – MARS )
    5-Feb-1940 006°,50’12 Aries Jup 90 Chiron transit
    9-Apr-1940 016°,42’13 Virgo MC 120 Venus

    21 Libra Ascendant ruler Venus 17 Taurus = conjunct Mars 17 Taurus.

    These are examples of a perfect rectified horoscope.

  42. I pubished my second book on Hitler:

    Gecorrigeerde horoscopen Adolf Hitler en het Derde Duitse Rijk 1933.

    1022 pages A4, hardcover.

    Publisher:, Soest, the Netherlands.

    5 March.

    The ban disallowing Adolf Hitler to speak in public, which had applied following his release from prison, is lifted in Bavaria. On the following day, he speaks in front of supporters in Vilsbiburg about “future or ruin”.

    9 March.
    Hitler speaks in Circus Krone München.

    4-March-1927 +22°,54’59 Mars # Jup transit

    4-March-1927 +22°,55’01 Mars // Ven transit

    4-March-1927 028°,27’34 Pisces Ura 135 Sat transit

    4-March-1927 010°,38’12 Pisces Jup 45 Merc transit

    5-March-1927 005°,52’13 Gemini Mars 135 Asc transit

    5-March-1927 +23°,04’09 Mars # C—3 transit

    8-March-1927 -08°,09’05 Jup // Asc transit

    8-March-1927 011°,29’32 Pisces Jup 135 MC transit

    9-March-1927 +23°,24’16 Mars // Pars transit

    10-March-1927 028°,46’40 Pisces Ura 180 C-12 transit

    Progressive aspect birthday:

    20-Apr-1927 004°,40’19 Libra C-11 120 Plu

  43. Adolf Hitler.

    17-March-1937 +23°,24’16 Plu // Pars transit
    2-May-1937 +23°,24’16 Plu // Pars transit
    7-Feb-1938 +23°,24’16 Plu // Pars transit
    11-Jun-1938 +23°,24’16 Plu // Pars transit
    18-Jan-1939 +23°,24’16 Plu // Pars transit
    4-Jul-1939 +23°,24’16 Plu // Pars transit
    4-Jan-1940 +23°,24’16 Plu // Pars transit
    19-Jul-1940 +23°,24’16 Plu // Pars transit
    23-Dec-1940 +23°,24’16 Plu // Pars transit
    1-Aug-1941 +23°,24’16 Plu // Pars transit
    15-Dec-1941 +23°,24’16 Plu // Pars transit
    10-Aug-1942 +23°,24’16 Plu // Pars transit
    10-Dec-1942 +23°,24’16 Plu // Pars transit
    16-Aug-1943 +23°,24’16 Plu // Pars transit
    7-Dec-1943 +23°,24’16 Plu // Pars transit
    17-Aug-1944 +23°,24’16 Plu // Pars transit
    7-Dec-1944 +23°,24’16 Plu // Pars transit

  44. Horary charts of Adolf Hitler.

    On June 17, 1941 Hitler fixed the attack on Russia on 3 am. June 22, next.

    17-Jun-1941 022°,58’05 Taurus Sat 0 Black Moon transit

    The horary chart Ascendant 29 Taurus was conjunct transit Uranus 29 Taurus, which is also the radix Ascendant 29 Taurus of the Third German Reich 1933.

    The Housecusps of the horary chart are conform the House cusps of the radix of the Third German Reich 1933 !!!!!

    On June 21, 1 pm. Hitler informed the Army about the attack next day..

    The horary chart Ascendant 29 Virgo = conjunct Hitler”s Twelve House cusp 29 Virgo.

    • Not sure I would regard these as “horary” in the usual sense of the term. They seem like events where a decision was taken or announced.

  45. I have made a discovery.

    Hitler saw for the first time an opera of Wagner in Linz on 3 October 1901.

    3-Oct-1901 +17°,54’11 Moon // Sat
    3-Oct-1901 010°,11’45 Taurus Ven 90 AR06
    4-Oct-1901 -22°,29’12 Ura # Drac transit

    Another date: 3 November 1901 has no aspects etc.

