Uranus Square Pluto Natal and Transit

Uranus Square Pluto

Uranus square Pluto maximum orb 3°00′.

Uranus square Pluto from 2012 to 2015 was a generation’s most significant and challenging planetary influence, and it brought major global upheaval due to and resulted in rapid evolutionary change. First, I will interpret the Uranus square Pluto in the natal chart, then Uranus square Pluto transit.

Uranus Square Pluto Natal

Uranus square Pluto natal causes a life of dramatic change and upheaval. The constant adjusting to change and uncertainty makes you very adaptable but with a longing for security and solid structures in your life. Owning property and working hard toward a secure, long-term career will be necessary.

The inherent insecurity and tension of the disruptive aspect can be eased to a great extent by remaining flexible and open-minded. Increasing your sense of security can come through saving for the future and working towards owning substation material possessions such as real estate.

Uranus Square Pluto Transit

Uranus square Pluto is a generation transit, so when you feel it, so will everyone else you grew up with at school. Radical change is in store, which may be wide-ranging, resulting from larger-scale political, religious or social changes occurring. For example, financial crises may force changes in your budget, or a change in government or global conflict may affect your way of life.

At a more personal level, the routine and structures in your life are changing abruptly, requiring flexibility and a broad view to help you adapt. Old systems and practices may become outdated as children arrive or grown-up children leave home, and parents may need more care or may pass away. Whatever the circumstances, you will be called on to evolve rapidly to meet the challenges presented by this disruptive Uranus square Pluto transit.

The powerful forces driving the changes in your life are most likely out of your control, but how you react is not. A considered and systematic approach is best, with knee-jerk reactions not advised. As many of your friends of the same age group will be experiencing similar upheaval, sharing stories and support can significantly assist during this year or two.

Uranus Square Pluto Celebrities

Moses Annenberg 03’, Eileen Brennan 04’, Roy Castle 05’, Patsy Cline 19’, Michael Caine 20’, Loretta Lynn 21’, Harry M Miller 22’, Florencio Carvalho 22’, Quincy Jones 23’, Larry King 25’, Reginald Kray 26’, Ronald Kray 26’, Claude of France 27’, Natalie Barney 28’, Omar Sharif 34’, Emperor Akihito 37’, William Blake 47’, Shirley Conran 54’, Nina Simone 54’, Yoko Ono 1°04′, Louis XVI 1°25′, Jim Jones 1°37′.

Uranus Square Pluto History

The last series of squares was between 1932 and 1934, with five exact hits. Many of the fears astrologers have about this Uranus square Pluto series are based on what happened to the world in the early 1930s: the Great Depression, the political and social upheaval, and the rise of dictators and extremism. For a different perspective, a more esoteric view, we can look at Heliocentric astrology. This is useful for the significant outer planetary aspects, as when viewed from the Sun (Helios), we get a more solar system-based view, there are no retrograde motions, so we end up with one moment in time for the exact square.

In the 1930s this heliocentric event occurred in January 1933. This was the height of the Great Depression, the stock markets were bottoming out, and unemployment peaked. In January 1933, Adolf Hitler cemented his power, becoming Chancellor of Germany. Pluto, discovered only three years prior, was aligned with the Earth, which had a very Pluto-like influence on this square.

Uranus rules invention and technology, and square Pluto, we saw in the early 30s significant advancements in this area. If we look to Hitler as a manifestation of ruthless Pluto control and power, we can see how he harnessed the cutting-edge technology of the day. He was the first political leader in the world to take advantage of air travel, spreading his message in person all over Germany. He also led the way in using new media as a tool for propaganda.

Uranus Square Pluto 2012 to 2015

As Uranus square Pluto on 16 March 2015 is the final of the seven squares, I will look over the whole series and see how it compares to what I originally predicted above. The general theme of Uranus square Pluto is “larger-scale political, religious or social changes”.

The Rise of Dictators and Extremism

Vladimir Putin is a dictator. He cemented his rule on 7 May 2012 by becoming the president of Russia, and this was close to the first Uranus Pluto square on 24 June 2012. He has been running Russia for the last 16 years, since 1999.

In recent years, there has also been a focus on dictators in the Arabic world. First, the overthrow of Colonel Gaddafi in Libya. Also thrown out was Egypt’s dictator Hosni Mubarak. He was replaced by the democratically elected Mohamed Morsi on 30 June 2012, just six days after the first Uranus Pluto square. A military coup led to installing a new dictator, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, on 8 June 2014. There are many more examples.

Large-Scale Religious Changes

The scandal over Catholic Church, sexual abuse cases continued over the last four years. A report posted on 25 June 2012, just one day after the 1st Uranus Pluto square by philli.com said: “The crisis has touched almost every Catholic diocese in the country and awakened an awareness among Catholics abroad that has led to allegations of sex abuse in Australia, New Zealand, and Western Europe, especially Ireland.” It goes on to say that more than $3 billion has been paid out in lawsuits by the Church in the USA.

More critical was the Arab Spring, which began in December 2010 and continues. The causes were authoritarianism, political corruption, human rights violations, inflation, imperialism and unemployment. The methods used are exactly what we would expect with Uranus square Pluto. Demonstrations, insurgency, internet activism, revolution, riots, strike actions, urban warfare and uprisings.


The terrifying rise of ISIS: Map that shows how terror group’s tentacles now reach from Algeria to Afghanistan. dailymail.co.uk

In the aftermath of the Arab Spring protests, starting in March 2013, wide-scale violence and instability have been termed the Arab Winter. This has sprung the greatest threat to world stability and peace since Nazi Germany, ISIS, ISIL, or the Islamic State.

Rise of the Islamic State

By far, the most significant larger-scale political, religious or social change due to Uranus square Pluto has risen out of the Arab Spring. ISIS, or the Islamic State, meets all the criteria I mentioned in my predictions. ISIS represents the major generational upheaval of the last four years. The shocking, unpredictable, ruthless and extreme revolution affects the globe. “distinctly non-personal and emotionless, yet their effect is dramatic and deeply felt.

While Adolf Hitler cemented his power during the last series of Uranus-Pluto squares, ISIS cemented its power with the declaration of a caliphate on 29 June 2014. Its motto is “Remaining and Expanding.” It is headed by the caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. A caliph is the equivalent of a dictator, with governance over all Muslims worldwide, and his decisions are binding.

In the 1930s, Hitler “harnessed the cutting-edge technology of the day. He was the first political leader in the world to take advantage of air travel. He also led the way in using new media as a tool for propaganda.” Islamic State is known for its extensive and effective use of propaganda. Its own media production unit produces CDs, DVDs, posters, pamphlets, and web-related propaganda products. One of its most effective tools has been posting videos on YouTube.

Islamic State uses social media to terrorize Western audiences by spreading pictures of graphic violence. Social media are also used to attract new fighters and incite lone wolves. Their propaganda is slick, broadcasting in about 23 languages. “the military success and brutality of the jihadi group surging through Iraq have been recorded with the level of precision often reserved for company accounts.” [Selling terror: how Isis details its brutality]

In other comparisons to the 1930s, in June 2014, the number of refugees worldwide exceeded 50 million for the first time since World War II. [UNHCR]. The persecution of minorities in the territories that the Islamic State rules are fast becoming a genocide, especially in Iraq, Syria and Nigeria.

Extremism and nationalism have not been restricted to the Islamic State. UKIP won a third of the vote in nationwide 2013 local elections in the United Kingdom. In the 2014 European elections, UKIP received the most votes, the first time in over 100 years that Labour or the Conservatives have not won a UK-wide election.

The right-wing nationalist prime minister of Japan won a landslide victory in the 2012 general election. He has attempted to downplay Japan’s wartime atrocities in school textbooks. Japan is strengthening and expanding its military in response to rising threats from China and North Korea.

On 18 September 2013, Australia elected Tony Abbott, prime minister, a right-winger with links to the ultra-conservative Opus Dei sect of the Catholic Church. His first budget focused the harshest cuts on single parents, taking $6000 away per year in benefits. The government gives $31 billion a year to religious institutions, and he has spent $430 million to employ chaplains in state schools.

Rise of the Radical Right in Europe

Seven days after the third exact Uranus Pluto square, the EU Commissioner for Home Affairs said in a speech: “We need dedicated discussions at the highest level… on how we stop the growing trends of xenophobia and violent extremism in Europe.” [The rise of right-wing extremism in Europe]

The right-wing European People’s Party is the most powerful political group in the European Parliament. It won the largest share of the vote in the 22 May 2014 elections, just after the fifth Uranus Pluto square. The European People’s Party is the political wing of the Christian Democrats, influenced by conservatism and Catholic social teaching. Radical right-wing parties have been rising in Europe for decades, but there has been a sharp rise during the last four years of Uranus Pluto squares.

On 19 September 2012, the exact day of the second Uranus Pluto square, Charlie Hebdo published a series of satirical cartoons of Muhammad that both the French and US governments heavily criticized. On the exact day of the sixth Uranus Pluto square, 15 December 2014, a lone wolf brandishing the Islamic State flag held 17 people hostage inside a café in Sydney, resulting in the death of 2 hostages.

Then the Charlie Hebdo shooting on 8 January 2015 led to the death of 12 people, and the Copenhagen terror attack on 15 February 2015 killed another three people. These recent attacks in Western countries have legitimized the claims that Islam and Islamic extremism are dangerous, and it has bolstered support for radical right-wing political parties. The result is “a dangerous economic, political and cultural synergy that is driving politics in troublesome ways… the rise of Europe’s radical right should not be taken lightly” [Panelists survey rise of the radical right in Europe].

Uranus Square Pluto Dates and Charts

1 Uranus square Pluto June 24, 2012
2 Uranus square Pluto September 19, 2012
3 Uranus square Pluto May 20, 2013
4 Uranus square Pluto November 1, 2013
5 Uranus square Pluto April 21, 2014
6 Uranus square Pluto December 15, 2014
7 Uranus square Pluto March 17, 2015

792 thoughts on “Uranus Square Pluto Natal and Transit

  1. See, this is why I read y’all – such spot-on precision for a heads-up.

    I’m a learner in astrology. I’m off to ponder over where all this will hit my own chart. Pardon the mythological pun, but Pluto will rape my Cappy Jupiter/Saturn conjunction opp Cancer Mars during all this which would be enough in and of itself for a bit of fun.

    It’s in my 3rd/9th House axis. Time for belief system to undergo a complete purgation and movement to a higher level, eh?

    That sort of thing always stings like the Dickens. LOL

    • Thanks Parin, we love getting your comments too. I’m thinking you won’t be the only one whose belief system is in for a change.

      • just a short word. faith for sure will be tested BUT as exciting as all this is my intuition is guiding me to see all this activity especially Uranus/Pluto as a team work. Burning out the old is what happens because of resistance. But the world needs a change and that change is not technological or mechanistic it is spiritual. The hard side is purification. Like a title wave go under it and let yourself go into it without resistance and you are on another level of awareness. There are prophecies from the Hindu and the Maya that point to this dramatic shift. You people, bless you, are measuring it! How fantastic!

  2. Oh joy. Just spotted my 50th birthday in there – 26th June 2012! It hits my 9th (Cap) and 3rd (Cancer) axis too. Plus the 12th when you throw in Uranus in Aries. I’ll have to look at the Sabians for that date, which may well be my Solar return! I’ll report back …

    • Yes, you are the Sabian Symbol guru around here. I got the inspiration to research the heliocentric charts in this article after the recent discussion here and on Facebook about the different zodiac systems. I see a link between the Ophiuchus 13th sign news beat-up, and the passing of Robert Blaschke. His view on heliocentric charts and other systems in astrology gave some depth and broader perspective to the debate. Of course Robert always championed the use of Sabian Symbols.

  3. What strikes me about the comparison with the 1930’s is that Pluto was unearthing the deep-seated roots of anti-Semitism and other decay that was festering underneath Western society for centuries. If there were no followers, the leader would never have come to be. Uranus with Pluto helped to manifest diabolical technologies and war machines, along with a mad view of scientific enquiry based on eugenic underpinnings. The culmination was the atomic age, powered on uranium and plutonium. Who says science isn’t mystical?

    When Uranus met Pluto in the mid-1960’s, a new wave of counter-culture was born on top of the civil rights movement and first wave feminism. Out of the ashes, this Phoenix grew through booming youth movements. The challenge was in the sign placement for the conjunction. While Virgo can be selfless and discriminating, its mutability is better at mitigating current circumstances rather than initiating sweeping change.

    The basis of the coming squares in cardinal signs changes the game in two ways. First, they provide energy to us all for initiative and forward thinking – the power of new beginnings. Second, the people who will be activated by these transits will likely be cardinal types themselves. They will be natural movers and shakers, and will have the inner drive to move forward and initiate change.

    Virgo has edited the progressive movements and much has been learned. People with cardinal flashpoints would well be advised to trust their passions and believe in their own capabilities to make positive change. No time will ever be better.

    • Hi Sharon, I can see similarities with Pluto’s effect in the 30’s and now “unearthing the deep-seated roots of anti-Semitism and other decay that was festering underneath Western society for centuries.” Today in the Western world, it is anti-Islamic feeling rising.

      I didn’t cover the 60’s in this post, but I know Marina wants to talk about the effect on the womans movement and culture, especially music.

    • Interesting you differentiate the differenced between the 1960’s and now through the elements. I think we did actually DID get sweeping change in the 1960’s myself, I think the fact it was in mutable signs made no odds at all. I live with Uranus/Pluto square my AC/Jupiter and I assure you there is nothing mutable about my life!!
      Change is change is change. Mine is always sudden, shocking and complete.
      I have no fire and only one planet in a cardinal sign…

      The difference is in the aspects, I think squares are more cardinal in nature and a conjunction with those particular planets could be considered more mutable in effects possibly. You are mixing two very different forms of change, so it is wavering, unpredictable and could go either way.

      So maybe we are saying the same thing in different languages 🙂

    • Very good observation, Sharon.
      But dont forget – this mid till end 60th conjunction of Pluto/Uranus touched all people born in the early 40th with theyr natal Neptune(Music) Uranus (Revolution) Trine from taurus to virgo…Result: a musical explosion called rock and roll, huge music festivals (Woodstock) and a incredible firework of creativity in all directions.
      And now, the square touches the Saturn-Uranus-Neptun conjunction of 89…the fall of the Berlin wall.

    • Dear Ms. Rose. I certainly enjoyed reading what you wrote: very insightful, indeed!

  4. Thanks, Jamie. More food for thought. The November 1 aspect pattern lights up my chart like a pinball machine, with Uranus conjunct my natal 8th house Eris/Osculating Lilith (at 9 Aries) and opposite my 2nd house Ceres (at 9 Libra); these points are part of my Mystic Rectangle involving MC/Aldebaran and IC/Antares, both at 9 degrees. It also affects my Yod, with natal Jupiter/Asteroid Lilith at the action point (8 degrees Scorpio).

    It will be interesting to see how all of this manifests, both on a personal and global level – naturally change starts with each individual. Higher consciousness for humanity would be nice, as would a greater sense of personal responsibility, with less dependence on others to do our thinking for us. I think we’d also benefit from a little less reliance on technology as well, which is probably my 2nd house Ceres talking. 🙂

    • “a pinball machine” is an excellent description for that November 1 chart on it’s own. All of those aspects highlighted except for the Moon are under one degree, PING!! A few hours before that the Moon would also be at 9 degrees. Hopefully will we all be more knowledgeable with our astrology by then to work it out.

  5. Do you have any advice for the Pluto in Libra generation that will be experiencing not only Uranus Oppose Pluto, but Jupiter Oppose Pluto as well. Saturn just left its Conjunt with my Pluto and will be retrograding back over it…

    • This is interesting Olivia. People your age are going to feel this one strongly, anyone born from 1974 to 1978, so the current 33 to 37 years old age group. You will have Pluto square Pluto, and Uranus opposite Pluto. We could look back at the 60’s and 30’s for clues, but I think this age group will be the movers and shakers. You are going to be feeling the pressure as a generation to lead the way in social and political reform.

      • I am a member of the pluto in libra and uranus in scorpio generation too.
        I have been thinking a lot about mutual receptions, and I suddenly realized that when pluto enters aquarius in 2023 it will create a mutual reception by transit. It also will creat a uranus/pluto square by transit. So I was thinking that this would be a time when our generation was reshaping the whole world. I was so excited about my discovery that I forgot that uranus in aries makes an oppsition to pluto in libra. The 2010’s will wake out generation from its slumber and we will emerge from the shadows to a new day. Then in the 2020’s and 2030’s our generation of world leaders will destroy the past so the future can be pure.

        • Me too…I’m sun conjunct pluto (0 deg 33′), with uranus in scorpio squaring saturn in leo perfectly. Uranus is in the 12th house 6 deg above the ascendant. I don’t know about any one else, but I am barraged constantly with images of what can go wrong with the world – mine and the one I share with everyone else. It’s a trial to sort through the pessimistic noise and forge forward, Mercury retro in the 12th house opposite Jupiter retro. A trial of technical mastery in life, of keeping the beat, virgo moon. My generation is setting down roots and having children? I know I am.

  6. Regarding the Uranus square Pluto September 19 2012

    Just found this via a FB friend Joe Ferrari:


  7. Jamie,
    I was born in ’78, so Im definitely part of that generation!
    Im starting to feel Im being prepared for something big!!
    All this life changing transformation cant be in vain!
    Im gonna read up on world events during those years to have a idea of what us movers and shakers have in store!

    • We could also look at the older and younger generations with this too, and see how they might assist your generation. The older Pluto in Virgo, 1960-66 will have Pluto trine their Pluto, perhaps giving you a more balanced view of how to implement changes. While the younger Pluto in Scorpio, 1986-1990 will have Pluto sextile their Pluto, perhaps giving you creative ideas and enthusiasm to make changes.

      • Jamie, what fixed stars were prominent with the conjunction during the 60s?
        People who were young in that period of the 60s -many must have been born with Neptune in Libra?? Square Uranus in Cancer?? So the trend of revolution focused in relationship/marriage/family issues. We saw the break down of the nuclear family, lots of divorce and co habiting come out of that time.

        • There were three conjunctions then. The middle one was 04 April 1966. Uranus conjunct Pluto at 16°27′ Virgo, not really any major fixed star influence. Perhaps what you are seeing is more to do with the Jupiter Uranus conjunction in 1969, 2 degrees Libra opposite Chiron 2 degrees Aries. Venus and Saturn were quincunx Pluto then, Venus square Ceres. Here’s the chart: Jupiter conjunct Uranus 1969

          Just saw your comment on Egypt, will have to get back on that one in the morning, need sleep! 🙂

  8. Jamie,
    Awesome article. I love your focus on the heliocentric aspect.

    Looking at heliocentric Pluto’s location on Nov 1 2013, it’s not within one degree any fixed stars I could find in a hurry, but the Sabian Symbol for 11-12 degrees Capricorn is:

    An Illustrated Lecture On Natural Science Reveals Little-Known Aspects Of Life

    This degree is very inventive and hopefully points towards all sorts of discoveries including free energy, faster travel, alien contact, medical discoveries, etc. etc.

    • Thanks Nancy, Pluto is not on any major fixed star then, but I think Uranus was on one with an interpretation. The Sabian Symbol as usual makes sense, we were chatting on FB about the effect of Uranus on Pluto on energy, coal and oil versus atomic or wind/solar. Even climate change comes under this umbrella, plus extinctions.

  9. A fascinating article, and I’m *trying* to see the big picture, but all I see is my natal Saturn/POF at 11 Capricorn and thinking ‘oh joy’. 🙂

    • Pluto conjunct Saturn transit can be a time of great culmination, recognition and achievement, it was for me. And Pluto conjunct Part of Fortune transit can be an indicator of attaining success in life, it was for me. I would be looking forward to this one!

  10. Fascinating analysis, Jamie, and you make a compelling argument for use of heliocentric measurement. Looking forward to your take on each of the ‘events’!

  11. these two (Uranus and Pluto) will be stomping on my natal chiron during this tense square (within 1 to 3 degrees). I don’t know if I can take anymore unpleasant surprises and financial turmoil! Pluto will be squaring my natal chiron (it’s exact right now) in my Aries 2nd house, and Uranus will conjunct my natal chiron next year.

    Pluto transiting 11th house and Uranus will be transiting 2nd house (actually 2nd house in equal system right now but in Pisces, when it enters Aries, it would still be in my 2nd house and will be there for 7 years!).

    any thoughts of encouragements or should I simply take all of my remaining possessions and bury them? LOL!

    • NO, burying them would be hoarding treasure! Seriously though I doubt this transit to Chiron would really have this effect simply because Chiron is in your 2nd house. For financial matters I would think some heavy aspects to Venus would be to blame, or even Sun, Moon or the angles. Chiron is a pretty slow mover, so most around your age will have this transit, and one in twelve will have Chiron in their 2nd house.

      • Thanks Jamie! that is a relief to hear (that it shouldn’t have financial effects, since I am already in the poorhouse!).

        reading various articles and posts on the internet, Pluto square chiron is about expressing rage (per Astro.com)…I don’t know if that’s accurate since I’ve been laid back this past few months even though I’ve been laid off, couldn’t get a job, and will lose my house if I don’t get a job in a few weeks! LOL!

        Now, if I don’t get a job and do lose my house, then maybe, I might start getting pissed….really don’t know what to expect. There’s been so much going on in my life since 2009 I don’t know what to expect anymore….I’m just hoping I survive all of these transits with my sanity intact!

        • I had Pluto square my Chiron in 2009 and yes I did express my rage, at the start of the transit anyway. By the end I think a transformation had occurred, got all the rage from the deep wound out of the system. Then I think the positive healing led way to good soul growth.

          • I hope that I wouldn’t have to express any rage whatsoever…again, don’t know whether it will come out or not, but, at least I am aware of the potential and can place a certain amount of control (hopefully). it is a little worrisome since pluto will retro over the square with chiron so I will have three passes of this, along with the uranus square Pluto while uranus is conjunct natal chiron in a few months.

            thankful that I found your site, thankful that folks like you are available for some guidance. I am aware that some changes in my life are inevitable but knowing why through astrology gives me a different perspective. your explanations, along with other articles from the internet gives me that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel and shows that whatever is happening is not going to be permanent but is simply a transition that can lead to a better existence. I am thankful and grateful for the guidance I’ve been getting from you and other astrologers.

            • Hi Ed, I not only lost my farm but my 39 year old son in 2008/2009 but I’ve survived with a rented roof over my head, a bed and enough food to keep me going. I think I still harbour some rage and hope it flows out slowly and manageably eventually. What I’m saying is material loss is not the end of the world. I feel more free without a mortgage or a property that was a black hole as far as maintenance and money was concerned, and now my other children have no inheritance to fight over and if I want to move (I’m a Gemini too) I can just pack up and go without feeling rooted to home ownership. Mind you, I did worry that I might end up living in my car which is a 1991 model, but had enough faith in the universe to let that worry go. I’m happier than I have been for years even though I miss my son dreadfully – he suffered from schizophrenia and we both suffered for years as I cared for him. He was also an alcoholic and had many physical illnesses. He was born in July 69, was a Buddhist and had no fear of death so I feel that he is now free as well, and has probably been reincarnated by now

            • I am sorry to hear about your son. you’re right, I’d rather lose material things than any member of my family!

              I’ve been destitute before, being poor is not a stranger to me. I can handle not having anything, I can handle hunger (as I did growing up), and I will not be beaten by situations like that….BUT, having my children in the equation changes it. I’m more afraid for them than me, as any parent would.

              hoping that your son is on his way to achieving enlightenment in his next life!

      • oh, I do need to add that my natal venus is not that far away since it is also in Aries at 20 deg. eventually, Pluto will square my 2nd house venus and uranus will conjunct it in a couple of years.

        I guess that would be the time my finances would be affected again right?

        • man oh man…when this transit happens (Pluto square venus) Pluto will be 2 deg from a trine with natal pluto, and 1 deg from a sextile to my POF. so, I will take a financial hit, but…ah, I can’t take it! LOL!

          • With Venus at 20 Aries, you wont get that square till 2018, definitely not worth worrying about yet. Anyway, with those other good aspects to Pluto and Part of Fortune I wouldn’t think it will manifest as a financial hit. I think by then we are all going to be dealing with having less wealth, value may be measured more by other things. You would be well placed in the spiritual sense.

            • you’re right, it’s still too far away to spend time worrying about it….my brain is going on overdrive a lot these days and I’ve been looking ahead in my chart, as well as looking back through the years and trying to see any correlations. it’s help a lot to do so since it is teaching me a lot about astrology.

              I hope you don’t get tired of my inquiries as the days go by.

            • Hi Ed, I wish you every joy and success for yourself and your family

  12. Uranus opposition to my natal Saturn, square natal uranus,square to natal Sun..this all activtes the Cardinal T-Square in my natal chart…then I am having my second Sturn return……JUICY!!!… interesting how these 20 something year regimes are being thrown off by the ”populace” in the Middle East….and North Afrique….eclipse pathways are awakening…the Jupiter/Uranus conjunctive Square to Pluto in early Capricorn is quite far reaching….ancient promises emerging from deep within…I am witnessing all around me amazing stories of awakening/expression/visceralization of the entity/entities at hand…..Having walked among the peoples who are now gathering and awakening to expression, my heart is so deeply touched and in union with this of the world body…the Cardinal portals are activating so much possibility…allies are coming together and unifying…the Square has a very strong Foundation capability….I encourage everyone to utilize this aspect of the Squares…That being said, look to the east for instruction and inspiration…Blessings upon the heads of all those who are throwing off oppressive structures….Pluto is quite exact on my Natal Sun…and riding there for the next year…Yahoooo!…and Big Thank You to the Inceptors of Dark Star…good on yah Jamie!

    • I’m feeling Uranus opposite my Sun too, and Pluto square MC. I just looked at the Egyptian horoscope: Egypt Protests 2011 and they are being hit by Uranus and Pluto too, no surprise. News from there is pretty amazing, media blackout, the Internet, SMS and mobile services cut, the president’s son fled to London.

  13. Egypt is also entering into a Saturn Return….Saturn has been stationary retrograde during the start of this…my sense is that the Saturn proximity of less than 3 degrees is brings this mercurial aspect to the events at hand…I was watching a report tonite on Egypt and the Social Media reality…these populace uprisings and the immediate organization thru Twitter and Facebook speaks of Tech/Hermes…the Egyptian moment feels just like the process of the Tunisien moment…..curious on how the Western Governments are allowing the family members of these regimes to find safe haven within their borders….Canada has accepted the family members of the Tunisiene -EX- “Royal Family” …French Canada by the way….and I just heard that London is the destinations for the Son of Mubarek…this dissolution of the Puppet West Proxy Governments feels very Uranian…very Jupiter…and in all of this , somewhere is Tech/Merc/Hermes

  14. Hello Jamie, Wuold you please comment on ElBaradei. He seems to be a key player and a lucky one in February.

  15. On a very personal level, I had access to my own fully operational home computer. Previously I managed with WEBTV (Explorer 4!) and public library computers that blocked half the sites that I visit regularly. When I lived in NYC I had more access to net cafes, but I couldn’t post crazy blogs and replies at 3am.

    Pluto (my ruling planet–yes it’s a planet, dammit!) is in my 2nd house, and Uranus is in my 5th. I’m able to be aggressively public about MY values on a global scale (“Globally Ballistic” I call it). In the past 7 months I’ve published my first experimental music videos (I know what NOT to do!);
    published the more risque Venus in Scorpio aspects of my personality (webcams are fun!); and lost, fought for, and re-won my long-distance TG girlfriend (Uranus and Jupiter will conjunct her natal Saturn in my 5th this year). The latter was a really public Facebook affair (I called it my “Rumors” page after Fleetwood Mac), and unfortunately appears to have alienated my previously friendly ex-(GG) wife.

    • That’s great about the “public” romance. Marina and I have been sharing our life on the internet, Facebook too. The occasional argument in the public arena is fun for us, and others I believe.

    • Long distance relationships are hard. I am in a relationship with a TG from the philippines. Right now Pluto is in exact conjunction with my venus in capricorn at 7 degrees. Uranus in aries will square my venus next year. I’m learning a lot about love.

      • Yep it is hard Shawn, they are powerful transits you have too. Maybe Uranus will mean air travel?

  16. When I looked at the chart for Uranus square Pluto opposite Jupiter I immediately thought ‘Jupiter, this is big, this involves the whole world, Plutonium and Uranium equals a massive nuclear explosion.’

  17. I don’t know what’s happening with my chart at the moment but everywhere I go and everything I do seems to upset someone. My Lilith is 2 degrees something Sag opposite my Gemini sun at 3 degrees something – could this be my critical, nasty streak showing itself?

    • Not sure Leone. Today is a climax of these very tense energies between Jupiter and Saturn. I’ve been feeling irritated myself. Critical and nasty are Saturn things, I know they are strong in me but like you at least I’m aware of it.

      • just wanted to report back on this Ju/Sa opposition in my chart – I have Saturn in my natal at 14º08 Sagittarius and Venus at 14º55 Aries (conjunct Sun 2º) so Saturn is trine Saturn and Jupiter sextile at the mo – feeling huge energy coming through, very focused clear mind (makes a change!) and at the same time am experiencing questions on money and home issues with loved ones – Jupiter will not be squashed so easily, but, as Saturn is in my 1st Ho I guess I’m used to the old bugger (that would be me then….)

  18. Hi Jamie,

    It looks to me that immediately prior to this arrangement there will have been a double trine with Jupiter in Cancer to both Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio (using a 5 deg orb) (though not a grand trine) or that in fact for a short time both the aspect patterns will exist.

