Ilhan Omar Horoscope – Outspoken

Ilhan Omar AstrologyIlhan Omar is a United States Representative from Minnesota. In this article, the Ilhan Omar Horoscope explains why she is so outspoken and controversial.

Ilhan Omar was removed today from the Foreign Affairs Committee “in light of past statements she has made related to Israel that in some cases been criticized by members of both parties as antisemitic.” [1] She has been the target of several death threats, as well as derogatory comments by political opponents, including Donald Trump, as a result of her background.

Omar is the first Somali American and the first naturalized citizen of African birth in the United States Congress, and the first woman of color to represent Minnesota. She is also one of the first two Muslim women to serve in Congress.

Ilhan Omar Astrology

The Ilhan Omar horoscope is rated X because her time of birth is unknown. But we do know she was “born in Mogadishu, Somalia, October 4, 1982.” [2] The Ilhan Omar astrology chart I have used below is for 12:00 pm.

Without using the Moon, Ascendant and Midheaven, much information is missing in this interpretation. The orbs for the aspects and fixed stars listed are the greatest possible over the 24 hours of October 4, 1982, in Mogadishu. Some will be stronger, and some will be missing. But at least I can say Ilhan Omar has all of these stars and aspects mentioned below in her chart.

Ilhan Omar Horoscope

Ilhan Omar Horoscope [Solar Fire]

The Sun and Mercury

Sun conjunct fixed star Porrima (1°24′): Involved in an intrigue, some difficulty of short duration leaving native in an unpleasant position. Porrima gives a courteous, refined and lovable character with prophetic instincts.

Sun conjunct Mercury (5°27′) is the best aspect for a communicator. Interacting with others fulfills Ilhan’s need to share ideas. Self-expression is a really strong point for her. Conveying a message or concept with flair makes Ilhan Omar a great communicator. Others enjoy listening to her and watching her talk as she uses gestures and facial expressions to help get her message across.

This aspect makes Ilhan comfortable with public speaking, which is perfect for politics. Her chameleon-like ability enhances her talent for acting or choosing a particular persona, depending on the situation. Naturally curious, she should have done well with her studies and be skilled in reading, writing, understanding detailed instructions, and interpreting symbols.

Sun sextile Mars (0°59′) is the strongest aspect in the Ilhan Omar horoscope shown above. It gives a strong, playful and youthful appearance. Her physical attractiveness and strong sex appeal make her popular, especially with men. But popularity also comes from a direct style of self-expression and self-assertiveness.

Courage and a fighting, competitive spirit mean Ilhan Omar can work well with groups, but she also has the drive and initiative to work alone. This fighting quality can make her provocative but is well-suited to political activism. Aggressive responses are possible, but respect comes from her honesty and lack of pretension. Ilhan Omar will stand up for just causes and the underdog.

Mercury sextile Mars (4°28′) has a wide orb, but it could be as small as 2°43′ if she were born early in the morning. Plus, Mercury sitting between the Sun and Venus adds more strength to this aspect. It gives a very sharp mind and tongue and enhances the courage and fighting spirit of Sun sextile Mars.

Intelligence and quick reflexes make Ilhan Omar a formidable opponent in any competitive field, which rewards strong independent thought. She acts confidently on her instincts and can be very driven to succeed with initiative and a strong sense of purpose.

Like Sun sextile Mars, this aspect makes her very direct and sometimes even forceful. It does add some tact and charisma, but her honesty and cutting remarks may sometimes offend. Courage and self-belief can lead to risk-taking behavior. However, her rapid response time and strong intuition often help her land on her feet.


Venus conjunct M87 (1°41′): One over-powering, all-devouring passion for an individual or a cause. An insatiable appetite for love, intimacy and romance, finances, and creative expression. Flighty or too fixated on superficialities. The likelihood of at least one radical reappraisal of values throughout life. Long-term relationships may be challenging to achieve or prove ongoing sources of energy drain and require a great deal of attention to maintain. Many short-term, volatile relationships. Forms attachments quickly, almost unguardedly.