  46. Adolf Hitler.

    5-Jan-1905 013°,27’35 Cancer Moon 30 Sat
    5-Jan-1905 013°,28’01 Cancer Moon * CANOPUS (SAT – JUP )
    5-Jan-1905 +07°,01’28 Jup # Ura transit

    6-Jan-1905 026°,29’32 Libra Mars 90 MC transit


    On a cold and rainy January evening in 1905, a scrawny, fifteen year-old Adolf Hitler, wearing a black overcoat with a dark hat pulled over his face against the rain, hurried through the streets of Linz. He was rushing to the home of his friend, Gustl Kubizek, because something very important was happening that night: Wagner’s Rienzi was to be performed at the Linz Opera House. Gustl was waiting for him at the door, and together they ran to the theatre in order to arrive before the crowd, for they could only afford the standing-room-only section and wanted to get the choice spots before they were taken. After securing their favorite positions in front of pillars (to lean against during the performance), they talked excitedly about the opera they were about to see. Both were ardent Wagner enthusiasts, and were already familiar with the script and the score. Then, as Gustl recalls, the lights went out and, “burning with excitement, ”they thrilled to Wagner’s stirring overture, and“ breathlessly” experienced the drama of “Rienzi’s rise to be Tribune of the people of Rome and his subsequent downfall”. Gustl loved to go to the theatre with his new friend, for Adolf insured that each occasion was a “double feature.” After every opera or concert, Adolf would immediately begin critiquing the performance: praising or criticizing the composer, conductor, orchestra, singers, actors, stage settings, score or script. While Adolf and Gustl both took an immense interest in music and the theatre, for Gustl, Adolf’s “performance after the performance” was always the highlight of the evening. On this particular night, however, Gustl was to be disappointed. When the opera ended shortly after midnight, instead of talking about it in his usual way, Adolf did not say a word. Rather, he stuck his hands in his pockets and walked silently through the lobby, out the door, and down the street. Gustl followed him in complete surprise and after a while asked him if there were anything wrong. But Adolf merely turned his head to throw Gustl an uncharacteristically hostile, almost sinister look, and said, “Schweig!” (Silence!) So the two walked along the narrow streets in silence until they reached the intersection of a road that led to the Freinberg, a mountain overlooking Linz. Here, instead of continuing toward their homes, Adolf suddenly veered to take the road up the mountain. Gustl was confused, and wanted to ask him where he was going But Adolf’s face looked so solemn that Gustl swallowed the question and followed him in silence. When they reached the top, Gustl noticed for the first time that the cloud sand rain of the earlier evening had passed and the sky was now a bright vault of stars. Then occurred what Gustl describes as “the most impressive hour I ever lived through with my friend”: “Adolf stood in front of me; and now he gripped both my hands and held them tight. He had never made such a gesture before. I felt from the grasp of his hands how deeply

  47. 4-Nov-1906 015°,47’25 Virgo C-11 135 Sun

    Kubizek tells that the Hitler’s Rienzi experience occured around All Saints days (1 November).
    November 1906: Adolf and Gustl attend Wagner’s opera Rienzi in Linz. The opera has an extraordinarily profound effect on him. After the performance is over, Adolf and Gustl climb to the prehistoric summit of Freinberg hill, where Hitler delivers an impassioned monologue detailing a vision of his future as a political leader.

    When Kubizek is Hitler’s guest at the 1939 Bayreuth Festival, Hitler will overhear him repeating the Hitler/Rienzi story to Frau Winifred Wagner and will confirm his friends account with a solemn: “In that hour it began.”17 Rienzi is the story of a Roman politician who is greeted by his followers with cries of, “Heil, Rienzi! Heil, the tribune of the people.” In the end these same people stone Rienzi to death.18

  48. 16-May-1913 005°,52’13 Gemini Sat 135 Asc transit
    18-May-1913 028°,46’40 Gemini Plu 90 C-12 transit
    19-May-1913 010°,50’20 Capricorn C–3 * PELAGUS (JUP – MERC )
    19-May-1913 017°,33’19 Capricorn Jup 60 C—2 transit
    20-May-1913 006°,18’44 Gemini Sat 150 Moon transit
    24-May-1913 006°,50’12 Gemini Sat 30 Chiron transit
    27-Mai-1913 +20°,52’04 Nep // MC transit

