Fixed Star Spica

Spica at 23°50′ Libra has an orb of 2°40′
Fixed Star Spica Astrology

Virgo Constellation

The Sun joins Spica on October 16

Fixed star Spica, Alpha Virginis, is a blue giant star in the ear of wheat of the Maiden,  Virgo constellation. It is the brightest star in the constellation and the 15th brightest star in the night sky. The name Spica derives from Latin spīca virginis which means Virgo’s Ear of Grain.


17 ♎ 40
22 ♎ 09
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Spica Star Astrology

Fixed star Spica gives success, renown, riches, a sweet disposition, love of art and science, unscrupulousness, unfruitfulness and injustice to innocence. According to Ptolemy, it is of the nature of Venus and Mars (shameless, vain, self-indulgent, abandoned, violent passions, danger of seduction, riotous living but often self-respecting and decent.)

Agrippa1531 Spica.png  Spica is one of the 15 Behenian Fixed Stars. Its image is a bird, or a man laden with merchandise. It gives riches, overcomes contentions, and removes scarcity and mischief. Rules emerald, sage, trefoil, periwinkle, mugwort and mandrake. [1]

Spica, as already said, is one of the truly great stars in the sky, the one which gave us our word ‘star’, and at least as important as the four archangel stars…The considerable distance between Spica and its nearest neighbors has inspired some cultures to call it ‘The Lonely One’ and names like that, often to distinguish it from the equally prominent Arcturus, on almost the same Zodiacal longitude but higher in the sky and much closer to its neighbors in Bootes.

Astrologically, Spica is a ‘Good Star’, and no doubt it still is, if we don’t contemplate our descendants’ fates in 5 million years time. Our friend classified it as a Venus-Mars type, the only one of that kind. The combination of the opposite sexes in the one star must inspire a further thought about the androgynous qualities we have already noted with Virgo, but it is doubtful that Ptolemy noted that. As the star of the grain harvest, it is the provider of our material needs, and indeed it does always show up well in that respect. There is, however, a word of warning to go with it: We only reap harvest if we have first sown the seed and cared for the fields, and what we reap must last us, and all who labored in our fields, until the next harvest is ready. He does not do so well from Spica who reaps what he has not sown, uses it profligately, or denies to others their share i his good fortune. As though to rub this in quite firmly, Arcturus in the sky above the Virgin’s Hand is the prime star of the much rougher character, the Herdsman, just as ready to take care of his herd but not to stand any nonsense from them.

Spica is also noted for its spiritual and religious qualities, as we must expect after all we have seen about Virgo, and indeed people with this star strong in their horoscopes do very often gain high place in those fields of life. Psychic awareness is also above average in such people, especially if the more sensitive planets, Moon, Venus, Neptune or Lilith are conjunct Spica. [3]

To Spica are ascribed honors and fame. Spica is of marked good fortune for scientists, writers, artist-painters, sculptors and musicians. If Spica is on the Asc or Meridian and conjunction Jupiter and Venus, promise is given even to people of humble origins to enjoy protection, preferment and even wealth. In conjunction with Mercury or Venus and positioned on the Meridian or Asc, Spica gives artistic skill, drawing ability, musical talent and a good sense for literature and the sciences.

However, if Spica is placed in angular houses and conjoined with Saturn, Mars, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto, and if these planets are afflicted, a rise followed by a downfall with tragic ending could be the result. In 1923, when, as a result of inflation in Germany, many people became poverty stricken, Spica was bound up with Saturn. In a personal cosmogram, Spica means refinement. Such people have a noble bearing. Increased erotic tension, usually given with a Venus-Mars interpretation, is not the case with Spica, but a tendency to sublimate these powers and turn them into artistic and creative channels is indicated. [4]

Spica star rules the navel in the human body. [5]

Virgo Constellation

Ptolemy makes the following observations; “The stars in the head of Virgo, and that at the top of the southern wing, operate like Mercury and somewhat like Mars: the other bright stars in the same wing, and those about the girdle, resemble Mercury in their influence, and also Venus, moderately . . . those at the points of the feet and at the bottom of the garments are like Mercury, and also Mars, moderately.” By the Kabalists it is associated with the Hebrew letter Gimel and the 3rd Tarot Trump “The Empress.” [1]

This constellation is indicative of an abundance in harvest and a fruitfulness of agriculture in general. But when prominent in the charts of eclipses it portends events concerning kings (heads of state) and in this regard can be an ill omen indeed. [2]

In astrology this constellation and Gemini were the House of Mercury. But usually, and far more appropriately, Virgo’s stars have been given over to the care of Ceres, her namesake, the long-time goddess of the harvest. For her astrological colors Virgo assumed black speckled with blue; and was thought of as governing the abdomen in the human body, but always as an unfortunate, sterile sign. The appearance of a comet within its borders implied many grievous ills to the female portion of the population. [6]

14th Arabic Manzil – Al Simak

Causes marital love, cures the sick, helps sailors but hinders journeys by land.

With Moon: Dig but do not marry or travel.

Ist Chinese Xiù – 角 (Jiǎo) Horn

Excellent for construction or buying land. It represents agriculture, new generations, growth, and births. All who marry on this day gain great credit and standing and especially favors the marriage of the eldest son of the family.