M87 is associated with sequential monogamy, or codependency and dysfunctional relationship behavior. It gives intense powers of attraction, charm, sex appeal and commitment. It suggests Ilhan Omar has an obsession with finding the perfect partner. Sometimes, relationships can be replaced by a career or special calling. But the result is the same. No one person or job can make them feel satisfied or fulfilled. They always want more and more.

Thankfully, most people turn to spirituality for answers. There is the realization that some childhood wounds must be healed. Once the energy-sucking, demanding behavior is eliminated, an evolutionary stage of development allows room for a soul mate. Some will also become healers, teachers, agents of enlightenment and promoters of change.

Venus conjunct Sun (8°03′) and Mercury (4°36′) adds compassion, sympathy, and a strong belief in unity and unconditional love. They make Ilhan Omar good-looking and attractive, a person with high self-esteem who is comfortable being herself. People should find her to be refined, elegant, and even mesmerizing.

Mercury sitting between the Sun and Venus brings intelligence, a quick mind, and psychic ability. It gives the ability to lovingly communicate things, perhaps helped by a melodic, poetic, or relaxing voice. A charming and charismatic nature means she can easily make friends and win over enemies. Her desire for peace and harmony makes her a good negotiator and diplomat. This skill set enables her to succeed in any profession and earn honors and riches.

Venus sextile Uranus (1°36′) gives Ilhan Omar an open-minded and progressive view of her self-worth, which makes her comfortable among others in a social situation. People notice that her lifestyle or appearance is somewhat unusual or unconventional, and she knows they do.

This is another aspect in the Ilhan Omar horoscope that brings good looks. Her sexy aura attracts a lot of attention. She has no problems finding partners but may have difficulty maintaining long-term relationships. This aspect makes Ilhan Omar a trendsetter but also means she has to deal with odd looks. Yet her unique approach reveals things that can stimulate, excite, and inspire others.

Mars conjunct fixed star Antares (0°47′): Detrimental habits powerfully affecting life, quarrels with friends and relatives, fairly favorable for gain. Courage becomes foolhardiness, leading to increased dangers. Sudden incidents, unforeseen events and potential accidents.

The following information about Mars with Arcturus is from a channeled reading. [3]

This brings brutality, and the person is in a rage over many things. This individual can even feel the rage at the bottom of their spine as this energy comes up the spine, causing energized adrenal glands. They are enraged over the philosophies of society, such as the court system, religious disciplines and the government. They are enraged over any limitations, those limiting structures in the home, work, the government, religions and the military.

They do not understand what their problem really is, they just know they are angered at everything. They respond to incidents that are trivial to others with chaos and aggression. They are especially destructive to those close to them, for they are the ones who receive the greatest anger. These natives are never in a calm state and will literally beat anyone down who gets in the way. They do not feel any remorse or sorrow after hurting another being: they absolutely lack compassion.

Antares causes malevolence, destructiveness, liberality, broad-mindedness, evil presages, and danger of fatality and makes its natives rash, ravenous, headstrong and destructive to themselves by their obstinacy. Antares makes people tough, belligerent and pugnacious. This is an important star for military personnel and is said to convey mental alertness, strategic ability and courage and to make daredevils.

Jupiter conjunct fixed star Alphecca (0°18′): Honor and dignity, artistic ability, benefit through ecclesiastical matters, favorable for material gain. Alphecca also gives poetical and artistic ability.

Jupiter conjunct fixed star Acrux (0°43′): Religious beneficence, ceremony, justice, magic, and mystery. This star is frequently prominent in the horoscopes of astrologers and occultists and is credited with intuition, a grasp for the inner nature of one’s fellow man, a preference for occult studies, the gift of successful investigation of the hidden side of things, an inventive mind, and a deeply religious nature connected with mystical and theosophical interests.

Saturn conjunct fixed star Spica (0°14′): Suspicious, sharp or rugged, but does much good, occult interests, good speaker, popular, many friends, gain through legacies but extravagant, good health, favorable for domestic matters.

Spica is the most fortunate star used in astrology. It gives success, renown, riches, honors, fame, a sweet disposition, love of art and science, unscrupulousness, unfruitfulness, and injustice to innocence. It also gives androgynous, spiritual, and religious qualities, with above-average psychic awareness. Spica is of marked good fortune for scientists, writers, artist-painters, sculptors, and musicians.

