Mars Square Pluto June 11, 2024

Mars Square Pluto Transit

Mars square Pluto maximum orb 3°30′.

Mars square Pluto natal creates an intense desire to assert your dominance and achieve your ambitious goals. Your extreme courage, willpower, drive and perseverance help you gain power and influence.

Although you do have this tremendous energy to draw on, the assertiveness of the Mars square Pluto energy can sometimes turn to aggressiveness if your ambitions are blocked or others challenge your goals. There may be a tendency to bottle up any anger and resentment, which would only result in an outburst of destructive rage.

It would be best to moderate this intense energy by working continuously towards your ambitious goals to avoid temper tantrums. This should not be too challenging, given your strong work ethic and determination to succeed. However, there is still the possibility of your rise to power resulting in aggressive actions from others. These other people or even organizations will feel threatened by your increasing power. The key to gaining the upper hand is to stay focused on your aims. Resist the urge to retaliate or undermine your enemies.

Mars Square Pluto Transit

Mars square Pluto transit gives the courage and willpower to compete and win. However, an intense desire to gain control over others or situations can lead to power struggles and confrontations. You may also notice a need to climb the ladder and achieve a more powerful position in your profession. Even if you play it safe, you may have to deal with others trying to dominate, challenge or intimidate you.

By repressing the strong urge to meet your goals, this internalized hot energy will be expressed through the aggressive actions of others or groups of people. So, to avoid being a victim, it is better to strive for success but do so carefully. Avoid cruelty, jealousy, and underhand tactics.

Also, try not to be overly assertive or make others feel threatened. This especially applies to superiors or those in a position of authority. People with more power than you will have the upper hand during this transit so now is not the time to start fights and make enemies.

Mars Square Pluto Celebrities

Edwina Currie 0°03′, Rolf de Heer 0°05′, Charlotte Sartre 0°06′, Stewart Granger 0°06′, Penélope Cruz 0°11′, Virginia Giuffre 0°16′, Johnn McEnroe 0°18′, Bruce Lee 0°19′, Sonny Bono 0°20′, Mary of Teck 0°20′, Alexis Ford 0°21′, Antonio Banderas 0°25′, Julie Newmar 0°27′, Art Buchwald 0°27′, Gavin Newsom 0°29′, George Patton 0°32′, Oprah Winfrey 0°34′, Ben Barnes 0°35′, Tyler Perry 0°36′, Isadora Duncan 0°41′, Olivia Newton-John 0°42′, Noel Tyl 0°44′, Robert Englund 0°46′, Herb Ritts 0°51′, James II of England 0°53′, Jimmy Swaggart 0°55′, Richard Carpenter 0°55′, Juana Barraza 0°56′, Gerry McCann 0°58′, Roman Polanski 1°07′, Harvey Weinstein 1°10′, Manuel Noriega 1°16′, Angus Young 1°28′, William Butler Yeats 1°35′, Muhammad Ali 1°44′, Drake 1°46′.

Mars Square Pluto Dates

July 1, 2022
October 8, 2023
June 11, 2024
September 24, 2025
May 26, 2026
September 9, 2027
May 9, 2028
August 21, 2029

45 thoughts on “Mars Square Pluto June 11, 2024

  1. Hi Jamie! I am sorry for the misplaced question but I wasn’t able to comment under the Pisces April forecast post. First of all, thank you SO much for posting early and moreover for an incredibly insightful post. I enjoy reading your work so much. Quick question: I noticed that you only mentioned the Grand Cross for Decan 2 Pisces. Why not for me (Decan 1)? Will I not be affected by the grand cross in April? Thank you again!!

    • Good question Ramani. it is because all the planets in the grand cross are about 14 degrees of their signs, so basically in the middle of decan 2 of the cardinal signs. The grand cross will affect each and every one of us generally. But more directly if you have a planet in decan 2 of any sign.

  2. On Monday and Tuesday of last week, I had two consecutive instances of road rage where I was the recipient of harsh language from another driver even though I did nothing wrong. They were both potentially violent situations, but I stood my ground. I figured something like this would probably show up in a transit chart. Big surprise. Transiting Mars square Pluto was in effect. I knew Mars was involved somehow but I wasn’t sure how. This aspect makes a lot of sense for what happened. The people felt imposed upon by me as though I was challenging them when I wasn’t. Or maybe they were in the mood to challenge me since I tend to think of the transiting planet to represent the person, in this case Mars. It is indeed a time to be careful in situations where people are known to be quick-tempered. The big question is how will Pluto respond to aggressive Mars?

