Mars Square Pluto Natal and Transit

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Mars Square Pluto TransitMars square Pluto natal creates a strong desire to assert your dominance and achieve a position of power in life. The tremendous drive and ambition of this aspect, plus endless energy reserves and perseverance, means that you can in fact meet your goal for power and influence.

Although you do have this tremendous energy to draw on, the assertiveness of the Mars square Pluto energy can sometimes turn to aggressiveness if your ambitions are blocked, or your goals challenged by others. There may be a tendency to bottle up any anger and resentment, which would only result in an outburst of destructive rage.

To avoid potential temper tantrums, you will have to moderate this intense energy by focusing on continuous hard work towards your ambitious goals. This should not be too much of a challenge given your strong work ethic and determination to succeed. However, there is still the possibility of your rise to power resulting in aggressive actions from others. These other people or even organizations, will feel threatened by your increasing power. The key to gaining the upper hand is to stay focused on your own aims. Resist the urge to retaliate or undermine your enemies.

Mars Square Pluto Transit

Mars square Pluto transit means power struggles and confrontations. This is because of your intense desire to gain control over others, or of situations. You may also notice a need to climb the ladder and achieve a more powerful position in your profession. Even if you chose to play it safe, you may have to deal with other people trying to dominate you or challenge your ego or position at work.

You see, by repressing the strong urge to meet your goals, this internalized hot energy will be expressed through the aggressive actions of others, or of groups of people. So to avoid being a victim, it is better to strive for success but do so in a careful way. Avoid ruthlessness, jealousy and underhand tactics. Also, try not to be overly assertive or make others feel threatened. This especially applies to superiors or those in a position of authority. People with more power than you will have the upper hand during this transit, so now is not the time to be starting fights and making enemies.

Mars Square Pluto Celebrities

Edwina Currie 0°03′, Rolf de Heer 0°05′, Stewart Granger 0°06′, Bruce Lee 0°19′, Sonny Bono 0°20′, Queen Mary 0°21′, Antonio Banderas 0°25′, Julie Newmar 0°28′, Oprah Winfrey 0°34′, Isadora Duncan 0°42′, Olivia Newton-John 0°42′, Noel Tyl 0°44′, Herb Ritts 0°51′, James II of England 0°53′, Jimmy Swaggart 0°55′, Richard Carpenter 0°55′, Gerry McCann 0°58′, Roman Polanski 1°07′, Harvey Weinstein 1°10′, Muhammad Ali 1°44′, Justin Bieber 2°57′.

Mars Square Pluto Dates

1 February 2019
5 November 2019
13 August 2020
9 October 2020
20 December 2020
22 October 2021
1 July 2022
8 October 2023
11 June 2024

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  1. Hi Jamie,

    Out of curiosity : if Mars transit is conjunct natal midheaven would it be different? For how long can you feel it?
    I have been experiencing since the 25th Jan how someone was trying to assert her power or have the upper hand, although the person is neither an authority or superior but I had to involve superiors and authority to calm down the situation. Would this transit explain this behaviour? Thanks

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