Saturn conjunct fixed star Arcturus (0°37′): Honest, selfish, inclined to be mean, shrewd in business, materialistic, favorable for gain and speculation and domestic matters, but early difficulty in married life, favorable for children but disagreement with one of them. [1]

This person would love to create something but cannot find the inspiration. They have an internal sadness over their lack of creativity which affects the kidneys. They do not have any creative outlets and have no idea how artistic persons bring about their creations. Even music does not move some individuals, and they do not have the vision necessary to be creative. The kidneys become clogged as a result and do not function freely. This planet, at this point, will eventually break down the health of the native. They become isolated and weakened, functioning on a low energy level. This is a karmic position in that they misguided and misused their creative energy in a previous life, and they are therefore restricted in this life. [3]

Arcturus gives riches, honors, high renown, self-determination, an enterprising spirit and prosperity through navigation and voyages. This star has a reputation for achieving justice through power, making the people belligerent and quarrelsome. Lasting success is promised if further good aspects are present (yes, sextile Neptune).

Saturn conjunct Pluto (2°50′) brings hardship at an early age. It can indicate poor parents or a parent who was very strict or mean. It suggests Ilhan Omar experienced some kind of restriction when she was young that shaped her character. It is also likely that any hardship suffered was prolonged or intense to such a degree that it made her grow up very quickly.

But as a result of early privation or loss, she learned patience, self-reliance, and resourcefulness. Such hard lessons taught her perseverance and may have given her a ruthless ambition to make something of her life. When she faces hardship, she has the force of character to face it head-on and endure it better than most. Her strong survival instinct keeps her going where others might fail. When faced with a setback or restrictive influence, she can change and adapt to new realities.

This aspect can bring stubborn resistance to change, depression, pessimism and self-destructive habits. Harsh criticism, scandal and legal problems are also possible. But Saturn and Pluto are well-aspected, sextile Neptune. This reduces the risk of negative outcomes and brings out the higher manifestations of these dark planets.

So self-discipline, good organizing skills, and good time management make Ilhan Omar productive and efficient. Her strong work ethic and tenacity have led to a successful career with significant achievements, recognition and promotion. She holds a position of authority or leadership. This aspect is suited to a career with a defined structure and hierarchy, like government. Others seek her advice and give her the respect she deserves. Ilhan Omar will likely look back on her life with satisfaction and pride.

Saturn sextile Neptune (1°08′) gives strong faith and self-belief. It suggests Ilhan Omar places a lot of weight on being true to her standards and ideals, not those of others. Also, she judges herself and her achievements by these high standards but is too hard on herself sometimes.

She has the patience to do things her way and the right way and does not take shortcuts to success. It makes Ilhan Omar determined to make her dreams come true, postponing happiness and comfort to ensure success. She will likely reach her goals because of a realistic outlook and practical approach. Yet she is also an optimist and a dreamer with enormous potential.

Her strong faith inspires others to make their dreams come true. People are willing to help her because she earns their respect without seeking it. This cooperative approach occurs in practical ways and through spiritual encouragement and support. To others, it can seem like she sacrifices her hopes and dreams by helping others. However, the karmic nature of this aspect means her good deeds are repaid in sometimes mysterious ways.

This aspect makes Ilhan Omar good at being self-sufficient. It helps her gain satisfaction and contentment through hard work and accomplishment. She attracts attention and can bring people together for a common cause. She intuitively understands the prevailing trends and expectations of her generation or community. Sharing her vision of the future helps scared and disillusioned people.

Neptune sextile Pluto (1°43′) is a generational aspect most of us share. But it is especially important in the Ilhan Omar horoscope because of Saturn conjunct Pluto. It gives her a pioneering spirit, making her unafraid to challenge the accepted way of thinking and doing things. She can deconstruct any aspect of life, a system, belief or procedure. You can remove political, religious, cultural, and gender bias and reconstruct it in a more advanced and unadulterated state. She is inspired by truth and human potential.

This aspect means Ilhan Omar can tap into the collective subconscious and gauge the prevailing thoughts of humanity; a sense of where humanity is heading as a collective in an evolutionary sense. Her higher thought processes seek order in chaos and simplicity in complexity. She has a role to play in adapting humanity to survive extreme change. A major part of this role is transforming everything from communication to spirituality, creativity to sexuality.