    16 May: The District Court in Linz confirms that Hitler, having reached the age of
    24, was to receive a sizeable amount of 819 Kronen as a portion of his father’s
    inheritance. But money was only one reason to leave Vienna (Hamann, Hitler’s
    Wien, p. 85).
    26 May: In the company of Rudolph Häusler, another social drifter from the
    men’s hostel in Vienna, Hitler arrived by train in Munich. The same day, he and
    Häusler rented a room at 34 Schleissheimerstrasse, from master tailor, Josef Popp.
    On the police record Hitler wrote as his occupation ‘arts painter and writer’
    (Joachimsthaler, Korrektur, pp. 15–29). He would later claim that his chief reason
    for leaving Austria for Germany was primarily political (MK, p. 150) since he did
    not believe in the survival of the Habsburg state and deeply resented the idea of
    being forced to serve with Czechs, Jews and other non-German races in the army
    (Kubizek, pp. 154–9). What can be said with absolute certainty is that Hitler’s
    repeated claim that he had moved in the spring of 1912 to Munich was entirely
    false (MK, p. 116). One reason for spreading the false information was his avoidance
    of the draft. Having avoided the draft systematically from 1909, Hitler would
    have been considered as a deserter by the Austrian authorities. Hence his frequent
    changes of address in Vienna and the total lack of documentation about his
    whereabouts during 1912. His move from Vienna to Munich must be interpreted
    primarily as an escape from arrest, although there was probably also an ‘aesthetic’
    reason for the choice of Munich, since the Bavarian capital was considered to be
    the cultural centre of Germany. He also found the Munich colloquial style of
    speech closer to his Lower Austrian dialect. Hitler’s living standards in Munich
    were at least as good as in Vienna. He must have arranged for his Austrian payments
    to be transferred to Munich, and he earned some additional Money through selling watercolours, as he did in Vienna. Although he maintained that his earnings in Munich ‘were still extremely meagre’ (MK, p. 116), this is one of his usual tendentious understatements, since he was to admit later that his average monthly income was around 100 Marks, but that he could easily live on 80 Marks to cover all his expenses including lodging (Maser, Frühgeschichte, pp.

  49. Hitler’s Venus progressive aspects from 30 January 1933 on.
    Venus was all his lifetime in Taurus and retrogade till 1922, 1923?

    30-Dec-1934 005°,38’50 Taurus Ven 30 mutual Plu
    28-May-1935 005°,49’23 Taurus Ven 120 mutual Jup
    18-Jan-1936 006°,06’50 Taurus Ven 60 Chiron
    17-Sep-1937 006°,54’38 Taurus Ven 180 mutual C-12
    1-May-1938 +11°,45’27 Ven // Sun
    29-March-1940 008°,14’41 Taurus Ven 120 Jup
    17-Jul-1940 008°,24’52 Taurus Ven 90 mutual C—3
    16-Jul-1943 010°,11’44 Taurus Ven 90 AR06
    7-Nov-1944 011°,02’04 Taurus Ven 60 Black Sun
    27-May-1945 011°,23’36 Taurus Ven 45 Pars

  50. Recently, I watched the very well researched series: “Hunting Hitler” on the History Channel. Their research led them to believe that Hitler did not die in the bunker, but did make it to Latin America where he and his numerous Nazi cohorts lived, traveled and planned for a 4th Reich for a number of years.

  51. I heard a rumour that a certain esoteric group regards Hitler as an incarnation of Moses.
    Needless to say, I was gob-smacked on hearing this.
    The rationale goes something like this:
    Moses failed to actually lead the Hebrews into the Promised Land.
    Because of what he did to the Jews in WWII, Israel became a viable entity – in a roundabout way.
    This was “Moses'” last task before he moved onto a much higher level than the place we normally go at the end of an incarnation.

  52. There was a Data Dump from the Files of the F.B.I. regarding J.F.K. assassination shortly after Trump became President. Those files contained pictures of Adolf Hitler alive, in the 1950’s in South America mixed in with the J.F.K., material. Apparently, Stalin was correct; Hitler did escape and outlived Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill.