    First a massive expansion of new ideas, then an expansion of divisions perhaps caused by those new ideas which have arisen all pivoting around this T square.

    I don’t think it is a challenge to growth and prosperity it may well be a complete re-definition of those terms.

    If I were to guess what it is I’d say the US is going to default on its debt.

  19. Darius: If I were to guess what it is I’d say the US is going to default on its debt.

    Technically I don’t think it will happen. And if one is looming in the horizon, the recent spending cuts standoff somehow averted that. The US govt did a similar move with that of the UK, designed to cushion the next 3 years. If it becomes inevitable however, the UN will highly likely come up with some terms as a middleground. As it is, I think the US will bounce back strong as ever and is already on its way there. Btw, the Qatar king recently announced that it’s pouring billions of USD in US real estate market. Being a real maverick in handling its’ sovereign investment portfolio, I’m sure Kuwait and Oman will follow suit and other North African states. The arabs get the message pretty fast – time to move their basket of eggs far from where the shellings are.

    • Well looking at what Pluto in Capricorn has meant in the past 2000 years it has to be something that fundamental that completely changes the way we live… Protestant Reformation, French Revolution/Napoleonic Wars, Byzantium goes to war with riots in the city under Justinian, Formation of the Holy Roman Empire, Crusades to the Holy Land, Rome becomes Christian, Rome gets an Emperor… that is BIG changes in the fundamental values of society – forgive my Euro-centric viewpoint but look at what just ain’t working and everything points to the breakdown of the banking/financial system and its replacement with something completely new. ‘Money’ just isn’t worth the paper it is written on.

      Let’s see what June brings.

  20. KK: Technically I don’t think it will happen.

    Darius and KK. That is the point I think. China is hardly going to demand it’s money back because that will further devalue it’s investment in US dollars. Both economies are dependent on each other.

    • Agree on that Jamie. Nobody would demand its money back from the US, for so many reasons. One can only wait to get paid. Honestly, I don’t think that the US would ever default on its sovereign bonds or similar debt instruments already out on the market. It’s an unimaginable insult to the Federal Reserve which would make the past dead presidents turn in their graves. But just in case that’s unavoidable at some point, it might possibly be covered up for something else.

  21. Let’s see what June brings.

    I’ve been hearing that a lot lately. Big eclipse series coming up. Polar Solar Eclipses (sounds like a catchy blog title).

    • These aspects are retelling the Clash of the titans, and, wasn’t that movie remade just last year? Look at the hero of the movie, the half mortal, half god….isn’t the collective unconscious always ahead of itself in its creative predictions. Uranus in Aries, the demigod.

  22. At some point in the not too distant past I believe the US government enforced the purchase of all Gold in the US for a certain and then decided once completed that gold would now cost a lot more. In exchange for that gold it issued dollars with which you could go and get your gold back.

    The US defaulted on its debt on August 15, 1971 President Nixon announced that the US would no longer convert US dollars to gold. For the first time in history, money was no longer gold or silver or convertible to either. On that day, because of Nixon’s actions all money everywhere became but government issued coupons with unknown expiration dates.

    The reason behind Nixon’s extraordinary action was that US gold reserves had been virtually emptied by US overseas military spending. The massive outflow of US dollars needed to maintain America’s global military presence had far outweighed any corresponding inflow from America’s significant positive balance of trade.

    By 1971, it was clear the US owed more far gold than it possessed. The closing of the gold window by Nixon constituted the largest monetary default in history. Now, thirty years later, the final consequences of that default are unfolding.

    After 1971, governments everywhere borrowed, printed and spent even more money as gold no longer was a constraint on the global money supply. Additionally, gold was no longer exchanged in order to rectify global trade imbalances.

    It was Milton Friedman—the monetary poster boy of the right—who advised Nixon to cut all ties between the dollar and gold. Friedman, like Keynes—the monetary poster boy of the left—was a strong believer in fiat money and Friedman advised Nixon that floating exchange rates would balance global trade flows. Friedman was wrong.

    The 1971 cutting of ties between money and gold instead led to increasingly unbalanced trade flows, rapid increases in government debt, and by the late 1970s, increasingly high rates of inflation.

    In January 1978, US inflation measured 6.84 %. In January 1979, it was 9.28 % and by January 1980 inflation had risen to 13.91 %. Gold, the traditional refuge from monetary inflation, rose accordingly. In 1978, the average gold price was $193.40. In 1979, it was $306; and in January 1980, gold spiked to $850 with inflation peaking two months later at 14.76 % in March.

    In August 1979, President Jimmy Carter appointed Paul Volker to head the Fed hoping to control inflation. Volker’s aggressive rate increases brought down both inflation and the price of gold (note: Volker was also responsible for the demonetization of gold in 1971).

    Today, aggressive rate increases to prevent high inflation are almost impossible. As inflation moves higher—and irrespective of distorted US figures, it is already doing so—higher Fed rates would end the Fed’s liquidity-driven recovery and cause payments on the now astronomical US debt to rise to unsustainable levels.

    China and now the EU have started raising their interest rates which is accelerating the decline of the US dollar.

    Britain for one sold all its gold in 2006 (at the bottom of the market) China and India bought 1,000 tons of gold in 2010 the shift of gold and silver to the east is exactly what led to the ‘Age of Discovery’ (which funnily enough occurred when Pluto was in Capricorn) when Spanish and Portuguese went out to replace all the gold that was sitting in China having been used to purchase silk, spices etc. Even when Britain reached China they had to smuggle opium in to get silver out to pay for Chinese goods to bring back to Europe.

    But there isn’t a ‘new world’ to go out and colonize now so you have to rely on Napoleon’s tactics (also during Pluto in Capricorn) and go out and steal it by force of arms although I guess the ‘Age of Discovery’ was really just stealing by force of arms.

    The US has just painted itself into a corner and as it goes on printing more and more debt (aka dollars some 600 billion so far this year?) it is only making the situation worse.

    The only alternative I can see to default, is war. All this rearing up as Pluto hits Capricorn and probably climaxing when Saturn enters Scorpio and we all pick sides.

    The big hope represented by Neptune in Pisces is that we may find a new and better way of dealing with the whole matter of finding a common medium of exchange.

    As a side thought – I have high hopes for Neptune in Pisces for example on the basis that in astrophysics they have proved that planets, suns and moons cause curvatures in the fabric of space big enough to exert a force on the Earth – and assuming that at the moment you are born you are imprinted with the effects that the astral bodies exert at that exact moment though I am of the school that the solar and lunar eclipses which occur during your gestation also have a lifelong effect- there is yet hope that astrology and astrophysics may yet find the common ground they use to share. If only an astrophysicist could get funding to research it.

    • That’s puts things in better perspective for us Darius, thankyou! I wasn’t aware about what Nixon had done in 1971.

  23. Darius: and assuming that at the moment you are born you are imprinted with the effects that the astral bodies exert at that exact moment though I am of the school that the solar and lunar eclipses which occur during your gestation also have a lifelong effect- there is yet hope that astrology and astrophysics may yet find the common ground they use to share. If only an astrophysicist could get funding to research it.

    Why not? There must be one university out there who can give you a headstart.

  24. Interesting post here, however, in light of the quest of looking into the future events to befall upon the planet earth, one would use heliocentric parallels excluding the faster moving planets.
    The secondary considerations to heliocentric erruptions, to the lesser degree, would be the planetary pairs of conjuctions, squares etc.
    To understand the relationship & simplicity of cause and effects, think of our SUN as a large electro-generator, which is sensitive to the magnetic pulls of planetary alignments upon it’s fluidity surface, thus causing plasma discharges of massive flairs being sent outward, in direct size and magnitude to the forces places upon it by planets mass, cyclic distance etc.
    To the understanding of modern sciences, mankind’s conception has not reasoned past the time and distance of light year speed, to understand how the Tides of earths shores are impacted within minutes/hours of these Solar eruptions, as there appears to be a cohesiveness involved that brings these almost into immediate effects. [Some call it universal either, others simply say it’s God’s Grand design, to which is yet beyond mans comprehension.]
    With the use of computer models, it become easy to throughly review past history of cluster of events, and with a little research, the repeating situations emerges.
    Such historical events as the eruption of a super volcano; the near genocide in Calcutta; times of rioting & social panic; periods of plague; famine; and most all the descriptive events of biblical end times are grouped together starting in Sept. 2012 thru Nov. 2016 with a 4 yrs clustering of 9 negative events. What I found most interesting, is the fact that there has never been a 9 event clustering over the last 2,000 years. The most that my software program could come up with was a 5 negative event cluster a few hundred years ago.
    The above is an outline of part, but not in full, of all considerations.
    Peace be with you all,

  25. The period from 2011 to 2016 is marked by many very profound transits. These are the top 10:
    1. Saturn in Sag. 90* Nep. in Pisces (2015 to 2016).
    2. Sat. in Libra 0* Zeus – – two in 2011.
    3. Sat. in Scorp. 180* Admetos in Tar. (3)
    4. Sat. in Lib. 90* Vulcunus in Cancer (3)
    5. Sat. in Scorp. 0* Poseidon (3)
    6. Uran. in Aries 90* Pluto in Cap. (the big 7)
    7. Uran. in Aries 180* Zeus in Lib. (5)
    8. Uran. in Aries 90* Kronos in Cancer (3)
    9. Uran. in Aries 90* Hades in Cancer (3)
    10. Pluto in Cap. 90* Zeus in Libra (2)
    The Master of Disaster

      • Vulcanus (Vul Can Is)
        All that is mighty and powerful. Strength. Intensity. If a sentence has the word mighty or
        powerful in it, the planetary signature will have Vulcanus in it. If the Sun and Vulcanus are together, the vitality, strength, and muscular power describe outstanding good health.
        Vulcanus Opposition Neptune Tex…..
        To be without influence. Powerless. Impotent. Mighty deception. Great disappointment. Great
        sensitivity. Power that one cannot see or hear. Powerful psychic. Perfume. Tsunami.

  26. A lot of retrograde motion in the November chart. The protagonist is definitely retrograde Uranus.

    The “mechanics” of the chart(if I’m allowed to use this word) show that Uranus is being “pushed” to take another hit by Pluto.

    I see a heavy dose of reality that day. It’s definitely not the end of the world, it’s a major checkpoint though.

  27. what will bring this grand T square of Mars around 8,9th august for pakistan some kind of semi coup? fall of govt? plz tell

  28. I was looking at the Midpoint of the square, it’s in Saturn ruled Aquarius by Vedic and Tropical systems. In the Vedic system the midpoint aligns with the Nakshatra fixed star Dhanistha, a dark nature with quarrelsome aspect ruled by agressive Mars. Not all negative but there will also be negative dangers.

  29. I would like to suggest to look at the fact of the square to be an OUTGOING Uranus sqare pluto: this could be realted to the period 1873-1878 with pluto in taurus an uranus in Leo witch is a very different situation from an Ingoing Square to Pluto in the ‘3o’

    • Hi Jeanette, that is a good point and I did read some other astrologers article about this. I understand cycles are important but the actual aspect itself seems to carry much more weight than its position in the cycle.

  30. •Uranus-Pluto ….. Time for new models
    From 2012 to 2015 square aspect from Pluto and Uranus are several times exactly. Main aspects of these two planets happen because of slow circulation times are relatively rare. The conjunction of Uranus and Pluto was last held in 1963 in Virgo, Uranus and Pluto as a new cycle began. With the increasing square from 2012 we will reach a point where the social development should since then taken a critical look at, so those born in the 60s pulses can be continued for new social guidelines with a chance of success. Pluto – Growth and survival by conversion Pluto is a small celestial body that moves away from the Earth only slowly in its orbit. Measured by its importance for the Earth is large. To Pluto’s importance to understand in the mundane, it is instructive to briefly about some relationships that have to do with life itself, to worry. Pluto symbolizes something of an all-encompassing awareness, an information store for all experiences. Pluto is like the gene pool from which all life is generated and also the collective unconscious as memory of the archetypes that all humans shared patterns of behavior may be associated with Pluto. With Pluto there is an ur-sexual energy from the everything that exists is apparent. Polar tension and find balance, regardless of the sex happens everywhere, in every cell, as well as male and female forces, plus and minus, to be found in all phenomena in the world. By mutual attraction finally succeed in combining opposites to create something new. Pluto transforms considered symbolically in an ongoing process of birthing the purely female and purely male to ever-new creations, and thus corresponds to the law of dying and becoming, of transformation and metamorphosis. Attraction, retention, conversion and detachment are the forces that act by Pluto. Pluto principle it is also, through ongoing processes of transformation this archaic form of energy into spiritual power, ie to transform into higher and more sophisticated forms of energy to ultimately secure the evolutionary progress of the persistence. In this sense, Pluto represents the survival struggles, crises and transformations of past levels of development and for the collection took place over generations of spiritual power and knowledge to make sure the species survives. This results in the end the practices and rituals, conditioning and survival strategies, in which the collective is involved. Pluto is in conjunction with the mass fate, with biological processes such as birth, illness, old age, death, aggression and sexuality, love, envy, hatred, greed. At the level of this deep-seated instincts of all men are created equal. are threatened done in the moment when the individual and the collective, often first instinctive reaction, unconscious programs running and mechanisms of resistance with the aim of averting the danger .

    • The solution? Remake and remodel. Voluntarily and preemptively change what needs to be changed before it breaks down. Own your power, be innovative. Do not sit still. Stand for something….

    • A generation of people have PLuto and Uranus in Libra. My keywords – style over content , unemorional fairness, depths of shallowness, deep ambiguity, control, sudden divorce, sudden marriage, unusual beauty, military strategy in all things, suitable marriages for secret gains, rash jusdgement, sudden temper tantrums, sudden peace…
      Watch this generation challenged. Libran type edifaces will shatter as change rollercoasters on.Sensible and decent things may be wrong! I have a feeling its going to be hard!

      • Certainly with Libra involved, those people should expect “others” in their lives, marriage and divorce, partnership changes and open enemies in a sudden and unexpected way (Uranus)perhaps influenced by groups, organizations, a spiritual leader and gangs (Pluto).
        I would, also, watch for problems with the kidneys,ovaries and lower back (Libra).
        One set of upcoming aspects that concerns me are the 7 transiting Uranus square transiting Pluto aspects between 2012 and 2015. The April 21, 2014 is particularly nasty. How these will play out in a mundane, natal and weather manifestation remains to be seen; however, it ain’t gonna be good. Transformational for sure, but change is usually difficult. With Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn I would expect sudden changes (Uranus) from warm (Aries) to cold (Capricorn); but certainly drier. The square between these two will create conflict, obstacles and stress whenever they hit a natal planet; depending upon the sign and house position of that planet and the natal aspect configuation.


      • After the last 7 years of Pluto crossing my I.C., squaring my Ascendant, squaring my natal Pluto, squaring my Vertex, squaring my Venus(ruler of my Libra Ascendant) squaring my Sun and opposing my Midheaven, Pluto square Uranus will be a cakewalk.

        BTW, I’ve got Pluto and Uranus in my Libran 1st House.

  31. Think maybe this square had anything to do with the 7.2 earthquake in Turkey today?

    • I think it is more complicated than that. Although it is true that Uranus and Pluto rule earthquakes, the mechanism for the exact astrological cause of quakes is still open to debate. I have a number of possibilities I’m exploring on this subject.
      I’ve downloaded 5,293 earthquake, with a magnitude of 6.0 or greater, to an Excel spreadsheet, for analysis. These quakes occurred between January 1, 1973 to October 23, 2011.
      I’ll keep you posted on progress.
      William G. Foster
      aka: The Master of Disaster

      • That’s sounds like a lot of work ahead of you. I’m glad you’re doing it! Will be very interested to see what you come up with.

        • Hi:
          Time for a progress update. I’m up to a database of 5,309 6.0 magnitude or greater (over the last 40 years) and 349 7.0 or greater.
          For sure a lot more earthquakes happen in the morning. Another site showed me how scientists have come to understand that their are ionosphere disturbances that cause more earthquakes in the morning.
          I’ve got graphs on the hour they occur, the day of the week, the month and by year. I’ll post research data on my blog.

  32. Interesting times for the world! Scary, worrying, fascinating.

    How about on a personal level? How do think this transit might effect people who have natal planets in that general area. For instance, all those 75-ers who are at the same time have a pluto return (square)? I seem to be hit by every square that’s coming, and I’m really trying to cut the orbs down here. The first few will be hitting my mars-pluto and the last couple my saturn, which is the handle to my bucket. Holy transits, batman!

  33. The first square is applying to my Capricorn Asc within a degree, and I have natal Pluto square my Asc. So, Pluto will be conjunct my Asc, square natal 9th pluto, with Uranus opposing natal Pluto while it squares transit Pluto on my Asc! I will assume that I will be very active in a protest somewhere, but really there is NO telling. It is rather exciting and nice to know as it helps serve as a reminder to live for today as tomorrow is not promised.

  34. I read alot about New York during the depression. It really was amazing in that Ford invented the car, I heard to make it easier for the farmers to take out into the fields. There was a boulevard for the rich. A bridge got made, more cars, more bridges, more tolls, more moving out, expanding across USA. Universal Health Care came into being. Many members of the gov’t were living corrupt and hi on the hog until they found a good ol down to earther who came in and cleaned it up but even he could not have any effect against the black discrimination as they were prevented from jobs and housing. A lot of construction took place building those bridges.
    These were radical changes and they were for the greater numbers, pluto.

    • Hi Starwoman:
      During the depression of the 1930’s, Uranus was in Aries, however, Pluto was in Cancer (the public). Those squares occurred from April 21, 1932 through January 17, 1934.
      This time it’s different in that Pluto is in Capricorn and not Cancer.
      The other issue is that the waning square of Uranus Square Pluto in the 1930’s was based upon “the seed” Uranus/Pluto conjunctions fo 1850 and 1851. The waxing Uranus/Pluto square of 2012 to 2015 is based upon the seed Uranus/Pluto conjunctions of 1965 and 1966. Big difference. Two different “seeds” and waning versus waxing squares.
      Look at what happened during the 1960’s Uranus/Pluto conjunction and it will give you some idea of what will happen from 2012 to 2015 only on steroids, because of a waxing square and a different seed conjunction.
      Now we are seeing the Arab Spring, the Tea Party and a global “occupy” movement; all in response to the failure of the “majority power-brokers” to let that power “trickle down” (Uranus) through the masses (Pluto).
      The tension (square) between those in power as it is currently manifested (Pluto in Capricorn) and the rich diversity of various groups and cultures (Uranus in Aries) is being serously challenged. As the struggle continues into 2012, all hell is going to break loose if the have’s (1%) don’t share with the have nots (99%). This isn’t going to happen. The Summer of 2012 will be a very explosive Summer as we see the manifestation of the first Uranus/Pluto square on June 24, 2012. Even as Uranus moves past the exact square, and the situatio is not resolved, the Uranus/Pluto agitation will only increase, as it did in the 1960’s.
      The situation is going to turn ugly as Great Depression II sets in and the 99% become even more agitated.
      William G. Foster

      • Hi William,
        I personally don’t think you can look at one sign without being aware of its polar opposite and this current crisis also seeded with Saturn as part of the grand Cross. So the tensions of Aries/Libra and Capricorn empty into Cancer – the Herd.
        In esoteric astrology the crosses are initiations. This is both initiation for the individual soul and intitation for the group soul.
        During the PLuto in Cancer years people made a massive sacrifice. They were part of a herd war, what happened on a soul level is another story. The aftermath of WW2 was incredible. The decks were cleared for the next phase. They will be again.
        Its worth looking at the sign of Capricorn in its more esoteric aspect – the mystical fish goat, The Christ/Annointed One.
        PLuto in CApricorn is not isolated, I don’t think, rather this CArdinal Crisis brings the herd to a point of intitiation where the Christ energy must be realised (I’m talking of Christ as an ascended master) as part of this initiaion.
        Looking around at what is happening, there seems to be a greater polarisiation undfortunately. Financial insitutions and regulations in tatters, Eurozone going dwon the pan – which distracts a little form the fact that the whole world is involved.
        I don’t think the solution is the haves sharing with the havenots – not as simple as that.
        There is – always has been – massive charity in the world. Afirca is an example of the haves continually pouring into the world of have not and nothing changing.
        I agree there’s going to be a depression of nasty proportions. This has been brewing for years and I think this Cardinal Cross brings it to its exactitude.
        BTW – Have you considered the links between eclipses and earthquakes – Thre’s osneon in the US – Syzygy Bob??? Who studies this. Look at the 2012 May eclipse – there’s a stellium in Taurus and I think the zenith of the eclipse is on the Kamchatka chain??? somthink like that – I’ll look again but I htink its over a place where three faults meet – probably very near Japan… which makes me think of Edgar Cayce’s predictions.

        • Further to this… think of chaos as potential magick. Initiation into to a bigger process.
          Uranus PLuto square is like the lightning struck tower – an act of God. The older tarot actually called the card, The Tower, La Maison de Dieu. The Hose of GOd. You just can’t argue with it!

          • er.. tha is the HOUSe of God and nothing to do with his socks… or his garden…

  35. The November 2013 T-square will be conjunct my Nodes, Part of Fortune and natal sun;

    Pluto Conjunct North Node in Capricorn in the 4th House

    Uranus Conjunct Sun in Aries in the 7th House

    Jupiter Conjunct South Node & Part of Fortune in Cancer in the 10th House

    The release point of the T-Square will be in my 1st House, Libra.

    Here’s my birth data for those who are interested;

    Birthdate: 3/27/1973
    Birthtime: 6:22 PM EST
    Birthplace: Jackson, MI

    • I wouldn’t worry too much about the Nov. 1, 2013 Transiting Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn. You will be such a changed person by then that you will be a new you.
      I’ll do a work-up tomorrow but just in 2012 you have:
      1. Uranus 180 ASC
      2. Uranus conj. Sun
      3. Jup. conj. 8th house cusp
      4. Uran. conj. 7th house cusp.
      and a whole bunch more. More tomorrow.
      Bill Foster

  36. Here’s how the seven Uranus square Pluto transits hit my chart;

    June 26 2012
    Uranus Conjunct Vertex, Venus, Sun/Venus Midpoint and Sun
    Uranus Opposite Ascendant & Pluto
    Pluto Conjunct North Node & Square Sun

    September 19 2012
    Uranus Conjunct Vertex, Venus, Sun/Venus Midpoint and Sun
    Uranus Opposite Ascendant & Pluto
    Pluto Conjunct North Node, Moon & Square Sun

    May 21 2013
    November 1 2013
    April 21 2014
    December 15 2014
    March 17 2015
    Uranus Conjunct Sun & Chiron
    Pluto Conjunct North Node

    • When I first did your chart the first thing that jumped out at me was natal Saturn in Gemini in the 9th square Mercury in Pisces in the 6th – which says to me that any anger you express, either outwardly or inwardly will be manifested in your body in health problems. Depression is anger turned inward.
      The greater theme of your chart over the next over the next four years of transiting Uranus square Pluto will play out in your 4th house (Capricorn) and 7th house (Aries). You have a very strong chart with Cardinal signs on the angles and lots of planets in angular houses.
      Therefore, look to 7th house themes of the public, marriage and partnershps and open enemies to be prominent. With the 4th it’s home and environment, land, father or mother. In terms of the planets involved in the square (conflict, obstacle, stress) look for friction between Pluto and Uranus themes. Pluto would involve groups, organizations, spiritual leaders, gangsters & monopolies (big companies), regeneration, mutation, transformation, integreation, collectivity, coercion, inversion, annihilation, domination and alternation. Uranus: inventors, reformers, altruists, rebels, psychologists, humanitarians, uniqueness, disrutpion, originality, unexpected, ecccentric, altruism, renunication, non-conformist, progressive and invention.
      Watch out for problems with the bones, skin and knees (Capricorn) and the head (Aries). You may tend to be to aggressive and impulsive (Aries) when you should be conscientious, prudent, reliable and patient (Capricorn).
      Jupiter conjuncts your 8th house cusp (Koch houses) Dec. 31st (2011), and when Jupiter conjunct Admetos on Feb. 9th you may be attending a funeral.
      The 7 transiting Uranus/Pluto squares range from 6*Aries57 to 15*Aries 18 and pretty much pumel your 4th and 7th houses, especially the North Node (12*Cap35′ on Dec. 15, 2014); your Sun at 6*Aries57 on Sep. 19, 2012 and 8*Aries 23′ on Jun 24, 2012; and Vulcun at 11*Aries14′ on May 20, 2013. The strongest of the Uranus/Pluto squares (on Apr. 21, 2014 with a Grand Cross in Cardinal signs) is really going to wack your North Node in the 4th, Vulcun in the 7th, and the Part of Fortune in the 10th. The North Node is fated so look for some very drastic changes over the next four years in 4th house matters (home, envirenment, land, Mother) and the 7th house (your public perception, marriage and partnerships and open enemies) plus career (10th).
      The next four years for you will be a ride of a lifetime. Be sure and please let us know how it works out.
      Bill Foster
      aka: The Master of Disaster

  37. Hi William.
    I was born Sept 3, 1966 in Yorkshire, England, time unknown. I have a relatively tight stellium of Ur, Pl, Sun, Merc, all in Virgo. Venus close by too, albeit in Leo. Having intense bodily experiences with these recent transits, where only responses like gasping-out-loud can provide some temporary relief. Talk about volcanic. Talk about feeling like a creature utterly other than human – even from behind the eyes. Wondering where cooling balance might come from to anchor and stabilize. In need of respite.

    • Hi LV:
      I live in Las Vegas too.
      Without knowing the time of birth, I don’t know the exact position of the Moon and the house cusps. However, her goes.
      Any cooling off for you would be found with you Jupiter trine Saturn by 1*A36′ in Cancer (Jupiter exalted there) and Pisces (Saturn). Get near water for a relaxing and beneficial feeling. Saturn 120* Jupiter in you natal is very, very good so your life wll be fine in the long run. However, in each a little rain must fall.
      With so many planets in Virgo (7 if you include the Uranian Planets + Vulcun + Transpluto) Virgo is very prominent. Is your writing very small? People with a lot of Virgo usually have very small precise hand writing.
      You Moon is definetely in Aries, because doing your chart for 11:59AM if was at 18*Aries03′. Therefore, it’s somewhere between 12 and 24 degrees Aries. It will probably get hit by the 7 transiting Uranus in Aries 90* Pluto in Capricorn. Moon issues come to mind, e.g., mother, wife, females, the public, fluctuations, change and domestic. Depending upon the exact degree, expect changes in the areas that are ruled by the Moon I’ve outlined above – often sudden and unexpected (Uranus) and painful and with stress and conflict (square). However, you’ll be transformed (Pluto) into a better person afterwords. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and broadens your character.
      I would think 2012 would be very good for you up until June 11, 2012; when Jupiter passes into Gemini. It will then square all those planets in Virgo and and Saturn in Pisces.
      Saturn passes into Scorpio on Oct. 5, 2012; and will square Venus, Transpluto and Mars in Leo and the North Node and Hades in Taurus. The 1st half of 2012 will defintely be better for you than the last half. After June 11th things get worse and really go down hill after Oct. 5th, so plan accordingly.
      Neptune passes into Pisces on Feb. 3, 2012; again squaring all your mutable sign planets especially Vulun in Virgo at 3*10′, Mercury in Virgo at 3*56′ and Kronos in Gemini at 5*30′ Fortunetly, your Mercury is in it’s rulership and trined Admetos and sextile Vulcanus. On the challenging side your natal Merucry is conjunct Zeus and square Kronos; so a mixed bag here.
      You’re really a very strong Virgo which says: Meticulous, discriminating, pure, practical, health conscious, hard working. Can be hyper-critical, petty and a perfectionistic.
      Since Virgo rules your intestinal track, I’d watch your diet carefully, especially in after June in the 2nd half of 2012.
      The North Node passes into scorpio on Sept. 2, 2012; again squaring all your fixed sign planets in Scorpio, Leo and Taurus. That same month transiting Uranus in Aries is sqaure Pluto in Capricorn on Sept. 19, 2012 at 6*Aries57 (Uranus) and 6*Cap57 (Pluto). That shouldn’t be to bad for you as Pluto will trine your natal Zeus at 7*virgo43′, however, depending upon the exact position of the Moon, Uranus could be conjuncting natal Moon?
      Surround yourself with gray and navy blue colors and get near water if possible. Drink at least 70 ounces per day, watch movies with ocean scense, anything to get water into your life – you’ll be much happier and more relaxed.
      Bill Foster
      aka: The Master of Disaster

      • Dear Bill,
        Thank you so very much. I’m deeply touched that you took the time to respond. And interestingly enough, on the day you responded, I went and soaked in the hot tub under the moonlight. So, I think you are right on about the water.
        Your reflection is so incredibly useful: I am trying to finish my doctoral work (dissertation), and my sense after reading your input is that I should really try to get it done before June/Oct. Intuitively, I’ve been saying that I want it written by October. It’s such a big project though…
        Turns out my handwriting isn’t small, more fluid and expressive, and I wish I could say I was hard-working. I think I have a deep lazy streak. I’ve reflected a lot around my critical tendencies, and I’ve come to understand that it’s connected to a deep and wide exaltation of Beauty that seems to walk before and within me. Hence my great loves are interior design, music and the singing of prayers. That said, inter-personally, I am coming-to-know that there is deep wisdom in silent observation. Allows space and time to come back to the wholeness of another, and to the love.
        It’s only been about a year since I clawed my way out of the underworld, after being there for over 2 years, so, your reflection about post-October 5th is compelling to say the least. I so don’t want to go there again. Not yet. How do you think I might plan for this time, apart from what you say about the dietary stuff?
        Thanks again Bill. So much.

