Harvey Weinstein Scandal

Harvey Weinstein Scandal AstrologyThe Harvey Weinstein scandal has stunned Hollywood according the news report on October 11, 2017. However, Weinstein’s sexual abuse of young woman has been an open secret in the entertainment industry for a decade. The Harvey Weinstein astrology chart plainly shows the signs of this sexual abuse of power. Also plain to see are the secrets, lies and scandal unfolding today.

Harvey Weinstein Astrology

Harvey Weinstein was born in Flushing, New York on March 19, 1952. [Harvey Weinstein – Wikipedia] With his birth time unknown, I have used a 0° Aries House System for the Harvey Weinstein astrology chart shown below. The Moon’s position is inaccurate up to 6° so I have removed aspect lines to the Moon.

Harvey Weinstein Astrology

Harvey Weinstein Astrology Chart

Sexual Abuse

Mars determines sexuality in a astrology, while the abuse of power is the domain of Pluto. Sexual abuse would therefore be shown as a hard aspect between Mars and Pluto.

Mars square Pluto is the strongest aspect in Harvey Weinstein’s horoscope.  It has allowed him to assert his dominance through a position of power. His success came from his tremendous drive, ambition, energy reserves and perseverance.

When Weinstein’s sexual advances were denied, the intense energy of Mars square Pluto turned to anger and resentment. To regain his dominance he resorted to an outburst of destructive rage by abusing his power through sexual violence.

Secrets, Lies and Scandal

Mercury opposite Neptune is more than enough to explain deception and scandal but the presence of Jupiter has exaggerated these problems.

Mercury opposite Saturn has brought Weinstein great frustration and sadness from an inability to connect to other people at the personal level. The wrong handling of matters has added to his frustration. People see him as a lonely, sad and mean person.

Mercury opposite Neptune has caused him disappointment in close relationships. The basic problem here is a mental one because of a weakened perception of reality. Miscommunication has spiraled into accusations of deception and lying.

Jupiter opposite Neptune means that societal standards have not constrained Harvey Weinstein’s behavior in the normal way. This minority view of the world has repercussions in every area of his life, from his physical health, to his career and relationships.


Harvey Weinstein’s  astrology chart shows how the sexual abuse of young women is directly linked to secrets, lies and scandal. Jupiter opposite Neptune is linked to Mars square Pluto via green lines to Mars and blue lines to Pluto.

The helpful Pluto aspects explain his huge success and immense wealth. The unbalanced Mars aspects are the strong primal urges which have eventually taken him down.

As the story peaks, the Sun and Mercury have landed opposite his Mercury/Jupiter conjunction and conjunct his Neptune. Also in the sky October 11, 2017, the Sun Mercury conjunction is square Pluto.

26 thoughts on “Harvey Weinstein Scandal

    • IMO Maree it speaks volumes – it’s unbridled ego in the way a 2 year old boy would be since it is “omnipotent” in its world and without boundary. But on the positive side probably necessary for the “vision” to create a company like Miramax which has been massively successful. However Harvey’s sun is also conjunct stars Kerb and Scheat in Pegasus. Of Pegasus – apparently the constellation gives ambition, vanity, intuition, enthusiasm, caprice and bad judgment. [Robson*, p.56.] and Scheat – With Sun: Danger through water and engines, liable to accidents or drowning. [Robson*, p.206.] Well Harvey is certainly drowning in a sea of scandal! But this combo IMO would add to the lack of boundary and objectivity which considers the other person.
      That Mercury conj Jupiter in Aries opposing Neptune is the big driven idea put into Neptune i Libra – the salvation of relationship. This will make me unpopular (!!!) but I suspect with all that was available to him, he is looking for some sort of redemption through A.N Other. Unfortunately as each beautiful face would to him, possibly be The One, he embarks on an out of control spiral.
      His Moon is exactly on the star Facies – my own research on this makes it akin to Janus- the mask with two faces. Seems to fit? One face for liberal Hollywood and the other for private psycho? The Moon is the public too so again the two faces, one public one private.
      I think there is a very interesting twist in the Mars Pluto square – I see Mars as action first, sexual action is when the basic force or will does not travel much further than the gonads. Pluto as one of the outer planets will slant the will and experience outside of the norm and eventually lead one to a place where there is a choice for evolution. Pluto in Leo is both self destructive and self transforming. So he has a combo of being driven to self destruct but the choice to self reform. He can accept there is more to sexual energy (as kundalini) and that it can be transmuted or be a slave to it and be out of control. And Harvey didn’t know self control as we can see from his Sun.
      Back to the Sun – which is between Pisces and Aries – in no man’s land. I don’t adhere to hard and fast degrees because in the Cosmos we are dealing actually with fields of influence, not hard lines! (look at the sky – can you see any???!!! even the hard rays coming off a star are only an appearance because the human eye cannot see subtle fields at that distance) So again this is no boundary between the infantile ego and the no bounds self of Pisces. I wonder what kind of a father he is?
      It interesting that in Esoteric astrology, Neptune is the planet of communication. It is where things merge without words. It is why suddenly flares are the height of fashion then its drainpipes! Neptune opposite Mercury – the planet of the lesser mind, blurs lines, blurs communication and has no linear logic or reason to it – those are the province of Mercury.