  53. Conflict with Himmler over Jewish heritage.

    After Himmler had become Reichsführer-SS, Maurice fell afoul of Himmler’s racial purity rules for SS officers when he had to submit details of his family history before he was allowed to marry in 1935. Himmler stated, “without question…Maurice is, according to his ancestral table, not of Aryan descent”.[19] All SS officers had to prove racial purity back to 1750, and it turned out that Maurice had Jewish ancestry: Charles Maurice Schwartzenberger (1805–1896), the founder of the Thalia Theater in Hamburg, was his great-grandfather.
    Even though Maurice had been a party member since 1919, taken part in the abortive Beer Hall Putsch, for which he was awarded the prestigious Blood Order, and been a bodyguard for Hitler, Himmler considered him to be a serious security risk given his “Jewish ancestry”.[3][20] Himmler recommended that Maurice be expelled from the SS, along with other members of his family. To Himmler’s annoyance, Hitler stood by his old friend.[19] In a secret letter written on 31 August 1935, Hitler compelled Himmler to make an exception for Maurice and his brothers, who were informally declared “Honorary Aryans” and allowed to stay in the SS.[21]

    Adolf Hitler.

    31-Aug-1935 006°,50’12 Pisces Sat 120 Chiron

  54. I want to ask one question to the interpreter of Hitler’s chart per this article. Obviously different aspects/characteristics with within anyone’s can be interpreted differently– because we [humans] all have different filters [at least most of us have different filters representing a diversified collective]. The authors slant is obviously very negative [with or without the planets]–of course keeping in concert with the main street narrative–but in my opinion– breaching the grounds of astrological objectivity. It is obvious–to me–that the author is “fixing the facts to fit the data”. My suggestion–have someone do the analysis who will not exercise his/her personal bias in the professional analysis of the chart: i mean, it’s either astrology or propaganda–it’s can’t be both! Peace

  55. Adolf Hitler.

    Fate on Sabian symbol Aquarius 30: MOONLIT FIELDS, ONCE BABYLON, ARE BLOOMING WHITE.

    This Symbol shows the ability, or the necessity, of learning from the past, even from great civilizations like “Babylon”, and taking the seeds from the knowledge of the past and making even greater achievements in your own time and place. Even though the grandeur of the past may be lost, changed or damaged by war or time, the energy and power of a place remains. This Symbol reflects the permanence of the natural essence of a place, a person, an idea or a civilization. You may feel that you are in the right place at the right time. Your best qualities are recognized and appreciated. When you are following a true path, you are able to rely on the support of the universe in its flow.
    Rewards coming from efforts of past generations. Ancestors surrounding. Seeds of the past becoming the fruits of the present. The Middle East. Fruits of culture. Artifacts. The Gardens Of Babylon. Ancient mysteries revealing themselves. The cusp of the Pisces/Aquarius Ages.
    The Caution: Destroying ancient lands or monuments and the old through religious beliefs or greed. Projecting the sins of the world onto people or places that are foreign.

  56. Above Part is not part of fate.
    It is part of acknowledgement.

    Adolf Hitler.

    Asc. 20°,52’12,7 Libra.
    Pars Frt 26°,23’31,9 Gemini.
    Pars Spirit 15°,20’53,6 Aquarius.
    Part of Fate 09°,49’34,4 Gemini.
    Part of Fate = Asc. -Pars Frt+ Pars Spirit.

    Part of fate on Sabian symbol Gemini 10: AN AIRPLANE DIVES TOWARD THE EARTH AS THOUGH FALLING.

    This situation implies an ability to be able to play with and defy gravity while maintaining a sense of being in control and able to pull out of difficult situations. Your situation may seem to be heading for disaster, but perhaps you can still be in control, and, at the right moment, you’ll be able to pull out of the nosedive and save the day. The question is: do you really always have an adequate grip on the controls? Are you, or is someone else, actively working against people’s best interests? Imagine yourself regaining control, physical, mentally, emotional or spiritually and pull yourself out of the nose dive and you’ll become stronger and will enjoy the experience at the same time.
    Plunging into experiences without thought of ramifications. If you become conscious you may be protected (and saved) at the last moment. Daredevil stunts. Depression.
    The Caution: Refusing help even though disaster is imminent. Free falls, defying gravity and the consequences. Shakeups. Neglect of physical realities. Crashing and burning.

  57. Third German Reich 1933.

    Asc. 28°,19’40,6 Taurus.
    Pars Frt 03°,09’51,6 Aries.
    Pars Spirit 23°,29’29,6 Cancer.
    Pars of Fate 08°,00’02,6 Aquarius.
    Pars of Fate = Asc.-Pars Frt+Pars Spirit.

