Mercury Opposite Neptune Natal and Transit

Mercury Opposite Neptune Transit

Mercury opposite Neptune maximum orb 6°00′.

Mercury opposite Neptune natal gives a vivid imagination and creative talent but can cause disappointment in close relationships. The fundamental problem here is mental because your perception of reality may be weakened.

You hear and see what everyone else does, but when it is processed in your brain, you get a different picture. Your mind cannot filter out the clutter or background noise, so you are bombarded by too much data or information.

This over-sensitivity to your environment confuses you when you interact with others and share messages. Miscommunication is common and can quickly spiral into accusations of deception and lying.

Actions and responses based on the wrong information can lead to further complications, arguments, or a total breakdown in communication. This makes it challenging to maintain healthy relationships because of confusion, mistrust and suspicion.

You may also incorrectly perceive another person’s character traits or intentions. Therefore, you are more vulnerable to deception and scandal, being used, abused, and ripped off.

Conscious awareness of this potential flaw in your perceptive skills will go a long way to averting confusion in relationships. You will learn to double-check, ask for advice, and take extra care when communicating. Seek a second opinion and understand the other side of the story because you tend to believe in conspiracy theories or ideologies and religions based on fantasy.

A quick scan of famous people with Mercury opposite Neptune in their chart reveals a talent for the arts like music, drama and writing. Your imaginative view of reality may even see you rise to the top of politics.

Mercury Opposite Neptune Transit

Mercury opposite Neptune transit brings mental confusion and potential relationship problems due to miscommunication. Your perception of reality is clouded due to an inability to filter out the background noise or useless information.

You are hearing and seeing the truth but also a lot of garbage, and it is nearly impossible to tell the difference. This is the wrong time for making important decisions, plans, or detailed mental work. Business deals should be avoided and put off signing contracts if you can. If not, ensure you get the advice of a professional in the field or someone you trust.

Personal relationships are also subject to this confusion, and avoiding deep and meaningful conversations with a partner would be better. If dating, you are more susceptible to being taken advantage of or deceived in some way.

Things that are good to do under this mystical influence include creative writing and poetry. Anything imaginative or dreamy is good, like watching a romance or sci-fi movie, dancing and singing. Do not take dreams or visions too seriously; take a break if your work relies on your intuition or psychic ability.

Mercury Opposite Neptune Celebrities

Johnny Cash 0°08′, Christian Dior 0°09′, Prince George, Duke of Kent 0°15′, Robert Altman 0°28′, Fromental Halévy 0°30′, Karl Schwarzschild 0°39′, Iggy Pop 0°44′, Samuel Alito 0°48′, Elizabeth Taylor 0°52′, Simone de Beauvoir 0°53′, James Earl Ray 0°54′, Yuri Gagarin 1°01′, Yoko Ono 1°11′, Conan O’Brien 1°19′, Liza Minnelli 1°20′, Ronald Lee Warmoth 1°23′, Honoré de Balzac 1°24′, Kitty Kelley 1°24′, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1°29′, Madeleine of Valois 1°39′, King George VI 1°44′, Chiang Kai-shek 1°47′, Tama Janowitz 1°56′, Gloria Steinem 1°59′.

Mercury Opposite Neptune Dates

October 2, 2023
September 25, 2024
September 18, 2025
September 12, 2026
September 7, 2027
September 3, 2028
October 4, 2028
October 17, 2028
October 14, 2029

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  1. Sounds similar to what just happened to me, but could it be possible to my surroundings ive been told i was with someone deceitful, his bday March 17 1975, not quite sure of time CA and my bday March 17 1984, i really thought there was a strong connection

  2. I was born with Neptune SD on my 7th house cusp exactly square the moon, chiron and the sun combust in the 10th. My heart will not listen to my head and is thoroughly broke.

    • I don’t use progressed charts that often but it may be worth you researching your. It relates to a higher level of spiritual evolution and I expect Neptune will be moving forward by now. Also, square represent a test. No one said you had to fail the test.

  3. hi jamie do you think this would affect what’s going on in my life recently? my birthday is april 19, 1990 time of birth 7:50am manila hope you would help me thanks in advance

  4. I have been thinking a lot about darkness. and wondering if i should embrace or suppress it. it feels very powerful. Like , rules should be broken if there is a reason. I feel like the power is in my hands especially as a woman. I feel like my dark side has been suppresses throughout my teens and twenties. I’m now 30 I was born 11 Jan 1986

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