Fixed Star Algol

Algol at 26°10′ Taurus has an orb of 2°10′
Fixed Star Algol

Perseus Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Algol on May 16

Fixed star Algol, Beta Persei, is a 2.1 magnitude, rare triple star and eclipsing binary located in the Medusa’s Head, carried in the Hero’s left Hand, Perseus Constellation. The name Algol comes from the Arabic word رئيس الغول, meaning Head of the Ogre. The English translation became Demon Star, with other names being Satan’s Head and the Spectre’s Head. In Chinese, it belongs to a group of stars called the Mausoleum. Algol appears to blink, as shown in the animation below. Every 69 hours, its magnitude dips for about 10 hours before returning to full brightness again.

Algol Star Astrology

Algol Star []

Algol represents the head of the Gorgon Medusa, who was slain by Perseus. Medusa, who was the only mortal one of the three Gorgon sisters, was originally a beautiful maiden, but her hair was changed into hissing serpents by Minerva in consequence of her having become by Neptune, the mother of Chrysaor and Pegasus in one of Minerva’s temples. This gave her so fearful an appearance that everyone who looked at her was changed into stone. [3]

05♊4806♊31Hyadum I1°40′

Fixed Star Algol Astrology

In astrology, Algol is one of the most unfortunate stars. Ptolemy referred to it as “the Gorgon of Perseus” and associated it with death by decapitation: mirroring the myth of the Hero Perseus’ victory over the snake-headed Gorgon Medusa. Historically, it has received a strong association with violence across a wide variety of cultures. Medieval Arabic commanders tried to ensure that no important battle began whilst the light of Algol was weak. It may be connected to the periodic lucky prognosis in an ancient Egyptian calendar for lucky and unlucky days composed about 3200 years ago. The 17th-century English astrologer William Lilly regarded any planet to be afflicted when within five degrees of conjunction. [1]

Astrologers, of course, said that it was the most unfortunate, violent, and dangerous star in the heavens, and it certainly has been one of the best observed as the most noteworthy variable in the northern sky. [2]

Fixed star Algol is of the nature of Saturn and Jupiter (dignified, pious, conservative, acquisitive, retentive.) It causes misfortune, violence, decapitation, hanging, electrocution and mob violence, and gives a dogged and violent nature that causes death to the native or others. It is the most evil star in the heavens. [3]

β Persei is an eclipsing variable star system comprising two components ranging between 2.2 & 3.5 in a period of 2.87 days; the eclipse lasts 10 hours. The spectral type of the main star is B8, with a temperature of 12,500 degrees Kelvin. The eclipsing star is dark, and no color has been assigned to it. Algol, anciently thought to be the demon star, has two well-defined natures. One is high in spiritual values, and the other is on the primitive side, evidenced by extreme misfortune.

The darker side of Algol is similar to a spectral ‘S’ star, while the brighter star is of the spectral B, indicating helium is prominent and can be related to influences of the spectral class stars, W, 0, and B. The darker star circles the brighter star every 68 hours, presenting a periodic change in brightness as viewed from the Earth. Since an ephemeris is not possible or available, the influences are listed as either positive or negative, with the darker side for the negative influences and the brighter side for the positive influences.

Some nativities can have both negative and positive influences. The brighter side, as of spectral classes W, 0. & B. The native is sober, serious, patient, talkative, and has high preferment, honors, and success in their careers. Native dislikes sordid actions, is faithful, not bigoted. The darker side as of spectral class ‘S’: The native is bigoted, violent or nonviolent, deals with the masses, possibly tends to be secretive, subject to violence, either to or by the native, forced changes, a propagandist, one with extreme mental powers, extreme physical powers, for good or bad. Mass vandalism, fanaticism, tragedies, ruthlessness. [13]

Algol symbol (Agripe 1531).svg  Algol is one of the 15 Behenian Fixed Stars. Its image is a human head cut off at the neck. It gives success to petitions, makes the wearer bold and magnanimous, preserves the body, protects against witchcraft, and turns evil and spells back upon those who work them. Rules diamond, black hellebore, and mugwort. [3]

Algol is the Head of Gorgo Medusa. This name is derived from the Arabic Al Ghoul, meaning “demon,” “evil spirit,” or “devil.” Derived from the same root as “alcohol.” The dark one has the property of pure Saturn character; the lighter one corresponds not only to Saturnian influence but also to Mars-Uranus-Pluto nature. If the dark fellow is showing toward Earth’s path, the destructive invisible action is exercised. These will be the hours in which Algol is least bright. In the olden times, people were well aware of this. Dr, Lomer wrote in Kosmobiologie, August 1950: “Arabic commanders-in-chief, in times of conquest, made it a point that no important battles were begun when the light of Algol was weak.”

