Prince William, Duke of Cambridge Horoscope

Prince William Horoscope

William, Duke of Cambridge’s horoscope shows that he has a mysterious and magical soul because Neptune and Lilith are rising. The Ascendant is the most personal point in any chart, and Neptune here not only gives sensitivity and spirituality, but also makes these personal features hard for us to pin down and understand. According to Astro Databank he is noted for having an occult book collection. Some other aspects and fixed star interpretations do give us greater insight into this secretive nature.

William’s rising star is a highly esoteric and anciently important star called Etamin, the Right Eye of the Dragon. In ancient Egypt it was known as Isis,

“Its rising was visible about 3500 B.C. Through the central passages of the temples of Hathor at Dendera and of Mut at Thebes…at least seven different temples were oriented toward it.” [1]. Now Etamin “passes exactly over the zenith of Greenwich” [2], so there it is called the Zenith Star. Astrologically, Ebertin says Etamin gives “a liking for solitude. Good mental concentration…Esoteric and philosophical studies.” [3]

Neptune is on another esoteric star, this one called Aculeus in the sting of the Scorpion. According to Morse, Aculeus, like it’s near neighbor Acumen, gives “very sharp minds and a perception well above average as though, perhaps ‘blind’ to what we see and take for granted, they see what we do not, at levels where eyesight does not reach. Not for nothing has the word Acumen come down to us as a term for a sharp mind.” [4]

Prince William Horoscope

William, Duke of Cambridge Horoscope

No doubt the tragedy of his mother’s death turned him inward in the search of deeper meaning. This terrible pain can be seen in the horoscope with the close conjunction of Venus and Chiron on the agonizing fixed star Algol. This conjunction on this star is very potent, made more-so by being the action point of a Yod aspect pattern to Neptune sextile Pluto. Rosenberg says of Algol, “you will be aware of the depths of suffering that can occur, whether through human depravity or “Acts of God”; and you will not be able to ignore suffering and horror, or brush it aside; your life path will require that you come to terms with that level of experience.” [5]

The Midheaven represents the calling, and the star here supports the occult theme in William, Duke of Cambridge’s chart, Princeps in constellation Boötes. Robson says it “gives a keen studious and profound mind with the ability for research.”[6]  Mercury trine Mars gives a quick and sharp intellect, aided by Mercury conjunct the fixed star Aldebaran which Robson says with Mercury gives “prominence through mercurial matters, material gain, and many learned friends.” [6]

The Part of Fortune not only signifies material success but it is also a spiritual point in the chart relating to the happiness of the soul. Williams Part of Fortune is conjunct the fixed star Polis in the Archer. Morse says this star denotes “someone whose interest and knowledge of things spiritual may be both keen and profound.” [4]

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  1. Ye. Notice he doesn’t have a bible collection. William has an occult book collection. And there are dark stories as to what really goes on in the royal family. It lines up with the occult books.

  2. William has proven to be a rather lazy person and much of the UK is disappointed in him. He’s referred to as “Bill Middleton” and “William the Weak”. Much of the public sees him as being weak and easily manipulated. Amazing his hard-working mother didn’t inspire him more, you’d think he’d want o be as giving and busy as she was.

    Kate Middleton is the same, not much of a work ethic and not exactly popular.

  3. Horoscope prince William rectified as 21h01m35s.

    31-Aug-1997 010°,40’14 Capricorn Asc 135 Ven

    4-Sep-1997 010°,40’14 Capricorn Moon 135 Ven
    4-Sep-1997 010°,40’54 Capricorn Moon 0 mutual Asc
    6-Sep-1997 003°,06’25 Pisces C–2 * SADALMELIK (SAT – MERC )


    31-Aug-1997 010°,32’21 Scorpio Mars 45 Nep
    31-Aug-1997 014°,19’54 Aquarius Jup 45 Black Moon
    31-Aug-1997 011°,00’23 Scorpio Mars 30 C-12


    1-Sep-2019 008°,51’35 Cancer Ven * ALHENA (MERC – VENUS )
    3-Sep-2019 008°,51’58 Cancer Ven 135 C-11
    3-Sep-2019 007°,42’42 Scorpio Moon 90 mutual Merc
    4-Sep-2019 007°,43’13 Leo Merc 120 AR09

    4-Oct-2019 008°,58’16 Cancer Ven 30 Merc
    6-Oct-2019 009°,41’48 Libra C–8 * VINDEMIATRIX (SAT – MERC )
    10-Oct-2019 008°,58’16 Scorpio Moon 150 Merc
    10-Oct-2019 008°,59’26 Scorpio Moon 120 mutual Ven
    12-Oct-2019 009°,12’25 Aquarius Asc 120 Mars
    17-Oct-2019 009°,12’25 Scorpio Moon 30 Mars
    17-Oct-2019 009°,13’52 Scorpio Moon 90 mutual Asc
    30-Oct-2019 009°,40’12 Scorpio Moon 45 mutual Nep

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