Calamities and epidemics in the family within three years if funerals are planned on this day. If the Moon occults Spica at a key event, one should hold grave fears.

Spica Star AstrologySpica Star Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct Spica: Unbounded good fortune, happiness, ecclesiastical preferment, unexpected honor or advancement beyond native’s hopes or capacity. [1]

Charles de Gaulle 0°11′

Midheaven conjunct Spica: Unbounded good fortune, happiness, ecclesiastical preferment, unexpected honor or advancement beyond native’s hopes or capacity. [1]

Princess Diana of Wales 0°14′, Sylvester Stallone 1°06′ (and Moon), Jimi Hendrix 1°09′, Lionel Messi 2°39′

Part of Fortune conjunct Spica: Great wealth, voluptuous propensities. [1]

Sun conjunct Spica: Great and lasting preferment, eminent dignity, immense wealth, great happiness to native’s parents and children, help from friends among clergy, favorable for public and legal affairs. If culminating, Church and State preferment. If with Venus and Mars also the native is a potent king obeyed by many people, but subject to many infirmities. [1]

Friedrich Nietzsche 0°28′, Sarah, Duchess of York 2°00′

Moon conjunct Spica: Gain through inventions, success, wealth and honor from Mercury, Venus or Jupiter people. [1]

Marie Antoinette 0°14′, Sylvester Stallone 0°19′ (and Midheaven), Justin Bieber 0°51′, Linda Goodman 1°13′, Joe Rogan 2°04′

Mercury conjunct Spica: Neat, tidy, clever, ingenious, favor of clergy and people in authority, gain through investment, responsible position. [1]

Vladimir Putin 0°00′ (and Neptune), Margaret Thatcher 0°59′, Elizabeth I 2°11′

Mercury conjunct Spica trine Uranus (No orb): Mercury must be directly on this degree. This can be used either in a negative or positive way. It affects the outlook of the individual with respect to situations that occur n the person’s life. The aspect of Uranus here is important. A trine of Mercury to Uranus at this point would make the natives rather superficial and insensitive to the situations of other people. They would only utilize their thought patterns for their own pleasures and happiness, and would not see the needs of other persons around them. They have their own little group, whether it be it be those they work with or those in their own neighborhood. They stay within a small group and do not let others infiltrate their little communication network. This is not necessarily a status symbol, but just a lifestyle they have chosen. They simply do not wish to reach out or search for other things in life. There is a laziness in mental pursuits for they are basically happy in this type of situation. [5]

Mercury conjunct Spica opposite Uranus (No orb): Mercury must be on the degree, These persons develop communications far beyond the normal. They extend out to many different levels of communication by listening and learning from others. They have the ability to relate to people on many different levels, and they feel quite comfortable will all of them. They learn to understand the many different intellectual levels of human beings. [5]

Venus conjunct Spica: Benefits from friends, social success, false friends of own sex. [1]

Woody Allen 0°02′, Warren Buffett 0°21′

Mars conjunct Spica: Popular, social success, may have good judgment and quick decision or be violent in dispute, rigid, and nearly or quite a fool. [1]

Manuel Noriega 0°12′, Roman Polanski 2°03′, Priyanka Chopra 2°32′ (and Pluto)

Jupiter conjunct Spica: Popular, social success, wealth, ecclesiastical honor and preferment. [1]

Bill Clinton 0°07′, Winston Churchill 1°28′, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1°55′

Saturn conjunct Spica: Apt to be suspicious, sharp or rugged, but does much good, occult interests, good speaker, popular, many friends, gain through legacies but extravagant, good health, favorable for domestic matters. [1]

Nero 0°09′, Rudolf Hess 1°38′, Leonardo da Vinci 2°03′, Xi Jinping 2°35′ (and Neptune)

Uranus conjunct Spica: Mediumistic, popular, business connected with ornaments, gain through marriage, fortunate, sudden natural death. [1]

Agatha Christie 2°39′

Neptune conjunct Spica: Well-born, comfortable surroundings, always sufficiently well off, associated with companies, gain through legacies, favorable for domestic matters, somewhat fast and extravagant, does not live to old age. [1]

Michael Moore 1°15′, Vladimir Putin 2°00′ (and Mercury), Xi Jinping 2°00′ (and Saturn), Harvey Weinstein 2°16′, Billy Bob Thornton 2°26′

Pluto conjunct Spica: Serena Williams 0°07′, Priyanka Chopra 0°34′ (and Mars), Prince William of Cambridge 0°34′, Beyoncé 0°55′, Kim Kardashian 1°35′, Roger Federer 1°39′, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex 1°43′, Britney Spears 2°22′, George Washington 2°25′, Ronaldinho 2°37′

North Node conjunct Spica: Tim Burton 1°33′, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh 1°45′, Nikola Tesla 1°46′, Nancy Pelosi 2°00′, Warren Buffett 2°01′, Sigmund Freud 2°28′, Michelangelo 2°32′.

South Node conjunct Spica: Lilly Wachowski 0°44′, Billy Joel 1°29′

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  • All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

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