Despite the appreciable distance from the ecliptic, this double star’s influence is strongly felt, and in more cases, it is disastrous. Primitive natives will be of the base mind inclined to brutality and violence, especially when Algol is found together with Mars or Saturn. Avoiding accidents and severe injuries is difficult if Algol is conjunction Sun, Moon or the malefics. As everything has two sides, it has to be said that “high spiritual rays” are emanating from Algol also, but only those human beings can receive them who have already reached high spiritual development. Even then, it must be noted that those particular persons will have difficulties and obstacles in their way, and they must use much energy to overcome these handicaps. If their endeavors fail, strong counter forces and enmities will be present. [4]

Fixed star Algol has the nature of Jupiter, but it also has a long tradition as a troublemaker. It is said to be one of the most unfortunate, violent, and dangerous stars in the heavens. This is explained by the fact that Jupiter takes on all of its most perverse meanings: too much heat, as it were, resulting in extremist actions that undo all the beneficial qualities of this planet. [5]

Algol, alias Caput Medusa, is the Demon herself. Indeed she is, without doubt, counted the most malefic of all stars in astrology, even though Ptolemy gives her the less obviously ominous Saturn-Jupiter styling. Medusa’s Head, the meaning of the Latin title, is being held in Perseus’s Hand, which is she is star β in his constellation.

What seems to have been missed by the old school is that Capulus and Algol each have a very positive side to them. The sword removed a monstrosity from our world, and the monstrosity’s head did, in turn, rescue Andromeda – and, by the same token, all of us – from yet another monster of great evil. True that Algol comes from an old Arabic word meaning particularly nasty spirit. However, as we have noted, we all too easily look back and within ourselves only to be halted at our traumas and ‘nasty bits,’ failing to penetrate further to the glory beyond them. Lilith is not Medusa at all, not the ugly blockage in us but the beauty beyond it. Once we pass the ‘ghoul’ in Algol, we find the pure Spirit in that word, just as its modern derivative, Alcohol, which does so much damage if used irresponsibly, is also the background material of the Universe, without which nothing else exists at all.

How Capulus, and more especially Algol star, signify on horoscopes depends entirely on how the person concerned does or does not live life with an honest sense of purpose to it, a desire at least to try to live up to some philosophy, religion or ideal. If that is present in the person, question, or event for which the chart is drawn, then all will go well. The author has seen this happen so often once the superstition about these stars is dropped. If purpose and intent are ‘shady,’ then we don’t need stars to tell us that things are likely, with good reason, to go wrong.

Yes, we know that Algol often does show up in disastrous accidents with death as their climax, but we must remember that our too-common state of disbelief in life beyond the one event since birth that is the lot of all of us. We fear because we do not believe, and we fear to overcome our fear, lest to be fearless of death should somehow cause us to love mortal life the less. We fear to let go of the past because we lack faith in the Hand that holds the future. With Algol poorly aspected in our charts, we may well repeat the popular but obscene: ‘Better the devil you know that the devil you don’t,’ but those with the Star of the Spirit better placed, we find the person who knows better than to slander the Hand as a devil. Many a fine counselor and healer has Algol thus placed.

Alcyone, η Tauri, and the whole Pleiades group are noted in astrology for their association with deep sorrows and tragedies, bereavements showing strongly with this star. Its position by longitude soon after Algol in Perseus may account for the gloomy quality since Algol is much connotative with a violent death in mundane astrology, and that, of course, means bereavement for someone else. As a practicing astrological consultant, however, the present author has found that one or both of these stars prominent, even though ‘afflicted,’ on one’s horoscope makes for an excellent counselor to others in the time of bereavement, with a special gift for bringing out the brighter spiritual significance of Death as the transition to Greater Life and this so very often relieves the counselor him or herself from the misery that others so commonly suffer in that area of life. [6]

Fixed star Algol star rules one-quarter inch up the base of the neck in the human body. [7]

I have found that a strong Algol placement in the natal chart corresponds to very distinctive facial features and hair. There may be a striking beard or glorious long hair. The teeth, nose or ears may also be striking in some way, either extremely beautiful, large or deformed.