    Part of Fate on Sabian symbol Aquarius 9: A Flag Turning Into An Eagle.
    On top of the Army Officers On Dress Parade degree (see below), we have Mercury on Aquarius 9. This seems to back up the desire to be seen, to ‘trumpet’ our thoughts, realizations, ideals, patriotism perhaps – all kinds of things.

    This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to be able to speak about your ideals and passions and to spread the message far and wide. You can have powerful messages of serious ideals, sometimes political, sometimes not. One can see a “Flag” and salute it, or not. It usually depends on what the flag is signifying. Your ideas, ideals, gifts, talents, inventions, realizations are all your “Flag”. To release these into the environment is the “Turning Into an Eagle”. It is the taking off and flying that allows the energy to be released. You may find that you are no longer just projecting an image, but true power. You could feel like you’ve been reborn – having had some amazing realization or insight.
    You can ‘run things up the flagpole’ to see how they ‘take off’… see what happens when you release your creative drive as an expression of yourself.
    Turning away from having to prove oneself. Rising above the commonplace. Ascension. Rebirth. Shouting joy from the treetops. Sharing with others. High flight. Visions. Flags.
    The Caution: Full blown patriotism. Forcefully displaying beliefs. Bragging. Advertising and propaganda. Blowing one’s horn. Ramming one’s conviction at others. Non-stop talk.

  58. Since reading that Capricorn moon needs water more than any other moon, I made a point of observing people with this placement, and I fully agree with the astrologer who arrived at this conclusion after analysing over 400 charts studying moon placements.
    Hitler’s has moon in Capricorn and no planet in water sign which meant that more than having no emotions, he was just ‘not there’, this is worse than being detached which is associated with Aquarius moon. Capricorn moon with no planet in water sign is not present, to attach or detach you have to be there, you have to be present and this moon is not.
    Capricorn is already a hard placement for the moon, having no water sign makes it even harder. And then there’s that inconjunction to Pluto, I don’t trust Pluto around the moon and Venus and believe any aspect between Pluto and the two should be treated as a hard aspect until it can be proven otherwise. Pluto is too hard to be touching our moon. I don’t trust him in the same way that he doesn’t trust anybody.
    Hitler had NN in Cancer which is a good place (re: NN connection to the moon which rules Cancer), but for him this meant nothing because NN needs to be found, dug out and worked on for it to come alive.
    4th house is in Aquarius which is the second hardest place for the 4th (re: connection to the moon), after Capricorn…the coldest and hardest place for anything lunarian.

  59. Hitler’s MC is in 27 degrees Cancer!

    The Third German Reich has MC opposite Hitler’s MC in 27 degrees Capricorn.

    The Ninth cusp of TGR 1933 is in 9 degrees Capricorn is conjunct Hitler’s Jupiter in 9 degrees Capricorn.

    There are more connections!

    Hitler’s Moon in 7 degrees Capricorn is ruler MC! and opposite Chiron in 7 degrees Cancer.


    So and for all: Hitler’s MC is not in 5 degrees Leo but in 27 degrees Cancer.


    I say for the last time Hitler’s MC is in 27 degrees Cancer!!!!!

    I rectified both horoscopes Hitler and The Third German Reich 1933.

    And put the results in 4 books!

  60. Important discovery.

    Hitler’s Vertex in 17 degrees Taurus is conjunct his radix Mars/Venus conjunction in 17 degrees Taurus.!


    The Third German Reich 1933 Vertex is in 23 degrees Libra.


    – time to rise and shine? Or, are announcements being made too early? Is the consciousness still waking up? Is someone making a lot of noise without providing substance? Is there something you really need to share with others but don’t have the time, energy or confidence?

    This Symbol shows enthusiasm, joy, confidence and the desire to greet each day with the anticipation of new opportunities. It is true that each day begins the same – the Sun comes up, the world is still spinning – but what the day will bring always holds a bit of a mystery. This is a joyous Symbol of greeting and heralding the day, but there can be a blurring of the concept of whether the “Chanticleer” (the rooster), causes or simply heralds the new day. You may feel like you’re blessed with the voice to be able to speak new developments, to make announcements and wake everyone up to the realities of life. As long as you don’t make too much of a noise while doing it you’ll rouse people around you to action.

