Sun Square Neptune June 20, 2024

Sun Square Neptune Transit

Sun square Neptune maximum orb 4°30′.

Sun square Neptune natal creates many battles you must overcome to feel strong and confident about yourself. Because you are such a sensitive and caring person, it is easy for you to fall victim to injustices. Defeats and disappointments will further erode your self-esteem and confidence. Without taking corrective action, you could become very confused, alienated, paranoid, or dependent on drugs or alcohol.

You will be forced to deal with your weak spots from an early age. Because of your insecurities and gullibility, stronger people will bully or try to deceive you. Others may have trouble trusting you or feel you are up to no good. This is not the case, but when young, you can have this perception of guilt. You wear a label around your neck saying, “Pick on me” or “I’m guilty.”

Hesitation, misinterpretation, and false accusations can make you more susceptible to discrimination, controversy, and scandal. To rectify these problems, you must go into battle. At some stage, you will be backed into a corner and forced to stand up for yourself and fight, which is critical to strengthening your self-image and confidence.

Taking up the fight and battling against the odds will probably be a lifestyle for you. There is much you can do because you are deeply affected by the plight of the oppressed. You may fight for causes or against censorship, discrimination in all forms, drugs, or crime. You may be subject to betrayal and victimization, so you are well-equipped to help the world’s underdogs.

Becoming so involved in social causes or charitable organizations means you will have to confront many of your fears and phobias and deal with delusion, deception, subversion, and misrepresentation. Maintaining your own robust set of morals and ideals will go a long way to helping you win your battles.

Improving your inner strength and removing self-doubt are also crucial to physical health. You may be more susceptible to infection and contamination and experience misdiagnosis, infection, neurosis, and general weakness. Extra care is required around water, gasses, poisons, medication, recreational drugs, and alcohol.

Another trick for improving your self-image is using mirrors and cameras. Although others may find you strange, or you may become involved in controversies and scandals, this adds to your mysterious appeal. You are alluring and mesmerizing; people will want to know your story.

People with Sun square Neptune can excel in creative and entertainment careers such as music, literature, poetry, and the stage and screen. Standing up for others can lead to a career in social or charity work, politics, or activism. Interest in all things spiritual comes with this aspect, but care must be taken with the darker psychic realms, gurus, and religious cults.

Sun Square Neptune Transit

Sun square Neptune transit can weaken your vitality, making it hard to get motivated or enthusiastic about anything, especially hard work. As well as being allergic to work, you will be more susceptible to psychological and health issues.

Events or other people can cause confusion and disappointment, which may force you to battle against the odds. You may feel insecure, guilty, or apologetic. Seeing only the best in people increases the chance of disillusionment. Over-idealization and gullibility can lead to loss, scandal, or slander.

To counter the deceptive influences of this transit, you must be above board in all dealings. This is not the best time for high-stress competitive things like business dealings or negotiations. Predators will quickly hone in on your soft side, and you are at greater risk of exploitation.

Hypochondria is another issue you may have to deal with. Sun square Neptune transit is not ideal for medical tests or operations because of increased susceptibility to infection and your generally weakened vitality and recuperative powers. Problems will be challenging to diagnose, or there may be a misdiagnosis. You will also be more sensitive to drugs and alcohol, especially if you already have mental health issues like paranoia or depression.

Personal relationships may be subject to dishonesty and deception, and secrets will be harder to keep and more challenging to uncover. However, your creativity and imagination make this a good time for art, music, dance, and drama. Entertainment, charity work, and fighting for social causes are excellent ways to use this ethereal energy safely. Religion and other spirituality or ceremony will help if you lose faith.

This Sun square Neptune transit interpretation can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon square Neptune.

Sun Square Neptune Celebrities

Kurt Daluege 0°02′, John Milton 0º04′, Jane Austen 0º04′, Kurt Vonnegut 0º04′, Yao Ming 0º07′, Kevin Costner 0º09′, Conrad Noel 0º11′, Matthew Perry 0°12′, Donato Bilancia 0º13′, Woody Paige 0º14′, Kevin Mitnick 0º14′, Geena Davis 0º14′, George Blake 0º16′, Rock Hudson 0º17′, Bill Maher 0°18′, Virginia Mae Brown 0º21′, Garry McKinnon 0°21′, Edward Norton 0º22′, James Joyce 0º25′, Harvey Milk 0º25′, Paul McCartney 0º31′, Caroline, Princess of Hanover 0º31′, Steven Forrest 0°34′, Manly P. Hall 0°39′, Marie Antoinette 0º41′, Anjelica Huston 0º43′, Bruno Huber 0°47′, Connie Francis 1º02′, Proclus 1º08′, Angela Merkel 1º14′, Rudyard Kipling 1°16′, Crystal Gayle 1º18′, Chris Rock 1°19′, Brian Wilson 1º20′, Steve Earle 1º22′, Zenna Henderson 1º23′, Ellen DeGeneres 1º24′.