Her input to the collective consciousness transforms how we communicate and live with each other through political, religious, and cultural renewal. Old systems and beliefs based on empire and superiority are disintegrating. In their place, Ilhan Omar is dreaming up, or imagineering, a more humanitarian approach and shared responsibility for the welfare of everyone and everything, the collective dream.


Uranus conjunct fixed star Yed Prior (0°11′): Immorality, shamelessness and revolution.

Uranus conjunct fixed star Dschubba (0°28′): Shrewd, cunning, excellent linguist, bad morals, trouble through opposite sex, bad for marriage, many enemies, strange adventures abroad – sometimes as a spy, obscure death.

Dschubba causes sudden assaults, malevolence, immorality and shamelessness. The ability to research, especially into things of a particularly secret and hidden nature. In lower types, however, a tendency to falsehood and treason can be noted. Dschubba is a poor augury for material wealth. There will be difficulties, impediments, or loss.

Dschubba indicates a fighter of great skill, likely to show a patient and wary approach to any situation, but this will belie the skilled determination that will be brought to bear. This star shows up just the qualities which surgeons need to have. The same applies to generals, police, private investigators and secret service agents. A real adept in research of all other kinds too.


Neptune conjunct fixed star Lesath (0°44′): Danger, desperation, immorality, and malevolence, connected with acid poisons. Lesath also gives a probing, sharp intellect and incisive wit that can be as damaging as a knife to an opponent. An enterprising spirit of keenness of insight. Does well in debates, business, sports, and high office.

The Lunar Nodes

North Node conjunct fixed star Alhena (0°20′): Eminence in art and a spiritual orientation with an interest in the sciences but gives liability to accidents affecting the feet. Artistic skills are especially strong with the written or spoken word, with a talent for negotiating a peaceful solution to disputes among people.

South Node conjunct fixed star Facies (0°31′): Driven, focused, prolific, productive, profound, influential and brave with powerful insight.


  1. House passes resolution to remove Ilhan Omar from Foreign Affairs Committee, CNN.
  2. United States Congress. “Ilhan Omar “. Biographical Directory of the United States Congress.
  3. The Fixed Star Health and Behavior Imbalance, Ted George and Barbara Parker, 1985, p.85, 105.

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    • Is Ilhan Omar the Loius Riel archetype? im not sure if this analogy works, but the geography is intriguing. Is that why Somali’s were placed in Minnesota? Develop a hybridized Somali protagonist on a well funded Washington, DC platform. Have her fight railway expansion and buffalo killers that are destroying her peoples way of life – the analogy to Horn Africa. If this is a Shakespeare play, which one would you select and why?

      Astrology wise, her Uranus opposition transit coming up, cusp of Rebellion. Deep State pack her in a fleet if 737’s, where she’ll return, Cleopatra and Sheeba in one Uber package.

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    This development is infuriating on so many levels! A beautiful (black) woman who stands for something other than an arm piece (trophy wife) to a “successful man”, dares to speak her truth with conviction (Mars in Sag) and make waves with the most powerful special interest group, not surprisingly, gets reprimanded! Yes “freedom in America” is mostly your right to choose between Colgate or Crest (toothpaste). Be a good little consumer and watch the old boys (who can play golf and drink till they drop) get the promotions! (They don’t ever require maternity leave!). We in the good ol’ USA are still in the Dark Ages socially!

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  2. Her 80* bucket vis-a-vis lunar handle focuses a tremendous amount of energy, particularly with Saturn conjunct Pluto in (loose or tight) opposition to that lunar handle, which can be a lightning rod for others’ ‘monsters under their bed’ fantasies aimed at her. She’s probably very good at reading people emotionally/psychically. Thanks!

  3. Her mars is conjunct america’s ascendant…(lyne chart of usa) … So
    quarrels may occur…and what about relationship between usa and muslim countries like somalia, pakistan and else…?Just think of even closest partners like saudis begin to distance themselves from usa…and SUZANNE…politics rule our living circumstances right down to the “average” every day life…why should astrology should have nothing to do with it ?

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