Constellation Perseus

Perseus Constellation gives an intelligent, strong, bold and adventurous nature, but a tendency to lying. [3] The constellation indicates events affecting large numbers of people, especially those caused by major meteorological phenomena. [5]

Algol Star, Beta Persei

Algol Star, Beta Persei []

Fixed Star Algol Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct Algol: A splendid and illustrious life; glorious, mighty and commanding nature; fame, busy with many activities, bountiful resources, well known or feared in cities and regions. Prosperity from youth and in own city. The natives possess much, are very rich, have estates in various towns and cities, are lovers of the countryside, and are skilled in building houses. [12]

Carl Sagan 0°01′, Joe Rogan 0°06′, Vera Atkins 0°23′, Linda Marshall 0°28′, Robert the Bruce 0°29′, Ben Shapiro 0°38′, Randy Travis 0°38′, Maria Shriver 0°48′, Althea Flynt 1°13′, Steve Forbes 1°33′, David Beckham 1°37′ (and Mercury), Frederick the Great 1°55′, Jordan Peterson 1°56′, Julian Lennon 2°00′.

Midheaven conjunct Algol: A splendid and illustrious life; glorious, mighty and commanding nature; fame, busy with many activities, bountiful resources, well known or feared in cities and regions. Prosperity from youth and in own city. [12]

Murder, sudden death, beheading, prone to murder and mischief. If at the same time in conjunction with Sun, Moon or Jupiter, it gives victory over others in war. [3]

Lucy Hale 0°03′, Jim Kerr 0°16′, Uma Thurman 0°31′, Lorraine Warren 0°47′, Kenny Chesney 0°48′, Donald Trump 1°03′, Frida Kahlo 1°31′, Woody Allen 1°53′

Descendant conjunct Algol: A splendid and illustrious life; glorious, mighty and commanding nature; fame, busy with many activities; bountiful resources; well known or feared in cities and regions. Prosperity around middle age or through marriage or women. [12]

Helen Keller 1°35′, Gianni Versace 1°47′

Imum Coeli conjunct Algol: A splendid and illustrious life; glorious, mighty and commanding nature; fame, busy with many activities, bountiful resources, well known or feared in cities and regions. Prosperity in old age or through savings, investments or pensions, death will be famous and known to all. [12]

Rolf Harris 1°44′

Hyleg conjunct Algol and angular: Decapitation or a murderer who meets with a violent death. [3]

Part of Fortune conjunct Algol: poverty. [3]

Jimmy Page 0°26′, Rihanna 0°49′, Emma Watson 1°25′, Nigel Farage 1°36′, Ellen DeGeneres 1°53′, Pope Francis I 1°56′

Sun conjunct Algol: (+) The native has the potential to become a leader. High advancement in sports, legal, martial, occult and matters dealing with the public. These natives will be of outstanding character and a benefit to their communities.

(–) These natives will strive to excel but will become confused with their priorities and could become involved in legal entanglements. [13]

Violent death or extreme sickness. If also in no aspect to a benefic, or there is no benefic in the 8th house, and the dispositor of the Sun in a day nativity or if the Moon in the night one is in square or opposition to Mars, the native will be beheaded; if the luminary culminate he will be maimed, mangled, wounded or torn to pieces alive; and if Mars is at the same time in Gemini or Pisces his hands or feet will be cut off. [3]

Very difficult to avoid accidents and severe injuries. [4]

Tucker Carlson 0°05′, Liberace 0°10′, Marshal Applewhite 0°18′, Debra Winger 0°19′, Cosimo de’ Medici 0°19′, Tori Spelling 0°28′, Craig Ferguson 0°40′, Megan Fox 0°56′, Josh Homme 0°58′, Zara Phillips 1°02′, John Frawley 1°11′, Brian Eno 1°15′, Trent Reznor 1°19′, Georges Braque 1°35′, Don Bachardy 1°36′, Nicole Brown Simpson 1°43′, Pope John Paul II 1°46′, Andy Murray 1°48′, Erik Satie 1°53′, Che Guevara 1°55′, Yannick Noah 1°58′.