        • Hi Lisa:
          Contact me directly at:
          wfoster2010 at cox dot net

          I’ll give you all the details you need and answer all your questions – all for free. As I give, so do I get.

  38. Uranus square Uranus is supposed to happen during your 21st Birthday, right?
    I don’t know anything about astrology, so may I ask what Uranus square Uranus brings? I have UsU on August 30 or 31,2012 and again in March 13, 2013.
    What does this mean? There is not much information online, so is this a wrong grouping and is it supposed to be Uranus square pluto or what?
    I will be purchasing a reading from you in the future. Please answer my confusing question so I don’t worry for nothing. Thank you for your time.

    • I don’t sell readings. All my analysis is free.

      In order to answere your question, I need more information. What sign and house is your natal Uranus in? What natal planets aspect your natal Uranus? What is your rising sign and MC? What sign and house is your Sun and Moon in?
      Bill Foster

      • You are very generous, Mr.Foster. I am an Aquarius sun and Taurus moon. Sagittarius rising. My Uranus is in the first house and in Capricorn. To answer the rest of your questions, my natal chart is attached( I know nothing about astrology, so I hope the chart helps you and me with getting the right answers). Uranus square Uranus is not a bad sign, or is it? I hope you are able to decipher my chart and help alleviate my confusion. Thank you for your time, sir. – VLM.

        • I need to know your place of birth or at least the longitude and latitude in order to duplicate the house cusps, relative to the one included above. That way I can run it through my programs which predict your future, a natal analysis and other important issues you’ll be facing.
          Bill Foster
          Or you can send it to: wfoster2010 at cox dot net

          • Mr.Foster, I’ve sent the information requested to the e-mail you provided. I will be communicating with you there. Thank you so much for your help.

  39. I am extremely nervous about June 2012 as not only does transiting uranus (start of my 2nd house)square pluto (11th/12th house cusp) but my natal pluto at 8 libra (8th house) squares pluto and opposes Uranus! 6 months ago I lost my job and money is tight already. I am trying to use these influences productively but it is difficult. Any advice would be appreciated!

    • Hi Jo:
      I wouldn’t worry about that much. Your 2nd house, for one thing, rules your earning power. Since you’re already unemployed, I’d say you’ll find a very good job suddenly (Uranus) that will come from your network of friends (11th house). Natal Pluto at 8* Libra will make sure action (square) happends. It really depends upon your whole chart and what aspects you have with the entire transiting Uranus square transiting Pluto in June, 2012.
      In the meantime, I suggest you use affirmations and creative visualization. By being extremely nervous you’ll only attrack what you fear. Visualize yourself getting a great new paying job. One door closes and another opens. I’ve been fired or laid off from lots of jobs and it turned out to be the best thing for me.
      I suggest you say the following affirmation 1,000 times to yourself, until it drops down into you subconsous:
      “I release all fears and barriers to receiving; My heart now heals with love.” You have to believe and have faith.

      Remember this:
      “Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” Lou Holtz (1937-Present) Retired Football Coach – Notre Dame (1986-1996).
      Bill Foster

      • Hi Bill,

        Thanks for your comments. It is interesting as I am usually an incredibly optimistic person (annoyingly so!) but the last few weeks have brought many fears to the surface. I also believe that things happen for a reason and while my last job was well paid, I hated it! I would love to start my own business but need to find a little faith! Also, I do feel that I am in a pivotal year in my life – the last solar eclipse at 2 sag hit my sun (3.5 sag) in the 9th house and midheaven (4.5 sag) in the 10th and I had a very strange ‘out of body’ experience around that time. This coming year should be very interesting as I have my nodal return in February and the all the coming eclipses hit various planets! Wish me luck (I have attached my natal chart for reference)

        Kind Regards


        • Hi Jo:
          Glad you included your chart because it shows you’ve set it up for Noon, which tells me you don’t have your exact time of birth on it. That makes all your houses cusps wrong, unless you were actually born at Noon.
          Also,the Moon could be in Taurus and not Aries. I suggest you get you birth certificate and then email me at: wfoster2010 at cox dot net.
          I can say this from some of your close Venus aspects:
          SQUARE JUPITER Orb 0°04′ Applying
          You have a tendency to be extravagant and self-centred. You enjoy the fun side of life, but when the going gets tough you lose interest and wander off for greener pastures.

          CONJUNCTION NEPTUNE Orb 0°20′ Applying
          You yearn for romance within your personal relationships. You are seeking an ideal and perfect partner, who only exists in fairy tales. You become disillusioned with the imperfections of relationships and seek solace in a fantasy world. You need to face the realities and imperfections of yourself and others. Then you will be able to share beauty, art and creative pursuits with your partners.

          SEXTILE PLUTO Orb 0°08′ Separating
          You are an intense and committed partner. You place importance on relationships and require a similar commitment from your partner.

          CONJUNCTION THE NORTH NODE Orb 1°40′ Applying
          Your destiny is linked with the need to develop harmonious and balanced relationships. Relationships will play an important role in your accomplishments. You need to make sure that your need to keep the peace does not hinder decisive action.
          However, everything I said about planets in houses is wrong. The planets are the basic energies, modified by the signs and menifesting in the houses. Without knowing the correct houses it is very difficult to give you a good reading and analysis.
          Bill Foster

  40. Dear Bill
    I Came across your reply to Jo’s question while perusing information regarding the Uranus Pluto square -I really enjoyed the manner in which you addressed her issue and would appreciate your opinion on my concerns. I was born 18 august 1954 at 8.20am in cape town SA. Venus sits at the end of the 1st house in Libra ruling the 2nd and 9th houses and by triplicity, the 1st of the 9th, journeys, 1st of the 5th children, 1st of 11th, fears and faith and 1st of 7th partnerships. The reason for my concern is that I I have a really good friend’s 60th birthday in the UK in May ’12 and planning a spiritual journey to Brazil (possilby August ’12) both with my daughter. I am reluctant to commit,although pluto and Uranus are still comming up to contact with Venus, in May Jupiter is squaring my 12th house Mercury Sun and Pluto from the 9th. I am anxious and feel paralysed by fear of “knowing” the Astrology of it. I would appreciate an unbiased view. If I can indulge with a 2nd question: – Our entire family (and their extentions) have a planet at 4 degress Scorpio, including myself with Saturn in the 2nd ruling 5th and 6th and amomg others 1st trip of 6th, illness. The last “hit” was 2005 when I predicted a family crises yet I was totally unprepared when, wthin a year, my daughter was in a coma and almost died. I look forward to your response.

    • Hi Bernie:
      You, and everyone else, must remember that, “The stars impel, they do NOT compel.” In other words, free will trumps everything the forces of the planets, signs and aspect throw your way. Impel is more urge and compel is more force. Your free will can overcome the worst aspect, either natally or transiting. Every planets, sign and aspect has a good side as well as a bad (challenging) side and it’s up to you which you chose (free will). Take Jupiter, thought to be very lucky and good. However, you can over do it by say, over eating. Saturn can build discipline and structure in you life as well as tear down and challenge you. The problem is that most people flow like water, down the path of least resistance and let the astrological forces move and do what they may.
      Now, to the question:
      1. The UK trip in May. Transiting Jupiter squaring your natal Mercury, Pluto and Sun in the 12th. You always have to look at the natal configuration of the natal planets being transited. Doing so you’ve got nothing to worry about, because, natal Mercury is trine the Moon; conjunct the Sun,Vulcun, Pluto and Zeus; sextile Neptune and the MC and trine Admetow. The same with your natal Sun and Pluto, very positive natal aspect and the Sun is in Leo, it’s rulership, and feel good there. Transiting Jupiter will be in the last of the 8th house (Koch system) for the Mercury square and the 9th for the Sun/Pluto square. Jupiter is mostly a good transit, especially in your natal 9th (long journeys). The transit is strong because it’s a square. Have fun and stop worrying. The good friend your visiting is ruled by your 7th house, with Pisces ruling and your natal Neptune in Libra (friends) in Taurus and the 2nd house. With Jupiter just don’t over do it. Too much partying, too much drugs, too much of anything. Jupiter rules things like expansion, benevolence, vision (trust your insticts not your fears), abundance, devotion (pray), protection, optimism (be positive about this and see things working out for the best of everyone concerned), justice, prosperity and generosity (give and ye shall get in return). Jupiter also rules professional men, judges, lawyers, clergymen (transit from the 9th especially), sportsmen, mature men of a benefic nature. That first Jupiter transit to your Mercury on May 4, 2012 from the 8th house may bring news of an inheritance. So have fun and be positive. Your fears only attract to you that which you fear by the law of attraction.
      2. Trip to Brazil: Your natal Saturn is indeed ruling the 5th house of children and ruling the 6th house (cusp Aquarius), so I can see the 2005 issue. Further, you natal Saturn is 135* natal MC, opposite natal Part of Fortune and Hades and square natal transpluto; all challenges for sure. However, this time you have traniting Saturn sextile natal Pluto on Aug. 13, 2012 and sextile natal Sun the next day. You have a natal grand trine with Mercury/Vulcun/Pluto/Sun/Zeus (12th)trine Admetos (8th) trine Mars (4th). So you have nothing to worry about until transiting Saturn squares your natal Uranus on Aug. 21, 2012. Still with natal Uranus conjunct natal Jupiter (and Jupiter exalted in Cancer) you should be fine. Just be carefule (to be for warned is to be for armed). You natal Uranus is square natal Neptune, sextile natal Kronos (all that is good) and square natal Admetos (drilling, expect dental work). So, again, nother to worry about.
      If I knew where in the UK and Brazil you were going, I could run an astro*Carto*Graphy and warn you of places to stay away from.
      Bill Foster
      Astro Financial Analyst and Blogger

  41. I was born Januray 4,1939 at 6:06 p.m. in Altoona, Pa. I am Cancer rising and Cancer moon and was told at a lecture I am under the aspect of Uranus square Pluto when I asked about health issues arising from a car accident so my question is how long is this transit happening in my chart?
    Thank you in advance.

    • I don’t know who told you this but they were wrong. With transiting Uranus in Aries and your natal Pluto at 00*Leo44′, Uranus is trining your natal Pluto not squaring. Since our natal Pluto is trine natal Venus by 0*41′ applying, (in Sag. in the 5th) you have nothing to worry about.
      Say this affirmation 1,000 times, “I am more and more loveable every day in every way!”

  42. I was born 1973 at 11.40am in srilanka. Can you please tell me if I am impacted by this Pluto change

            • Before we get to the transiting Uranus square transiting Pluto, let’s look at where you are now:
              Planetary Period: The Moon subperiod Mercury
              From Dec 7 2011 to Mar 21 2013
              Age 38.7yrs to 40.0yrs
              This is a changeable period during which you experience many highs and lows. You are reaching the end of one phase of your life and need to discard anything outdated in order to consolidate in the next period. This can include anything from outdated goods, to old bad habits.

              If you are living through this period in your late 30s then you are now likely to be reassessing your personal life, knowing that you are soon turning 40. You are required to take a steadier course than you have in the last few years of your life. However this is quite difficult to do because you are feeling far from steady. Life has been expanding and now you have many options. You are tempted to take them all. Part of you just can’t say “no”. Discipline is not easy now. Your emotions and thoughts are in a state of disarray. Others may give you sound advice, but you are reluctant to take it. As a result you may take be juggling too many tasks in your life. If you do not take control of your own destiny then something or someone else may force you to slow down. For instance, if you over exert yourself then your health may fail. Alternatively if you try to push business contracts, then legal matters may put a dampener on your projects. You can make the most of this erratic period by making a list of your priorities and paring down your activities. Make time for healthy pursuits. Try to sort out all contracts and legal matters in a detached and non-emotive manner. If you can put your emotions to one side then you are more likely to settle on a new balanced course of action. If something is really restricting your life then perhaps you need to walk away? However, make sure that you are making a balanced decision. If you can focus on the most important aspects of your life, rather than become distracted, then you are more likely to sail smoothly into the next phase.
              Is this what you are feeling now???

              Transiting Jupiter Square Radix Jupiter on Feb. 18, 2012, +/- a week or so:
              This can be a time when you forget to look before you leap. You feel confident of achieving your goals but may not exercise the appropriate caution. This can also be a time when you feel as though you are living life in the fast lane. It is important to slow down and use some old-fashioned common sense before you take up opportunities that are coming your way right now.

              Transiting Uranus Opposition Radix Pluto on feb. 29, 2012, +/- a month or so:
              This is an intense time when your emotional attachments will be challenged. This can be traumatic and leave you feeling quite vulnerable. Therefore it is a good time for entering therapy, or taking any action which will help you gain insight into your deeper levels and your life. Since transiting Uranus is in your 10th house of career, you’ve been going through some career changes. Uranus is opposite your 4th house Pluto so changes in the home, land, father or mother are seen in your life.
              Transiting Saturn Conjunction Radix Moon on Dec. 19, 2011; Mar. 31, 2012 and Sep. 12, 2012, +/- a week to 10 days:
              This can be a lonely time when you feel cut off from loved ones and particularly self-critical. Circumstances are such that you cannot seek comfort in your usual way. This therefore throws you back onto your own resources. You may experience rejection from someone close, at a time when you feel a strong need for security. However, it is likely that you have contributed to this rejection, unknowingly creating time for introspection. It is important not to judge yourself or others harshly during this transit and to remember that the outcome is self-growth and a firmer understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.
              Transiting Uranus Sextile Radix Jupiter on Apr. 2, 2012 and Nov. 8, 2012, +/- a month or so – hey it’s not all bad news:
              You are open to new experiences which is fortunate, because this transit can bring unexpected good news. You will cope well with any sudden change of events, enjoying the challenge of the unknown. You may experience an urge to explore new territory such as literally travelling overseas or taking up new studies. Metaphysical and religious studies or groups may hold a new fascination. This is a fortunate transit.

              Transiting Saturn Square Radix Mars, Dec. 19, 2011, Apr. 18, 2012 and Aug. 29, 2012, +/- a week to 10 days:
              The best-made plans can go awry, which you are discovering during this transit. You are probably also feeling some anger and frustration as your plans seem to be going nowhere. You may even feel that others are deliberately standing in your way. It is best to exercise patience as the reasons for the obstacles will become clearer later. Persist as calmly as possible, taking time out from major projects for sporting and recreational activities that will allow you to expend your pent-up energy. Avoid those that involve risks, at least for the duration of this transit.
              Note: Both your natal Jupiter and Mars were hit by transits of Jupiter and Saturn so look for 8th house matters such as taxes, insurance, finances and possession of others, death and inheritance and regreneration.

              But who are you really? Some natal aspects and other items:
              Scores: Fire 4; Earth 2; Air 10; Water 7
              EARTH WEAK
              You have difficulty coping with the realities of every day life. Practical daily chores seem beyond your capabilities, and you have difficulty concentrating on matters at hand.
              AIR STRONG
              You are objective and philosophical, preferring to view life from an intellectual perspective. Your rational mind will outweigh your feelings every time, as you consider the world of emotions to be irrational. You have a high sense of fairness, and a logical thought process. Your weakness lies in the fact that you view emotions in a disparaging light.

              BALANCE OF MODES
              Scores: Cardinal 10; Fixed 1; Mutable 12
              FIXED WEAK
              You like to flit from one thing to another, finding difficult to settle down. You enjoy change, although you lack the stability needed to see things through.
              MUTABLE STRONG
              You may procrastinate. You expect others to be flexible, like yourself.
              GEMINI ON 1ST HOUSE CUSP
              Life is met with curiosity. Communication will become vital in your life, and you will develop a strong desire for knowledge and expression. You need to beware of scattering your energies.

              CANCER ON 2ND HOUSE CUSP
              You like to accumulate and hold on to your money and possessions in order to feel secure. You value yourself as a caretaker of other people.

              LEO ON 3RD HOUSE CUSP
              You enjoy a good story, often taking the role of storyteller. This is because you are an enthusiastic communicator. You may also take much pride in your siblings.

              VIRGO ON 4TH HOUSE CUSP
              You like your home and family to be neat and tidy. Family members may describe you as fussy. You may also be critical of your family.

              LIBRA ON 5TH HOUSE CUSP
              You like fair play. You may have creative talents in the fine arts or music.

              Your daily life is approached with intensity. You may be a compulsive worker, or health fanatic.

              You are an enthusiastic and fun-loving partner. You prefer your intimate relationships to be seen as an adventure. You need freedom in personal relationships to explore the world.

              You are responsible with other people’s resources. You like to be in a position of authority when it comes to joint enterprises. You may feel somewhat inhibited sexually.

              You enjoy exploring the more unusual aspects of the world. Your travels may be interspersed with unexpected surprises. Your higher education may be in an unusual, technical or scientific field.

              PISCES ON 10TH HOUSE CUSP
              You will serve humanity through your career. You may suffer through changes of profession, and chase fantasy ideas about your life direction. You may feel overwhelmed by career decisions.

              ARIES ON 11TH HOUSE CUSP
              You are a leader, rather than one of the sheep when it comes to your friends and groups of people. You have your own visions and goals in life, and only those who give you freedom will remain true friends.
              The Moon is the feeling you:
              THE MOON

              THE MOON IN LIBRA
              You have a need for harmony and peaceful surroundings, and will seek peace when under stress. Your mother may be social and harmonious.

              THE MOON IN THE 5TH HOUSE
              The Moon is placed in the 5th House of your birth chart suggesting that pleasurable pastimes play a prominent role in your life giving you a joie de vivre which is infectious. Sometimes your tendency to play rather than work can stand in the way of you holding down a regular job. Responsibilities simply don’t seem to hold the same appeal as play. On a more positive note you’re fun-loving and enjoy the company of other people, particularly young people and children. Others respond to your sense of fun and you don’t have to look far for company in your playful escapades. These can include fun-filled outings to pleasure parks, evenings at the theatre or a good old-fashioned picnic. You never seem to run out of ideas.

              ASPECTS OF THE MOON
              QUINCUNX VENUS Orb 1°49′ Separating
              You attempt to cater for everyone around you. You need to be true to yourself and gently leave others to look after themselves.

              SQUARE MARS Orb 1°20′ Separating
              You are quick-tempered and intolerant. Your impatience and irritability can mean periods of loneliness when others leave you alone. Once you have learnt self- control you will discover plenty of energy to be channelled into your activities.

              CONJUNCTION URANUS Orb 5°27′ Separating
              You are a resourceful, inventive and independent person. You enjoy the unconventional side of life and need excitement. You will show the wilful side of your nature if forced to conform.

              TRINE THE ASCENDANT Orb 1°37′ Applying
              Your emotions are a prominent part of your personality. You are sensitive and intuitive, and will find that others respond readily to your emotional nature. You will learn much about yourself through your feelings. Your mother is a positive influence in your life.

              The Sun is the real you, which may or may not have manifested by now:
              THE SUN

              THE SUN IN ARIES
              Your Sun is in the zodiac sign of Aries indicating that you’re an assertive and freedom-loving individual, with a strong need for independence. Others may call you headstrong, but you simply believe that everyone has a right to assert themselves in any situation. Life presents many challenges which you enjoy meeting head-on regardless of the obstacles along the way. You’re a natural-born leader. The ability to focus on one’s own goals to the exclusion of others is a healthy trait, but like all things a balance is needed, and you must make sure that you take the time to include others’ points of views and modus operandi. On the whole though you handle yourself with aplomb as, astrologically speaking, the Sun is exalted in Aries emphasising the strengths rather than the weaknesses.

              THE SUN IN THE 10TH HOUSE
              Your Sun is in the 10th House of your birth chart meaning that you’re the sort of person who likes to make your mark on the world, in particular through your profession. Depending on other influences in your chart you’re likely to be born to parents of good standing in the community. From this favourable start in life, you’re likely to steadily improve on your status. Success usually comes easily in whatever business or profession that you choose. People in high places are likely to look on you with favour, helping you further your ambitions. You’re also likely to rise to a prominent position in society, perhaps even in government office.
              You’ve high moral standards, which you apply to yourself and to other people. Fortunately your vitality and health are usually good and therefore you’re well able to achieve your goals.

              SPECTS OF THE SUN
              CONJUNCTION VENUS Orb 4°58′ Applying
              You are gentle, loving and charming. You express yourself in an affectionate manner and enjoy the company of other people. You also have a love of art and beauty. You can be idealistic and easily hurt.

              TRINE NEPTUNE Orb 6°54′ Applying
              You are insightful, creative and intuitive. You have artistic talents. You attract people with your warm and sympathetic nature.

              OPPOSITION PLUTO Orb 2°39′ Applying
              You feel that the world is opposing your deepest wishes and become explosive in response. Your life undergoes change and you react. As a child you may have been a victim of a powerful parent figure. Your challenge is to be powerful in the most positive sense of the word.

              Mercury is the mental or thinking you:

              MERCURY IN PISCES
              You are highly intuitive with a good imagination. You have the ability to tune into other people’s thoughts. You may have difficulty distinguishing reality from fantasy. You may experience periods where you seem to disappear into a dream world before being jolted back to reality.

              MERCURY IN THE 9TH HOUSE
              You are keen to explore the realms of knowledge – anything which teaches you about the philosophy of life. You may be fascinated by foreign cultures and religions.

              ASPECTS OF MERCURY
              SQUARE SATURN Orb 2°02′ Applying
              You become stuck on certain ideas and find it difficult to change your mind. You have difficulty communicating your thoughts to others.
              CONJUNCTION THE MIDHEAVEN Orb 3°29′ Separating
              You are happiest when you are learning new skills, which you can use in to get ahead in life. In other words you don’t like to be bored when it comes to your main occupation. If you are bored then you are likely to want to change your job, escape on a trip, or perhaps distract yourself with spending money or a dalliance at work. You need to be stimulated. You may well be an intellect, maneuvering your path through the school system, into post-graduate studies and then into a career that makes full use of your mind. Writing, teaching, lecturing, research and politics are just a few that come to mind. On the other hand you may be a practical person who likes to use your hands, learning new skills as a tradesman. Another possibility is that you like to be on the move working as a taxi or truck driver, a courier or operating some sort of machinery. You may excel in sales and marketing where you can fully utilize your gift for chatting with customers and colleagues. Whatever your chosen career the key element is that it keeps you interested. As a child, and as an adult, you are likely to get into mischief if your main occupation is boring. You need to live by your wits, maintain your interest in your work but you also need to learn a little self-discipline. You do well to remember the long-term benefits that sometimes accompany short-term discomfort. Then you are likely to excel in any chosen profession.


              MARS IN CAPRICORN
              You will pursue your personal desires in a responsible and methodical manner. You have strong ambitions, and may be domineering if threatened.

              MARS IN THE 8TH HOUSE
              You earnestly seek joint ventures. You also probe into the meaning of the cycles of life. You are likely to have strong sexual urges.

              JUPITER IN THE 8TH HOUSE
              Joint enterprises are your means for personal expansion. Other people’s money and resources may also prove beneficial to you.

              ASPECTS OF JUPITER
              SEXTILE NEPTUNE Orb 2°17′ Applying
              You have artistic talent though you may prefer to express it by appreciating the work of others. You may be attracted to religion and feel a call to a self sacrificing career.

              TRINE PLUTO Orb 1°57′ Separating
              You are enthusiastic about so many things, and have ambition to succeed. You naturally find yourself in leadership positions and react well to them.
              SATURN IN THE 12TH HOUSE
              You fear anything hidden. This may be because you feel that your own boundaries are constantly threatened. A serious examination of hidden realms may help you to conquer your fears.

              URANUS IN THE 4TH HOUSE
              You have a busy, unusual and unconventional home-life. As a child you may have experienced sudden changes in the home environment. As an adult you may seek unusual homes.

              QUINCUNX THE MIDHEAVEN Orb 1°33′ Applying
              You want the freedom to express your own unique ideas in your public life, as you want to make a contribution to society. You enjoy change and variety, and may make sudden career changes. Science, innovation and technology may feature in your career
              NEPTUNE IN THE 6TH HOUSE
              You may have difficulty coping with everyday life. You may experience health problems or allergies as a child. You also have the ability to be of service to others.

              PLUTO IN THE 4TH HOUSE
              Your home environment may be volcanic. Early childhood traumas may be seething beneath the surface. You may experience traumatic changes of home.

              OK, that’s a little background. Now to your question about the 7 Uranus/Pluto transits. Uranus will be in your 10th house of careers so expect changes in this area as well as your reputation or honor, profession, employer, morther or father.
              Transiting Pluto will be in your 7th house so expect changes in relationships, the public, marriage, partnerships and open enemies.
              When? a couple of months before and after the following dates:
              1. Jun. 24, 2012; Sep. 18, 2012; May 20, 2013; Nov. 1, 2013; Apr. 21, 2014 (affects you strongly in the houses mentioned), dec. 14, 2014 and Mar. 16, 2015. Scorpio rules your 6th house of health, so expect changes in this area and take care of yourself by a nutrious low calory diet with at least 64 ounces of water a day. The Mar. 16, 2015 hits your natal North Node in the 7th house – fated 7th house matters of relationships, partners, etc.
              Watch for health changes on the Lunar Eclipse of Jun. 4, 2012; probably brought about by stress in relationships and your career.
              The dreaded Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012 hits your 12th house of confinement, hospitals and instituions, secret enemies, ripe destiny and large animals.
              To be forwarned is to be forarmed.
              Take the appropriate action, relative to all that I have said above,
              Bill Foster
              aka: The Master of Disaster

            • Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. This looks pretty scary.

  43. Hi William, Marina and I would just like to thank you for taking the time to respond to people’s personal questions about their charts. Unfortunately we don’t get much time to do this as we have other readings, the horoscopes and more posts to work on.

    I’m adding the chart for the June 2012 Uranus Pluto square. I’m interested to see what you and others think of it before I write it up and add it to this post. I was going to post separately for each square but have decided to keep it all together on this one post and just update it each time.

  44. You are very welcome. I will respond, after I analyze it. These 7 critical Uranus/Pluto transits have been an interest of mine for some time. Love your site, keep up the great work.
    Sincerely yours,
    Bill Foster

  45. I am bowled over by how generous you are with your personal responses. If It’s not too much of a bother, I was wondering if you could give me some insight into how I might expect to be affected by the Uranus/Pluto squares. I’m concerned that they will have an ill-affect on my close personal relationships. This doesn’t bode well for me at all because this area has long been a source of conflict it seems. At least for the last 3 years. I was hoping to see an ease in my personal life. :] I was born at 7:02PM in Muncie, IN on October 10, 1984. Any insight you might have would be greatly appreciated!

    • I think this Uranus Pluto square is the very essence of conflict especially if you have planets in cardinal signs which you do, as a Libran. As such, relationships are very important to you – you have to be in one to have a structure in your life, something to be balanced against.
      However, this is no irdinary transit at all. Its a mega potent square.
      Without drawing the chart but looking at the ephemeris it seems you have Libra Sun probably opposite Aries Moon. YOu also have Mercury combust the Sun – i.e same degree. Then you have Mars and Jupiter conjunct in CApricorn – at 5 degrees so PLuto is there now and Uranus will get there later this year.
      Mercury Sun can be hyper and a bit OCD! I have a friend with a Libra stellium and she reads about four books a day and when she’s not reading she’s talking without taking breath!! She’s a great teacher though.
      MArs and Jupiter is competitive at the least – and PLuto is there soon to be followed by Uranus. This is likely to be a “shocking” period for you. Uranus is electricity and with PLuto it makes the earth move – upheavals and big changes – or kundalini rising or both. if your personal life is paramount – i’d be inclined to let it take a back seat and concentrate on what is more important now which is the spiritual side. After all, if that side isn’t attended to, the chaos will spill into the arena of relationships.
      Libra likes to have everything hunky dory and i its place all looking lovely with that sort of radiant glow they add to white washing in adverts! ..hmm.. I think a lot of Librans will be finding the washing needs a bit more attention. There are stains, stubborn stains and they won’t go away!
      I don’t want to be a harpy but relationship takes two and there is the other person’s growth to consider too. The Aries moon is also a high conflict merchant – watch out for me first, or the emotional conquerer in you. Self analysis is a must at this time – or you just find all yor ills reflected back at you via someone having thsame stuff to deal with.
      Of course Librans love to see themselves harmoniously reflected back to them. Watch out for narcissus.. he may have a grubby vest that neds washing!!!

  46. Hi, William. Thank you *so* much for the in depth response. I did have a concern, though. You had my age at roughly 38-40… when in fact it would be 28-30. Does this change the contents of the email you sent me? Also here is a rough picture of my natal chart below. again– born October, 10 1984 in Muncie, IN at 7:02PM.

  47. I just used the date you supplied to check in the ephemeris – and looking at the chart I think its right. I’m not sure how you thought got yor age as roughly 38-40??? As I don’t think I mentioned age at all! Or is the date wrong?

      • Oh! Well it wasn’t from me! Bill seems to think it was!?? Anyway, I’m sure he’ll do you a good reading.

  48. Hi! I was born on 31st december 1978 in Kuwait. My birth time is about 10:30pm…its not exact. I dont know the exact time or location in Kuwait for my place of birth. it is not in my birth certificate either.

