Fixed Star Zaurak

Zaurak at 23°52′ Taurus has an orb of 1°50′
Fixed Star Zaurak

Eridanus Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Zaurak on May 14

Fixed star Zaurak, Gamma Eridani, is a 2.94 magnitude star in the River, Eridanus Constellation. The traditional name Zaurak is from the Arabic word قارب (zaurak) which means boat.


Zaurak Astrology

Fixed Star Zaurak has a Saturnian character. Anyone who has this star connected with a planet in his chart should endeavor not to take life too seriously and put too much weight on everything people say. This person should struggle to overcome melancholy. Otherwise, this star could trigger off fear of death and suicidal tendencies. Elsbeth Ebertin noted several cases in which the Sun connected with Zaurak brought long, drawn-out illnesses and difficult times in life. Vehlow described the last degrees on Taurus and first degrees of Gemini as “an unfortunate corner”. [1]

Y Eridani. A red giant star, spectral class MO. The native is melancholy, lonely has a constant struggle, almost suicidal tendencies, is introspective, a private person, constantly striving for success. [5]

Zaurak, γ Eridani is named from Al Na’ir al Zaurak, the Bright one on the Boat, Ptolemy seems not to have bothered with it but Joseph Rigor gives it a bad name for melancholia and feelings of great loneliness, as though one is all alone on that long river. It is indeed close to the markedly difficult Capulus (M34 Persei), and is only a short way down the river from the start of the journey. So, yes, there can be that feel of ‘it’s a long way to go’. Yet, if the aspects be right, there can also be that forward-looking faith that one is not really alone, that He truly is there at Achernar, and even Rigor has had to note that this star features with many fine writers and poets of great inspiration. So if Ptolemy had classified it, he would probably have made it a Saturn-Mercury. [2]

Constellation Eridanus

The River, with the exception of Achernar, is like Saturn. It gives a love of knowledge and science, much travel and many changes, a position of authority, but danger of accidents especially at sea and of drowning. [3]

This constellation portends rain. Modern astrologers claim that the constellation gives a love of knowledge and science, but there is no support for this contention in classical astrology. Eridanus does, however, indicate events concerned with rivers and streams. Ptolemy states that the star at the end of the river has a nature like that of Jupiter, and the other stars in the constellation have an influence akin to that of Saturn. [4]

Fixed Star Zaurak Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct Zaurak: Grave, thoughtful, melancholy, liable to disgrace, much care and anxiety, connected with building, mines and minerals. [1]

Jordan Peterson 021°′, Steve Forbes 0°44′ (and Part of Fortune), Conor McGregor 1°33′, George Washington 1°38′.

Midheaven conjunct Zaurak: Trouble through old people, disgrace, trade losses, deceitful associates, rise followed by fall. [1]

Drake 0°33′, Nancy Pelosi 0°36′, Frida Kahlo 0°46′, Donald Trump 1°15′, Lorraine Warren 1°30′.

Descendant conjunct Zaurak: Helen Keller 0°42′.

Part of Fortune conjunct Zaurak: Steve Forbes 0°02′ (and Ascendant), Pope Francis I 0°22′, Ellen DeGeneres 0°24′, Nigel Farage 0°41′, Miley Cyrus 0°49′, Rihanna 1°28′.

Sun conjunct Zaurak: Preferment in writings, business and public matters. The natives lifestyle will be greatly affected by family environment. If the family environment is of a negative nature, the native could develop into being a loner and possibly encounter many difficulties. The native will be of a serious demeanor. Melancholy inclinations a possibility. [5]

Che Guevara 0°22′, Jim Jones 0°29′, Mark Zuckerberg 0°52′, Megan Fox 1°21′.

Moon conjunct Zaurak: : (+) This conjunction gives the native perserverance, dogged determination. they are able to attract to them the kind of people that will assist them and they should find preferment in public affairs. Honors are possible. Major disappointments are also a possibility.

(–) There can be martial and public preferment for natives with this conjunction. Some honors are possible, but not of a lasting nature. If the native is impatient and not willing to work for the benefits possible under this conjunction there is the possibility of legal involvements of a major proportion. Turbulence is possible. Major disappointments are also possible. [5]

Marcel Marceau 0°03′, Marshall Applewhite 0°23′, Mick Jagger 0°53′, Bob Dylan 1°31′.

Mercury conjunct Zaurak: The native has good mental powers, but is not of an outgoing, forceful nature, rather is quiet and in their own quiet manner can be quite aggressive, enough to reach their predetermined goals. High public preferment is possible. Tendency to be of a retiring, almost a private nature, but not a loner. [5]

Clint Eastwood 0°55′, Salvador Dali 0°57′, Jack Nicholson 1°20′, Alexei Navalny 1°37′, Marquis de Sade 1°40′.

Venus conjunct Zaurak: Natives with this conjunction tend to be private persons, if they must face situations, they face them doggedly. Not an outstanding personality but not a loner. A Mars conjunction reinforces the natives doggedness. [5]

Michael Moore 0°26′, Chris Brown 0°35′, Imelda Marcos 1°00′, Princess Diana of Wales 1°04′, Jeffrey Dahmer 1°06′, Billy Joel 1°22′.

Mars conjunct Zaurak: The native will not permit anything or anyone to prevent his desire for recognition and possible fame. They will never cease ‘fighting’ for their cause, or their place in their activity or career for which they are best fitted. They have the strength of almost an unconquerable nature. In general they turn out to be ‘private’ people, not loners. The less advanced natives under this conjunction may resort to fiendish acts. Turbulence is possible. [5]

MacKenzie Scott 1°11′.

Jupiter conjunct Zaurak: High preferment in religion, government, Occult
and writings. These natives can gain the ability for accumulating both friends and wealth and recognition for their abilities. If the native had been adversely affected by early family life, the native could become a recluse or a beggar, regardless of their financial condition. [5]

John F. Kennedy 0°20′, Kamala Harris 0°37′, Pablo Picasso 1°20′, Charles Ponzi 1°39′.

Saturn conjunct Zaurak: Michael Bloomberg° 0′45, John Wayne Gacy 1°03′, George Pell 1°17′, Muhammad Ali 1°23′.

Uranus conjunct Zaurak: Ernesto Miranda 0°14′, Bruce Lee 0°37′, Sigmund Freud 1°15′.

Neptune conjunct Zaurak: Benito Mussolini 1°19′.

Pluto conjunct Zaurak: Winston Churchill 0°41′, Edgar Cayce 0°47′, Alexander the Great 1°06′. 

North Node conjunct Zaurak: Hillary Clinton 0°26′, Cecilia Bartoli 1°05′, LeBron James 1°32′, Audrey Hepburn 1°32′.

South Node conjunct Zaurak: Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán 1°29′.


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  • All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

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