Tony Abbott Horoscope

Tony Abbott Horoscope

Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott is a religious man, educated at Catholic schools, he has studied at seminary college to be a priest, written for The Catholic Weekly as a journalist, and during his political career has always worn his religion on his sleeve. A quick look at his astrology chart reveals several reasons for his fundamentalist religious views, which have earned him the nick name The Mad Monk.

The Ascendant (AC) represents the physical expression of the soul. The strength of Tony Abbott’s soul comes from the fixed star Vindemiatrix conjunct the AC. This star, on a par with Algol for its evil influence, has earned the common name The Widow Maker. It causes disgrace, falsity, sarcasm, skepticism, polemics, depression and nervous irritability, but good concentration and a powerful mind. It has the Arabic name Al Muredin, meaning  The One Sent Forth in the Faith. So this missionary star, is in part, responsible for Abbott’s strong religious calling.

Tony Abbott Horoscope

Tony Abbott Horoscope

Tony Abbott Horoscope

This nature also comes from his Sun and North Node on the fixed star Acrux giving a deeply religious nature with theosophical interests. The Midveaven (MC) represent the career or calling. MC conjunct the fixed star Sirius gives high office under government.

The Moon at the focal point of a Yod aspect pattern means that Tony is a spiritual warrior with a specific karmic mission to complete. To aid him in this religious task, the Moon conjunct the fixed star Deneb Kaitos makes him reckless and headstrong with a violent temper.

Source for the time of birth in the Tony Abbott horoscope comes via Sydney astrologer Ed Tamplin: “Tony Abbott was born at 4 am in London, on November 4 1957”. World Predictions 2013. Ed Tamplin has explained to me that the time was found by a member of the AANSW, and confirmed to Ed by a student of his who had talked to an immediate family member of Tony Abbott.

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  1. Thank goodness the astrology does not support him. His entire philosophy would attempt to send us so far backwards. Trivia regards our new neighbours with their humongous cross at the back of the house. We had a politicians door knock a few weeks ago, where the underlings were asking what policies are the most important to us. We said our piece about health and cost of living but he was distracted, our poor young door knocker. Apparently, he was that stunned at the vehement anger directed towards him about gay marriage and that they will be basing their entire vote on whatever party is against it.

    Nice :S

  2. Hello

    This article about Tony Abbott is a good way for me to get to know a bit more about politics today in Australia…

    Fantastic again this fixed star above his sun! Very illustrative.

    With his load in Scorpio, he seems the kind of dangerous and persistant candidate to deal with.

    His religious turn and his view in favor of a constitutional monarchy make him especially strange to me (even if this political placement makes sense,in the present world economic turmoil… in a rather cynical way).

    – Pluto, ruling his planets in Scorpio could (as you wrote about… scrutinity) strike again on family… as it dit in the past (the false child affair).

    – As Uranus (active in the main cosmic configuration), in echo with his square Sun/Uranus (especially with Uranus in Leo, evoquing possibilities of family scandal).

  3. @Karen
    I’m still out of the country so am missing all the news, thankfully.

    So interesting that Julia is an athiest and Tony is deeply religious. He has some extreme views on moral issues which are reflected in his policies, eg marriage, abortion, stem cell research. I wonder if these issues will come up in the campaign?

  4. Tsilikat :

    – As Uranus (active in the main cosmic configuration), in echo with his square Sun/Uranus (especially with Uranus in Leo, evoquing possibilities of family scandal).

    I didn’t mention about his Sun being tightly square Uranus. That would make his religious views (Sun on Acrux) controversial. I don’t think they would be very popular with the majority of women, and transiting Uranus is square his Venus for this election too.

  5. @Jamie

    You’re not missing much thus far, just a bit of actual baby kissing. The debate is on tonight, so we get to watch the worm turn.

    His moral views are ridiculous and the fact that he is still in leadership of a major party going into an election with those views……is a concern. He should have been kicked to the kerb by his own ranks with his ‘sex before marriage’ warning.