    I have 3 major issues going on in my life. I have been stuck with immigration issues in USA and bad marriage since 2005. I got rid of my marriage and got divorced last year. Now My immigration matters should have been figured out long time ago but all i get is more waiting time. My lawyers also says it is taking usually long and she doesnt have any major reason why other than ppl are just slow on getting my immigration work done. My job, my education, my financial needs….everything relies on my immigration work. will this transition of Uranus square pluto bring that much awaited change this year. Can one tell looking at my natal chart exactly which month can I expect this to work out for me

    My second problem is my Taurus boyfriend. We love each other, want to be with each other but his family disapproves of me and has pulled my taurus away from me. we are still in touch but from a distance. we dont live together any more and my taurus is working hard to figure out a way to get together with me. we want to get married eventually…can you tell me what I can expect of this relationship. will it work out eventually…how long is the wait before we get back together again? My bf’s birth date is 5 may 1986. He was born in India, Kerala, kottayam and again im not sure at what time.

    my 3rd question is related to education…i want to do it related to fine arts but I dont know what exactly i should go for…what will work for me financially and suit my interest…any clues??

    I have just now started getting interested in astrology but have little to no knowledge about it.plz help!!


  49. Okay, after a little look, based on your birthtime being relatively accurate (within 20 mins either side). In order to see how accurate your birth time, I’ll try and tell you a little about yourself, if this is accurate then we can move on. The chart gives you Capricorn sun, Virgo rising, Mercury in Sag (ruler of mercury), pluto is also in the first. This is a weird one 🙂 Virgo will soften the capricorn look and pluto intensifies it, Pluto in first often gives people a striking appearance with intense eyes, however virgo rising often softens the appearance. Second house (your loot) ruled by Venus which is placed in your third house, loot from beauty (am I close), it also looks like you work for yourself because ruler of the 10th is the same as 1st (Mercury), hmm something to do with beauty but it could be anything from writing about things of beauty (art etc) to plastic surgeon. Anyway, if I’m on the right kind of track then we’re onto a winner!
    Men in your life, and it looks like there could be a few. Your first marriage was possibly to someone who’s birthday is around 13th of the month (I say around, three days each side is usually the case), you always felt that this person was somehow opposed to you, the first marriage although appeared quite good on the face of it soon went wrong (first husband represented by Saturn in your twelth (house of secret enemies) and is retrograde which shows it ends.
    It looks as though you have two in quick succession, one husband is represented by pluto (a square, so this could be the present man as a square always denotes difficulty), I don’t really see difficulties arising from his parents though, the problem could be down to simply you having a previous marriage. There also looks to be someone else just around the corner (literally) or it could be an aspect of the man you wish to be with, either way I do not see long term problems arising from his parents. Have you spoken with his mother at all? I’d suggest that you do, there doesn’t look to be any problem arising from her.
    Immigration issues – one day you’ll look back and not remember the fuss you’re making now, just go with the flow, there are no problems from authority in your chart, so it could take a while but it’ll all turn out okay.
    It also looks like you have some pretty colorful ideas sexually (are you sure an Indian man is up to the job?), I’m being honest here, your Mars is sextile Uranus this often denotes quite wild fantasies, if you don’t get these fantasies fulfilled then mars/uranus will manifest in other areas of your life, usually making you more impulsive than normal (because you are impulsive).
    Your chart isn’t showing the problems you feel you have, this could be your natural impatience getting in the way of things.
    Allow yourself to let go a little bit more, enjoy yourself, you have no problems attracting love into your life. Now for some non astrological advice. Seriously, this is typical of Indian men, they are children at heart, all of them! They do exactly as their mother’s tell them. You need to lay down the law, just tell him he’s got a week to get his ass back to you, or you’re going to get a new man and give up on him altogether! Face it? He’s old enough to stand on his own two feet, if he needs permission from his mother/father before every decision what kind of father/husband will this make? He sounds weak! You need a MAN, someone to protect you and your children, someone strong enough to face any difficulty. This present man just sounds like he’ll go whimpering to mommy when the first problem comes up. He needs to man up! Until he does he’ll never get anyone! This is why so many Indian men end up in arranged marriages, because they can’t hold a relationship down, women do not like men who go crying to their mothers it’s sad and pathetic!

    • Dear Andy Lees,

      Your analysis is spot on! Both on astrology and Indian men. Where can I contact you?

      Indian woman in need of astro advice

  50. thank u for ur much awaited response! thank u!

    I am capricorn..that much i know…the other stuff u talk about virgo, pluto, venus…i dont understand much 🙁 I do get noticed if thats what u mean by striking appearance…LOL but I’m almost embarrassed to describe it as “striking”. i am a very shy person and even though i get noticed I try to find myself a corner or back seat so as to avoid attention. I do sing and paint and love all things beautiful…including taking care of my health and beauty. would love to have a job related to creativity and art or colors and beauty but i like to stand out and make good money in whatever i do. so im not sure what i want to do. Would love to be self employed and create and sell stuff at my own will but I have not been able to do that either. I am still waiting to get more education…but i cant cuz i am not legal in US

    My ex-husband was the first man in my life. his birthday is on 13th feb. yes u r right! and everything u described about my marriage with my ex is so so True! it was a hellish experience…

    my present boy friend is really wanting to be with me but he is bound by his family (mainly his dad and his aunt) to stay away from me for the time being cuz he depends on his dad’s money for his education. he cannot live legally in usa without education cuz he is on student visa. his dad is pushing him to marry a girl that he wants to pick for him but my boy friend wants to marry me…so right now he is going to a counselor secretly from his dad and doing his best to get financially independent to be with me.His mom is ok with me. even though his family does not like me cuz i am older than him, different religion and community, divorced with a kid from previous marriage etc..they still r not as against me and my boy friend’s relationship, except for his dad and his aunt.

    the problem with his parents is that they dont want to see me or talk to me. they dont even want to know what i look like. they have decided im not good for their son without even trying to know who i am! my boy friend has been very weak and never really had a real relationship with any girl until now. and now he is realizing he is too weak and he needs to fix his issues and find his own voice and strength and be firm at it. he therefore decided to see a counselor but his dad wont let him so he sees one without his dad’s knowledge.

    “immigration issues-…it could take a while but it’ll all turn out okay”

    i would think starting from 2005 till present yr is a good while. when does it end?? yes im fussy about it…what to do? i am 33 and getting older by the day with no job, money or any future security, just stuck here cuz i cant even legally leave USA!

    I am an indian too. and i never thought i had wild fantasies about sex or may be it is something i have yet to figure out?! I was sexually molested the first 13yrs of my life and then i totally stayed away from anything to do with sex. then i married a jerk that abused me further. i conceived my child when i was on sleeping pills…like i said my ex was a jerk and life with him was hell…im glad its over now. the first time i have had any sexual desires is with my present boy friend but i never slept with him cuz i dont believe in sex before marriage. Besides having pleasurable sex is still very new to me.

    I agree to ur non astrological advice. I have told him all that already and he realizes he is missing something in him. He needs to act like a MAN! that is why he is seeing the counselor and also trying to find ways to get independent so his dad cant financially control his life. in the mean time i want to work on myself and figure out what else life has to offer but the immigration issues have got me all tied up…i was told i will get legalized last yr. nothing happened as of yet…now i am being told to wait 2 more months 🙁

  51. ok wow! I read about virgo rising with mercury in Sagittarius…Its so accurate…its almost scary yet fun to have something describing me so well right in my face!

    Also read upon mars sextile uranus. it surely made me think. i guess i live in denial but a lot about it is true as far as needing personal freedom, impatience, and having lot of energy etc…and so far my boy friend has been ok with it even though I never realized I act that way!

  52. Hi William,
    I was born April 28, 1975 in Wilmington, Delaware, USA I’m not sure of the time
    (I think it was probably 3 or 4 am)

    I want to know how the Uranus and Pluto squares and other transits might effect me,
    I am a creative, artistic person and don’t like systems and rules-

    Recently I’ve been doing more artistic things music, art, video, acting but also
    feeling lost in the direction I’m going I don’t relate well to the “normal way” of
    doing things, I feel like I’m waiting for some event or something to kick in if that
    makes any sense-any ideas on this would be appreciated,


    • Send me the exact time off you’re raised seal certified birth certificate and I’ll tell you. It’s going to affect you because you have a “T” square (Uranus square Saturn square Plut) which will be hit by the 7 Uranus square Pluto aspects. You’ll get that kick you’ve been looking for. If I know the houses I could tell you more, but I need the exact time of birth.
      Bill Foster

      • Ok I’ll try to figure out the time then, so you mean a good
        “kick” to get things moving in the right direction? Because I feel I’m meant to do something

        • With a Uranus/Saturn/Pluto sqaure being hit, it’s going to be a hard kick. Their is good and bad(challenging) in any transiting aspect – but it will be strong. Look at it this way, your natal “T” square is stress, friction, action, etc. – now that’s going to be activated 7 times (twice this year in Jun. and Sep.) by a very strong transiting Uranus square natal Pluto (square again). In other words, you’ve got a challenging natal strong “T” square being hit by a transiting strong square. Good is not word I’d use – maybe strong, action, friction; hard to say without a correct time. If you’ve been “fence sitting” on any issues – these transiting squares hitting your natal “T” square will force you to make a choice and resolve the issue.
          Bill Foster

          • With a T square, look to the empty arm of what would make the cross to see where the tension could be expressed. So if the T square is Cap/Libra/Aries, then the empty arm is Cancer. See what house that occupies, what fixed stars – Sirius – are there and explore.

            • Great synopsis of the period we are in. It’s great to know you uberqueenofwands. And, that site you recommended is really good – book marked it.

          • Basically I feel I need an “upgrade” in life, I’m, fine with an opportunity or something opening up, I’ve felt stuck for the last several years, I guess I like things to fall into place rather than scramble around and because of some of the experiences I’ve had, I can’t go back to doing things that I’ve done in the past, so in essence I feel like I’m waiting for the “arrival”
            (If you know what I mean)

            • As uberqueenofwands points out, the empty arm of the “T” square will be where the tension, conflict, stress, etc. will express. That is Capricorn. So look to Capricorn issues: Health wise, watch your bones, skin and knees. Where it will work out I have no idea since you don’t know the time and, hence, don’t know the house it will manifest in. However, as I said before, you will not be able to sit around – this is going to be a kick you won’t forget. Lot’s of energy and action here in Jun. and Sep., then into 2015. I don’t think an “upgrade” is in the cards unless you put into a lot of hard work (Capricorn is ruled by Saturn) and it’s part of the “T” square in your natal chart. Things are not going to fall into place unless you are willing to work very hard. The “arrival” will be coming soon. I’d work on problems in your life and try to resolve them with hard, hard work. If you don’t put in the work, you’ll get a kick you won’t like.
              Good luck.

            • This might help you undertsand your need for an upgrade and where the desire is coming from and how you can help it come through – I’vebeen doing reserach on Solar flres and Gamma rays and their subtle effects – I found this site. I suggest you have a trawl through it because I think you’re need for an upgrade and what this researcher says aer dovetailed! A match made in heaven! Start with this article and them go through the rest of
              this site.

              The conventional understanding of Uranus needs an upgrade too – we haven’t really understood the full spectrum of what Uranus is about. We know its out there and suddena dn electric – but one manifestation of electricity is electromagnetism and at this time, the mag fields around Earth and indeed the entire solar system are getting an upgrade. This is from the galactic centre and the sun – and also some of the fixed stars which are doing weird things now – like Betelgeuse! – which conventional science says is about to explode – but its actually got an enlarged plasma field most likely in arc mode – hence the glow.
              We’re all getting an upgrade!! And you;re sensing it!
              I’d recommend meditation as this heightens your ability to recieve and taking the advice given in this link,
              The Uranus PLuto square is going to continue to transform us. I think of PLuto as being the base chakra – and we see all the base chakra energy being politicised now – jealousy versus greed, territory issues as great swathes of people mobe around Europe, Syria, Afghanistan, the Muslim world etc – it all needs an upgrade. The effects of the upgrade will manifest according to the level of the soul.
              One last thing – growth isn’t always pain free! That’s not necessarily levelled at you – its for all of us! YOu might look at the deeper meanings of Capricorn – CHrist energy – and see the ancient symbol for the fish goat. CApricorn is the father and in sacrifice. Capricorn carries the cross – Son of Man on the cross… or SUn of man on the glalactic cross and so on! Explore!!! YOu’re going to get some enlightening moments when you go down into the mines!
              Good luck with the upgrade!

  53. Hi William
    My d.o.b. 25.11.52. Melbourne Vic Aus.Things are a wee bit tricky, can you help please?

    • Yes, I guess they would be a “wee bit tricky” because transiting Saturn is conjuncting your natal Uranus which is in a “T” square with your natal Venus and Saturn/Neptune conjunction. Your outlet is Aries, so you need to take action and NOW. This situation will return in Sept. 2012, so if you don’t handle it now, you’ll be facing it again then. Venus rules females, loved ones, artists – take care of any unfinished business in these areas. Uranus rules inventors, reformers, reels, psychologists and humanitarians. Neptune rules mystics, prophets, promotors, actors, seafaring men and recluses. Saturn rules older males in authority, older people, statesmen, adminstrators and teachers. One or, probably more, of these people or groups is causing you problems now that YOU MUST take care of with ACTION NOW.
      Plus, transiting Neptune is entering Pisces on Feb. 3, 2012 and will be there for about 14years. It will your natal North Node, Neptune, Venus and conjunct natal Mars over then next 14 years. Take care of business, address issues you’ve avoided fixing in the past or you’ll have hell to pay. ACT NOW and solve some problems you’ve been avoiding.
      As far as the 7 transiting Uranus/Pluto squares, they will be hitting your natal “T” square with Uranus opposite Venus both square natal Saturn conjunct Neptune. This will happen in Jun. and Sept. 2012 so you’ve got to act NOW or things are going to get a lot more tricky. You know the issues I mean – you’ve got to take action NOW.
      Bill Foster

      • Hi William,thanks for taking the time to reply, now to the doing, the summoning of courage.Thanks again

  54. I don’t mind doing something like for example someone wanted me to create something for them and it was a good challenge, like working on a project, building something,etc. but I’m done doing things I hate, and have already been through too many ups and downs. I definitely could get into better shape, mind-set, believe me I love the times when I’m focused and not in a daze, I’ll look into the multiple meanings of these signs and planets and see if I can find the birth time as well

  55. Ok it’s 8:48 pm birthtime I’m also interested in how Neptune transit into Pisces, Jupiter in Taurus etc. will effect me.

    • You have several ways to view things. Geocentric is from an earth perspective and heliocentric is from the Sun’s perspective (as if you where standing on the Sun). Using the geocentric perspective their are 7 Uran/Pluto squares. Using the heliocentric their is only one on Nov. 23, 2013; because from the Sun’s perspective planets don’t go retrograde.
      Bill Foster

  56. Hi…I m in dilema I badly need your advise. I m about to file my divorce this month. I met a guy last year he is Taurus (Birth Date : 24 April 1968) My DOB : 3 Oct 1971 Time of Birth : 9.48 am. After years I fall in love with this Taurus guy. But he changed suddenly and I feel he is more into sex than care or love me. My problem is when I love sum1 I love them dearly and now this is really bringing me down badly…am crying daily caz of the change in behaviour. I dont know what to do I have really tried to do my best in every manner for family my so called husband & friends but all is invain…I alwys end up getting hurt. For once I juz need to know am I loved by this Taurus or is there sumone else for me or would I be alone for the rest of my life. PLEASE ADVISE 🙁 THANK U VERY VERY MUCH I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT

    • Also, I need the exact time, place and date of birth off of both of your certified raised seal birth certificates. The Clerk of Records, i the county where you were both born can provide these for a couple of bucks. Sometimes, you can call them and they’ll give you the info. over the phone but ot usually, especially in big cities.
      Bill Foster

    • I can’t do your chart as I haven’t the time and Marina would do a much better job. However, I can tell you that Taureans express love in the following ways- physical, through the body as sex or even physical ability such as singing and speech, in food, in material things, jewellery or clothing. If they are clever they even express it in dogma… Like Freud or Marx.
      You have to examine what you think is love.
      If you want someone to love you for yourself, well that’s what we all want but only god can do that. As we all project on to others and when we see the bits of ourselves we dont lime reflected back, then we get upset.
      perhaps an overhaul of what you mean by love would help you? Is it just about having yourself confirmed by another?
      With your sun where it is, you have a Pluto square and Uranus opposition. In my opinion, not an ideal backdrop for creating another marriage. But then also I think this square is, on the personal level, about the acceleration of some very deep karma. Go and talk to a therapist or analyst because the Taurean can’t be your saviour while you feel ,ime this. I doubt another person can ever really be what we ideally want them to be. It wouldn’t be fair would it.

      • I’ll also add that women are more prone to think they have fallen in love ( there is a clue un the word fallen) when they are looking to a male to solve their life? Women biologically have a greater investment in love than men as an adjunct to security.
        When you’re having a Pluto transit, issues of survival and instinct come up for scrutiny and all the things connected to the base chakra. So your Taurean, through the very basic sexual urge is offering you a an opportunity to examine this against what your Libran concept of love is.
        I’m sure Bill will also give you a great reading!

        • I would certainly agree with Uberqueenofwands on this.
          My sister gave me some very good advice many years ago when she said, “A man falls in love with the outside of a woman, while a woman falls in love with the inside of a man.” In other words, speaking as man; I’m looking to that woman who meets my ideas of physical beauty, while a woman looks to the inner emotional qualties of a man. I can see now that my outlook was completely wrong as a man. Men are so logical and women more emotional, generally.
          Bill Foster

          • I am surprised Bill that you group all men and all women as being the same.

            As a graphologist [from 1980] I discovered that most of the men I came across had feminine traits and most of the women had masculine traits.

            When talking about characteristics and personality, compatibility, I would recommend anyone to consult a “proven” graphologist.

            Not that I am knocking astrology, just that graphology in that situation is more personal – it splits identical twins etc.

            Over the years I have consulted some of the leading astrologers but have been disappointed in their reports and their predictions have been totally wrong.

            So tell me what can you see :-

            Born in Yorkshire,UK 29. 3. 1941
            Do not have my time, but an astrologer stated if born 11.40hrs I would be involved in the building / construction; if 12.20hrs in the motor industry.
            I have always been in building / construction.

            I believe I have Cancer rising ; Moon in Aries.

      • Again, I agree with Uverqueenofwands. I can do both your charts and tell you all about our natal tendencies and your future; none of which is going to do your relationship any good. You two need talk (your Taurus and you). The four words a husband hates to hear from his wife are, “We need to talk.” You can go to therapy but I can save you a lot of money. One of my degrees is a B.A. in Psychology and it all boils down to you two getting your feelings and emotions, ideals, dreams etc. out on the table. This will be very difficult. No one can fix your relationship but you two.
        I can’t do this anymore. Have Marina do your charts if you wish. I don’t have the time for any more free charts on this, or any other site. I have a blog with 82 followers, I trade futures for a living, I’m a disaster researcher and I don’t have the time.
        I wish you the best of luck.

        • Thank You very much to Mr. William G. Foster & also to Uberqueenofwands I really appreciate it very much. Mr. William as suggested I am writing to you as to my date of birth & time 🙂 Thank you once again

          • Glad you are going to get a full reading from Bill, Jessie. Please consider the reading before you file for divorce. I was married to a Taurus Sun and he showed love exactly as uberqueenofwands described. There is a good book you might want to read – The Five Love Languages. It was written by a Christian counselor, but thinking about the love languages is useful no matter what your religious beliefs. They are physical touch, gift-giving, quality time, acts of service, and words of affirmation. What you need to find out is how your husband needs you to behave so that he feels loved and secure in addition to examining what you are expecting from him so that you feel loved and secure. Then compare that to how each of you naturally shows love. When you think about love as being spoken in different languages, you can see how it may all be a problem of translation as opposed to “does he really love me?” In other words, you may need more quality time whereas he feels he is showing you his love by offering physical touch.

            best to you Jessie and get that reading started with Bill so you can get a fresh perspective.

            • Hi Dragonfly….my husband is not a taurus. My current boyfriend is :)…Me & My husband are like not in terms like 12 yrs now…only now I m filing for the divorce due to some problems.Thanx though

        • It is very easy to fall in love with his diametrical opposite. Therefore, when you want to pair, remember the following.
          There should not be 7-14-21 years between the two +-1 year (Saturn)
          There must not be 90 or 180 days between the 2 +-8 days (Saturn)
          It is best if there are 60 or 120 days between the two +-8 days
          This is the fundamental, it must be more precise we need both, radix data.

    • I feel for you. I am a bit surprised that it is a Taurus doing this. Then again, he was born in 68. I am a Libra and born in 67. There are a lot of generational issues that we carry (your husband & myself) as alluded to in the blog above. Our generation has uranus & pluto conjunct. Depending on where it is in his chart and the other plants aspecting them. It is a lot and extremely intense.Although, I have to say, I identify more with you than you know. You are not alone.
      Peace, Strength, freedom and independence to you…

  57. Hi my name is Caitlin. I was born 06/29/1990 at 7:18AM in Indianapolis, In. I’m wondering how these aspects are going affect me. I am concerned with my relationship and choices that I am facing. We have been talking about children in the future and I would like to know if conditions are ideal for our relationship. I would greatly appreciate any information you can give me.

    Thank you very much!

  58. Hi, did you look for the draconic charts and the draconic combined? i have venus/mars/jupiter in cancer in the 12th house in my radix and venus/mars/jupiter in taurus in the 12th house in my draconic chart.
    Two very different outcome.

    And you can look at where juno is, mine is in Gemini in the eleventh house in radix and in taurus in the Draconic in the eleventh house, so communication is very important to me.

    The most important thing is to understand how you love, because you get back what you give. Maybe if you learn all this you feel you `ll be happier on your own.

  59. Reading over the original article again I would strongly disagree with one thing, that Pluto is without emotion.

    Pluto brings up primal emotion, things connected to the limbic system, the base chakra, the id. So under Pluto you would see issues of jealousy, rage, irrational emotional behaviour, the blind taking of sides, greed, possession, terror, etctec Its whats in the personal and the collective basement, the cross over point from the highest animal chakra to the lowest human, survival issues, and so on. Liz Greene wrote a fantastic book on Pluto with all the relevant mythology pertaining to the shadow, the trip into Hades and so on. She also drew parallels with repressed creativity in families and autism. It’s a fantastic study.
    In this current time, a lot of people think there is going to be some sort of painfree ascension. I wouldn’t draw too many parallels between the conjunction in Virgo of the 60s because the square is such different energy. Squares are boxes, prisons even. Where Uranus in Aries seeks to express itself at all costs with no pause to consider the repercussions or side effects with great impulse, it is likely to engender a very heavy karmic duty or restriction.
    This could be an explosive sorting out of the basement but then finding the basement is full of demons and filth…
    Esoterically this square is a huge initiation. The conjunction in Virgo was a very different kind. It pertained to the tests of the mutable cross i.e issues of survival, holding body and soul together whereas the cardinal issues are very different. They test the ability to rise above the herd.
    Pluto in Capricorn can be seen as extreme patriarchy but also Christ/saviour energy. The goat had a fish tail. It is about redemption.
    I’ve probably mentioned this earlier but the generation with outer planets in Libra are most tested. Their sense of justice, mode of relationship, emotional issues all come under scrutiny. Libra after all is a pair of scales, an inanimate object. The only in the zodiac. It was originally taken from the Scorpion’s claw. So what does that say? Perhaps a lot of Libran foundations will be challenged by the opposing Uranian Aries energy of impulse, where the balance is tipped and the old Scorpion claw is exposed along with the content of the basement.

    • I think you have to have a close aspect to Pluto from the AC, Moon or Sun to bring out any of the darker emotions you mentioned. Pluto out on it’s own seems fairly lifeless and cold, so the square to Uranus, on it’s own would still seem inhumane, as in global financial markets, earthquakes.

      I see a parallel between the lack of emotion with Pluto and the German SS. They trained the emotion out of those guys to carry out Pluto functionality, genocide.

      • Hi Jamie! Good to see you’re on the case.

        The upshot of earthquakes and so forth is an outpouring of emotion. Funny how the least emotionally demonstrative Japanese are having to deal with this now. In the wake of the last big quake and tsunami, we see a lot of publicly shown grief by hitherto private individuals.
        I think Pluto sits on a level of emotion some people cannot bear to endure and they fear the tide or rather the explosion of mega ton emotion.
        I’m working on a chart of a healer who has a transit of Pluto through her 12th now. It doesn’t aspect anything at the moment but she started having very high blood pressure and she is going on trips which are pushing her limits. E.g the Kalahari with virtually no water! It’s almost like she’s saying, have a go if you you’re hard enough! Pluto will conj her asc in a few years but it’s way off yet.
        Drawing the earth quake analogy, the most destructive ones are very shallow, I.e close to the surface of the crust but they cause rumblings hundreds of kilometres below as a warning.
        Have a look at Liz Greene’s book. She is defo the queen of darkness!

        • I have read some of Liz Greens book, I did have a copy of her Saturn one for a few years. Not my cuppa tea, you know who my Queen of Darkness is 😉

          • Ha! Snap synchro across 3 continents. Look at the posting times. I was writing mine while you both were.
            I must say I do love Liz Green. The “Astrology of Fate”, all about Pluto is just fabulous. I re-read it just recently.

            • I love that book! I’d say it deals with the chthonic emotional world.

            • I have a book about Pluto by Jeff Green (if I am not mistaken). It’s literally in my basement. Must dust it off now!
              Uberqueenofwands..your insight astounds me.

        • The Japanese Earthquake was Plutonic, without emotion. The emotional response was human, the lunar eclipse before the earthquake was conjunct the Moon in both Japanese horoscopes I use, on Betelgeuse. Emotion was the upshot as you say, “publicly shown grief” = Moon. Just like the German SS was emotionless Pluto, but the upshot, or human reaction is emotional grief.

      • Pluto on it’s own may seem lifeless and cold, but there is so much going on underneath. Pluto seems cool, callous and ruthless next to Mars which is more raw emotions, passionate and can have a real bloodlust. Mars relishes in the hands-on physical battle whereas Pluto is all about distancing and playing power games behind the curtain. It could even be passive agressive.
        I think Uranus is the the Nazi lack of emotion. Hitler had Uranus rising.

        Put Pluto with Uranus and you may get that psychotic disassociation, but it is very volcanic, liquid lava, Pluto is icy yes, but I see it as frozen liquid fire, once its released there is no stopping it.

        Uranus is the ignition, the thunder bolt that blows the lid off the Plutonic Volcano. That’s hot stuff to me! Of course I have Pluto/Uranus square my AC, I have been know to give people the deep freeze. So I think Uranus square Pluto can be a bit of both. The freezing is necessary precisely because the center is so flaming hot.

            • Whaddya sayin? I’m a nagging Nazi??!!!

              “Of the nature of Mars and Mercury. It gives disagreeableness, contemptibleness, instability, shamelessness, nagging and a troublesome and contentious nature.” [ARMUS 12º Aqua 44′]

            • Of course not dearest, just that you would look pretty sharp in riding pants and black leather boots.

        • Well it rules Scorpio and there’s nowt so deeply emotional as a Scorpio…

        • Good points. Pluto can be intensely healing too, it depends on how the force is used. The atomic bomb… A Plutonic symbol of raw power used gamma radiation. The power of radiation can obliterate something, or modify it, as in kill off bad cells or cause it to mutate. It depends on the dose, the distance from the epicentre.
          Nazism must have been part of the Pluto in Cancer set up… So deep stuff about family, perceived family, sacrifice for family etc. All highly emotive stuff.

    • I have the following Tranists currently, Pluto Square Natal Pluto, Pluto Conjunct Natal Sun and Transiting Uranus Conjunct Natal Mars and I can say that I can identify with, “They test the ability to rise above the herd.” I was just fired from a Job for being a Patient Advocate, in this retched economy, 1 of many times in my life when doing what is right has gotten me into hot water. Damn Pluto and Uranus in Libra. My life has been so destroyed by this event that I feel Catatonic at times, and extremely Raw and Vulnerable. It will be interesting to see how it ends on the other side of this 3 year journey…. Completely destroyed or A Phoenix risen from the Ashes.

      • Goodness Lisa, you are in the epicentre of a nuke. Perhaps you should start trying to evaluate yourself differently. You are not your job. A job is an accessory. Libra likes a job or relationship to reflect through. So this is your big chance to separate yourself from things which don’t really reflect you. Explore those times of catatonia. In the Gita, one of Arjuna’s lessons is to know there is ACTION in INACTION. And when he acts, there is INACTION in ACTION. It’s a tricky one but it’s about mastery. We all need to learn that!

  60. Wonderful interpretation. I am a little confused by “jupiter” opposing pluto and creating a T square. It looks like jupiter is in a quincunx to me. What am I not getting?
    Thanks, Shannon

  61. A very poignant example of this square is in the chart of Fabrice Muamba, 23 year old footballer who practically dropped dead on the pitch in front of 40,000 fans. I forgot to say that the generation with the Capricorn stellium of Saturn, Neptune and Uranus are also in the firing line. I don’t know Fabrice’s time of birth but he has Sun at 16 Aries and Eris is conjunct. His dob is April 6 1988 in Kinshasa, Congo (Zaire).

  62. Pluto opens the chthonic world, where instinct and emotion blur. It’s the crossover from animal to base emotion. Pluto gives the experience of what one psychologist, Paul Pearsall, referred to as the 11th emotion. The emotion of the experience of God, which is awe. I use the g word in it’s most abstract. Awe could be said to be the master emotion which makes you experience all the others at the same time. Awe, in it’s true sense is that which puts the mystery right in your face. Awe is what puts us in the mystery and outside at the same time.
    Uranus square Pluto? Shock and awe…

  63. I just love reading everything that you send me by email. I look forward to my inbox every morning. When I see a Darkstar email, I am very happy. I have learned so much. I plan to get a reading from one of you for my birthday present to myself. That’s in July – Cancer, Cancer rising!