  3. hi jamie , i wanted to ask how many degrees do you use for the orbs ? for any square aspect

    • Good question Chris, As a rough guide I would say 4 degrees for this kind of aspect and up to 6 degrees for ones involving Sun or Moon. More for conjunctions and a little less for easy aspects like sextiles and trines.

      • Thanks for replying Jamie , I have another question: I have my mars in leo in the 3rd house at 22 degrees conjuct my part of fortune at 27 degrees and my part of fortune square my pluto at the same degree 27 scorpio pluto in the 6th ( part of fortune is in leo in the 3rd )

        • What does it mean to have my mars conjuct part of fortune and my part of fortune square pluto?

          • The orbs arae a little wide but I would think that the happiness of your soul depends a lot on controlling you desires and aggression. There may be some test to teach you not to abuse your power by trying to control others through being bossy or threatening in any way.

  4. On the same day, i will have transiting mars conjunct natal uranus in 3th house.Mars ruls 5th and 10th houses, uranus ruls 7 and 8 houses 🙁 Should i be worry?

    • I would be avoiding car racing or using chainsaws. But you will need to do something to burn up that impulsive energy safely, like exercise or non-contact sport. Even something creative would help by burning up the energy with your imagination, but muscles will burn it quicker. Enough to bring up a sweat.

  5. Transiting Mars will be conjunct natal Pluto in Libra, opposite natal Sun in Aries
    This year has been such a rollercoaster, with Uranus tightly conjunct my Sun.So this cardinal T square will trigger my natal Sun- Pluto oposition. A lot of powerful energy is about to unleash.

  6. is Mars square Pluto associated with cancer desease and a persons “involvment’in a war zone?

    • Hi Angel, I can definitely see the link to a war zone, but not necessarily cancer. Although there is the association with Pluto with the disease, Jupiter or Neptune would have more impact than Mars I would think. Many of the fixed stars also relate to health issues in certain parts of the body.

  7. Hi Jamie , it’s Chris again . I just wanted to ask for my part of fortune in leo, it’s squarring my Pluto at the same degree 29’02 in the 6th Scorpio. Does it indicate a strong physical strength?

  8. How can I apply regulus on the part of fortune ? The same as for the ascendant ? And I also have my Mars conjunct ras El assad, what does it mean ?

    • That’s right, because POF is calculated from the Ascendant. But is also uses Sun and Moon so you can blend all three and keep the best parts of them. If there is nothing mentioned for a particular planet with a star then I would stick to the general description.

      • HI Jamie , i have one last question . Are the stars appliable for the draconic chart ?

          • Not many modern astrologers would say that. Even the stars with the worst reputations have a positive influence. As I add more celebrities to the lists of conjunctions it will become clearer, and less scarier.

  9. My sister has this aspect with an orb of 0.28 degrees and boy has there been power struggles between us throughout our lives! She’s always wanted to control over the years and it’s drove me mad!

  10. Hi Jamie, I have this Mars square Pluto aspect in my natal chart and on Feb 22nd, Mars is in my 10th and Pluto in my 6th. With the past lunar eclipse and the coming solar eclipse, also the Uranus/Mars conjunction in my 10th, should I be worried? :-)) And btw, I was fired last week from my job but I’ll be here until the 8th of March (lunar eclipse fell in my 2nd house), so I wonder what I should do? just feel okay with these aspects or start worrying? I’m in a confusion.

  11. Hi Jaime: I have Mars conjunct Saturn both square Pluto in the 5th. I guess its considered a most difficult configuration but I often felt this aspect gave me courage and grit to overcome. However,,. I was once told by a psychic that my former life was during WW11 possibly in Germany and thoughts of the holocaust causes deep fear and sorrow in me. Another war like WW11 is my greatest fear. These planets are not retrograde but all are heavy duty. Can you suggest any interpretation or direct me to books that highlight past lives according to astrology? Thanks

  12. Hi Jamie,

    Out of curiosity : if Mars transit is conjunct natal midheaven would it be different? For how long can you feel it?
    I have been experiencing since the 25th Jan how someone was trying to assert her power or have the upper hand, although the person is neither an authority or superior but I had to involve superiors and authority to calm down the situation. Would this transit explain this behaviour? Thanks

  13. Curious jamie as to how this aspect would affect a country chart as Australia as a nation. i am Englsh by upbringing but live in oz and find it diffcult to come to terms with its constant competitiveness with UK in sport and always needing to be best almost an insecurity in trying to prove itself yet seemingly blind to the eatrth energies that constantly takeover and i have been here now for 50 years and they still dont seem to wake up to planning for inevitable mother nature urges around christmas time aspecting all its 9th house sag and 10th Cap planets over our summer.