      Finally (!!) his Venus is also unaspected and I notice Jamie hasn’t drawn attention to Venus in this chart. It is also conj the n node. In western astrology we consider the N node to show the life purpose. Now Harvey has been producing movies for Hollywood for some time and we can see the two sides of the mask – on the one hand, violent movies such as Gangs of New York, Sin City etc etc but stylish films such as Pulp Fiction, Inglorius, and romantic films such as The English Patient, Shakespeare in Love, Lord of the Rings – the list is massive. Maybe Harvey has never experienced romance in his life? Unaspected Venus? Venus would also call to question the role of beauty and of course all the actresses who wanted to be in his movies – the actresses who fought their way to the top in the most competitive field in the world. I think a lot of ego has been brought into question here! You have to ask yourself -why is anyone propelled to “act” as a career anyway? Its not brain surgery!!!

      • The sun is aspected! The sun (ruled by Neptune) is exactly quincunx Neptune! So that is stress re. Individuality (sun) to Spirit (relationship or lack thereof (libra Neptune). The inconjunct is stress with the Divine, the subtle, film, deception, escaping, lack of accountability with the Pisces sun in stress to Neptune. The chart reveals psychopathology. Moon in Capricorn is difficult – emotionally cold & controlling. Maybe very wounded & unable to feel. The moon in cap looks to be square its ruler Saturn making for a Saturn square Saturn energetic – the psychopath. As his chart shows & his brother Bob says, there’s no repentance or contrition. All the personal planets are stressed. Moon opposition Uranus – uncooperative & agenda setting. Both the sun & moon in difficult aspects to their ruling planets. Mercury Jupiter conjunction in Aries is a ram with an arrow! HW very well read/educated & influential in the extreme. The opposition to Saturn & Neptune : in a battle with other authorities & manipulators/ mirrors. Mercury Jupiter conjunction is fanaticism & more ego & more power, spiralling out of control. Mars in Scorpio square its ruler Pluto!!! Passion if expressed Consciously, but the square has manifested as rage, megalomania, addiction (sex, food, tobacco), the predatory, carnal, abusive side. The Scorpio ability to see what is wrong & change/improve it. Unfortunately not the stability, self discipline, humility to effect positive change harmoniously. HW’s Venus is not well aspected/intergrated but the conjunction to the north node is powerful & provides an opportunity to open the heart to compassion, humility, feeling, & love as his destiny/calling. He has a passionate & genuine love of the film genre so that’s the launching pad for Venus in Pisces conjunction the north node – & that’s what film can inspire ( or deny).

      • An intelligent and well reasoned response. It is refreshing to see on this page dialogue that is not tainted by righteousness, but rather explores the characteristic that this born person was born in to. I am sure Harvey Weinstein is a tortured man without peace and would rather not be driven the way he is. Astrology can gives us an insight into behavior and therefore an understanding and hopefully compassion for those that are born into an afflicted destiny.

  1. I think it’s very interesting his Sun is at 29 Pisces, the last degree of the astrological year. I would suggest that his dream world will catch with him in his ripest years. His South Node is at 0 Virgo, at 150′ – oh the irony! One of his younger victims will be the one who asks a difficult question when he has finished with her body.

  2. It is worth noting that Harvey’s Ixion also opposes his Mercury, and Ixion strikes me as one who betrays guest right and takes advantage (as evidenced by the Greek mythology behind this figure). Sun and Mercury in transit would have directly hit this as well.