    Thank you for all of your research and great intelligence sharing.

  64. Thank you for this thorough analysis! The time has come! on a more personal level, I was born on the 30/12/82 (08deg Cap) exactly where the square hits… should I panic NOW?

  65. I love that description of ‘awe’ in an all-encompassing sense-thanks uberqueen; your comments are always so insightful/revealing.

    I think pluto, moon, human emotion, etc. all fall under that ‘awe’ umbrella, anyway-none are mutually exclusive. Definitely ‘rhythm’ in a poem, for example’ does not mean rhyme. ‘Fluidity’ does not mean water, in every case, either.

    Emotive is def. pluto and is also a verb as well as a descriptor, I think. I dunno,maybe having 4 in scop. [sun, merc, venus and neptune] for me, makes me experience pluto in that way. It’s not cold; it’s just hard -core, which makes it seem cold. Same way that uranus is not cold, i’ts just detached, right? (:

    Anyway, interesting comments re: japanese culture and tsunamis. Could be said that plutonic means created human expression; does not mean one or the other is ’emotional’, and the other is not, tho’ [in my book].

    Large scale disasters have happened prior to modern media and means of transmitting instantly, a response. So, I personally don’t know how people have always responsed to said disasters. Perhaps japanese folks have emoted previously? Don’t know.

    Thanks for this interesting and informative discussion-just stumbled on to it today.
    I really appreciate this website, and all the contributions to it! And yes, I agree, Marina’s readings/writings do rock!

  66. Related to uranus pluto square + aries stellium?
    The young french terrorist of Toulouse was born the 10 oct. 1988.
    No exact Time but his chart “speaks” a lot. anyway.
    Final assault in his flat exactly when the moon entered Aries.
    I hope Jamie or Marina will write something about.

  67. Hi does the seven squares during this time represent the seven seals &the breaking of these seals, as in Revelations.

  68. Could you Please help me as I’m so confused and fearful of my chart
    and I need help understanding what lies ahead my’biggest worry is MONEY!
    where in this USA I should be living ? i’m living in Fl. but it doesn’t
    feel right.
    Thank you so very much for your insight I do follow your website dailey
    Kind regards’

    my birthday
    December 25,1951
    10:01 PM
    Gainesville, Fl

    • Fear is the worst emotion. Try not to be fearful. Listen to lots of inspiring alternative podcasts instead of watching fear inducing news or regular TV. I have one but I never watch it. And if something doesn’t feel right trust your intuition.
      You chart does not rule you. It’s just a blueprint of what could be, if you are conscious of what its potential is you can use it to mould your life. If you are not conscious you are more likely to fall into default and subconscious behaviour patterns. Know thyself and you will be fine.

    • If I were you I’d get a reading done. You could also go to Astro.com and draw a chart ip for yourself then go to the Astro travel section and put the chart into that. It will show you where are the better and best places for you to be.

      • Uber I moved this comment up here because I thought Charmaine would miss it (It wasn’t on reply and was right at the bottom of the page way after her comment), but it kept my picture in case your wondering!

  69. Hi All

    No one seeing the possible connection of this being the Revelations. 7 squares causing chaos possible resonance with the opening of the 7 seals? Especially if you compare the timings with whats written in Revelations. Or is this not allowed for discussion

    • Good observation. It’s certainly not lightweight. The book of revelations is very intense and this is a full on square.

    • That sounds interesting. I havent got time to go through the revelations and compare the 7 seals with the squares, but I’d be pleased if someone did!

    • you could look at revelations as a personal apocalypse,
      and all the imagery as metaphor for what happens in
      the unconscious of a being going through an awakening.
      one story for an entire world? it seems unlikely. on a personal
      level,the apocalypse,is an opportunity for rebirth. guess it depends
      upon ones relationship to the collective and to themselves..

  70. Well, heck.

    November 1st, 2013 you say… TR Uranus will be exactly conjunct my natal Chiron. Hopefully if Uranus and Pluto decide to rip me apart it will have an ending where all the King’s Horses and all the King’s Men CAN put me back together again. 😉 😀

    (I have faith, I am sure it will be. 😉

  71. Also the Mars opposition Uranus i June could serve to trigger the UR squ Pluto. As Mars takes 2 years to get around the Zodiac it will square, oppose and conjunct the big square in the sky.
    Really, I believe it will be about getting over all our fears
    and becoming aware of who we are at deeper levels.Ultimately our charts are just symbols relative to our true divine nature.

  72. I have pluto in my 7th house in Libra and uranus in the 8th. does this mean i’m likely going to experience the intensity/ crisis/ alchemy in my personal relationships? trust issues?

  73. hi in my birthchart i have LUTO in my 7th house hows its effect on me .. bcoz soon pluto moves in retrograde motion … my birthdetails are this

    my birth details

    my name is mahwish ather (im female)
    date of birth 10th july 1982
    place of birth.. karachi pakistan
    time of birth:23:30

  74. hi in my birthchart i have PLUTO in my 7th house hows its effect on me .. bcoz soon pluto moves in retrograde motion …
    my birth details

    my name is mahwish ather (im female)
    date of birth 10th july 1982
    place of birth.. karachi pakistan
    time of birth:23:30

  75. “Governments worldwide have borrowed 100 trillion last ten years. Defaults inevitable sometime soon. Means crash, hurting rich and poor.” Rupert Murdoch

    • Rupert’s only concerned about the first part of that statement, ie ‘the rich are going to get hurt’.

      Personally, I have and am being effected by this in many ways, I’ve graduated Nursing and now have gone on to more study in a Masters degree in Aboriginal Studies. I am now an RN, and have discovered public health awareness is one of my passions. Jamie mentioned that there is a growing awareness of the ‘pagan’ knowlwdges resurfacing. I feel this too personally, I feel much more Solsticey around Xmas, and very reflective conremplatative around that time and most recently because of Beltane. I don’t think this is a bad thing.
      That said, I am a big fan of Caroline Casey, who is a big advocate of the ancestors, and through her, I feel that this ancestor awareness scheme is nourishing my Saturn Cancer first house, as I said, I have heaps of cardinal planets, and Pluto is Squaring my Natal Pluto, I feel like the survival instincts are kicking in very heavily atm.

      • I’m not a big fan of Rupert but this is an interesting prediction given that he is an insider.

        All the best with your studies, very noble cause.

    • Perhaps Rupert has a some stuff going on with this Uranus/Pluto square.

      Might be that his financial empire is falling apart. Not because of his prediction, just his regular dirty dealing. If a malignant element like he were to fall, well I think that world might be a little better. Here’s hoping.

  76. The first in the series of Pluto square Uranus on June 24th has the midpoint at 23 degrees Aquarius, Saturn ruler.

    Maybe a look at the fixed star for that area of 23 Aquarius might give insight of the of square at the June event.
    I don’t know if checking the fixed star of the transit of Saturn at that time will be helpful or not.

    • i’m a little confused as to how you came up with the midpoint? 45 degrees is halfway between uranus & pluto when they are squared. by adding the 45 degrees to the 9 degrees of capricorn, i come up with a midpoint of 54 degrees capricorn. i’m not sure what this means astrologically…

        • oh, boy – duh!! for some reason i had 60 degrees in my mind, rather than 30. guess i was thinking of minutes in an hour…

    • That’s a good thing, Sun trine Neptune for your solar return. better than a poke in the eye with a blunt stick!

  77. About the residual – how long after the hit on the 26th do you expect the square to be felt? I get the feeling that this is a more global event than a personal one, if that can be separated. I mean, it seems like the individual (Aries) will be crushed by the Power structure not wanting to let go. I usually think of institutions and governments when thinking of Capricorn and power and crushing transformation when thinking of Pluto. Both Uranus and Pluto could want to take down the old. Just on their own terms. So what are they squaring off about, really – just their m.o.? I see Uranus knocking Pluto off guard but still, what a contender. And even though I say this all seems so impersonal, it makes me nervous (again, not a useful emotion), because Pluto is in my fifth and I have an an adult child, and Uranus is conjunct my Sun in Pluto’s house. Hmmmm.

    • This is going to go on for another 3 years yet. Many global implications, especially revolutions (Uranus) supported by outside powers (Pluto). Then of course the looming economic catastrophe. I just posted a link about Google (Uranus) trying to knock Pluto (China) off as you put it, over internet restrictions.

  78. It is noteworthy that WWII started ~6 years and 8 months after the January 1933 date of the heliocentric event. Assuming similar conditions, this would suggest June 2020 as the next GREAT war. (June, BTW, is always a better month to start a war than September… fewer weather problems.)
    A study of the Mars transit across the Sun as seen from Neptune… and that of Earth and Venus transits across the Sun as seen from Uranus… makes the mid 2020’s prime fodder for a war comparable to the American Revolutionary War, the American Civil War, and World War II. Furthermore, the initiation of the wars tend to begin a few years before the height of the war… the latter when most everyone is involved.
    Possibly not something to look forward to with great expectations… but sometimes… it takes a pretty stiff 2×4 upside the head to get some people’s attention.

    • Interesting theory, and it does take many years up lead up for major wars to kick off.

  79. This is a very accurate for Turkey right now. Islamists have gained tremendous control which we thought never could happen even in our worst nightmares.. They are trying to convert our secular country to ?slamic regime step by step. 5000 university kids are in jail, the protectors of secular regime are all in jail, journalists, musicians, intellectuals are either pressed with charges or in jail.. Tomorrow, we will be marching to prevent abortion to become illegal. The municipality of the capital city told ” if a mother is raped, instead of killing the genin by abortion, she should kill herself” Can you believe this ? Security forces beating up people, causing death… We’re about to loose our freedom. I don’t know what will happen further down the road, but I know I will fight for my freedom… Please, be aware that the leaders of G8 countries are not trying to modernize the world, they are promoting religion to control people via fundamentalist governments. I hope freedom survives at the end. Or I might be dead.

    • Thanks for telling us about this Emi. I have not heard anything in the major news networks. Keep strong!

  80. “One big advantage we have today is global networking that the internet provides. It will be most important that this Uranian freedom is upheld, and it will be challenged by Plutonian organizations and governments. We see the Plutonian influence already with China.”

    Uranus is fighting back at Pluto!

    Google warns users of state-sponsored hacking

  81. I do believe there will be a global revolution. There will be a cleansing.
    Radical groups are showing up everywhere (Uranus)causing destruction (Pluto). All the crud will be uprooted. The true agenda will be revealed in shocking ways. Governments are starting to show their true faces.
    A new world order a one world government. We see this already happening in Europe. History repeats its self.

  82. I see so many parallels thru the old testament. Being a practicing astrologer and psychologist, I often see the connection thru my clients and their own personal issues. From individuals to entire communities, we all share the same concerns…primarily fear driven. I think we should all,take a deep breathe and pull together..the planets may surprise us all.

  83. I find April 22 2014 the most dramatic of the squares as Jupiter and Mars form a “grand cross”…this appears warlike and I would hazard to guess that it’s nuclear.Given the miserable state of human consciousness this is a likelihood. I can only hope that a much needed jolt in consciousness will save us….from ourselves, from our insanity.

  84. Dear all ,
    As Pluto’s position prior to our human race “discovery” can be calculated how about some info on previous centuries pluto uranus squares ??? More specifically , the waxing square as per us now , as 1933 was a waning one and there’s got to be some difference ? Can I suggest you take the heliocentric position for the last half dozen or 8 and see what shows up ?
    Yes , I know you are all busy, just a thought ……
    blessings .

  85. I would posit that that waning square in 1933 was reflected by the waning of individual power vs. collective/governmental power. In this current waxing square, it is just the opposite – the gathering of individual power as large organizations, institutions and governments falter under their own ungainly size and structure. That goes, too, for religious organizations which right now see both large influxes of people eager to sublimate their spiritual power to an organized group vs. those eager to rediscover and reconnect with their individual spiritual truth without the formal constructs of ‘religion’. Very interesting times, watch for the rise of the little ones of all types.

  86. Should be interesting with Uranus exact to my Saturn and Pluto conjunct by 3 degrees to my moon on the 24th!

  87. Oh my stars…..

    After my natal boomerang yod being triggered by the last few eclipses (Chiron is the apex of the yod at 2 deg. Gemini) I found the following major aspects to my natal chart.

    transiting planet: aspect to natal planet

    North node: conj. Moon, opp. Chiron, Vertex and South node
    Moon: square Chiron and Sun, trine Mercury/Neptune, sextile Pluto
    Mars: trine Sun
    Mercury: square Pluto (ascendant) and Mercury (descendant), sextile Sun
    Sun: opp Neptune, trine Pluto, sextile Mercury
    Venus: conj. North node, opp. Moon and Uranus
    Uranus: trine Moon and Uranus
    South node: con Chiron, Vertex and North node

    I find it interesting the South node is conjunct my North node, and the North node is conjunct my South node. Especially since that makes up the midline of the boomerang yod, which has a Pluto/Neptune sextile holding it together. I can’t wait to see what exciting things this has in store. It feels like the moment I’ve been waiting for my entire life! So I should probably make sure I have my house in order by the 24th huh?

    If anyone is curious, birth data is 5/15/84, 6:08 pm, Hornell NY

  88. If you look at complex systems (analytical math) and you see a disproportional amount of complexity (bullshit) in a system (Bernanke Fed DJIA printing paper money) in relation to another system that is getting simpler (less options for US Citizens), it is a ripe time for
    a complete unraveling. As scientist call it: An X Event. An extreme
    situation borne of major imbalance. Uranus will call to light the fact that the whole world is caught in the 3rd act of a global Ponzi scheme.
    There is simply not a thing we can do about it. There is no way out, it’s literally a Judgement Day of sorts, coming frightfully soon.

  89. I find this all so stimulating! However as a native that has both Uranus and Pluto conjunct in my 1st House, I am well versed at the sort of chaos this energy is capable af producing. I’ve lived it for over 4 years…However, that being said, I damn sure not so inclined to think that these up and coming squares can’t knock another one completely out of the park on a personal level – that’s just the nature of this energy (tear down / rebuild) In terms of what it will do on a global level is anyones guess. Certainly historical changes are afoot that will rewrite the history books! Hold on to your hats kids! You might even want to strap yourselves in for this ride!

  90. I read in passing that the next popular religion will come from Russia.

  91. I have a boomerang Yod all at 8* of Gemini, Sag, Scorp, Cap
    and yesterday I saved the life of a Highway Patrol Man who was chasing someone who jumped over the freeway elevated rail and he opened his door right in front of me, was able to stop and the traffic behind me.
    I got Mars (cops) at 8 Cap.
    Everyday I have near misses while driving, even if I am not driving and always on my side of the car.

    I think OWS will heat up once again and the barbarians will be banging at the gates of the citadel because they now know they will never be allowed in.
    Hence the breakdown of America because the dream which is parked in Pisces is no longer a dream.

  92. Also Osho says Buddha and Hippy revolt are two diff. things. Buddha is going beyond it towards a higher than man unity and the other direction is towards the animal, lower than man unity and so is backwards faulty direction. Revolt is good, direction is wrong.

  93. This square is hitting me in a big way, with the Pluto square and Uranus 42′ from my sun, and Jupiter 45′ from my MC and sextile my moon! I am already finding myself thrust into a political situation and being forced to take a stand for the county I live in concerning food (Ceres) issues and freedom of choice. It has only just begun, but if we fight and win, it will set a precedent for the entire state.

    Authorities have already said “What makes you think you have a right to access any food you wish?”

    This will be a long, tough battle.

    On a larger scale, this is an election year here in the US and I am highly concerned (and fearful) of the outcome. There is becoming such a polarisation amongst the populace here.

  94. Also, Ceres=personal nourishment-what do you feed your body, mind and spirit with?
    More people turning to sources of solace, yes, but also towards new avenues for health, self-awareness, etc. I think continuing growth in ‘victory gardens’, urban farming, organic foods, holistic medicine, etc., not just food supply issues.
    Something both causes and replaces the ‘fall of the old ways’ of doing things……interest is not propping up something, and it falls-ie, collective reality loses it’s focus on something and it naturally can no longer be sustained.
    Also, in the US, food supply/issue varies so greatly from state to state and county to county. Food supply issues are not as global as powers that be would have you think. Nor does every location fixate on the scarcity concept.

    I’d like to think the fall of edward bernays marketing ploys and group think, would be part of all this plutonian energy, but it seems people often replace/allow to be replaced, one area of concern with another, with the same operating mechanism behind it.
    Where’s the new operating system/interpretation? Instead, we have people continually believing that democracy and liberal vs. conservative, etc are the real friends or enemies. It’s such a distraction in many ways, although obviously a necessary organization structure needs to be continually emphasized politically and economically. Problem is, noone ever thinks it’s ‘them’ that ‘they’ are talking about…..

    “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.

    We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized.” – Edward Bernays

  95. Last day of trading before the first Uranus Pluto square is going to be shocking!

    “Some of the world’s biggest banks were downgraded Thursday by rating agency Moody’s, which cited concerns about the stability of the global financial system.
    Moody’s cut the ratings of 15 financial institutions after U.S. markets closed Thursday, including giants like Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan.” http://money.cnn.com/2012/06/21/investing/bank-downgrades/index.htm?hpt=hp_t1

    • Just read that and had the same impression. Should be an interesting weekend, especially for me as I was born on 24.June. Fasten the seat belts and HOLD ON TIGHT !

  96. I’m noticing that more and more people (including myself) are starting to make their own canned goods. After finding a few recipes for homemade peanut butter and seeing how easy it is to can your own food, I’m looking to move from an apartment to a small house or duplex so I can have my own garden. If our grandmothers and great grandmothers could do it why can’t we? It’s more cost efficient and healthy since there is no added chemicals.

  97. I am on the fence, leaning towards the “other” side, regarding astrology, but as a social historian I find the comparison with the 1932-1934 period quite interesting – and comforting. Yes, comforting.

    Let’s see what REALLY happened in the period 1932 – 1934.

    The Great Depression that is mentioned had been in full swing for more than two years when this period began, and actually ended (in the USA) by 1934.

    Likewise in Europe, specifically in Germany, the “rise of Adolf Hitler”, supposed to be this terrible thing (and long-term it may have been), actually ended the appalling decade of hyperinflation (to put it mildly) and ushered an era, albeit relatively short-lived, of economic and political stability and even comparative prosperity.

    I don’t know to what other politicians the sentence “the rise of dictators and extremism” could apply. There was only one dictator that rose to power during this period – Hitler – and he did so directly as a result of the previous decade of misery. And, like I said, his ascent to power brought a welcome respite from long-term political and economic instability.

    Now, if you want to discuss later developments, that’s perfectly fine with me. I am not some fan of Hitler’s.
    But the period beyond 1934 doesn’t really apply, astrologically speaking, does it? I mean, this particular mighty square couldn’t be blamed for what happened five years later, could it?

    Elsewhere in Europe, this two-year period was more or less tranquil, all things considered. Even in the USSR, Stalin’s purges were still three years in the future.

    So, if this square really is an influence to be reckoned with, and judging by the 1932-1934 predecessor, it should bring economic and political stability.

    If that’s so, I say, bring it on. 🙂

    • But we sort of see the opposite. Personally I think orbs need to be wider for mundane applications anyway and also with outer planets.

      I think Mussolini and Moseley were dictator leaders – perhaps fascism is a better focus than dictators – history has never been short of dictatorial leaders.

      I also think Neptune cannot be left out of the equation at this period – it would make sextiles to PLuto but in conjuncts to Uranus. Neptune sways the unconscious. I know DS isn’t a fan of the Sun signs – but there’s a wealth of difference between Pluto in Cancer – family, devouring mother, sacrifice for greater family by death and PLuto in CApricorn. Although Iw ould say both signs are on a complimentary axis.

      Neptune is on the other side of the Virgo Pisces axis this time too. Neptune in Virgo is better for financial prudence. In Pisces we could see the resources just dissolve and drift away.

      You could consider the theory that the solar system is moving in a spiral and the spiral gets wider so degrees calculated might not be true as observed? /www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBlAGGzup48

      Personally, as a proponent of Alice Bailey’s Esoteric system of astrology I’d say there’s no reason or function for any planetary positions to repeat exactly because the plan is of advancement, not just repetition.

      • “Personally I think orbs need to be wider for mundane applications anyway and also with outer planets.”


    • You’re a social historian? Did you get certified online in one day?

      “Elsewhere in Europe, this two-year period was more or less tranquil, all things considered. Even in the USSR, Stalin’s purges were still three years in the future.”

      From 1932 to 1933, Stalin starved to death an estimated 10 million of his own citizens:


    • During that time dictatorship was a big thing. Benito Mussolini had already been in power for a while but did strengthen his dictatorship during those years. Emperor Hirohito invaded Manchuria in 1931. Francisco Franco was maneuvering. Joseph Stalin was full swing into creating his cult of personality.

      Astrologically, Uranus square Pluto is such a major influence that its effects are felt for years before and years after. As an example we have seem the warning signs of economic disaster for years, and will be dealing with the aftermath for years ahead. Same with the spate of revolutions in the middle east. They have been simmering for many years and we see an escalation now. I don’t really think the US funded Egyptian military can keep a lid on the Muslim Brotherhood for too much longer.

      Hitler should not be underestimated just because he was one single person. Sometimes an entity arrives on earth who can directly influence the lives of so many for so long. We are still dealing with the repercussions of his deliberate, conscious efforts to change the world.

  98. I have a question of influence for you Jamie.

    On the May 20th eclipse, Alcyone, our great central sun left Taurus and entered Gemini moving from an overall feminine influence of sex and money on a society level, leaving the true age of Taurus and moving into a new age of 2160 years of Gemini where creativity, intellect and communication dominate. I believe this to be often interpreted as the Age of Aquarius but we all know that Astrology moves us forward and not backward. My how someone pulled the wool over our eyes with the thought that the ages follow the procession. Just consider the Gemini influence as we have been moving there and you will easily see the invention of the telephone, computers, and internet, media, etc, are coming from that influence. Look at how we valued ourselves based on sex appeal and financial worth. We judge ourselves based on how lucrative our careers are etc… To imagine that we have a bigger influence than Helio is astounding to me. Everyone up until now has had a Taurus underpinning that has never been evaluated. We have been thinking it was Pisces, but Pisces is last on the wheel, not the first. If you can accept that, how do you think this positive expressive Gemini, the Golden age of Knowledge will influence the Uranus Pluto squares? Keeping in mind that the children born now will be unlike the children born before. Another truly nifty thing for the first 14 years of this cycle is Neptune is in its ruler ship giving all the children born a strong Neptunian final depositor for this newly awakened generation. I understand that when Neptune was last in Pisces we had the idea of freedom for the slaves which of course never really happened. Instead we were all enslaved to the golden calf, working for the imaginary money that was given to us by the mixed multitude. Our true false god that has been ruling us, the negative expression of Taurus so aptly symbolized by the Golden Calf now fully mature and even the symbol of one of our great institutions, Meryl Lynch. Do you think we’ll find the freedom from our false God? Freedom from the possessiveness, jealous, controlling God in all of us? What’s it mean to you?

    Sorry for the rant.

    • If you use the esoteric system – which names Alcyone as the Great Central Sun – then the meaning of Gemini has to be taken esoterically. “In the clockwise wheel – Taurus to Gemini etc the influence is “fluid interplay an instability leads to personality focus and determination. The man is one pointedly devoted to personality achievement. The threefold lower nature, synthesised and directed controls all activity.”

      However, on the anticlockwise wheel – “concerning the disciple and initiate, the painting of the related opposites, Gemini and Sagittarius is that there is a one pointed soul effort, spiritually directed activity and demonstrated readiness for initiation. There is a waning of the power of form and the waxing of the life of the soul. ”

      Both quotes are form Esoteric Astrology, A. Bailey/DK.

      The forward wheel is the wheel iof the personality but the esoteric is the reverse and the path and work of the soul.

      Its worth noting too that the ancient Egpytian idea of the Gate Of Man is at 0 degrees of Gemine but the gate of the gods is opposite in Sagittarius (or even Ophiucus now??)

      I don’t think the wool was pulled, its just that there are two journeys. One is the personality and the other is the soul which the personality must acknowledge and follow eventually. Two wheels.
      RE Taurus – not every one has been enslaved to the Golden Calf. The essence of Taurus can manifest as desire, in the lower sense or will in the spiritual sense. Note that many spiritual traditions request the relinquishment of goods and communism, a 20th C religion required the even distribution of goods but shot itself in the hoof by also denying spirituality!

      Is the freedom from the jealous, possessive controller release from Yaweh? Or is it also release from the lower chakras which dictate the higher centres in most of humanity? Now that the mechanics of Taurean desire have created more than enough wealth, that same desire has produced far too many people! Isn’t it time we did an assessment of our own nature rather than pointing the finger outwards? Love also makes the world go round as well as money. Taurean influenced love – desire – sex seems to be an area where humans demand absolute rights of expression. Sex and its counterpart, death (TAurus Scorpio) eventually open to spiritual knowledge in some but for many the increase in numbers is their only way to ensure care in old age etc and so the wheel of misery turning on desire not will continues.

      Sure the activities of Merrill Lynch etc are pretty loathsome but then equally so are the antics of Robert Mugabe. And what about the irresponsibility of those who populate the planet indiscriminately without stopping to consider the futures they are creating. The images of gaping starving malnourished babies are awful but why is the will to control numbers only adopted in certain parts of global society?

      Taurus as will over desire also opens to the bigger mysteries. Merrill Lynch may use the bull as its symbol but INdia reveres the cow as sacred. All the mysteries we seek answers to seem to be very well represented in Indian based philosophy/religion and even Vedic science.

      If you haven’t read it, read Alice Bailey’s Esoteric Astrology. I know Jamie is not a fan but it does present the other side of things and the much bigger picture. its not an easy read!

      • James – just a thought re the symbols. A universal adoption of bulls horns or calf/bull/cow may stem from a particularly visible aspect of Venus. Note Venus rules Taurus too.

      • I don’t know about the reverse of the soul. It seems to me to be specific to the why the house positions move backward as our soul journey and lessons to learn for this life are also house specific. It would occur to me to look at our own individual charts and look specifically where Alcyone(Taurus/Gemini cusp)sits in our relevant houses to see where the soul work is to come from.

        An even greater influence than the central sun would be the black hole sun, which sits in Sagittarius currently. The great mother, the center of our creation. I really don’t know how to look at that as far as interpretation goes. It could also be what is refernced to as “The Gate of the Gods” Not sure, just throwing mud to see if something inspires someone.

        I didn’t mean to just list the negative qualities of Taurus. And if what I say is accepted, then you might wonder why the sin happened in the age of Aries. I do get that we have influences that stretch between signs and ages. But it was probably the signaling event that was of the age to come. The Isrealites through there gold together into the fire and out jumped the golden calf. It could be the symbolism of what we did with the Federal Reserve. Putting our gold in one pot and out jumps the bank.

        In my study of the Zohar it defines Moses has being a red skin. He wandered through the wilderness for 40 years and only the generation under 20 years of age were able to enter the promised land. It you think about it, you might realize that that was what America is, the promised land. It is possible they wandered through the wilderness into Alaska and then into the promised land.

        The true Isrealites are probably the Native Americans who lived without money and were spiritually connected to the land and lived in peace. They were honestly the one realization of what the age was supposed to be about. Study of the Zohar also reveals that the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge was actually grapes. Eve pressed grapes for Adam and then they procreated. Its interesting to know that the Native Americans didn’t know about alcohol until we brought it to them and they have had problems with it ever since.

        So I trust that the Mayans, the Aztecs, and the Hopis all lived in some form of truth that we should recognize.

        I have seen some debate in regards to cusps. Cusps are between houses and not signs I heard once. If you subscribe to the idea of decans in a chart then there probably is some sort of hard line in which our consciousness exists. Taurus would flow from a Taurus-Taurus to Taurus-Virgo and then to Taurus-Capricorn. My brothers belief, which I have adopted, is that cusp signs seem to exist because personal planets float around the sun. In my case I am Taurus with Mercury in Gemini which describes why I fit the description that a lot of people assign to cusp babies. Venus being in Aries would describe me as being born on the other cusp, but I’m not.

        I supposed its really up to the astrologer and their own beliefs and what they find acceptable in how they interpret. What they tend to find true to their own standards when interpreting.

        Understanding that this is a system that the creator put in place, its possible he wanted it that way. But I do resign that we have been feeling Gemini for probably the last 144 years, which would only be the last two degrees of Taurus.

      • Yes, I am just awakening to the two directions/wheels via EdmondH Wallmann Ast consulting, the Paradign Shift 2012. It fit nicely.
        So is the personality then, in darkness? as it strives for materialism. Buddha’s book Book of Secrets also talks of revolt down to the lower animal level or to the god’s beyond men. pg 291

    • We all love a rant here. Using the signs like you have here, which of course is the standard in astrology is great for symbolic interpretation, but I don’t subscribe to it. I see the 12 Sun signs as an intuitive tool for astrologers, much like the Tarot cards for physics. Now Alcyone as our central Sun is a different matter, but again, I see no difference between 29 Taurus and 0 Gemini, where is the physical distinction in the sky? The demarcation line between 29 Taurus and 0 Gemini is a purely theoretic human construct, designed to simplify a complex art.

      • tbh I don’t think there is much difference and to be really nit picky the point of gate of man is supposed to be either 29 Taurus or 0 Gemini. HOw can there be hard divisions in the heavens? I use the Gemini position because of the inferences of the Ray or sign. Gemini augurs the duality of the human mind which could be said to be the fall from grace, the decent of man, the separation of mind from God. Some astrologers see the last degrees of one sign as the inception of the next. Ultimately we’re talking about fields of electromagnetism so how relevant degrees really are is another story – they are the human construct for quantification and observation. Of course when study massive elecromag fields we don’t really use degrees because we know they are diffuse and in reality magnetic fields overlap and influence each other where they do. MAybe that’s why we have to consider wider orbs now and again.