    Waking early. Having a clear, beautiful or loud voice. Feeling like a brand new start is on its way. Speaking up when needed. Being a morning person. Seeing things ahead of time.

  61. Hitler’s MC in 17 degrees Virgo makes a trine with Mars/Vertex/Venus, resp on 18 December 1939, 17 March 1940 and 9 April 1940.

    On March 18, 1940, Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini met at the Brenner Pass, where the Italian dictator agreed to join Germany’s war against France and Britain.

    Vertex in 16°,37’56,6 Taurus.

    17-March-1940 028°,27’34 Sagittarius C–2 135 Sat

    17-March-1940 16°,37’56,6 Virgo MC 120 Vertex.

    MC in Virgo 17: A volcano in eruption.


    17-March-1940 015°,44’16 Aries Jup 135 C-11
    17-March-1940 015°,50’54 Aries Jup 45 Nep
    18-March-1940 016°,03’27 Aries Jup 90 Drac

  62. Fascinating, enlightening article, sir. You shared so much insight. Nazi Yods… WOW! Does Putin happen to have Nazi Yods? Any chance Putin could be reincarnation of Hitler?

  63. On 13 August 1943 Lt. Col. Kielmansegg recorded in his diary: Today another typical Fuehrer order that makes me see red: Kharkov must be held at all costs.

    Fourth Battle of Kharkov.

    12 Aug 1943 – 23 Aug 1943.

    In early Aug 1943, the Soviet forces launched the Belgorod-Kharkov Offensive Operation aimed at wiping out the German troops fleeing from the recently captured city of Belgorod, Russia.

    On 12 Aug, the fighting reached the northern outskirts of Kharkov, Ukraine. Numerically at a disadvantage, the German field commanders wanted to withdraw to better positions, but Adolf Hitler interfered, decreeing that the city was to be held at all costs.

    On 20 Aug, the Soviets launched a large scale tank offensive, and German tanks responded in force, resulting in a major tank battle that saw a Soviet defeat with the loss of 184 T-34 tanks.

    Despite the victory, both local commander General Otto Wöhler and his superior Erich von Manstein knew that the situation was hopeless, and Manstein authorized Wöhler’s request to withdraw on 21 Aug despite of Hitler’s previous orders.

    The evacuation began after sundown on 22 Aug, and by 0200 hours on 23 Aug Soviet troops had reached the city center.

    At 1100 hours, Soviet troops declared Kharkov captured.

    Donbas Strategic Offensive Operation.

    The ‘Donbas Strategic Offensive Operation’ was a Soviet undertaking on the Eastern Front with the object of liberating the strategically important Donbas area (13 August/22 September 1943).
    Comprising a pair of sub-operations, namely the ‘Izyum-Barvenkovo Offensive Operation’ and the very slightly later ‘Mius River Offensive Operation’, the ‘Donbas Strategic Offensive Operation’ began on 13 August with the ‘Izyum-Barvenkovo Offensive Operation’ by the right wing of General Rodion Ya. Malinovsky’s South-West Front, which forced the Donets river and then, advancing along this river’s western bank, aided the Steppe Front with the liberation of Kharkov.
    On 16 August, General Polkovnik Fyedor I. Tolbukhin’s South Front troops started its ‘Mius River Offensive Operation’ and broke through the German ‘Mius-Linie’ defences along the Mius river. On 30 August, forces of the front liberated Taganrog in combination with a naval operation. General Erich Brandenberger’s XXIX Corps of Generaloberst Karl-Adolf Hollidt’s 6th Army was encircled but succeeded in breaking out, though only at the cost of heavy casualties.
    As his Heeresgruppe ‘Süd’ was threatened with dismemberment and destruction, Generalfeldmarschall Erich von Manstein was authorised, though only with reluctance, by Adolf Hitler to withdraw the army group across the Dniepr river on 15 September.
    By 1 September the German forces had already begun to retreat along the entire front in the Donbas. On 5 September, Soviet troops liberated Horlivka and Artemivsk, and on 8 September Stalino, the capital of the Donbas region.
    During the course of the German withdrawal, von Manstein ordered the implementation of a scorched earth policy as Soviet partisans hampered the retreating German forces.
    The South-West Front on 22 September pushed the retreating Germans behind the Dniepr river at Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhye, while the South Front on the same day reached the Molochna river. This ended the ‘Donbas Strategic Offensive Operation’.
    As a result of this major Soviet victory, the Germans had been forced to fall back more than 225 miles (300 kn) to the line of the Dniepr river and the ‘Panther-Wotan-Linie’, which was a line of defences that was still under construction. Furthermore, the industrial benefits and the resources of this important economic region were no longer available to Germany, and by 1944 the USSR had resumed its industrial operations in the region. As a by-product of the Soviet offensive, the German forces was also forced to retreat from their ‘Gotenkopf’ lodgement in Kuban as the Soviet forces advanced toward the Perekop isthmus, which fell into their hands in November 1943 and paved the way to the liberation of eastern Crimea, into which the Kuban forces had been evacuated.