  3. Hi Astrology King. Minor correction: As the story peaks, the Sun and Mercury have landed opposite his Mercury/Jupiter conjunction and conjunct his Neptune.

  4. Mars in Scorpio = very strong sex drive and in the eighth house! Perhaps not everyone can understand or appreciate that placement. It also contributes to his talent as a film producer. I think it is disgraceful that so many people are attacking and condemning him. “Throwing stones etc.” As a woman I must question any other woman’s motivation to go to any man’s hotel room, private office, etc….and not know that they are in jeopardy. Let’s get real! When did western civilization decide to ignore the male sexual drive?

    • Could you maybe not be so quick to blame the victims here? Sure, there’s something to be said for not being naive, and I admire your effort not to demonize, but let’s not lose sight of the actual perpetrator and the harm he did or compassion for the lives adversely effected.

    • Barbara Vickers – The male sexual drive? Okay. So should I avoid attractive clothes and make up for fear that that “the male sexual drive” can’t be controlled. What is disgraceful is that you seem to be condoning his behaviour and suggesting that the woman are to blame. Woman should know, implicitly, that an invitation to a hotel room or, God forbid, place of work, is an invitation for sex? You need to get real. Shame on you. Many of these women were young and vulnerable and starting out in a business over which he had influence and control; he used that to his advantage – it is his fault. He’s a predator and his actions are unacceptable. The astrology may explain his drives, but it should never excuse them.

      • Well said Lorry. I applaud you for speaking up in defence of those who never deserved to be abused, much less shamed for the lifelong trauma they were left to deal with.

        Barbara – hate to break it to you but you are a clear example of a mysoginistic woman. No woman should have to live in fear of the “Male sexual drive”. There are enough men in this world who have high sex drives who would NEVER abuse and assault a woman this way.

        Sadly, you are so brainwashed into thinking that the fault for men’s lack of control over themselves must be blamed on women, that you assume a ridiculous piousness and shame the victims of sexual abuse for not knowing better. This is utterly describable and morally reprehensible behaviour on your part.

        Heaven forbid you face what those poor women faced one day. Men like Harvey Weinstein don’t just assault women in hotel rooms. It can happen anywhere. To anyone. Even men get raped in this world. Are you saying one of them should have “known better” than to walk down a quiet country road, only to be pinned down by three other men and raped brutally? Really?

        Abuse isn’t about desire, it’s about misusing power against those who can’t defend themselves. Since you are obviously fond of trying to show the world how shrewd you are when it comes to the dynamics of abuse – I’m surprised YOU aren’t smart enough to understand that basic fact!

        I knew women like you existed but you are truly contemptible. It’s people with attitudes like yours that even allow predators like Weinstein to get away with what they did for so long.

        Thankfully, people with mindsets like yours will die out soon enough as humankind evolved and becomes more aware and less tolerant of such skewed biases as yours. People like you are more attached to their egos to ever consider taking a long hard look at themselves and their damaging toxic beliefs, and how they allow all sorts of injustices to be committed again and again. You breed tolerance for the unacceptable nature of abuse with your attitude. Just because you don’t know or understand that, does not in anyway exempt you from the responsibility of the consequences of your beliefs and actions.

        Youngsters today are growing up a lot more aware about the abuse of power in many different situations. More power to the young women and men of today. It may not ever happen entirely, but humankind deserves a world where NO abuser should feel so invincible that he/she can get away with destroying lives. That time is now underway.

        To anyone who has dealt with any manner of abuse reading this, please hear me – it was NEVER your fault dear one. You didn’t deserve it.

        Did you hear me? You. didn’t. Deserve. It. Astrology does not compel, every abuser has free will and chooses to ignore it when they abuse someone.

        Never listen to anyone who tries to pin the blame on you for mental, physical, sexual or psychological abuse, especially in the context of a skewed power dynamic. You are NOT to blame. Many of us in the world believe you, and we support you. Sending you love and light. I wish you a lot of support on your healing journey. It may not seem like it, but there are people in the world willing to help and accept you as you are. Just hang in there, someday you will find them

  5. This sexual predator has his Sun in Pisces conjunct the evil star Scheat. Gacy the serial killer also has his Sun conjunct Scheat. That’s not to say all with a planet conjunct Scheat are killers, but Scheat in conjunction with Pisces can prove a disturbing influence on one’s mind. I have seen one with his Mercury conjunct Scheat who had lost his mind while on drugs which in turn caused him to lose all that he had worked for, job, money, marriage, children. I believe Scheat and Pisces afflicted shows one who lies and one who is always up to no good whether in sex, money etc.