Moon conjunct Algol: Violent death or extreme sickness. [3]

Very difficult to avoid accidents and severe injuries. [4]

A splendid and illustrious life; great, distinguished and opulent nature. [12]

(+) Natives with this conjunction, can develop the ability to gain victory over their competitors. However, they can also experience setbacks prior to their victory. The natives will be dogged, indefatigable, continually striving to reach their goals, and never at a loss for words or expressions. Illness of a sublime nature possible.

(–) The native is clever, of a dogged, designing nature, the never say die type, possibly leading to turbulent actions because the native will not surrender their objectives. The native can become involved in controversial matters. Legal involvement and even a judicial sentence are possible. [13]

Christine Keeler 0°05′ (and Uranus), Carrie Fisher 0°30′, Tommy Lee Jones 0°36′, Pope John Paul II 0°39′, Mick Jagger 1°24′, Linda Lovelace 1°57′

Moon conjunct Ascendant or Midheaven with Algol: The natives have a virtuous disposition and respect their elders, have noble feelings, are generous, tolerant, sensible, and love their loved ones. [12]

Moon conjunct Venus conjunct Algol opposite Neptune: This energy point causes a multitude of problems connected with the neck. These people cannot look down to see their feet, and when under stress, they cannot bend the neck forward or in any direction. Their energy is blocked up to the pituitary gland, thus interfering with spiritual development. A great deal of the problem here is the lack of spiritual development, as these individuals wish to remain fixed on the mundane and material areas of their life. These beings should consult spiritual healers who can make life a bit more comfortable for them, as it will help open up the energy at this point and balance it with the rest of the system. Other parts of the body can be affected here, especially the thymus gland, which in turn affects the lymph nodes. Contrary to popular belief, the thymus gland does not discontinue functioning after puberty; it does continue to function and affect the lymph nodes and spiritual development. [7]

Mercury conjunct Algol: (+) Quiet persistence is the keynote of this nativity. The native will enjoy public acceptance, and good business ability can be developed. There can be legal preferment and high advancement in matters dealing with the public.

(–) On the primitive side, these natives will not hesitate to speak out when they would do better keeping silent. They will be inclined to associate with undesirables and/or poor business associates and, if so, encounter legal problems. On the extreme side, such natives could encounter legal problems and a judicial sentence.

Note: Domestic problems are possible with both (+) positive and (–) negative Mercury, surfaced or not. [13]

David Beckham 0°00′ (and AC), Eric Burdon 0°07′, Johnny Depp 0°21′ (and Venus), Alexei Navalny 0°40′, Jay Leno 0°44′, Mark Wahlberg 0°55′, Salvador Dali 1°20′ (and Mars), Clint Eastwood 1°22′, Joseph Gurney Cannon 1°22′.

Venus conjunct Algol: It is imperative that natives with this conjunction marry a congenial, competitive mate, else domestic problems will eventually surface. Natives with this conjunction can gain high public preferment. If there are domestic or romantic problems, any marriages so involved will be doomed to fail. Such natives will earn the displeasure of their family, regardless of who is at fault. There can be health problems. Caution should be exercised to avoid problematic actions. [13]

Eric Burdon 0°09′ (and Jupiter, Uranus), Prince William 0°15′, Johnny Depp 0°26′ (and Mercury), Billy Joel 0°56′, Sid Vicious 1°05′, Princess Diana of Wales 1°13′, Imelda Marcos 1°17′, Amber Heard 1°31′, Michael Moore 1°51′.

Mars conjunct Algol: (+) Natives with this conjunction will tend to be fearless, ‘tread where angels fear to go.’ They make good showmen and might even try to bluff their way through situations. These natives have the courage of their convictions. They can leave their ‘mark’ on posterity. Turbulence is possible.