    Regardless of who leads the boat though, the Libs have always been walking the weird side with religion, with their supposed connection with the Brethren cult and all. I have a healthy disrespect when I read or hear inklings such as these

    We are religiously relaxed in this country and it’s nice that way! It will be interesting to see what happens. I’ll pop in if anything cool unravels in the debate.

  6. Well, the worm was fairly predictable. Women love Julia and men do not. Men prefer Abbott and the women do not. She won the debate but it was fairly even all the way through, no intense personal attacks this time, but nothing really said either that we didn’t know. But as you say, the astrology is in her favour – however, I reckon it is going to be close, she was not as popular as I thought she would be.

    Does anyone have Bob Brown’s data? He wasn’t looking too healthy last image that I saw.

  7. Bob Brown has natal Sun opposite Saturn, and transiting Pluto is approaching his Sun.

  8. Sorry, should have googled that myself. Thanks and yuk, what a whacking his chart is under at the moment, no wonder he was looking peaked!

  9. A few days ago I attended the Qld. Greens election launch in Brisbane, and spoke personally with Bob Brown. He is in great spirits and said he felt very empowered. He gave a passionate and inspiring speech, showing that we do indeed have a visionary and real leader for Australia, with both practical and sustainable policies for our future.

    Unfortunately, both the old political parties and the mainstream media fear change, and thus fear the Greens. Outrageous that Bob was not a part of the “debate” on national TV.

    Greens’ preferences will determine the outcome of this election, which is likely to be Labor, with Greens holding the balance of power in the Senate, and perhaps at long last electing a Queenslander (Larissa Waters) to a Senate seat.

    Birthdate of the Australian Greens political party was in Sydney on 30 August 1992. I don’t know the time unfortunately.

  10. Just had a look at the Oz Green Party’s progressed chart and note that their p.Moon will be conjunct Australia’s p.Moon on 11 August, at 20 degrees 26 seconds of Taurus.

    Australia’s p.Ascendant is also close, at almost 23 degrees Taurus, and Australia’s p.Sun moves into Taurus on 24 August.

    Bob Brown has a 5 degree Taurus Ascendant.

    Hummm….food for thought?

  11. Oh great stuff kika! Must have just been really bad lighting on the day 🙂

  12. There will be a lot of votes heading the Green’s way from the NEW voters. My son just misses out, but there is a huge swing Bob’s way from his mates!

  13. @kika
    And he is a Capricorn. With all this Cardinal energy around and having Pluto on his side must mean something good!! 🙂

  14. Being a lifelong supporter of the Greens and seeing their profile with the electorate steadily increasing downunder, I have been looking at the Australian election with interest. So, here are some musings that will hopefully be of interest.

    To the Greens championing a corrective, forward looking and balanced healing vision, central to their cause and philosophy, is crucial and is certainly primed in the now. I wonder about the importance of Chiron, Neptune and Mercury in this. For Caroline Lucas, the UK’s (first) elected all out Green parliamentarian as head of the UK Green Party, their positive role was apparently born out.

    On the day of the UK election Caroline had trans Sun exact quinc natal Sun and trans Mercury exact quinc natal Mercury, with Sun also trine natal Mars : plenty of earthy Taurean energy igniting her communications and public persona with strong fresh problem solving energy, and this is in the midst of her Chiron return with trans Neptune conj natal Chiron : she actually did look and sound like a problem solver who could deliver through a personal vision that her local electorate (Brighton) could relate to and believe in. It won her the vote.

    With respect to the Australian elections, although Larissa Water’s chart cannot be calculated accurately for the inner planets without a TOB (unfound) the outer bodies can be placed with a degree of certainty. With an unconfirmed and speculative natal chart (I understand she is an Aquarian aged 33) she would have Saturn at mid Leo trine Neptune at mid Sag with Pluto sextiling both at the mid-point in mid Libra. Natal Uranus is mid Scorpio! With her NN at 28/27 Libra and her natal Chiron conj her SN in Aries the accomplished warrior/healing archetype and the visionary element will again be feeding in from trans Chiron/Neptune on Aus. election day. Natal Neptune would be activated during or v. near to the election day by transiting Moon. Of note, when Mars and Venus conjunct in Libra they will do so on or very near to her natal Pluto. This pairing also figures in Bob Browns chart.