    Adolf Hitler.

    Progressive aspects and transits.

    13-Aug-1943 019°,40’19 Libra C-11 135 Plu
    16-Aug-1943 001°,32’49 Capricorn C–2 180 AR05
    16-Aug-1943 +23°,24’16 Plu // Pars transit
    20-Aug-1943 011°,02’04 Leo Jup 30 Black Sun transit
    21-Aug-1943 +17°,54’11 Jup // Sat transit
    21-Aug-1943 011°,23’32 Leo Jup 45 Pars transit
    22-Aug-1943 016°,22’26 Leo Sat 90 Mars
    26-Aug-1943 -19°,59’58 Moon // mutual Asc
    27-Aug-1943 000°,44’16 Libra Nep 30 C-11 transit
    30-Aug-1943 000°,50’55 Libra Nep 120 Nep transit
    31-Aug-1943 013°,27’35 Leo Jup 0 Sat transit
    2-Sep-1943 013°,46’40 Leo Jup 45 C-12 transit
    4-Sep-1943 +17°,04’47 Jup # C—2 transit
    6-Sep-1943 025°,38’12 Gemini Sat 60 Merc transit
    6-Sep-1943 014°,48’11 Leo Jup 45 AR07 transit
    7-Sep-1943 001°,36’07 Cancer Merc 180 mutual C—2
    7-Sep-1943 +16°,53’55 Jup // Mars transit
    13-Sep-1943 016°,03’27 Leo Jup 30 Drac transit
    14-Sep-1943 001°,22’26 Libra Nep 135 Mars transit
    14-Sep-1943 016°,22’26 Leo Jup 90 Mars transit
    15-Sep-1943 016°,32’45 Leo Jup 45 AR05 transit
    16-Sep-1943 016°,42’13 Leo Jup 90 Ven transit
    17-Sep-1943 015°,39’23 Sagittarius Moon 90 AR04
    18-Sep-1943 001°,32’45 Libra Nep 90 AR05 transit
    20-Sep-1943 017°,33’19 Leo Jup 90 C—2 transit
    21-Sep-1943 015°,47’25 Sagittarius Moon 135 Sun
    22-Sep-1943 008°,14’41 Leo Plu 150 Jup transit
    23-Sep-1943 001°,42’13 Libra Nep 135 Ven transit
    23-Sep-1943 026°,23’32 Gemini Sat 0 Pars transit

  64. Interesting.

    On August 31, 1939, 12.40 hours. Hitler took definitely the decission to attack Poland.

    The horoscope Berlin gave a MC 17 degrees Virgo ( Sabian symbol: vulcano eruption) and a Descendant 23 degrees Taurus, which is Hitler’s radix Black Moon.

    I rectified 12.40 hours as 12.40.08,15 which gave an exact MC sextile Hitler’s North Node 17 degrees Cancer.

    What interesting is are the progressive aspects for August 31, 1939.

    MC 17 degrees Virgo sextile radix North Node 17 degrees Cancer.
    Eleven House cusp 17 degrees Libra square radix North Node 17 degrees Cancer.

    I can say Hitler took the decission on 12.40.08,15 hours.

  65. On August 31, 12.40.08,15 hours Arabic point of fate is on 17 degrees Cancer which is conjunct radix North Node in 17 degrees Cancer!

    Rectified horoscopes are the way to seach and find.

    For inquiries:

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