        • “The baby born in a manger might relate to the idea of Cancer being the ‘Gate of Men’, according to Chaldaean and Platonist philosophy, through which souls descended from heaven into human bodies, or into creation. Its opposite sign Capricornus represents the ‘Gate of the Gods’ where souls of the departed ascended back to heaven.” http://www.constellationsofwords.com/stars/AsellusBoreali.html

          I can’t find reference to Alcyone being the central star in any of the standard literature on fixed stars. The only refernce to anything central is that it was the central one of the Pleiades, being the brightest. Is this a recent philosophy? Edgar Cayce called Arcturus “that which may be called the center of this universe”. http://www.huttoncommentaries.com/Other/Arcturus/arcturus.php

          • I don’t think you will find anything in modern astrology literature that lists Alcyone as the central sun. But if you search for Alcyone central sun on Google you will find some new age references. At least I did.

            Alcyone was a very recent realization I had just after the eclipse. I have been very into the Mayan prophecies, and on the eclipse there was supposed to be the return of Kulkulkan and Quetzalcoatl. I have recently been very interested in the Pleaides and specifically Alcyone as I am born beneath the star. When no little green men showed up I tried to rationalize astrologically what it meant, thinking that they could have referenced something astronomically as they seem to be even more advanced than NASA still when it comes to the knowledge they had.

            I researched on the web that next day and looked into Alcyone a little more. It turns out that it moves 1 degree every 72 years and had just moved into Gemini. Huh… That is the same as the procession. The connection registered. Almost all our ancient civilizations were enamored with the Pleaides, the Mayans say it is the center of creation and so do the Hopis. I was also trying to understand the relationship with the Decemember 21st alignment with the Galactic Center, or as I like to call it, the black hole sun. When I had looked at pictures of the galaxy, I found that our solar system was depicted as not being in the center, so it had occurred to me earlier that we must have an orbit around something that takes us up and above and then back below the galactic plane. We must orbit around something, probably a massive star somewhere.

            Another thing that seemed like an obvious aha moment was when I learned that the Pleaides was the closest stellar nursery to earth and it has over 500 stars in it. If not Alcyone alone, the cluster of some 500 stars must have some sort of gravitational influence. The one problem is that they say the Pleaides are only 50 million years old and not 4.5 billion as our sun and earth are supposed to be. But science is often proved wrong and our ancient cultures tend to be right about some things. We believed the world was flat, then we believed the sun orbited around earth, then we thought we thought that the earth just orbited by itself in the galaxy. Nature isn’t like that, we follow patterns. So its likely that our start orbits another star like the 500 some odd other stars do in the Pleiades cluster. Why would our sun be unique, there goes our ego again.

            So I tried to imagine what a central sun would mean astrologically and applied the idea of the age of Taurus and everything seemed crystal clear. We all have those Taurus desires of committed relationships, owning things like cars and property. It seemed to describe our age to the T. Taurus the banker, the age of the banker, and it goes on and on. Also thought what it meant to be going into Gemini and realized that it also describes the changes we have been seeing. All so crystal clear.

            I then came to the idea that Quetzalcotl and Kulkulkan could either be the Mayan names of Castor and Pollux or perhaps the Mayan incarnations of Castor and Pollux. Again, wow, it makes sense. So that particular Mayan prophecy could have been the return of the age of Gemini. Other things in the Mayan astrology also relates and makes sense. They were extremely interested in Venus, well, Venus rules Taurus, that’s why they followed it so closely all the time. I believe in the new age, that Mercury would be the ruling planet.

            So on to December 21st…

            There are an incredible amount of prophecies regarding that. We’ll it turns out that science discovered what is called the photon belt with satellite instrumentation back in 1961. What is the photon belt? I ran some calculations and Alcyone, based on its radius takes up 200 times the mass of all our solar system. It is huge and glows blue and it is so massive that it has a reaction that splits electrons into photons. It also spins so fast that it spins matter of its equator. The photon belt is somehow held in place by either a magnetic force from the massive star or it is part of toroidal flow that flows through the galaxy much like the suns heliosphere. Either way there is the belt of light that radiates out from the central sun and we are supposed to enter it on December 21st. I’m holding my breath to see if it comes to fruition. Essentially there will be so much light reflecting that we are supposed to need sunglasses to view the moon. It will be completely illuminated. This describes what I read in the Zohar. The moon is supposed to be a great luminary that is lit all the time. That’s interesting that this sun has such a force that we will enter part of it and spend what is supposed to be 2000 years. That also aligns completely with the Mayan prophecies.

            So what’s that mean? It means there is a real potential of all this prophecy coming true, and if I have learned something, we should trust the ancients from whence astrology really came.

            I can go on and on with support for this if you are interested.

          • /aksdp.net/03_supercosmoastro/alcyone.htm

            There’s a lot on Alcyone but I don’t think you’ll find it in standard lit on fixed stars because the explanation of it as central sun etc goes back a lot further – think Brahminical time and its not, in esoteric terms, about the personality or ships being wrecked or poisonings etc!

            “”The Pleiades are the central group of the system of sidereal astronomy.

            a. They are found in the neck of the Bull, the constellation Taurus.
            b. They are therefore in the Milky Way.
            c. They are thus considered (Alcyone, in particular) as the central point around which our universe of fixed stars revolves.[20]

            The sun (i.e. the solar system) has Alcyone in the Pleiades for the centre of its orbit.”[21]
            Significance of May 20 Eclipse in the Mayan Tradition[22]
            Still on the Venus theme, the ancient Mayans based their calendar upon a 584 day cycle of Venus. The year 2,012 is the end of a 5,125 year cycle called the ‘Fifth Sun’ that started in 3,114 BC. This date is very close to the start of the Hindu Kali Yuga in 3,102 BC.

            If five ‘Sun’ periods are multiplied by 5,125 years, the sum total = 25,625 years, the approximate length of the precession cycle or ‘Great Year’, whose usual duration is stated in the West as 25,920 years.

            Hence 2,012 represents the end and beginning of two vast precession cycles, astronomically identified in 2,012, more popularly on December the 21st when an exact alignment takes place with the Galactic Centre at approximately 26 degrees of Sagittarius.

            Hence in 2012 there is an eclipse on May 20 conjunct the Central Spiritual Sun (Alcyone) and at sunrise on December 21, 2012 for the first time in 26,000 years, the Sun rises to conjunct the intersection of the Milky Way and the plane of the ecliptic.”

            This is from an article on Esoteric Astrologer, here’s the full piece http://www.esotericastrologer.org/Newsletters/77%20Taurus2012%20VenusNGWSMayanEclipse.htm

            I should add that Alcyone is considered the Central Spiritual sun too.
            I think Phillip Lindsay is in Oz, Jamie. I think you’d like his work a lot!
            /www.esotericastrologer.org/Consultations/AboutPGL.htm Its pretty radical!

            • That is a fascinating read, and I was sure there was some knowledge of this. It definately reinforces the points I was getting to.

              It talks about it being the signal of the return of the Christ, which I know alot of people believe to be true.

              I looked at the squares from the 1930 and what is interesting is that Pluto was in Cancer and Uranus in Aries. Looking at that you can understand the transformation from atomic to nuclear family model. What is interesting is that this square has Pluto in Capricorn and again Uranus is in Aries.

              Capricorn ruling the skeletal structure, it make sense that there will be a great amount of change in the structure of government and society. Perhaps this is not the rise of the dictators again, but the yang of that and the return of the benevolent king.

              If you hold to prophecy, return of the king would be a change from democracy back to a monarchy. How else can you have a king? And isn’t that the true expression of one true God who sits in final judgement over all? What else would King of Kings and Lord of Lords mean?

  99. What a great post and comments. Uberqueen, I especially find your insights refreshing and thought-provoking. The 2 wheels makes so much sense, and explains much. Thank you!

  100. I feel I should mention what brought me to this post in the first place. I was listening to a transmission/channelled information from Archangel Zadkiel.

    He said there will be 3 major challenges for the remainder of 2012, and he listed the dates. The first is June 24. The second is mid July, and the third is mid September. He gave the actual dates, but I didn’t write them down, except for June 24. (As I’m writing this, it’s now June 23, Mountain time in the US.)

    So, tonight I started searching the internet to see if anyone else is predicting anything for these dates, and I found your post! You specifically mention:

    -Uranus square Pluto June 24 2012
    -Uranus square Pluto September 19 2012


    FYI, per the transmission: These 3 time periods are actually times of tremendous Divine Light coming to the Earth plane. However, to prevent the upliftment of humanity, etc., that would benefit from this, the Darkness seems to planning a counter-response that will affect Many, and leave many in fear.

    The reason we are forewarned about these challenges, is so we can be fore-armed. It is essential that as many people as possible be more conscious in their inviting of Divine Love and Light to their own lives to the Earth, and the world in general.

    We always have a choice in what we focus on: Let’s Choose Love, Light, and the honoring of Life!

    Blessings to you All!

  101. Midpoint of Pluto Square Uranus is conjunct the MC of Bashar Al Assad president of Syria. I suspect he may be attacked. We should see more of him in the news next month.
    There was some talk of the west offering amnesty if he would leave Syria.
    His hands are dripping with blood and the Sunnis who make up 75 % of the nation are not amused with his diabolical tactics.

  102. With Assad’s MC caught in the midpoint Pluto Uranus square this is
    kind of interesting.

    Aquarius 24
    Sabian Symbol: A man obviously of the world has turned his back on passion and is giving people a deep and undying wisdom.
    Kozminsky Symbol: A woman neatly attired, with her hand on a tomb, looking sorrowfully on a flower-covered grave.

    The fixed star at that point is called luckiest of the lucky, will it stay lucky under this transit, maybe Assad will be lucky to keep his life.

    Jamie wrote ” Trouble and Digrace ” We were’nt talking about Assad but his quote discibes his present condition nicely.

    Steve on May 6, 2012 at 6:55 pm

    The first in the series of Pluto square Uranus on June 24th has the midpoint at 23 degrees Aquarius, Saturn ruler.

    Maybe a look at the fixed star for that area of 23 Aquarius might give insight of the of square at the June event.
    I don’t know if checking the fixed star of the transit of Saturn at that time will be helpful or not.

    Jamie on May 6, 2012 at 8:15 pm

    “trouble and disgrace.” http://www.constellationsofwords.com/stars/Sadalsuud.html

  103. Today Uranus square Pluto received a direct hit, and so did I. I traveled to the Rio Grande Gorge with friends to disperse the ashes of my brother who died several years back, into the river. I was finally feeling ready to do this, and it felt like a transformation. (Pluto) After wading into the river, dispersing his ashes, and dunking myself in the water, we all processed a bit, and then eventually made our way to the car. The car was pointed in the opposite direction we needed to go, so we had to go to the next pull out and get turned around. My friend had his blinker on and was waiting for oncoming traffic before making a left turn into a pull out. We were at a dead stand still when a guy hit us going at least 60. Badly damaged the car, and I have bad whiplash and am really soar. Certainly the unexpected (Uranus). A jolt… What was crazy to me is the proximity of these two events…one literally followed the other…

    • Wow. This sounds like something from the Matrix – there’s something about this story which is a statement on time and out of time too. I know Old Father Time is more of a Saturnian idea but he looks like the Grim Reaper a lot of the time too and that’s a Plutonic image. Where was Saturn in this?
      Thanks for posting this because it makes sense of the life of a friend who had a huge Uranus PLuto sq to natal PLuto and asc and he was similarly hit but by a people and events which have flipped his life upside down and he’s in a real mess but its karma after all!

      • Also should add that when looking at Uranus and PLuto, we know Uranus was the father of Kronos or Saturn. Kronos ruled the Golden Age. His scythe castrated Uranus, his father. I’m now wondering whether Uranus is now ripping up the Saturnian constructs of time and how that might operate with Pluto.
        Was your experience of death, ashes, near death accident meant to give you a revision of time and timing? Its fascinating.

    • Grace was saved by the grace of God. Hope you’re feeling better.
      Grand Canyon western USA was not the place to be . When those planets hit Max square the western USA was in the middle of those two.
      The area is having trouble with a huge uncontrollable fire in Colorado. That section of the world is a danger zone for a while.
      Do you have any planets natal or progressed at 23 – 24 Aquarius ?
      That is the heart of that square.

  104. Weird. my mom & I happened to have a little conflict over something today, and funny thing is: religion was involved.

    pretty cool accurate stuff.

  105. I just got hit by the first Pluto/Uranus square.

    My dog, which I had for 15 years, died on the day Pluto and Uranus squared each other. Pluto is in my 4th House and Uranus is in the 7th.

    The dog was female, which fits with Pluto transiting a Feminine sign like Capricorn and a Feminine 4th House. I think the dog may have been born in late December of 1997 or early January of 1998 which made her a Capricorn. She first showed up as a stray in the spring of 1998 and looked to be a few months old.

    • Sincerely sorry for your loss. Pets can be so comforting throu hard times. Thanks for sharing, it is interesting to see what transpires.
      This Uranus is my 11th and pluto 8th. So far my long long friend is fighting recovery from COPD lungs and general low vitals. Other friends are struggling to hang in with faith and/or force the situation. I saw on TV yesterday the bible says the lawlessness will cause coldness in love. One of the stocks went down now. One to go.

  106. I should say that old friend has lived a plutionian type life and has venus 26 degrees tauras algol – lots of abuse, poor health and poverty as a native.

  107. Very interesting. First of all Hitler had the vertex on the evil algol.
    Destiny. Recently I reunited with my ex partner 7th, and that family and one of the sister in law and hubby went to Russia. I heard that is where the new religion might come from. Sagg. is on the 9th, far away and pting upwards opposing sn jupiter. There is also a big movement towards the non dual 5th dimensional realms of thinking incl. extra terrestials.
    I am one of those. Silence.org has more of those people who have gone beyond beliefs systems in that pure calm infinite non judgemental awareness. Healing discussions talks of certain sounds that are a head channel for dolphins and whales to return home and there are many teachers offering to guide these new awarenesses so still marketing$.
    To me this is the new direction and capricorn’s hard rock policy is going down to be replaced by Aquarian….? impersonal love and service.
    But it’s going to take awhile to clear the decks. Hard to deal with…
    I’ve had my first taste with an Aq. moon of impersonal energy defining my feminine self. What more can one ask than these positive movements – if one can be brave –

    • i changed my fb profile cover just yesterday to Migaloo, the white whale which will be passing north of the coast here soon.

      • Beautiful Jamie. I’ve been catching up on the site all day. What a gem that was about squares. Just great. Years to get that piece of the puzzle. Higher and higher. Wow, my old love and I have many squares. Gracedinlove’s contribution was wonderful too. Death and awakening.
        Makes me feel like grabbing the bull by the horns and get my timid mercury moving.

  108. I forgot what day the Pluto/Uranus square was going to be exact, but pretty close to it (about 4 days before actually), my dad went into the hospital. It was pretty serious, multiple blood clots. In fact, when the tests were done before he went to the hospital, we went back to our family doctor’s office, and dad was like “So what’s the word?” Doctor said frankly: “You bought the farm.”

    He’s out now, recovering, but still touch and go. It’s also come at around the same time transit Mars is approaching my North Node in Virgo and had just recently passed my Midheaven on its way out of the shadow zone (and my dad’s Midheaven as well, ours are within 3-4 degrees apart). Also, transit Mars just squared his natal Venus in Sagittarius, transit Venus retrograde just squared his natal Jupiter in Pisces, and transit Jupiter conjuncted his Gemini Descendant/Opposed the Sagittarius Ascendant (which is about 2-3 degrees off of my Ascendant/Descendant in same signs, so dad and I have just about the same axes. Thankfully, I didn’t have the alignments he did. (This also means that the May 20th Solar Eclipse more exactly conjuncted his Descendant as well). I knew this was going to be a brutal cycle for me, but didn’t realize it was going to hit my dad so suddenly. In perspective, 2-3 weeks ago he seemed fine apart from his normal self.

    I have a feeling that this Uranus/Pluto square, combined with the Mars transits and the Eclipses (May 20th Solar squared my sun/Regulus exactly, and the June 4th Lunar was less than a degree from my natal Neptune in 1st house Sagittarius)… it’s looking brutal for me at work too, partially due to the time I took off for my dad and is putting other summer plans (not to mention career move ideas) on hold.

    And knowing a September exact square is coming, plus a little advance look at the next Solar/Lunar eclipse, and right now I have the distinct sense I need to get my affairs and dad’s affairs in order… immediately.

    • “May 20th Solar squared my sun/Regulus exactly” I have Mars there. Looking forward to the next eclipse!

  109. I went through my own dance with Pluto a few years ago, when i quite literally died, and subsequently had an intense spiritual awakening. An entire illusion set crumbled in an instant and i spent months in and out of such high bliss states that i could barely communicate as words were inadequate. So today i took this square as an opportunity to call upon these forces, to do ritual, to bind some of the forces that have been reeking havoc upon my little local community. The ceremony ended with two boji stones exploding in the fire. I suggest we all take this time to embrace all that Pluto and Uranus have to offer, after all we could use a bit of transformation, explosive or not.

  110. Jupiter could mean beneficient Gemini like people from one’s past connections, SN. Esp. connecting with moon in Leo 5th, the arts and Leo which little curl means “to flow” Get Going as she once said. Mercury was an opportunity to Jupiter and challenge (cancer) to be poetically creative and mar’s took me to the gym to lose some excess. Yahoo. but feels unstable as all hell.

  111. Is there a quincunx between dark moon and saturn? What Lilith is that.
    Anybody? It’s on the Peaking chart above.

  112. A Turkish military plane was shot down by Syria last week
    The head of Turkey said he would assist the Syria people.
    US says it will work with Turkey to hold Syria accountable.
    Today with Moon con Mars we see Turkey bombing Kurds in N Iraq.
    That part of the world especially Syria and Egypt could erupt.
    I’m sure many in Egypt are not happy to be living under Sharia law soon and the Muslim Brotherhood, They may yearn for better days with Mubarak.

  113. Hi James Evans –

    “Capricorn ruling the skeletal structure, it make sense that there will be a great amount of change in the structure of government and society. Perhaps this is not the rise of the dictators again, but the yang of that and the return of the benevolent king.”

    A little idea – there’s a reference in Bailey/DK’s Treatise on Cosmic Fire re the effects of Cosmic fire i.e the driving force of the universe as electricity – but not in the household sense we know it!!! – It says the mineral kingdom is affected first when there is a cyclical upsurge of cosmic energy/initiation/evolutionary step.

    I take Capricorn to govern skeletal material but more so the mineral kingdom. BOne and blood of course are made of minerals. Blood is a conductor due to the iron in it via electrical force (cosmic fire) or electromagnetism – Uranus. The workings of the base chakra Mooladhara – where material consciousness, possession etc are being purified via Uranian energy. On the cardinal fixed cross, which Aries and Capricorn form two arms of, certain challenges are brought for mankind.

    I believe the challenge this time is mental – to master the mental processes in the face of rising tumult. At the other end of the extreme – we may be experiencing an evolutionary nudge via Capricorn. I’m wondering if the symbolism of the blood of CHrist and transubstantiation in the catholic mass harbours a sign about the magical qualities of blood and transformation those being magnetic.

    Photos taken at atomic level of electron conductivity in ferrous material (which blood certainly is) show the atoms arrange themselves in a cross! Which adds an extra dimension to the idea of CHrist, the Cross and th blood of redemption!

    Amazingly the same cross, which if the image shows and you look carefully, is a cross within a faintly described disc. The identical form can be seen in the Rider Waite card of Judgement. The solar angel has this image on his flag. The trumpet emits a sound (wave?) the cross within the faintly decrobed circle is on the flag. It is a cardinal red cross!

    • So! UQW! Patterns in the great (astrology and the Great Cross) and in the small (in atomic levels).

      ARE we changing?

      I can feel the change in this “Caminante del Cielo” (Sky Walker) mayan symbol, which will be present in my whole year of transition. The way to feel it, is right in my waist. Both lines have to align!

      Oh Mighty God/Godess!


      • It worked out! Kin Ben, from the Mayan Ancestry. I have to bring together my sky and my earth, while I wonder for higher truths, there above (with you, I guess). And take the separation line away, in order to be able to pull those lines together, as in a rail way.

        We are, after all, cosmic seeds!

        Just as Jamie said: I put the image in my desk, then I keep it in my images. I browse an image right here and… Voila! (could not with Tláloc two sundays ago!).


        • Ooh! The plot thickens!
          I was playing with sigils today and realised that Uranus and Pluto combined produce the ancient image known as the Squatter or Squatting man. If you can get close on this image, look at the first petroglyph from Arizona.
          Anyway, it represented a deadly multimega ampere or gamma ray event in the skies in antiquity. Surely the essence of Uranus and Pluto.
          Gamma rays cause mutation of DNA in the right measure but tool annihilation in another!
          if you want to know more about the Squatterman, google him ( there’s a .com site but its rubbish!) alongside “plasma” e.g http://www.theplasmaverse.com/verse/squatterman-plasmadischarges-petroglyphs.html

          Im sure astrological glyphs are more than just whimsical shapes!

          • Oh – I forgot – there’s a female equivalent called Tzitzimitl. She is a deity of death and destruction a bit like Kali but she’s Aztec.

            Alas the paucity of real analysis with a scientific rather than only an anthropological slant says these images are mere fertility talismans… this is rubbish! Where intelligence breaks down, fertility symbols seem to slot into place!!!

            If you look at both figures you’ll see a column in his case or in hers two entwined snakes protruding where the “genitals” are. In the actual event,this is an axial column of highly energised plasma – same as an atomic bomb if you like. The snake imagery is not phallic, it can be seen EVEN NOW in Orion and is one of the many forms of energised plasma.

            • This is known as a Herbig Haro object in Orion. Its a classic form of cosmic electricity (not what we get in our kitchens!) shooting through gas, creating plasma.

    • This is all very interesting. My ex called, she had totalled her car. Mentioned it my meditation group that they Uranus Pluto square seemed to be causing accidents and for everybody to me more aware and pay attention as they were driving. Then my mother started laughing and said just a few hours before she had backed into her own car and busted out a tail light and taken off her mirror.

      What’s interesting with all this speculation about the structure of DNA and the skeletal structure. The influence of ego and liberation being brought by Uranus in Aries in 7 steps of creation through the square of Pluto. Is this the fullfillment of the Pleiadian agenda? You know if we orbit Alcyone, doesn’t that make us Pleiadian too? The manifistaion of the 12 strand DNA and liberation from our current physical selves?

      Read an article, http://the2012scenario.com/2012/06/aa-metatron-embracing-sacred-sovereignty/ that essentially talks about the construct of our soul and the change of duality and integration of our twin-flame, our other peice we’ve been missing. The true soul is androdgenes. Relating to the new age of Gemini where we are to learn new lessons no longer base on co-dependancy brought by the ages of Aries and Taurus. You want to talk about liberation, there it is. No longer stuck to the ball and chain so to speak.

      In fact there are a number of articles on that site that talk about liberation and freedom to come. You can see the Uranus influence in spades. Although we can feel the exact square like a bell ringing on our souls, the effect of the square has been here for a while as the square was approaching. A major transformation brought on by Pluto giving us rebirth as the Pheonix rising from the flames into a new fledgling species to embrace this new era. Recreating us into our original selves in the original moment of creation, how we were originally designed.

      Speculation here: Were we created in the Angels image? Maybe we’ll grow wings, now wouldn’t that be fun? What greater expression of freedom and liberation could Uranus bring to us?

      • Nice work!

        Think of Uranus energetically – cosmic electricity meets plutonic power and you get the A bomb! I can see a lot of accidents in all shapes and sizes under this transit. Alchemically it has to burn away or blast off the dross. Not easy or pain free! Using the A bomb as an analogy, if someone was very close to the epicentre, they were not only blown up but every actual trace of them eradicated. A bit further away and all that remained was a dark shadow of their form… further still and it was a badly charred corpse… further more, a badly burned person with radiation burns… then a survivor who still survives today (thinking of Hiroshima etc) and then a survivor with perhaps scars and an inability to reproduce but with an extraordinary attitude and love –

        • Tzitzimitl to Herbig Haro object in Orion…you polymath, you! seriously, could not agree more re lack of scientific interest in Ancients – their workings dumbed down (through anthropological filter of whatever is obsessing contemporary thought at the time) to ‘fertility’ or ‘ritual’ objects.Thank you for your generosity in making these connections.

    • Photoshop wouldn’t recognise it. I had to go to preview on the mac and “Save as” jpg. it was saying it was a gif. It doesn’t work just to change the word gif to jpeg if thats what you have been doing. You have to use the “save as”

      • I did that too!!! Clearly you have more magic than I do!! BITCH!!! XXX

      • One was a gif but I changed it to a jpeg. I’ll email it to you – maybe you can try??

          • Okay I’ll admit I was irrited as all Hell cause I didn’t catch the thread THIS was coming from. WHAT judgement day? Okay I hear you pluto Uranus might just might be the return of Christ. The symbols are the same worldwide, awesome. Did we finalize what that signified. The mind can go on and on but at some point it’s got to go beyond – it all. That is signified by Admetos. The Brick wall or the unknown. It’s home is tauras (me. At 17ish I literally had a choice between a stone wall or the black night unknown as I lost control of a car on a wet night and an unexpected curve in the road on New Year’s Eve.
            How symbolic, it set the tone for good fortune.
            (I flipped the car nose to stern stopping a foot from a tree)

          • I found this on IIsis reincarnation site:
            ITC messages indicate that higher planes exist, called the mental-causal planes, which are the source of technical and artistic breakthroughs. These discoveries are telepathically sent to the Earth plane to those who can receive the ideas. This is why new discoveries on Earth are often observed to be developed by different people in diverse parts of the world at the same time.

            Even higher planes, called the celestial planes, are known, which are closer to God. This is where souls known as Ascended Masters and spiritual teachers reside. Those in the middle astral planes know of the celestial planes, though they have not experienced these highest levels of the spirit world.

            • have you read lynne mctaggart’s book ‘the field’?

            • No I was actually just looking into “The Infinite Mind” by a woman named “Hunt”.
              She said it’s a long process with a workbook to do healing and needed time.
              I also was listening to a Sharon Forrest who talks of incredible healings with hands on and prayer. Visible healings. Healingnow.com Years ago I wrote a poem and said “step out of the field” ahhh wha. Wonder where that came from…so ya

            • Okay I have downloaded the MP3 of Lynn McTaggarts “the field” from soundstrue.
              Listening to it NOW. thanks.

  114. Pluto is squaring my n-Pluto at 8th house anyway. Uranus is on my n-Moon doing what he is doing. I have a baby and need to keep it together and stable for him. The good thing is my transformation-junkie Pluto may go through a transformation himself and stop testing me every two seconds for a change 🙂 what is the chave of that!

  115. We can also see Neptune in the able glyph of the squattterman and his plasma equivalent. So there is Uranus, PLuto and Neptune in that shape – so like Varuna the god of sky, water and celestial ocean. IN the plasma shape we can see a cross section of a champagne glass or goblet. This, in reality would have rotated and different shapes seen accordingly. When reconstructed at Los Alamos Lab, plasma physicist A. Perratt discovered the squatter man petroglyph would have morphed into what looks like the Holy Grail! I would take the Holy grail to be a Neptunian symbol because if you physically draw the glyph for Neptune in 3D it becomes grail shaped!

    So in this age of Uranus PLuto will the Christ (anointed one) return?

    • Have your read the weekly forecast?! Funny synchro again. Mars (Blood) in Labrum (in Crater) today? I love your observations on the squatting man and Uranus/Pluto/Neptune. I have seen those picture references before. Its pretty uncanny isn’t it? Same symbolism all over the world. I can’t remember what it was in connection with. I think it was a crop circle.

  116. Well if your constipated it’s always easier to squat. ha ha I remember in my younger days squatting was natural say at a concert in the back. Then the crazy glue sniffer paper boy would always squat quite naturally too and I used to wonder about that seeing as everyone else was all dressed in dud’s and never would have. Coming as I was from the Far far North. So there you go in layman’s terms. ha ha ha. You guys should have been scientists. I’m dizzy.

    • Charyl… get off the potty! Toilet training is done now!!! XXX

      • thanks, day’s laugh. Reminds of Donavon’s song we all loved about how even astronauts have to shit – common threads sharing our humanity.

      • Here it is, I had to go remember it again. Donavon Cosmic Wheel 1973 The Intergalactic Laxative
        Wherever man has conquered,
        On the quest for frontiers new,
        (Da da da da)
        I’m glad that he’s always had to do
        The number one and two.
        It makes it all so ordinary,
        Just like you and me,
        To know the greatest heroes,
        They had to shit and pee.

        The intergalactic laxative
        Will get you from here to there,
        For cosmic constipation
        There’s none that can compare.
        If shitting is your problem
        When you’re out there in the stars,
        Oh, the intergalactic laxative,
        The intergalactic laxative,
        The intergalactic laxative,
        Will get you from here to Mars.

      • My CBC internet digest for today Saturday 30th June says they are landing a Robot on mars Aug 05/12 –

        • Brilliant! What happens of the robot develops its own intelligence and realises it can’t shit and then gets issues about being anally retentive…

          Your posts made me think of the space nappy (diaper) which astronauts used back in the Appollo days. Did they get a rash? What do they use now?….