  14. The second Artist’s Proof, AP, to the trinity is the Geocentric Jupiter-Saturn, Dec 21, 2020. The first being the Heliocentric, Nov 2, 2020.

    On the Geocentric, Mars square Pluto is within one degree orb, with primary energies angular on the ascendant and midheaven, especially the luminaries. Like the Heliocentric chart there are no oppositions. That’s lucky. Reading this aspect makes me wonder if someone wants to ride the trinity, put their name on it, and call it their own. You ok with that? Check with Venus..There’ll be a lot of praying the next 20 years, get your money’s worth.

  15. Hi Gerald. I am curious about what you are implying. Is this an ideal astrological position for dictatorship? or second coming? I would love to know your thoughts

  16. Hi Beets. Glad you love my thoughts.

    The chart is implying that we will have difficulty confronting our children/parents preferring to move to the flanks. Allowing periods around the Change of the Seasons to guide our “Opposition” priorities, ie. These are the quality times to deal with people, places and things Head On.

  17. Hi Gerald I think I understand you a little better now. Thank you for explaining. I think you are saying that it will be easier to shy away from conflict at this time, but since there are no oppositions its actually the perfect time to resolve them

  18. Yes, both the Heliocentric and Geocentric Jupiter-Saturn conjunction charts do not favor head on confrontation, I know this feeling because oppositions are absent, and they are rare in my natal, ie. (Saturn-Mercury-Jupiter opposite Ascendant). So the December 21 chart, no oppositions and your analysis is good. We see oppositions as transits during Summer and Fall solar ingress. And yes, on purpose, I’m hiding myself a little in that chart. The Artwork is very personal here.

  19. I have a son has this Mars Square Pluto Orb 6 ° 11
    What does this mean and is it possible to fear it

  20. Hi Jamie, could Mars square Pluto be restrictions to move (e.g UK lockdown) ? If yes how Uranus (planes and unexpected) came into play?

  21. Monolith
    Courtenay, BC, Canada
    January 1, 2021

    Natal Courtenay, January 1st 1915
    Cardinal Grand Cross

    Progressed to January 1, 2021
    Mars Cardinal Point Aries, 00°Ari22’04”
    Pluto Cardinal Point Cancer, 00°Can21’13”

    from above
    “Reading this aspect makes me wonder if someone wants to ride the trinity, put their name on it, and call it their own. You ok with that? Check with Venus.”

    Courtenay chart, Progressed Venus, 18Pis29
    Ascendant 20Sag06

    And look at that! Venus on January 1, 2021, 20Sag25

    Its ok with me! There are many, many Angles and Guardians that helped with this creation.

  22. Good advice,thanks.
    Hope your feeling well Jamie.
    To clear,
    Invoke and shout ‘Holy Fire’.
    And also say this in future,
    whenever states are altered.

  23. Dear Jamie,
    I wish I had seen your transit advice earlier! For me, it is spot-on. If I had, then perhaps I would not have thrown down the gauntlet to the sewer-rat chappy who is doing my private company enormous damage. Trouble is, I cannot butt out. In fact, I am planning to meet his next invasion of my private premises with a horse-whip (literally). The sewer-rat chappy is in a much stronger position than mine at the moment. If I cannot dislodge him by means of the pertinent statutory law, at least I can impress a few welts on him, which I expect will deter his present sense of entitlement to inflict pretty nasty discomfort on me. And a whip lash from me will humiliate him: Imagine having to admt that a little old lady of 5′ 2″ has horse-whipped you!
    Thank you, Jamie: As ever, you are brilliant!

  24. My sun is at 28 degrees Cancer facing the full brunt of this Pluto opposition and mars will be conjunct my natal north node when the t square is active with mars, Pluto and moon. I’m in a legal battle with a former employer… I don’t feel good about these transits. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou

  25. Now we have a real expression of this constellation with hamas starting to attack israel…

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