Sun Sextile Mars July 25, 2024

Sun Sextile Mars Transit

Sun sextile Mars maximum orb 4°00′.

Sun sextile Mars natal gives a playful and youthful appearance. You are strong and fit so exercise and competitive sport should appeal to you. You work well with groups of people, but you also have the drive and initiative to work alone so that you would do equally well in individual sports.

You should enjoy good physical health because of your muscle strength, high physical activity, and good recuperative properties. You should also enjoy a strong libido and be physically and sexually attractive. A quick browse of the Sun sextile Mars celebrities listed below with this aspect strong in their charts reveals more than a fair share of sex gods and goddesses.

You should be rather popular as you are direct in your expression, self-assertive, and can be counted on to back up your friends. This fighting quality can make you provocative, and you could turn your hand to political activism or find a career in the military.

Although I say you may be provocative, you will rarely provoke aggressive responses in others because of your honesty and lack of pretension. But you are a good fighter and brave, and you will stand up for just causes and, of course, come to the aid of family and friends.

You should enjoy harmonious relationships because you are a sincere, warm, and charming person. Making new friends should be no problem for you. When young, there may be a very strong relationship with your father, generally positive, but that also depends on other aspects in your chart involving the Sun and Saturn.

Sun Sextile Mars Transit

Sun sextile Mars transit boosts self-confidence, physical strength, vitality, and courage. This is an excellent time for physical activities like exercise, manual labor, fighting, and sporting activities, especially of a competitive nature. Business activities should go well as this area is about as competitive as war these days.

Transiting Sun sextile Mars is the time to tackle difficult projects you have previously put off. You can confidently go on the advance, and this is a perfect time to start new projects. Above all, you must do something with all this extra energy. Letting this transit pass would be a waste because it favors productive and successful outcomes.

Your direct attitude, or self-assertiveness, will win you favors and impress superiors and strong men. Even though this directness is non-threatening to others, you can attack if needed and strike fear into your enemies. Your instincts are acute, and you should feel more potent than usual.

Personal relationships, especially intimate ones, will benefit from your extra warmth, charm, and charisma. Your sex drive will be strong, and others will find you more sexually attractive than usual. Your strongest and most primal desires can be fulfilled, so you should not be shy about grabbing them with both hands. These strong qualities also favor group activities. You can take the lead or take on the role of a boss or director.

This Sun sextile Mars transit interpretation can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon sextile Mars.

Sun Sextile Mars Celebrities

Roman Polanski 0°00′, Luciano Pavarotti 0°00′, Jerry Lewis 0°01′, Walther Wenck 0°02′, Gordon Ramsay 0°02′, Edward, Duke of Kent 0°09′, Markus Wolf 0°11′, Coretta Scott King 0°16′, Johannes Brahms 0°15′, Amelia Barr 0°19′, Julie Newmar 0°22′, Nathan Lane 0°22′, Shaquille O’Neal 0°23′, Michael J. Fox 0°24′, Tom Brady 0°26′, Louis XII 0°29′, Randy Travis 0°29′, Adam Schiff 0°31′, Joseph L. Mankiewicz 0°32′, Kim Carnes 0°34′, Jane Fonda 0°34′, Andreas Baader 0°35′, Jaclyn Taylor 0°35′, Emma Watson 0°38′, Edward Furlong 0°44′, Giacomo Puccini 0°45′, Coco Chanel 0°50′, Della Reese 0°53′, Benny Hill 0°57′, David Frawley 0°58′, Ilhan Omar 0°59′, Buddy Rose 1°02′, Cameron Dallas 1°10′, Christopher Lambert 1°18′, Mel B 1°26′, Boy George 1°26′.

Sun Sextile Mars Dates

May 7, 2022
May 22, 2023
July 25, 2024
June 26, 2025
September 14, 2026
August 4, 2027
October 21, 2028
September 21, 2029
November 23, 2030

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  1. Donald Trump!?! 3°50′ … but but, but.. he’s an idiot! .. waaa, waa, sob, sob

    (Apologies, i’ve got Mars at 12°Cap, Venus at 17°Cap, and Sun at 21°Cap)

  2. What say you, my long lost ligament quadricept? Are you here from the past to remind us of the Henge? Its limits and possibilities? The day after the Brave New Moon, it’s just another day. Don’t get too close to the Sun now, you’ve heard the myth? waxwings wont fly anymore. But you can always hang out on an Iceberg, Look up, and find an asteroid, one day, beside a big ship in the heavens.

  3. Jamie, your August 2023 monthly horoscope for August 15, Sun semisextile Mars takes us to Sun sextile Mars. A Quad type of year, 4 points on a trapezoid, as President 45 grapples with legal challenges and expenses, which shouldn’t surprise anyone since he’s covering for us here at astrologyking. The years go by, and backwards too. Michael J. Fox, an epic stage crash at his Convention, just after Darwin Island Arch reveal, and China navy cut off, he has this aspect. What a character, still has it.

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