          We all need an intergalactic laxative! Maybe that’s what 20.12 is really about…!!!

          • Well, when I saw you guys “on a roll” about the squatting symbols and judgement day and couldn’t see where all of it materilized from I tried to let it be as you guys on a roll. Then this response came out of me I just let it out and it did lead to present day mar’s is getting a robot news digest 2012. Unbeknown to me. Off topic I know. Looking back at Donavan I saw he was born May 10, I’m May 14 (a mirror)and his songs were actually quite immature. It just came out. Can you dig it? ha ha. Actually the same thing happened when I was dealing with cancer. I had an inner encounter with Pope Paul. I was seeing a psych at the time and I was annoyed about it.
            In Chapter’s I saw he was gorgeous (jupiter in Leo) was also a tauras like me with exact same degree venus and our inner arugment was about the music of the band marching. I have learned to just allow and let this things surface. But let me say I absolutely “love” the dialogues that have happened with Rachael and yourself.
            It’s been great and I so agree with you about Facebook and it’s consquences. When I let go with spilling my history abit about it, it loosening things up to the extent I got the first cold in years. Been lovely sick clearing.

  117. Somehow, I feel it in my body. Like a rottor within, so to say. Hope I can handle it. Right below the adrenals. My waist hurts!

    I feel angry and resented, though!



  118. hi (oblivious to the ongoing thread)

    As I make hasty life-changing moves today based on the astrological calculations of some internet wizards, I question the nature of this Uranus/Pluto thing. The truth is, even though I am a late product of the 60s Uranus culture, I resent it. I resent being told always that the 60s Generation is the best generation, that nobody is allowed to protest ever again, that the Iraq war was nothing like Vietnam, etc etc. This logic then being used to fortify the same sort of repressive policies that the 60s supposedly rebelled against. In a statement: “What was the worst thing the Hippie Generation ever did? The Iraq war!”

    Where are we now? Cameras everywhere, social networking to spread gossip. Surveillance of the people by the people. It’s like high school, but worse. Better hope you don’t live in a backwards town.

    • The 60s hippie generation were BORN in the 40s and 50s. They were adults when they lived the 60s. The Uranus generation, if you mean the one with Uranus in Virgo were born in he 60s. But since it was discovered, every generation is a Uranus generation. So not sure really what you mean by that. I think,what you list above is more there duct of Uranus in Viro conjl Pluto? Uranus in Leo preceding or Uranus in Cancer both present different things although nothing is in isolation. Uranus in Cancer is emotional independence and the break up of the nuclear family. In Leo just consciously unusual, stand alone egos, in Virgo, obsession with diet and ecology.
      Iraq was very different from Vietnam. There was no such thing as a drone in Vietnam, or even a computer image. In that respect it was different.
      I don’t know of a time when there was not a war somewhere. Peace is always desireable. The 60s generation helped to spread the value of personal inner peace. The inner peace is the best we can hope for. When everyone gets it then there’s no war.
      It makes no difference what kind of town you live in. Meditation is free and available according to choice.

        • That generation also had Uranus in Cancer which would have conjuncted PLuto in Cancer. Voila.. The Uranus and Pluto challenge. PLuto in Cancer made the ultimate sacrifice – death via 2 world wars for the freedoms of their families – Cancer and the future freedoms – Uranus in CAncer.
          There was also Neptune in Libra for the same generation so squaring the parents’ PLuto. We saw the break up of the traditional family, the contraceptive pill, easier divorce and women’s liberation movement. PLuto in Cancer was pretty tough on mothers and women who didn’t want to be mothers but had no choice.

      • hi. Obviously my astrology is off and I’m not an expert in it, but you are.

        However, about the 60s Generation and the Iraq war. Consider, a person who is 20 years old in 1960 was 62 in 2002. A person who was 20 years old in 1970 was 52 in 2002. 50-60 years old is the prime age for political participation.

        Let us also consider, that when the Iraq war was first introduced, it received near-unanimous support from the US Senate. Only one senator from California questioned it. At the time Fox News was propagandizing as hard as it can, and the other news channels didn’t question it much either. I don’t remember much dissent at all. I think people were too busy playing golf to care. Or buying giganto-houses on credit that they can never pay back. Do I blame the president? Lots of somebodies had to vote for that guy, twice.

        As for the rest, the long-term consequences speak for themselves. That’s all I’m saying.

        • Prime age for politics? So who gets to vote? Everyone. Lots of course didn’t because they didn;t agree with policy.

          Where do you draw the line with blame? There was a lot of dissent in the UK and Europe re Iraq. Perhaps you just weren’t aware of it?

          Re giganto houses… the credit mess was sub prime.

          Re resentment… the ego is the first port of call.

    • ereshnu – You have no idea how much I’m fed up with your generation including my kids. They are full of blame for our generation cause it seems like they(youse) have to “work” to clean up our mess with Pluto (resentment) in Virgo. We were the “love” generation and many have heart problems cause they didn’t love(they were full of resentment). Virgo can be “who you really are”. The trick is you don’t get to pass through the Alice in Wonderland door until you can bend your knees. Applies to us all. Just different routes. Leo’s are creative (60’s) and Leo’s flow, that’s the symbolism of that sign image. It’s a lesson for that generation incl. me and that’s just the way it goes.
      It’s a hand bigger than our’s your’s or mine. Get over it. Resentment is resentment is resentment no matter what age it is. Your’s or mine.

      • to charyl. For the record, I have Pluto in third deacon Libra. My generation was defined by war. Our tye-dye is desert camo.

        I was never a soldier and am not claiming that. But this is a serious issue that needs to be examined, by your generation, and not just swept under the rug with things like “inner peace” or “get over it”. These wars are not over. Our future involvement is bound by treaty. Please take responsibility.

        • Take responsibility for yourself or forever be a pawn.

        • Okay not to be disregardful of your feelings let me say that I have sun venus mercury in the 12 house tauras with Uranus on the cusp of gemini rising and saturn in gemini. A history of suffering. Mental health. Financial woes. In the dark. Developing soul. Most of my friends are dying today of lung problems(saturn in gemini)if not heart. Long ago I turned to yoga and away from the world’s problems that weighed on me to the point of making me unable to take resp. for my kids and myself. My whole family of birth was far left politically. They died of cancer fighting the injustices. My father’s brothers. My father died (heart)for his far visions politically and so did his brothers. Those visions are coming today. Who was it that doesn’t take resp.? My 70’s yoga teacher I floundered upon brought me to today’s world which is intent on world peace and a world of transcendence. “Imagine”. I accomplished that “to the extent” that I can now read and comprehend that issue of non judgementalness because I experienced that pure space. My old world fell away. Beliefs perished. Therefore, I feel I’ve done pretty much the bigger part of what needs to be done and was more responsible than many thanks to one woman’s 70’s leadership. A woman who fought in the Danish Resistance Movement personally leading other women back into a factory threatened with bombing and forced to flee for her life cause she knew too much. An educated arts, etc women and if she thought this was a good way to go and it’s helped me then I have only now to get over the blocks using the tools. Not to say I’ll never get stuck again or be anally retentive. Egotistic. But seriously there is a bigger hand than our’s at work.
          Many path’s hard at work. I also read all about the corrupt New York during the dirty 30’s. Out of all that came the Ford car’s and bridges and a wide opening of the country of United States for one.Exspansion. The corruption was cleaned up and Universal Welfare came into being due to the hungry. It’s life. What’s different now is that many are being urged to seek within to find source and realize that place so in 2012 we will not be afraid when the walls fall away from us and can stand in love not fear. This is my thing with Admetos, cause it stands for that place. A nice imagine was the milky way coming up over the ascendent. Sorry this is as real as it gets for me. Where does your resp. come in?

        • and ereshnu I read pluto in libra is where that generation says “look at the social alienation”, and is desirous to correct that situation.
          I was defined by negative tags but now am defined by energy fields that are pure cosmic substance. It has defined me as feminine energy. That MAY speak for what many are saying as in Braveheartwomen that that energy is coming and Dali Lama says North American women savior’s of the world. So that Braveheart people have gone to bond with Afganistan women. A younger movement.
          Plenty of places to turn to positive energies happening.

          • Ereshnu – are you aware of Face Book? This is a real Libra phenomena. Life in pictures, style over content, personal lives turned into imagery, everyone vying for their life to be read by strangers… strangers stalking strangers etc etc Relationships reduced to public gossip, the ego unbridled.. it seems every generation has its down side. Wait till your kids grow up.

            As Charyl eloquently says, there are many paths all running and much bigger pictures. You can be resentful and blame who you want but ultimately only you can choose how you want to fell, be affected etc

            • to Uber

              I’m choosing this one because I think most of your other posts directed involving me are insulting. Sure, it’s the internet, but..

              Why put a total emphasis on individual vs collective? Most of the insults you’ve directed are about this.

              In another post, you mentioned living in South Africa, a place with serious recent problems on the collective level.

              Consider, following WW2, Germans as a collective expressed a sense of shame for their actions. Individually, they might still agree with it, but as a collective they banned Nazi symbols, and from what I hear, people still don’t sing the words of the national anthem.

              About facebook. I had facebook in mind what I said “surveillance of the people by the people”.

              And about children and time. I’m not angry with the Hippies of the 60’s for creating the long-term problem of heroin addiction. I am angry that when we needed them most, they didn’t follow through with their beliefs. That’s all.

      • umm, I’m a 6th house Virgo Pluto. My 3 siblings, my ex husband and several former partners are Leo Plutos. Right now I am looking after our mother full time because I can see the situation for what it is and my siblings are still, in their 60’s,self absorbed and too busy being free spirits.
        After years of being called unimaginative and old-fashioned, of being told I think too much, that I need to ‘let go’ ‘chill out’ ‘go with the flow’ ‘what’s wrong with sleeping with other people,borrowing loads of money, get over it’ etc I feel that my encounters with that generation left my self esteem in tatters.
        I have been cheated on and dragged into crazy schemes by my supposed elders and betters who ignored my warnings.
        Realising that I don’t have to play catch-up with that generation was the most liberating moment of my life.
        Do I sound self-righteous? – you bet!

        • None can do self righteous like Virgo!

          But why did you allow your self esteem to be conditioned by others?

          • UQW, I love you to bits but that is SUCH a 60’s question!!I’m not saying it’s not a good one, but it’s like asking someone why they ‘allowed’ themselves to be abused or raped. Shit happens. I was outnumbered. Maybe I ‘allowed’ myself to be born a liberal into a family of Right Wing racists whose attitudes disgust me but it’s hard to be raised by people who mock your values.
            I’m sounding self righteous again aren’t I?

            • No you aren’t at all! YOu sound interesting to me!
              Its funny – but those sort of questions i.e why did you allow etc etc came up n the 70s with the advent of things like EST. I think there was a merging from the spiritual re discoveries in the 60s – things like Karma, reincarnation… not so widely subscribed to in the 50s but rediscovered in the 60s then refined in a western style and put back on the individual in the 70s when self help dogma got off the ground.

              I moved to SOuth Africa (would never have been my choice but it was my spouse’s and I have to balance economic gain etc with what I want to achieve… another lesson) – so I find myself having another education in to reincarnation, compassion, failure due to cultural beliefs ( I was shocked to find I was surrounded by this. African cultures can be harsh)… and on a daily basis I find beliefs challenged and paradigms have to be altered to survive and thrive. I don’t think there is any one final place where one might
              think – ok – this is it! Because something then comes and tips you upside down again!

              As a wise Cancerian friend said to me once, you must be a warrior but accept you’re always on shifting sand.

              Virgo does like everything to be just so. I should know! YOu need to see how my lingerie drawer was about 18 years ago. Ex librarian, I even extended the filing system in to my clothes ffs!
              My lovely Monkey Sagittarian daughter was the messiest thing alive. I learned to love the putrified sandwiches under her bed…

              The karma stuff is never really knowable when you’re in it, I don’t think. The best we might do is knuckle down and acknowledge the nature of God…

              I mean I love my cat more than anything. The little wretch brought me a baby rabbit in his jaws this morning. The poor little Disney bunny was squealing for its life. The cat was being instinctual. I was almost fainting. The best we could do was get him to go outside again and look the other way.
              Who create this nature? He’s only ask aspect of the infinite. As are your
              I used to think I was a victim of all manner of things until I realised that was just empowering the enemy. I also have zosma conj my asc so I can make a choice which way my path unfolds.
              That can be melancholy victim or champion of a cause.

              I think we do make a pact to be incarnate where we are because that’s how we get to work with our personal and collective karma. I’m a virgo asc btw. I came into a mixed race mixed culture background which has been amazing. East bridged west in my case. I was also a single mum to an autistic child when I was 18. From this I learned about creativity, the importance of employing it, the journey of the soul, making tough choices etc etc. At the time it was all vile. With hindsight the benefits of the teaching invaluable. And so they continue.

              I have to keep reminding myself that everything is just an expression of the infinite. What am I to judge? its not easy! Especially when someone stitches me up… ah well.. that’s the nature of the beast.. and so on.

              Perhaps you came into your racist family to educate them at some point? Time will tell. perhaps you arrived there to express an energy they daren’t express out of fear of not being one of the family? Maybe they aren’t long out of the animal kingdom!

              Who knows. i do know that 25v years ago I never would have asked the question about how I allowed myself to… but I now think its all deal making on so many levels. We here to work things out and we learn differently. According to some Mayan numerology I am ruled bu the number 11 which stands for dissonance and that’s how I learn.
              Big sigh!

              oh – one last thing! Virgo self righteousness… I see it as the desire to make everything perfect. Its just that no one else understands it for their own good!!!
              Big hug Rachel!

        • Hi Rachael, great dialogue @ Queeny and much much I relate to. You think too much, this that. . tags. .
          Here I am 68 and still struggling thou I know “god space” now. Never be fooled on that one again. It was a long haul for one feather. But I get told by my landlord, that the women around this town have all they need materially and only want men for sex now which men are quite happy about with an element of your outvoted, surrender. geez and Uranus/Pluto does say sexual abuses.
          Re:Self righteousness, is any opposition and the remedy is inner awareness of the spark flowing from pole to pole.I try to use that one. I reread your posts as often I don’t see it clearly at first, being all fired up. It seems we have so little control and even less as time goes on re: the voting.I’m Canadian.We have these web places like Avaaz.org that encourage blind signing of petitions to stop things happening. Certainly back in the 70’s Bob Dylon’s unbelievable poetic images – cannon balls fly. All along the Watchtower. Joan Baez husband going to jail for resisting the draft, Janis Joplin’s tormented words.Lennon’s Imagine and opening the door to the East to come West with his Maharishi time. No giddy peace and love but real feelings/actions/values. Some people like Peter, Paul and Mary and Pete Seiger (oh my god was devoted to bringing people together with his music unwavering in his devotion his whole life – the Weavers) Biography. They bonded people together in utmost loving ways. Sonny and Cher. Before it was Iracq it was Iran and that trumped up invasion and then it’s Afghanistan. When I heard pluto rules countries I saw Afghanistan is Capricorn (The complete handbook of astrology) bits and pieces. But where it got back to such materialism again I’m not sure but it seemed to I agree. Maybe the speed of tech just left people no time.Run or get left behind was the saying.
          An interesting take I heard was that Gate’s computor is just us “out there” and when we get tired of that we’ll turn to the real thing. “In here”. But many people are saying the “world as is is over/completed”. When I leaped to the non dual and returned I DISTINCTLY felt MY life was over. Now it maybe that level closed. The New Earth is on a higher level beginning from ground 0 Dec 21st 2012 after that 3600 year cycle is done and we’re gone thro the galactic center – Places like multi dimensional.com describe what happens with those not there yet. The atmosphere is so much thinner we manifest almost immediately etc. In terms of 3600 years the remaining 6 mths is less than a thimble full so I’m not going to sweat it and I feel it’s out of my hands. I hope we can band together like we remember doing in the 60’s and like we seem to be returning to to help us all get through it if it’s get rough. If Earth itself collapses under us. Otherwise, it’s the call of the higher. or a big big lark. It might be heaven or it might be hell.

        • The embittering thing for me was divorcing, separating my kids from their dad all these years and once I was out there trying to work or all the years thereafter, not a sign I could see of the original liberationists I belonged to and I’m left with the fall out. Then the Lesbian generation. While, they all went back to school SFU. The encouragement I got to leave (crazy schemes and my divorce money they took to buy land for log houses folded) was wrong I think later as I had no education to support myself and two kids, poor day care if any. The advisor’s were educated. I can only imagine that meeting my yoga teacher was fated. The real liberationist. Said I’ll show you the way.. but ya what’d I say “go with the flow” suck it up lifetime…

          • Wow! – going to reply further down in new comment cos this box is getting stretched!

  119. i don’t find the helio chart? it is interesting. i attach it for 3 july.

  120. The middle square on Nov 1 2013 occurs as Pluto finally crosses my Asc for the first time! I really like the line up on my 10th scorpio uranus sextile asc, looks supportive for a Pluto crossing Asc moment. The next one after that looks extremely distruptive with Pluto square Pluto and Uranus opposing Pluto, but that’s when I seem to most productive and cool-headed. What a time to be a Nurse in the USA! I’m betting by the time these disruptive deeply transforming forces finish folks won’t be so quick to dismiss alternative and energy medicine. It won’t be so woo-woo vodoo in the eyes of the collective. well, a girl can dream.

  121. I see the square operating in this way.
    Technology is now seen as oppressive, Big Brother using technology.
    Health, the food is not good, the government is allowing all sorts of poisons in food and vaccines.
    The shelters are filled with unwanted animals.
    Antiwar, where are they now? Never-ending war seems to be accepted.
    Music, no more bands the players have been replace with electronics.

    Everything the conjunction was about has been turned on its head.

    • Or knocked sideways as its a square. We did have Saturn for a while involved in this square when it was at an earlier degree of Libra. So the empty arm was where the missing links are to the complete picture – i.e Cancer. So now people are running around like headless chickens trying to belong or looking for Mummy to provide and shelter them because they have allowed personal responsibility to be over taken by A.N Other – put any projected baddie in that space!
      Pluto in Libra might be the warmonger par excellence. The passive aggressive with a cold strategy. It might be the best configuration in the entire astrological lexicon as an indicator of projecting the enemy or the shit or the fear. Shit and fear would be pluto energies, Libra makes them impersonal (scales weigh up and de- personalise? Hence the sign of justice? But also inanimation since scales are inanimate.) PLuto in Lbra needs to examine its shadow, big time!
      Adding the Uranus square in Aries it could be a sudden chaotic meeting with the ego and its shadow. This could be both personal and collective.

      Re technology, where did it start? Technology of the industrial revolution? William Caxton and the printing press? It all depends how its used. Again, responsibility back tot he individual.

      Music is an interesting point. When Jimi Hendrix etc played music, electricity took on a peculiar role as the medium through which music could be taken into the body. The electricity WAS the music? Computerisation and digitalisation perhaps more killers of music? The effects of rock and roll may be very different from techno due to chords/absence of chords?

      Its easy to complain about poisons in vaccines and foods but sometines we should take a look at what existed before to weigh it up. The state of Europe after 2 world wars meant millions living on the breadline. Up until the 60s there were still children with polio. I remember as a child a typhoid outbreak in the UK from tinned corned beef. Rubella made children deaf, whooping cough killed thousands of infants etc etc

      I can’t say which way is right, because i don’t know what the big plan is. I think the anti war brigade of yester year had been up close and personal with major war (people who marched for nuclear disarmamanet back in the 50s and 60s? I wasn’t one of them as I was a baby. )

      War might be a constant until the human psyche recognises the need to draw in the projected shadow, then to name and assimilate that shadow.

  122. On a personal level, I have natal Moon conjunct Mars, and that conjunction square natal Mercury in Cancer in the first house. Transit Pluto in Capricorn (7th house) opposing natal Mercury in Cancer, and square the 11th house AriesMoon/Mars makes it very difficult to work in relationships. Even when I don’t mean to, I can hear my voice becoming dominant in conversations. It is truly embarrassing.

    Impersonally, I work with a network of people who have been giving public information about the New Age of Aquarius, and the presence of the Teacher for this new age, Maitreya. We have been expecting this period of extreme decline in world structures (political/economic/social), and try to show a hopeful future when humanity has realized that we are all One and must learn to share resources to create justice, freedom and peace. As events unfold, we are sure that it will all work out for the best, as long as people will act for the greater good.

  123. I get such a good feeling from your post Betsy. It sounds so mature:
    “We have been expecting this period of extreme decline in world structures (political/economic/social), and try to show a hopeful future when humanity has realized that we are all One and must learn to share resources to create justice, freedom and peace. As events unfold, we are sure that it will all work out for the best, as long as people will act for the greater good.” No denial, no anxiety……

  124. One more note, 60s was Ecology Now, you see Japanese nuclear disaster when the square was within orb in 2011.

    The real action is in the opposition to the new moon conjunction.
    King of England executed
    King of France executed
    at the opposition.

  125. Feeling, for me, is much more important. How do I feel? Where do I feel it in my body? And it is quite personal!

    Or maybe it is because I am one of this generation uranus in cancer, jumping into leo, in the last grades. And in the first house.

    And my children, they both have uranus in capricorn, right next to neptune.

    I feel that models workout just in the frontier of a scheme. Reality is so very diverse!

    Thankyou for your thoughts, though!


  126. Is the Uranus PLuto dilemma where the Uranus PLuto Libra generation discover life is not a simple quid pro quo equation via chaos and illumination? Where business models collapse and stop dictating our lives? Where maths models cease to be the standard for measuring everything?

    Is this the square of Chaos Magick?

  127. I just noticed another cardinal square on the new moon of July 19th – Varuna in Cancer will be square Eris in Aries. Uranus, Mars and PLuto are in a T square. Feisty or what?!!!

  128. By reading you calmly, I so much FEEL every word!

    Only, I may say that maybe, we have too big schemes, and dreams. Then, reality just brings us back to our feet and -I, myself- feel always desapointed and sad. But, then, reality IS my great master. So hard for me to accept things just-the-way-they-are… and accomodate myself (trying not to be heroin: always get cought and end up sad and diminished, while others give me the same words Rachel receives and endures: confused, mainly).



  129. Having put out cosmically for a teacher a while ago I stumble into Darkstar and find a handful!
    Charyl, UQW – I have spent all day pondering and re-reading your replies, the generation/generalisation thing touches nerves doesn’t it? thank you for taking the time to dig so deep.
    Maybe we find the Leo generation a hard act to follow? When I was at art school it seemed as though every time I formulated an idea my tutor would come up with someone who had already done it in the 60’s and my Aries ego couldn’t cope with not being original so why bother? Now I see the 60’s as a time when new ground was being turned over at a furious rate and maybe it is down to later generations to consolidate?
    Uberqueen,spot on about the ‘why did you allow’ question misused by 70’s self help(self harm?) peddling light workers – we’ve touched on this before and I know you’re not one of them but hell, it always hits a nerve! It’s a recipe for existential guilt – not only have you suffered but you chose to, you asked for it – and only a well developed and secure ego can differentiate between a situation where you are being walked all over and need to get out, quick, and one which is a genuinely helpful and necessary life lesson that you need to accept humbly.
    Lovely Jupiter gives me the grace not to play the victim, but I have everything but the kitchen sink in the 12th, like you, and my experience of that is that I can’t react in time when someone is out of order so I play dead and think up revenge later.
    I have one child with Asperger’s and one bi-polar – it’s been hell,especially with this square hitting my sun, but I wouldn’t have missed it for worlds as it’s made us all better people, and we’ve met so many heroes and villains along the way! It’s been a Plutonic ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ experience.
    Another thought about Pluto Leos…I am hoping for some pretty groovy nursing homes and radical improvements in care for elders once they have passed through the system!
    Thanks for the hug UQ and good luck with the cold, Charyl

    • I loved your comment about nursing homes! If this is anything to go by…www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJ0r9DmlIVk – 1969 – they’re going to be brilliant!!! In fact everyone will want to go!
      As for your art tutor, well some people are just sour. I think its verrry hard to come up with to ally original ideas. I’m sure what some people did in the 60s was done in the Rennaissance!
      The answer to that “why did you allow” question seems to be that it was agreed in-between lives.
      UQW shrugs. It might be. It might not. It depends who wants the answer! The ego or the soul! Its all work.. it never seems to end! Onwards and upwards!

      • My tutor wasn’t sour at all – it’s standard practice to get students to see their work in context so it was more like “Hmm, so you’re photographing dead spiders? Have you seen Groovy McSideburn’s ‘Dead Spider’ series from 1969? You’d find it interesting.” (sorry, transiting Mercury on my Mars is making me facetious)
        Of course, the notion of original ideas is a fallacy. I believe there is some sort of sphere of ideas that rain down on our heads and we are there to pick them up and channel them, and if you get one and don’t follow it, someone else will.I know this has been discussed on another Darkstar thread, was it to do with Varuna? If you’re working on something and somebody else is doing the same thing it shows you’re on the right track. 100th monkey and all that. People really do come up with the same tune at the same time.
        In the Renaissance, artists had a limited choice of subject matter, but every Madonna or Crucifixion is obviously unique according to each painter and the ideas they were developing.
        The hardest lesson to learn is that one is simply a channel for ideas and what we give them is our voice.

  130. Remember on a personal level to reflect on important (maybe repeated) life lessons the universe could be trying to teach you. This time around if you haven’t changed your ways- the consequences could be more more severe and difficult to learn by. NO GOING BACK!! Other planets give warnings to change. These don’t mess around. Changing ways that one is set in is difficult on ones own because its… change. Unknown. Scary. Think of these planets as the parents who get tired of you whining about not being able to swim after they’ve tried other teachers so they just push you in and watch you teach yourself. Yeah… I’m feeling it. Things from my past are popping up all around as reminders of what I might need to take into consideration when reflecting. Things I need to acknowledge, forgive and let go. Change is coming. And we’re practically given the answers. We just have to be able to admit when we’re wrong… and then change it. Not try the SAME answer again. Sometimes its a COMPLETELY different answer. Sometimes it’s a -slightly- different answer. Be still and listen 😀

  131. Ereshnu,

    Sorry you feel insulted. That might be part of the blame/affrontery package. Cherry picking to support your beliefs will maintain them and if that’s what you want, so be it. I wouldn’t want to change your mind. The bigger picture can be narrowed by the human eye. The lens is yours or mine to pull focus through but the picture was painted by a larger hand. Perhaps its too big a canvas for mere mortals.

  132. Hi all, great website you have here, keep it up!

    Apart from this ongoing square we also now have Neptune in Pisces where it naturally rules, which is opposite to where it was in the early 1930s, Yes to see this strong energy from Pluto & Uranus operating now with Neptune running at maximum influnece as opposed to the different effect it had in the sign of the worker (Virgo)of the early 1930s. One could speculate that compassion for humanity (Pisces) will be the “smoother” in all this strong energy from the Pluto Uranus square. Whatever the outcome, its what we get for being alive today….

    • It’s worth remembering the lesser acknowledged side of Pisces, blind devotion or fanaticism.

      • Thats true, but its up to each individual to make that decision and therein is the difficulty, that is, if they don’t have the “herd” mentality. You could also apply blind devotion or fanaticism in a similar way to Sagittarius as that sign has a reputation for being very stubborn with philosophical and religious matters too.

        • Yes indeed. We have seen the fanaticism of Sag while Pluto was there. The sight of bearded men toting guns shouting at The Great Satan, Eco nazis, yes Pluto squared itself and Uranus in Virgo while in Sag… All with some sort of principle to uphold. Piscean fanaticism was seen in the early Christian movement at the beginning of the age and maybe a background for the search for mystical truths.
          I have just watched a clip of prof Gerald Pollack revealing the nature of water and the role of electricity in water… It’s raining again here in England!

    • I really agree with everything you say above. this is not 1930s Germany and never will be. I have great faith in that Pisces Neptune and Uranus in Aries is electrically pioneering and transformational and that is what is revolutionary about the internet. I think these are fantastic dynamic times that plead with us to have a connection to GOD. I send prayers and healing to all affected by the Aurora Co event. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

  133. Thank you for posting the info … interesting in comparing with the current movements in USA and around the world. When Rebecca mentions the Kings and execution – brings to mind either Barack Obama and some of the population who have made comments about assassination and another possibility Syrians King … Global uprising think Syria, Iran, Egypt, North Korea, Israel and continued of destabilization all around. The markets, banking and financial sectors are unstable. I believe it and the housing market will be taking another drop here in the next 6 months. The Political infighting is really hot there is fluctuation on the internet chatter – it was up over the last couple of days and seems to have went silent this afternoon … I expect it to return. There are religious differences that has a definite line between the extreme right of Christian religion and the others who want to move forward socially (gay, women, abortion, social programs) with varying in religious beliefs – these issues started when GW Bush came into office and has escalated in the political playground with the extreme creating and repealing laws taking away rights (women – abortion laws, equal pay etc…) There are several Religious perspectives everything from a new birth group that claims a date around the Winter Solstice as what they believe is the birth of a new age, extreme Christian who believe God gave us the USA as a Christian Country, Mormon take over theory, younger generation seem to be persuaded by the Libertarian Party. There are also some radical militant fractions out there who have been organizing in this country. Political polarization … no matter who wins the election – I believe that there will be a big fight – mainly the extreme Christian right and the Social reformers (progressives) there has been and up surge now that the election is getting closer. We also have seen the fires in CO & WY … one astrologer was mentioned that with the Neptune influences look for more weather issues dealing water. I can also tell you that the groups have also become very polarized in their beliefs and each side believing the other is delusion or as some would say “what Kool-aide you been drinking” …. no compromising here. However I believe the Phoenix will rise from the ashes. Probably be a push before the election and then continues for the next several years…. interesting to see your information above and the comparison …. the Progressive movement has started back up … think Teddy Roosevelt era…

    • I’m so intrigued by Barrack Obama.