    I feel it will be Bob Brown himself who will win the day for the Greens. His chart is so activated at present and up to/on election day. Mars and Venus are 2 degrees either side of natal Neptune on elec. day, a balanced vision – though, as this also feeds into natal Saturn (square) and natal Pluto (sextile) this may not be without questions around gender. Transiting Moon and Mercury will also both be squaring his nodal axis around election time.

    No doubt that the Greens will be highly energised to address the mistakes of the past with a corrective vision for the future; whether they are percieved to have policies capable of delivering beyond the rhetoric may be key – grounding is everything (Cap/Pluto). I just hope that prejudiced issues around sexuality do not mar the day and detract from the main agendas in this election.

  15. Well I hope you are wrong as Tony Abbott would be a great and generous leader, with passionate clear views and yes he ‘is a man of our times’, not forgetting he is a Rhodes Scholar. Quite refreshing actually.
    Where as Gullard is a devious cold cunning witch, an athiest and worse of all a FABIAN SOCIALIST. So.. why not crucify Gullard for being an ‘atheist’? with no spirituality, no religion, no soul. It was clear from the debate last week that there is a divide with voters, but moronically and predictably the troglodytes spout Gullard for what? being a woman? for ‘hating’ on Abbott for his conviction! how odd. Please people look through the smoke screens and look at the policies, the critical decisions about Australia’s future. I bet you don’t know what an ETS is and how much it is going to cost. I bet you don’t know the hell New Zealand has been is since 1st July with it. With Abbott we will avert a slide into a 1984 Orwellian future. Does Gullards chart show her incompetence over the BER the lies and cover ups, the back stabbing nature ousting Rudd? This week alone 2 scandals hitting Labor embarrassing Gullard… are these rats in her chart?

  16. @Sassy
    God help us. Have you read the socialist greens manifesto-charter?

  17. Emissions Trading Schemes have been running in the EU for the best part of the last decade – after some adjustments they have been shown to be effective and provide a priced based method that supports producers and consumers in the medium to long term.

    Yes, consumers appear to pay the cost initially, but the longer term benefits far outway the short-term pain to the pocket – If the price based cut in emissions is as successful as appears it will become the strongest market based tool for the India China emissions lobby – this is essential.

    New Zealand’s ETS is actually a ‘lite’ version – the price impact has been reduced, mainly after negotiation with Maori reps.. The main argument against New Zealand introducing ETS at all is that its own emissions amount to about 0.01 of the global output – any reductions would be almost unnoticable.

    However, regardless of the cynical nature of the prevailing political and economic double standards that so often have the person on the street on their backs, it is the political, moral and ethical gesture counts. This is not to reduce the fact that there is not a single country in the world that can argue effectively for exemption or be absolved of responsibility for contributing to greenhouse emissions – why should NZ be the exception? Rather it is showing, as a nation, a fine example.

    Please do not be so naive as to expect for any of us to escape the effects of our own over-polluting consumerism without paying some cost. ETS are immediate, achievable and carry the corrective process forward – which is also absolutely essential, even if it does not provide the perfect solution.

  18. Gillard has her Chiron return ongoing with DM Lilith conj her natal Chiron

    It wil not come as any surprise that righteous accusations of scandal, backstabbing and backlash are to follow her emergence at this time – she will be the obvious target for the barbs of misogynistic conservatism – personalised opportunistic flies around a predictably contrived s..t heap or legitimate political agenda? Where exactly is the alleged smokescreen originating one wonders.

    Either way, Rudd’s time was up and Women will now be heard.

  19. kika :Greens’ preferences will determine the outcome of this election, which is likely to be Labor, with Greens holding the balance of power in the Senate, and perhaps at long last electing a Queenslander (Larissa Waters) to a Senate seat.

    That would be very interesting. Pluto could bring more power to Bob. Will check out the transit dates closer.