Sun Square Neptune Dates

June 16, 2022
December 14, 2022
June 18, 2023
December 16, 2023
June 20, 2024
December 18, 2024
June 23, 2025
December 20, 2025
June 25, 2026
December 23, 2026

14 thoughts on “Sun Square Neptune June 20, 2024

  1. i have this in my natal sun in Virgo and square Neptune in Capricorn . What activates this ?

  2. Last week, a ceiling board inside one of my cupboards (closets to those in the US of A) gave way and rain gushed in. The Sun wasn’t in exact square to Neptune, but obviously close enough. I ran a chart for the time it happened, and Neptune was on my MC (orb 0:40).
    Water had been trickling in for ages (this cupboard is hardly ever opened) and I also found out I had a major mould problem, which of course is not good for our health. Very Neptunian, sneakily spoiling the stuff in the cupboard.
    (Neptune has been edging towards my IC and I have been eying it suspiciously – will my home be swept away when it hits this spot on my chart? Is this watery attack on my home – and incidentally on my sense of security – linked with this aspect??).
    I am quite scared of Neptune. Recently I’ve started a small project to determine exactly how he/she has impacted my life. I’ll be posting on Sun opp Nep about that. What I’ve discovered so far, is that in 2015, I realized that someone had seriously betrayed me – the discovery happened when Sun was square Neptune. The day after, I was still so upset that I lost a small job that had been helping to keep my head above water. And in 2016, Sun squ Nep brought thieves that stole the battery out of my car.
    The day after the watery gush, I sent a WhatsApp message to the wrong person by accident, and caused MAJOR ructions. So naturally, I felt guilty, insecure and apologetic.
    As I sit here, it’s raining cats and dogs. My water problem hasn’t been fixed yet and I’m chanting ‘Rain, rain, go away’ under my breath to the rhythm of the water going drip… drip… drip into a bucket.

  3. Thank you hugely for writing this article. It is so accurate and it has helped me find dearly needed resolve, clarity, and self confidence with regard to my Sun square Neptune issues. I am fortunate to have mostly strong and good natal aspects, but I am a Leo Sun with Pisces Rising (and with a nuclear calibre stellium in my sixth) so my Sun (and Mercury) square Neptune aspect hits me extra hard – and is now even defining my life path to a very significant extent.

  4. It’s interesting that Joan Crawford has this..could it be that her daughter was making things up when she wrote that book about how Joan treated her children?

    Also, I giggled to myself when I read this “It is like you wear a label around your neck saying “pick on me”or “I’m guilty”. I was definitely bullied and picked on a LOT at school. I did defend myself a bunch of times but sadly I couldn’t actually face the bully as she ran off…I was taller than most of them, but for some reason I stood out because of my accent, how I dressed, and the fact that I didn’t fit in at all. People have constantly picked on and at me as well…I’m wondering if certain celebrities that keep getting accused of things, baited or scapegoated might have this too, such as R kelly, Cardi B etc.

  5. Hi Jamie. How interesting that Ellen DeGeneres has this aspect in her natal chart:
    “Hesitation, misinterpretation, and false accusations can make you more susceptible to discrimination, controversy, and scandal”

    • didn’t know about the KY tornado disaster when I posted that. My condolences to the victims.

    • upon closer inspection, the single aspect 7% orb in the synastry chart shows

      Mercury 20Gem41r (June 10 Solar eclipse)
      Neptune 20Pis26 (Dec 10 1st Qtr Moon)

      among other Neptune misadventures, this thread is one of them. “You’re keeping the wrong Company”

  6. Glad I read about this transit. I knew something was going on today (Dec. 13) with my 4th house. Can someone please help me understand this day? Today, I completed plans for a move that will happen in mid-January, but don’t feel happy about it and don’t want it to be long-term. Do any of these transits indicate a temporary move?

    Natal Neptune in Sag in 4th.
    MC/IC axis is at 7° Gemini/Sag. Natal Saturn conjunct MC.
    Recent solar eclipse in Sag in my 4th.
    Sun, Mercury, Mars and South Node currently transiting my 4th.
    North Node in Gemini exactly squaring my Sun in Virgo in 1st.
    Uranus in Taurus exact inconjunct natal Uranus in Libra.

  7. GIZA – The Holy Grail of Geometry: Part 1 that is the name of the video if interested in a deeper dive

  8. Hi christina i would say in general that if the saturn-neptune pattern (i.e. victimisation) is so strong in your chart occupying a main axis thre will be instability on a high level. The missing planet between both is uranus. So you need uranus to change situations that are unacceptable/unbearable for yrself. Also for becoming concscious about this saturn-neptune pattern and to find solutions how to cope with that. That will bring many changes (uranus) in general. Insecurity is a part of that. Feeling not at home on earth is not a good basis for success in this world. The uncomfort housing situation is a symbol of your neptune there. I cant say if the change will last as you asked cuz i am not so good in prognosis but i think ihe improvements with this saturn-neptune sitations depend on the situation where uranus stands in your horoscope. An air sign like libra will connect to saturn in the air sign twins and can bridge the gap. So with building up knowlege and a financial foundation as i guess with uranus in second house you can free yrself in the long term from that unconfortable situation.. ..if you want you can give me a little feedback if i could help you a little bit. .

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