      I’ll try and find the source but I recently read the word barrack (baraq??) meant light – can’t remember which tongue… naughty UQW didn’t make a note…
      Anyway, Obama is only a B away from Osama.
      Im trying to take a really neutral view of everything these days… trying to create a dispassionate balance… but then I would! I have my stellium progressed into Libra!

      I love your comments about groups who have become polarised in their opinions!

      As I type this – an idea comes to mind. There is a process in magick whereby to create the “zone” for the magic to take place, a clearing has to occur. This can be done by the fusion of opposites e.g seeing two sides of the same coin (you get to choose the coin!) to create the neutral state.

      Looking at the massive differences in meaning between PLuto in Cap and Uranus in Aries – these are sooo polarised in meaning – one is deep rooted establishment in EVERYTHING (apply not jus to gvts but to the personal root chakra and extrapolate) the other is a lightning bolt from the sky god. That’s not very cuddly either but if we meditate on both, we find ourselves (ooopss.. I slipped into the Royal We!)
      Anyway, root chakra, against crown chakra?
      Where is the middle ground? The heart. And this is where we have to place `neptune??? compassion over fanaticism?
      And so the phoenix can rise.

      • a little arabic lesson. 😀 obama is not an arabic name- it is probably swahili. barak however is an arabic (and swahili) name– technically should be spelled with a q not a k– and its root means flash, as in a flash of lightning. al- buraq is the name of the creature that gabriel brought to take mohamed (in a flash) on his night journey from mecca to ‘the farthest mosque’ to the 7 heavens. it is the same creature (ship?) that- eons before islam- took abraham back and forth between his two wives. barak spelled with a k means he blessed and is not commonly a name. light in arabic is noor– the name eleanor (and variations) is of arabic origin, as are many names that begin with al or el.

        no comment yet on the astrology as i’m still trying to get my head around why ‘we’ are not precessing the zodiac!!!! i watched the moon beautiful in very early virgo last night, tho the chart said it had already entered libra. mars was to the west of it. pluto reached opposition late june and is just off galactic center in sag. uranus is in pisces. wtf?!! i post the fagan-bradley chart which agrees closely with reality: http://www.astronomy.com/stardome.aspx

        btw- i pulled obama’s charts- western geo and fagan-bradley. try the fagan-bradley when thinking of him– cancer sun, cap rising. that’s obama. not leo, aqu rising.

        i will convert you! lol 😀

        • That’s interesting. Obama and Osama are, you have to admit, eerily close!
          Swahili is spoken in Kenya, where Barack senior is from; its also spoken in Somalia. I’m not up on Bantu (swahili being a Bantu tongue) pronunciation. Its Xhosa (clicks) or zulu where I live – so its possible there’s a connection. African pronunciations are weird to a westerner! Hluhluwe… is not pronounced how it looks!
          I’m going to do my own chart Fagan Bradley style and see what comes up!

          • @UQW – OMG!! You are in the continent I spent three formative years of my childhood in and in a smal deep part of my heart I am still there – which country?

            • I live mostly in CApe Town but I’m here in the UK for a few months.

            • So are you going to The Gathering? Be nice to put a face to a name if you are, if not well maybe we’ll meet another time, day, life…

          • ubq- let me know. i’m pretty sure i’ve posted before i’d always thought of myself as libra cap rising, but virgo sag rising fits better (i have less excuses! lol!). and the mars position (from pis to aqu) is also more fitting. as i said, still trying to get my head around it. 😀

            • Weeellll I came up almost all Cancer – with Leo rising rather than Leo Virgo rising – but it just doesn’t compute for me. I remember someone called Peter Simester (sp?) did a chart thus for me years ago and I always wondered but al the saturnian events of my life seem confirmed in the tropical chart.
              As I’ve got a stellium from 13 Leo to 26 with six planets in it, its pretty easy to see if it scans the other way. Furthermore I just don’t look Cancerian and with all those planets n Cancer i think I’d look different?

        • well, i post the chart of july 24. the link is for a very good night sky program.

        • Sounds a bit like the vedic system of using sidereal time, interesting, but for me, both systems have been tried and tested and worked out to be pretty much the same in terms of personality/destiny definition..

  134. Uranus in Aries prefers to renew with an impatient character, Pluto in Capricorn is in need of transforming the old structures. But the old ones don’t want to lose their power, even in a new system. But, as we know, the cosmic law is the true law and the old ones got afraid, so they created the economic and financial crises, thinking that they can direct the world with their power and stolen money. I’m not concerned about what I see on the news, but more about what is not told. In september we’re gonna have elections in Holland, and the former prime minister and another Dutch politican were invited at the Bilderbergs in Virgina, to discuss what? They refused to give any information about their visit. So, of course Uranus wil succeed in renewing, but there’s gonna be a lot of break-pulling, politically, but also the use of invisible black magic which is used on a large scale by the old ones,which should not be underestimated.

  135. Thank you for such a great expansive article…truly a landmark I am sharing widely. On another note..the first hit of the square JUNE 24

    the numerous people involved in the Aurora shooting who were 24 yrs old..including JH..I must have heard that age dozens of times…from victems to family members to other witnesses. For what its worth there is a big ringing 24 number thing going on

  136. DEar folks, you really blow my mind! Especially UWQ and Rachel with your amazing insights and life stories..
    I am due for a major personal transformation, Neptune in a very tight opp.to my Sun (at 3d.in the first house), Tr.Lilith just separated from conj.to my natal moon,( 21d 36′ tau. in the tenth hou), Tr.N.node sq.my Sun, Uranus is quincunx/inconj. my nat. venus(7d.vir. in 1st hou)Pluto trine my venus but Tr.Saturn is inconj.my progr.Moon in 5th, just next to cusp, by 30mins!; now THAT bit I’m not sure the implications of, I can only guess that I have a lot to learn, especially that I’ve been ‘losing’ a lot of my things lately and many plans not working out the way i expected, plus the ‘vant to be alone’ factor vs.need company, but not willing/unmotivated to go out of my way to get it – erghh!

    • Sophia – I can really relate to “I cant to be alone!” – your tr Saturn inconj natal Moon.
      I really like the idea of company at the moment – but can’t be arsed much to create it! Having said that I use had a fantastic reunion with some old friends I bumped into by chance. Perhaps this is the way?
      I went to Damon Albarn’s opera on Dr Dee – Elizabeth 1’s alchemist and there they were! I also bumped into a woman I am doing chaos magic with – neither of us knew the other was going! Long story short, I made a reconnection to my “soul group” re the other friends!
      I think in this weird time we find ourselves in, we are filtering energies which are important and those which are superfluous.
      I sort of sent a vibe out for people who can help me over people who drain me and lo!!
      I love the sound of your transformation. don’t worry about the saturn moon thing – lots of Venus energy! I had a knock on my door once (during a PLuto saturn square period) and the most handsome man I have ever “known” was on the other side! We ended up together for two years – behind my closed doors enjoying the riches of the transit!

      • I went to Dr Dee too!! part of a most awesome weekend as I saw Patti Smith the next day. Going alone to a festival is worth a try if you want company but can’t be arsed to interact.
        I’m experiencing this transit personally, as an Arien, and kind of don’t want it to stop, would paricularly like Uranus to station indefinitely on my sun – it tingles!

        • Did you like it? I loved it! I’m a huge fan of Dr Dee anyway. I used to live very near where he lived. I’m going to go back there and do a little recce to find out exactly where it was. I looked at some old maps and see there was a “malting house” where there is now a brewery and there used to be a church, where he was buried but its gone now??
          I love that idea of going to a festival alone! Company but not involvement. An event and nothing more! Uranus conj sun makes me nervous! I won’t get it till I’m 80 something… maybe ascension day for me!

          • Yes, I thought it was exquisite, not a dull moment, Albarn’s musical imagination just breathtaking.I did rather want to tap people on the shoulder to ask if they were witches!
            I think Alan Moore put him up to it, he’s quite an authority on Dee, and also psychogeography – hope you find something!
            I can only speak personally but, as Patti says
            “Ride the electric whirlwind up into the stratosphere!” oh and I developed a hyena-like cackle but at 80 that shouldn’t matter.

  137. I have an inveterate aversion to airy technology (astrological basis, I prefer fire/water), but this stream of comments has been so interesting and has led to so many good thoughts, I had to post. Lots of comments I could make, but the other day I said to an astrologer friend of mine, “You know, our souls bend light,” and she was literally stunned for about 30 sec, “That’s why some people/places practically emanate a time warp and others are so adamant that their astrology is off.” Just a hint, in my view all of this is malleable and can be made more so (someone said black magic?), even past events can be modified.

    kin 14 magnetic wizard,

    for all you mayan scholars out there, I am from a long line of mayan priests/scholars/warriors/sorcerors, watch out!

    they were/are very, very, very smart and wonderful people
    very interesting who is floating around on the planet just now…

    • I, myself, am a modelling galactic seed. My guide is the Star. My Mastery is the Moon, in order to bring the Wizard from the Blue! Family signs: serpent, torment, night!


    • Hellow Mr Magnetic Wizard. I am Ms. Magnetic Wizard. I find your cryptic comment about beding light both resonant and confuzing. Care to elaborate what you mean? One must be QUITE present to bend light on any large scale. But you seemed to speak of people and, odly, places. Sedona perhaps? After my trip there last fall that’s my best guess as a good place. Thanks for any response.

  138. What colour magnetic wizard?
    I’m a kin 76 Yellow spectral warrior. My own power doubled and driven by the red serpent, a bit like you!
    I think light bends souls – somewhere in the middle is the magick.

    • All wizards are white, as all warriors are yellow, as are seeds, humans, and stars. 😉

  139. Yeah, it’s a give and take.

    76! uber queen of wands is right! Or is it maces?

    I am white magnetic wizard, also sometimes black and sometimes red. Occasionally blue.

    I am driven by the Cosmic Hand, the serpent is my constant companion.

    cosmic skywalker precedes magnetic wizard, followed by lunar eagle.

  140. The June uranus and pluto square happened also during when that sociopath shot all of those people watching Batman in that Colorado theater.

    • Thanks, before I update with the September Uranus Pluto square, I’ll add this too a list of major events from the June square.

  141. “One more point of interest is that Ceres is conjunct the May 2012 Solar Eclipse degree making it especially significant. Ceres, as the ruler of cereal crops, may indicate that the simmering food supply issue becomes more prominent later this year.”

    The drought in USA should have some effect on global food supplies. Also note that Jupiter was conjunct Ceres as it entered the retrograde zone on July 10.

    • Yes, on US crops for cereal! But also the Plutonian influence of so many contaminated food sources. Lettuce contaminated according to news reports, and so many fruits and veg just not good! Disturbing to consider all. Even on a personal level – first time in years, I yielded no tomatoes from my little garden. On a brighter note, zuccini squash very small, but tasty, so nature provides. All around either drought, flood or fire. It is getting scary out here.

      • Hades is also at the Antiscia degree of Ceres. I believe she (and the collective we of her) can see what has happened to the crops; increasingly more people are becoming intolerant to wheat & gluten and just have to change their diets to heal themselves.

        In the discovery chart of Eris, Pluto is at 23 Sagittarius, antiscia with Pluto at 7 Capricorn. Goddess of Discord, Dwarf Planet Quaoar is also currently conjunct asteroid Narcissus at 23 Sagittairus. Quaoar is another planet associated with death and rebirth situations; not destructive but harmonious revolutions which encourage us to release, heal painful situations and surrender to the natural order of creative forces. Quaoar is named after the creator God of the Tongva, manifestation of coherent order on the material plane; he aligns us with our inner connection to source, the timeless zone of all that is and ever will be, and leads us back through the inevitable chaos, with “pennies from heaven” so that we can bank them on Earth School for the benefit of all humanity. Obviously anyone trapped in their own narcissistic world who believes the world revolves around them is in for a bit a shock, non-community oriented ego’s, will suffer!

        Mirror, mirror on the Wall, who is the most beautiful of them all? Would Paris still choose to give that Golden Apple to Aphrodite and have the most beautiful woman in the World fall in love with him, hmm I wonder?

        The New Moon this month was at 23 Virgo and Snow White’s Discovery Chart Announcement chart has Makemake at 23 Virgo; both of the events are in antiscia degrees with the Uranus/Pallas conjunction. Makemake is another dwarf planet who teaches verbal self-assurance; Uranus won’t stand for anything but genuine, honest communication here. The days of fogging people off with fancy words is over, I think everyone is full to bursting of facts being wholly distorted and used to manipulate the masses and each other, the days of patriarchal bullshit are swiftly coming to an end.

        As they say on Avatar – I SEE YOU – Pandora 24 Libra antiscia with Chiron/Teharianhiawako 6 Pisces

        • “The young maiden Pallas conjunct Uranus is leading the fight for reform and freedom, armed with a uni degree, the smart phone, and the power of social networking… The radical feminist Lilith appears to be somewhat sidelined in this debate, she is struggling to be heard down with the South Node.”

          I agree with Carolyn that Uranus won’t stand for anything but genuine, honest communication here. However in my opinion, the days of fogging people off with feminist fancy words is over and as everyone is full to bursting of facts being wholly distorted and used to manipulate the masses and each other, it will mean that the days of feminist bs are swiftly coming to an end.

          I think that in western countries where feminists are extremely powerful, it will be women who will lead the way to break down misconceptions which will hopefully bring much needed advocacy for men and a revolution regarding what masculinity means. It’s timely that Hanna Rosin’s new book “The End of Men: And the Rise of Women” is getting lots of media coverage this week and bringing awareness about the changing social/economic/gender dynamics in America. http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2010/07/the-end-of-men/308135/

      • I’m in Whitstable in Kent UK. I grow my own veg on an allotment it has been a really bad year. Friends in Wales and London are all disappointed with their crops too. Everything is about a month late. Our tomatoes all over my allotment site were ruined. Tomato blight came early and the tomatoes themselves came late. The early beans and peas I planted did amazing well but as from June onwards we all began to notice it was all going a bit wrong……There has been a lot of grumbling but most people do agree that they still have quite a bit of food in their freezers 🙂 🙂
        So glad you have helped me make sense of what happened. Thank you.

  142. I have to admit, some of these comments tickled me. It’s really about looking inward of the self. Dercern of ego.
    As for me, Feb. Pisces Cusp and my roots do go far back as Pagan’s which my roots are Greeko-Romano and as I Am Pisces, that great gift of feeling the earth, and feeling the emotions of others.

    So less about me, but more of what I know that is coming….I saw the “smooth Talking Guru” wording, but to be honest, that is one of our major changes that will occur. We will see the downfall of all Religions, and more of the Spirit/Spiritual self.

    Right now, I Am working on feeling all types of relationships. I pretty much have the pass to create all that I create, so I Am manifesting a lot of things to come true. Right now, it’s being in nature.

    I have noticed animal’s seem to know exactly what I speak when we lock eyes. Nature also has a way of changing colors in front of me, however colors I want, but that have to be of natural-nature. I can’t make a forest turn purple. LOL

    So far, watching all the hell on earth, I knew these things to come true, but we all have to turn away from that, from our minds and go into the recreated light earth, where more time and space is slow and full of everything.

    Let’s see what happens in May 2013!!!

    • I understand what you are saying and I also believe we are being brought to a place our Spirituality /Spirit Self will evolve for the good of the planet.

  143. Thankyou very much, Jamie!

    It´s a refined tool to face that day/cosmic atmosphere until the next hitting. Have to digest very much, though!

    Tomorrow, Saturn transit cusp. Feel heavy.

  144. Has anyone noticed what’s going on here in Canada? Our PM is unbelievably smug and arrogant. He’s eliminated all the photos of the earlier PM’s in the house of commons and replaced them with his photos. He refuses to follow the rules of parliament and his party is being investigated for certain election fraud, which is how he got his majority government. He’s muzzled all the scientists and dismantled all the environmental review boards. He was quoted as telling the US Chamber of Commerce that we would not recognize Canada when he’s through with his agenda and I’m afraid he’s right. We’ve already had our international reputation sullied by his behavior. This seems like a Pluto/Uranus problem to me. When will it end?

  145. Jamie!

    Zaniah, the fixed star appears to grades away of my IC, which is in Libra.

    What would that mean? I read Robson link, though it only says about the planets and not the geometric cross.


  146. Jamie,

    This may have been addressed many comments ago, so apologies if so.

    Why did you use a heliocentric chart for the 11/23/13 aspects? It shifts the degrees from 9 to 11 (Aries-Cap-Cancer) for the Uranus-Pluto-Jupiter square then. I don’t use heliocentric, so am curious as to why you did in this case.

    Best Regards,

    • It’s worth looking at heliocentric charts for these big aspects between outer planets. Mainly because it takes retrograde motion out of the equation and you end up with just one single event, instead of seven in this case. Some mundane astrologer pay a lot of attention to this method believing it’s more accurate for predictions geological events too.

      • This makes some sense. I’ve just noticed AstroDienst has a heliocentric ephemeris. I didn’t realize this was so widely used. You noted its use for examining the outer planet aspects. Would you ever use it for a personal natal ? It shifts positions/aspects quite radically.

        Ed Falis had noted some time back that our zodiac interpretations are based on the geo-centric model, therefore wouldn’t apply to a heliocentric model. When Ed speaks, I listen, so I stopped thinking about the heliocentric potential applications.

        • I have looked into my natal heliocentric chart, and found it very enlightening though unsettling. Deeper soul level stuff especially when using the fixed stars. It works on the theory that the energy of the stars comes to us via the Sun. I even lived by that chart for a number of months following transits. Pretty mind blowing. If you want a real eye opening then try conception heliocentric. That did my head in!

          Ed is right as usual. With these charts it is very personal and you will see things that only you can work out and you can’t rely on interpretations from books or anyone else (for aspects and sign). You can however get insight from the fixed stars but remember it is not so much about the here and now but what your soul has been through.

          • Unsettling, to say the least! The Grand Cross has dissolved ~ in 3 cases I’ve glanced at. How would I negotiate life without it anymore, LOL!

            I see how the outers, starting with Jupiter really, are in similar (though not exact)positions with the geocentric placements. The inner zoomers are quite differently placed. Helio Mars is moving toward a conjunction with the GC in Sagg, helio style. I’ll keep my third eye on this!

            Thanks for your replies, Jamie. I appreciate the “soul” perspective in play here, on examination of the natals I glanced at. With the current, accumulating action/adventure mode around the globe (Libya yesterday, Yemen today) the Uranian-Plutonian soul-square seems to be kicking into play, just in time for our upcoming transits this month. Mid-week next week is looking more than interesting.

            Another note on the “helio” outers. Their degree positions shift, but only by enough degrees to remind us how long-term their transiting affects are. Whatever happens most immediately with Uranus-Pluto must be considered in the broader context of their slower moving, but widely affective orbs.

          • the draconic chart is said to be most useful for ‘soul’ issues. astro.com does them. the north node is positioned at 0 aries. you can pull a chart with geo/sidereal in one ring and draconic the other. this is a good way to see what you’re really stuck with and what is perhaps just your perception/programming. an intro here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dp-vA6UkD6k

            • The Uranus Pluto square will be triggered by the FM Sept. 30 at 7 deg. Aries
              Explosive FM.

            • Thanks for the utube link, Gina. I’ve never looked at the Draconic before.

              The Uranus-Pluto square is currently on my nodes (the final transit on a host of early cardinal points of the chart). Sensing what my soul needs during the past four years of the Pluto transit has been of utmost importance.

              I’m an astrological soul-food junkie!

  147. I would greatly appreciate knowing if I should brace myself or not. My ex is having colon cancer surgery on the 19th. He’s Gemini. Uranus will conjunct his natal Mars (8th), Saturn will conjunct his NN (2nd). His Pluto is 0 degrees Virgo. Seriously folks, I’m Scorpio in the 9th – I can take the truth regarding possibilities. Much gratitude for any info.

    • I had this operation back in late March with horrid transits. I don’t think you would ever expect to have “nice” transits for such a thing so not to worry. Get him on protein shakes and “greens” powder when he gets home.

  148. I have a court date with my soon to be ex. I have Uranus conj Pluto in my 6th. (10/12/67 dst washington dc). I know it will be intense but I am not fearing it. Anything I need to know?

  149. It has been computed that the Milky Way Galaxy is on a collision course into Andromeda. This will smash hundreds of planets and as the Black Holes of the two Galaxies converge stars will be swept out of being. This is an obvious event and every civilization in both Galaxies has already had time to begin looking around the Cluster for alternate habitats and this can fuel many interstellar wars for millions of years. I have adverses on site up to 3003 and do straight interpolative mundane destruction prediction, the main thing about the Uranus/Pluto as you will see is the beautiful photographs you can take as it gives the landscape a unique eldritch quality. Earth by the way is in the Galactic Rim. Much might depend on the orientation of the Earth to the collision front. We totally ought to get over intending to build starships and be good at it yesterday.

  150. After 3 years my girlfriend has ended our relationship by email I am in a gay relationship – I would like to know if there is any thing I can do to make her see sense -This has been totally unexpected and I woul think of mysekf as intuitive-She is a Libra I am a Scorpio thankyou

    • As a Libran with a Scorpio ascendant, I can verily say that your ‘girlfriend’ will definitely “see sense”. Continue to use and refine your intuition.

  151. This feels kind of swirling (the next step).

    Keep grounded: in my heart (when not going into my head). And with my feelings (I wish me that!).

    I do ask myself “What do I feel?”. In order to keep earth under my feet, though feel intensly moved: I have been sending cv´s all around (but no answers yet). And I still don´t like at all that the co. has made some renounce to our well settled job, in order to contract us by outsourcing in a honorary section (while the high hierarchies at least one hundred with three ceros).

    They did not get the contracts (we did what we had to do, way on…). And they cut heads, instead of asking themselves which strategy should they change. They took ten to make them scapegoats 15 days ago!

    And many remaining are asked to remain with just-enough-to-live salaries, without any kind of protection (golden years… forget it!). But they travel, they come and go, they eat in expensive restaurants…

    Society should be in the road of equalizing and they are not doing so. They blame the bases, do not recognize their mistakes and just go on living that way and finding more scapegoats.

    My brother -the one who kept our inheritance three times… three!- was telling me yesterday that we all are so much ungrateful; because “I always have given you money, for which ever reason”. Wow! And I only called him to know how was the second payment related to my mother´s apartament (in which he lives, 3 years ago! Paying no rent at all!).

    He said that he did not mind at all that we called him just to ask for money (I beg your pardon!). That what really hurts him is that we even do this quarrel all the time and that he was not ready to bear that.

    OMG! Is that twisting reality, or what?!

    I feel sad, burdened and frustrated.

    What do I do to change that? What should I do to avoid people that take the floor under my feet? How to stablish a better and different earth down of my feet?


    And sad also because on the top, the confused one… is me!

    (Want to cry!).

    • Thanks for the links, Barb. Disturbing, disturbing news.

      ~ ~ ~

      I suffered a long day of anxiety and protest with my son, yesterday. We did manage to negotiate a peace-treaty by late last evening. He’s 17 and thinks I shouldn’t be concerned about his academic performance at this point. I’d received a letter from an advisor that several steps in a long-term project are past due. I assured my son that I am responsible for minding him, as long as e-mails are streaming to me, and as long as he’s still eating my mashed potatoes and asking me for accessories.

      The day started with Uranian surprises, yet ended with a Pluto evolution of our relationship going forward this school year.

  152. I cannot afford to purchase an in depth analysis at this time in my life. I don’t know enough about astrology yet to interpret my chart, any input is appreciated. I will remain forever grateful.

  153. Jodi ~ that’s a humdinger Capricorn stellium in the 3rd with Pluto pummeling its way through for a long while to come. There’s a great tension here, via the opposition to Jupiter & Chiron in 9th house near the MC. Because of the dense earth in the 3rd, with natal Pluto in Scorpio, sextiling, I’d guess your heavily involved with research into human psychology, archeology, anthropology or journalism. You’re an intellectual excavator, and with the opposition to Jupiter-Chiron in Cancer, you’re concerned with issues of global-universal human nature. Your Sagg.sun ruler, Jupiter is in its natural house so you possess a broad-minded philosophical nature, which via Chiron is dedicated to an involvement with mankind; with healing. Chiron is very closely opposed to Mercury conjunct Saturn. Your mind runs steady and deep, involved with “excavation” interests.

    I’d suspect, at your age, the Pluto-Uranus square (Uranus now transiting your 6th house) is placing a lot of pressure on whether you stay on a particular course of study/career ~ or switch into new fields/theories. The 6th house is the area of skills acquisition. Uranus should be placing new opportunities or points of view for you to pursue at this time. Its transiting square to Pluto has you in a spot where certain foundations must be revised in order to incorporate the New-Ranian opportunities.

    Your Saturn in Cap is a damned-hard-worker-bee. (I am one). Because Saturn operates so diligently, consistently, scheduled and structured for you, it may seem difficult to imagine how to re-structure your life to include new options. Remember this ~ Saturn is not your mentor; it is your tool. Your Moon in Virgo, with lovely aspects to the opposition points, is quite capable of negotiating/planning in the winds of change. Saturn in Cap works well with an organized leader !

    Have you considered posting your chart for glances to these aspects, on the AstroDienst forum ? The top two threads are designed for charts and questions like yours. Send a note here if you need help with a post there; and please let me know if I got any of this reading right !


    • Moira,
      Thank you, yes you are actually very right. I am quite intrigued. I enjoyed your website & the youtube video as well. I do want to post to the other discussion forums & would need the links to do so. One other question I have is if my chart reveals anything in the area of love. I am a lesbian, curious if that plays a factor. Ive accepted my calling and think I definitely have discovered my purpose & am pprepared to waot for love until I begin fullfilling it.

      • A general sweep of your chart does not indicate that personal relationships are a focus for you. I’d have to look into some other factors to assess what might also be residing in your 7th house. Suffice that with Uranus approaching the DSC into the 7th house, squaring Pluto ~ there will be action/adventure on that front for several years ! But, this doesn’t mean personal relationships are your most pressing concern.

        Here’s a link to the “Please Read My Chart” sector of AstroDienst’s forum. You don’t have to be a paid member to utilize the forum, but admin. might ask you to set-up a log-in page. I forget, and what I knew then might have changed. It’s been a few weeks … hah !! There’s an option to “Start New Topic” at the top of that page. The next button is rather key, “Notification” as it lets you get responses to your thread, or any other one your interested in, in your e-mail. If you decide to start a thread, be as specific as possible in your title. Astro-trollers like myself waltz by threads that are too generic. 🙂

        Thanks for your response, and for looking me up. My writing blog’s been dead in the water for several months, but I know it is waiting there for me, when I arrive!


    • Barb, thanks again.

      Pretty scary incitement, I’d say! Glad I do live somewhat far afield of NYCity. But that doesn’t diminish my anxiety, as I do have fond friends there.

      From the article, on balance:
      [quote]Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for the Council on American Islamic Relations, told Sky News: “Our basic position is that the first amendment means that everyone is free to be a bigot or even an idiot like Pamela Geller.[/quote]

      I can’t help but agree. Just because one has the right and means to spout like a fool, doesn’t mean they’re not a fool. I think her campaign is dangerous and inflammatory, and therefore socially irresponsible. I hope she’s up to the burden, if riots enflame in the City next week.

  154. After reading this article I can totally see how Uranus/Pluto has been affecting goings on in my world. I cannot sign into my hotmail account…all day I keep getting a screen that says “something went wrong, try again later”, then all the people I needed to call today where mysteriously deleted from my contacts…on the good side 7 women came together at my place for a paleo cooking demonstration and we talked about recent blowouts with husbands and our wanting to change our lifestyles…ect….

    On another note, I have always wanted to get an in depth chart reading, but I do not know the exact time I was born (it is not on my birth certificate and my mom does not remember-all she says is that I was born at dawn—hence my name!!). I’ve been told that I could never get a good reading if I don’t have it…any suggestions?
    Thank you,

  155. With my Libra Sun in ?8 or 9 degree Libra, am wondering to what extent I ‘ride this all through’ and to what extent I might help to be innovative…

  156. Jamie: my birthday was Sept 19 (four planet stellium in Virgo Pluto-Uranus-Mercury-Sun conjunct this month’s new moon and my second house cusp). Now: late next week – right on the dastardly Pluto-Uranus-Sun T-bone – I hear back from a significant person regarding a CRITICAL project I have been working on for over two years. (I have no planets in cardinals, although Uranus is currently trining my asc. at loose orb, and Pluto is sextiling my Venus perfectly.) Yes, he’s a much older Aries (hello Uranus!). The timing was beyond my control – he announced that he’s away until then. “Great,” I thought. “Just great.” Because, of course, Neptune in my sixth for 16 years was a nightmare, and I’m trying to get my work life back on track. Help?

  157. How do these Uranus Square Pluto Dates affect people who have birthdays on or around those specific dates?

    • The energy of the Uranus-Pluto square will become part of their solar return chart for the year. No one gets out alive ! I’ve had a pretty trippy week with early Cardinal chart friends ~ lots of tension and anxiety, but also a lot of love. The Libran Sun now in play.

      This square is playing out on a generalized, global level ~ but it does stick on a personal level if you’ve got Cardinal signs at the earlier to mid-degrees.

      Thank the stars, I’m alive and well to watch these transits as it finally passes over my final nodal degrees. I truly was not sure I’d make it out of the bunker.

      A pleasant solstice to all, despite the global tensions.