Menkar Star – Nose of the Whale

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Menkar at 14°19′ Taurus has an orb of 2°00′
Fixed Star Menkar Star Astrology

Cetus Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Menkar on May 3

Fixed star Menkar, Alpha Ceti, is a 2.5 magnitude bright orange star on the Nose of the Whale, or Sea Monster, Cetus Constellation. The traditional name Menkar derives from the Arabic word منخر (manħar) which means nostril.


07 ♉ 47
14 ♉ 14
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Menkar Star Astrology

Fixed star Menkar is of the nature of Saturn. It causes disease, disgrace, ruin, injury from beasts, sickness, and loss of fortune. [1]

Menkar is typical of stars with a Saturnian nature. It portends danger from beasts, disgrace, ill fortune, and illness to all those born under its influence. [2]

Menkar is also called Menkub, Arabic mischir, in the Neck of the Whale. This star has a Saturnine character, corresponding to impediments of many kinds, worries, and tests of endurance; in some, this hardens and toughens the individual.

In some cases with conjunction of Saturn, Mars or Neptune, diseases of the throat, inflammation of larynx, sometimes danger by suffocation have been noted. These people are advised to take good care of themselves if they have a tendency to throat trouble and to take prophylactic measures. They should avoid over-straining their larynx and, should they have special demands regarding the larynx, they are advised to take trouble in the methodical training of their vocal chords etc.

Vehlow has noted epilepsy in several cases when Sun was conjunct Menkar. The ecliptic (longitudinal) positions of Menkar and Almach coincide closely. Therefore, a blending of the influence of both fixed stars is the case. [3]

Menkar is an Arabic name meaning Nostril; an alternative name is Al Kaff or Al Qaf Jidhmah, both implying the nose area of this creature. It is yet another Saturn star, Ptolemy, and again it is one very close in longitude to an Andromeda star, α this time. Presumably  it was the Monster’s nose that led it to the young lady, with every expectation of a fine old Jupiter-Mars time (!) for the star South Scale (Zubenelgenubi) is right opposite Menkar. But as we said of that star, one has to consider intelligently the consequences of one’s actions, and the Saturnine quality of Menkar is just right for this, if it be well aspected. It obviously was not so for the Titan, but it is a star which shows good practical sense in those better blessed with it. [4]

Menkar star rules the thyroid gland in the human body. [5]

Constellation Cetus

Cetus is like Saturn. It is said to cause laziness and idleness, but to confer an emotional and charitable nature, with the ability to command, especially in war. Makes one amiable, prudent, happy by sea and land, and helps to recover lost goods. [1]

1st Arabic Manzil – Al-Sharatain

Causes discords and journeys.

With Moon: Buy cattle, plant and take voyages.

16th Chinese Xiù – 婁 (Lóu) Bond

The rites and sacrifices of harvest. A general theme of thanksgiving. This Chinese lunar mansion governs harvest, feasting, gatherings, choirs, and orchestras. It is a good day for feasting and gatherings, construction, the digging of trenches, opening of watercourses, and unveiling monuments.

Weddings arranged on this day will produce children that will bring wealth to the family. Associated with friendship, pleasures, harmony, wealth, good health and longevity.

Menkar Star, Alpha Ceti

Menkar Star, Alpha Ceti []

Menkar Star Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct Menkar: Legacies and inheritances attended by much evil. [1] Said to indicate fishermen or those who make a living in some way from salt. [2] Boy George 0°51′

Descendant conjunct Menkar: If Menkar is aspected by Mars when setting the indication is “a violent death”. [2] Harvey Weinstein 0°20′, Jim Carrey 1°24′, Margaret Thatcher 1°59′

Midheaven conjunct Menkar: Disgrace, danger from cattle and large beasts. [1] Henri Matisse 0°13′, Muhammad Ali 1°16′.

Part of Fortune conjunct Menkar: Kim Kardashian 0°38′

Sun conjunct Menkar: Great trouble, sickness, throat ailments, legacies and inheritances attended by much evil, loss of money, failure of crops. [1] Audrey Hepburn 0°12′, Adele 0°51′, Dwayne Johnson 1°13′, William Lilly 1°34′, George Clooney 1°46′

Moon conjunct Menkar: Mental anxiety, hatred of the vulgar, ill-will of women, danger from thieves, sickness to native and family, loss of marriage partner or near relative, quarrels, legal losses, legacies and inheritances attended by much evil. [1] Edgar Cayce 0°13′, Karl Marx 0°30′, Ronald Reagan 0°38′

Mercury conjunct Menkar: Difficulties through writings, difficulty in payment of mortgages, ill-health to marriage partner or relative, destruction of crops. [1] William Lilly 0°01′, Rudy Giuliani 0°41′, Sid Vicious 1°19′.

Venus conjunct Menkar: Strong and uncontrolled passions, jealousy, domestic disharmony and temporary separation, ill-health of marriage partner. [1] William Lilly 1°55′

Venus conjunct Uranus conjunct Menkar: These individuals go from one extreme to the other due to the thyroid gland which is either under-active or overactive, and they are unaware that the changes are taking place. The individuals can be thin for a long time, and then suddenly become obese. It can work the other way around where the person is obese, and then suddenly begins to lose weight and becomes thin. These individuals should not try drugs or other means to normalize the glandular system. They should be careful of their diet, although they would be rather flexible in their eating habits and would not care to make any changes in their diet. [5]

Mars conjunct Menkar: Evil associates, immoral, violent, murderous, violent death. [1] Adele 0°54′, Mick Jagger 1°19′, JonBenét Ramsey 1°41′

Jupiter conjunct Menkar: Deceitful, dishonest, wandering life, imprisonment, banishment, or judicial sentence. [1] John Lennon 0°17′, Henri Matisse 1°28′, Boris Johnson 1°55′

Saturn conjunct Menkar: Self-seeking, selfish, causes unhappiness to others, much sickness. [1] John Lennon 0°17′, Nicholas Culpeper 1°18′

Uranus conjunct Menkar: Active mind, artistic, scientific and mystical interest and ability, troubles through opposite sex, loss through fire and false friends, good fortune and misfortune alternately, severe injuries from animals. [1] Bill Cosby 0°20′, Napoleon Bonaparte 0°24′, William Lilly 0°41′

Neptune conjunct Menkar: Peculiar early life, loss of or separation from parents abroad, may lose identity and be brought up by foreigners in dishonor, learns of parentage too late in life to obtain advantage, brave, organizing ability, high position, wasted talents, many journeys, violent death frequently by assassination. [1]

Pluto conjunct Menkar: Nicholas Culpeper 0°05′

North Node conjunct Menkar: Ronald Reagan 1°14′

South Node conjunct Menkar: Josemaria Escriva De Balaguer 1°47′


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* All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

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  1. My Dad has this star conjunct his natal Saturn. Yes, definitely corresponds to his personality – to a T. Maybe sickness more so to the mind than the body though.

  2. Venus conjunct Menkar: Strong and uncontrolled passions, jealousy, domestic disharmony and temporary separation, ill-health of marriage partner.

    I have it again. My venus is in 13.45 degree.

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