    • Exactly re Scheat! I was studying the idea of harmonics last night and in the chart of one serial killer, something which didn’t show upon the natal, was a square which apparently could only have taken place within a 20 minute gap – “The Ascendant is very sensitive to changes in the time of birth. In the 4th harmonic chart, this Grand Cross could only have formed in a time interval of about 20 minutes! ” this is for the chart of Francisco Assis, who killed nine women. I know nothing about harmonics – but would love to see further study on it and it might account for why some people are serial killers and others are not but have the same degrees of aspects. I know someone with Scheat conj his Pisces asc – and Sun Neptune Mercury in Scorpio. He acts like he has everyone’s interest at heart but actually connives to bring everyone into his field of poison – one of the most divisive and devious people I have ever encountered! And mentally ill as a result.

  6. North Node is opposite Regulus, though this aspect was out of sign when he was born.

  7. Kevin Spacey who is now in the news for allegations of sexual assault has Mars Pluto conjunction (within 2 degrees) in his natal chart. Both Bill O’Reilly and Donald Trump – also accused of predatory behavior/sexual harassment – have very wide conjunctions between Mars and Pluto in Leo natally. Brett Ratner has a wide Mars (Sag) square Pluto (Virgo) in his chart. Roman Polanski has a very tight (1 degree) Mars (Libra) square Pluto (Cancer). Sir Michael Fallon has a wide Mars (Scorpio) square Pluto (Leo)….
    It of course doesn’t mean that all Mars-Pluto people are predators, but this recurring theme of Mars-Pluto natal contact is astonishing. Even when the aspects are not tight, it seems to have a similar manifestation, thus perhaps showing that these two planets when combined natally are such a potent force that the aspect doesn’t even have to be exact or near exact.

  8. I have Saturn in the 5th house and Mars opposite Pluto among other horrid aspects.
    But I would never do what this vile pig did.
    March 19 is a very sexual day, BTW.

    • Agree. To blame his behaviour on mars and Pluto is absurd.

      Gandhi had Mars and Pluto in his chart. As did Hitler. Two very different men. Similar Mars Pluto energies for both. Diametrically opposing approaches to adversity in their lives.

      Hitler chose his own path. As did Gandhi. Proves clearly that there is no greater cosmic force than free will.

  9. Horoscope Harvey Weinstein, rectified as 08h,38m58s6

    MC 05°,36’08,1 Aquarius
    Cusp 11 02°,59’07,6 Pisces
    Cusp 12 11°,31’32,7 Aries
    Asc. 28°,16’28,2 Taurus
    Cusp 2 23°,05’01,3 Gemini
    Cusp 3 13°,49’55,5 Cancer

    Progressive aspects.

    24-Feb-2020 019°,15’22 Libra Nep 135 Pars

    11-March-2020 004°,15’19 Gemini Sun 135 mutual Nep
    11-March-2020 004°,15’22 Gemini Sun 90 Pars

  10. I say good on Jamie Partridge for this prescient analysis of Harvey Weinstein. Regarding whoever said natal Sun is inconjunct Neptune, you are wrong. It doesn’t exist. The natal Sun is still peregrine ? Weinstein has the signature of a serial rapist, namely natal Mars square Pluto. His afflicted Moon in Capricorn in a t-square with Saturn and Uranus adds to the mayhem and shows how tragic and difficult his relations with females were ? It indicates a lack of love and or positive reinforcement from women ? Many women today are, indeed, very arrogant and (sometimes?) f*cking bitches and I guess that some men feel intimidated or unable to cope with such type A women. In the case of Weinstein, ( a real nasty person in my opinion) his only way to resolve the rejection was to rape women, in order to make up for his lack of confidence and communication skills. As transiting Jupiter (legal matters) in Capricorn squared its natal position as well as natal Mercury, obviously Weinstein got an unduly harsh sentence from the Judge and if he appeals, he could be successful in a reduction of time served. But, overturning the conviction wont happen. Unfortunately, prison will not go well for Weinstein, I predict, and he could end up being deceived or robbed, especially by his lawyers or his relatives ? (n. Mercury conjunct Jupiter opposite Neptune). There is also the threat of suicide ?

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