(–) The native might seem headstrong or very determined, even at times unreasonable. Some such natives are subject to rash, illegal acts, taking unnecessary chances. They seem to have the strength of their convictions and have complete disregard for public opinion, which could be a minority opinion, but loudly expressed. Turbulence is possible. [13]

If Mars is elevated above the luminaries when Algol is angular, the native will be a murderer who will come to an untimely end. The same is caused by Algol angular or with the hyleg. [3]

Very difficult to avoid accidents and severe injuries. [4]

Salvador Dali 0°21′ (and Mercury), Nancy Pelosi 0°43′, Robert De Niro 0°45′, Liberace 1°37′.

Mars or Saturn conjunct Algol and Moon with Sadalmelik: Hanging or decapitation by royal command; if the Moon is with Denebola, death by judicial sentence; and if the Moon is with Alphard death by water or poison. [3]

Jupiter conjunct Algol: If Jupiter is well-aspected in the nativity, these natives can acquire the ability to amass considerable wealth. These natives are inclined to be collectors, be it art or something in their opinion that would be of value at some future date and which appeals to the native. More primitive natives, while they have the same potential, will tend to become recluses later and even reduce themselves to begging or scavenging. [13]

This is the best placement for Algol. It gives wonderful creative talents such as art and music, from which you can make a good living.

Sara Aldrete 0°21′, Robert Downey Jr. 0°31′, Pablo Picasso 0°58′, Eric Burdon 0°58′ (and Venus, Uranus), Kamala Harris 1°40′, John F. Kennedy 1°58′.

Saturn conjunct Algol: Very difficult to avoid accidents and severe injuries. [4]

Aretha Franklin 0°24′, John Wayne Gacy 1°14′ (and Uranus), Emmett Till 1°20′, Richard Speck 1°45′.

Uranus conjunct Algol: John Lennon 0°12′, Nikola Tesla 0°13′, Linda Marshall 0°25′, Eric Burdon 0°27′ (and Venus, Jupiter), Michael Bloomberg 1°02′, Muhammad Ali 1°06′, Christine Keeler 1°05′ (and Moon), Bob Dylan 1°17′, Tammy Fay Bakker 1°25′, Bruce Lee 1°40′, John Wayne Gacy 1°44′ (and Uranus).

Neptune conjunct Algol: Nikolay Gumilyov 0°25′, Wilhelm Canaris 0°44′, Hugo Black 1°35′, Eleanor Roosevelt 1°46′.

Pluto conjunct Algol: Mata Hari 0°05′, Albert Einstein 0°14′, Joseph Stalin 0°27′, Charles II of England 0°44′, Edgar Cayce 1°31′.

North Node conjunct Algol: LeBron James 0°45′, Stephen King 0°46′, Cecilia Bartoli 1°12′, Katy Perry 1°34′, Erwin Rommel 1°41′, Hillary Clinton 1°52′.

South Node conjunct Algol: James VI and I 0°32′, Justin Bieber 0°51′.

Algol Star and Evolution

From the mythology of Medusa, we can see her as a mutant. A mutation is the driver of genetic evolution. It is no surprise to see the Algol star prominent in the history of the Human Genome Project.

On June 1, 1866, Charles Benedict, the father of the American eugenics movement, was born. Mercury was conjunct Algol. He sterilized 60 000 “unfit” or mutant Americans and “strongly influenced the Holocaust in Europe” [8].

On July 16, 1945, we exploded the first nuclear bomb, the Trinity Test, in Nevada. Mars was conjunct Algol. The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki that followed killed over 200 000 people and mutated countless more.

On April 25, 1953, Watson and Crick published their groundbreaking discovery on the structure of DNA, the building block of our genes. Jupiter was conjunct Algol.

On December 9, 1984, research on casualties at Hiroshima and Nagasaki led to the Alta Summit, the beginnings of the Human Genome Project. North Node was conjunct Algol. “If genome projects prove important to biology, then historians will note the Alta meeting” [9].

On June 25, 2000, President Clinton announced the completion of the Human Genome Project [10]. Saturn was conjunct Algol.

On May 18, 2006, the last chromosome sequence was published in the journal Nature. Sun and Mercury were conjunct Algol.

On May 21, 2008, the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act became law “To prohibit discrimination based on genetic information concerning health insurance and employment” [11]. Venus was conjunct Algol.

Recommended Reading

Medusa’s Head, Diana Rosenberg.


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