  20. Just checked Bob Browns transits for the election:
    Transiting Pluto square his Chiron and transiting Saturn conjunct his Chiron. If he does well that might relate to the healer/teacher role of Chiron. Pluto and Saturn in transit do relate to politics more than any other planet.

    The last solar eclipse was on his North Node, but the Venus Mars conjunction around election day is square his Mars, maybe not so good.

  21. Hi, Julia Gillard has transiting saturn in libra on her natal Mars and natal sun in libra. she chose a bad day to call the election…21st August with a retrograde mercury and a saturn square pluto. She will lose and Tony Abbott will win. He is a Scorpio and has better luck.

  22. @grace

    Hmmm…Grace, while we all have our preferences, if anything, the astrology says that it is too close to call. Jamie’s analysis’ gives the overall tenor of the confrontation perfectly.

    Looking at election day, when you look at both the natal charts against the election day chart it is very complex, almost overwhelming.

    Both have electrifying transiting aspects, both have the lowside highlighted as well as the high, both have immense planetary energy at their disposal.

    If it comes down to Saturn I favour Gillard – Saturn is exalted in Libra and will have a much more crystallizing, magnetic and prismatic quality on her Sun (direction).

    However, I feel that this is going to be very close, especially with Gillard’s Sun opposite Abbott’s Moon, lack of birth times not withstanding. This means the Saturn aspect you highlight affects Abbotts Moon equally, in opposition.

    Abbott’s saving grace is the election day NN sextiles his natal Scorpio Sun conj. NN. A push in the right direction if luck is to be on his side. Luck in politics, however, often comes as the result of someone else being made unlucky.

    So I hope that there is a clearly defined vote that wins the day and not underhand dealings. It is the incentive to vote that counts after all. As I have said before I hope that issues around sexuality (and gender) do not mar the day – if they did, who do you think this would favour?

  23. I’m not a trained astrologer, but I rather feel the closeness of the election fits in with the Saturn-Uranus opposition which has been working out in the cosmos. We are facing the past and the future (sort of) in that Abbott represents conservative values (however much he’s trying to hide them) while the Labor Party to a limited extent represents at least some sort of forward vision, ie, building infrastructure, setting up the National Broadband Network. But the Greens sort of represent the balance between the two – a moderating influence which hopefully will ensure that whoever wins will sit up and take notice of the need for action over climte change.
    @Cath – yes, I’ve looked at Abbott’s policies, and I’m applled, a giant leap backwards. And as for his views on asylum seekers – appalling, no sense of compassion or spiritual tolerance there. I couldn’t care less about Gillard being an atheist – I’d rather she governed from a position of neutrality than Abbott’s dreadful pursuit of religious views which disadvantaged so many women.Not that I approve of the Labor Party’s views on asylum seekers either.

  24. @Mo Davies
    What you said about Saturn opposite Uranus and the Greens being in the middle is a lot like what happened in the UK election. There it was the Liberal Democrats who bridged the gap between Saturn conservative and Uranus Labour, however in Australia, the Greens siding with the conservatives is extremely difficult to ever imagine.

  25. It’s not just this event but the whole shooting match that has got my goat.

    The process of telling us repeatedly that Good is Bad and Bad is Good is mind numbing. Perhaps it is directed to TV audiences who are used to this sort of value transfer – Big Brother is Reality TV.

    The Libs are “stable: (after 3 leaders in less than 3 years). Labour is unstable after one change of leader.

    BER is a ripoff and waste of funds when ALL evidence by objective parties says otherwise. At 97% efficiency it would put almost all other Government programs to shame.

    Government debt is “out of control” when all the world wishes they had debt at just 6% of GDP.

    The list goes on and on.

    No one seems interested in facts.

    The PR machines have as their focus the problem of how to present the unelectable as electable.

    Despite all the known faults of Abbott, he is being presented in a cloak of prudence and sound behavior. Anyone who has examined his history of public contact knows this is not how he operates and will operate when the artificial situation of an election campaign is over.

    We are being sold something that is NOT true.

    It is said countries deserve the governments they elect.

    If the Libs get up on 21st August, then there will be some very sorry people soon after.

    If the world economies slow down again, recession in Australia will follow as the Libs will not spend to stop it. For the new home buyers who will be out of work in the recession, remember which political party got your votes on Saturday 21st August.

  26. Alice Portman has found a birth time for Julia Gillard:

    “Australian Astrologer Jill Amery knew someone who knows Julia’s parents. When asked the time of her birth Julia’s mother said 12.00 noon.”

    Alice has rectified this time to 11.52 am. Alice Portman

  27. Thanks for this quick astrology run down.

    Sam, I found all you said to be so true, but your date of the 21 August 2013 is actually the Full Moon before election. This error is so interesting as the Full Moon looks to be very challenging. More specifically for Tony Abbott as he is having a nodal return on the day. He was born close to a Lunar Eclipse so this time could be very dramatic for him. The Lunar returns are significant karmic point in one’s life. They can affect health or underlying health problems come to the fore. Kevin Rudd went through his nodal return earlier this month, and he survived it okay.

    Plus this Full Moon will be hitting off hypothetical Uranian planet and asteroids in his chart causing a grand square. One called Toro which has a highly macho meaning, very much in line with his personality and how he operates in life. His natal Mars factors in to the full Moon degree, as does ex PM Julia Gillard’s, hers more closely in fact. Kevin Rudd’s Sun-Mars cazimi is in the same degree in Virgo. so he is factored in too.

    Another astrologer mentioned a greek tragedy unfolding.
    I thought to google “what does a greek tragedy actually mean?”

    This popped up “it means when a protagonist’s flaw causes his own downfall”. We know that PM Kevin Rudd started ailing badly when Tony Abbott took over as Opposition Leader back in 2010. Then he got caught up in being a protagonist of new PM Julia Gillard. Admittedly there were times when I thought Abbott’s continual attack at Gillard was too painful to watch.
    She certainly took up the fight. What is amazing is that she did so well a running the minority govt, kind of against all odds. And with such grace

    I agree with you nothing fits. Everyone seems deluded. Bob Carr reckons Abbott is using hypnotism to win people over. So much good has been done by our govt, but nobody is getting it. I have kept quite vocal about this for ages . Today I felt that Australia was suiciding, or allowing this weird takeover to happen. That something could easily break on this Full Moon.

    That the New Moon in Virgo could snap people back to reality, in to the mindset of leaving things the way they are. To keep safe, keep cautious, if it’s not broken, why fix it, time to clean up after the messy Leo party of Abbott’s.

    I can see in Abbott’s chart that his strategy or focus is to wreck things in an attempt to reform them his way. Kind of a vampirism of sorts.

    The question is “is he the protagonist with the flaw which causes his own downfall”. He certainly has had a fair run of causing everyone elses downfall. He seems be grabbing the leadership as the strong man before he has actually got there.
    In this he could be called the protagonist.

    We went through John Howard dragging us all down with him, when Saturn transiting through the 1st quadrant of his chart. With Abbott, Saturn is already well in to his 1st quadrant. Both of them had Sun in the 2nd house, so their greed for power could be their problem. Kevin Rudd has transiting Saturn in a far better position still in his 10th house, to keep on leading for the next 3 years. For Julia transiting Saturn was in her 12th house when she was voted out. Simply put people tend rise to power when Saturn climbs in to the top part of their chart, and got on sabbatical when it heads down in to the 1st quandrant.

    The big question is does Abbott have some karma due to him, that he deserves the big prize, even though he has created such havoc in the process. He certainly thinks so.

    On election day the polls open at 8am and for Sydney, Venus sits very close to the ascendant in to the 12th house. In Canberra Venus is still conjunct but into the 1st house. Venus is rising behind the sun so it is in evening star mode where the emotions and feelings are more controlled and introverted.

    There is a novile aspect between the Sun & Venus at 30′ succeding. Will the women get up and vote against Abbott?
    Is this the big mystery we are feeling. By being past the aspect it kind of shows that the spirit of the feminine may already have decided.

    Sorry this has been a bit long…should have posted if to my blog and referred you to it, I guess. I just so liked your comment.

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